Real mother mother and son sax

Real mother mother and son sax
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Jason Beck chapter 2. I woke up to a cold pitch black room my stomach was vibrating from hunger and my dick was begging to relieve the pressure in my bladder.

I strolled across the hall and drained the main vein, I went back to my room and my keys were still missing from the dresser. I grabbed my phone the best I could and dropped it onto my bed and started pecking at the keyboard. "Where'd you go Farrah?" "Can't tell ya its a surprise!" "Where are you/when will you be home?" "By the school, I'll be home in five minutes. Why?" "I'm hungry" "I got taco hell, relax your babies are safe ;)" another text followed a few minutes later "just pulled in" I relaxed on my bed as she'd instructed and waited for her, it took a few minutes but I heard the rattle of my door knob and watched her walk in with a plate of food.

She smiled at me and placed the food on the bed and climbed in on her hands and knees and we kissed, her lips were soft and inviting and filled me with a whole different sense fulfilment. She sat and started removing the wrappers from our food the whole time I was looking at her and sh would glance up at me and smile.

"Where'd you go?" I asked "Dont you worry about it" she smiled "now eat your gonna need it" I took a bite of the burrito she was holding and she did the same "Why now?" I asked "What?" "Why now? You said you found out a couple years ago so why now?

Why not earlier? Why not later?" She fed me another bite "Opportunity, I knew you wouldn't refuse especially when you have no way to do it yourself. Trust me I've seen guys who could use their hands try desperately to get laid, you didn't have the luxury to get laid and you didn't even have the basics to beat your meat so yeah" "Well thanks I guess" I was still trying to wrap my head around the situation "you know the consequences if we get caught right?" "More than enough, Jason its not like I started this yesterday" she looked at the clock "well technically it is" she chuckled "but since day one I've been hooked, those stories are hotter than ninety percent of the other shit out there.

After your first one you think about how hot it is until you notice that your so horny you've soaked through your panties and the pants your wearing" "Wow" is all I could say until she forced another burrito into my mouth "The faster the better and the sooner you find out what I'm hiding!" I ate as quickly as she could feed me, i was way too horny to keep things at the pace we were going especially knowing that I could be touching the forbidden fruit I'd been dreaming about for years even if it was with broken hands.

I watched as she finished eating waiting for words to roll off of her tongue I must of looked like a puppy eagerly waiting for his new bone (which I sorta was ha!). "You're eager aren't you?" She asked seductively "Yeah" "So I've followed your user name since finding out about you dirty little secret for awhile now and it turns out you're quite the sexual deviant" "Well that sorta hurt" "Shh, the way your brain works is amazing, your kinks are hot but your fantasy's, dreams, and desires are so much hotter.

Oh I know everything and it makes me so fucking wet little brother!" "Fuck Farrah just tell me for christ sakes!" She grabbed my hot dark beautiful babe banged doggy style hard cock through my shorts and slowly started massaging it and breathed out hard. "Well, mom approved us heading up to the cabin early, a week early in fact just me and you" she smiled "How she'd." I groaned at the touch of her cold hand to my hot dick.

"She wants you to get out of your bad mood, we leave tomorrow. So I decided to go on a little shopping trip which included 3 different sexy shops and Walmart, do you wanna know what I got and for what reasons?" "Dont tease!" Her slow milking stopped and she got off of the bed. "Well for starters I got 2 large sleeping bags and duct tape so you could live your steaming hot cocoon of sex story were getting hot and sweaty" she worked her top off slowly and public agent mature women sex it towards my door exposing her black laced bra holding her milky white tits up for the perfect amount of cleavage "then I hard working lady sonia gets some free time to stretch that ass about your desire to have a girl xxx sexy pornpussy puking sex around in real czech chick sucks dick during interview with two thick monster dildos shoved up in her, one in her ass and the other in her cunt with wireless bullets in them so you can turn them on when you want and watch as she struggles to contain herself as she's rolling through an orgasm.

Fuck! Jason that makes me the wettest out of all of them, the thought of cumming in front of hundreds of strangers because not able to control myself fuck that scares me as much as it excites me" She slid out of her tight jeans and was wearing matching panties to her bra "Fuck your hot Farrah!" one word that never came to my mind when fantasizing about Farrah was shapely but now half naked (actually about two thirds naked) I realized she followed after mom a little more than I thought she spun around once and after getting a better view she must of had mid C-cup tits and a nicely filled out ass.

The thing that got me the most was her thigh gap I never really cared about it, it wasn't a turn off but I never got soft because of it either, she though had the perfect amount it made a thin long upside down triangle and it was sexy "I'm goin to hell!" "Were going to hell" she smiled devilishly "Keep teasing, tell me more" "I've watched you stray off your normal paths every once in a while even seen a couple comments on the latex section of the site so dont be surprised when you see me in a couple super skin tight outfits, let me tell you my tits are a little big in one but I never shy away from a little constriction" She undid the clasp of her bra and slowly slid it from her shoulders and dropped it on the floor still hiding herself from me.

She straddled my legs and walked herself on her knees up till she was straddling my waist with my cock rubbing the seat of her panties. I ran what fingers I had along her thighs until I met her hips. She dropped her arms from her chest and revealed the most perfect set of tits I'd ever seen she only had the bare minimum of sag and they were topped with what looked to be extremely hard light pink nipples.

She leaned over and kissed me before she shifted up and fed me a nipple, it was so soft and firm it was exactly what every guy ever wanted a boob to be.

I pulled away from her succulent tit "I wanna taste you!" "I've been waiting all night for you to say that" She slid her panties off one leg granny wanks on the cock a time I reached up with my more capable left hand and fondled her boobs and she let out the slightest of moans.

She walked up until her cunt was hovering tantalizingly close to my face I could see her inner thighs already glistening with her lady juices. Her cunt was pristine her pussy lips were engorged and petite slut kiley jay gives shawns cock a blowjob waiting to be devoured.

Reaching up i wrapped my arms around her legs and slowly pulled her down onto my face, she smelled so intoxicating I couldn't help but dip my tongue into the main source of the smell. "Oh fuck! Jason you did this to me and I fucking love it!" I ran my tongue up and down her slit god she tasted so fucking good I couldn't get enough of it, she tasted like nothing I could describe it was sweet, musky, and thick and I was in love with it. She looked down as I looked up and our eyes locked and the realization of what we were doing hit us both, it was so wrong but fuck it felt right and what was her forbidden fruit was being eaten by a forbidden person.

She went past the max pleasure of ten and was approaching eleven when I reached up with my good hand and squeezed her nipple between my fingers and away she went. "Oh shit Jason! Jason! Jason stop ple." she tried to lift from my face but there was no way that was happening.

I shot my tongue up to her clit and she just seized no breath, no movement, not a sound escaping her beautiful lips and then all at once everything released "FUCKKKKKK JASONNN IM." I pushed her off of me and she rolled convulsing rapidly, I sealed her open mouth with mine and muffled her screams, she shot her tongue into my mouth and found mine. As she was still rolling through her orgasm I reached down with my right hand and diddled with her sensitive nub and watched as her back arched and she shook even harder.

I felt a gush of warm liquid on the tips of my fingers and heard a splash against my wall. I pulled away from our kiss and looked back towards my wall then back at her "Did you just squirt?" She exhaled and went Red faced "I think so!" "Fuck that's amazingly hot, you're incredible!" "That's my first time doing that" she smiled I kissed her succulent lips and scooted down her body and got another taste of her irresistible juices, all of my senses were enveloped by her, her sweet taste, her thick pungent musk, the hardness of her nipples between my fingers, the little squeals of pleasure she was releasing, and most of all the sight of my beautiful sister sprawled out across my bed lightly convulsing with my face stuffed in her cunt.

"Jason stop, Jason stop!" She pushed my head away "come here" I scooted up her body, she pulled my face down to here's and our lips met once more and shortly after our tongues began to dance. She flipped me on my back while we were still locking jaws and grabbed my dick.

She pulled away and slid down until her face was even with my eager cock. She kissed the tip and started kissing along my shaft until she hit my ball sack, she lifted my raging hardon with her hand and she sucked my right nut into her mouth and fondled it with her tongue. "Shit Farrah!" She sucked my other one in and did the same, she kissed up the opposite side of my shaft.

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She lifted my cock again and licked it on the bottom side from the base to the head. She leaned down and took the head of my cock between her luscious lips and began to flick and swirl her tongue while slowly bobbing her head. I sat back and enjoyed the sensational feeling coming from between my legs, Mom or Michelle could be standing in the middle of my room and I wouldn't of noticed nor do I think I'd of cared I was on cloud 9 and my amazing older sister was to blame.

I felt her take my whole length down her throat and just stop, I lifted my head and our eyes met. She completely lifted her head from my dick and shimmied her way up my body "Are you sure?" "I am, are you?" She replied by grabbing my hardon and pumping it a few times before she lowered herself so the head was resting at the entrance she grabbed the base and guided my throbbing cock into her exquisitely tight cunt "Fuck Jason, for a little brother you you have the biggest fucking cock I've ever seen.

Oh-my-god you're sooo thick and it hurts so good and I love it!" "Fuck Farrah! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" She reached up and tweaked a nipple "I feel so full but your only half way in me" "Jesus christ your tight Farrah" "Oh shit! might cum when your all the way in!" "Please dont cause if you do I will too and I can't be a one pump chump with the girl I've dreamt about for the past five years" Her full weight fell on my pelvis and I saw her fighting the orgasm, she shuddered once but gained her composure and was able to fight it off.

She slowly lifted off until I was just inside her and she slowly fell back onto my pelvis. "Ahhhh Fuck Jason!" she shuddered again "your soo big" I dunno if if what she said was in a moan or a groan but it was like a growl and a whimper combined, it came from within her and it was as demanding as it was pleading. "Holy!" She gyrated her hips in a circle causing her to shudder once more but when she tried to pull it back in she shuddered again and hyperventilated taking short breaths in and letting little squeals of pleasure out.

She tried to re adjust herself but as soon as she moved her body went stiff then all at once it convulsed. "Ohhh, ughhh, haaaah, jeezus fuck babe!" "Cum on my cock Farrah, its okay!" She collapsed onto my chest and let it all out growls, moans, groans, and whimpers surged out of her body as her orgasm washed over her.

She tried her heart out to support herself but failed as her whole body fell onto mine. I was too much in awe to even think about getting my rocks off. Out of the four girls including Farrah I'd fucked never made one cum on my dick and only on my dick they'd cum don't get me wrong but with a little extra stimulation from good-ole Palmala Handerson and by far none of them were nearly as tight as milf ass to mouth compilation first time so we took him in for questioning was.

She felt exquisite on my dick and the noticeable contracting of her juicy cunt made it all the better. We lied there for a while until the milking of my cock gradually ceased.

I wiped the hair from her sweaty forehead and gently led her beautiful lips to mine and shared an extremely special kiss with my beautiful older sister. I didn't want her to regret a damn thing and from experience when jerking it to the thought of one of my beautiful family members when I got off I would feel extremely dirty in a bad way and I didn't want her to experience that, I didn't consider it selfish I just wanted her to know I was okay with it so she wouldn't freak out after coming to the realization that she had cum massively on her brothers dick.

She lifted her body and slowly lifted her hips up and slid back down she started increasing her pace little by little until her she had to stop. "Just give me a sec" "Lay down you've done more than enough Farrah Just relax and enjoy" we changed positions and I had her cunt hanging over the edge. I lined myself up and firmly pressed until her tight cunt gave way and I was balls deep in her "G-god I'm never gonna get tired of that feeling Jason its like shoving a bat up me, it hurts so fucking good!" I pulled out and shoved home "Oh yeah baby brother shove that club of yours right up my cunt stretch me like a rubber band, FUCK!" "I like you this fucking tight, ugh!

I never want you too! uhhh. become loose ever it feels amazing!" "Fucking cum!

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haaaa. Cum in me for FUCKSSSS SAKEEEE!" She howled "I fucking love you JASONN FUCKING CUMMMM .IN MEEE!!!" "OH SHIT! OH SHIT!

FUCK! GOD DAMNNN" I'd started humping frivolously My balls began to tighten and the Farrah's howls for me to cum were making my dick more sensitive every time she said it. I sped my hips up to eleven and soon enough lift off was happening. "Shittt I'm cumming Farrah, I'm fucking cumming" "Jason I'm about too." Her whole body seized but at the same time it shook uncontrollably, I felt her muscles pulse along my throbbing member and that was it I buried myself deep into her contracting cunt and let my cum fill her gut.

With every squeeze of her pussy muscles I unloaded into her after about six strong contractions my stomach and anus joined in with the contraction and were causing me as much pain as it that attractive babe likes being pussy poked schoolgirl japanese pleasure.

Farrah collapsed as her orgasm came to a stop i felt my cock finally shoot its last rope and shrivel up. I was out of energy and so was Farrah "as much as I'd love to lay here and cuddle with you Jason Mom and Michelle can't find us like this" "Yeah I know" "Sleep well" she kissed me for the final time "see ya in the morning" She scooped up her clothes and shut my light off before she darted from my room stark naked.

I was was falling asleep quickly and was almost out when my phone went off. "Hello?" I answered groggily "Jason you up" "Not really mike but what's up?" "Can you come down to the rink?" "Its like 1am" "Yeah but no one has herd from you in two days" "I'll be there in fifteen Mike" The owners of our home ice rink let us use it at any time and gave three of us keys so we could skate and practice when we wanted.

I sat up and grabbed my dirty pair of boxers and wiped our various fluid from my crotch and pulled a new pair on along with some pants and a longsleve shirt that I slid my shoes on and grabbed my phone, keys, and wallet and headed to mike.

I pulled into the parking lot and saw that my whole team was there, I parked, locked my car, and headed inside, you could hear everyone practicing through yelling and the sounds of sticks hitting the ice. I walked straight onto the ice and everyone stopped what they were coming and came over to me. "Sup guys?" "Are you going to be able to play after winter break?" mike asked I held up my arms and pulled my sleeves down "Fuck" the whole teams energy went away "Dont fucking act like that, I didn't win a single fucking game this season you guys did!" "Your one of the only real NHL worthy players on our team" one kid said "you and mike have really made the team" "You all have fantastic linda gets both her holes nailed were given captain for a reason none the less" "Alright guys listen here I'm really fucking tired alright so I'm going to make it simple.

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You guys make this fucking team slender ebony goddess enjoys spreading her cunt I dont give two shits about who's better than who you all play important parts to the team I didn't just get us here we got us here.

I'm not fucking going away either two weeks from now I'll be sitting on this bench rooting for the best fucking team in the goddamn state. We have practiced for hundreds hours to perfect our game and now were in the final four I'm a Langston Bear but we're the Langston Bears and its our time to shine and you can handle that without me" "That was an unnecessarily long unneeded speech" Mike said "I was feeling inspirational, but do yall get what im saying" there were a lot of head nods "now I'm gonna go home and sleep I've been fucking yalls bitches all day and I'm wore out" I got a lot of mock punches and jabs and a bunch of smiles "finish it up and go home or go get laid relax you got two weeks" I walked off the ice and out of the building and went home feeling tired but excited that my team believed in me as much as I believed in them.

I stepped in my room stripped down to my boxers and hit the sac just before 2:30am. Thanks for reading dont forget to rate and comment I welcome it.