Family strokes mom and playmate swinger group the dirty companions daughter debacle

Family strokes mom and playmate swinger group the dirty companions daughter debacle
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Parker was on his way to battle the elite four traveling down victory road.

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There were many trainers there that wanted to battle, good thing he brought lots of potions. Victory road was long and maze like making Parker get lost a time or two. He came through the cave and ended up in a clearing Looking around there was no one to be seen.

Parker sighed and started to walk around the clearing "Might as well see if there's anything good here". Kicking a pebble he started to roam around the clearing checking for items people might have dropped. Suddenly a rustling sound came from the bushes and a blond naked chick stumbled out. The girl had large breasts that were globes and her nipples were pink and hard.

Instantly Parker blushed and looked away only to slowly look back again. The girl had long blond hair her large breasts that bounced with each and every movement. Red eyes looked over at Parker then down at the bulge straining against his pants. "Horny aren't you?" She said. Parker looked away from her and said "Oh sorry I should probably go". "No, Stay" she said moving closer and one of her hands slid up his leg. "Wh- what are you doing?!" he asked surprised.

"I want you to fuck me" her hand started to play with his balls through his jeans. Parker moaned as the skillful hand quickly unbuttoned his pants letting them and his boxers drop to his ankles. The girls was stroking his hard cock that was large and thick in her hands. He grunted and all protests flew away from his mind, it had been awhile since Parker got laid. "Oh I didn't think you would be so large!" She said putting a finger on the tip of his cock rubbing there as precum oozed out.

"Oh god that feels good" She stroked her hands up and down his cock it mast gand kiss xxx story see erect and right in front of her face.

The girl stuck her tong out and licked at the precum dribbling down the shaft of his dick. Parker moaned as she started to suckle the tip of his cock and he grabbed a hand full of her pretty blond hair.

He forced her to take more of his cock into her mouth and she happily started to bob her head back and forth. "Fuck yes, suck my cock" Parker grunted and the girl moved faster. She used her tong licking the shaft as she sucked driving him completely wild.

She moved her head back and his cock slipped from her mouth sticking straight up. "Was that good?" she asked stroking his cock with her hands her mouth kissing the tip and shaft.

Parker nodded "would you fuck me now?". "Yes!" The girl got down on her hands and knees bending over so that her ass was up for pure taboo cops adriana amp chad cavity search naive teen to take. Parker got to his knees and grabbed her ass stretching it out so that he could see her cute little asshole.

He smiled and placed the tip of his cock against her dripping wet pussy. With one hard thrust Parker pushed himself into the girl. She screamed and Parker felt what caused it, she was a virgin.

Too late now he thought and started to thrust in and out of the tight hole. As he fucked the now moaning girl placed his pointer finger against her other hole rubbing lightly and watched it pucker. He slowly inserted his finger and felt the girl go still. He kept fucking her pussy and fingered her ass slowly the girl decided she like the feeling and fucked back on his cock and finger.

All of a sudden the girl had smoke puff around her and when it cleared Parker saw that the girl was actually a Zoroark.

He stopped his motions and examined what just happened. So the girl he was fucking was actually a Pokémon in disguise. He didn't know why but this notion turned Parker on more than he thought it would. He started to fuck the Zoroark again and she cried out in pleasure breathing hard.

His cock was being squeezed by this Pokemon's tight pussy as he thrust in and out of her. His finger kept playing with her asshole and she added another finger.

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Zoroark moaned and panted from all the pleasure her body was getting from this human boy. She felt waves of pleasure wash through her body as the orgasm forced her mussels taught making her pussy squeeze the boys cock.

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His two fingers pleasured her ass in way she never thought possible. "Oh God I'm going to cum" Parker's felt his balls tighten and the cum shoot deep into Zoroark's quivering pussy.

His seed pooled into her womb and the both sat there panting. After a minute or so he pulled out of the sweet tightness his cock cover in cum.

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Zoroark's pussy dribbled out his cum and she laid out in front of him panting. "Thanks for the fuck" Parker said pulling his pants back up and tucking his dick back into his underwear. "Same to you~ I'm going to be in heat for a while if you want to stick around" The Zoroark said smiling up at him.

Parker instantly dropped his pants showing he was hard again and Zoroark pounced at him. They fuck throughout the night and when he was so exhausted he couldn't even move they fell asleep.

The next morning after some fun Parker decided to catch the Pokémon Zoroark to have more fun. Now he was sure he could beat the Elite four.