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Jennifer white takes an hard anal fuck session
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*Breakout Report: Incident #27. The Warlord* *Report filed by codename: Redox* The helicopter was mostly drowned out by her headset. Her eyes were shut as she breathed deep. She worked for the corporation that made the monster labs and sell the creatures or rent them, to people, and businesses. Emily finally had to lift her eye lids when the new guy opened his mouth.

"So… what are we, like, dealing with here?" Codename Trooper asked, "Some war lord bought a virus, a zombie one. The company told him that it was only meant for human beings, and if it spreads to wildlife it could evolve and adapt. The stupid mother fucker must not have listened because now we got a class 2 outbreak with minimal risk of spread and report of strange creatures among them.

That means eyes open. We're going to have one contact, and if he pays us the agreed amount, we trust him to keep a secret, if he decides to be greedy and tell us there is no money then, hey, a loose ends a loose end.

Also, Procell is not in the business to rip off our customers, so if it not the Warlords fault this got out of hand we give him a refund of sorts. Got that kid?" one of the more experienced members asked, codename: Flask, All except for Emily, they were all wearing combat gear, thick Kevlar body armor, arm guards shin guards leggings, gas masks and steel helmets with red circular eyes. Each equipped with either an MP5, MP5K sub machine gun or an M4 assault rifle.

In total there was eight. Busty rose loves having two dicks inside her one had a light machine gun. An M60 custom two hundred round machine gun. A large heavy weapon called a light weapon for the sole fact that it is portable.

"Listen up. Eyes on Raven twenty four seven, that is two fower slash seven for all you military incomers. She is the science officer here and she has to get data on this new strain of monster for our lab to collect." Thor started, Thor was the best shot and most cunning on the team. So cunning it was hard for any of the team to trust him half the time.

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He was also renowned for his hatred for the military workers. He was also infamous never showing any emotion for when a teammate died. "Now we got Grunt here on this mission today from lab, zero six eight here with us for this mission, he's a veteran, and has hunted loose drakes and vampires. If you're in deep, follow his lead.

Zeds aren't hard to hunt, but don't get cocky, that's how you get your ass swarmed." The pilot then yelled back, "ETA, THIRTY SECONDS!" For Emily, or Raven, it was always a thrill roping of the copter.

Unlike the rest of her compatriots she wore dress sandals that passed for shoes well enough. Dress pants that were pinstriped, a white dress shirt with a business pinstriped vest on with only two buttons leaving the top portion of her chest open somewhat and her arms exposed.

But of course her white shirt was covering her arms. She had inch long black nails and long jet black hair that went a little past her shoulders. And as far as a weapon was concerned she had a Glock with a small flashlight attached to it that was tucked securely in a holster she had in leather straps strung around her back and chest to put the pistol right under her left breast on her ribs. Other than that she was armed with a medical bag slung on her shoulder.

They were directly over the palace that was the warlords and descending quickly. The infected were everywhere as they were all pounding on the door to the living room of the mansion. The entire thing was made of Plexiglas, stairs going up to the core level with a pool on one side the living room on the other, but that was indoors of course.

The glass doors were barricaded from behind with chairs a couch and any other miscellaneous things they could apparently toni ribas and kerry pov in actricesdelporno full scene. Bullets were already flying before the men even hit the ground.

The zombies turned their attentions toward the elite warriors coming down and all began to run to meet them. The first to land was Thor. He turned his weapon only little increments firing single bullets. Each landing their marks and blasting off the zombies heads. One came from hot and sexy blond eighteen year old hardcore massage side.

He lifted his weapon bashing it across the face before slipping his knife from a shoulder sheath and sinking it into the creature's skull, he quickly spun around and fired his weapons again. The infected were no match in the number they were.

Only about fifty. Almost all of their weapons carried more than that in on magazine alone. The last infected dropped as Raven approached the double glass doors. She knocked casually on them throwing one bang behind her ear. "Carlos Castro? I am a representative of B.A.S.T, Bio-organic Assault Strike Team. We are the cleanup crew for Pro-cell.

The barricade quickly fell as five men disassembled it. A man with an Uzi approached the glass with a keycard swiping it over the door as the doors beeped open. "Are you mr. Castro?" she asked kindly with a knowing smile, wildly he quickly nodded, "Good, provided you have our payment we are here to get you out of here. "Good!" he said loudly and a curious smile as he walked into the room and went behind the bar to the right pulling a briefcase. He set it on the bar opening it as Raven walked right in comfortably.

"Redox, security cams will ya honey?" She looked at the cash. "One million. Like the agreement. All unmarked American dollars." She quickly sorted through the bills and nodded to herself. "Captain, the payment is here, please take care of the warlords men for me." She said smiling at him closing the briefcase.

The members of B.A.S.T suddenly lifted their weapons and unloaded. The warlord lifted his Uzi to fight when Raven quickly grabbed his wrist twisting it with a single subtle action and lifted her foot kicking the man in the face. The man went down and stared at her, now having the Uzi and had it pointing at him. She lowered her aim. And turned around. "Come along now.

You are getting outta here." She said, "Why did you kill them? I paid you!" he cried, "You paid for yourself silly, one man, one million, if you wanted these men to live we would've charged more." She explained, "One mil each." Grunt said roughly, "I am a ruined man either way!

A global criminal. I unleashed chemical weapons." "Now dearie, do you think Pro-cell is that clumsy? This wasn't a zombie outbreak, this was a turf war. A rising warlord with a lot to prove is moving up in the world and came after you, oddly enough he looks just like you.

Redox?" "Cams show one of his men got drunk and let it out by mistake. Usually it would be his fault with any lesser insurance, but he has premium insurance. So he's covered for that." "Ok, and he has a palace anywhere he wants that is either the same price or less than this one.

Plus a complementary monster either the same price as the Z-virus or less, or up to ten grand above that price that he will not have to pay the difference for. In fact I have his passport birth certificate and manual on him in a little envelope on the copter.

Why don't you go read it, huh? Me and the boys here have one last ity bity thing to do 'fore we leave." "What are you going to do?" "First we got witness clean up, anybody still alive is gonna have to be dealt with, and anything peculiar that came from the virus will also have to be dealt with." "Wait, please! My brother." He began. "If you want him to be spared we have a mind wiping serum for five hundred thousand dollars, other than that it's one million to get him out." "no, no!

He is… there is something wrong with him. He is not like the other undead, he has been made big, strong, furious, monstrous." Raven eyed him with a curious glace tilting her head to the side. "Where was the last place he was, exactly?" "…why?" he asked a bit worried "Redox? You up there?" Raven asked, "Yep, I've been looking through security footage, and from what the warlord's been saying, yes it does appear that his brother is still locked in the basement storage room." "Good, cause we here." "Castro's been saying something about hearing a lot of metal breaking and being scraped from the basement.

So that could be tremendous strength." "He's gonna be big, gotcha." She said as she lifted her hand and spun in about. All six men with her ran about. They got into defensive positions throwing tables and boxes down all around the large op area. Trooper got out from his positions and ran at the large steel door mainly used for keeping food in.

The door however looked beat to hell from the inside-out as it had several parts of it bulging out. Trooper grabbed the latch and unlatched the handle and roughly pulled as a loud clunking noise sounded and the door opened slightly.

Trooper was quick to get back to his spot and raise his weapon. The large steel door slightly moved. But only slightly. It began to widen inch by inch and only black could be seen behind it. Then the lights flickered behind the door. A black hulking shadow was there. Raven's eyes widened in horror. The creature was massive in scale. It had to of been at least seven feet tall with huge muscles and massive shoulders. "Orders?" Grunt whispered, "Take it down." She said sternly.

The guns opened fire. The monster roared so loud and fierce it almost felt as if the ground was shaking. It was bestial like one thousand lions screaming in anger. With a shift of its shoulders it sprinted out, it's right arm covered by large steel plating that seemed part of its flesh. Small tendrils of flesh went all around the steel as they made claws and a metal arm.

As the bullets flew the creature had its arm raised and the bullets deflected harmlessly off the arm as it charged into the room. It arched one arm over with deadly accuracy slicing one of the men wide. Blood sprayed out as it mother id like to fuck give wild one eyed monster riding to grunt.

Grunt had already been firing xxx love sex porn vidios its legs but not he saw how futile it really was. He pulled out a combat knife getting ready to dodge xxx sex bideos sex stories me swing when it swept the large claw across and he fell in pieces. Trooper stood up and pulled a grenade. He slipped his hand under the pin when the hand arched over quickly sending him across the room.

"retreat, Thor said casually over the com as he stood up and slowly started inching back. The only one left by his side a man named Conch. Raven now had her pistol out and fired a few times until Thor gave that order.

She immediately spun around and fled. Conch and Thor both stood their ground now hip firing at the monster. It pulled its teeth from one of the men seeming to get reinvigorated. It faced them with a sudden growl. It's face was long and stretched out. The teeth long and sharp. A large jaw. It was bald with stretched thin cheeks. It suddenly burst at them as conch took a step back in fear. Thor didn't move, he was a statue firing. The large metal arm swept across as Thor turned to a ragdoll and being thrown across the room.

Then it back handed the now running Conch. Conch slammed the wall harshly with a sick cracking noise. It approached Conches dead body to feast on it when something came to its ears. A rabid clicking noise. Raven ran down the hall. She looked back to see an empty hallway and nobody following her. "Redox! Change of plan, we're gonna airstrike it. Creature could not be captured, impossible for one team." "Did mma training and fucking with shyla stylez get DNA samples?" "Negative." "HQ isn't going to be happy." "Well, I think they will be more unhappy with the whole squad dead." "What?!" "That thing slaughtered them like fat pigs." "I'll get on the horn." Redox said, She turned around to see a massive hulking figure at the end of the hall.

She gasped as she took a door to the stairs. She ran up them one by one. She got to the top of the stairs to see nothing but slimy, orangish, tan, black and purple flesh.

She slowly looked up to see the creature looking at her. She gasped widely when it grabbed her with the clawed hand and whipped her across the rec room. She landed on the large circular red couch. She tried to stand and run when she felt steel come under her stomach and had her in place. She struggled screaming madly for it to let go. Its flesh covered hand grasped her ass firmly as her eyes widened in disbelief. It then grasped the pretty chick in darksome dress drilled hard of her pants and jerked ripping them clean off, causing no small monicamilf in a dirty carwash norsk porno of pain for Raven.

She gripped the top of the couch looking around with a shocked bewilderment. She felt something press hard against her lips. She brow furrowed and her mouth slowly opened gasping in pain feeling a large slimy hot member forcing its way inside of her body. Her muscles tensed to their peak as she gave a small whimper with her mouth closed. She was a virgin. And this creature was no ordinary size. The pain was almost unbearable.

It kept going the full length in as its large mass hit her bottom. It pulled out suddenly and rammed its full nine inches back into her. Inch by inch it began to ram her sweet young body. One large mechanical hand grasping her body the other squeezing her right plump ass cheek. It rammed itself into her over and over as blood leaked around its cock. Her pussy burned in such pain but she still managed to come to an orgasm.

Her first one. She didn't try to fight the feeling. She felt violated, but she didn't know it was a taboo to embrace it under such circumstances. She did. And what started as small little moans and the growing "uh-uh-uh!" turned into more as she came to her first riveting orgasm. She nearly collapsed after the toll it took from her endurance. She cried out in high pitched moan as the sensation of pleasure washed through her body. Through her skin the orgasm rippled, through her finger tips, her nipples her toes making them curl.

She breathed labored trying to catch it as it continued. One her hands began to work on its own as it ripped her blouse open and she squeezed one of her breasts moaning more. The creature slapped her ass suddenly and it still felt amazing. Her hips gyrated as the burning pain in her soaking pussy subsided and was replaced by pleasure.

She thought almost thought she would crush her nipple under her two fingers. It was so sensitive and it all felt so good. Her mouth was open wide moaning, her eyes shut. Her right ass cheek was red as the large cock slammed her sexy little body over and over. She felt another orgasm rise. So hard much that she bit the couch fiercely. She gozando duas vezes na bunda da namorada moaning into the couch and her eyes rolling back.

It slowly pulled out from her quivering body. With one hand it widened one of her ass cheeks. She couldn't even think to comprehend what was happening to her. It had its bloody and wet member over her tightest hole.

It suddenly thrust forward.

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She gasped suddenly trying to pull away when she came out in a banshee like scream. Its large member almost made a 'thud' against her flesh, as it slowly began to sink into her ass. She screamed in pain as tears rushed down doctor x story sex stories f me face.

She squeezed her ass cheeks together trying to get rid of the invader. But it only pressed harder sliding in little by little. It growled grasping her shoulder and pulled on her body impaling her asshole on its member. Her eyes were squeezed shut in pure pain as it kept going. She then gave up letting her glutes loosen. The member suddenly rammed into her ass as she screamed out again in a hoarse cry.

It rammed her asscheeks with a suddenly smack of its waist. It pulled out and rammed her again and again as she just tried to cope with the pain. She could feel it delving deeper and deeper into her ass.

How it pulled out slow just to ram her quickly. She felt how it fondled her left ass cheek now still with its right hand. It pressed her left check against its dick as it slid in and out. It rammed her tight little asshole over and over as it suddenly pulled out and spun her around. It exploded on her as a large wave of jizzem sprayed her young fit body. She didn't want to move.

Her head was dizzy, her body ached. Her eyes looked up to see it standing over her. She wondered what it was going to do. Kill her.

Eat her. At this point she didn't really care. It then had a tiny explosion from its chest as a bullet sounded out. It gave a slight growl of pain then a barrage of the tiny explosions sounded out.

It turned around going to one knee as an order was sounded. "Raven get out of the way." The voice was stern, unwavering, and undeniably calm. She suddenly scampered out of the way as a pinging noise came. The grenade came in fast smacking the monster in the face. The grenade fell hitting the deck as Raven climbed over the couch. And explosion sounded as the creature seemed to explode. Bits and pieces of it flying around the room.

"It's safe, you can come out mam." Thor said, "Are you putting this in your report Lieutenant?" she asked with tears welling up. "Do you want me to mam?" he asked "What?" she said very confused, "I follow your orders mam, I do what you say. Comes with the job mam." He replied.

"No… do not put this in the report. I don't reckon HQ needs to hear 'bout this… incident." "Aye-aye mam." Thor said before putting his weapon on safety and slinging his weapon, "The airdrop is coming in ten minutes mam.

I suggest you get dressed in something quick and we take off. I'll grab some samples of the creature." *48 hours later* *Debriefing* "So the mission was a success at the exception of losing most of your team correct?" "yes." She said taking a sip of coffee. "In codename, Thor's report he says you escaped from the room knowing it was hopeless and he came into the room injured and the creature was looking for you.

So he fired upon it and then blew it up with a grenade. Is that correct?" the man in a black suit asked. "Yes." "We have one last question… you brought back the creatures semen. Whereas we are glad to have gotten such a piece of vital research you did not mention in your report how you got it." "The creature had been raping women.

I collected off a dead body." "When it was locked in a storage room?" he was quick to ask, "Sir… Don't follow this line of questioning. I got the sample. I'm not contaminated, and I'm mentally fit to go out back out there." The man eyed her with contempt.

He then glanced back at his files. "Well as far as I'm concerned case closed." He said closing the file. *File closed* *One week later codename Redox was found dead. Cause: Homicide*