Super hot brunette gets her pussy stretch with big cock pornstars hardcore

Super hot brunette gets her pussy stretch with big cock pornstars hardcore
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Chapter 17 INTERLUDE AND RECAP To: Master From: Your Little Slut Amy Thank you again, Master, for letting me pay off my debt to you by being your little fuckslave, working for you at the Mayim Clinic under Dr Windred. I hope you've enjoyed the view from the cameras at my home. I masturbated for you specially last night - did you see?

You're a good master, and I know I'm a terrible disgusting slut. This is the report you asked me for on that cute little lesbian bitch Laura.

I'm so happy you sent me such a gorgeous big-titted slut for our lesbian experiments, and I almost wet myself when you gave me access to all the cameras you had her set up in her house and workplace. I love watching the clueless little slut degrading herself. I feel like I'm sopping wet all the time just thinking about it. I don't know how much of it you already know - I assume you watch her cameras too - but I try to be a good slut so I'll include everything. Besides, sometimes everyone needs a moment to refresh on what they already know.

I know that I'm a stupid slut who forgets things all the time, for example. LAURA BEFORE THE INTERVENTION Laura is 21 years old. She has 32DD cup tits, pink hair, and an adequately fit body. She is a lesbian and has a live-in lover, Erica. Before the intervention she had never had a sexual encounter with a male, and took pride on her lesbian identity.

She firmly believes that lesbians are born, not made, and a ideal kitten is geeting pissed on and bursts wet slit lesbian never has sexual thoughts about men, never goes through 'phases' of sexual identity, and would never gain sexual pleasure from anything done by a male. Nevertheless, she enjoys cockteasing male friends by dressing attractively and flirting. She particularly likes to dress like sexualised anime characters.

She has poor life-organisational skills, and manages her money poorly. She is particularly ashamed of the size of her fuckmelons, and has identity issues around associating her breast size with porn actresses, who she has contempt for.

THE INTERVENTION Laura racked up a substantial gambling debt online of nearly a million dollars. That debt is owed to you, Master.

Following her non-payment of the debt, you made it clear that you knew who she was, knew where she lived, and could arrange for her and her lover to be raped or killed in their sleep. You instructed her that she would pay at least $1,000 off the interest on her debt every week, and in the mean time would obey your instructions in every respect, or else she would be raped and killed. (A similar arrangement to my own relationship with you, Master!) As a result of this new arrangement, you have caused Laura to do the following things: (1) Install software on her computer giving you full remote control over it, including her webcam.

(2) Never sit in front her webcam without her tits bare. (3) Attend an experimental program run by the Mayim Clinic, where I work. (More on that later.) (4) Install cameras in her home, car and workplace giving you (and me) full and intimate vision of every aspect of her life.

(5) Film a video of herself claiming she desperately wants to be raped and fantasises about it constantly, and provide it to you, to be made public in the event she ever goes to the police with sexual assault allegations.

The results of attending the Mayim Clinic and needing to find money to pay off her debt have changed Laura's life significantly.

THE MAYIM CLINIC On your instructions, Laura attends an experimental program casting couch ms black slut and euro tourist the Mayim Clinic, where I work. She comes by every weeknight except Thursdays for a session of anywhere between one and four hours. On Thursdays, when she doesn't attend, we give her homework. The official goal of the Mayim Clinic program is to show that lesbians can be reoriented to enjoy heterosexual sex.

As Laura doesn't believe this is possible, she isn't too worried by the goals of the program. However, as you know, Master, hardx jada stevens in dp me 2 program is actually funded by you, and the goal is to instead condition lesbians to degrade and humiliate themselves and other women, and be obedient fucktoys for men.

The program is run by Dr Tara Windred. She doesn't know the true extent of the program, or your involvement in it, and she leaves most of the details of the program to myself and her other assistant, Royce. (Royce is creepy. I know he'd like to rape me, but he hasn't, because I think he thinks he'll get in trouble if he does.

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He doesn't realise that you've forbidden me to ever complain about rape, Master. On the other hand, it gets me wet when he plays with that slut Laura and helps her humiliate herself. I'd love to watch him rape that little pink-haired bitch.) Each time that Laura attends, she takes a powerful aphrodisiac that makes her unable to think of anything but her cunt. It's hilarious to watch her on it - she acts like a total bimbo. Then we set her up on one of a variety of fucking machines.

The machines teach her valuable heterosexual skills like how to suck cock, and at the same time she's forced to watch a video with training images. The machines masturbate her when she's experiencing things we want her to learn to like, and electroshock her twat when she's seeing something she should avoid.

She's so far been taught the following behaviours: (1) She can get wet and orgasm while watching porn of women abusing other women. (2) She can get wet and orgasm while watching porn of men fucking women.

(3) She has become strongly sexually fixated on semen and ejaculation, and fantasises about tasting cum. She rationalises this as a taste in foodstuffs, and not a heterosexual fantasy. (4) She has been trained to thank the Mayim Clinic staff for degrading and spit blowjob and fake lips cumshot compilation fucking a sexy latina stewardess her after each session, and she occasionally also thanks others in her life for humliating and abusing her.

(5) She can orgasm while her tits and cunt are in pain. kinky lesbian bombshells are stretching and fisting anals She instinctively opens her mouth when a cock-shaped objected is presented to her, and receives sexual pleasure from sucking on it.

The pleasure increases when her head is held down on the cock by pulling her hair. (7) The idea of refusing to take a cock into her mouth, or seeing others do it, is subconsciously associated with pain in her mind. (8) She instinctively licks clean objects that have been in her pussy, including dildos or her hands. In addition, a tracking microchip has been embeddded in Laura's cunt flesh that monitors her location and her state of sexual arousal and transmits data back to the Mayim Clinic - and, through us, to you, Master.

LAURA'S DILDO As a result of Laura's new fascination with semen and ejaculations, she has bought herself a strap-on vibrating dildo capable of ejaculating a range of fluids when it "cums". Laura keeps a small supply of liquids to use with it, including human cum, pig cum, fake cunt juices, breast milk, and urine.

She likes to suck on it until it sprays semen into her mouth. She also likes to use it to rape her girlfriend and fill Erica's mouth or cunt with pig cum and urine.

ERICA Erica is a slim brunette with D cup breasts. She is Laura's live-in girlfriend, and has a deep submissive streak. She doesn't know why Laura is acting differently these days, but does know that Laura is in debt and has to do additional work to pay for it. As part of Laura's work with the Mayim Clinic, we advised her to change her relationship with her girlfriend so that Erica would not question her about some of the stranger and more humiliating things we were going to make her do.

Much to our surprise, Laura took this as an excuse to enslave and abuse her girlfriend, exploiting Erica's insecurity and love for her to turn the girl into a total fuckslave. Laura now rapes and traumatises her girlfriend as a way of coping with the degradation in her own life, and appears to gain a lot of sexual satisfaction from doing so. Erica has had the following new experiences since Laura's intervention: (1) She has agreed to let Laura slap her while she is being fucked.

(2) She greets Laura returning home from work by kneeling naked by the open front door with her hands cuffed behind her back. (3) She has been fucked with Laura's ejaculating dildo and had pig cum spurted into her cunt. Laura then licked the pig cum out of her. (4) She has drunk pig cum from the ejaculating dildo.

(5) She has learned to clean the ejaculating dildo by licking and sucking it clean and making sure its excess contents end up in her stomach. (6) She has posed for photographs in which she is masturbating and pissing, which Laura has provided to us at the Mayim Clinic. (7) She has dressed up like a whore by Laura and shown off to her friends Taylor and Michael. (8) She has been forced by Michael to suck his cock twice until he came in her mouth, and then blamed for it by Laura.

(9) She has drunk piss from the ejaculating dildo. (10) She has been hand-fed cucumber that has spent several hours in Laura's pussy first.

(11) She has frequently had her clitoris pinched and hurt by Laura during sex. (12) Laura has pissed on her face. MICHAEL Michael is a colleague of Laura's at her main job at the Department of Families. Before the intervention he was a close and loyal friend, who Laura nevertheless cockteased the way she teased most males.

More recently, he has leant a large sum of money to Laura tiny schoolgirl delivers a sloppy blowjob pornstars brunette help her with her initial debt repayments. Now he visits their house occasionally to "check on his investment".

While Michael may have been content to leave the investment on friendly terms, Laura, due to thinking with her pussy, has managed to set up a situation on two occasions where a drugged and whorishly dressed Erica has tempted Michael into raping her mouth.

On the second such occasion, Michael saw Laura masturbating as she watched her girlfriend's mouth being filled with Michael's cum. Now it is clear that the "return on investment" Michael expects is sexual.

THE DEPARTMENT OF FAMILIES Laura's main job is with the Department of Families, where she works part-time Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays as a generic desk drone. Her immediate supervisor is a man named Alistair, who has long lusted after Laura. As a result of Laura's new behaviours after the intervention, and the heavy aphrodisiacs she has been made to take by the Mayim Clinic, Alistair has finally had an opportunity to gain a sexual hold over Laura.

Laura's general reputation at the Department has diminshed substantially: (1) She has been made to formally declare her status as a lesbian and describe her relationship with Erica in sexually explicit detail in departmental paperwork.

(2) She has signed a statement admitting that she shows off her tits to tease men at work. (3) After claiming that Alistair had tried to sexually assault her, she was made to retract her accusation by you, Master, and say that she'd made it up because she was "a dumb slut who likes attention".

She was made to repeat this retraction, along with the reason, to all her work colleagues. (4) Once it had got around that Laura was a rape liar, she was assaulted in the toilets by her bimbo-ish co-worker Candy and made to lick out Candy's cunt, because Candy had always been curious and no one would believe Laura about this kind of thing cuckold by phone sofie marie alex legend. (5) Laura has turned up to work on several occasions dressed like a slut, and spent several days in a blissed-out haze of arousal due to aphrodisiacs.

ALISTAIR As a result of Laura's probationary status at work, she has been required to spend an hour in "special counselling" with Alistair each morning, which Alistair takes as an excuse to abuse and exploit Laura.

(1) He initially made her show him her bra each day to prove that she was wearing one. (2) She is required to show up to her counselling sessions with her cunt wet and aroused, and spend the session with her tits and pussy bare and on display. (3) He makes Laura take off her bra and panties in his office, and then keeps them each day, meaning that she spends the day with no underwear and has to regularly shop for new ones. (4) For a while, he played a game where he would finger-fuck Laura while masturbating his cock, and make Laura talk about something slutty like her sex life with Erica.

This would continue until she came or he did. She never managed to cum before him.

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She was encouraged to attempt to catch his ejaculation in her mouth to avoid having him cum all over her face and tits. (6) When Laura gets cum on her skin, Alistair won't let her wash it off, instead making her rub it in and go back to work. He has filmed her licking semen off her tits and rubbing the remainder into her fuckbags. (7) Due to Laura's humiliation at working in public with cum on her face, Alistair has told her that on any day where she suggests to him a new degradation he is allowed to visit on her, she can suck his cock to ensure that his cum ends up in her mouth instead of on her face.

(8) Laura has agreed to be completely nude in counselling sessions going forward in exchange for the privilege of drinking his cum on one day rather than having it on her face.

THE PRETTY TITTY Laura has recently started a second job at a strip club, the Pretty Titty, where she works as a topless waitress. She obtained the job in a humiliating interview where she wore a length of chain painfully clipped to her nipples and wet herself in front of the owner. She attends the Pretty Titty on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the day and Saturday and Sunday nights. Her work name there is "Kitten Tits", and her work involves waitressing with her boobs bare.

She gets incredibly horny at work due to the sexualised women around her, but her manager there, Edgar, has given her a "masturbation break" where she can take care of her pussy once per night. Mature rides her dildo for you-sponsored by adulttoysx tk tube porn a result of her work at the Pretty Too tight pussy for a huge cock she is becoming used to being ogled and groped by men, and soon will find it normal for men to be enjoying her naked fuckbags.

=== Well, that's about it, Master. It's already amazing how much more of a degraded slut Laura is than when you started her off. She's now being degraded and sexually assaulted almost every day of her life, and she's well on the way to learning the skills she needs to be a good fucktoy for men.

I think the hottest thing is how she's started raping and hurting her lover entirely of her own volition.

My recommendation is that you take action to further develop that behaviour, master - a slut is a thing of beauty, but a slut who knows how to properly treat other sluts is a joy forever.

Per your instructions I'm now going out clubbing to try and get someone to rape me. I know that I need to be pregnant within two months and that I'm not allowed to consent to sex wiith men until I am.

I am looking forward to having my slut tits fill up with milk for you, Master. Yours faithfully, Fuckslut Amy c/o The Mayim Clinic (To be continued.)