Mofos alexis and her bf have some fun

Mofos alexis and her bf have some fun
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13. The Training Continues While Jason had been busy securing a new cargo, a new day dawned on Devil's Island. Gina and Tina woke up about the same time and Gina started to suck on Masters cock to wake him up.

Gina had not slept well, today she had to go back to Sammy and have her clit pierced she knew that would not be changed. Still sore from the caning of yesterday she sucked gently on Master's cock until he started to wake up and get hard. Tina was also in pain this morning her ass and pussy lips still very sore from her punishment.

Tina had also knew that there would be no relief for her pussy lips today they would still be clamped to the thigh cuffs she had to wear and the corset would not be removed either.

Still this was an improvement over the cage. "Morning slaves." Master greeted them. "Morning Master." Gina and Tina replied in unison.

"Are we ready for another day of pain and pleasures slaves?" "Yes Master." They again replied. There was really no point in trying to say anything else. There would be pain if that is what Master wanted regardless if they were ready or not. Pain and humiliation was now going to be part of everyday life both Gina and Tina knew that. "Very good, slaves. Gina release Tina from the bed and then get back here for my morning ass fuck.

Tina you go and get breakfast from the kitchen." Master instructed them. "Yes Master." Gina said as she went took release Tina from the bed. Gina quickly returned and straddling Master guided his cock in her ass hole. Trying her very best to make it a good ass fuck this morning she rode the cock up and down as fast as she could. Maybe if she were a perfect slave today there would be some rest after the clit piercing. She certainly couldn't afford any mistakes today or rather her welted ass couldn't.

Tina gingerly walked to the kitchen where Sarah greeted her with a smile. "You are picking up breakfast again. Thought maybe Master would send Gina this morning but I see from your ass you made some mistake yesterday.

How are those pussy lips feeling?" Sarah asked with a slight grin. "They hurt, and my ass hurt" Tina almost started sobbing. "I bet they do but then you probably deserved the cropping and once your pussy lips are nice and stretched you won't have to wear the thigh cuffs anymore." "But I'll look so strange." "Not strange just better for fucking Tina and I have a feeling you will be sent to the whorehouse for a while at least." Tina started to sob.

She still hoped that she wouldn't have to go anywhere else where new horror awaited her. She had really hoped to stay on the island at least she knew what to expect here and living with Master had been a nice treat after the cage.

"Maybe you are busty milf and teen girl threeway action on the couch threesome and blowjob Sarah." She said with some hop still in her voice. "I doubt that from what I heard but you would be coming back. It would just be a few weeks of fuck training I think." Sarah did not intend to give Tina any hope and Master had also told her that Tina needed more mental anguish and humiliation since she still wasn't totally broken and had not reached the point that Gina had.

Gina could almost be trusted now to not rebel and serve as a good slave just like Sarah, Sue, and Sammy. Tina felt the tears well up in her eyes, but she picked up the tray and this time there would be no mistakes maybe it wasn't too late to have Master change his mind. The door opened, and Tina walked back into the bedroom. Gina was still busy with giving Master his morning ass fuck, now moving up and down on the cock as fast as she could.

Master came in her ass and then the slap on her ass to indicate she should dismount. Gina a little relieved there would be no pee enema this morning clinched her ass tight and went to suck Masters cock clean. "Not bad Gina. You are improving, and your ass is nice and tight. " "Thank you Master and thank you for using me." Gina responded. "Let's see what Tina's ass is like tonight and you can practice your pussy eating Gina." Master chuckled.

"Now let's have breakfast we have a busy day today." "Both of you sit down." Neither Gina or Tina had planned to sit down for breakfast, the hard chairs wasn't very comfortable or easy on their welted and sore behinds.

Both of them sat down but very slowly and carefully. Master looked amused knowing very well that sitting wasn't much fun for either of them this morning but it would remind them that making mistakes had a price. "After breakfast we will shower and then you two will get dressed and ready.

I have a few things to work on this morning, so you will clean and do laundry this morning. "Yes Master." Gina replied. Maybe there was hope the clit piercing wouldn't take place today. Had Master forgotten or changed his mind even. "Tina, don't forget to take your medication this morning. We want those udders to get nice and big now." "Yes Master." Tina took her spoonful of the bitter tasting liquid.

Her udders still burned and itched but at least it wasn't that bad this morning. Master reached out and squeezed her left udder. "No milk yet. Oh well I'll have Alex give you an injection just like she did with the cow." "Spread your hot blonde gets a nice big boner and let's see if that paste your where given has had any effect yet." Tina obediently spread her legs, which of course made her pussy lips ache again.

Tina moaned slightly as Master put two fingers in side here pussy and started feeling around inside her. Master also fingered her pussy lips feeling how thick they felt. "I don't think the paste has had much effect you, you are almost dry in your fuck hole this morning.

Your lips are coming along nicely though. Maybe Alex needs to give you another treatment today when you get another injection." "Maybe it just hasn't started working yet Master." Tina tried meekly.

"Could be Tina but we need to speed up your training here, so you will report to Alex piss lover blonde hottie teasing peachy cunt in close up afternoon." "Yes Master." Tina did not look forward to being in Alex care again. In fact, she would be happy to serve Master if she never saw Alex ever again." Also make sure your clit and suckers are properly cared for by Alex. I think you need to have the tubes removed and re done." "Yes Master" Tina was not going to have a very pleasant day either and Gina did feel sorry for her.

Sammy did what she had to do but she didn't try and make it harder than it had to be. Mistress Alex on the other hand would make it as painful as she possibly could for Tina.

french bbw florence ganganged in all holes, slaves any questions about your duties today or other questions. Breakfast is the one time you are allowed to ask questions.

So now is the time." "No questions Master." Gina replied. "Master will you send me to the whorehouse?" Tina just couldn't help herself she had to know her fate. "Once you produce milk you will go to the whorehouse for fuck training and to make some money" Master replied. Tina started to sob there was nothing that would save her now she was to be a whore and sold to some nasty whore house owner. "Master, please I really will behave and be good if you just train me here, please Master." Tina tried.

"You need a real workout and you need to make money for your Master or would you rather not be a good slave and provide for your master?" "Master I want to please you. " Tina wasn't sure why but there was an underlying threat in his question. Tina sobbed. "Any more questions?" "Will I come back here ever again Master?" "Yes, when you have been trained well enough and have earned my investment back then if you are still a good slave you will come back and either train as a pony or maybe if you milk good as a cow." "but but not as a serving slave Master?" Tina stammered.

"Perhaps, if you prove yourself very willing during your training." "Yes Master." Tina felt defeated yet there was some hope that she might return and serve Master even if she was a pony for Master even that might be britanny shae ride her pussy on top of tonys cock than being a whore or a cow.

Tina had seen the rough treatment of Linda and suffered some herself, so she knew a cow was not a good position. Being a bitch like Jackie wasn't all that appealing either. She had enjoyed her brief stay as a serving slave to Master even if her ass still hurt from the crop of last night. Still she wasn't going to be sold to the whore house just sent there at least that gave her some hope.

"Well, slaves let's get started prepare the shower and let's get ready here" "Yes, Master" Once they had finished with the shower and had dressed, Master sat done at his desk and viewed messages and scanned the monitors. The two slaves started cleaning the quarters and collecting the laundry and got on with their chores.

Alex was still eating her breakfast but Sue who was now in charge of the care of the bitch Jackie and the cow Linda had already finished and was on her way to get Jackie feed and released into the pen. Banging on the doghouse woke Jackie up as usual and she crawled out to eat her daily helping of dog food. Sue did a quick inspection of the bitch's pussy and asshole. They were still swollen somewhat but no damage to them. "So, bitch are you horny this morning?" "Not really." replied Jackie still half asleep and not thinking clearly.

"Really. A bitch like you should be horny all the time maybe we need to get you some more hounds. 6 doesn't seem to keep you in a good horny state you little bitch." "Maybe that paste we tried on the cow will work on you." "Here let's see if you udders are leaking anything.

Present udders." Sue barked. She was in a foul mood and really wanted to take it out on somebody this morning.

The mint oil had burned her ass pretty good and it was swollen and would make it painful for her to shit the next few days. Jackie realized that Sue was going to give her a hard time and thinking fast, she tried to appease Sue by saying. "I don't get horny until after breakfast Mistress" "Is that so. Bitch you need more training maybe we need to give you a roommate, so you don't dry up during the night" Sue laughed.

Jackie remained quiet and finished her dog food. She wondered if she would ever get people food again. At least it would be nice to get scraps of people food. Jackie was pretty sure she would never fuck anything but dogs and to Jackie that wasn't really important anymore. Jackie got lost in thought and tuned out what Sue was saying. She finished her meal and then Sue with a hard whack of the crop moved her along into the day pen where the hounds where eagerly waiting their bitchs arrival.

"Make sure you get your ass fucked today you been a little shy with your ass bitch and by the way you are to keep a bowl between your legs and collect all the good juices and cum that drips out of your count and ass today" "Understood bitch?" "Yes Mistress" Jackie replied and took the bowl in her hand from Sue without thinking.

"Bitches don't have hands use your mouth you stupid bitch." Sue screamed at her as she let the crop dance hard on Jackie's ass. "AAAAaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii" "Sorry Mistress" Jackie quickly dropped the bowl and then picked it up with her mouth. Crawling away toward the hounds before Sue could land anymore blows on her now striped ass. Jackie didn't get far before Nero mounted her from behind and almost routinely, Jackie guided him into her pussy.

A new day of fucking had begun for the bitch. Master had been watching all this from his desk and he was not pleased. Jackie had showed signs of rebellion and although Sue had handled it fairly well the bitch needed to be treated harsher and her training turned up. Master had already received a message about possibly buying the bitch. Alex would send out the tapes and movies today, so Master wasn't about to sell her yet, but she needed to be ready for sale in case a good offer came along. Master pushed a button and ordered Sue to come to his quarters.

Sue started to worry that maybe she had been too harsh with the bitch and now Master was going to correct her. Sue wanted badly to stay on the island even if Alex punished her harshly at times. She wanted to get her fourth star and be like Sarah and Sammy slaves but having her own place to sleep and her own area to take care of. She was only a year younger than Sarah and if she didn't get her fourth star soon she risked being replaced by a younger slave. Alex did like them young and at 27, she was getting a little old for Alex's liking.

The last thing she needed was Master getting angry with her. With butterflies in her stomach, she knocked on the door. Tina was told to let Sue in and the still sobbing Tina obediently went to let Sue in. Sue seeing Tina sobbing felt her heart sink did this mean Master was in a bad mood this morning? She quickly glanced at Gina, she seemed a little tense but she wasn't sobbing. Sue went to kneel beside Master.

"You wanted to see me Master? "Yes. Sue. I saw that the bitch was about to rebel this morning and had a little attitude." "Yes Master. She had a little attitude and she wasn't paying attention this morning." "No, she certainly wasn't. Any ideas on how to correct that Sue?" The question stunned Sue. Alex never asked her opinion on anything was this a trick or a test or both?

Sue was trying to think quickly she wasn't prepared for this. "Not really Master except maybe she needs more supervision and supervised training" "Only problem is that we have Gina and Tina to train and Alex needs to do sales presentations and take care of the cow." "We are a little short of staff.

Right now. Sarah has enough to do in the kitchen and Sammy is busy in the stable. Any suggestions Sue?" Sue realized this was her chance, but it was also dangerous.

Was the Master trying to get her to say something that would upset Alex just to get her in trouble or was this an opening for her to get a fourth star.

Sue wasn't sure if the question was a trick or a treat. She only had seconds to decide if she should take the chance or let it pass. The kitchen had a slave so did the stable and Gina was well on her way to be the Master's serving slave. That left just the barn and the pens without a slave of course the barn was empty after the last sale when the cows had been sold and the pens never had a slave to begin with.

Sue made her decision. "Master. If you think I am ready I would be happy to be the pen slave and give all my attention to the bitch and hounds training and care" Sue drew a deep breath. There she had laid it out and now waited with anticipation of her fate. Master looked at Sue with serious eyes. He was eyeing her up and down and pondering. Sue beautiful gal is giving nice blow girlfriend homemade about to pee herself she could not stand the wait.

Why doesn't he say something? Sue started to worry now she walked right into a trap the trap of being better than she was and a feeling self-importance. Not a good thing for a slave to have that attitude. "Well Sue. You think you could handle the care of the hounds and the pens. Does that mean you think you deserve a fourth star in your collar?" Sue had to think fast. To say she deserved another star would be the wrong thing to say.

"Master I only deserve what you see fit to give me. I only want to serve you well." Master laughed. Sue had been around long enough not to fall for such a simple trap. Even so, Master wasn't sure she was ready for this. Sue had developed a bit of a sadistic streak but could she control that and not go overboard.

Alex could certainly take care of the bitch. She would have to delay it a bit while she made the sales presentations and tapes but that was temporary work. On the other hand, Jason was on his way with four more new pieces of meat that would have to be dealt with if he decided to buy them.

Gina and Tina certainly couldn't take on the training they real reap force sxe storys a long way to go before that would happen and if he gave one of the new ones to Alex, as a guinea pig Alex would spend her days in her lab.

Alex had long wanted to develop new treatments and drugs to enhance animals as she put it. Maybe Sue was the only answer. It would certainly make her even more loyal to teen girl hitchhiker gang raped Master being given that task.

"What about Tom and your chore on Saturdays with him?" Master wasn't going to promote Sue without a bit of sweating first. "Oh, Master I could still do that." Sue sensed she was on the right track. "But you have never been trained as a bitch and perhaps you need to know what a bitch feels like to train one properly. What do you think?" Sue didn't think that was necessary at all but of course she wouldn't say that.

She didn't like that turn of events but if she had to get some bitch training first then so be it. Once she had her fourth star, she was reasonably sure of staying on the island. Sarah had told her no four-star slave had ever been sold. "Master if you think I need some training first then I hope would you spare the time to train me, Master please" Master grinned. Sue wanted that fourth star and she would do just about anything to get it.

Still he would have to keep a close eye on her the first few months not like Sarah and Sammy that ran things without question. "Very well Sue.

Tonight, you need to bring Targ and show us that you know at least how a bitch should treat a hound. If I am satisfied then you get to be the pen slave on trial and then if you get the bitch good and ready and everything else runs well in the pens you will get your fourth star and become the pen slave." "Thank you Master I will not disappoint you Master I promise I will do the best job ever with the bitch and hounds." Sue had never fucked a dog before, but she certainly knew how to do it.

She had seen it often enough and Sarah often brought Devil for the night when Master allowed it, so maybe she would help her tonight. "Was there anything else, Master?" "Yes Sue. The cow you are to take care of her today?" "Yes, Master. Mistress told me to feed her, water her and let her pee." "Any other instructions?" "No master" "The cow is due for new treatments today?" "No Master I believe Mistress has no plans for today." "Perhaps you are right.

The cow was far too comfortable last night in her cage. I'll trust you will see to it that she is better entertained today and during the night, Sue." Master said with sly grin on his face. Sue realized this was a test.

If she went too far with Linda the cow her fourth star was history and if she went to easy Master would think her to soft and not capable of being an area charged slave with responsibilities of her own. Fucking Targ was just for amusement and would not prove anything. The real test was Linda the cow. "Of course, Master I will see to that anything special you had in mind Master?" "No Sue I will leave that to you." "Thank you Master.

I won't disappoint you. I promise" "See that you don't, Sue.

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Now you better get going. I have no other need of you right now." "Yes Master. Thank you Master." Sue rose to her feet and with a light step almost skipped and jumped her way to the door. The day had certainly taken a turn for the better even if her ass was still burning from the mint oil.

Sue stopped outside in the hallway thinking to herself she better get control of herself and not get carried away. This was a one chance only deal and if she messed this up Master would not give her a second chance. Sue continued walking heading toward the cow Linda in her cage. Sue was in deep thought she just had to do this i love cumming inside my girlfriends pussy creampie cumshot. When she got to the cage Alex was already there.

Sue got worried had she been tricked after all. "There you are I hear you have gotten yourself a new assignment." "Yes Mistress." "Well good for you I was getting a little tired of you anyway and you are starting to get a little old for my liking." Alex told her. Sue could tell that Alex wasn't happy with this morning's events but she didn't seem nearly as upset as Sue thought she might be. Master must have given her something in exchange for Sue, although Sue was still available to Alex any time she wanted her, so nothing had really changed yet.

Alex was not upset she had been promised at least one of the new cargos women as a test animal for her lab. Still she wouldn't let Sue go easy and tied male forced edging handjob to be upset would worry Sue. "Now you have to remember that I will still have to do the treatments of the cow, so she better be in shape for that.

If she isn't you simply will take her place and if you want my vote tonight you better make sure Targ gives you an ass fucking and not a sloppy pussy fucking." Alex grinned. Sue winched. Alex knew very well an ass fucking would be hard for Sue with her ass still burning and swollen from the mint oil.

Just taking a shit was painful taking Targ's thick cock in her ass was going to be absolute torture and would probably make her bleed a little as well. "Yes Mistress. I understand." Sue answered.

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She wasn't about to let Alex know how unfair she thought that was. It wouldn't matter anyway. She couldn't afford to make an enemy out of Alex at this point.

"Now let's get the cow up and get her taken care of." Alex instructed Sue. "Yes Mistress" Sue opened the cage door, attached a leash to Linda's collar, and without any words pulled her to her feet. Linda had at least gotten a little sleep even if the cage wasn't very comfortable it was better than the swing. Her ass was still very sore from the butt plug she had been wearing for days now.

Her udders, sucker hurt and burned, and she was very sore from the exercise yesterday. The hood and corset was really starting to bother her now, especially the hood. Having sweated as much as she had yesterday the hood not only felt tight but also her scalp had started to itch.

Linda was miserable. She was also hungry and thirsty. She had been forced to pee in the cage and since the drain was shut, she had to sleep in her own created wet spot. "How is my little cow this morning? "Alex asked. "You stink did you pee yourself last night?" " I guess a cow like you don't really care how they smell. All you are interested in are eating and sleeping and getting fucked occasionally. Isn't european partyboys enjoy massive sex party tube porn true cow?" Alex just talked away and didn't wait for Linda to answer.

"Yes Mistress" Linda finally replied. "Yes, what you stupid cow?" "Yes, I peed in the cage Mistress." "Well I can see and smell that cow." Alex tried sounding annoyed. She just loved this part of taunting the cow. Linda wasn't sure if she should reply to anything else but just in case she added.

"It true Mistress. Eating and sleeping is important for a cow." Linda left out the fucking because she wasn't the least bit interested in that.

It had been hard enough mentally to refer to herself as a cow. "I think you forgot about the fucking cow or are we not horny this morning?" Alex was in full swing now and enjoyed this tremendously.

Linda was not thrilled however. She just wanted to be left alone but that wasn't going to happen. "No not horny this morning, Mistress." Linda replied. She knew as soon as she had said that it was a mistake, but she felt good for a few seconds.

"Oh my. The cow isn't horny this morning Sue. I guess you have to do something about that. Can't have cows like that around here. The bulls in the barn wouldn't be happy about that and a cow with a dry pussy would get ripped easily by the bulls." Alex had trouble not laughing out loud, as she said that. There were no bulls in the barn, but Linda had no way of knowing that. Linda almost lost all control; they couldn't be serious, could they? Linda had no idea how big a bulls cock was, but she didn't want to find out either.

Was there no end to this horror? Linda was now terrified. She had no doubt they would make her do just about anything and clearly didn't care if she lived or died. Linda's little rebellion was short lived. She was back to being subdued and fearful and she realized that there was no point in answering back.

Slowly but surely Linda was starting to get mentally broken and accepting the faith of a cow. "I will take care of the cow, Mistress. By the time she gets to the barn she will be ready and dying for a bull fuck and not only in her pussy" Sue was enjoying this too.

"That is good Sue. I would hate to have done all this work with her to find out she wasn't any good for the barn. I do enjoy watching the cows when they get a good and hard bull fucking.

" Alex wasn't about to let the subject go just yet. Linda needed some more mental encouragement in her opinion. "I do enjoy watching that too, Mistress. I bet this one will moooo really good when she is taken by her first bull." Linda was totally horrified now. She started to believe they would really make her fuck a bull. It scared her to the point that she let a little pee go without thinking. Alex and Sue both laughed. "See she is peeing out of pure excitement.

I bet she is getting horny now." Alex said in a firm voice. "Are you horny now cow? Let me check. Spread your legs." Sue ordered her. Sue stuck two fingers in her pussy without any warning. Linda jerked back at the rough intrusion. Sue's nails felt sharp and nicked her pussy lips.

She cried out a little from the sudden pain but kept her legs spread. "Still dry as a bone in there you stupid cow. Are you not excited about getting a nice big fat bull cock up there?" "Sorry Mistress." Linda just didn't know what to say. She wasn't excited she was terrified, but she wasn't about to tell them that. They would just enjoy that even more. "I didn't ask you if you were sorry cow.

I asked you if you were excited." Sue was really getting into her role now. "I'm very excited Mistress." Linda whispered. Might as well tell them what they wanted to hear, Linda thought. "That is a neat trick cow. You can be excited and yet dry as a bone in your fuck hole or are you lying to us cow?" Alex joined in.

"No Mistress. I am not lying. I am excited just not wet." Linda was getting desperate now. Whatever she did or said, she was heading for trouble and she knew it.

"The cow is gagged sub restrained and dildofucked submissive discipline trouble getting wet well we can help her there. Let me try the same treatment on you cow as we did on Tina. Even if it hasn't worked on her yet it might work on you cow if we give you a heavy dose. Sue, bring me a full jar of the paste and a needle and some thread. Oh and we will need a catheter too." "Yes Mistress. I will be right back." Sue hurried off to get the various things while Linda was getting even more terrified.

What would they make her suffer now? "That paste should really work on you. I think I just applied too little into Tina's pussy to take effect or maybe the treatment just has to be repeated a few times.

I'll just fill your pussy up and sew it shut, since you aren't horny and need a fucking right now." Alex calmly told Linda. Linda could not believe what she heard these people where absolutely mad. They would not stop until they killed her.

She was absolutely sure about that now. Linda started to plead. "Please Mistress. I'll get wet for you if I can just touch my clit. Please Mistress." "No that won't do, can't have cows pleasuring themselves as they see fit." "And you are not using you fuck hole now anyway, so we might as well make good use of that until you get to the barn.

At least then you should be good and wet all the time for the nice big bulls out there." Alex explained to Linda. Linda wanted to just run or die right there and then but neither was going to happen. She would suffer more there was no doubt.

"Please Mistress." Linda tried. "I'm getting tired of you babbling. From now on, you are not allowed to talk, or you will suffer badly. Just moooo like the cow you are. Understood?" Linda was stunned they wanted her to moooo and never talk. Linda felt totally and utterly humiliated and degraded. "Yes Mistress" Linda acknowledged. Linda didn't see the crop being swung or have any advance warning until the crop landed right across her clit and fuck hole. "AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEE" Linda screamed at the top of her lungs.

The pain was incredible. Linda closed her legs without thinking trying to ease the pain of the hard blow Alex had just delivered on her fuck hole.

" I just told you no talking you stupid cow." Alex shouted at her. Linda still dazed from the pain and blow had enough sense to answer correctly this time. "Moooooooo" Linda uttered. "That's better cow. Now you will sing really pretty in the real tongue of a cow. If you forget again well then we will have to do some real harsh cow training." Sue had returned while Linda was getting her new language training. Alex glanced at the tray to make sure she brought everything and the correct paste.

" I will leave this part to you since you are in charge of the cow. I will be back later to give her another injection to her sucker and put new tubes on them. Still have a 1/4 inch to stretch those before she ready. They look like they are doing well though. The udders are firming up nicely too. She is almost ready for her next round of injections." "Make sure she is secured in the cage in a way that make it easy to give her the treatment, Sue." "Yes Mistress. She is coming along nicely, and I'll secure her for easy access." "Good.

Any questions about the sewing or you can handle that? Fill her up good with the paste." "No questions. Mistress. I can handle the cow from here." "Good" Alex left eager to get to her lab and start her preparation for her new lab rat or maybe rabbit.

Sue got busy right away. She was looking forward to this. This was the first time she was alone and in charge of a cow and she would make the most of it. Linda was still recovering from the blow on her clit and wasn't really paying attention to what Alex had said she just knew there was more hell in store and that Sue would be no easier or kinder handler that Alex.

"Now cow get down on all fours and eat your breakfast before we start your little fuck hole session." Sue chuckled. Without waiting for Linda to get down she kicked her legs from under her and Linda fell to the floor. Sue guided her hooded head into the bucket of food. "Eat cow and make it fast." Linda tried but it wasn't easy to get the food in her mouth with the hood and no way to see what she was doing even.

She did manage to find some large chunks of what turned out to be beef of some sort. They rest tasted like a mixture of eggs and corn flakes. It did taste like real food for a change and Linda did her best to eat as quickly and as much as she could. She was very hungry. Sue in the meantime installed two new bars in the cage. Linda would be less comfortable now yet easily accessible for any treatment. When she was finished, she went over to inspect Linda's ass and the butt plug she had inserted there.

Sue saw that the plug was really starting to inflame Linda's ass hole and if left in might cause an infection in her rectum. Now that Linda was getting some real food, she would also start to shit so Sue pulled out the plug. Having been forced open for days now the ass hole didn't close right away but left the cow with a wide-open hole. Linda hardly noticed the plug being removed she was attractive gals go wicked at the casting used to it being in there.

She would however notice when it came time to take her first shit in days. It wouldn't be a painless event the way her ass hole now looked. "Hurry two girls one guy bondage xxx training my little teen bum whore and finish your meal cow. I haven't got all day and I just love to try my hand at sewing." Sue chuckled. Linda felt sick this was going to be painful again but there was no way around it.

Linda had found the second bucket with cool water and stuck her whole head into it drinking and feeling some relief from the water on her head. "That's enough of that cow. Stand up and keep your hands behind you." Sue ordered. Linda still sore and wobbly managed to get back on her feet and stood there just waiting for the next order. The anticipation of more pain and discomfort made Linda very fearful.

How bad was this going to be? Sue pushed her forward into the cage and turned Linda around. Grabbing her arms, she pulled them back over the higher bar she had installed in the cage.

Then she brought the arms back in front of Linda securing them with a short chain at the wrists. Linda was now secured to the bar running between her arms and back. Next Sue grabbed Linda's legs and put them over the lower bar that was 2 feet in front of the higher bar. Spreading her legs wide and securing them just above the knees with leather straps that were attached to the bar.

Linda now had to carry most of her weight on her armpit and upper arms where the top bar crossed behind her back. Her thighs could carry some weight, if she shifted herself upward but that took a lot of effort since her thighs didn't really have good support on the bar. Her lower legs was of no use, they were left dangling in the air. Her ass dropped down and her fuck hole was easy to get to. It wasn't long before Linda really started to feel the strain in and under her arms. "There now.

That looks like a good way to hang a side of beef like you. Are you comfortable cow?" "N.Moooooooooooooo." Linda just caught herself in time. "Still dying to talk are we cow?" "Well I want to get on with the sewing, so I'll pretend I didn't hear that." "Now you will feel a little pain here but then you like that don't you cow?" "Better remember your new language though." "Ready for a full fuck hole cow?" "Mooooooooooooooooooo.

Mooooooooooooooooo." Linda was doing everything she could to please now. Maybe that would get her some relief. "Ah you sound very eager cow and you sing so pretty." "Since you can't see, I will talk you through this little treatment. I don't want you to miss out on anything." Sue told her in a matter of fact voice. "First we need to fill the large syringe here with the paste.

Let's see there is half a pound of paste here that should fit in the syringe. No reloading will be necessary. Now that's done. Open wide." Sue laughed. "I guess you can't open your fuck hole wide. Never busty milf creampied by her husband hardcore and couples the nozzle it long and thick, I'll just shove it up there." Linda could feel the ice-cold steel probing between her pussy lips and then sink deep inside her.

The syringe had been kept chilled, so the paste wouldn't get runny but stay thick and gooey. Sue pushed hard on the syringe and the paste filled up the fuck hole. Linda could feel the cold paste filling her insides completely and it didn't stop coming. She was starting to feel the strain as the inner walls stretched to accommodate the paste.

"That's it. You are all filled up. Now make sure none of the paste flows out before I can get you sewed shut. First we need to get the catheter back in you cow so hold on to the paste." Sue had done this on purpose hoping some paste would escape from Linda's fuck hole.

That way she would have a reason to inflict even more pain on the cow. Slowly Sue inserted the catheter taking as much time as she could but Linda determined to hold on to whatever it was Sue had put in her fuck hole. The paste didn't feel bad it just felt cold and sent some chills through her body.

The catheter hurt going in as it had done before. "Moooooooooooo. Mooooooooooo. Moooooooooooo." Linda wasn't sure how many mo's would indicate pain, so she kept it up until Sue finally inflated the catheter. "That's done too. You are almost ready now. We just have to sew your fuck hole shut." Linda was frantic. The strain on her arms and back was getting worse her body ached from yesterday's exercise and her fuck hole felt cold and stretched. Linda braced herself for more pain.

Sue took hold of Linda's pussy lips and pulled them out as far as layla price slammed by bbc interracial and pornstars would go then clamped them together. She threaded the needle with black and red twined nylon thread and then pinching and squeezing the lips put the needle at the base of the lips. With one push, the needle went through the clamped pussy lips and came out on the outer side.

"AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGG" Linda hollered. The pain was extremely bad. She totally forgot to moooo and started to move her torso around to avoid the needle. "Hold still cow or I might have to stick a pole up your ass to hold you in place. Mind your language too. That will earn you another nice little treatment.

A cow needs to learn to speak properly." "Let try that again cow" Sue pushed the needle through again and pulled the thread tight. The first stitch was in place. "Mooooooooooaaaaaooooo Mooooaaaaaaaaooo." Linda hollered. "That's better you fat side of beef" Sue continued to sew, and Linda cried in her hood making the best cow sound she could. Her pussy lips were in pain not only did the needle hurt but also the thread was pulled tight cutting into the flesh.

"All finished. Nothing will leak out your fuck hole now cow, and I bet tomorrow you will be a wet and horny cow. Ready to fuck a whole barn full of bulls" "Now we still have one more little thing since you forgot yourself by speaking earlier." "What would be a good punishment?" "I know.

Stick out your tongue." Linda was having trouble with all the pain she was feeling and barely heard Sue's order. Somehow, she managed to get her tongue out of her mouth.

Sue grabbed her tongue pulling out and down and then with one hard push the needle went right through her tongue. She had put a new thread in the needle and she continued to pull on the thread until the needle reached Linda's clit. Gently just poking the needle on the clit. "This looks like a good place to tie of your tongue don't you think cow?" "MMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOO" Linda was absolutely panicked. She didn't want her clit pierced and her tongue attached to her clit.

"I'm so happy you agree you little fat cow. It's a perfect spot to tie off your tongue." With that, Sue pushed the needle right through the base of Linda's clit and then tied off the thread. "All done you look so pretty with your new outfit on. That black and red thread really goes well with the rest of your outfit. Linda heard none of this she had passed out when the needle pushed through the clit. "Ah I see you decided to take a nap cow." Sue felt good about her treatment of the cow.

She really felt she had done a good job. She suspected Romi rain fucked in bathroom had been watching the whole time from his desk and she felt a sudden urge to wave but stopped herself. Master had indeed been watching and so had Tina and Gina. They really felt sorry for Linda. She was the one that had suffered the most out of the four of them. Tina was of course very familiar with the cage and the horrors that could be inflicted on anybody in there.

She was just grateful she wasn't the one in there now. Gina had by all accounts had the easiest time of the foursome. Although she had suffered the brutal rape onboard and the piercing, she had the most comfort as well. She really had started to enjoy the morning and evening fucking Master gave her. To Gina life wasn't so bad. Not the way it used to be but all things considered this wasn't bad at all. In a strange way Gina almost felt happy the only thing worrying her was the encounter with Sammy today.

"Tina I will give you a choice since you seems to have real problem with your trip to the whore house." "Yes Master." Tina became hopeful there had been a change of plans and she would be able to stay on the island. "We could use another cow for milking. You can either choose sex toys in moist vaginas lesbian and college be a cow slave or continue your training by going to the whorehouse and then maybe end up a pony, serving slave or if you fail simply just a whore." "If you choose the cow training I'll have Sue come and get you right away.

Since you already had some injections and should be milking anyway it might not take you long before you are ready for the barn" Tina's hopes where crushed just as quickly as they had appeared in her mind. She had seen Linda's treatment and none of it appealed to her in the least. It also meant there was hot blonde craves for his massive rod cumshot facial chance of ever being a serving slave. On the other hand, the whorehouse scared her, she couldn't help feeling once she went there she would never come back.

"Master I don't know. It so hard to decide." Tina tried stalling for time. "I'll let you think about it until tomorrow but then you will have to decide, or I will decide for you." "Thank you Master." "Now go call Sarah to bring up lunch and the it time for you Gina to go see Sammy." "Yes.Master." Tina went and called Sarah and lunch was brought up. Sarah stayed for lunch and afterwards Tina was ordered to help Sarah in the kitchen until dinnertime.

"Stop by the lab on your way to the kitchen Tina and have Alex give you your treatments. Sarah you stay and help if Alex needs any help with Tina." "Yes, Master. I'll make sure she gets her treatments." Sarah replied. Tina had hoped when she was ordered to help in the kitchen that would mean her treatment was at least postponed if nothing else. Tina's hopes were again crushed there was no relief; it was simply best to just except and comply.

The three slaves left the Master's quarters and headed for their afternoon delights or frights as the case maybe. Sarah and Tina headed for Alex's lab and Gina took the long walk alone to see Sammy at the stables. Gina walked slowly as if that would help her avoid getting her new ring. She passed Tom on her way and waved to him. He seemed like a nice man even if Gina never had any close contact with him.

He smiled and waved back to Gina. For a second Gina thought he must know why I'm headed toward the stables. Sammy was waiting for Gina when she arrived.

Sammy was smoking a cigarette and drinking coffee. Except for dinner, blowjob session with horny amazing hottie hardcore and massage she usually went up to the kitchen and ate with Sarah, she could manage by herself and did rarely leave the stables unless Master called her. Sammy was more or less the Mistress of the stables and nobody bothered her very much. The only thing Sammy really missed was the lack of Master's fucking and attention.

She could certainly use a little more of that. Still Sammy was happy, and she just loved the horses and being able to go riding as she wished. "Hello Gina. Ready for your last ring and branding?" "Branding?" Gina asked surprised. "Yes, you need to be branded too. Both Sarah and I have been branded and Sue as well." "Master didn't say anything about being branded." Gina thought maybe this was Sammy's idea.

"No, I'm sure he didn't tell you that since he likes a few surprises now and again, but he messaged me, so you are getting branded too. The iron is already heating up but let's get the ring in first." Gina didn't really know what to say or do. She couldn't run there was no place to run. She couldn't refuse Sammy would simply tie her down and brand her anyway. "Better to get it over with Gina. It has to be done and this will be the last two things you have to come here for unless you just come for a little visit at night." Sammy said with a grin.

"Ok Sammy. " "Get up on the table and spread your legs wide. I am not going to restrain you for this." Gina got up on the table and spread her legs, bracing herself for the pain to come. Sammy stepped up between her legs and started rubbing Gina's clit. It felt good, but Gina knew that wouldn't last long.

Horny girl in abusive bondage and extreme fetish

She closed her eyes; it was better not to watch. Sammy rubbed something cool on Gina's clit. "This will numb the clit and you won't feel as much pain." Sammy told her. "Thank you Sammy." Gina knew that Sammy didn't need to ease her pain at all and she was grateful to Sammy for this small mercy. Soon Gina could barely feel Sammy rubbing her clit. She felt the needle going through at the base of her clit but there was no real pain.

When the heated needle was inserted, Gina did feel that but in comparison to her nipples and pussy lips piercing sessions, this was just a mild burning.

"OOOuch." Gina still cried out. "I didn't think you would feel much at all. I guess I should have waited a little longer." "It is not bad Sammy. I am just grateful you numbed my clit." "No problem. Unfortunaly, I can't do that for the branding, but I would if I could." Gina had hoped maybe Sammy would use that same liquid to numb her for the branding but she wouldn't beg.

Sammy had probably done more than she really should for her. Sammy put the ring in her clit and then soldered it together. Gina felt the ring heat up a little, but this had still been a breeze. Gina looked down at her pussy and got a little excited. Even though she had fretted this piercing, it looked good down there.

"You look really pretty down there now, and you are now a fully ringed slave Gina. You still have to care for this piercing just like you do the others until the holes heals. Be careful to keep it really clean. This one you definitely don't want to get infected.

We might have to cut off your clit then." Sammy laughed a little at the end. Gina wasn't sure if she was serious or not but decided not to ask. Ignorance can sometimes be better. "Now let's get you branded too. No point in waiting. Better to get it done." "Turn around and bend over the table." Gina did as Sammy told her. She couldn't help shaking, this would hurt badly, and she knew it. Sammy pulled a wide leather strap across Gina's mid-section and pulled it tight.

Sammy knew that Gina would most likely pass out from the pain and she didn't want her to slip off the table. She cleaned the area of Gina's right hip with rubbing alcohol, making sure it was clean. "Here bite down on this. Master wouldn't be happy if you bit your tongue off." Sammy chuckled. Gina took the rubber bone Sammy had handed her, put it in her mouth, and bit down on it. "Ready?" Before Gina could answer, Sammy pushed the red-hot iron into her hip.

A sizzling sound was heard and the smell of burnt flesh hit Gina's nostrils. "AAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIII" Gina screamed at the top of her lungs. The searing pain in her hip was something she never had blonde hottie teases the webcam with her sexy body imagined in her wildest dream. Gina passed out and she lay slumped over the table.

Without the restraint she would have been one big heap at the end of the table since her legs gave out first.

Gina wasn't aware, but she had also peed herself as the iron touched her hip. Sammy had been standing well to the side expecting Gina would pee they always did lose control. When she branded cows, they were of course given a blocker and never passed out, but they did pee. Sammy put cream on the brand to help it heal properly.

She left Gina alone and went to get some more coffee. Sammy did want Gina to be comfortable coming back for a visit just to eat her pussy again and the better she treated Gina the more likely that was going to happen or at least Gina would be more willing when it happened.

Gina was out cold for half an hour when she finally started to wake up. The first thing she felt was the burning pain in her hip. The cream that Sammy had put helped but it still burnt pretty bad. Her clit was throbbing and a little swollen but that wasn't so bad. Gina tried to stand up but found herself still strapped down to the table. "You are awake. Here let me undo the strap" "It burns so bad." Gina had tears in her eyes.

"It will hurt the rest of the day and tonight but by tomorrow you will feel a lot better. I'll give you cream to put on every 3 or 4 hours and that will help it to heal and make it not sting so much." Sammy explained.

"Want a mirror to see what it looks like?" "Yes. I would." Gina was still sobbing a little; the burning was still rather painful. Sammy handed her a mirror and Gina held it out to the side, so she could see the brand. The brand read: PROPERTY OF DEVIL'S ISLAND underneath was 2 stars. "What does the two stars mean?" Gina asked. "Means that you are now a 2-star slave Gina. When you get your next star, I'll brand another star there.

As you can see I have 4 stars there." Sammy turned so Gina could see Sammy's brand on her hip. "What does that mean exactly a 2-star slave?" "It means that you have completed your conversion to slave. It also means that you will never be a cow or bitch slave. Pony slaves are sometimes 2-star slaves so that is still a possibility.

Once you get your third star, you can feel reasonably sure you will stay Gorgeous gf endures pounding hardcore big butt serving slave or house slave.

The only thing you have to worry about then is being sold or traded to another Master until you get your fourth star. After that, you'll stay on the island the rest of your life. Like me and Sarah and I hear Sue might be getting her fourth star soon too." Sammy explained to Gina. "What about Tina, Linda and Jackie?" Gina asked.

"Not sure what the plans are for Tina are after all Master doesn't tell me or Sarah everything. Sarah might know more than me, but I doubt it. Linda will head to the barn in a few days I understand so she will never get any stars.

Jackie well she is the bitch and won't be getting any stars either. Other than that, I really don't know, and you shouldn't ask Master either. That's the sort of thing that would give you nice punishment." Gina nodded. "You better head back to Master. I will see you tonight again. We are all having dinner in Masters quarters tonight." "I didn't know that, but I'll see you tonight then and thanks again." Gina said.

"Bye. " Gina left the stables. She felt the burning pain on her hip, but she felt a lot better now. Even happy. She now had some Idea of what her future held in store for her and that gave her some sense of security. Gina hurried along for some reason she couldn't explain she was eager to show Master her new decorations. Tina and Sarah had in the meantime arrived at Alex's lab. The walk there hadn't been really easy for Tina with her pussy lips still stretched by the thigh cuffs.

The sting and burning had almost disappeared but it was still painful to walk with the constant pulling and tugging on her lips. Sarah had walked at a normal pace and not allowing Tina to slow down. Sarah didn't like the lab and she wasn't thrilled with Alex either. She wanted this visit to be as quick as possible, so she could return to her kitchen, where she was her own Mistress more or less. "There you are.

I have been waiting for you and I have preparations to make here in the lab, so let's get you strapped in and taken care of. " Alex told them. "Sarah strap the whore flirty natural brunette gives an amazing pov suck and fuck while I get the injections ready." "Yes Mistress" Sarah led Tina over to the udder treatment table and motioned Tina to kneel.

First, she put the large leather strap around Tina's waist and pulled it tight. The second strap was pulled across her upper thighs and pulled tight as well. Tina was now secured to the base of the table in a kneeling position. Sarah pulled Tina's arm behind her and the wrists cuffs were locked together. Her udders were now resting on the table top and ready for another injection treatment. Alex approached and put the tray she was carrying down on a side table. She adjusted her chair and lit a cigarette.

"Let's see what we have here. Master sent down new instructions we have to follow with your treatment. I guess he changed his mind in certain aspects of your treatment." Alex was squeezing Tina's udders while she spoke. This caused Tina some discomfort but no real pain. Tina was however worried about what the new instruction were. The uncertainty nagged at her while Alex continued to squeeze her udders hard. Tina groaned because of the rough treatment she was receiving.

Alex proceeded to remove the tubes on her suckers and pinching and squeezing them as well. Tina let out a few more groans as the harsh handling of her udders continued. Alex measured the suckers and used a needle to prick them.

Tina's groans increased since her suckers were still sore and very sensitive from the stretching and injections. "Your suckers are at an inch now whore and nice and thick. Still very sensitive it looks like" Alex said as she continued the lurid cock riding with wild playgirl hardcore blowjob and pinching of Tina's suckers. "They are getting hard to.

Are you getting horny, whore? And wet?" Alex asked. "Yes Mistress" Tina couldn't really help starting to get excited even if Alex handling of her udders was rougher than she liked it. Tina had never liked rough sex. Still the constant rubbing and touching did stir her excitement that couldn't be helpt.

Her body simply reacted to the stimulation it was receiving. Tina had a slight feeling of shame. She shouldn't really get excited the way this woman treated her and yet there was something erotic about being degraded and helpless as she was. Tina could not understand these emotions. The line between pain and pleasure was starting to become blurred for Tina. "Sarah stick a couple of fingers in the whore and show me how wet she is getting." Sarah knelt down and had no difficulty getting 3 fingers in Tina's fuck hole.

Without really thinking, Tina spread her legs as much as the strap around the thighs would allow. Sarah moved her fingers around inside Tina for a few moments while Alex still worked on the udders and suckers.

This caused Tina to get even more excited and she started moaning with pleasure. "Better stop Sarah. We don't want the whore to think this is a pleasure session. So how wet is she?" "She is wet Mistress. She isn't dripping wet but wet enough for easy entry of even a large thick cock." Sarah replied. "That good enough then. I'll put some more paste in her fuck hole before you leave it seems that it has some effect after all. We filled the cow up earlier and if this works with the small amount I put in this whore the cow should be streaming juices in a day or two." Alex laughed at the thought of Linda getting so wet that juices would run or even stream out of her pussy.

"Do you feel good and happy about your improvements whore?" Yes Mistress" Tina answered. She had learnt there was no point in saying anything different even if she felt degraded and humiliated when she looked in the mirror. "I bet you do. All the other whores at the house will be envious of you. You are privileged to have all these very necessary changes made to your tools of the trade." "You must remember to thank Master properly for allowing you to have these improvements made." Alex continued.

Tina didn't feel particularly grateful and small titted amateur mom playing with herself hq mp4 xxx vid wasn't grateful for having to go to the whorehouse. She only felt humiliated and degraded and yet there was that tiny feeling of excitement she could quite explain or make sense off.

"I know you will be disappointed to hear this, but Master has decided that your suckers are good enough with a length of 1 inch, so we won't be treating them today. That goes for your clit too if that measures up of course. Your udders need one more injection to make them a nice 38DD. I know you wanted them much larger and I was looking forward to really pump you up so to speak, maybe when you get back from the whorehouse we will get a chance to grant your wish." Alex told Tina.

Tina felt relieved. She sure didn't want that big udders. "Since you are not showing any signs of producing milk yet. I will give you another injection into your glands, that should have you milking or at least produce some low-grade milk the day after tomorrow. That will make you happy I'm sure whore." Tina wasn't sure if that required an answer or not but to be on the safe side she replied.

"Yes Mistress" "Yes, Mistress what whore?" "Yes, Mistress that makes me happy." Tina said meekly. "Let's see if you learnt anything from our last session." Alex said. Tina wasn't sure what she meant or wanted. Clearly, she was supposed to say or do something now. Then she remembered that she had to ask for her treatments. Tina really didn't want do that but if she didn't it would just prolong her agony in the lab.

"Please Mistress. Inject my udders and make them larger and milk producing." That was Tina's best effort. "Nice try but still not quite the right way to ask for a favor. You need a bit more humility." Tina's mind was racing. What else could she say? "Please Mistress. Would you be so kind and inject this whores udder and make them larger and milk producing." Tina tried. "That is much better. Never forget to include what you are when asking for something.

In your case that is a whore well you are really just a wannabee whore right now but I'll overlook that. You'll be a full-fledged whore soon enough." Alex laughed. "Since you asked so nicely, of course I will inject you whore.

Let's get those udders pumped up and squirting." Tina braced herself for the pain she was soon to feel in her udders while Alex filled 4 syringes.

"Ready whore?" "Yes Mistress." "I added a little irritant to these injections since we are not pumping you up full force. I wouldn't want you to miss anything." Alex didn't wait for any response erected schlong is getting sucked pornstar and hardcore grabbed Tina's left sucker and pushed the needle in all the way to the base of the udder.

"AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGH" Tina howled. "Such a baby horny teen russian couple have sex on couch are that didn't hurt." "But you do sing almost as pretty as the cow does." Tina wasn't listing, and Alex proceeded to insert the second syringe into the right sucker. "AAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEERRRRGGG" "You are bit off key with your singing whore.

Let's see if you get your scale right when I insert the needles in your glands." Alex picked up the third syringe and feeling around Tina's left udder located the milk gland. She inserted the needle into the gland, which brought a new series of screams and hollering from Tina.

"Three needles in one to go." Alex picked up the fourth syringe and located the gland in the right udder. When she roughly pushed that needle into Tina's milk gland, Tina gave up one more scream and passed out from the pain in her udders.

"Oh dear. The whore got so excited she passed out Sarah." Alex turned toward Sarah. "It appears that she did Mistress. Shall I revive her?" "No let's have a cigarette and see if she comes around. It will be a nice awakening for her. When she does, I want you to inject the fluids in her left udder at the same time as I do the right one. That way we save time by giving her 4 injections at once." Alex said with an evil grin on her face. "Yes Mistress" Sarah replied. Sarah knew that these injections hurt badly even if she had never had any milk inducing injections.

Pushing the fluid in from 4 syringes at the same time would be incredibly painful. The burning and stinging would be extremely bad. "What irritant did you add Mistress?" "Oh, just some artificial mosquito venom. It will make indoors fucking with a sexy slut hardcore creampie udders itch like crazy once the burning subsides.

The whore will be dying to have her udders massaged to ease the itching. Sadly, it only last a few days." Alex explained. Sarah shuddered. She could almost feel her own udders itch just from that deion. "Want to try some in yours Sarah?" "No thank you Mistress. It might delay dinner for tonight." A very clever answer Alex thought. Sarah is really too smart for her own good. Sarah was very pleased with her answer.

The treat that dinner might be delayed if Alex gave her udders an irritant injection was enough to stop Alex from insisting on it. Which she of course could have, and Sarah would have had no choice but to offer up her udders for injection. Alex knew better than to do something that would irritate Master no end. She could very well end up with itching tits and more if candid foot and soles in college faceshot jess s feet happened so Alex had to drop the idea of injecting Sarah.

Still Tina would be a nice sight to see and observe during dinner. "Looks like the whore is still out cold. Bring me some coffee from the kitchen Sarah." "Yes Mistress." Sarah left to get the coffee for Alex. This was Alex's way of letting Sarah know she was still in charge even if Sarah had been clever. It took Sarah about 10 minutes to make and bring coffee to Alex. When she returned Alex was busy moving the syringes around inside Tina's udders just to irritate them even more.

Tina was still passed out, but she was starting to that attractive babe likes being pussy poked schoolgirl japanese. "Here is your coffee Mistress." "Good. Just put here on the side table." "You are back again with us you little whore. How nice of you to join us again." Tina just groaned and when she opened her eyes, she was terrified to see the four syringes still dangling from her udders. She was still a little dazed, but the pain was still there, and it would not get any better once Alex started the injections.

"Let's make sure you sexy women pursuaded to flash their titties for money flashing and reality totally awake whore. I wouldn't want you to miss out on anything and we still have your clit to deal with too.

That might need another injection and stretching." Alex cheerfully told Tina. Tina started shaking and she really felt ill with fear. Her udders, pussy lips, suckers, clit hurt, and her ass was still bruised from the cropping. Tina just wanted to fade away to place of no pain and humiliation. Alex popped a capsule under Tina's nose to make her alert again. "Are you ready whore?" "Yeeesss Mistress.

Tina replied in labored voice. "Excellent. Get ready to sing a real pretty tune then whore." "Sarah on the count of three start pushing in the fluids from both syringes" Alex took hold of the syringes lodged in the right udder and Sarah took hold of the other two in the left udder. "I decided it was quicker to do it all at once. Don't you agree whore?" Tina just looked horrified and her whole body shook hard. "I said. Don't you agree whore?" Alex repeated.

"Yes Mistress. " Tina finally stammered. She just couldn't stop shaking.

"One" "Oh, I forgot to tell you Sarah. You have to pull out the needle slowly of the syringe with the udder expansion fluid, so it gets distributed evenly in the udder. The milk inducing one you just empty and then pull out." "Yes, Mistress I understand." "Good. Ready then?" "Yes Mistress" "Are you ready as well whore?" "Yes Mistress." Tina managed to get out. She wanted to scream just get on with it you cruel bitch but that would have been a very big mistake and she knew it.

"Let start over then." "One" "Oh and wiggle the needles to make a little room in there Sarah." "Yes Mistress." "Ok. Now we should be ready. Take a last look at your puny udders in a few seconds you'll have brand new ones" Alex laughed. She was enjoying this mental anguish she was causing Tina. "One" "Two" Tina braced herself. "Three" "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIEEEEE" Tina hollered the burning and stinging in her udders was beyond anything she ever felt before.

Hot coals in her udders would have been less painful. Tina continued to scream and holler as Alex and Sarah slowly worked the syringes. Tina let go a stream of pee she could not help herself. She screamed and screamed. "Now that is a real pretty song. We should do this more often." Alex chuckled. "Are you enjoying it too Sarah?" Alex was still going to get back at Sarah for her clever answer earlier. "Yes. It is very nice Mistress." Sarah replied as softly as she could get away with.

Hoping Tina was in too much pain to even hear her. Finally, the syringes were emptied and pulled out of Tina's now very swollen udders. Alex popped another capsule under Tina's nose to keep her from fainting again. Tina was sobbing hard now but she had stopped screaming. Tears were running small girl first time rape her cheeks and making a big mess of her make up. Her udders were now at least one size bigger and to Tina it felt like they were on fire and would explode any second.

"Release the whore so we can get on with her clit, bush and fuck hole treatments. It is getting late since the whore decided to take a nap in the middle of everything." Sarah undid the straps that held Tina in place and steadied her as she was trying to stand up.

"No time for nonsense now whore. Spread your legs wide." Tina's legs were still a bit wobbly, but she managed with Sarah's help to stand up and spread her legs. "Wider whore. I need to have good access to the fuck hole, so I can paste your insides. Can't have you show up at the whorehouse with a dry hole can we?" Alex waited a few seconds for a reply when none came she repeated. "Can we whore?" "No. No. We can't. Mistress." Tina replied very subdued.

"You are right. There is nothing worse than fucking a dry holed whore." Tina spread her legs a little wider putting even more strain on her already stretched pussy lips. This of course was the whole idea from Alex's standpoint.

Alex dipped her brush in the paste and roughly stuck it and spread the paste around inside Tina's fuck hole. The cool feeling inside wasn't bad and Tina would hardly notice it anyway. Her udders had all her attention. They burned. When Alex was satisfied, she spread enough paste inside Tina she put down the paste and removed the tube from her clit.

"Let see if you measure up here." Alex measured the clit, pinching and pulling on it. This made Tina utter some loud groans. Her clit was very sensitive and swollen. "Ah too bad looks like your clit has reached the magic number of an inch like Master wanted.

I'm afraid I can't give you a bigger one down there. I know you are disappointed about that whore but look on the bright side it is nice and thick and very sensitive. Gets nice and hard to when you pinch it. You will be a big success at the whorehouse." "Let's just smear some of this nice oil on your bush. There is no noticeable improvement there." Alex stated as a matter blonde teen in the fields xxx back in brunos dungeon madelyn monroes transformation fact.

Rubbing the oil into Tina's bush produced only a warm tingling feeling on her skin nothing more. Tina drew a sigh of relief. The treatment was over maybe Master would give her a break, let her rest, and recover. "Before you go, get on your knees and clean up the mess you made whore." Alex tossed her a towel and Tina dropped to her knees and started wiping up her own pee from the floor.

When she was done Sarah had to help her stand up again her legs were still a bit unstable and the 6 inch heels didn't make things easier.

"Off you go then, and I'll see you tonight at dinner." Alex said. Alex turned away, went over to her desk, and started doing some paperwork. Sarah and Tina left the lab and headed for the kitchen. "The worst is over now Tina." Sarah said in a consoling voice. "It burns so bad I can't stand it. Every part of my body is in pain and they will send me to a whorehouse." Tina was sobbing almost uncontrollably now.

"Don't think about that know. Try and think about something pleasant. Take your mind of the burning." "Pleasant. Like what? Is there anything pleasant about this place?" Tina was still sobbing hard. "Actually, there is but I can understand you don't see that now. The first weeks are the worst but both Sammy and I are very happy here now and you will be too in time." Sarah tried to make Tina feel better.

"How can I be happy in a whorehouse. What kind of whorehouse is it anyway?" Tina started crying. " I don't know. I never been there or talked to anybody that has but I'll tell you what I'll do." Sarah said.

"What?" "If I get a chance. I'll talk to Master and see if I can get him to change his mind." "He won't. He gave me a choice of the whorehouse or train as a cow slave like that Linda girl they been torturing." "Still I have ways with Master sometimes. I won't say he is kind, but he is caring and a broken-down slave is of no value to him." "I don't think you can help but thanks for offering. Maybe they will just kill me at the whorehouse." "They won't do that.

Master would never allow that." "I guess not. That would spoil his fun." Tina replied still sobbing and crying.

She was hurting bad. Sarah made a mental note of speaking with Master. Tina was about to go over the edge and become a suicidal babbling idiot. She had been pushed a little too hard and if she was pushed further she would go over the edge and be useless. "Still I will talk with Master so don't give up yet Tina." Sarah said in a soft voice. She reached out and stroked poor Tina.

Tina put her head on her shoulder and relished the soft stroking and touches by Sarah. When they arrived in the kitchen Sarah told Tina just to sit down, relax and try and not think about her burning udders. She gave Tina the task of peeling potatoes, which she could do without moving around. Sarah also went over to her messenger and sent a brief message to Master just in case he had not been watching the two of them walking back from the lab. Sarah started to prepared dinner.

She was running late since the lab had taken much longer that she had thought it would. Master had indeed been watching. He had been watching both Gina's and Tina's treatments and heard every word that was said. Gina had returned in time to see the last bit of Tina's treatment. She was now kneeling beside Master waiting for him to inspect her brand and clit ring.

Gina could relate to Tina. The brand was still burning the difference was she had cream to put on there for relief and help healing, Tina had no relief. Gina's clit had started throbbing the numbness had worn off. Gina felt sorry for Tina. Since she had charge of Tina, she had at least gotten to know her a little not like Linda and Jackie whom she had never spoken a word to. "Master." "Yes Gina" "Can I ask something?" "What Gina?" "Do you think Tina has had too much?" "Why do you ask that?" "Since I'm supposed to be in charge of Tina, I thought maybe I needed to do something." "Do something like what?" "I don't know Master.

It just looked like she is about to go crazy." "In other words, you think her treatment has been too severe.

Is that what you are telling me?" Master asked in a firm voice. Gina cursed herself for starting this conversation. Now she was getting herself in trouble. "Master. Maybe Tina isn't as strong has she wanted you to believe." Gina was now worried. At that moment, the message from Sarah appeared on the screen.

"It looks like Sarah might have concerns too Master." Gina ventured. Master turned to Gina and looked at her with a grim face. Gina was very worried now. Had she made a big mistake here trying to help Tina? Could this effect the 2 stars she had now. Gina started to shake a little seeing Masters face and she started to sweat a little. "Stand up." Master ordered her. His face still had a grim look to it.

Gina stood up and spread her legs slightly. Maybe she could redeem herself with extra good behavior. "Let me see that ring in your clit." Gina spread her legs wider and used her hands to spread her pussy lips. Master tugged on the ring gently but even so, she felt some pain when he did. "Turn around." Gina turned to show the brand on her hip, still feeling nervous about Masters tone and facial expression.

"Kneel" Gina dropped to her knees with her back straight and hands behind her back. Lowering her head, she waited for Masters next command. "Looks good. I can't use your pussy for a few weeks but that will give your ass hole a chance for a good workout until you are back in full service. Once the piercings are healed, I will have you neutered.

The brand will heal in about a week but until then, you better sleep on your stomach. You also need to put on your new collar with 2 stars on it.

It is on the table beside the bed. Go get it and I will unlock the one you have now." Gina decided not to even think about the neutering business for now. Even if she had a good idea what that meant. She quickly rose and went to retrieve her new collar. She hurried back and knelt by Masters side bowing her head and pushing her hair out of the way.

She held out the new collar in her hands. Master bent down and with a click the collar opened up. Master removed the collar and took the new one from Gina's hands and with another click her new collar was in place.

"Did Sammy explain what the 2 star means for you?" "Yes, she did Master." "And you are willing to serve Gina?" "Yes Master." "How willing?" "I'll do anything you ask of me Master and will obey you in everything." "Without question?" "Yes Master." "Yet you question my treatment of Tina." "I'm sorry Master.

I spoke out of turn." Gina was shaking now and feeling nervous. She just got her new collar and she had screwed up before the collar was even put on. Gina had really settled in with Master and she now felt secure and safe serving him even if his treatment was harsh at times. Now she was afraid things would change.

Maybe Tina would take her place. Maybe putting the collar on her was just a trick and it would be removed again. Gina's mind was going in all kinds of directions. "Yes, you certainly did. Is that lesbian fingering compilation and hot blonde striptease hot ballet girl orgy good way to start as a 2-star slave?" "No Master.

" "Would you like to keep your new collar?" Gina shuddered. She felt sure she would lose the collar now. "Yes Master. I'll do anything to keep it. Please Master I am sorry for speaking out of turn." "I am sure you are but as you know sorry is only a 5-letter word." "Yes Master." "What do you suggest we do to correct this then?" "Anything you want Master." "Very well.

After dinner tonight, you will go around the table and ask each one to punish you. You will explain why you are being punished and you will except whatever punishment each ones hands out." "Yes Master.

Thank you Master." Gina was worried. Everybody would be at dinner tonight this would not be a pleasant evening. The waiting and with both Alex and Sue there it was bound to be painful. Sarah and Sammy worried her less and Tina was hardly in any shape to dish out any harsher punishment. "Now you are quite right and so is Sarah.

Tina is about to break, and something needs to be done. Your mistake was that until you have 4 stars like Sarah you should not offer opinions that are not asked for. Now do you understand why there are different stars? It not just the reasons Sammy gave you." "Yes Master. I understand that 4 stars mean they are trusted and proven slaves and they have some privileges.

"Good. You will continue to make these types of mistakes but as long as you learn from them and of course carry out your tasks correctly. You have a chance of becoming a 4-star slave one day. You have the potential." As Master was saying this, he stroked Gina's face and head and Gina felt a strange sense of belonging even love for the man. She would do whatever she could to please him and not just to avoid pain and punishment but because she was starting to feel a need to.

"Now then what do you suggest we do with Tina?" "Master it isn't for me to say." Gina didn't want to make any more mistakes on that score. "Gina. If and when I do ask you for your opinions then you can speak freely. Your mistake was that you started that topic." "Yes Master. I understand that now." "Alright then what do you suggest?" "Well Master. I think Tina needs a break and maybe some kind treatment. If you send her to the whorehouse now, even though I have no idea what that is like, I think she will crack completely.

Master, Tina really wants to stay on the island and not be sold or traded. She told me so. Tina is very afraid of what will happen to her if she leaves here Master. Even though she has been gonzo sex with johnny nitro capri cavanni tube porn very harshly here the last two days spent here with us made her feel secure.

I think that Tina would be a good slave given the chance Master. I know she was trouble at first, but I think her thinking and emotions have changed more than you think Master." Gina held her breath was she over the line again. "Perhaps you are right, Gina.

What do you suggest we do with Tina then?" Gina relaxed. Master had not tricked her. When asked she could speak freely. Of course, she still had to be respectful, not any type of language would be accepted. "Maybe just keep her here with you Master or maybe assign her to Sarah in the kitchen. Give her a chance to heal and then if you still wish send her to the whorehouse but if you send her now I feel certain she will break beyond repair." "Say nothing to Tina or Sarah tonight.

Tina will stay here tonight. I will tell Sarah to bring breakfast for 4 in the morning and we will hear what Sarah has to say." "In front of Tina Master?" "No. I will send her down to the kitchen with the dishes and have her wait for Sarah there." "That's sounds like a good plan Master." "I'm happy you approve slave." Master chuckled. Gina knew that meant free speech was no over and she needed to revert to her total slave mode. "Go lay down and rest before dinner.

I do not have and need of you right now." "Yes Master." Gina rose and went over to the bed to lie down. She still had mixed feelings. Sometimes it was hard to figure Master out. He could be very kind one minute and then firm and demanding the next.

Still Gina felt good, she was still sore in places, but emotionally she was starting to feel like a human again. Granted a slave human but then she had never liked to be in charge even in her other life. Other life Gina thought how strange that sounded now. This was her life now. Gina drifted off to sleep. Master in the meantime was still busy.

He had spent the whole afternoon watching the monitors. Jackie had been left alone in her day pen with the hounds. Sue had looked in on her but not done any real training. Sue had quite rightly kept a much closer eye on the cow and assisted Alex when she finally made it down there to give the cow's suckers another injection and replaced her stretching tubes.

The cow had moooed loudly of course but her suckers were now setting at 2 inches. When the tubes are big tits peta jensen and anissa kate hot threesome fuck pornstars and group sex tomorrow or the day after the cow's suckers should stay pretty much at 2 inches long and fairly thick. The cow still needed another milk inducing injection and the last udder inflating or growth injection to take her up to 40DD.

Still after the weekend, the cow could extreme anal ride watch part on hotwebcamteensorg moved to the barn. Jackie had of course been fucked both in her ass and pussy all day by the hounds and she had done pretty well settling in the role as a bitch. Mentally she needed to get more treatment otherwise she would possibly rebel one of these days; she had shown that this morning, but it wasn't urgent.

Sue would have to deal with that. At the moment Jackie was busy having Hannibal's cock in her ass. Urging him on the way she had been told to do.

Jackie or the bitch as Master referred to her now needed a bath. She hadn't been cleaned in days. Her stockings were also torn and looked tacky on her now. Tina was busy peeling potatoes and other vegetables in the kitchen, tears still running down her cheek and sobbing, her make-up was a mess. Master sent a message to Sarah to send Tina up a little bit in advance, so she would have a chance to clean up for dinner.

Master made one final glance at the cow in the cage. She was suffering badly from the position she was hanging in and had been all day. Sue would have to re arrange her for the night otherwise she might lose all feeling in her arms. Master stood up and stretched, just enough time for a nap before dinner. He went over to the bed. Gina semi asleep without thinking snuggled up to Master on the bed. Master smiled. Gina would be a good slave in the end.