Dude fucks his super hot busty milf neighbor

Dude fucks his super hot busty milf neighbor
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Cousin fun I have a deep dark secret. most people think this is kind of sick so please don't judge. I'm in love with my cousin. She is the same age as me. She is on the short side maybe about 5 ft or so. She is very pretty. she has nice long black hair. I am nothing special. A bit built, but just your average guy. I am about 6 ft 200 lbs. the best part about Jen is her cute little body, and most importantly nice little ass. my feelings for Jen, started when I was around sixteen.

I would go visit her in the states every couple of summers. This summer was a bit different. I had just started dating, and became quite good at talking to girls. I was staying at her house, and at my grandpas (I would alternate one week there, and one week with my cousins).

We were lying on the beach, and hanging out. which is pretty much what we did all summer because we were to young to much else. I couldn't help notice her sweet little ass hidden by a teenie bikini. I could see the little lines where her pussy showed.

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everywhere looked so clean shaven. "do you mind rubbing some lotion on me". "no prob" I rubbed it all over her back thinking some sick thoughts.while I was doing so.We hung out at beach the rest of the day. We splashed around in the water a bit. I would glance at her hard nipples that were showing thorugh her bikini top every chance I got.

Nothing really happened unitl a few days later. "Hey Dave, my parents are going out of town for a couple nights, ready to parrrtttty" fuck ya I thought to myself.this is going to be so much fun, and it definetly was. Jen invited a few freinds over, and we stole some liquor from her dads cabinet.

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We got really drunk, and had an awesome time with her freinds. At around one in the morning the last of her freinds left. "wanna go into the hot tub" she asked me. "sounds awesome". I put on my bathing suit, and she put on a nice pink bikini. I had a hard time not staring at her beautiful breast. I cracked a couple stupid jokes about the water jets shooting out at our butts.

she got up to adjust the temparature valve, and accidentalty slipped, and fell right on me. She prentended it was an accident but i felt her hand touching my cock. I got an istant hard on.

She came and sat right next to me, and started sliding her hand into my bathing suit. At first, I began resisting but she was so good.

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"yummy" she said as she slid her smooth hand up and down my cock. She took my hand, and said "come with me" I eagerly followed her into the house. I was so hard ."you better keep him like that." she smiled.

She took me into the bathroom, and turned on the shower. "come on in". I nearly came as she took off her top, exposing those beautiful breast I had been dreaming about. She slid her bikini bottom off, and I nearly lost it. She such nice pussy lips.

they were clean shaving, and looked like they were never touched. I took my shorts off, and went into the shower with her. she started makingout with me running her tongue in and out of my mouth.

Making me beg for more. I tried to touch her pussy but she kept pushing my hand away."later" she whispered in my ear.

She pushed me against the shower wall, and started sucking on hard knob. She was so good. She kept going for what seemed like forever." i''m gonna come.i stammered." "no you are not!" she stopped right there, she saw the pre-cum dangling from my hard cock."I think you owe me one.she grabbed to towels, and we bothed dried off a bit.

she brought me up to her room, and pushed me on the bed. "you want this pussy, you want some cousin pussY?" I smiled.

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Before i had a chance to do anything. she place her pussy right on my face. I started flicking my tongue at her pussy lips, and I could feel her squirming, and trying to hold back.I licked her lips, and stuck my tongue in and out of her hole."lick that pussy! you sick fuck!" she repositioned herself, and we 69'd for awhile.I was holding back from cumming, and I knew she orgasmed once already, becuase my face was was drenched with her sweet cum juice.

"are you ready for me?" she smiled. I loved her so much right now.she grabbed a condom, put in her mouth, and rolled it on my cock. she teased my cock for a bit longer with her mouth.she took my hand, and brought it to her pussy.

"before you fuck me, I need some warking up, is that ok?" without even responding to what she said, I began gently rubbing her clit."fuUUCCCKK" she yelled, her face turned bright red.she grabbed my hand, and put a finger in her soaking wet pussy, "finger fuck me now!" I slid my finger in out of her pussy, she was so wet. she was soaking.she got on her hands and knees.she put her sexy little but in the air."fuck menow! " I shoved my bulging cock into her.And thrusted deep."FUUUCKKKK that is the best" I shoved my cock into her over, and over .she was cumming again .I felt her quiver, and I felt her juices run down my cock.she pulled away and pushed me on the bed.she grabbed my cock, and sucked it so hard i was sure i was gonna cum.she didnt let me.she placed her tight little body right on top of my hard cock, and lesbian babes decided to get completely wet me back and forth she leaned in once in a while to give a sloppy kiss, and let me suck on her nipple.then it started she rode me so hard and fast,,i'm cumming!

she jumped off me threw off the condom, and let me squirt my load all over her pretty little face.we collapsed in each others arms .our bodies pressed against each other, and our tongues interlocked.we didnt even notice that Jen's mother got back from vacation a little bit early.