Perfect asian pussy nailed hard from aside

Perfect asian pussy nailed hard from aside
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Relieving Boredom by BrettJ © 2010 Sixteen-year old twins Kayden and Charlie Lane were sitting at home. They had opted not to go with their parents to visit their grandmother, as Gran, love her as much as both of them did, lived in one of the dullest parts of Florida any teen could imagine. Their sister had also opted out, Charlotte and her friend Cassie had plans for the weekend. Their parents would be back in 4 days and knew their kids were responsible and wouldn't get into any trouble.

The twins had planned to spend time with friends, swim in the pool, grab some sun and perhaps hang out with their older sister and Cassie, who enjoyed their company. Unfortunately, none of that worked out too well.

As it was mom and son anima hentie porn break, quite a few of their friends were away on trips. For the past 2 days, it had been pouring outside, as for Charlotte, she and Cassie had become as thick as thieves and weren't around very much anymore.

"I hate this, I hate this, I HATE this!" Kayden grumbled. "There has to be something we can do around here!" "Yeah, I've called all the guys and I know you've called some of the girls and no one's around," Charlie griped as well. "Hey, maybe we can find a movie to watch, what do you think?" "I've seen everything we've got and I'm not going out in that downpour to rent something," Kayden complained.

"What now, genius?" Charlie grimaced and then he got an idea. "Mom and Dad still have a VCR in their room to tape their TV shows and I think they've got some old tapes. What do you say we go in there and see if there's anything we haven't seen?" Kayden nodded. "Sure, it beats sitting around here listening to the rain. Let's see what my niece masturbating in our spare room got." The twins climbed the stairs to their parent's meticulously-kept bedroom.

They opened the door to the Entertainment Unit and found a whole stack of movies, including a few that had only vague labels. One said "Home Movies". Kayden looked at her brother. "Hey, you want to watch movies of us as kids and have a good laugh?" Charlie laughed and told his sister to put the tape into the VCR. The screen flickered and the twins swiftly discovered it wasn't home movies of their childhood they were watching.

It was their parents, much younger and hotter, Mom still sleek, bronzed and blonde and Aaron, their father, with no grey in his hair and not even a hint of paunch. Their parents were fucking and both of them appeared to be sexual acrobats.

The siblings watched entranced, not able to tear their eyes from the screen. "Wow, go Mom!" Charlie whispered, wishing he could tear himself away and grab a good wank. His mother was still attractive, but 20 years ago, when this tape had likely been filmed, Shauna was a true California blonde with a body that wouldn't quit!

"God Daddy, you sure were hung!" Kayden sighed, loving the view. She was impressed with how sexually aggressive their mother was, she was on top and dishing out as much as she was taking.

"Is this getting to you as much as it's getting to me?" Kayden whispered loudly to her twin, then realized how silly it was. Why was she whispering? They were the only two in the house. "Oh yeah, I can't believe how HOT Mom was back then," Charlie said as he watched his parents fucking. He loved seeing his mother dressed in the black stockings and high heels, one of his secret fetishes. His sister had long legs like their mother and Charlie bet she would have looked great in them as well.

"Mom's still hot now and Daddy's no slouch either," Kayden smiled. Like many members of her generation, Kayden was very comfortable admiring her own sex.

She had often commented to her sister Charlotte how pretty her friend Cassie was. "Yeah, studliness must run in our family," Charlie teased his sister. Kayden didn't know if her brother had ever fucked a girl and she hadn't told him about her few, fumbling experiences over the past several months. "I wish I could fuck Mom like that," Charlie blurted out. "Yeah, I'd love to feel that horse-cock of Daddy's," Kayden said equally fast. They looked at each other and shrugged. "Okay, so we both think our parents are hot, no big," Kayden smiled.

"Not like we can do anything about it, right?" "Right," Charlie grinned.

"Well … we could, kinda," Kayden countered. "Huh? I don't get you." "Stay with me bro, because this is kinda out there. I've got some nice lingerie, like Mom's wearing in the video.

I could put it on and come back in here and you could do it to me while we watch the video and copy what they're doing, you could even call me by Mom's name, if you wanted," Kayden said, looking at her brother with lust-glazed eyes. "Shit, Kayden … you're crazy! That's incest, we can't do that!" Charlie protested. Kayden sighed. "You're right, the folks would probably freak, although damn, I wish we could. You're a lot nicer looking than a lot of my boyfriends," Kayden said.

"Really? Thanks sis, you're way hotter than any of the girls I've been with. Hey, this video is nicely photographed. I wonder who filmed it?" Charlie questioned. That question was answered when another person walked into the shot, a woman both teens knew well. "Holy fuck, it's Aunt Annette!

Hey, is Mom going to do what I think she's going to do? SHIT! She is, Aunt Annette's eating Mom's pussy while Daddy's fucking her." Kayden turned to her brother. "Still think our folks would freak or should we reconsider?" "Reconsider," Charlie said eagerly.

"If you think about it, if we do the math, Aunt Annette was only about 17 when they filmed this stuff. So Mom and Dad wouldn't be able to say nice tits hairy sexy babe rides teacher cock hard cece capella redhead and fantasy, even if they did find out. Yeah Sis, let's go for this.

Wow, I'm going to fuck my own sister," Charlie grinned. "Not like that you're not," Kayden told him. "Go grab a shower while I change, give me about 30 minutes. I'm so horny, I can't believe I'm doing this!" Charlie couldn't either, he almost wanted to get off in the shower, but he held off. He knew that fucking his sister was a big thing and he knew that he wanted it to be as good for Kayden as it would be for him, which meant doing his best and lasting as long as he could.

Nice tits hairy sexy babe rides teacher cock hard cece capella redhead and fantasy

Charlie still found it hard to believe they were going to do this, going to use their parent's bed and fuck. A shes a milf who loves big black dick of guys would have given their left nut to fuck his gorgeous blonde sister, but tough luck, he was going to be the one to do it!

Kayden couldn't believe she was going to fuck her brother, the sandy-haired Adonis many of her friends found so appealing. She put on the black teddy she'd been saving for a special fuck and attached the garters to the clips that would hold them up.

She had never worn the new pair of stiletto heels Charlotte had given her for her birthday and she hoped Charlie would like them, she thought they looked sexy.

She walked back into her parent's bedroom, about 1 minute ahead of Charlie. She could see he was impressed with her outfit, his face told the entire story. "You look absolutely beautiful," Charlie told his sister.

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"Really? You're not just saying that?" Kayden asked. Charlie shook his head and walked towards her. "Let me prove it," Charlie said, pulling her close. They kissed as lovers and Kayden could feel his cock bulging three lusty emo whores shared a hard rod and a warm cumload pornstars and hardcore his pants.

It looked like Daddy might not be the only horse-cock in the family. Her body began to heat up and her nipples stiffened under the teddy, she wanted to fuck right now, but knew it was all going to be fine.

"L-let's watch the movie again, that was the plan," Kayden murmured as she broke the kiss. "Come on Aaron," Kayden teased, using their father's name and feeling aroused. "I want to do it with you," Kayden said, her voice dropping to a throaty purr. "I want to fuck you senseless Shauna," Charlie said, getting into the spirit of play. They sat on the bed and watched as Aaron removed his wife's teddy. Charlie did the same to his sister and began sucking her tits, round and firm and perfect.

"Oh darling, that feels so nice, but let me suck your cock Aaron," Kayden said, keeping up the spirit of play and aping her mother's on-screen antics. Charlie grinned and let her yank off his pants, his cock sprung free, he hadn't bothered with his briefs.

His sister's tongue swirled around the crown and then she plunged down on it, bobbing and weaving as she had watched her Mom do in the video. Kayden had never gone down this far on a man before and was a bit intimidated, but as she copied her mother, she began to get the hang of it.

She loved oral sex and hadn't enjoyed enough of it in the past, but there hadn't been a cock yet that could measure up to Aaron's … Charlie's … wonderful member.

"Oh yeah, Shauna baby, suck that dick!" Charlie groaned, barely able to concentrate on their fantasy. He watched his mother on-screen and his sister beside him and thought his twin might just have their mom beat.

Kayden certainly had outdone any of his girlfriends, that much he knew.

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"I don't want to wait xxx sex kanata sex stories storys longer darling, let me fuck you!" Kayden cried out.

"Hang on baby, don't you want me to eat you out first?" Charlie asked. "Oh, sure, sure," Kayden said, noticing that her father was now lapping at their mother's pussy.

Most of the guys she had been with weren't into that or almost had to be forced. Charlie seemed to be eager, but so far, he had surpassed all her boyfriends in all ways she could think of. "Do it baby, do it, lick my pussy, eat my CUNT Aaron," Kayden groaned, echoing word-for-word what her mother was moaning on film. The twins knew their parents still had a very active sex life, but seeing it in front of them was so arousing. Charlie's tongue was everywhere, snaky and slithery and he seemed to be paying attention to her while casting glances back at the screen for pointers.

He must have been paying careful attention, because what he was doing felt marvelous. She groaned and moaned and held her brother's head in place.

"Oh Charlie, darling, eat me, love me," Kayden groaned, forgetting about the game. She was in the here and now and wanted so much to be fucking her sibling. "Okay baby, time for the main event," Charlie grinned. She glanced at the screen and saw their mother mounting their father. She still had her heels and stockings on and nodded in her brother's direction and then at the TV. He got her meaning and gave a "thumb's up", indicating he wanted her to keep them on as well.

Kayden had the perfect body for sexy underwear. Kayden mounted her brother and began to really put herself into the fucking, intensely screwing him, throwing her body at him passionately. He copied their father, Charlie squeezed her tits and sucked her nipples and rubbed her clit until she screamed and fell against him. They looked at the clock radio on their parent's nightstand and realized it was dinner time; they had been fucking for hours.

They stopped and went downstairs to eat, then back upstairs, eager to share more of their newly-discovered kink. They turned the tape back on where they'd left it and watched as their leggy Aunt Annette joined the festivities.

"Too bad we can't re-enact that one," Kayden teased. "I've never had a woman eat my pussy, but I bet it's fun. It might be a bad idea to call one of my girlfriends and Aunt Annette lives in Las Vegas," Kayden giggled as her brother squeezed her tit.

"Oh, there might be a way darlings," Came their sister's voice from the bedroom doorway. "Cassie and I had a huge fight and I didn't get any pussy tonight." Charlotte walked into the bedroom and stroked Kayden's cheek and then kissed her. Charlotte then turned to Kayden's twin and grinned.

"Looks like you're packing too, little brother. If it's a threesome you want kids, you can sure as hell count me in!"