Teeny lovers the most romantic spot for sex

Teeny lovers the most romantic spot for sex
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When I was growing up, my room was in the basement of my parent's house. It was pretty nice. I had my own exit, no one bothered me. More or less, I had my own little apartment when I was still in High School. My parents weren't the type to keep too many tabs on me.

As long as my grades were good and I didn't get arrested or anything, I was pretty much left alone. I used to drink down in my room, smoke, stroke my cock. I only got caught once, but that's a story for another night. It was a school night, a Thursday in April, 2002, and a friend and I had a few beers down in my room. We played some video games, watched some porn - it was a pretty normal night. When he left, I found myself hornier than normal, so I decided to make a trip up to the booths.

I grabbed my vibrator and lube, hopped in my car, and started the drive to the nearest porn store, which happened to be an hour away. I knew what the night had in store. I'd stroke in my car on the way there, but I wouldn't cum. When I arrived I'd head straight for the buddy booths. A guy on the other side of the window would see how deep I could put my vibrator into my ass, we'd cum together, and I head back home early enough to be up for school the next day.

Not this time. When I used to make these trips, I'd drive naked, stroking my cock the whole way. I'd wear nothing but a seat belt, and I'd always stop myself right before I'd cum.

On this particular night, that's exactly what I did. When I finally arrived, I put my clothes back on in the parking lot, grabbed my toy, and headed for the front door. "I.D.?" The clerk asked.

"Here ya go," I said nervously, handing him a fake. I was 16, but the I.D. said 19. "When were you born?" suspiciously, as if he knew the picture on the I.D. wasn't me. "March 21st, 1983." "Alright, Jeremy, here ya go…" From the way he said my name, I could tell he didn't think the I.D.

was mine. Maybe he didn't care, maybe he was trying to mess with me, but either way, he let me in. I looked around for a few minutes, taking a look at who was in there, hoping I wouldn't see one of my parent's friends or something.

I always worried about that, being young and somewhat paranoid. I went back to the gay porn section, which led straight to the booths and browsed the DVDs. Eventually, an older guy came in, taller than me, maybe 6'1, 6'2, muscle bound, wearing short shorts and one of those tiny shirts weightlifters wear. Not a wife beater, but more along the lines of one of the tiniest muscle shirts you ever saw.

He must've been around 45, bald, but completely jacked. He didn't even notice me when he walked by me on his crack whores smoking crack while fucked in the ass to the booths, but I followed him. he went into booth 4, so I chose 3, knowing they shared a window. The way these booths worked are the same as most other buddy booths I've been to. You put your money in, and you have the option to raise the curtains on either the left or right wall.

There was little click you could hear when someone activated the curtain. I heard his go off right after I locked my booth's door. Before I put my money horny beautiful gal gtes her booty hole screwed, I took off all my clothes. That way, I wouldn't have to mess with anything when the curtain went up. I wouldn't touch my dick or get out my vibe.

I always liked showing off for people. hell, I still do, that's why I like to cam so much. and I wanted whomever was next door to watch me get hard. I wanted to see their face when they realized there was a young, shaved kid behind the curtain.

I loved it when older guys were next to me. Now, being almost 30, I hope to be on the other end. When I put my money in and opened the curtain, his cock was already hard. The screen on his booth showed two twinks taking turns deepthroating a third guy.

When he looked my way, he must've known he picked the right night to go to the booths. I stood there looking into his eyes, and started to stroke my shaved cock. I started near the window, dick in my hands, my eyes traveling between his cock and his face. I wanted it. I wanted him to fuck me. His dick curved a little to the left, and it was the first time I'd seen that in person. I wanted to know how it felt. If my tight ass could feel the curve in his dick while he pumped away, trying not to cum too soon.

After a few minutes of stroking and getting hard, I leaned back in the seat and pulled out my lube and vibe. His eyes lit up. He nodded as I poured lube into my hand, stroked my vibe, and put the tip near my hole. I didn't push it in right away. I waited for him to tell me to go, to give me a signal. I like to be told what to do as much as I like showing off, so I waited until he motioned for me to start before I buried the vibe in my ass.

I was leaning back in the chair of my booth, fucking myself and stroking my cock, when he pointed at the nepali bindu pariyar needs cum in dallas usa and mouthed, "My place?" "Do you want to come over here?" I asked, having fooled around in the booths before.

I could hear him now, faintly. "I live about 10 minutes away, we can just go there." I wouldn't normally do something like that, especially now, but at the time, for whatever reason, it seemed like a good idea.

This guy was hot, a daddy, and jacked. He was right up my alley, and I knew if I went back he'd fuck me. "Alright," I said, "I'll follow you to your house." Without a word, I put my clothes on and he put his dick away.

He left the booth and I followed. I hopped in my car and started to tail a new-looking Dodge Ram. About 20 minutes later, we pulled into his driveway.

A little longer drive than I was told, but it didn't stop me. The house was nice, which calmed my nerves a little, but it didn't change the fact that I followed a complete stranger, who could have easily done whatever he wanted with me, back to his home. I was a little nervous, but I parked my car and got out. He didn't say anything until he open the door to his house. "Can I get you something, or do you want to head straight to the bedroom?" "Bedroom," I said.

"Follow me." We walked upstairs into the master bedroom and a king size bed. "There's porn in the VCR if you want to turn on the TV and push play," taking off his shirt, showing off his abs, pecks and arms.

I obliged. By the time I got the TV and VCR turned on, he was completely naked. I turned around to find him looking at me, and I could tell by his face that he was horny.

He got down on his knees and started to undo my belt. "I knew you were kinky as soon as I saw that vibrator," unbuttoning the button on my shorts.

"Did you bring it in?" "Yeah," I said as he pulled down my pants, my soft, shaved prick about 6 pretty beauteous gal rides up dick homemade and hardcore from his mouth.

"Will you let me use it on you?" "Yeah," nervous, almost shaking, and completely new to anything like this. He stared at my dick for a few seconds, and I could tell he was thinking about what he wanted to do. He grabbed my balls with one hand and started stroking my cock with the other. As I looked down at him, a 45 year old man about to take my young prick into his mouth, he looked up at me and said, "Fuck it," stuck out his tongue, put it under the tip of my semi hard cock, and guided the rest into his mouth.

I stood there, watching him deepthroat me until I was hard. Watching his nose hit my shaved pelvis while my dick paused at the back of his throat was unlike anything I'd ever experienced. Every time he'd go down there would be a split second when my dick stopped at his tonsils and went past. No one had sucked me like that.

My girlfriend, other men I'd been with. no one. After a few minutes of the best blow job I'd ever had, he picked me up by my waist and threw me on the bed. I was on my back, and he was on his knees, kneeling between my legs.

I reached up and touched his cock for the first time. It was cut, about six inches long, and shaved just like mine. I wrapped my hand around the tip and started to stroke him slowly. At the time, I didn't like to suck dick because I was scared, but I knew that I wanted to do something.

I sat up and leaned into his hard prick. I couldn't bring myself to suck him, so I went for his balls. They were nice, not too big, but nice. I nervously stuck my tongue out and licked one. I heard him moan, so I continued to stroke his hard dick. He pushed me onto my back and straddled my face.

I had his cock in one hand, but otherwise, I was completely immobile. I opened my mouth and took one ball in, sucking gently, playing with it in my mouth. It was the first time I'd had another man's balls in my mouth, and it was amazing. I worked the right one, sucking and tonguing it, then moved on to the left, giving it the same treatment. I stroked his cock above my forehead, and took both of his nuts in my mouth at once.

When I left my parents house that night, I didn't expect this was where I'd find myself. After sucking his balls and stroking his busty blonde milf alexis fawx screwed by her nasty stepson pornstars big tits, he pulled back as if to put his cock in my mouth.

I wanted to take it so bad. Now, I would, but at the time I was young and scared. He tried to part my lips with the tip of his dick, and when I opened my mouth to say I didn't want to suck, he got it about half an inch in. For a split second, I had sucked my first cock. I wrapped my lips around the tip of his dick and closed them. It tasted so good that part of me hoped he would thrust it in, but he didn't.

When he realized I didn't want to suck, he backed off. While I was a little bit disappointed, I was glad that he listened when I said I didn't want to. He backed off, dick bobbing, and grabbed the back of my knees. Before I knew it, he threw my legs over my head and started tonguing my asshole. I'd never been rimmed before, but the feeling was unreal. He'd go between my asshole and my balls, sucking, licking.

I could feel him penetrate my tight hole with his tongue, and I knew I needed more. He licked from my ass, up my taint, and took both of my bigtits ho face jizz bbc interracial and pornstars into his mouth. He pulled back, and as he did, I felt pressure on my ass. "Can I finger you?" he asked, already in my ass to the first knuckle, hoping for more. "If you fuck me later." I said, knowing what he wanted.

Before I knew it he was sucking and pulling at my balls with his mouth and had two fingers in my ass. I could feel him massaging my prostate. He was experienced, and he knew right where to push. He didn't suck my dick.

Instead, he focused on my balls and watched my dick get hard right in front of his eyes. "Where's your toy?" he asked. "I'll grab it," I said, getting up and walking toward where he had taken my shorts off earlier. I grabbed the silver vibrator from my cargo pocket as he stood up off the bed. As I handed it to him, he said, "Lay back down." I did. He stood at the edge of the bed and grabbed both of my ankles with one hand. He lifted them up, pushing them as far as he could over my head.

I didn't fight him. I knew I'd enjoy what he had he wanted to do. He deepthroated my vibe to get it wet, and when my ass was completely his, he pushed the vibrator in.

He turned on the vibe as he pushed it in and out of my ass, continuing to hold my ankles. He kept pushing it in and out of my asshole, faster and faster. I wanted to be fucked. To be used however he wanted. He pushed the vibrator in as far as he could, then pulled it completely out before spitting into my gapping asshole. He loosened me up and he was ready to fuck me. "I'm going to fuck you like a bitch!" He threw the vibe on the bed and pulled his cock up to my ass. I'd never been in a situation like this, and I wasn't sure how it'd feel.

No one had fucked me since I was 12, but I was eager to try it again. He looked me in the eyes and slowly pushed his hard cock into my hole. After one thrust, he pulled it out and spit on it. I was tight, and he needed a little more lubrication.

My legs were over his shoulders and he was fucking me slowly. He knew I wasn't experienced and wanted to be gentle at first. I reached down between my legs and grabbed his cock. I put my middle finger on top and started to finger my ass while he fucked it. That was his cue to go as hard as he wanted.

He flipped my legs to the left and started fucking me. hard. I could feel every inch of his thick, curved cock going in and out.

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Every few thrusts he'd pull it all the way out so he could see my asshole open and the work that he'd done. Then he'd bury it in deeper and harder than the last time. He liked to look at what he was doing, and I liked being watched, so it was good match. Finally he pulled out and laid back on the bed next to me. He motioned for me to climb on his dick. I'd never ridden cock before, and I said, "You'll have to show me what you like." He just motioned for me to get on top again.

I got up, facing toward him, and he started stroking my cock as I straddled his waist. He pushed his prick against my hole and slowly pushed it in. I was tighter than I was when I was on my back because I was more tense, and I think he liked what he felt. He kept stroking my cock with one hand while guiding me up and down with the other. I got to my feet and crouched over his dick, thinking it would be a better position.

and I tight blonde gf halle von tries out painful anal fucking right. I lined my asshole up with his cock and slowly started to move down. First, I felt his mushroom tip pass my hole, and from there, I could feel every curved inch deeper inside me. As I rose back up, I knew that he loved it.

His eyes were closed, he was stroking my cock, and he let out the best moan I'd heard that night. I started to move up and down on his dick, faster and faster, every vein of his cock pounding against the walls of my asshole. I was riding him like a pro, stopping just as the tip of his hard cock made it to the edge of my hole, then plunging back down so he was balls deep again.

He kept stroking my cock, and the power of being on top and the pressure of his thick cock against my prostate put me over the edge. "I'm going to cum," I said. "I want it," he moaned, pulling his dick out of my ass and pulling my hips to his face. He took my cock into his mouth just as I started to cum, putting a huge creamy load into the back of his throat.

He didn't swallow. Instead he threw me off his face and lay down on his back, spitting my cum into his hand. "This will make me shoot for sure," reaching down to his cock. As he started stroking, using my cum as lube, I licked his nipples. "Mmmm, I love that," he said. I made my way down his chest and abs as he kept rubbing my cum all over his dick and balls. It was my turn to say, "fuck it." I moved his hand from his dick and took his cock into my mouth as deep as I could, tasting my cum as I went.

I made it almost to the base before I had to come up for air. My cum tasted salty on his cock, and I couldn't stop. When I went down again, he grabbed the back of my head and pushed as hard as he could. It was the first time I'd been face fucked, and I loved it. I was choking on his dick as he held me down, and my struggling to breathe was all he needed.

He came deep in my throat and didn't let me up for air. He kept pumping his load down into my stomach, our cum mixing together. I could taste both of us as he kept pushing, making sure I got every last drop. After what seemed like a minute of me choking on his hard dick, he finally let up, satisfied. I collapsed over his dick, licking the rest cassie young les perversion 04 my cum off of his balls and swollowing it, not letting any cum, mine or his, go to waste.

We laid there for a few minutes, my face between his legs, still licking and stroking at his cock as it got softer. He eventually got up and went into the master bathroom. I followed him in and he threw me a towel, smiling. "Go ahead and clean up before you leave," he said.

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After wiping down and putting my clothes back on, he gave me a bottle of water, and walking me to the door, gave me directions to the highway. I wasn't beer-drunk, but I was definitely cum-drunk, and to this day I still stroke my cock thinking about that night.