Hawt sweetie enjoys hardcore ride russian and blowjob

Hawt sweetie enjoys hardcore ride russian and blowjob
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Had some good feedback thankyou, but if your not into young sex don't read on this is my story im writeing it to get it off my chest so if you don't like it read something else. read part 1 so you know. Part 2; I learn how to please with my hands and mouth.

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I kissed granddad goodnight and went over to frank, come here my little trophy girl, with this he picked me up into his arms and I wrapped my legs around his body. He cupped one hand under my bum placing his middle finger along my wet slit and started carrying me to his room.

All of granddads special friends got a room on the second floor in the west wing of the large house/guest house the center of the house had the main stairs and lift, all wings had the emergency stairs, but this was the only wing that had a service staircase that lead from the basement to the top floor, and only staff and special friends were able to use it. As we got to the second floor the door to the staircase opened and in walked one of the other regulars holding his 10 yr old daughter in his arms.

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With my body covered in sperm I buried my front into frank but he just laughed and told me not to worry, I looked at him quizzically and he replied that david also enjoyed the pleasure of young girls and that he had probably just fucked his daughter just now. David laughed and said no it was just a blowjob little steff just cant get enough of daddies cock can you babe.

Umm do you like the taste of daddies spunk do you sweety, steff nodded but didn't say anything, frank scooped his finger along my sticky body and held out his finger for steff to suck on. She took it into her mouth and sucked as she did so frank told david that I was a new member of our special group and was just beginning my training for the group.

We said good bye and we each went on. As we reached franks door he put me down and told me that when he opened the door I was to be sure that I wanted to enter as once I did I would belong to the group and was never to say no to anyone ever again no matter what they told me to do, and I had to do this willingly.

He opened up and walked in leaving the door open for me, I took a deep breath and as I walked in I said that I wanted to make them happy and I wanted my granddad to be proud of me.

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He turned and told me to get on all fours and close the door then come back to him. I did as told and when I returned he told me to get on the bed and spread my legs wide, as I did so he kept taking pictures of me from different angles, as I lay there he told me to touch my self in different areas. Then he told me to play with my clit with one hand and push a finger inside myself with the other, he put the camera down and picked up a video camera, as he was moving around the bed he told me to speed up and occasionally scoop up some spunk into my mouth or rub it into my pussy, I could hear his breathing getting faster and deeper, then he put the camcorder on the table opposite and came back on to the bed he swung my legs around so my pussy faced the camera and kneeled over my face also facing the camera and pushed his cock down and into my mouth telling me to suck it.

He kept stroking his cock head in and out and then would push his 5" all the way in which would make me gag, he had also pushed my hands out of the way and was roughly rubbing his hands over my pussy, telling me I was a dirty little fuck and a whore plaything which although I was a bit scared of his change I was cumming on his fingers continuously with the force of his fingers.

I could taste the spunk on the end of his cock growing and he pulled his cock out of my mouth telling me to keep my mouth wide open, he grabbed and twisted my small breasts and pumped his cum into my open mouth telling me not to swallow. Once he finished he grabbed the camcorder and filmed my full mouth then told me to swallow and when it was all gone I opened my mouth again to show him, I then had to clean his cock with my tounge until he was happy.

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As he checked the films I was eventually allowed to go for a shower, I came out and was told to get into bed next to him, I was told that when I woke in the morning I was to give him a blowjob until he came in my mouth, once I did that I was allowed to go and find my granddad who would want to speak to me. It only took me seconds to fall asleep in his arms, but in the morning although he was already awake I said good morning and reached down to find his already hard cock.

I pulled back the covers and knelt between his legs taking his cock in one hand I thought about the night before and started jerking it up and down whilst rubbing the tip with my tounge, I started up a steady rhythm then took the end into my mouth. as I did so I kept watching into his face to see if I was doing it right which I must have been as his eyes were closed and his head was back.

After a while he told me to speed up and take it deeper into my mouth, I kept my hand tight around the base of his cock and bobbed my head up and down and could feel him going to erupt very soon. He then surprised me by telling me to stick two of my fingers up his arse, this put me of a bit but he glared at me and so I quickly did as was told and got the speed back up and to my surprise I could feel his arse almost sucking in my fingers.

He then told me to shove another finger up his arse and as I did his body jerked and stiffened and he pushed my mouth all the way down on his cock making me gag just as he shot his sperm into my throat. He let go and I pulled out my fingers and sat up. He smiled and said thank you and to smile at the camera and blow a kiss.

I looked to my right and realised he had filmed the whole thing so I did what I was told and went and washed up and left to find my granddad with a big grin on my face and spunk in my belly and it was only 9am. Part three if you want more I ask granddad to show me more.