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Bj giver brunette teen gets her trimmed cunt rubbed
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This story is a work of fiction.

Like most of my stories, the basic scenario is one suggested by a friend of mine. She had found herself In this situation once, and through discussion, we talked about the basic lusts and passions between two individuals and the internal conflicts they would have to overcome to basic religious morals and overall societal mindfucks the youth of today have to go through concerning sex. I can empathize with the characters, but legally cannot condone sexual relations between a minor and an adult.

Laura and her Youth Minister Chapter 1 He saw her come in the side door and all the thoughts in his head came to a complete standstill, making way for her alone. But why did they do that? Maybe a little background would help bring us up to speed. He had known her for how many years now? He had anime girl gets double penetrated lesbians hardcore the pleasure of watching this talented girl grow up so much since he had taken on the position of youth minister for this small church.

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He was proud of her, but really couldn't take much credit for anything other than being her friend. Her family was a cornerstone of this church and she religiously (in the strictest sense of the word) was there every Sunday morning to play the piano and sing through both services. She was bright and cute, cuter than she realized. She always had been adorable, but had always been shy and bashful about her looks while outgoing in so many other ways. All that time together had brought them close and they often spent time alone together.

After a while the questions and discussions had left the religious realm behind and become more secular, more day to day.

Schooling, sports, books, friends, horses, dreams, ambitions, movies, and music were all topics of free discussion. It was refreshing to him and he relished that. He realized lately just how much he enjoyed having time with someone where it wasn't all about church which at times he found stifling. Part of that rut, was his growing family and his wife, Kelsey's busy schedule keeping up with the two boys, one and three.

That often left her tired and sometimes cranky, and their time together wasn't what it big bubble butt brazilian orgy disc cd to be. He loved his family, but missed his youth too. So Laura had become a bigger part of his life.

He noticed that she was changing as she began to accept the woman's body that had begun to blossom several years ago. She truly was a gorgeous creature. Her smile lit up the room when she forgot to hide the braces she felt so hideous.

He actually found them alluring for some reason.

Her deep dimples and curly brown hair were like accents to the already pixie-like face. Her expressions when she was focused on things, the concentration when she played through a particularly difficult passage in a piano piece, or reached for a high note in a solo, even when she was playing basketball (pickup or a real game); that expression thrilled him, showed him her depth.

If things went right, he could see the relief wash over her face, and a little grin break out for a second. If things didn't work, he could see that little look of self-reproach which was nearly always rinsed away with a look of realization that things were ok, it wasn't all that bad.

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Sometimes he would catch her staring into space or into a corner of the ceiling and often wondered what was flitting through her mind. He asked a few times and she giggled and just said "stuff, you know…just zoning out for a bit." Some of the questions she posed showed him her depth and maturity, and sometimes showed him her frustration when he didn't have a firm answer for her. They spent an awful lot of time together and between the two of them they comprised the cornerstone of the youth group.

He was the leader and she the most loyal of the flock. That led to that level of comfort he had grown used to now. He could let his guard down when he was with her, be himself, and was began to see that in her as well. That had recently led to flirting. At first it was him receiving and her giving. That was ok, she was a girl turning woman, and it was normal; kind of an extension of their relationship.

It was something they shared between them as a secretive reward for all the service they provided the church and community. It was harmless enough and he kind of understood it was a phase that most kids went through; he had other young charges flirt with him before. But with her, with Laura, she was the first one he flirted back with.

After he knew she was doing it, he couldn't stop himself from engaging back, like he was giving her the green light, maybe even teaching her how to flirt, and if not that, at least giving her a safe person to hone her skills on, try new tricks with. He liked to look at her. She was so pleasing to his eye. Without knowing anything about her, he knew he would look at her as a complete stranger and be attracted to her. It started at first with her face, those expressions mentioned earlier, but as time went on he found his gaze drifting down past her face to her chest, busty blonde gets jizz in her mouth for the days she wore something that outlined her breasts.

Or to her arms and hands, which were so delicate, but so accomplished as well. He loved to watch her fingers glide effortlessly across the white and black keys, so easily prompting music from the instrument.

And music with emotion! When he heard her play certain pieces he knew a little of her was in there too, part of her soul. Maybe the music was more her religion than what was being preached about every time the pulpit was taken. Still though, he did like to look at her and became more and more aware of it. He loved to go watch her play ball, to watch her body move, to see her legs, and particularly loved to guys stare at lesbian joy pornstar and hardcore her bend over, hands on knees which invariably pulled the uniform shorts tight across her bottom.

He loved looking at her tits and was even accepting his own little fantasies about touching them, caressing them, even suckling at them.

But her ass mom and son massage at clint what he admired most. Sadly most of the clothes he saw her in were kind of frumpy, and didn't do much to flaunt her body.

He wasn't sure if that was something she preferred to wear out of modesty and insecurity about her body, or it was what her parents encouraged her to wear. Maybe it was a little of both. He also loved Kelsey, his wife. They made a good couple - a good team. But something was beginning to lack in their sex lives. Of course some of it was the newfound responsibilities that come with a growing family, but still that wasn't all of it.

Kelsey had been raised in a strict religious house unlike him.

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He had come to religion later in life. Consequently, sex for him was a lot less repressed, less so than it seemed to be for Kelsey. She enjoyed it, but had deeply entrenched in her mind that certain things were not to be done, that sex in any position other than missionary was something wild and kinky.

Early in their marriage, he had talked her into trying some different things, but oral sex was not one of them, and anal sex of any kind was completely out of the question. He loved her and accepted that. He didn't want to hurt her or make her feel uncomfortable, so he didn't push anything.

But lately he had been frustrated, and was finding himself envisioning Laura while he was with his wife in bed. He wasn't trying to do it, it was just happening.

If he closed his eyes, or looked at the wall, he would get a brief glimpse of her face in his mind. He felt guilty about it at first, guilty that he was thinking of another woman while screwing Kelsey, but also guilty that he was having lustful thought about Laura.

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After the first night that happened he figured it would be written all over his face and his wife would see it for sure. But the oddest thing occurred.

"You were certainly into it last night!" Kelsey said with a grin as she set his breakfast in front of him. "It's been a while since you got that stirred up and lusty, " she continued with a blush. "I guess you really did like the new little pajamas I bought, huh? I am going to have to remember to wear them more often." After a moment of a blank stare at his bacon and eggs, Michael realized he was in the clear, and responded that yes indeed, he had found them quite alluring, that they really brought out her curves in the right ways, and the feel of the fabric was very sensual.

Inwardly, he grinned to himself, excited by the fact she was actually talking about sex. They never really discussed it. He had always assumed what she wanted, or needed from sex. Earlier on he had made a teasing suggestion one night about oral sex, and she blushed and stammered something that made him sure it was something she couldn't or wouldn't do. Likewise, he had only been able to put his mouth on her face or tits, and one night slid down to her belly, licking at her navel, but she stopped him wordlessly with her hands on his head, drawing him up to her face, telling him she was ready now, spreading her legs.

So in his mind he assumed again that he would never be welcome to taste her sweet tight pussy, other than stealing licks of his own fingers the times he was able to play with her that way. So all this time he had been not playgirl is pounded so well girlfriend and homemade her for more than what she was willing to provide, contenting himself with that, respecting what he thought were her comfort zones and fearful of upsetting the balance, presenting himself as a pervert or something.