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Economiablesa insta al juez a cotejar si los inspectores de hacienda conocian las tarjetas bhtml
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Chapter One: A Year Ago. Carthalo and Hadvar stood at the mouth of the cave, breathing heavily. "I can't. believe. we made it out of there. alive." Hadvar said between gasps for breath. Carthalo leaned against a boulder, listening for the dragon's roars which grew steadily further and further away "I think we're in the clear." "I just. a dragon!" Hadvar said with a tone of even greater disbelief. "Should we go back, now that it's gone?" Carthalo asked.

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"I don't think so." said Hadvar "Probably best if we get as far away from here as possible. That dragon might return and the Jarls need to be warned.

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Lets go." Hadvar began walking down the gravelly road. "Where to?" asked Carthalo. "Riverwood. My uncle Alvor is the blacksmith there. He can help us out." "Good, This piece of trash might serve a Stormcloakbut I could use a decent sword." Following quickly behind, naked and masturbation in front of my neighbors made their way through the wooded path.

They had only been walking for a mile or so when they came to three tall, slightly phallic, stones. Each one had a strange inscription on it, Hadvar stopped to explain. "These are the guardian stones, three of the thirteen ancient standing stones that dot Skyrim's landscape.

I imagine they wouldn't have them back in Hammerfell." "I wouldn't know." Carthalo said. "I was raised in Cyrodil." "Oh, well anyway, go ahead and touch them, they're supposed to bring luck." Carthalo walked up to each one, his fingertips lightly brushing the first stone, the carving on it resembled a mage in flowing robes, the second bore the likeness of a thief with daggers, and the third looked like a mighty warrior with a great axe in his hands.

When Carthalo's fingers rubbed the third stone, a blue light shone from the top and with a twinkling sound shot upwards towards the sky, to where the warrior constellation would be.

"Well let's hope nobody comes to investigate that." Hadvar said as the light slowly faded. Carthalo felt invigorated, his muscles tightened and his vision sharpened. For a moment the Redguard felt like he could take on the world. Even when the immediate euphoria wore off, he felt something. Something great. "You've been blessed by the gods my friend, that is a rare gift." Hadvar said. "Let's keep moving." "Yeah, alright." Carthalo said, backing away from the stones.

"Riverwood is just downstream, but be careful, there's a mine off the side of the road, been abandoned for a while, I hear bandits have been hiding out there for some time." "Why should we be careful?" Carthalo said with a chuckle. "We have nothing to fear from bandits." "Maybe not a bandit or two, no, but I don't like the odds of two imperial soldiers waltzing into a bandit den.

We'd be overwhelmed." "I don't think we would." Carthalo said with a smirk. "And what makes you say that?" Asked Hadvar cautiously "I've been blessed by the gods, remember?" "Don't let that get to your head, you aren't immortal friend." "Maybe not, but neither am I weak." "I didn't say you were." "Listen friend, I grew up in an Orcish Stronghold in the Jerall mountains, when I was seven, I was forced to leave because I killed the chiefs all xxxx cccc sex storys xxx 2019 xxx in combat.

I travelled by myself across the Countryside of Cyrodil. When I was eleven, the fighter's guild took me in, I was a champion of the guild by the time I was nineteen. I've killed Minotaurs and goblins, monsters you couldn't even dream of fighting. I joined up with the imperial army to get out of Cyrodil and make a name for myself. And that's what I plan to do. You can help me, or not. I don't really care either way." "Is.

is all of that true?" "I swear by the nine." "Eight." Hadvar said quietly. "Nine." Carthalo insisted. "This is a conversation for another day. Alright, let's go fight some bandits." Hadvar drew his sword and motioned to a small path leading up through the brush towards a tall cliff face. Carthalo followed him, carrying the two blades he had picked up as they fled Helgen.

"One day. I'll kill that dragon Hadvar." Hadvar laughed. "If anyone can my friend, I seriously believe it to be you." After just a moment of walking they came to a small clearing, at the far end was the door to the mine, a few loose planks of wood against the opening in the rock. Sitting next to the door was a particularly strong looking Orc sharpening a pickaxe.

"Alright," Hadvar whispered "Here's the plan." Carthalo didn't listen, he leapt out from behind the brush and charged the Orc, who stood up to meet him, but he just barely had time to grasp the pickaxe before Carthalo's blade ran straight through his sternum. With his shoulder, Carthalo knocked the Orc to the ground and turned to Hadvar, who stood shocked watching the bandit bleed to death.

Carthalo brought his second sword down in an arc through his neck, ending his misery. "Well. I guess that was a pretty good plan too." "Let's go!" Carthalo said eagerly. They walked up to the door of the mine and, seeing that it was locked, Hadvar braced his shield against his shoulder and bashed the weak structure down.

They walked into the dark tunnel, listening for the sound of the bandits. They walked down a bit, and heard running water, as well as two voices talking. "Aren't you worried someone will wander in here?" the first voice, a Nord asked.

"Relax, we've got a guard by the door. And it's pretty well hidden." said the second, most likely Imperial by the accent. "How Ironic." whispered Carthalo as he rounded the corner to a wooden bridge, he jumped off it and landed in the water with a splash, in two strides he was on land and he brought his swords through old principal with lolly small Nord's stomach, his innards falling out onto the ground.

The Imperial was about to bring his axe down on Carthalo when Hadvar's sword found the back of his neck, only half severing it, his head rolled down and hung by a loose flap of skin and muscle over his chest.

"Blessed by the gods." Hadvar scoffed. Carthalo laughed. "Yup, they sent you at just the right time, don't you think?" They turned sofi goldfinger deep anal hardcore gonzo scene by ass traffic Hadvar found a lever that lowered the drawbridge, as it fell, four bandits ran out from the hall beyond.

Standing on the bridge, Carthalo cut them down, one by one and tossed them into the river. Charging on ahead, they came to a great open cavern with a forge and several bedrolls laid out across the floor, a ledge led up to a crevice where the bandit leader sat and a bridge stretched out across a deep pool of murky water fed by a large spring.

Hadvar charged the bandit chief, he was a tall, powerful looking Orc with a two handed axe in hand. He swung the blade and it glanced of Hadvar's shield, Hadvar then drove his sword straight into the chief's gut, and tossed him off the bridge into the water below. When Hadvar turned back to Carthalo, he was being attacked by two female bandits.

Just as he was about to make the killing blow, Hadvar ran up and grabbed his arm, stopping his swing. "NO!" he yelled.

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Carthalo looked at him bewildered. "Not them, not. not women." "Why not? Women can kill and be killed just as easy as men can. Haven't you ever fought a woman in Stormcloak armor?" Carthalo asked. "Yes, and it was awful.

I just. I don't. My mother was killed one mom son sex story Riverwood from bandits. I was only nine. I just, don't like to see a sword spilling a woman's guts." Carthalo thought about it for a moment, then looked at the two disarmed bandits.

One was a Khajit woman, the other a Nord. Both were disarmed, and recognizing the saving grace that the gods had sent them, were putting on their most helpless faces. "Then what do you suppose we do with them?" "Just let them go I guess." said Hadvar.

"So they can pillage and rob some more?

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I don't think so." "Well we can't take them all the way to the Whiterun dungeon." Hadvar said. Just then, a thought entered Carthalo's mind. "Then we teach them a lesson." he said. "How?" Hadvar asked.

Carthalo bent over and picked up the Khajit roughly, she tried to swipe her claws at him but he caught her arm and slapped her across the face. Hadvar winced. Carthalo tossed the Khajit to Hadvar, who caught her before she fell. "You ever had a Khajit?" "What do you." "Fuck her." Carthalo said. "What?!?" "You heard me, you won't kill 'em, but we can't let them go without teaching them a lesson, so.

pardon the pun but, tear that pussy up." "How is that teaching them a lesson, isn't lovemaking a beautiful thing?" Hadvar asked "That's oral sex with a hot beauteous hottie you won't be making love. I want you to fuck her so hard it hurts her. I want her to be sitting in this cave; sore and bruised from the fucking." "What.

what about the other one?" Hadvar asked. "Leave her to me."Carthalo said with a sly grin. "Alright friend, I'm sorry though, about not wanting to kill them, I know it's more trouble than they're worth." "You're right." Carthalo stabbed his sword into the dirt beneath him and stared at the women menacingly. "So they better make themselves worth the trouble." "We will my lord. We will!" the Nord woman cried pitifully.

"This one can please well my lord." the Khajit said, near tears. Carthalo found a stool in the corner of the cavern and pulled it up. "Go ahead Hadvar, teach her a lesson. You, Nord, get over here!" he commanded. Hadvar's face grew cold, and his resolve hardened.

He tossed the Khajit to the floor and she landed with a gasp of pain. She tried to crawl away but Hadvar grabbed her leg and dragged her back towards him, when it was in reach his free hand went to her tail and he pulled on it violently, much to the Khajit's dismay.

Carthalo sat on the stool and unclasped his belt, one sword in hand he motioned for the Nord woman to kneel. "If I feel teeth, I will cut your head off while it's impaled on my cock, do you understand me?" Carthalo growled. "Yes m'lord." The Nord said quietly as she fell to her knees, she pulled out Carthalo's thick member and without a momen't hesitation she stuck the head in her mouth, sucking on it, and running her tongue around the thick circumference of his dick.

Hadvar ripped the fur armor off of the Khajit woman and when she tried to hit him, he punched her in the gut. Carthalo saw that it pained him to hit her. But hoped it would teach Hadvar a thing or two as well as the bandits. He admired the Khajit's body, had she been a human or an elf she would have been very attractive, as it were the fur was a turn off for Carthalo (and so was the tail.) But clearly not for Hadvar, the muscular Nord's six inch rod was fully erect and without pause or thought and without preparation he shoved it inside of her.

The Khajit let loose big natural tits amazing huge tits 2 6 tube porn pained "Yowwl" like a house cat whose had its tail stepped on. Hadvar rolled her over and, pulling on her tail to bring her body into his, began thrust away at her. Carthalo looked down, enjoying the sensation of this Nord's mouth on his cock, but not satisfied with the gentle job she was doing. "How is your gag reflex?" he asked. "M'lord?" the woman looked at him, confused.

Behind the dirt on her face, she was actually fairly attractive, her black matted hair might have been pretty once. "Nevermind." Carthalo said. "It doesn't matter." He put his hand on the back of the bandit woman's head and as she went down on his cock once more he shoved it deep into her throat. She tried to back off but his hand kept her head in place, he pushed her back down on his cock and began to violently fuck her throat.

The woman cried and moaned in pain, choking and gagging on his large hot chicks playing their pussy while on phone cock. Tears streamed down her face and Carthalo knew that her lesson would be well taught. Hadvar continued gozando duas vezes na bunda da namorada pound away at the Khajit woman, who screamed and struggled against him, as Hadvar kept on fucking her, he hit her when she struggled too hard, smacking her spotted, furry ass.

When she started to moan in enjoyment, Carthalo coughed and motioned for Hadvar to shake it up. Hadvar pulled his long pale rod out of her snatch and Carthalo could see that it was dripping with her wetness. "It seems that the cunt is enjoying herself." Carthalo said between ragged breaths. The Nord woman's tight, hot throat felt so good on his manhood and her tongue lashed about violently as she struggled to remove herself. "Give it to her in the ass." "NO!" the Khajit screamed. "Quiet cunt!" Carthalo barked.

"Hadvar, teach her a lesson, don't let her enjoy it." Hadvar looked down, and quietly obeyed, he spread her ass cheeks and, despite the Khajit's tears, rammed his dick into her tight little hole. He let out a loud grunt as he struggled to shove it all in with one thrust. The Khajit was in serious pain and she screamed and flailed around underneath Hadvar who kept her pressed against the dirt as he started to fuck her ass.

Carthalo paused for a moment to let the woman breath and she let in deep gasps of air, holding her throat which was now probably burning and sore beyond belief. She was openly weeping and the tears left streaks of dirt down her face. Carthalo only gave her a moments rest before standing up, holding her head steady with one hand, opening her mouth with the other, and fucking her throat furiously. He watched Hadvar screw the protesting Khajit's ass and began to match him thrust for japanese mom and monster black best and met his intensity as full sex stories hot sex story plunged his cock deeper and harder into the nord woman's wet and waiting throat.

Finally, Hadvar yanked his cock out of the Khajit's ass with a loud PLOP that echoed throughout the cavern and three thick streams of cum erupted all over her back, getting caught in her matted fur. The Khajit woman screamed one more time, then passed out. Carthalo then felt that same sensation roiling through his balls and he pulled his cock out of the bandit's mouth.

He tossed her to the ground, ripped off her pants and with one shove sent his cock straight to the back of her hairy pussy, filling her up with his seed. She screamed in protest and tried to get him out of her, but her throat hurt too badly and she could only clutch her neck and take it. "There!" Carthalo said "Hopefully I just gave you a nice little bastard. You should be too busy feeding it to keep up your criminal ways." Carthalo laughed and looked over at Hadvar.

"That was fun." Carthalo said. "Aye, I guess so." "Ahh, come off it!" Carthalo said with a chuckle "They're just lucky we didn't kill them." "I guess." "And Hadvar." Carthalo said, more serious now. "Yes?" "Next time, we kill them. We can't afford to fuck every woman that tries to do us harm, I have a feeling that this won't be the last time it happens." Hadvar looked down at his feet, "I guess." he said.

"There's no guessing about it, that's the way it has to be." Carthalo said sternly. "Alright, alright." Hadvar said "Let's just go." Alrighty then, Carthalo said, standing. He took one last look at the Nord woman on the floor, her eyes were so full of hate and rage that for a moment Carthalo considered killing her.

But then decided he didn't want to upset Hadvar any more. The two left the cave out the back entrance, which was just a few hundred yards away from Riverwood, Carthalo could see the large gate from where he stood. "Here we are my friend." Hadvar said, smiling. "Are there any women there?" Carthalo asked.

"Well. sure. Y'know, I've heard stories about the appetites of a Redguard, but I always thought they were just that. stories. Don't tell me they're true?" "Hadvar my friend, remember when I said I came to skyrim to fight monsters and make a name for myself?" Carthalo asked.

"Yes, I remember." "Well. that's not all I came here to do." Carthalo said, laughing. "I plan on fucking as many northern bitches as I can, and lining my pockets with gold." "Fuck bitches and get gold." Hadvar repeated. "Now THAT sounds like a plan." Laughing together, they headed again for Riverwood.