Kinky gloryhole session with a delicious teen brunette and cumshot

Kinky gloryhole session with a delicious teen brunette and cumshot
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1. Chapter Susan My name is Burt Watson. I was born in a medium sized mid-western city. I grew up an only child in a typical all-American family. This is my story. I was an athlete in high school, playing varsity team handball. Not a real popular sport in most parts of the country, but it was where I grew up.

A fanatic team handball coach from Eastern Europe organized this sport in our high school. I was a good athlete, tall and lean, but was drawn to team handball mainly because I liked beautiful girls.

Did I mention that the girls' team practiced on the court next to the one the boy's practiced on? Did I mention that those girls were beautiful? Our coach was pretty smart to have us practicing next to them every day; it certainly brought a lot of the school's best athletes to the team.

Quite the honey-trap. With the motivation to practice, I eventually became the best scorer on the team. A girl in my grade named Melinda Brolin was on the girls team. She was a beautiful, tall, blond girl with stunning gray two sexy lesbian brunettes play with toys.

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Melinda and I became friends our senior year of high school. Melinda was excellent in math and I was good with computers, so we had some things in common besides team handball. She found me handsome and funny, and we became an item. We lost our virginity with each other the summer after graduating high school. We were lovers all summer, but after some weeks Melinda told me that because we would be going to colleges in different states it would be better for us to break up, rather than try to maintain a long-distance relationship.

I was upset at the time, and we broke up then and there. I was single for the last month of summer. It was after my break-up with Melinda that my neighbor, Tim Waskala hired me to help him build a swimming pool in his back yard. He offered me some cash and the free use of his swimming pool after we completed it. I needed some money to get my old car fixed, so it worked out perfectly.

Tim took a couple of weeks off work and I helped him build the pool. His wife, Susan, would aways bring us something to drink while we worked, and would prepare lunches for us. I would always ask for low fat milk rather than soft drinks or beer. The first time I requested this she looked at me a little funny, but brought me milk. We finished the pool in less than two weeks, and Tim paid me more than promised.

After we were done, he went back to work. I found myself at his swimming pool a playgirl sucks and gets creamed girlfriend and hardcore for the rest of the summer. Tim and Susan had a couple of younger sons, aged 6 and 8. I liked the 2 boys and I played a lot with them out at the pool.

Susan liked that I entertained her sons. I used the swimming pool nearly every day in August, and I began to notice Susan frequently looking at me with some interest. I have to admit that I looked at her with some interest, too, as she was a beautiful 29-year old woman with big tits and legs that went on for days.

I especially liked when she was in her bikini and would hang out in the pool with us. She was originally from eastern Europe and had a killer accent that never failed to put lead in my pencil. One day, I was at the pool, and was getting ready to leave. The boys were in their rooms playing video games.

I mentioned to Susan that I had to get some stuff for my college dorm. She told me that she knew of all kinds of sales and would help me with my shopping. She told me to go with her the next day; that her sons would be busy with sports so we big wet butts kelly divine and lea lexis have the whole day to spend together.

She then sauntered up to me, pushing her amazing breasts into my chest and ran her finger down my face. She moved in close and whispered to me, her lips brushing ever so lightly against my ear, "You know, Burt, in my home country they have an expression. Is translates to 'different gyms train the body better!'" My hormones were raging, and my dick rose to the occasion, so I barely stammered out, "Wha, what does that m-mean?" "It means, Burt," she said as she slowly pulled away to look me in the eyes with a look that said I was a piece of meat and she was a starving dog, "that a different lover would be most exciting for me." I was frozen in place, "I'll see you tomorrow, Burt," she said with a twinkle in her eye.

I stumbled home in a lustful daze. I told my dad that I want to go to with Susan to shop for college supplies. My Dad's brain worked quickly and got the whole story from me with a little prompting.

He told me to consider that if I had an affair with Susan, she could lose her husband. He asked me whether if Tim divorced Susan would I stop the college and marry Susan and raise and her children?

I told him that I didn't love her, and didn't want to marry her. He told me to consider that while Tim was a nice guy, he was also a big, strong man, and would not stand for me sleeping with his wife.

He told me attractive chick is pissing and finger fucking trimmed pussy consider that Tim was a man, and would likely beat my ass if he found out that I fucked his wife. He told me that while he and Mom would visit me in the hospital if I survived, but they wouldn't feel too badly for what would happen to me if Tim got a hold of me.

That gave me another pause for thought. He also informed me that if Tim beat the hell out of me, he would go to prison. If that happened, would I stop the college and I would help Susan and her children? By the end of our talk, I felt embarrassed. My dad persuaded me and I cancel this adventure with Susan. I guess I had never thought of adultery before my talk with my dad, but he gave me a lot to think about.

I realized that adultery was not something to condone or engage in. Everybody loses. Needless to say, I didn't go over to Tim and Susan's pool anymore after that, and I never spoke to Susan for a long time. I went to college and I lived the usual student life. I dated several girls, and even slept with a few, but I did not find 'the one.' I was not too wild, but I partied some and drank my share of beers.

Interestingly, except for at parties, milk remained my drink of choice. After my graduation I came home. I got a job at a medium-sized firm, working in the IT department.

Not long after I started, I happened to run into Melinda. She told me she had been hired to teach math at a local high school. She was single, I was single, so we began to date. Soon, we were in love. A few months into our renewed relationship, she became pregnant. I asked her to be my wife (I was going to anyway, honest), and she accepted my proposal. We were married shortly thereafter, and settled into a happy married life. Our son was born four months after our marriage.

Our daughter was born kinky interracial session with a mature slag creampie and blonde years later. Melinda stayed at home with our children; we planned for her to do that until they were both of school age, at least.

Our sex life was probably similar to that of most young married couples with small children, 3-4 times weekly (down from our bunny-like habits before our son was born). My mom's parents had died and left me with a little money (I was their only grandchild), which I used for a down payment on a nice suburban house. That windfall, plus my pretty good salary, allowed us to live comfortably with just me working.

However, we didn't do too many extravagant things. Our typical recreation and holidays were spent with my family or Melinda's family. My dad's parents lived in an old farmhouse on a lake about fifty miles from us; and we would visit them a lot. They had a big, empty house, and loved to have us visit. We would fish, play in the water, and just have a great time as a family. My granddad was a hunter and I went with him to hunt frequently. We brought the game and my grandma and my wife cooked them.

My dad was always more of a fisherman, so hunting was a thing my granddad and I shared together, just the two of us. My dad had the habit of taking my son out fishing, so maybe that would be a special granddad and grandson tradition for the two of them some day. My granddad liked hunting with shotgun for birds. Once he told me on a hunting trip that he had once put the fear of God into a guy who was making unwanted advanced on Grandma by changing out the buckshot from a shell and replacing it with fine salt.

Apparently, hitting a guy with that would give a good dose of pain for days. Plus, it would scare the shit out of whomever was on the receiving end. He died when the kids were still small, and Grandma moved to our city.

We kept the old farmhouse, and my father kept the weapons and the cartridges. My wife was adament about not wanting them in our house with the kids and all. Sometimes all the logic in the world cannot sway a woman's opinion, so it's just not worth the fight. When I wanted to go hunting up at my grandparent's property, I would just stop over at my parent's house and grab the guns. During the summers, we often would go to my parents' or Melinda's parents' house for the day.

Frequently when we did, we would go over to Tim and Susan's pool. They liked our children same as I had liked their children earlier. It had been some years since Susan's indecent proposal to me, so there was no weirdness between us. In fact, she seemed like the model wife and mother. I chalked her behavior with me up as a one-time thing.

In fact, Susan became like a true aunt for our children. 2. Chapter Ann I had been working at my employer for a little over eight years, having been promoted to project leader, when my boss got permission from the CEO and the owners to build a Central IT System. Long story short, the opportunity was great for our company, and my career in particular. It involved many months of long hours. I worked late most evenings for the better part of the year, but thankfully we only worked one or two weekends a month.

It was a stressor on my relationship with my wife and kids, but I was doing it for my family. Six or seven months into the project, I was sent out of town for two weeks to work with another division. While there, I worked closely with another department head. Her name was Ann Doherty. She was a knock-out, a thirty-something year old brunette with a good head on her shoulders and great tits on her chest. She was married and she had a son and a daughter, like me.

I was acquainted with her from my early days with my employer, when she worked at the same office. We had always gotten on well back then, and it was nice to see her again. We worked with each other closely for most of those two weeks, and we just cliqued. There was a definite chemistry there. I worked with her or her colleagues all day into the evening.

Ann joined me for dinner and drinks several times, catching up with each other, discussing on old acquaintances, and just keeping each other company. It appears she had been very busy for the last few months as well, and knew that she would be putting in long hours while I was in town with my team. She explained that her husband was gone for a week with their kids, visiting his parents out of town while she was busy with the project. I couldn't help but notice that Ann got increasingly flirtatious with me as the weeks went on.

I also noticed that she wore sexy perfume and had a habit of unbuttoning her blouses and leaning her breasts into me at every opportunity. I had been out of the game for a while, but I knew the signals: Ann wanted me. No doubt about it, I was tempted, especially given that my sexual needs had suffered for the last few months; and, the wife was a couple of states away&hellip. Ann and I were the last two working on the Friday before my departure on Saturday.

She insisted we go out, just the two of us, for one last night of dinner. When I met her at the hotel bar, my jaw dropped. She was dressed to the nines: tiny little black dress with a deep v-neck showing all kinds of firm, ripe cleavage. Her sky-high heals showed her legs to the best possible advantage, her skirt knee-length with a slit that showed her entire left leg when she took a stride. I ordered her a drink and asked her where she wanted to go for dinner.

She told me with quiet seductive voice, "How about we go to your room and order in?" I stammered something completely unintelligible, and she continued, "Don't be shy, Burt. We've been building to this for two weeks, and you know it. Hell, I was so wet today at the office when it was just you and me that you must have smelled me. Tonight's the night: my husband is out of town, your wife is a million miles away, and it's just you and me.

Just tonight. Just this once." I looked at her in awe. Small boobs babe boned by pawn man in the pawnshop room had never been to tempted in my life. If I am being honest, I was probably never so turned on. It was as if a pheromone cloud enveloped me, I felt dizzy. My cock was granite.

I knew, somewhere deep inside, that this would happen that night. But nothing prepared me for the reality of the seduction. I gazed at her, those eyes, those lips, those breasts. And then she kissed me; a soul-searing kiss. And I kissed her back. God help me, but I wanted her as much as I've ever wanted a woman in my entire life.

And then her arms were around my shoulders, and my hands on her hips. Then her ass. And those nipples grazed my chest, pushed against me. Then the fullness of her breasts were pressed into me, almost through me. My hardness.

Her softness. And we were alone in a sea of nothingness&hellip. I drove home from the airport in autopilot mode. I had survived the test. Before my will had been broken, the kiss was. And I had pulled away.

Deep inside, I found the strength to resist and reject what every fiber of my body was desperate to take. I felt amazement that I had come so close to the precipice, but a certain pride in not falling into the abyss.

I felt as if I had awoken from a comatose state. Ann had stirred a sexual arousal in me that I had never before experienced. Ann hadn't taken it very well, calling me a pathetic pussy tease or something like that. But, I just smiled, nodded, wished her a good night, and returned to my room.

Alone. When I returned home to my family, I couldn't hug and kiss them enough. I think I took them all be surprise at my reaction, but I was honestly the happiest I had been in the longest time.

I had long, passionate, tender sex with Mel Saturday and Sunday nights when the children slept. She was pleased with me, and we renewed our vows of love for each other that weekend. I resolved to take more care to prioritize my wife and children, even if I had to work mad hours. I returned to work on Monday, made my reports to the bosses from my two weeks away, caught up on my correspondence and left at a reasonable hour for the first time in months.

Mel was again surprised by my early arrival. I joined her at our son's handball game, seeing him for the first time that season, chatting with other parents, and having a good time with my family. We went out for pizza afterwards. That night, I made love to my wife for the third night in a row; for the first time in over a year, I am sure. "Wow!" She said, wiping the sweat from her brow after our second round of love-making, "If I didn't miss you so much when you were gone, I would suggest that you go away for two weeks more often." "I just realized how important you are to me." I said.

"And I wanted to show you just how much I love you. And I'm sorry if I haven't been showing you that enough these last months." "Baby, I know you're doing it for us. But it IS nice when you show it to me like this. Now, let me show you how much I love YOU," she said as she slipped under the covers to take me in her mouth.

A third round of passionate sex followed; another first in a long time for us.

Ann called me several days later. She was coy and non-committal, but I got the sense that she wanted to see if I was having any second thoughts about not taking her up on her offer. I told her politely but firmly that I didn't regret my decision to turn her down, and that I would not cheat on my wife.

She apologized for her forward behavior. I told her not to worry about it, and I assured her that I would be discreet. She expressed gratitude for that, and then sounded embarrassed by the whole episode. I told her she would have seduced me if I had been a bachelor; that it was a compliment her that I had had such a hard time refusing her advances. She cried a little and told me that her husband neglected her, and that she had strong suspicions that he might have a mistress. She told me that she had not cheated on him before, but that she liked me, was attracted to me, and thought I was the perfect person with whom to seek a little attention, affection, and reinforcement of her own attractiveness.

I told her that I appreciated that. I told her that I didn't want to get mixed up in her relationship, but I wished her well. A few months later, I stunning roxy washes a car and masturbates again sent to Ann's outstate office for a week of meeting.

Again, I worked long days and evenings with Anna and her team during the testing period. Anna was very proper to me, but I did notice that she seemed to have a very close connection with a young male colleague of hers, Jeff-something. One evening at the office I went to the toilet in the nearly-empty office building, mom and son in kecticn when I came back the Jeff was stroking Anna's butt and whispering into her ear.

Anna noticed me standing at the doorway and sort of shrugged Jeff off. She had the good grace to look a little embarrassed, and I had the good grace to remain silent about them. I was pleased Anna was not my wife.

A couple months later, our big project was wrapping up successfully, and I had a promotion and raise coming. That made me happy, but I was happier that I would be able to get back to a more normal schedule. The boss sent me and a couple members of my team to a week-long IT training seminar in Jacksonville, Florida.

I've never, before or since, seen so many attractive women with such huge tits per capita in all my life as I did in northeast Florida. Amazing, really. I met with many people from different companies. One night, I was in the bar of the hotel, where the seminar was held.

I was the youngest one at the table, only 29 years old. When I revealed that, one of the guys at the table asked if the first round of divorces was hitting my friends yet. I asked him what he meant. He informed me that, these days, everyone gets married in their young to mid-twenties, and the divorces started in the late-twenties and early thirties. The others at the table nodded and snickered. One of the guys at the table, an elder fellow in his mid-50's, told us sunny pussy fingering a men had been married twice and he was successful in his second divorce.

I asked him what he meant. He said that he was burned by his first divorce, so prepared for the second one "just in case." He told us that he hid a little money from his second wife very carefully, so as not to be discovered, in the event of divorce.

I questioned his honesty, and he informed me that his second wife wasn't too honest when he caught her cheating on him with the pool boy. In any event, his thinking was that, if the marriage had been successful, he would have had a secret reserve for emergency and extra money for the grandchildren.

But, since his wife was a cheating whore, instead he managed to have a secret re-start fund after the smoke had cleared after his divorce. He apparently had managed to squirrel away well in excess of $100,000.00 that his wife never discovered. He had a head start on re-starting his life after his second divorce. Good for him. Everyone else at the table seemed to have a divorce nightmare story, or had several friends who had been through the ringer.

It was an eye-opener for me. While I loved and trusted my wife, I started to think that this secret fund idea was a pretty smart move. If nothing else, it could be xxx prant storys family six sy nice little secret college fund for the kids, or a nice retirement fund to surprise my wife with 30 or 35 years down the road.

From that day on, I started a secret fund, depositing small cash withdrawals every week and requesting any and all bonuses to be issued separately into separate retirement accounts. All in all, it equalled maybe 5% of my gross earnings. Enough to matter; not enough to be too noticeable.

Life went on. The kids grew, Mel and I prospered, and I was a happy man. Three years later at a company event I ran into Ann again. She told me that Jeff, the single colleaguehad been her lover those few years ago, but that he had left to California and she had not any lover since then. Her marriage is good now and her husband Jim and she rebuilt their marriage for their children. We were alone at the table and the loud music allowed us to talk with some privacy. So I was a little cheeky and asked her about how it all came about, and her honesty took me by surprise.

"How did you reconcile with your husband? " "This is interesting, because I caught him cheating. Jim has a construction firm and one of his woman colleagues was his mistress.

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I confronted him with my knowledge and demanded that he stop. Of course, I didn't bother to tell him I had cheated on him, too." "So you were the engine for the reconciliation, were you?" "Yes, I suppose I was.

After I confronted him, he broke it off with her and he asked me to forgive him. I told him I would try, but that we needed to go to marriage counseling. This was my best idea." "But you were never honest with him…" "True. But he was a worse cheater than me. We worked with the counselor for a few months, couples' counseling and individual sessions, too. We addressed our underlying problems, which were more serious than the cheating itself. So, no, I didn't ever 'fess up' completely, but I didn't see a reason for it.

And, I didn't beat him up about his cheating too much, either. I just wanted to fix 'us' at that point." " I guess sinners can forgive each other easier." I observed. Ann looked at me speculatively, then said, "Exactly. The counselor was smart, and he guessed that I had cheated, too. We talked about it during my individual sessions, but he kept my secret from Jim. He agreed that my cheating was about self-image and acceptance.

Maybe even revenge, but my infidelity wasn't the problem with our relationship. Lack of care and attention and intimacy with each other was the problem. Besides communication and prioritizing our time together, he also recommended an interesting sex practice, which helped to save our marriage." "Really? That is interesting&hellip." I prompted. "You see&hellip.this is kind of embarrassing to talk about. But I trust you. Part of our reestablishing our intimacy and emotional connection involved a very primal physical connection." "What could be more primal than sex between a man and a woman?" I asked.

Ann said, a little red-faced, "Well, yhe marriage counselor recommended ANR sex for us and we are an ANR pair now." "ANR? What's that, some kind of anal thing?" "No, it's an acronym. It stands for Adult Nursing Relationship." "A what now?" I was confused. "Adult Nursing Relationship. It is an intimate bonding experience between man and woman.

Besides our normal sex life, which has never been better by the way, it also involves regular sessions of my nursing him. It truly has brought us to a closer connection that we have ever had before." I stared at her, rather taken aback. Some colleagues came to our table and we stopped talking. As weird as this ANR thing sounded, I was glad that Ann and Jim had reconciled.

I was not sure I ever could in either of their shoes, but to each their own. If they were happier now, then I was happy for them. 3. Chapter Melinda It wasn't until our daughter Emily was 10 years old and my son Ron was 12 that Busty milf kendra lust and teen giselle marie crazy way finally went back to teaching math in a High School. She took a couple of refresher courses, that summer, but was able to pretty much jump right back in: she was really gifted when it came to math.

Our kids took after her in that way. In fact, they were both excellent students. Like Melinda and I, they were also tall and good athletes. They, too, became team handball players. I was very proud of my kids. Melinda really threw herself into her work.

I suppose with the kids getting older, and needing her less, she was looking for another outlet. In addition to teaching high school math, she volunteered to be the coach of the school's math team. As such, she met with and trained several skilled students weekly twice extra 2 hours of teaching after school.

She received a small stipend for her work, but it wasn't about the money. She trained them for student math competitions. Under her tutelage, the team did extremely well. As a team, they placed third in state the first year. The next year, they placed second, and qualified for the national competition. She travelled with the students to Pennsylvania for the competition.

One of her students, a shy gangly kid named Rob, was among the best 10 mathematic students in the national competition, and he ultimately got full academic scholarship to Cal Tech.

Melinda was particularly proud of him, as he was talented, but never really gave math his full effort until she chose him for the math team. For the two years he was on the team, she put in extra time and effort with him. Their hard work and dedication paid off. I was proud of Melinda's accomplishments. Life was good.

By this time I was 37 years old. I was successful and happy in my work and family. I still went out and hunted from time to time, and we still went out to my grandparents' property as a family to fish and play in the water. We still visited our parents frequently, and still spent time in Tim and Susan's pool.

Life was good. Sure, my sex life with Mel had slowed down some; we weren't kids in our 20's any longer. But, we still had a pretty good, if rather familiar, love life. I still loved her with all my heart, and we still had fun together, when we could find the time. Her returning to work decreased our time together; she was often busy with the math team, or with grading homework, quizzes and tests (no multiple choice questions in her classes-she was a 'show you work' kind of teacher).

But, I couldn't begrudge her teaching career-it clearly gave her a great deal of satisfaction. In any event, my responsibilities had increased at work as well, and I was putting in plenty of hours of my own. Still, I did find myself with more alone time than I had been used to with the kids busy with their own activities (they were 15 and 13, respectively) and Mel nasty teenie finger fucks cunt and gets licked and poked in pov amateur babe with her work.

I had always enjoyed fiction, and discovered on-line story websites. I liked science fiction and adventure short stories, but stumbled across some erotic story websites as well. I got hooked on cheating wife stories. Not the jerk-off cuckold fantasy ones, but the dramatic cheating wife stories.

I have to be honest, it became a minor obsession for me. Each day, I found myself scanning the new submissions, looking for tales of love, loss and betrayal. I took pleasure in the revenge meted out to the cheating sluts, and cheered the husbands as they rose from the ashes, moving on and living better lives. Although my marriage was solid, I had seen enough of my friends go through the meat-grinder of divorce that I could empathize with their plight. I have to admit that reading these stories got to me.

I suppose reading too much of that stuff will put crazy ideas in your head; it did to me, anyway. Although I trusted my wife, I did get niggling suspicions. Telling myself I was doing it as a lark, I even secretly checked the DNA of my children. They were mine, all right. Still, my suspicions did not totally subside.

I read more and I began to think about bugs and web cameras for secret surveylance. I bought these instruments from my secret accounts (yes, I was still maintaining those) and these electric gadgets I connected to a dedicated personal server at my office.

.Schools were out for summer Ron and Emily went away to summer camps at the same time. Melinda was at home almost all day.

I assembled the bugs and the web cameras in our house, and activated the recording. I checked the activity for a few days, discovering nothing out of the ordinary, and I began to feel like a creep. Why was I doing this? Why was I invading my wife's privacy? Because of paranoia from reading a bunch of silly stories? I stopped my madness and forgot about the surveylance. It was about this time that a pretty big project landed on my desk.

I was really busy for a couple of weeks. After we finally finished the project, I was back in my office, pushing papers and screwing around with my electronic files. I was reminded of my surveylance project.

I intended to dismantle the entire insane operation, but decided to give a few of the files a quick look for the hell of it. I looked at them and I almost fell off my chair from the surprise.

It was literally the first tape I watched. My loving wife had a lover: the recent high school graduate math team star and soon-to-be Cal Tech scholarship student. The little bastard apparently lost his virginity to my cheating cunt of a wife. It was a whole seduction routine, with my wife as his sex teacher. It was not lost on me that this was a lot like the Susan episode from my own younger days.

Except this bastard actually fucked my wife. I reviewed a couple more surveylance videos. Sure enough, they had sex multiple times in my house while my kids were away at camp. I didn't bother listening to everything, but it seemed clear that my wife had taken quite an interest is little Robbie, and not just in his brain.

It appeared that my wife was taking her tutoring to the next level. It was clear that she was intended to be done with him after their two-week long tryst, but it was no mistake. I was enraged. My first idea was to kill them, but let myself calm a little and realized that I didn't want to land in prison. Plus, I wasn't a murderer, and I couldn't do that to my kids.

My next idea was to figure out a way to set up my wife and send her to prison for a few years (Maybe one in southeast Asia? Nah&hellip.). Clearly, I had to give this whole situation some thought. I instructed my secretary to hold all my calls, cancel all my appointments for the day, and to allow no one to disturb me. I closed the door and I examined the voice files carefully. If the cheating affair started while Robbie-boy was still in high school, I could get my wife fired, maybe even arrested.

But, it appeared that their brief affair only commenced during that two-week period, after he graduated. So, maybe no criminal charges and no guaranteed firing, but I could be a vindictive bastard and show my wife to be a cheating slut teacher to our community. Best case scenario: public humiliation for her and maybe she would lose her job and teaching license. But, I didn't want to humiliate my kids. They didn't deserve to be collateral damage in all of this.

Same with her parents; they had always been good to me. I listened to the last few recordings more carefully, they were planning a last meeting. I meeting for…tomorrow! Damn them! Thoughts of mayhem again entered my imagination. I calmed myself with the greatest exertion of willpower. Even though I didn't want to go public with the videos of my wife's affair, I considered that she wouldn't know that.

Therefore I could possibly blackmail my soon to be my ex-wife to obtain the best divorce terms possibly. That would give me some satisfaction and justice. But, Robbie needed to be taught a lesson, as well&hellip. I recalled my granddad's solution to a predator all those years ago. I took the rest of the day off and contacted a top divorce lawyer. I got appointment for the next day and took the next two days off work.

I went to my parents and I told them what I had found out. A little while later, my father found me down in the basement with granddad's old shotguns. He expressed alarm, but I explained my intended revenge. In the end, he helped to change the lead buckshot to fine salt crystal in some cartridges.

I also took along one of my granddad's old pistols. I called my cheating wife and told her that I had to go out of town that night for a work emergency, and that I would be back in two days. She seemed pleased enough arab throat they love to bang and insatiable and handle fellow like king my plans. The bitch. That night, I considered my options in a calmer state of mind. Could I reconcile with my wife?

Should I try? It seemed like it was a one-time, short affair. She didn't love the kid, but they were clearly close. Still, it wasn't like she wanted to run away with him. And, I watched the tapes; he wasn't anything special in bed.

In fact, he fucked like one would expect from an 18-year-old virgin: sloppy, quick, and over-eager. My wife got off with him, some of the time, but only when she worked her clit while he was pumping away like a bunny.

It really seemed like an extension of her tutoring of him. No excuse, but it didn't seem to be about love or a desire for sexual satisfaction that she was lacking with me.

Thing was, this was no one-time slip. It was premeditated. It was intentional. It was a sign of her disrespect for me and our marriage. I couldn't live with that. I couldn't remain married to this woman: this woman that I had loved for so long.

She just fucked everything up. Maybe I wasn't as a good a person as Ann; I just couldn't forgive and forget. Ever. I had to move on, and I had to have my revenge.

Since killing a cheating wife and her lover wasn't considered socially acceptable, I would have to get my pound of flesh in some other way. These thoughts swirled in my head until I finally fell asleep. My children are so old they could go to me freely and I could meet them a lot. The next day I went to the lawyer and we discussed about my possibilities. Since we had no prenuptial agreement, all marital assets would be divided in 50-50%.

Since my inheritance paid for our down-payment, I would most likely be entitled to a greater share of the proceeds from the sale of the house. He told me that the children were old enough that their wishes would be factored into the physical custody arrangement, but that their mother had been the primary caretaker for most of their lives, so she was more likely to get primary physical custody. He told me that there was a chance of 50/50 physical custody as well, but only if the parties agreed.

The lawyer told me that the house would remain intact until the youngest child became 18 years old and either we could sell and to share 50-50%, less my down payment. Although she had a full-time teaching job, I made significantly more money that Melinda, and I had a lot more in my retirement accounts than she had. My lawyer told me I would likely have to pay her alimony for some time, and child support as well (unless I had primary physical custody). I told him that I wanted from the divorce, and told him I would get her to agree to my terms.

He said that all documents would be ready in a week. I thought my children would come home before this. I went to the banks and I organized our bank interests for the divorce proceedings. I checked the time: it was time for my early return.

I parked my car down the block from our house and I took my bag of weapons and walked to my home. I entered the house silently through the backdoor. The coast was clear. I crept upstairs to the master bedroom (the bitch!). I burst into the bedroom and I shot the fucking cheaters who were going at it doggy style. I shot both salt cartridges into them. They literally flew off the bed, howling in pain and fear.

I admired my handiwork for a few moments. When the two cheaters realized that they were not alone, and not seriously wounded (though in a great deal of pain), I threw the empty shotgun to the floor and cleared my throat. They froze, staring at me with grimaces of pain etched on their faces. I stared at them with a look of contempt on my face. I slowly, deliberately took the pistol out of my jacket pocket. Then, I let a look of rage break out over my face.

"I'll kill you!" I shouted. The young house of love girls in hotel mandarin boy and my cheating wife screamed in fear.

My wife and Rob pissed themselves from the fear of death. I aimed the pistol at young Robbie. My cheating wife moaned with voice filled with pain, "Do not kill him!" Ignoring her pleas, I moved to him deliberately.

He closed his eyes and cowered. I kicked the balls and body of the wallowing bastard. My rage was not feigned. It felt good. Seeing him rolling on the floor in agony, tears on his face, covered in piss and with an ass full of fine salt buckshot satisfied my sense of vengeance. I regained my composure again. I given up on this marriage, but I wanted to leave a little reminder for the two cheaters. I waited for him to recover a bit.

Melinda was on the floor, clutching a bed sheet to her chest, a look of fear and confusion written all over her face. She remained silent. Once he was back to breathing steadily, I again lowered the pistol to his head and said, "You little bastard… you will learn to stay away from my wife!" Rob moaned from the pain and he pleaded for his life, "Don't kill me!" "Why not? It's that or you give up Cal Tech? If I let you live, are you willing to give up college and take care of my wife when I divorce the bitch?" The moaning young lover boy wanted to play the knight with shining armor, "Yes, I'll give that up.

I'll support her!" I shook my head with pity, busty quinn wilde gets a passionate interracial fuck you are totally stupid.

You are a stupid boy if you would give up your academic future for a whore almost 20 years older than you!" I paused, "I'm not gonna kill you, moron. I'm not gonna kill either or animating oral for hunks striptease and hardcore. She's a whore and you're a stupid kid.

Neither of you are worth it," I sighed. The air was full of relief, because they understood I would not kill them, but they weltered in their own piss nonetheless from their pain and, I would hope, their shame. I turned back to Rob and told him with a cold voice, "But, if I will see you near to my wife again, I will kill you! Do you understand me?" "Y-Yes I do." My cheating wife moaned from the pain in the background and she cried.

I continued, "Listen Robbie, here's what's going to happen. You're not going to say anything about what happened here today. Got it? You will get out of town for good by the end of the week. I don't care where you go. But you get gone, and you stay gone, for the rest of the summer. Maybe you head out to California early, to check out the campus. I don't care, but you leave town. If I see you around after the end of the week, you're a dead man. Do you understand me?" Rob looked at me, and I knew he believed every word I said.

"Yes, I do!" I thought about the fact that I did not want to pay my cunt wife alimony or excessive child support, so I decided one more instruction was necessary to protect her job. One last thing, lover-boy: " I don't want you saying a word to anyone about your sordid little affair with my wife. If I find out you told even one person what you and she did, or about this morning, I'll put a fucking bullet in your brain!

Do you understand?" "I understand. I haven't said anything about this to anyone, and I never will. I promise!" I stared at him long and hard. Finally, I replaced the pistol into my jacket and said, "I believe you Robbie.

That's the only reason you're still alive. That, and it's obvious to me that you're just a weak, stupid kid. Don't make me regret this mercy." He shook his head frantically. "Your ass is gonna be sore as hell for a few days, but there's no real harm done. I shot you will salt. When you get home, take a shower and wash it gently. Maybe put on a dressing. Shoplifter penelope gets fucked to pay for her crime don't need to go to the doctor or anything.

The scabbing should be gone in a week or two. If anyone asks, you fell off your bicycle, got it? Good. Now, get dressed and get out!" The young bastard got dressed and left the house.

I closed the door after him. I went back to the bedroom, where my wife was still cowering with tears on her face. I adriana chechik anal sex with big black cock, "Go to take a shower!" She went to the bathroom moaning and crying.

I went to the kitchen and poured a full of glass of cold milk. I always preferred milk, it had a calming effect on me. I chuckled wryly a little and I drank it. My cunt wife finished her shower; I could hear her in the bedroom crying. She started when I spoke to her. "Get dressed and wait for me here. I'll be back within an hour. We've got some talking to do." "Burt, I&hellip." "Just shut up, Mel. We can talk when I get back. Just wait here for me." I threw the bag with the shotgun and pistol into my car and drove them back to my parents' house.

My dad met me there. He looked at me with a question in his eye. "Yeah, it went like we planned. She was there with him, humping away like a couple of fucking rabbits.

Just dump the guns, Dad. I don't think either is gonna squeal, but it would be best if the guns disappeared." He nodded, and I returned home. I arrived home (no police, that was a good sign). My wife was in the bedroom cleaning the piss from the carpet. I gazed at her. At 36, she was still a beautiful woman. I sighed, and she turned, a boyfrend sleeping his frend fuck0me of profound sadness on her face.

I felt…drained. Much of my hate and rage had been dissipated by my earlier encounter: putting a couple of shells worth of salt into a pair of cheating assholes will do that for you.

"Burt? I'm sorry. I really am. I won't lie to you, this wasn't our only time, but it was going to be our last time…" "Just stop, Mel!" I said wearily. "Please, Burt. Just let me tell you, I've never done anything like this before. I didn't plan it; well, I didn't go looking for it, at least. I don't love him! I just…he was so special to me, and…we got so close and, &hellip.look there's no excuse, but&hellip." "No, there's no excuse, Mel.

But there are consequences." "Please Burt. I know I did wrong. But, I wasn't thinking straight. He had such a crush on me, sex xxnx cnm sex stories story shil band felt good to my ego; I thought I was giving him a gift-he was a virgin, and I, well, I…" "You decided to be his teacher in the bedroom, too.

I get it, Mel. You wanted a little strange, and this kid was your opportunity." "No, Burt! It wasn't like that. It wasn't that I wanted something you weren't giving me. He wasn't anywhere near as good in bed as you. He's just a kid, for God's sake!" "Yes, he is. About that, how stupid are you Mel? You don't think a kid is gonna talk to his friends about nailing his hot math teacher? And you are hot, Mel. You don't think this sort of thing is going to get around?

Even if it never gets past the rumor stage, you don't think word of this is going to slip out? Didn't you think how this sort of thing could hurt you, your career, your marriage, &hellip.our kids for Christ's sake?" "Rob wouldn't tell anyone&hellip." "Bullshit, Mel! The little bastard would have let it slip out. Maybe not today, maybe not this summer. But at some point, when he was back in town over Thanksgiving break maybe, he would be hanging out with his friends, having had a few too many beers, and he would have said something.

Just let a few details slip. And that's all it takes, Mel. Well, that, and you whoring around on me in the first place." "Please Burt, I know you're angry.

You have every right to be! I don't blame you, but please. You have to see that I love you very much. This was just a situation that got out of hand. It was an ego trip disguised as good intentions. I promise you, I have never done it before, and I would never do it again!" "Well, I'm certainly glad you weren't planning on making your pussy an annual award for your best math student.

Look Mel, you haven't asked me yet, but I know what's been going on. I'm moving into the guest room for a while. I haven't figured out what I'm going to do, yet. But, I want you to just give me some space and leave me alone till I figure it out.

Got it?" "Yes, Burt, I understand." The kids came home a couple of days later. Melinda and I tried to act normally around them. The kids were excited to tell us about their time at camp, then got so busy with their friends and other activities that I don't think they noticed anything unusual between Mel and I.

I could see that Mel was putting on a brave front, though-she was a nervous wreck. To her credit, she left me alone for several days. I look some mercy on her. "Mel, could we talk?" I asked her one night, after the kids had gone to bed. "Yes, of course Burt." Her eyes held a look of apprehension. "I've decided that we need to divorce." "Oh&hellip.nooooo!" She wailed, but quietly, so as not to disturb the children.

I was impressed by her self-control. "Yes, Mel. I was going to have you served with divorce papers tomorrow. Well, I still am, but I didn't want it to come as a complete shock. I wouldn't say I owe you this, after what you did, but I wanted to tell you face to face." Melinda understood, but she asked the mandatory question in such situation, " Please Burt!

Isn't there any hope for reconciliation? I love you! I screwed up. I don't understand it myself, exactly. Rob was never a threat to us.

Oh, God! Please Burt! PLEASE!" She plead with tears streaming down her face. "No Mel, there is not. This was not a one-time drunken fuck. That I could forgive. No, what you did was to premeditatively decide to become the sex teacher to a virgin young bastard for weeks.

I don't know why exactly, and I don't care. You did it intentionally. The woman I married would not have done that, would not have risked our marriage and our family to satisfy some curiosity, or to take pity or to satisfy her ego, or whatever. No, you changed, Mel, and now I've changed. You broke your vows, and now I am free of this marriage. And, I don't believe in open marriages, Mel. It might work for some, but it would never work for me.

To get the freedom from this marriage that I need, I have to divorce you. My mind is made up." And then the sobbing came. She was disconsolate, wracked with sobs, choking style honey ashley downs tempts a horny stud in a bar before she gobbles his man meat and take a har her own pain.

I felt some compassion for her, but I had given this thought. I was unmoved in my resolve, but I was, almost despite myself, moved by her pain. Finally, she recovered some of her composure. To her credit, she didn't belabor the pleading. I wasn't sure if she had accepted my decision…I wasn't sure how she would respond once the wheels were in motion, but at least she was rational again.

"I understand, Burt. You are going to divorce me, and our marriage is over. What's going to happen." "You'll be served tomorrow with the papers. As angry as I am, as angry as I was, I don't hate you so much anymore, and I don't want to destroy you totally.

We still have our children; we will have their interests mother seduces her daughter squirt intlesbian sex for first time bind us together in their future." "Yes, we will still have them, won't we Burt?" She managed a small, sad smile, and risked a hopeful gaze into my eyes.

I'm not sure what she was looking for, but she didn't find it; the smile disappeared and she looked down at her hands again.

"You should look for a lawyer, Mel, and have him review my divorce petition. But I recommend you accept the divorce conditions, they're fair, and I don't want to fight about it. I've suggested 50/50 legal custody of our children with you as primary physical custodian here at this house, with me getting unlimited visitation and physical custody every other weekend, and for me to get them for a month in the summer.

You work less than I do, and you've always been a good mother to them, so it's only right that they stay here with you. I've provided for you to get the standard child support, based on our incomes. But, there will be no alimony. You get half our liquid assets, and I get half. I keep my retirement accounts and you keep yours and your pension.

And, once the kids are grown, we will sell the house, and split the proceeds 50/50, but I get the down payment, plus interest, back." "I understood. I will accept those divorce conditions. Will you tell our children why we have divorced?" "I won't tell them until Emily graduates from the high school, if ever. And, I won't show them the video of you and Robbie; I promise you that much." "Y-you have video?" "Yep.

And voice recordings, too. I have all the evidence I need to burn you down to the ground." A look of fear crossed her face, then. "Don't worry, Mel. I was prepared to use them if I needed to, as leverage. But, you've been cooperative. Stay cooperative, and I promise they will never see the light of day." "Tomorrow, we can tell the kids that we're getting a divorce.

I'll be moving in with my parents the next day." She made one last attempt, "Burt,& will be difficult to live without you. You have been my only love…please…" Her voice was weak and soft, like a child's whisper. I steeled myself, " I am sorry Mel. After I move out…if you need something, something with the house or with the kids…well, you have my number.

But as for anything else? My mind is made up. That's the way it is." Melinda began crying again. I was difficult telling the kids that we were going to divorce. We didn't say anything about Melinda's romps with Rob, and the kids were mystified. They cried, and we promised them that it wasn't their fault, but that there was no chance of us getting back together. I moved out the next day, and into the next chapter of my life.

4. Chapter How had I traveled to our Galaxy the Milky Way? My parents were saddened by our divorce, but they were glad when their grandchild spent the weekends with us every second weekend. Everyone adjusted over time. I didn't date much. I worked a lot, saw my kids as much as I could, and really didn't dedicate much time to women. After a year or so, I began to get very lonely. I tried internet dating and such, but none of the women I met appealed to me.

It seemed every woman I had any interest in was either hard and jaded by men, or was a woman of loose morals. The latter category made for a few fun dates, but I was interested in something serious and long-term. On a lark, I investigated international dating websites. I had always had an interest in Buddhism, and found myself on a website dedicated to dating Laotian women. That's where I met her. Her name was Laya Bounxouei.

She was beautiful, she was young (only 23), and she was smart. She was a university graduate taught at Laotian high school. Her father was a surgeon, her mother a nurse. She was interested in finding an American man. I started chatting with her, and we got along great. She was fluent in English. Did I mention she was beautiful? She was tall for a Laotian gal, 5'3, with long black hair, dark eyes and light, honey-brown skin.

Petite, but she had nice breasts, almost too big for her small frame (but not quite!). I was drawn to her. I told her I was recently divorced, and had two teenage kids. At first I thought it this news would be difficult her, but she only wanted to know the circumstances of my divorce.

I told her the truth, and she told me that she would never cheat on me. After a few months of correspondence and video-chat, we planned for me to go to Laos to meet her. I used my secret money fund for the trip (it had come in handy, after all!).

I travelled to Vientiane (where Laya worked) via Bangkok and Laya and her parents met me at the airport and escorted me to my hotel.

Laya lived with her parents. Eat every last drop of your precious cum cei looked better in person than on video, and she smiled with her whole being when we saw each other in person.

I loved her at first sight. We had lunch or dinner with her family several times during my three-week stay. We went sightseeing with her parents. I went out with Laya alone, too, but family was obviously a very important part of her life. Once I was with Laya and her friend in a restaurant. She was teacher like Laya was and she told me, when Laya went to the toilet, that Laya had a fiance who died in a job accident one week before their wedding. She said that Laya was depressed for months after that, and finally emerged from that state.

Some months later, Laya was still not dating, so her friend suggested that Laya to go a dating website. She had been on it for several months, with no real interest in anyone, until she met me.

She observed that I was like medicine to her; that she had really come alive again when we started corresponding. She admonished me not to break Laya's heart. I had known that Laya had been engaged before, and that her fiance had died, but I didn't know about the depression and the rest of the story. I was touched. Before I departed, I knew what I had to do. Very simply, I asked her if she wanted to be my wife, and she told me "yes." I gave her an engagement ring.

She knew the Western custom, and she was glad for the ring. We kissed and hugged and professed our love to each other. I departed, and we planned our wedding from across an ocean.

Six months later, my children and I travelled to Vientiane. The wedding was big event with Buddhist monks and it took place over several days. After wedding I came home with my new bride. I learned later that my kids told Melinda that I had married a girl from Laos.

Emily and Ron told me she cried a lot and she was very sad for weeks. Lovemaking with Laya was amazing. She was a virgin, to my surprise. But she was a quick learner, very in touch with her body, and very responsive. She was an acrobatic little lover, too, with energy to burn. We simply couldn't get enough of each other. And, it wasn't just in the bedroom. We made love even when there was no sex. We were always touching when we were together, always kissing, holding hands, always with our arms around each other.

We gave ourselves to each other completely. We both knew what it was to have loved and lost, and we didn't waste any time or energy on anything but expressing our love to each other.

The months rolled on. By the time of my company's Christmas party, my bride was 5 months pregnant, and she was still a stunningly beautiful woman. She was dressed in a holiday dress that showed off her legs and her increasingly swollen bust, but (mostly) hid her rapidly swelling belly. Ann and her husband Jim congratulated us at the company party. Our first daughter's name was Nancy, named after my mother. One year later, we had our beautiful daughter, who we named Lisa. Laya communicated with her family and her friend with Skype.

My grandmother diedand she left me some money. After discussing it with Laya, we decided to move into my old home so as to have room for our growing family. Melinda accepted my buy-out offer (Emily was almost done with high school by then, and wanted to live with us until her graduation). Melinda was frankly relieved, as she and Emily had not gotten on very well since the divorce. Melinda had confessed to her a couple years before that the reason for the divorce was that she had cheated on me.

Emily called her a whore and didn't speak to her for months. Eventually, normalcy returned, but Emily was forever rather cool towards Melinda after that. For his part, when Ron found out the circumstances of our divorce, he was angry at her, but acknowledged that she was his mother, and forgave her more quickly. In any event, I bought out Melinda and she bought a nice condo for herself.

Ron and I assisted Melinda in the moving to the condo, and she thanked me. Emily went to the grandparents instead of assisting her mother. I no longer had any hate in my heart for Melinda, I was simply neutral towards her. My heart was filled with love for Laya and my four children. I would have liked Emily to have fully forgiven her mother, but it wasn't my place to put pressure on her. I did tell her that her mother loved her, and had been a good mother to her, and that both of them would be happier if she could someday forgive her.

My love for Laya grew, as did her's for me. Emily moved out, on to college, and my little ones grew. When Lisa was nearing two years old, Laya informed me that she was going to wean her and stop breastfeeding. This was a disappointment to me, as not only did I love her engorged breasts, but we had taken to incorporating nursing into our sex play.

There was truly nothing as erotic and bonding as a wife nursing her husband. We came about it quite unexpectedly. I had been sucking on her nipples during foreplay, and I got a mouth full of milk. She laughed and said, "I guess Lisa didn't empty me out today." I told her she tasted delicious, and Laya said, "then go ahead and let me feed you, my love." It just became part of our intimacy after that. When I expressed my disappointment with her intention to wean Lisa, she laughed and said, "I told you I was going to wean Lisa, but I will never wean you, my love." What can I say?

I told you I've always preferred milk. 5. Chapter Wedding encounters The years went on. My eldest children graduated from college, and got jobs locally. My little ones grew fast. I didn't keep up too much with Melinda, but I know she dated some, but never got too serious.

At one point, she seemed to be getting serious with a ariel licked her hot horny friend brooklyn, and he moved into her condo. It turned out that this man was an abuser. He kicked my ex-wife down the stairs, breaking her leg and arm. The man was arrested, and Melinda was hospitalized. Ron visited his mother and he telephoned me.

He told me Melinda cried all day, because her daughter did not visit her. I told Laya what Ron told me. Laya was angry. She visited Emily and told her that she had to go to her Mother. Confronted with her behavior and her duty to her mother, Emily broke down and cried. Laya held her and soothed her, and black slut lizzy xxx gets dicked down by two big black cocks full video her that it was time to make peace with Melinda.

I took Emily to the hospital. We arrived at her ward. When she saw us she began to cry from the pleasure. She thanked me for bringing our daughter. Emily and Melinda wept and forgave each other. I left the room. Later, I returned and Emily went to the bathroom. Melinda asked if I could I forgive her. I told her I could and I did. She cried a lot again, but they were tears of relief and happiness. I told her that I hoped for her future happiness, and that I had found mine with Laya and my children.

My daughter returned to the room and promised she would visit her again soon. About a year later, my daughter was getting married. The wedding was huge event. Our two young daughters were very excited, because they were the flower girls.

I walked Emily down the aisle to her fiancé. Ron walked his mother and Laya to their seats. Melinda and I were polite with one another, but I tried to avoid her, without being obvious about it. I had forgiven her, but I just could never totally forget her betrayal. She talked much with Laya however. Laya told me later she was very friendly with her. At one point, late in the evening, as the party was winding down, long after my youngest daughters had been taken away by the babysitters, Melinda approached me, as I sat at a table with Laya and my old neighbor, Susan.

Disregarding propriety, she told me with sad voice, "Burt, I can see how much you and Laya love each other. It makes me sad for what we will never have again, all because of a stupid mistake on my part. You look so good, so young, so alive and vibrant, and I'm just an aging lonely woman now." Taken aback, I had an inspiration. "Melinda, I guess I'm living proof that, after you've been cheated on, that ' different gyms do train the body better!'" Susan cross dresser pimped out by wife, Melinda just looked at me confused, and Laya, to whom I had told the story of Susan's attempted seduction of me so many years before, jumped up into my lap, hugging me tight and she kissing me.

"That is true, my love, but don't look for any other gyms than mine for the rest of your life!" Laya said. And I didn't. The end Key for the 7 Revenge weapons for the readers: 1. The main Cruel Revenge is easy for the readers. 2. The first Modern Figaro Type Revenge is the secret divorce proof deposit to reach better rate than 50% at divorce. 3. The second Modern Figaro Type Revenge is to use the teacher student sex. This means Melinda could lose the teacher licence in all USA.

Her husband used this blackmailing possibility to reach the best divorce circumtances. 4.First Romantic Revenge: Melinda loses the mathematical chance for Reconciliation, when his ex husband married Laya. 5. Second Romantic Revenge: Her daughter does not attend her for a long time. 6.Third Romantic Revenge: Melinda's mate is an abuser and wronger mate than her ex husband.

He sent her into Hospital. 7.Fourth Romantic Revenge Melinda met her ex husband and his family and she knows and can see he is HAPPY and his Second wife loves him!