Pals daughter makes dad cum inside charlotte cross gets the plumber to tidy her pipes

Pals daughter makes dad cum inside charlotte cross gets the plumber to tidy her pipes
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I wake up from my pain induced incapacitation to a throbbing in my shoulder. Then it all rushes back to me in a wave of lust and pain. You stabbed me in the shoulder and it turned me on so much that I left it there while I ravaged you and then used it to send my orgasm over the edge. Holy crap it was amazing. I haven't moved yet. I'm still naked but I'm under the sheets now and my shoulder is wrapped with a pillow case. So you did what I told you to, my good little pet.

I look for you and find you hot amateur eurobabe drilled in public for a few bucks with your back turned to me; your hand is still pulled up off the bed from the handcuff.

I slide out from underneath the sheet and slip out of the room. I go to the bathroom and take off the pillow case. It sticks and pulls off the wound with a slight pop. Damn it! It's infected. I don't know how long I was out but it was long enough for it to get bad.

Guess I will be visiting the hospital tonight. I walk into the bedroom and find you still asleep. I leave some food, a bottle of water, and an alcoholic drink for you as a reward for your behavior, on the nightstand.

I pull the sheets over your porcelain skin to your chin. You're so beautiful when you sleep. I get myself dressed and get into my car. Still reeling off the night before, don't remember the drive to the hospital. When I get to the emergency I check in with Bonnie.

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Needless to say I've been here before. "Another conquest?" Bonnie retorts. I lean in close over the desk, "Want to be one?" I whisper.

"Not today," she replies but her blushed cheeks say otherwise. I've been hunting Bonnie for three years now. I see her every two or three months whenever my lust for pain is too much for my body. "You'll enjoy it," I reply, the offer hanging in the air like the promise of a kiss after a good date. I turn away and sit in the waiting room. I make sure the chair is visible from the registration desk.

I keep my back to Bonnie but I know she is watching me warily. Bonnie is a twenty something nurse fresh out of school so I know that the sexual escapades of college life are still fresh in her memory.

Those hormonal boys, or girls, have nothing on the pleasure I could give her. She has slightly curly, auburn hair and green eyes that are hidden behind no-rimmed style glasses. Other than that I have no idea what she looks like which makes her all that more intriguing. My shoulder throbs. The ibuprofen I took before coming to the hospital hasn't even touched the pain. Finally, after three hours I get sent to the back.

I request Doctor McCarthy. He's been the only doctor I see in the emergency room. I love to regale him with my stories. He doesn't call the cops and gives me free teen slut megan rain gets impaled and facialized. I don't tell and neither does he. He's an older man who grew up when sexual orientation was straight and nothing else.

He used to manage a brothel for gay men in his younger days. "When does Bonnie get off shift?" I ask him. He chuckles deep in his throat, a smile crossing his face. "Not even healed from your last adventure and you're already sizing up for another one, eh?" "Uncontrollable appetite doc. What is a girl to do?" I smile back.

He chuckles one more time and hands me a prescription for an antibiotic, a pain killer, and something else. "What's the last one doc?" I questioned. Really don't want to take something I don't need. "It's for Bonnie when she gets off at 9:30 tonight.

She is off for the next two days. I like her very much as a nurse so don't scare her too much," he replies. I smile and shake his offered hand with my good arm. As I walk back through the emergency room and blow Bonnie a kiss good-bye. She blushes and dives into the runny nose complaint from a new mother for her son.

----- I fill my prescription and head home with the pill bag on my passenger seat. I try to come up with a plan to get Bonnie but I'm too excited to get back to my pet. I walk in a little dazed from the pain killer and catch you trying to pry the handcuffs off with the knife blade.

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I lean against the door jamb with my arms crossed and just wait for you to notice me. I hear a click and your wrist comes free. "I really have to quit leaving that knife out for you my pet." I say, a little loud to give bondage hot sex anal fuck a good jump. You turn to the door to stare at me in disbelief. "Didn't think I'd be home this soon I take it?" I reply in response to the shocked expression on your face.

"I'm leaving. Now!" you reply. I laugh, still standing nonchalantly in the doorway. "You can do this the easy way and toss the knife over here and re-cuff your wrist. Or I'm going to have to show you my bad side." I shuffle my feet and stand to my full height giving you a menacing look, no longer wanting to exchange little quips.

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Your face goes white in fear and then red in rage. You move to get off the bed and I put my hands down to my sides and ball them into fists. "Don't test me," I growl, no longer amused.

Your face goes defiant and you get up old man gangbang tight pussy teen your knees. You throw the knife at me and just miss my bad arm.

I watch it skitter across the floor and hear the click, click, click of the cuffs tightening. I rush the bed to scare you and you back away, huddling at the extent of the cuffs.

I sidle closer to your face and kiss your lips. I can taste the salt of the tears that had fallen to you lips. "I've decided why you're so angry my pet. You're lonely." Your face goes blank and I stare into your eyes. Suddenly they go wide in understanding. "No! You can't do this to another person," you yell, "it's not right, not humane." "Why do you think I call you pet?" the words drip from my lips like acid.

"Well you can't stop me. I already have her picked out. Her name is Bonnie. Don't get too close though, she'll only be here for two days." "Please," you beg, "don't make someone else suffer through this." "Ever think that you're not the first?" I retort.

And walk out of the room.

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---- It's 9:30 p.m. The lights from the parking lot give the hospital an eerie glow.

I see Bonnie hurrying out to her car. But I see her from her rearview mirror. I sit in the backseat quietly waiting for Bonnie to open her door. She suddenly stops and looks around. She looks over at my midnight blue firebird and a sudden feeling of annoyance hits me. If she runs because she recognizes my car my hour of being here will be wasted and I will be very annoyed.

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Finally she turns around and continues on her way. I here her soft shoes padding up to the trunk and I sink down further into the backseat. The keys scrape the inside of the lock and the door handle is jiggled open. She falls into her seat exhausted from her twelve hour shift. As the engine of her Camaro growls to life, the rumbling of the engine gets me all geared up too.

As Bonnie sips her cup of coffee I decide that this is how I will bring her down. I slip one of the valiums Doctor McCarthy gave me into her cup when she sets it back into the cup holder. As she drives on and finishes her coffee, she shakes her head as the valium starts to hit. For being a nurse she doesn't have a high drug tolerance. She pulls over into a mall chubby big tits english babe on the couch lot and leans her chair back.

She puts her hands behind her head for cushion and closes her eyes. I wait half an hour before I make my move.

I crawl over the front seat and manage to get her body to the back. I slip into the driver's seat and peel tires to get home before anyone can call the cops. ---- "Where am I?" groans Bonnie, "and why am I handcuffed to a bed with another woman?!" her voice gets shriller as she takes in her surroundings. "Finally at my house, "I whispered into her ear. Bonnie looks me in the face and realizes what must've happened.

Surprisingly she takes it all in and shrugs. "Just glad it's not some creepy stranger," she mutters and rolls away. "And who are you?" she directs at the other woman. "My name is Marcy and I've been here for three days!" she says loudly so everyone in the room hears her. "Ok," says Bonnie as she rolls back to me.

"So what is it you have in mind?" I smile, not believing what I am hearing. "I'm going to let you guys get acquainted while I get some sleep. Being stabbed in the shoulder is very tiring." I begin to saunter out of the door and pause to turn around and see my bed covered by two gorgeous women. My couch is more comfortable anyways……