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Busty amateur with big booty banging pov homemade
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adopted part 5 Margaret stood at the kitchen counter the next morning, smiling as she prepared the tuna salad sandwich that her nephew would take to school. Four more times her hung, horny teen nephew had fucked her the night before, shooting load after load into her wet, juicy pussy. Margaret felt more sexually satisfied than she had been in months.

She was naked now, eager to teach her dead sister's son more about sex before he left for the day. No matter how often he satisfied the wet need in her pussy, Margaret's cunt always grew hot and itchy for more. "Hi, Aunt Margaret" Margaret turned, smiling at her nephew. He wore only a pair of pajama bottoms, through which she could see his big cock swinging between his legs. He looked sheepish and embarrassed, but still stared hungrily at his aunt's brunette swallows and slobbers a big cock. Margaret wondered if his cock was sore from fucking her cunt so much.

"Good morning, darling. Give auntie a nice kiss." She embraced her nephew, lewdly, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, squeezing his ass.

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When Henry finally broke the obscene embrace, he had grown a giant, rock-hard boner that now tented blatantly through the sheer flannel. "Did you sleep well after fucking last night, honey?" "Yes." "And you've got another big hot hard-on now." Margaret shook her head, as if humorously exasperated with the constancy of her ward's sex drive. "Honestly, you're just incorrigible, Henry. I suppose you'd like Auntie to help you with that big hard-on before you go to school today." Henry just nodded, shy and horny, his cock twitching in his pajama bottoms as he stared at his aunt's body.

Margaret wrapped up the sandwich, then walked out of the kitchen, leading her nephew back to the bedroom. She hopped on the bed, sprawling on her back and spreading her thighs wide apart. "Take off your pajamas, honey. I want to see your big cock, again." Henry obeyed his Aunt, stepping out of the pajama pants, revealing his enormously swollen cock. Looking at the teen's prick made Margaret hungry to feel it ramming into her pussy again.

But there was something else she'd yet to teach her nephew. Any good stud, she felt, needed to be well-skilled in licking wet pussy. "Look at my pussy, Henry." Margaret splayed her thighs wide apart, shamelessly displaying her wet, hairy fuck hole to her ward.

Henry's cock throbbed this lady had an fantastic ass and admirable natural tits harder as he ogled her pussy. Margaret dipped her finger into her furry cunt slit, darting it in and out. "I know you like my cunt enough to fuck it, honey," she purred. "Now I want to find out if you like licking it, too. Have any of the boys at school ever talked about cunt licking, darling?" Henry nodded.

"A lot of boys really like licking wet pussy, Henry. Some boys even like it better than fucking, or getting their cocks sucked. A wet cunt has a natural aroma that most men find very arousing. I'd like to see if you like licking cunt too, baby. Then I'll let you fuck me." The expression on Henry's face told Margaret that he was humiliatedschoolgirls naughty tia tilton fucks her guardian to be well- suited to a long career as a pussy licker.

He sprawled on the bed, moving up to lie between her thighs, facing her wet, fragrant pussy. Margaret took her hand out of the way, giving him ample room to lick and suck. "Put your mouth on it, Henry.

See how it tastes." Henry obeyed her, pressing his mouth to her wet, swollen, pouty-lipped hole. He groaned, revealing that he liked the taste of pussy juice very much indeed. Henry thrust out his tongue, pushing it deep inside her throbbing cunt hole.

Margaret grimaced and wiggled her ass as Henry started licking and lapping, sluicing his tongue up and down between the pink, juice-oozing folds of her itchy little cunt slit. "You like cunt licking, don't you, Henry?" Margaret panted.

She held his head with both hands, thrusting her ass off the mattress, slowing fucking her throbbing cunt hole onto his mouth. "A lot of boys think it tastes kind of fishy.

But I'll bet you like licking this kind of fish, don't you? I'll bet it reminds you of how my pussy smells when you're giving it a good fucking." Henry nodded, his face buried between her thighs. Without being asked, he moved his hands up, delicately peeling open her pussy petals with his fingers. The interior of her pussy was pink, bright, glistening with juice. Henry swabbed the throbbing fuck hole with his tongue, then seemed to notice the fat little bump protruding at the top.

"That's my clitty, Henry," his aunt panted. "That's the most sensitive part of a woman. Why don't you lick it for me?" Henry obeyed, touching his tongue tentatively to the sensitive, achy clit nubbin. Margaret instantly bucked as if she'd been shot, her big tits quivering as she fucked her ass off the bed much harder than before. "That feels so good, Henry! Unnnggghhh! I like getting my clit licked and sucked! Oh, Henry, lick it for me! Put it in your mouth, darling! Suck my clitty too!" Henry straightened two fingers, gently guiding them into the narrow, clinging teen gets a cock shoved in her mouth amp cunt of her pussy.

Then he lovingly started swabbing her clit with his tongue, basting it with saliva. He took the clit bud between his lips, sucking it, making it swell bigger. Then he settled into a rhythm that his aunt found extremely pleasurable, sucking her clit as he fucked her pussy with his hand.

"Unnggghhh! That's enough! Fuck your me now, Henry! Hurry, Henry, put your cock in my pussy! Fuck your aunt hard!" Henry rose up, mounting her, aiming his throbbing cockhead at the well- wetted pussy opening.

Margaret cocked her knees up to her shoulders, looking down and watching him guide in the cockmeat. The cock knob popped into her gooey pussy hole, and then the cockshaft. Then inch after inch of the long, stiff pussy-pleaser was boring into her fuck channel, stuffing her cunt to bursting with the big, stiff cock she craved. "Fuck me, Henry! Unngggh! I'm so horny now!

Fuck your aunt, fuck your horny aunt!" Henry sprawled on top of his naked aunt, crushing her tits under his chest. Margaret shuddered, feeling the tremendous fuck pole stabbing to the hilt in her pussy.

She wrapped her legs around his back, humping fast and hard. Henry met her rhythm, fucking his huge, achy cock in and out of her cunt. His fucking was especially satisfying right after the licking. His tongue and fingers had made her pussy so hot and drippy, and now it was intensely satisfying to give her hot, hairy cunt hole something long and probing to suck on to.

Margaret's cunt now clung to his stroking cock with a special tightness, nursing around every inch of lotta big clit top tube porn cockshaft. Her pussy was so horny and itchy that she couldn't think of anything else.

She needed a long, violent fucking now, so she could relieve herself with a long cum on his huge cock. "Fuck me, Henry!" She bounded her ass frantically off the bed, pistoning her tight, throbbing pussy onto his prick as fast as she could. "Really hard now, baby! Unh, unh, ram it in! Fuck my pussy just as hard as you can!" Henry fucked her, panting on her shoulder, relentlessly spearing his huge, swollen fuck shaft into the gushing depths of her pussy. Her frantic humping rhythm spurred him on.

Soon he was stuffing her pussy as fast and deep as he could, utterly reaming her fuck channel with every skewering stroke of his prick. "Fuck your me, fuck your horny aunt!" Margaret chanted.

"Unngggh! Feels so good, Henry! I'm cumming now! Oh, fuck, oh shit, Marge's cuuummmiiinnnggg!" Her wet, hairy pussy spasmed and spewed, gushing fuck juice onto his cock, milking the belly-probing stiffness of his prick. Still Henry didn't let the morning's first load of cum juice flood into her belly. Instead he gripped her ass cheeks and kept fucking her hard and fast, pounding his cock into her stomach, guiding her through the peak of her cum.

And it was in the middle of her orgasm that Margaret realized, suddenly, how badly she wanted to feel his cock pounding into her asshole. The violent cum had spread through her whole body, making her puckered little shit sphincter pulsate in and out as her pussy spasmed around his cock. It had been a long time since Margaret had enjoyed a really good ass reaming, particularly with a cock nearly as large as his. She wondered if Henry would enjoy fucking his aunt's asshole as much as he obviously loved sticking his big cock into her cunt.

"Take it out, Henry," she panted. "I want to show you another place to put your prick now." Henry obeyed her, though it obviously hurt him to do so. Margaret stared at the giant cockshaft as it reappeared from her furry, clinging pussy. Jodi and her guys huge dick gets into hardcore sex pornstars big tits was red, dripping with cunt cream, stone-hard with its need to shoot out the load clogging his balls.

Margaret's asshole tingled and burned as she imagined getting such a huge donkey prick stuffed between her ass cheeks. Margaret rolled over, sprawling on her belly. She thought of telling Henry to fetch some Vaseline from the bathroom, but she decided it wasn't necessary. His cock was dripping with pussy juice, after all, and besides, she was too horny to wait. Henry gasped in shock as he watched his horny aunt stretch her ass cheeks open with her fingers, shamelessly displaying her pink, puckered shit opening to her very own adopted son.

"Have you ever heard about asshole fucking, boy?" Margaret panted. "Yes." "I'll bet you have, honey. Henry, a lot of women really love getting their assholes fucked.

I'm no exception. Why, sometimes my little asshole gets just as hot and horny as my pussy. Do you see the way my asshole is throbbing right now?" "Yes." "That means it needs a good fucking. But it's a lot tighter than a pussy, Henry, and you can hurt it more easily. Ordinarily, it's a good idea to use lots and lots of petroleum jelly before you try to give a girl a good ass fucking.

You don't have to do that now, 'cause my asshole is so horny." "Yes" "Get on top of me, honey. Hold your cock in your hand, and then put the tip into my horny little asshole. I know you're going to like fucking my ass. It's awfully, awfully tight. But be sure to slide your cock in slowly at first.

I'll tell you when you can go faster. All right?" "Yes" Henry mounted her, holding his enormous cock in hand, fitting the spongy, cum-oozing knob into the rubbery ring of her asshole. Margaret held her ass cheeks wider apart, shuddering as she felt the first pressure of his cockhead on her red, horny asshole.

Then it was boring into her, stretching her shit sphincter wide, making her rubbery ass channel suck and spasm uncontrollably on the invading thickness of his cock. "Unngggh! Oh, Henry! You've got a really big prick, honey! Unngggh! Fuck my asshole now, baby! Nice and slow, that's right! Shove your big, stiff boner right up my ass!" Henry squirmed on top of her, putting his hips in the best position to drill his huge cock lance to the hilt in her bowels.

Fucking a tight asshole, he found, felt different from fucking a pussy. The hole was much tighter; he had to thrust more slowly, at least at first. Gradually Henry settled into a steady fucking rhythm, packing more of his huge prick up her asshole with every stroke. Now the naked aunt's asshole had really begun to itch and burn.

The horny shit sphincter was stretched to bursting around her young ward's cock, sucking on the veined prick shaft as it stabbed relentlessly into the depths of her bowels.

There was some pain as his cock burrowed into her asshole, but it was more than compensated for by a delicious pleasure that grew stronger every second.

Soon the horny lady was humping fast and hard, whimpering as she held her ass cheeks apart, eagerly fucking her tender, horny asshole onto the satisfying stiffness of his huge cock.

"Yes, yes, fuck my asshole, honey!" she gasped. "You can do it hard now! Unggh! It doesn't hurt at all! Oh, please, Henry, my asshole needs fucking so fucking much!" Henry lunged down hard, packing every inch of his mammoth cock-lance into the sucking tightness of his aunt's shitter.

For several seconds he lay still, letting his prick soak in the spasming tightness of her ass tract. Then he pulled out slowly, withdrawing until only the tip of his cock parted her ass ring. Margaret gasped with pleasure as he again nailed his huge cock into the welcoming tightness of her bowels.

"Fuck my asshole, fuck my horny little asshole!" Henry started giving her the violent, deep ass fucking his aunt needed. In and out his big cock sawed, fucking through the gripping, rubbery tightness of her shit tube.

Henry panted on her shoulder, his balls painfully swollen alia bhatt fuck story hardcore an early morning load of spunk. He fucked her tight asshole harder and harder, ramming his aching cock through the sucking grip of her bowels. "Ram it in, Henry!" Margaret released her jiggling ass buns, no longer needing to spread apart to allow him cop fucks girl and yet still love my wife episode lp cop was highly satisfied with the ream out her bowels.

She thrust both hands under her belly, groping through her juice-matted pussy curls until she found her fat, swollen clit. Shamelessly the naked lady started rubbing the tingling little bud, jacking off her pussy as her hung ward pleasure her asshole with his huge, stroking prick.

Henry thrust harder and harder, until he was ass-fucking his aunt with all the strength in his loins. Furiously he stabbed his cock into her rubbery- gripping asshole, feeling the stretched shit sphincter clinging to his cock with every stroke.

His giant fuck organ was getting even stiffer, and Margaret sensed that he would soon be showering her bowels with jism. She rubbed her clit in a frenzy of fuck passion, frantically fucking her hot, itchy asshole onto her young ward's big prick.

"Fuck my asshole, fuck my horny little asshole!" she pleaded. "Ungggh! You've got such a big one, Henry! My asshole loves your big prick! Unngggh!

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I'm cumming now! Fuck your aunt, fuck my horny asshole! I'm cumming, cuummiinnggg!" Her asshole spasmed and throbbed, milking the skewering stiffness of her sister's son's enormous cock. Henry kept ass-fucking as hard as he could, guiding her through the peak of her orgasm. Then he collapsed on her blushing ass buns, slamming his prick as far up her stretched itchy asshole as it would go.

The milky white cock juice spewed out of his hard-on, flooding his aunt's asshole with hot sticky cum. Margaret felt the creamy load spouting into her ravished shit tunnel, anointing the burning walls with a soothing tide of jizz.

"Oh, Henry," she panted. She flexed her shitting muscles around the cum- squirting hard-on, helping him shoot out every drop. Later today, she realized, she was scheduled for another counseling session with Walter Wayne. He would undoubtedly want to fuck her too. Margaret was already beginning to get used to the idea of having two hung, horny studs to fuck her mouth, pussy or asshole whenever she wanted.