Vinna reed and andy west in bisex orgy

Vinna reed and andy west in bisex orgy
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DISCLAIMER - Since this story involves real people, even though it is a work of fiction, names have been changed to protect the identities of anyone mentioned. I always knew my coworker Rochelle didn't like me very much, I just never knew how much. I suppose I should have known since I was partly why she lost her job, but I never expected this. I was out one night with Danielle and Kelsie from work, who also happen to be friends with Rochelle.

I should have known something was up. Neither of them ever seemed inclined to hang out before, but I thought, whatever. One of them must have spiked my drink with something because the last thing I remembered was walking out of the bar with them before I woke up tied to a bed in strange room. I had no idea where I was, and even stranger yet, I was completely naked. And I was a girl! They had forced me to take an X-Change pill while I was knocked out.

Then Rochelle came into the room with Danielle and Kelsie and told me that ever since I had gotten her fired, she had been plotting her revenge.

The pink pill she had given me was an X-Change Custom that had been specially made to change me into a girl at the height of her fertility cycle, with an insatiable craving for unprotected sex, and the ability to get off on intercourse alone. "And another lithuanian slut on cam free on cam hd porn d nl live on soon as I cum in that tight little pussy, you'll be a girl permanently. Oh and not to mention pregnant!" The three of them then all took blue pills and turned into some of the hottest, muscular, most well endowed men I had ever seen.

Immediately my body began responding. I felt a wetness and an aching emptiness between my legs. Danielle and Kelsie slowly stroked their new shafts and watched as Rochelle strode over and lubricated the head of her massive 10 inch cock on the entrance to my already soaking pussy. "Rochelle," I begged "Please! Don't do this! What did I ever do to you!? I have a family that's going to wonder what happened to me!

Please don't do this!" She leaned down close over me, smiling. Japanese cutie cured with a creampie whispered, "You're a man.

I've been used and abused by men my entire life. Being a woman I've never been able to get away with what men do, at work, or in life. You were the last straw.

You're going to know what it feels like to be a woman abused. But don't worry, I'm sure you'll make a great single mother" Without warning, she thrusted all 10 inches into my virginal depth, nestling the head of her swollen member right at the entrance to my womb.

"AHHHHH!" I gasped. The feeling of her shaft filling my ENTIRE vaginal cavity was unlike anything I'd ever felt. It almost felt good. What was going on? "Ahhhh, I can understand why you men enjoy this so much. It feels good to have a velvety, dripping wet pussy wrapped around your cock.

A shame you'll never know what that feels like again." She pulled herself slowly out and then thrust herself all the way back in. "NOOOOOO" I screamed, arching my back as pleasure shot through me.

She shuddered, "MAN that feels good." Rochelle smiled down at my gasping body, savoring the look of horror on my face at what was happening, clearly enjoying being the mastermind behind my fall. "Oh, I'm going to enjoy this," she said maliciously, and proceeded to fuck me with reckless abandon. My initial resistance began to give as she fucked me. It felt amazing just to be so FULL.

The longer she kept going, the more I felt something building up, like a huge wave that came closer and closer to crashing down with every thrust. Suddenly a bomb went off inside of me, it wasn't just between my legs, my entire body felt amazing. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH YES, that feels so FUCKING GOOD! DON'T STOP!" I screamed as my vaginal walls spasmed uncontrollably around her pistoning cock.

Rochelle just laughed, "There's more where that came from bitch" I must have cum at least three more times on her massive cock, and all the while she never stopped fucking me. I was on the verge of a fourth when Rochelle screamed. "FUCK YES!" She threw her head back with a roar of triumph as with one final thrust, she pressed her cock head against the opening of my womb and pumped wave after wave of heat into my fertile body.

Her already massive cock seemed to swell inside me with each spasm. The feeling of her cum inside me was amazing, the knowledge it was making me a woman forever, and probably getting me pregnant, made it even hotter.

I couldn't help myself. I came harder than I ever did that night. And even after I came down, I kept flexing my walls and milked Rochelle's cock for every last drop. Rochelle must have realized what I was doing, because she laughed again and said, "Don't you worry about that, there's PLENTY more where THAT came from.

There are THREE of us after all. But since you seem to enjoy it so much, I don't think you're going to be going anywhere. So why don't I untie you and we can have some REAL fun! Once Rochelle pulled out and untied me, Danielle and Kelsie proceeded to join in. Kelsie, whom I had a crush on, had turned into the hottest of the three.

She scooped me up off the bed and kissed me. I practically melted in her arms. "Mmhmm, I'm gonna have fun with you" she said with a grin. With my legs wrapped around her and my arms around her neck, she leaned me against the wall and began to fuck me. The harder she fucked the harder I found it to keep my legs wrapped around her and hold myself upon her monster cock.

Finally Kelsie paused for a moment, "Hey Danielle, why don't you come over here and *hold her up* for me?" she said with a wink. Then, raising me up on her massive cock, she turned around and carried me over to Danielle on the bed. Danielle, who had turned into the most muscular of the three, stood up, wrapped and arm around my abdomen, pressed herself up against my back, and whispered in my ear, "Surprise.

Asshole" and pushed her lubricated cock into my virgin ass. I screamed as I felt this enormous invader spread my ass cheeks further than they had ever been. When Danielle had managed to push herself in to the base, she released me. I leaned forward against Kelsie as I shuddered and gasped, suspended in the air on two cocks.

"Ahhh, it feels good to be the one doing the penetrating" said Danielle. Danielle and Kelsie brought us all down onto the bed, with Danielle beneath me, her cock buried in my ass, and Kelsie on top, buried in my pussy.

They proceeded to fuck me, one thrusting in as the other pulled back. Once the pain subsided, the pleasure was unrivaled! I never wanted to be a man again.

I gasped and shrieked in pleasure as they fucked me like the dirty slut I now was. Using me like a fuck-toy, they all fucked me with malicious joy, making sure no matter what hole they were fucking, to always blow their loads into my pussy.

as if I would have let them cum anywhere else! By the end of the night I was a pro, practically riding each of them like a dog in heat, milking them for every drop as they filled me with their baby-making seed until we all passed sexy women convinced to flash their nice tits for money in the wee hours of the morning.

By the time I came to, they had all changed back into their normal selves and left. I didn't, of course, as my changes had been made permanent when Rochelle came inside me. It was only about a month before I knew the pregnancy tests would come back positive, which I was sure they would. And here I was. No car, no job, no money, and soon-to-be a single mother. With the heat of the moment no longer clouding my judgement.

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I couldn't help it, I curled into a ball and sobbed. My life was ruined.

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Kelsie must felt bad for me. I hadn't ever done anything to her, and I was left worse off than most single pregnant women. She came back with an array of clothes for me to wear and offered to let me move in with her and her roommate. She could see I was still having a hard time processing what had happened to me and the changes to my body, so in her spare time, she showed me how to dress, do my hair and makeup, and how blacked blonde personal assistant shawna lenee loves black men please me new form, sometimes as a girl, and sometimes, with the help of a little blue pill, as a man.

Kelsie really must have enjoyed sex as a guy, because a few weeks later, she came home with a ring and a Plus Pill. She told me she loved me and wanted to marry me. I tearfully said yes. She took the pill and we spent the rest of the night between the sheets, wrapped in each other's arms.

We moved out on our own shortly after. My belly is starting to get pretty big. Not that she minds, actually, I think she finds it even hotter! Sure I lost my job, my friends, and family. But instead of no sex, now I can get it whenever I want. Kelsie, or should I say Ricky, is more than happy to oblige. Life has never been been better now! Janna, (formerly Justin) soon-to-be-MILF, enjoying life as a woman.