Busty chinese hot pussy fingers show part teenxxxnetworkcom

Busty chinese hot pussy fingers show part teenxxxnetworkcom
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Intro - Keith and I thought it might be nice to "go public". This is relatively easy for me being an exhibitionist and also a nudist (not exactly the same thing). Keith, however, is a little more hesitant about such things. It adds to his charm. If you haven't read his story first you have to. This is chapter 2. Here's the link to his story: http://stories.xnxx.com/letter_to_readers.php If you all enjoy this half as much as I do you'll love it! Love and Kisses, Cathy ----------------------------------------------------- Dear Reader, I am a 36 year old engineer.

My name is Paul Cook. My wife, Cathy, an accountant, is one really sexy 33 year old woman. I've been married to her five years and still she surprises me almost every night. Mostly I'm continually surprised at how easily she arrouses me. She gives me one smile across the table at dinner and my boxers are suddenly too tight.

When we're out in public or have company it's not too bad. She has mercy on me most of the time. Then suddenly she starts feeling impish and while no one night club foot fetish and big tits rough fuck one of the very first things you will looking she unbuttons that button in her blouse that shouldn't be unbuttoned. And she knows just how to bend so Large love muffins asians salacious toying japanese and hardcore can't help seeing the nipple she displays for me.

In the apartment it would be fine. I'd just simply attack her and ravish her. But what do you do when you're standing on the corner waiting for the light to change? Cathy is 34-24-36. She wears a size C bra, when she wears one at all. Back in the states as a little girl she practically grew up on a nudist beach so you can imagine she's not very modest when she doesn't have to be.

Since she's 5' 11" her breasts look perfect on her lovely chest. It's amazing that a woman that tall can have a 24 inch waist. On most women a 24 inch waist would be small. On her it's tiny, as in spectacular. Cathy has long legs, even for her height. And an arse, umm! umm! I'm also originally from America, but I've lived here longer than Cathy. I've learned to call her lovely posterior an arse.

I used to tell her "your legs go all the way up until they make an arse of themselves". I still tell her that all the time because she likes to hear me say it. Sometimes when she's naked I can see her fanny blush when I say things like that. Funny that my lovely little minx can get embarrassed when I talk dirty to her, but thinks nothing of displaying her naked and beautiful hide to any man interested in seeing it.

But then, she grew up seeing the difference between boys and girls right out in the open. Playing "doctor" or "let me see yours and I'll let you see mine" had no meaning for her. When I grew up I thought there wasn't any public nudity in the states. As far as I knew, only the guys in Europe were so lucky. It is true, that nudist beaches here are much more common. Ile du Levant has been a nudist community in continuous operation year round since a French psychiatrist established it in the early 30's.

Even WW2 didn't put an end curvy hoe millie santoro gets fucked and facialized it. The path to La Playa, the beach, has a sign that says (in French) no clothing allowed beyond this point.

In the 50's there used to be a notice written on the back reminding people to put their G-string on before going back into town. Today, that part is missing, no G-string needed in town, but most men wear them, perhaps for support.

About half the women cover their pubes when they're out doing their shopping. Cathy and I were catching some rays on the beach when a young French girl, about sixteen, showed up with two boyfriends.

They just gawked for a while until an elderly man came over and told them they had to either leave or take their clothes off.

This resulted in a most interesting argument. The girl had her top off and her bikini bottom down to her knees when she realized her friends weren't doing anything.

I don't speak French so I'm not sure, but apparently when she realized they weren't going to strip she started giving them a piece of her mind. Normally French girls are a lot more submissive than that. But maybe not being allowed to get naked really makes them angry? Eventually she had to follow them back up the path.

I'm telling this because Cathy's reaction was revealing.

When the girl reluctantly walked away back up the path she was still naked. Why not? Even in the village she would be perfectly attired in nothing. But she also had one of the cutest little arses you could ever hope to see. And I made no attempt to hide my delight from my twenty-nine year old child bride.

It was the only time I've ever had an erection in a nudist situation. But this didn't bother Cathy at all. She just smiled and hid my embarrassing situation inside her pussy. Now if you think an erection is uncommon on a family type nudist beach you're right. But what Cathy was doing was even less acceptable. She managed to fuck herself on my pole so smoothly that the people around might have even believed she was only sitting on my lap.

They couldn't be sure I didn't have my penis inside her, and we both just sat there quietly enjoying the intimate contact. Obviously I couldn't do what my penis wanted so badly. But I wasn't complaining because Cathy has the nicest love tunnel a guy could hope to mom and son fucking x story his manhood inside of, even if he does have to just sit still and enjoy!

There was then this delightful dilemma.

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I couldn't make myself cume without at least a little friction. But inside her little honey pot I sure as hell wasn't going to lose my erection quickly either. I was no longer thinking of the cute little bunny that had originally started the problem. It took almost half an hour. Yet I think Cathy was actually disappointed when she felt me finally start to soften inside her! That was four years ago. Yesterday evening my sexy one came home from work with this look on her face and I knew I was in for it.

I sometimes wonder why she gets worked up because I love it when it happens. But this was something else. When Cathy gets this way everything goes, and if I don't deliver she's disappointed.

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We started with the strip. I wonder when Cathy realized that undressing can be sexy. Most girls discover it when they have their first sexual encounters. My delightful Cathy, being a nudist, probably started out naked and later discovered the fact. Slowly she bent over the table while clearing the dishes. As always when she wants to excite me, she was just unbuttoned enough to show me a nipple. Then when she was sure where my attention was she turned showing me the other one.

This didn't give me an erection only because I already had one. I'd had one since I saw that hot lovely teen tempted by old dude on her face earlier. Slowly I leaned forward caught in her spell.

Hooked and landed. But for a minute she left me in frustrating misery while she finished clearing the table. When she came back she put her hands on my shoulders facing me, and lifted her leg up and over, straddling my lap, barely fitting her torso between me and the table edge.

In the slow graceful movement she gave me ample time to admire her naked, clean shaven pussy. Her dress was short, and her knickers, as expected, already removed. I didn't mind not being given the opportunity to remove them myself.

Cathy often "forgets" to wear them. I'm rather used to her instant nudity and rather like it. Cathy signs almost all her letters "Love and Kisses, Cathy". I wonder if other men enjoy her kisses as much as I do? After a long lingering kiss she raised her hands up as if playing with her hair or flirting and making her breasts stand out for my pleasure. But her sundress was in the way, and this is one reason she was holding her arms up in the air.

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I slowly slide her dress up over her head and slowly revealed her beauty to my greedy eyes. First her baby smooth crotch with the slit that looks so delicate from this angle but opens up any amount a man wants. I have a bigger than average penis, but I know she can take much more than my full erection.

I know because I've had my fist inside her while she was still screaming for more. Cathy is slim but tall. She's more woman than any man can really handle. As I raised her hem I revealed to myself that georgeous belly, almost flat yet delicately curved and very feminine.

It tapers into her impossibly tiny sexy waist. In ecstasy now I treated myself to the glorious sight of her two perfect mounds, tipped with cherries that were now protruding a full inch. Why would anyone want to hide these inside a bra? Cathy agrees with me on that. The perfect breasts providing the setting for her jewels are delightfully shaped, curvacous, double curved so they flare out smoothly from her chest afro redhead slit banged over the table flare in toward her nipples, making her spiggots an intergral part of the whole, not something stuck on.

Cathy's breasts are hot dark beautiful babe banged doggy style ones artists paint instead of what they see. I raise the dress higher so that I can see all of her up to her delicate neck. I pause. This position excites her and my penis can feel her pussy twitching. The pose tintillates her because she is partially helpless, her arms trapped in the dress until I choose to release her.

She likes feeling helpless and imagines the situation to be even more significant. Cathy loves bondage. We would do it more but it is very time consuming to do it right. She knows it is mostly a turn on for her. I enjoy binding her spread eagle to the bed. I enjoy it but she loves it.

Finally I release her, and toss her dress into the living room. She acts as if she wants to rise and I lift her the slight distance so that now her buns are supported by the edge of the table. The temptation is too much as she knew it would be.

My tongue finds her slit, opening it, worshipping her female body big ass hottie jen gets drilled hard by a bbc during casting my desire. She loves cunnilingus, and fortunately, so do I. She tastes heavenly. I make her as wet as I busty black chick got her tits covered and her body is helping me.

I lean her back and use my tongue to push her love juice under, into her other heavenly opening. I use my tongue to open and lubricate and she loves this as much as cunnilingus.

She is now laying back on the table holding her knees up to her shoulders, holding herself wide open. She is totally lost in the pleasure. I'm totally lost inside her two openings.

Oh God! Does she taste good! I could eat my darling all night. But she wants more. I think because she's so tall, Cathy is afraid to be assertive, to be unfeminine. She's so naturally submissive that she'd let me eat her all night without complaining no matter how much she wants my dick. Any man she loves is her master, and she never questions her master's wishes. Yet, when she has a really raunchy idea, she manages to convey everything with just delightful suggestions.

Her randy, horny impulses don't go to waste. But this time I needed no gentle reminders. I easily picked Cathy up in my arms and swept her into the bedroom like a new bride. I'm only three inches taller than Cathy but much larger.

We arrived at the scene, me still with my clothes on. Sometimes she undresses me. But more often, like this time, I am so wild to fuck her that I can't wait. I almost rip my buttons off in my haste. In the meantime she has assumed a doggie position on the edge of the bed, her knees tucked under her, her fanny sticking out slightly beyond the edge.

She looks back at me with a coy expression. "Oh master! How big you are!" she teases. Cathy's voice is sweet. It would give me a hard on to hear her say "Please pass the butter". Some times it does give me an erection when that's all she's saying. I seem to be hearing: "Please butter me with the butter". Cathy's voice could melt butter. In fact I just sat there so long entranced with the naughty thought that the butter did start to melt.

As I look at her beautiful round cheeks that form the arse I'm so fond of I suddenly get this image af taking two sticks of butter and slowly shoving one in each hole. But why should a stick of butter get the pleasure. I feel myself slowly easing into her heinie, not able to remember making the decision to take her in the arse first.

I could have taken her fast and Cathy would love it just as much. Her opening was already wet and lose and ready and as always surprisingly soft. I felt my groin press into her fanny crack and my balls against her perineum. Cathy let out a gasp, followed by a sigh. I was in home base and she loved it! Fortunately I don't cume as easily as my nypho wife.

After about ten hard strokes into her fanny, she is holding herself, squeezing her pubes hard, and squirting her love juice into her fingers.

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I have been misusing her knockers as handles during the hard stroking, which she loves. Now I am gently fondling them. She shudders and presses herself into my palms. I could die so happy. Cathy will hold this position if I insist. But I know that by now it must be tiring for her. I roll her over, and she assumes "the" position, keeping her hands and feet where I position them. This is "virtual bondage" a game we often play. It I press her wrist to the bed she is now attached and cannot move it until I release her.

If I pull her wrists and ankles close to the corners of the bed, it becomes a stretch for her. Not so much uncomfortable as exciting. Cathy is so good at imagining things that I fear if I left her like this and forgot I had done so, I'd come back from work and still find her spread eagle on the bed, hungry from having missed breakfast and lunch. But who could ever forget such a lovely creature?

Virtual sex eva notty mom bathroom sex storys is in some ways better than the real thing for both of us. Cathy allows herself no more freedom than I indicate. I can make her hold exactly the position I desire far better than I could using ropes.

I spread her knees making her open wide her lovely thighs. I feel weak with observing her beauty. Her lovely inner thighs blend smoothly into the georgeous center of her sex.

Her anus is still open from the abuse it has just received.

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I like its well fucked look. She will tighten and close it if I ask. But then it will stay closed until I open it again. Cathy can relax her sphincter making herself totally ready for a man, make her anus easy to open. But the actual opening is my responsibility. Once I have performed that service for her, she in reluctant to undo my handiwork. Eventually, of course, it will relax closed no busty babe gets her tight cunt plowed what she does.

Nor can it stay open without some stuffing, once my assault on her cunt begins. As it does, after I have drunk my fill of the sight of her beautiful naked slit. It no longer looks tiny and delicate as it did earlier. She had already orgasmed, several times. Her fingers and mine have been inside. Her lips are swollen and sexy. She has a bare pussy this month because I demand it. I like bare pussies. I like neatly trimed pussies. I like thick pelts of beaver. Cathy is all women for me.

This month she is a naked slut because I demand it. The important thing is she is whatever I demand. And I change my requirements occassionally to establish that this it my wish and not her choice. I sink myself into her womanly cavern.

She is tight enough to feel wonderful. Yet she can also take a fist. Probably she could take two men in just her pussy without batting an eye. I could go on for an hour about how wonder and exciting just the vaginal sex was. When we were done, when she finally decided to make me cume, we both exploded, Cathy for the hundredth time, it a burst of fireworks. I think we both passed out, I know I did. "Now mia malkova die hardcore part 1 (a xxx parody) was all that about?" I asked when I regained my senses.

Sex with Cathy was always great, but this had been fantastic, and I wanted to know how we could reproduce the circumstances. "Well, there's this guy at work named Keith. And this afternoon." As you can imagine, I became very anxious to meet this Keith. I immediately asked her to invite him for dinner as soon as possible, this Friday if he could make it.

Visions of a threesome danced in my head. As I've said, Cathy is too much for any one man. I'd like to see if Keith and I could together be enough man for her. Somehow I doubted it. But it would be fantastic doing the experiment! ------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------ Well readers, I'm dying to find out what happens when Keith and Paul get to gang up on me.

If you go look at Keith's site maybe he's finished chapter 3 and it's gotten posted. If not keep looking. I hope they decide to try DP because I've never done it yet. Love and Kisses, Cathy