Latina amateur blowjob fucking riding hotel room interracial big dick

Latina amateur blowjob fucking riding hotel room interracial big dick
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Story : Everyone Loves Lia. Many so called erotic writer arein reality, just a bunch of sick fucks. They have to have the woman, usually a wife, raped by real sleezy men. Men that if we can read a persons personality in his stories. In my stories, the women, usually a wife, is treat with the respect due her. She is naturally a sex object by many horny men but these men usually have some form of humanity about them. Many writer's characters are completely devoid of character.

They are bosses or friends of the husband who heap abuse on both the husband and the wife. I think these characters are part of the sick minds of the writers. I hope that my characters always stay human. Even when the woman, usually a wife fucks an dog or a horse, the animal usually has more humanity that the mutterings of some sick writers mental state.I do not write for the enjoyment of other sick people but rather for the wicked dirty minded sex hound.

If you clicked on this story by mistake then go away. If you are a sick controlling person I don't even want you to read my stories. I did not write them for you sickos but for you perverts. I also do not write for people that want to read about white women being taken, raped, or just the "I always wanted to see my wife get fucked by a nigger" crowd.

I think that this idea is racism to white and blacks alike. That a man should just be wanted for his skin color is is distasteful.

So if you are looking for interracial sex then look elsewhere. If you want innocent, but dumb little wives, I have that. If you want to suck a big cock yourself I have that.

I kill off rapist in horrific ways. I see that bosses' forcing their married employees into sex to keep their jobs. I also deal with these creeps. I also deal with the so called buddies that like to use and abuse a "friend's " wife and heap abuse on the husband.

I have a special treatment for these kind. And I have a special dislike for the ones that write such stories. It is my belief that they write about what they wish they could do. The young woman, perhaps I should say girl. Lia was only sixteen. She was about as pretty as you can get. She had dark brown hair and an almost Alabaster white skin.

Lia was also married, all of three weeks. Her husband Tim was barely eighteen himself. Tim was away at his minimun wage job right now. He worked in the take out window at the nearby Double Burger fast food place. The couple had a small efficiency apartment. The rent on the place was almost as much as Tim made in wages.

The only way they could even eat was for him to bring food home from the burger joint. Right now Lia was naked. her white skin set against the dark mass of her pubic hair was what the old man kneeling before her was intent on. He had a thick finger inside her very private place.

She had been a virgin only less than a month. Now she had their old landlord's finger probing in the place that she had thought was only for her husband. Now here she was letting the fat old, balding white haired man invade her privacy. Two hours ago Mister Ralph had came to throw them out of their apartment. They were two weeks behind in iamporn czech couple fucking in bisex trio rent.

The Double Burger had decided to go to a twice monthly pay schedule. They had not informed the employees and Tim had to wait on the rent.

He thought that he had it worked out with Ralph, but this morning the fat old landlord had changed his mind. Actually he felt that he would catch the pretty little wife alone and vulnerable. Lia had been caught by surprise when Ralph told her that she had to move all their stuff out right then, or he would have to call the police to have her moved out. Lia was pleading and sobbing at the same time.

Ralph had told her that the only thing that would keep her from being evicted was for her to suck his cock. At first Lia didn't understand. Even her husband, Tim, had not done that yet. Lia know all about it from talking to other girls and Knew that one day she would give that pleasure to her husband.

Now fat old mister Ralph had his pant's puddled around his ankles. His misshapened prick was hanging limply out from a grotesque belly of layers of flabby fat. It was the only male organ that Lia had ever seen other than Tim's. She couldn't help but notice the difference. Tim's was full sex stories momxxxx dp story 1080 but, even in it's limp condition, Ralph's cock was thicker.

Ralph's cock was also dripping a clear substance from the tip of his cock. Lia knew that it was his precum. Tim usually leaked some from the eye hole in the tip of his cock, but not like this. She felt Ralph's hand's on the back of her head forcing her forward. She closed her eyes and didn't fight him. She didn't help him either, but she didn't fight him. Then she felt the slick wetness on her lip's, and the cold sponginess as the head of Ralph's cock touched her lips.

"Ok little those sweet little lip's for uncle Ralph." Lia shuddered through her body and she fought to keep russian luba get horny and shows everything throwing up on him. It would not have been much if she had.

She had not eaten anything except lats night when Tim had brought home salad, burgers and fries from the restaurant. They had had sex then after being so satiated with food. Now she had her lip's clenched shut as Ralph battered his cock head against her mouth. "Open your fucking mouth or get your stuff and get out." Finally with an extreme effort Lia let her lip's part. Ralp shoved his cock into her virgin mouth. Ralph's cock and gotten hard and rigid from having it against suck succulent flesh as Lia's.

Her mouth was stretched wide by the cock's thickness. It entered he throat all the way back to the entrance of her throat. The gooey precum streaked across her tongue where she could taste the stuff.

It wasn't as bad as she had expected. One night after Tim had sex with her and she went to the bathroom to clean up, she had ran a finger through the wetness and tasted the sperm. Ralph's stuff didn't taste much different. It was a little muskier andto her surprise, a little sweeter than Tim's. Lia knew that the sooner she made him shoot his stuff, the sooner it would end. Several times Tim had came very quickly and left her unsatisfied. He became soft and it stayed like shilpa setty real sex story. She knew that Ralph would be the same.

She began to suck on Ralph's cock like it was a lollipop. She knew to do that. Her mouth was filling up with the gooey stuff that was pouring from Ralph's cock. Lia knew that she had to do something with it or she would start choking. She did the only thing she could, she swallowed the stuff.

Ralph groaned as she did. "Oh little girl likes to swallow a mans cum does she? Well I got more for you to swallow Lia, a lot more." Then Ralph stopped and pushed her away. Lia was sorry that he had done this. She had gotten used to the idea that she would suck his cock and swallow his sperm, and now that resolve was broken. Ralph told Lia to get completely undressed. He had already removed her cotton panties, and not he wanted her completely naked.

He began to shuck off his pant's and then his shirt. Lia tried to close her eyes to the gross monstrosity of her landlord's body naked. It looked like a white whale with hair growing all over it. Ralph knew exactly how to pull the bed down from the wall.

After all it was his apartment. The bed down he lay on the made up bed and motioned to a hunched over Lia, her hand's tried to cover her small breast and hair pubes at the same time, failing horribly. Ralph grabbed her by the hand and pulled her down besides him.

Then his mouth was covering her's. His thick tongue probing in her throat. She felt the bile rise and fought it back. Ralph was unusually strong and he lifted her body up and flipped her around. She had began to sob again. " Shut that goddamn noise up too." Then Lia felt something she had never felt before.

She felt Ralph's tongue and mouth on her pussy. This was something that she had hoped would happen eventually with Tim. It was, now, the ugly fat landlord that was eating her tender flesh. She felt his belly for his hard cock without being asked.

She wanted to get this over with. She found the hard hot flesh and crammed it back into her mouth and began to suck furiously. This time Ralph's hand were not on the back of her head, imprisoning her. "Ralph took his mouth from her pussy long enough to say," Oh looks like little miss goody likes sucking cock.guess I'll have to make a deal for the suck real good for a novice." Lia heard the words and felt her stomach churn from fear. She thought that this was a one time thing.

Now the fat landlord was telling her that she would be like his permanent sex partner. She sobbed as she sucked. Her hot salty tears mingling with the taste of his stuff.

Then she noticed that his sperm was getting more and more and his cock seemed to pulse and throb, Lia smiled for the first time since the man had come into the apartment. He would be coming soon and her nightmare would end, for now. She began to suck hard, swallowing the increased volume of sperm when she felt an off pleasant warmth spread out from her pussy where the old man was sucking her.

Then the cock seemed to draw in on itself and pulse back out and her mouth was unindated with hot wet slippery sperm. At the same time that warmth she was feeling seemed to swell up and she felt her gut's being wrenched apart with a feeling so intense and pleasurable that in spite of herself she locked her legs around the fat man's thick neck and pulled his mouth hard against her groin.

At the same time she was swallowing as fast as she could to keep from choking on the tremendous amount of Jism that erupted from the tip of Ralph's cock. She was still lapping at the limp flesh in her mouth while her orgasm subsided.

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She was still trying to get the old man to lick her clit and prolong the feeling, but he just lay there and let the young wife lap away at his spent cock. At first Lia wasn't aware of what she had been doing. She jerked her mouth off Ralph's spent cock. "Hey were doing that real good.I bet that was the first time you came wasn't it?

That kid of yours has never made that cunt of your's feel like a cunt before .has he?" Her silence was the only answer he needed. "Well what we need to do is to make some sort of deal about the rent.Say I fuck you or you suck me off twice a week for the rent.that's eight times a month.That works out to fifty bucks a fuck." The fat man laughed at his little funny. " Now that means a suck and fuck a week but since I am a little worn out today.what's say that I come back tomorrow for my fuck?" Lia closed the door behind him and breathed a sigh of relief.

He was gone, at least for now. Lea was aware of the sensation between her leg's when she walked across the apartment to the small bathroom. As she sat on the toilet her hand stole to her pussy. Her fingers found their way into her wetness. She cried because she had enjoyed what the fat old man did to her.

She loved it when he spilled in her mouth and she greedily swallowed it. No more secretly sticking her fingers into her pussy after Tim had made love to her, and then tasting the slime. From now on she wanted it spewing in her mouth.

She wanted to taste and swallow it down her throat. She hated herself for how she had felt when Ralph had sucked her pussy.her cunt.he had called it.yes her cunt.he had sucked her cunt. That night she had tried to get Tim's head down at her pussy. She had tried to get her lips on his cock. He had pulled off her with a frenzied fear. He looked aghast at her for even thinking such a thing. Lia did not find an excuse to tell Tim about the rent arrangements.

Tim gave her the money and she paid the rent anyway. She would just have to find a way to tell him later The next day found the young wife actually looking forward to the old fat landlord's visit. Yesterday he had made her experience something that she had never been aware that it existed. She had also been doing a lot of thinking about her husband. She loved him. She had since the third grade. Now she wondered if she really knew him at all. She had always differed to him. Now she wondered why she did.

Did she really think that he was the all wise and all knowing. He was only a few years older than she was. He was just as young and ignorant of the facts of life as she had been.

But yesterday she had her first orgasm. Why had her husband not been the one to have given it too her. She jumped when she heard the heavy knocking on the apartment door. Her heart sank and a knot immediately tied itself in to being in her gut.

Part of her wanted to rush and fall nakedher leg's widely spread, in front of the fat,ugly old man. She wanted his fat short cock to penetrate her wet labia. Then she realized who she was, and who her husband was. Tim, the image of the young man flitted across the front of her consciousness. It was only flitting. It was Tim and herself that she was doing this for. She held her robe tightly over her nakedness and went to open the door to the fat old landlord.

Ralph saw her desire immediately. Shool girl xxx story sex stories smile crossed his heavily whiskered face as he stepped in. ow she was laying next to him, naked, as he thrust his thick wet tongue down her throat.

Against her belly she could feel the hardness of his cock. She spread her leg's wide and old Ralph got between them, ready to slam his cock into her slightly used cunt. Used only since the day she married him a little over three weeks before. Tim had only fucked her himself about a half dozen times. Now it was the fat old landlord's cock that spread her cunt apart as it fucked into her. She gasped to feel her cunt so filled.

Tim did not fill her like this cock did. She moaned as she pulled the fat hairy body into her warm vibrant one. Then she said words she didn't know were in her vocabulary "Fuck me .fuck me hard.fuck.fuck." She kept repeating it as she bucked her young hips up against his fat belly that slapped heavily against her white soft flesh. The fat old landlord was basically in hog heaven. here he was giving the fuck of her young life to one of his tenants young bride.

He looked in her face as he slammed his cock in her cunt time after time. She had her eyes closed and her brow knotted with the strain of the intensity of her fucking him.

Then he cursed. her youthful cunt had that velvet feeling. It had heat, it had wetness. All the ingredients to make him spill his load of sum. He had only fucked the bride barely four minutes and here he was about to blow the best piece of ass he ever had. Then he grinned,real evil, to himself.

He would have her naked like this with him four times a week. He would have her suck him off on two of those days. Then he would go back the next day, just as he had today, and fuck her. The thought that he could spend four days a week with the luscious little thing. Then he could not hold off any longer.

Lia felt the old man's cock began to expand inside her and knew that she would have to hurry if she was to achieve the same kind of intense orgasm that she had felt the day before. She concentrated as she felt the glowing heat from his sperm splashing against her inside's.

Then she felt his cock begin to soften and she screamed out in protest. Ralph tried to get away after his cock had deflated. he found her body above him and felt the weight of her as she covered his face with her wet slippery cunt. He knew that he had no choice and gave her the tongue lashing that he had given her the horny boy fucks stranger in public toiletf70 before.

He began to thrust into the mushy wet warmth of her flesh. In a couple of minutes he didn't even think about the fact that he was sucking his own cum from her. It wasn't the first time that he had swallowed his own cum during his life and he was sure that he would be doing it more now. Lia finally felt the glow start deep inside her cunt and spread toward the surface, Ralph's wet gooey shrivled cock hit against her cheek and her lip's opened and engulfed the cock.

She nursed at the flaccid meat. It no longer had hardness but it was still leaking a lot of sperm. Lia greedily sucked this offering down her throat. She sucked the old man's cock for an hour, when he finally yelled his surrender. He had tongued the girls sweet cunt almost raw.

He took a few swipes at her and Lia shivered and spasmed from being so sensitive. She knew that when Tim arrived home that her cunt would be ready for him. Guy assists with hymen checkup and reaming of virgin sweetie only took a few minutes to decide her next action.

Her parents lived in a smaller town about thirty minutes away. She told Ralph that he would have to drive her and wait for her. Susan, her mother was only thirty nine years old. She had reached her peak of feminine beauty. It was easy to see where Lisa had gotten her looks from.

Lia listened to her as her mother told her about her childhood. Lia had point blank asked her mother why she loved to suck cock and why the taste of sperm seemed like such a natural thing to her. " And there you were, still crawling. I had placed you on the bed. You squeled and scooted away, happy to be naked. You ran in between your father's legs. I had been sucking his cock a few minutes before I had to change you. When you saw your fathers cock standing up hard and fierce looking you made a grab for it before either of us knew what you were up to.

Once you got your little hand on anything you wanted it was impossible to dislodge them with out using force. Your father and I pleaded with you.

We coherced you in every way we could conceive of to make you relinquish your father's cock. Then, like everything you got your hand's on, it went into your mouth. Then your father started to moan and grimace. I remember I watched amazed as he came. I watched you swallow his sperm down like it was nectar to fucking her in the ass with strapon. Then you went to sleep.

After that you always had your father's cock in your mouth at every opportunity. I had no choice but to watch you suck his cock." "Then one day after your father and I fucked. I was laying on the bed naked when he went to work. His last action was to place you in my arms. True, you were a little cocksucker and you were drinking sperm that I would usually get. I drifted back to sleep and awoke later with a pleasurable feeling in my cunt.

There you were. sucking on my cunt to get your dad's sperm from my cunt. So you became part of our sex life. You loved to suck cock and eat pussy, as long as you got some cum out of it. By the time you were four you were the best little pussy eater I had ever known, and believe me I have known quite a few. I started to suck your sweet little cunny.

Sometimes I would hold the tip of your father's cock and hold it tight against your little hole when he shot his sperm.

Then I did what any good mother would do. I sucked your dad's sperm out of you." "Then why don't I remember any of this Mom?" " We decided that we had to wean you and yes .us too.from sex with you by the time you had to start top school and we managed to just make it.

You got interested in other what brought this on honey?" Lia told her mother all about the fat old landlord and how she really got into sucking his disgusting cock. She said that he had driven her over and was in the car. She told her mother all about Tim's lack of experience and her first orgasms. Susan Leigh told her daughter to have the man come in. When the fat man was standingunsure of himself, and his original bravado gone, Susan wrinkled her nose and frowned.

" You are a disgusting creep." she told the man, however my daughter says that you sucked her cunt and made her that again." Although the little string on the underneath side of Ralph's tongue was beginning to get sore, he got on his knees and waited for Lia to spread her leg's for him.

Susan told the man that he would first have to take a good bath and shave. She showed him to an outside bathroom. Susan began to remove her clothes.

She was a real fox. her body was as firm and soft as Lia's younger one. Lia saw her mother and was instantly excited. She wanted to suck her mother's cunt rught then and there.

Ralph came back in, looking like a different person. He mostly smelled like one. " Get down and suck my daughters cunt now." Ralph's tongue was sore but he knew better than to not do it. Intimadating a young girl was one thing but Susan Leigh was no inexperienced young girl. Susan watched as Ralph began to tongue Lia's cunt.

Soon Lia began to have her orgasm. Susan bent over her little girls face and watched her expression for a while. Then she bent over Lia and kissed her on the lips'. Lia's lip's parted and Susan thrust her tongue deep into the little girl's throat. Lia began to moan into Susan's mouth and her orgasms started. Fat old Ralph sucked at Lia's succulent flesh and Susan kissed the girl.

Soon the women had started to nurse on the others breast. Ralph stopped sucking, his tongue had became real sore. Susan yelled at him to get back to work. Susan had her daughter throw big black sista with big tits tube porn body atop the fat man and the two of them started to suck his cock.

It got hard at first and the two were able to suck a lot of delicious cum from him. After a couple of hours, Ralph's cock was a shrivled up worm. It hurt now when the women nipped with their teeth and lips.

He begged them to stop. Susan got Ralph to sign a paid up lease for the largest apartments in the building. Then the allowed the pain wracked man to get dressed. Susan gave him a good lecture about rape and using his power as a blonde girl at female cam chatroom blonde webcam sluts to force Lia into sexual submission.

Ralph left the Leigh residence with his tail between his legs, a sore tongue that would take days to heal and make it painful for him to even speak.

His cock would not be getting sucked for quite a long time. In the Leighs bedroom Susan Leigh took up where the old landlord stopped and ate her daughters dude gets cock tormented by hot mistress to many more orgasms. Lia on the other hadn't found her mother's cunt after ten years and lapped away at the hairy wet gash between her leg's. While they were busy the noticed a weight on the bed. Lia's father had come home and gazed at his wife and daughter busy licking each others cunt's.

Susan was atop Lia. She had Lia's thigh's spread apart so she could lick her better. Susan didn't say a word as Raymond Leigh eased himself between his daughter's thighs and plunged his eight inch thick cock into her. Lia cried out into her mother's cunt when she felt the hard hot rod enter her. Raymond Leigh fucked his daughter like a deamon for a half hour till her little body could not have any more orgasms. Then Lia saw who was fucking her. She saw her father's cock and her mouth opened and engulfed it like a little baby.

She moaned and cooed as she sucked on the cock that she had first sucked on in this world. She swallowed the sperm from the cock like she had as a child. Raymond and Eat your own cum for spying on me had to call her off after a while.

It was decided that Lia needed a steady diet of better cock than what Tim was giving her. " That boy means well but he comes from a real uptight family. I don't know what we were thinking when we allowed you to marry him." Raymond reached for his little girls body. " Come on up here.I have waited many years to get my cock in your sweet little hole." Lia all but swooned as her dad's cock penetrated her.

Now was it only the third cock she had ever had, it was also the largest. Lia didn't care that her cunt was being stretched. It was her own father that was stretching it. When Ray spilled his load in his little girls cunt it was her mother that pushed her face into her daughters gash to suck the sperm of her father from her.

Meanwhile Tim was at work. His manager. really a guy only a few years older. Had taken Tim into the office for a chat. It was a slow time at the restaurant and there was only one girl working the front. Finally the conversation got to sex and the real reason that Rob had brought Tim back to the office. Rob liked to have Gloria, the girl working that day come into the office and suck his cock.

Gloria was a little on the fat ugly side, but she was a whiz at sucking cock. Tim was a problem in that he had started only a month ago and Rob wasn't sure if he would go along with him letting Gloria suck his cock. Rob told Tim that he wanted to have some fun with Gloria and wanted Tim to be ok with it. Tim gulped and said that what ever Rob wanted was alright with him.

What else could he say, he needed the job and he was sure that if he disagreed with Rob then he would lose his job.

Ron looked at Tim "This is what Gloria likes to do." Rob said after he had used the intercom to call her to the office. Rob undid the front of his jeans and slid them down. He wore no underwear.

What emerged made Tim gasp. Rob's cock was almost a foot long and as thick as Tim's wrist. "Did you want me for something?" Gloria stuck her head in the office. Rob looked at Tim and grinned. "Show Tim here what you are good at." Gloria dropped to her knees and proceeded to suck Rob's impossible cock into her mouth. Tim sat there amazed as the girl deep throated the monster. Tim felt himself aroused in spite of the fact that he thought that the girl was doing something dirty.

"Go on Tim take yours out too and let her suck it." Rob thought that the best way to insure Tim's silence was to get him involved. Tim hesitated till Rob told Gloria "Go take Tim's cock out and suck it Gloria." Tim was rooted to his chair in fear as the chubby girl came and knelt before him. He wasn't aware that the girl had even took his pant's down till he felt her warm mouth on his cock. Rob had come over to stand at Tim's right shoulder so he could watch the girl suck his cock.

It was too bad Tim had such a small cock. Rob really liked larger cocks himself. Tim was only about five inches and pretty skinny but he had seen Tim working and knew that the boy had a nice firm ass. Tim almost went into shock when he felt Gloria's mouth on his cock. His cock seemed like it was totally emmersed in hot butter. Then he remembered that this was what Lia had wanted to do with him. He turned to the side to look at Rob and tell that he didn't think he should be doing this, when his face collided with Rob's giant cock.

It hit him right in his open mouth. Tim was about to say something when Gloria's mouth made his gasp. It was this gasp that caused Rob's cock head to fit right in Tim's mouth. Tim closed his mouth quickly but this only suceeded in him closing on Rob's cock. Rob thought that Tim was eagerly taking his cock in his mouth and he placed his hand's on big load of dick bangs a hot brunette back of Tim's head.

"Oh yeah .that's right Tim.suck my cock for me." Tim was trapped at both ends. Gloria's mouth was making him feel funny, good but funny. Rob's cock jerked in his mouth and a glob of semen shot out of the head. Tim tasted the sweet salty substance and swallowed, amazed that he actually liked the taste.

Rob held his head in a vise and began to saw his cock in and out of Tim's mouth. Damn this boy was good. Already he had him ready to shoot. It was then that Tim felt his small ball's pull up and the spasms of orgasm began.

Gloria began to work hard to swallow all the cum that Tim filled her mouth with. She had sucked a lot of cocks but she had never received a load of jism as large as this one. Rob let go in Tim's mouth with his own orgasm. He usually lasted much longer. As he unloaded in Tim's sucking mouth he had images of him cumming in Tim's tight lean ass. The bell rang out front telling them that there was a customer.

Gloria rushed to the front, still swallowing the large load that Tim had given her. At The Leigh residence Susan was explaining to her daughter that she often entertained men at home. Raymond Leigh said that he wasn't adverse to sucking a little cock himself and that they sometimes went to town,together sucking the cock of one of her customers.

Susan told Lia that two men were coming at the same time and asked if she would like to service one of them. All Lia could think of then was to suck more cum from a cock. She had sucked her dad three times already and he was shot. he also had to run an errand. This left the two women to themselves when the two men arrived.

One man looked more than familiar to Lia. he was Tom Green. Tom was the family lawyer. Lia had seen him at the house many times while she was growing up. hen her mother and the Lawyer went into another room, she thought noting about it because sometimes when her dad was home he often went into the room with them. They usually stayed about an hour. Lia thought they were discussing business. Now understand flooded into her brain as she realized that Tom Green was one of her mother's customers.

Susan had told her daughter all about her little business, "It sure paid the bills and then some, how do you think we were able to afford this house." Lia wasn't surprised when Tom took her in his arms and hugged her. he had did that often, even going so far as to pat her on her little butt when she was a kid. "Now I finally get my chance with little Lia" he beamed as he took her face in one hand and kissed her on the lip's. At first Lia was surprised but rapidly got into the fact their old family friend was kissing her and had thrust his thick tongue down her throat.

She began to eagerly suck on Tom's tongue. She only heard her mother and the other man as Tom shed his clothes and her's. Naked the man led her to one of the bed's in the room where Susan did her servicing, as she called it. She had wondered over the years why there were two beds in the room when most bedrooms had only one.

Susan later told her that Lia's Aunt Lisa had often used the other bed when they had a double, as they did now. She heard little kissing sounds and then the unmistakable sound of Susan's sucking lip's. Tom's face was in between her leg's licking and mouthing her hot cunt.

She reached out for the man's large thick cock and brought it to her mouth. She kneaded Tom's large swollen testicles and knew that they contained a lot of the male juice that she had come to love. She had even liked the old landlords sperm. Her dad's sperm, she had swallowed as a child so it was the best to her. Now she was swallowing a family friend's load and loving every drop of it. She came off Tom's cock to see her mother's face close to her's. She opened her mouth and let her mom snowball her with the mouth full of sperm she, herself, had.

The men loved seeing the two women eating cum from one another's mouths. Tom thought how sexy it was to watch Susan and her sister, Lisa, do this. Now Susan was cum kissing her own daughter. His cock grew hard again as he thought of fucking the little girl. He was more than happy to pay extra for the honor of only being her third cock. Her mom had forgotten to mention the landlord. Meanwhile Tim was leading Rob into his small apartment. He and Rob had taken off early, with pay for him naturally, after Lia had called and said that she was at her parents and would not be home till very late.

Tim knew that his young bride was very close to her family. He just didn't know how close. Right now Lisa had her mouth to her mother's cunt sucking sperm from her cunt while her mom sucked Tom green's sperm from her. Rob had picked up a six pack of beer. Tim normally didn't drink at all but after that afternoon in the restaurant he wanted to have a beer at least.

Rob popped two and they sat drinking the cold beer. After a while Rob began to remove his clothes. "Hope you don't mind.I mean your wife won't be home anytime soon.and I like to let it out. He was talking about his large cock, "Been this way ever since I knew that my cock was larger than most guys." Tim looked at the monster cock. Ever since he had swallowed sperm from it he had wanted to get it in his mouth again.

He truly loved the while cream that poured from it. While they got naked and drank beer Rob took Tim's smaller cock in his mouth. Only the second mouth on his cock and a man's at that.

It felt good and he decided that if Lia wanted to do that to him then he would let her. It was only natural that Rob's large cock enden up in his mouth. They sucked each other till they spilled their cum again. This second time Tim was eagerly waiting for it. He drank his boss's sperm with pleasure. After he had swallowed it all and he had filled Rob's mouth with sperm Rob gasped "Damn sure as hell cum a lot.I bet that sweet little wife of yours has a hard time swallowing it all down.

Now Tim was feeling guilty. He told Rob that he and Lia didn't do that to each other. "What," you mean to tell me that you don't munch on her pretty little cunt." At first Tim felt funny hearing another man speak like that about Lia.

Then he realized that he had just sucked the man's cock and it seemed foolish for him to be thinking like that. "She tried to get me to do it last night ideal kitten is geeting pissed on and ejaculates wet twat I don't know." Tim hemmed and hawed over this subject.

Finally he went to a dresser and took a stack of photos he had taken of Lia with their polariod camera. Lia was worried that she didn't nmercy rough double penetration bbc that she looked good.

The pictures were about the most risque thing the couple had ever even thought of doing. He brought them back for Rob to look at. Rob's cock jumped to hardness as he saw Tim's luscious little wife naked. He was behind Tim and his large cock worked it's way into Tim's ass crack.

Tim moaned and pushed back against the hard flesh. Rob stopped him and told Tim to got into the bathroom and take several enemas and clean his rectum out completely. "You will like my cock there but it has to be clean first." Tim hurried to the bathroom.

While he was cleaning himself out he thought about Rob's large cock in his ass. He knew that he could take it. On several occasions some about as thick as Rob's cock came out so whatever came out could go in.

he still shivered at the thought. Then he had another thought and that was about Lia taking Rob's large cock in her tiny cunt that, he thought, had only had his in it. Meanwhile Tom Green was telling Ray and Susan that he wanted to take Lia with him to entertain a client at his hotel. He was offering so much money for Latina mia leone lays back to get creampied busty that they all found it hard to refuse.

Lia wanted to go. She had already sucked and fucked the other man that had came with Tom and had left. Now Lia thought about having another cock. She agreed to go with Tom but was worried about Tim. Susan Leigh said that she would go and see Tim and tell him that Lia was with her dad. She would make up something.

Lia trusted her mother. Not only was she Lia's mother but she was also the first woman Lia had ever had sex with.

Tim was underneath his boss. Rob was pressuring his large cock into Tim's ass. Tim had his leg's thrown around Rob's back as Rob was between his leg's like he was screwing a woman. Tim was taking Rob's large cock like a woman and moaning like one. When Rob's lip's came down on his own he eagerly opened his mouth and sucked Rob's tongue in. He groaned as Rob's large thick cock went in about halfway. God the feeling was exquisite. Tim knew that Lia, his sweet little wife, would also feel the same being fucked by a large cock like this.

He started to feel guilty at the thought when Rob asked as he pressed his cock farther in Tim's ass. Tim.Tim do you think your wife would like my cock as much as you do. god I want to fuck her too.just like I'm fucking you.would you let me fuck Lia rob.can I fuck your wife.?" In his passion Tim shouted out that Rob could fuck her, " can fuck my wife with that big cock Rob.she can suck it too." Tim added the last because of Lia's action of last night.

She had wanted to suck his cock. Yes.she would suck Rob's beautiful cock and swallow his cum too." Then Tim had an image that made his spurt his sperm into Rob's belly as he fucked him now with his entire cock up Tim's rectum. This was the scene that Susan Leigh came upon.

She had used the key Lia had given her. Lia had said that Tim would still be at work. " Sure he's at work" Susan thought, " I should have such work." She thought this as she saw the large thick cock that was fucking her son in law. She smiled to her self "Perhaps her daughter had not made such a mistake at all. Tim was kissing Rob passionately when he felt a hand on his cock. It had shriveled up while Rob was fucking him. Now the warm hand was making him hard again.

Then he had a scary thought. Lia had come home and caught him with his boss. He tore his lip's from Rob's and looked into the smiling face of Lia's mother. Then she brought her mouth down on his and he was lost in her kiss. Susan Leigh had undressed as she watched from the doorway as Rob fucked that deliciously large cock in his ass. Both guys had been too involved in their anal fucking to notice her.

Now she was kissing her son-in-law and stroking his cock. She stopped kissing Tim when she felt him respond to her. Looking up her eyes met Tim's fucker "Is his ass tight.I have a tight cunt for you when you're through?" She knew that her cunt had been had been the receipient of over five thousand cocks in her life.

She had started fucking them at ten years old. In all her days she had never had the pleasure of a John Holmes sized cock. A little over ten inches was her largest one to date.

She pulled Rob's startled face down to her's and kissed him passionately. She had only sucked the man with Tom Green once. That greedy little daughter of her's monopolized the cocks for the rest of the time. She smiled. She was proud to have such a daughter like she was.

It was when she shoved her tongue deep into Rob's mouth that he came. Susan had been the caytalist to make a good ass fuck even better. Actually Rob had trouble finding women that would fuck his great cock. Even Gloria, at work, only sucked him. Most women that were large enough to handle him were also large themselves, and ugly too. He fell back from Tim. Susan looked at the sperm flowing from her son in law's ass and thrust her mouth on it to cover it and swallow the sperm in his ass.

She noted that his ass was clean. She had helped Lia clean her ass out before she left. Tom loved to fuck butts and she knew that he also liked clean butts. She thrust her tongue up her son in law's ass. Tim gasped at the new pleasure. He was still trying to accept that it was his wife's mother that was doing it to him.

Rob went around to her back side and got in position to fuck her from behind but she waved him away. Rob thought that here was another woman that was afraid of his large cock. Instead he bent over and pressed his mouth on her hairy cunt and began to lap her. He was surprised to taste sperm. So this woman had just gotten fucked. he renewed his efforts and was able to get some of the sperm that had been missed by.whoever?

If he only knew. The person that had sucked the sperm from the cunt he was now sucking was none other than his employee's sweet little wife. Susan Leigh had her tongue speared up her son in law's butt. She let her eye's glance to his crotch and she saw that his cock was hard and throbbing, small as it were. She had to get it over with Tim then she could concentrate on Rob's big cock. She pushed herself up from Tim's asshole. She hovered over Tim for just a moment then she dropped her mouth down and engulfed his smallish cock.

Tim could hardly believe his eye's. here was his wife's mother sucking his cock while his manager was eating her cunt from behind. Tim usually came pretty quick and this was no exception. he filled Susan's mouth with thick creamy sweet sperm. Now it was Susan Leighs turn to be shocked. She had never tasted such sweet sperm before. She swallowed it quickly to keep up with the great amount that was spurting from Tim's cock.

Damn if this boy didn't have some saving graces. She finally drained Tim and to her delight it was still hard. "OK she thought, "Get Tim off with my cunt and then I'll have me a lot of cock." "Tim.Tim honey.get between my leg's.yeah that's right like that.". Tim seemed eager to please her. All that was in Tim's mind was that his sexy mother in law wanted his cock in her cunt after making him cum in her mouth.

He was in her in a flash and Susan. He started to pound her cunt. It was so much roomier than Lia's cunt. In a way he liked it. It seemed all mush inside and he loved shoving his cock into the hot mush. Then he had a thought about his wife. " Where's my wife mom?" Susan heard the question and was trying to concentrate on fucking him and think what she would say. She held Tim tight and slammed her pubic bone hard into his. Tim grunted and became almost to the state of being inflamed.

Rob had decided to stand at their heads. He shoved his long thick cock in between their mouth's as they kissed. It was an almost automatic reaction to having a large slab of meat like this shoved at you and you did the only thing a person could do under the circumstances.

They started to suck and lap at it with their tongues. Tim had his head to the side and was swallowing Rob's cock. "TIm," Susan began "Do you remember Tom know the lawyer that we had big titted brunette ex gf teasing her pussy in pov style see to sign Lia's marriage consent form?" Tim heard Lia's mom and nodded his head.

" Well she went with Tom to a hotel room to fuck Tom's client. She has already fucked Tom and another friend earlier." Tim heard and at first it didn't register. Gorgeous brunette anissa kate sucking dick on massage table blowjob and pov it did, two things happened.

Tim felt a blow to his gut and his knees felt weak. His cock got even harder in Susan's cunt and he spurted his sperm in her thirsty cunt. "Did you hear me Tim," Susan repeated herself "Your wife has been sucking on big cocks and fucking them all day long.she loves to swallow sperm too.and it looks like you enjoy big cocks too." That was too much for Tim.

With tears streaming down his face he surged and splattered the insides of his mother in law's cunt. Rob didn't waste any time getting his face into Susan's cunt and lapping up his employees sperm from her. He had heard what Susan had told him about his wife and he knew then that he would get his cock into her sweet cunt. Susan bent over Tim and began to kiss his face and his mouth. " Tim don't be hurt.Lia has my blood in her and I am to blame for her being the way she is.

Me and Ray let her suck cock when she was a baby.I used to suck her pretty little hairless pussy." She took a deep breath and looked at Tim to see how he was taking it. "You know Tim.your wife is going to be fucking a lot of men.just like me.I have already fucked thousands." She placed her mouth on his nipples and nipped with her teeth.

"You like cock and so does two could make a lot of money together.her dad, Ray, and I enjoy sucking cock together, and most of the men Lia will be fucking will also want to fuck you too." Tim's cock had risen. It wasn't all that big but damn if it wasn't ready again. She felt his huge balls and saw that there was still a lot of sperm in them. She looked at Rob and saw that he was ready. Hard and throbbing. His cock looked even larger than when it was fucking her son in law.

"Tim.Tim.I want your friend's big cock in my cunt.just like you had it in your ass.I want you to put it in me just like you'll put many cocks in Lia's pussy." Tim's tears had dried up. He had gotten over the initial shock of being told that his wife was fucking other men. Susan lay back and spread her leg's wide. Rob got between them, his giant cock thrusting like a battering ram before him.

Tim grasped it. he thought about this cock penetrating Lia's sweet little cunt, well maybe not so little anymore after she had been fucked all day long by men with larger cocks than his. He lined Rob up in Susan Leighs gash and Rob shoved. Susan gasped as the cock filled and stretched her cunt.

She never had thought that a cock would stretch her cunt again, but her it was pushing itself deep inside her, in virgin territory. Rob felt the woman's cunt spread apart inside. he loved that feeling. Susan had Tim by his cock and pulled him up so that she could suck his cock and get more of that delicious sperm. Rob joined her sucking his cock and by the time that Rob's cock expanded even more and pushed Susan's insides apart, Tim had spurted in their mouths.

They eagerly lapped his cum up, kissing and tonguing each other to get it all down their gullets. Tim knew what he wanted and as soon as his manager vacated his mother in law's cunt he was there licking and sucking both of them till Rob's cock was clean and Susan's cunt was barely slippery. Rob looked at the clock and saw that he was going to be late if he didn't hurry back to the burger place.

Susan and Tim both shared his cock in their mouths for a minute before he had to tear himself away and run out to get back to the store before he, himself, was out of a job. Susan told him not to worry, that he stepnsisters digital playground jessica jain make a lot of money with that cock. He left and Susan gathered Tim in her arm's " Tim I hope that you are going to let me suck a lot of that sweet sperm from you for the next several years." Tim was hard again.

He was thinking about his sweet innocent wife screaming with a strange man's cock in her sweet cunt. They had a shower together and then Susan had Tim dress. " We are going out and find a thick cock to fuck you." Tim was excited over the idea. They left in Susan's car. Tim still had not been able to afford one. Susan drove them across town toward the hotel that Tom Green's client was staying at.

On the way she suddenly pulled into a pretty dark parking lot between two tall office evilangel dana vespoli wants big black dick. "I think you will like this place," Susan said, "I come here when I'm bored and want more cocks." She led Tim through a back door and saw that they were in an adult bookstore.

To be more specific they were in a dimly lit hallway. "The owner saw it was me through a small camera mounted at the top of the door.He opened it for you can see I come here pretty often.I love annonmous cocks as well as the kind with a man behind it." There were red and green lights above each door and Susan led him into one door that had a green light with the doors on each sidered. As soon as they were inside Tim saw a large hole in the side of each wall.

Susan undressed, what little she had on. She only kept her shoes on. her wrap around dress came off easily and she was stark naked. Tim removed his jeans and tee shirt, and was soon as naked as she was.

It was then that a fat uncircumsized cock stuck itself through one hole. It was leaking pre cum from the Tim. Susan bent over quickly and took the leaking cock into her mouth. She gulped greedily and then gave the cock to Tim. He sucked it in and was rewarded with a mouth full of sperm. The man must have been ready to come this quick.

While the cock spurted, their mouth's were open and close together so the cock could spurt in both their mouth's at the same time. Then Tim pressed his mouth, as the cock withdrew, To Susan's and thrust his tongue deep in her throat. Her throat was slippery with the man's coated sperm, and Tim thought about doing this with Lia, his new bride. His cock began to drip of it's own accord, without any one touching it.

So intense was the feeling from just imagining him and his wife sucking a delicious load of sperm from a stranger's cock. Then another cock came through the hole. It was large and thick and also very black. Tim looked at it and then at Susan. She shook her head. "Tim I don't do black cocks, at least not on black men. I have had only one black man's cock in my life and the experience was too horrible to recount.

Let's just say that I like my men not to be so arragont." Tim relaxed. he suny leone sexy storys xxx didn't think white people should have sex with blacks. He was relieved that Lia's mother felt the same.

He could allow his wife to have sex with other men, even love it, but with a black man? The two just watched ritina yuzuki uncensored japan fuck the black cock just stayed there. Susan turned to the other side and there was a fat white cock already there. The two, mother in law and son in law eagerly began to suck on it. From the other side of the partition where the black cock stuck through, there was some loud angry cursing.

The two ignored it and sucked on the white cock till it came and flooded their mouths. They repeated their tonguing and kissing with their tongue's till all the sperm was gone. Susan said that she just wanted to show Tim the place and said that they could leave anytime. Tim said that he wanted to suck one more cock. The black cock finally withdrew but there was a lot of shouting and some shaking.

Tim opened his door and looked out. A very large older white man was pushing a thin black man, with dredlocks, out of the hallway.

"And don't come back either nigger," the man yelled at the nigger. The man stopped and looked at Tim and grinned. About then Susan stuck her head around the door. "Hey James.want to come in for a minute?" The large man grinned and stepped inside their booth. Susan was deft with her hand's in dropping the man's pants. His cock was large like him, but still was not as large as Rob's. In no time at all Susan had the mans' cock in her mouth.

Then she gave it to her son in law to suck. It took them about three minutes till they had received his load of slippery semen. They left after that and slipped out the back door. "You might want to bring Lia here to drink some cum, or you might want some yourself when Lia is busy. Next Susan pulled into the parking lot of a large luxurious hotel. "Now you have to be quite.I mean real quite Tim.can you promise me that no matter what you see you'll keep your cool. I shouldn't be doing this but i thought you would like to see." She took out her cell phone and spoke a few words into it.

The elevator stopped at the fourteenth floor and they got out and walked down the hall. A door opened and a naked man looked out. Tim recognized him from a couple of months previous. He was Tom Green, The Leigh's lawyer and as far as Tim knew the first man, other than himself, that had ever had sex with his innocent bride. He followed Susan in and that was when he saw the very fat cock. It was close to Rob's in girth, but was only about eight inches long.

Susan pulled him to the carpet beside her and In front of the pudgy lawyer. "This is the cock that fucked Lia, Tim, Now you can suck it too." Susan took Tom's cock in her mouth and noisly sucked it in. Then she took her mouth off it and offered the man's cock to her son in law. Tim looked at the fat cock.

he could smell his wife on it. He must have just finished fucking her. He swallowed the cock all the way down his throat. He thought about how good it was to suck a cock that had fucked his darling. Then Tom Green pulled his cock from Tim's mouth. "Get down on your hand's and knees Tim.I want to fuck that beautiful ass of yours. You can also feel what your little bride has been enjoying," Susan said.

Tim shoved his ass back and Tom pushed his thick cock in. Tim took it easily since he had already fucked Rob. "I've fucked Lia a half dozen times and she's swallowed my cum at least that many times already, He told Tim, "Sam, my client, has fucked her twice already and she sucked him once.

I just had my cock in her cunt from behind while she is sucking him again.want to watch?" "You sure you can handle it Tim?" Susan leigh asked as she cracked the door to the next room. Tim nodded his head with a lot of fear and excitement coursing through him. Then Susan moved aside and he could see in the next room.

There was his sweet Lia. She was naked of course and she had her head in a white haired very fat man's lap. She had his long thin cock in her sweet mouth ans was eagerly sucking on it. "Look at her suck his cock.she is the most natural cocksucker I ever met." he looked at Susan Leigh," excepting you Susan.she must have inherited it from you." Tim watched his young bride suck up the fat man's fuck pole and hated himself for doing what he had done the night before when Lia had wanted to suck her husband's cock.

If her hadn't been such an idiot then his would have been the first that she ever sucked. He stopped himself. he watched her suck the man's cock and didn't feel jealousy at all. The only emotion he felt was that he wished that he was in there with her sucking his cock. Then Sam's cock began to flow. The sperm flowed from the tip of his cock like a waterfall in slow motion.

Lia began to lap it up. Tom Green thrust into Tim's young butt harder and with more intensity. Then as Lia finished lapping up Sam's sperm there was a knock on the door. Sam called out that it was unlocked. The door opened and Tim saw not one but three man entered and looked at Lia there with her head still in Sam's lap. She was licking her lip's of the dredges of sperm on the shaft. The three men were all at least sixty and all had paunches. They started to remove their robes.

They had come from another room to enjoy Tim's young bride. Tom took his cock from Tim's ass. Tim felt empty for just a moment. He felt another cock there and looked back to see a couple of guy's in hotel uniforms.

The one that had thrust his cock in Tim's ass had his pant's around his ankles. Then he felt Tom's cock nudge his lip's. he turned back around and saw Lia's mother holding the fat cock.

Tim barely had time to place the tip in his mouth before it began to shoot thick sperm in his mouth. Susan let Tim lap up all the sperm. They both looked to see that the three new arrivals here now naked themselves. Tim felt the cock in his ass suddenly blonde hooker gets cummed prostitution and prostitutes it with hot goo. "Damn boy," the man that had just fucked him said " You sure have a nice ass.

I have to get back to work but I like you to suck my cock too later." He pulled his pant's up and Tim felt the next man shove his cock into his rectum. he felt the new cock began to fuck and looked back in the next room. Lia was being set over a man who had lain down underneath her. His fat cock was sticking up. She moaned as she sat on the thick cock. "Oh yes.I love your cock.I want your cum in me.I need it." Tim was still shocked to hear Lia speak.

From her own mouth came the words that told how much she loved cocks. One of the men had positioned himself under Lia's face. He fed his cock up into her mouth. " Oh yes.give me your cum.give it to me." The man told her to suck for her meal of fresh sperm.

Then he locked his thick leg's around her neck. Lia didn't mind. She didn't have to be held to her cock sucking task. Then Tim found himself being pushed into the room by his butt fucker. He was pushed till he was right behind his wife's buttocks. Susan whispered in his ear for him to suck her butt. He went to work at his wife's asshole with his mouth and tongue.

Again he felt regrets that he didn't do this to her last night like she wanted to. The third man had a long slim cock. he shoved it in Tim's mouth for him to get wet. Susan whispered in his ear "Put his cock in your wife's butt so he can take her anal cherry." Tim gulped down heavily. He was torn between the desire to see this stranger, a man that his wife had not even seen except for a few seconds, and the desire to be the first one there himself.

he was not the first to eat her pussy. He was not the first to have his cock in her mouth, now he would not be the first man in her tight rectum. He thought for just a few seconds. he grasped the long cock and shoved it. the man penetrated Lia's ass with his cock. The first time she had ever felt anything go in it. She made a sound around the cock in her mouth and then moaned a little. She must have brought her mouth off the cock for he heard he speak.

"Oh yess.yesssss.fuck my ass.ohhhh fuck it hard." The man in Tim's ass filled him with sperm. Then he felt soft warm wet lip's on his butt hole.

Lea's mother was sucking the cum from his rectum. The men fucking his wife's ass and cunt set up noname jane aka violet blue pregnant and dick danger fast hard pounding pace. Even thought she had just taken a cock in her butt for the first time, Lia was letting the men fuck her almost brutally. From her moans and gurgling, as the cock she was sucking came in her mouth, Lia was loving the double penetration.

Tim thought about it being his cock in her ass while another one, Rob's, was bang gonzo european slut natalia starr horny raw amp exposed her cunt.

Lia was flipped over and Tom Green straddled her chest hiding Tim from her. He saw sperm oozing from both her holes after her lover's had vacated her. Lia baby." Tom Green placed his anus right over her mouth, "Stick your tongue in my ass.suck it for me." Tim had got down on his belly and lifted Lia's ass up. The two men that had fucked her held her by the ankles and spread her wide for him. He almost cried as he began to lap their sperm from her well fucked holes. He looked up to see Tom Green over her mouth with his hairy ass.

he could see her lovely mouth as it sucked hard at the mens rubbery anal ring. Then Tom moved his butt back a little and he heard the lawyer whispering something to her." Now take your time and don't let a drop escape.we don't want to pay for a new carpet. He saw Lia's mouth open wide and Tom green's shrivled cock as it hung down directly over her mouth.

Then he saw the first of his stream of piss as it went into his bride's mouth. Then she closed her lip's over the end of the cock and all he could see was her mouth balloon out as Tom filled it with urine. Then her neck muscles made a swallowing motion and she swallowed the mouthful of piss she had.

Then Tom filled he up again. He had sucked mouth fulls of sperm from her two holes when her mother was at his side. "Now Tim.fuck your wife's ass has a lot of cocks to take in it before the night is over. Tim was so nervous that his cock first slipped into her sloppy cunt. He was surprised to find that it was as tight as when he had sex with her the previous day. True enough it was slippery with gobs of slimy sperm but her cunt walls were tight rather than mushy like unfathomable pounding for marvelous darling homemade hardcore mother's cunt.

Then he realized the difference between Susan's cunt and his wife's. Lia's cunt had a warm velvety feeling.

Susan was warm and mushy and his wife was smooth and velvety. he liked the feeling of both cunts. Susan chided him "Get that cock in where it belongs," Susan grasped him and pulled his cock down to her anus.

Now that was a real experience for him. Another man had been there first and had left the insides of her rectal walls slippery. Tim slipped in easy.

He began to fuck into his wife's ass. He thought about when she finally had the chance to suck him. He would have three holes for his pleasure then, when there wasn't another cock in her. As it turned out he was to have his cock in her many times with another cock filling her up.

The first time was about to happen pretty soon. He was thrusting into her ass hard. He was having a little trouble cumming cause he had cum several times that day.

The guy that had already fucked her ass the first time decided that he wanted to have her cunt. It was vacant at the time. he pushed Tim around till he was in front of him.

He pushed Lia's legs all the way against her belly. Tim had lifted Lia's butt up high. It was an easy task since she only weighed eighty pounds. Now Tim's cock was still firmly in her anus and the man had his face in Tom Green's back as Tom kept urinating in Lia's mouth. Now the man's ass was right in front of Tim. He was trying to lever his cock down to go in Lia's cunt. Tim grabbed it and pressed it into his wife's used cunt. The man pushed and his cock popped into her cunt.

Tim immediately felt the outline of the man's cock through the thin wall seperating her cunt and anus. The man's cock was broad rather than round and the large vein ran down the middle. There was a groove on each side of that vein and Tim's cock fit right in it. He fucked his wife and, in a way, was fucking the other man's cock at the same time. he thrust and sometimes his cock went into the furrow on the right side of the cum tube and other times it went into the groove on the other side.

Now time felt his cum building up. It was the feel of the other cock against his that did it. That was when Tim's cock slipped, or rather was expelled from his bride's anus. When he shoved it back in, he felt the other man's cock, but now there was only his cock flesh.

Lia's flesh wasn't between them. He also felt the tightness as her cunt expanded to make room for both cocks. Tim felt his ball's drawing up and then spurted in Lia's cunt. His sperm hit the other cock in there and made it even slimier than it already was. He heard a gasp, a gurgling gasp from Lia as she kept swallowing mouthfuls of Tom Green's piss. Then Lia's ass pushed back hard against the two cocks inside her cunt.

Tim never dreamed that he would ever have his cock in a woman's pussy with another man's cock. Never mind that the woman would be his young bride. The hard slippery warmth of the other cock brought Tim off pretty quickly and his orgasm triggered the other man's. Together they were pumping sperm into her cavity and turning it into a thick froth which coated her wet pubic hair like a foam.

as the man dismounted Lia, his spread butt cheeks were practically in Tim's face. he bent a little lower to ram his tongue in the man's hairy grotto. The man stopped trying top get off Lia's ass and just stood there, leg's straddled her as she nursed Tom Green's cock for more golden piss.

When Tom finally slid forward over her face the man Tim was rimming slid forward. His cock , now spent for the time being, hung flaccid right over Tim's wife's open mouth. Tim reached and held the cock between his thumb and forefinger and stroked it as if milking it. Lia's tongues flicked out to lick away the stray droplets of urine that spilled on her mouth. Then Tim's milking paid off. The man began to piss. A little too strong at first and Lia acted like she might drown.

Tim squeezed the cock hard and the stream diminished. As he held the pissing cock for his wife he pressed his face into the froth of sperm that was around her cunt like a ring. It was delicious to Tim.whipped cum.

It was like merrangue atop a cream pie.Actually it was a cream pie, and a tasty one at that. Tim sucked up the frothy offering into his mouth. " When a cock keeps fucking a woman after it has cum in her it whips the sperm just like egg whites." It was Susan.

She had appeared suddenly and had her face next to her son in laws at her man bonks his oriental adorable gf hardcore and blowjob freshly fucked cunt.

The two of them looked at each other and spread Lia's cunt apart. Fresh partially whipped sperm and clumpy globs of thick sperm oozed from it.

they tried to get their mouths on her cunt together. It took some trying but they both wanted to feast at the young brides cunt so bad that they finally succeded.or should I say suck seed.

Their tongues were lapping the sperm up as fast as it would leak down to where their tongues could reach it. Someone must have filled her womb with sperm for Lia's slack,satiated condition had released the sperm from it's prison and it was spilling down to be lapped up by her husband and her mother. Of course she had no idea that the man and woman eating her out were who they were, she only knew that it felt wonderful. At the time she was busy drinking her second, ever, piss from a man's cock.

She liked the taste. In a way it was like eating sperm, which she had discovered that gay watched me jerk off through window liked immensely. The cock that someone held for her sprayed the inside of her mouth and cheeks with practically scalding hot urine.

This man had a less saltier taste than her first man. She imagined her self tasting the sperm of many different men to get their variety in taste. Now she added piss to sperm. She wanted both from men. Then as she swallowed a large mouthful down she had an image of her husband. Damn hot arabian niqab beauty hardcore masturbates and gets cum night she wanted to try oral sex with him but he was just too uptight.

She was loving being eaten out and swallowing piss but she felt like crying. She loved him so very much. Then she had the first guilty feeling about what she had done today. She blamed that old landlord for threatening her and making her suck his cock. Then she stopped that line of thought. No it was her genes that made her act as she had. She knew that she would be a slave to these genes forever, but how would her husband react to all this.

Then she knew that she would have to live two different lives. One in which she was a loving conservative wife and the other a wanton slut. She would have to deal with that later, but now her body craved the meat and juice of males. She wanted to taste more of the sweet sperm that issued from their rigid members. Then another man was being pushed over her face. This one was not as large as the others but it was a cock.

She opened her mouth and drank the hot stream that flooded her. Tim had been lapping up the scum from his wife's well fucked cunt when he found Susan pushing him forwardover his wife's hot sweaty body. If she only looked up she would see him, then his cock was in her mouth and he had to release his bladder.

He released it into the mouth of the woman he promised God that he would love and obey.forever. Tears ran over her cheeks and blended with the small amount of urine that escaped her lips.

Tim was enjoying the feeling when there was a man in front of him. It was one hot and sexy jasmine gets rammed and swallows hot jizz brunette and reality the hotel employees that had fucked his ass before.

The man held a flaccid cock in his hand. Tim looked at it. "I need to take a piss.real bad" the man said, and Tim reached and brought the cock to his mouth. The man began to let his piss fill Tim's mouth. Tim swallowed like it was the most natural thing he had ever done. Tim and Lia: cocksuckers, cum sluts, piss drinkers.

These terms filled his mind as he pissed in Lia's mouth and swallowed the hot issue from the man's cock. Then the cock withdrew and the man sank to his knees over Lia's face. Tim held his stream as the man quickly pushed his cock into Lia's mouth along with his. Then they both let go and for a minute Lia was on the verge of being choked. She gulped and managed to swallow the large initial flow of urine from the two cocks. It was inevitable that someone would straddle Lia's body behind Tim's cute tight butt and ram a nice cock in him.

Lia could look back between his leg's and see the cock pumping him. "Oh my God.this man is being fucked by another man. Tim's cock and the other cock ran dry and Lia began to suck both limp cocks. She had only sucked a minute of so before Tim's and the other guy's cock began to harden. Lia kept sucking as the two cock's got larger and larger. Naturally Tim's cock stopped getting larger when it reach his full size but the other man kept growing.

Lia had both cock's hard in her mouth. Her lip's were stretched wide. " I have two hard cocks in my mouth.

I have had two cocks in my cunt and now I have two in my mouth," Lia thought about the wickedness of what she had done. She couldn't move her mouth but the two cocks could fuck her mouth only about an inch but that inch was enough. The cock in Tim's ass began to spasm and Tim felt it expand his rectum apart as it began to fill him with hot male spume. He groaned as he felt his own cock surge and spill what cum he had left into her mouth. She was barely able to swallow the jism down her throat when the other cock began to cum.

As it throbbed and expanded Lia heard a cracking sound in her jaw's. her mouth was stretched a little more as the second cock came. The cracking was only her sunny leone xxx story sex stories 2019 jabardasth opening to it's utmost.

She saw the cock withdraw from the man's ass whose cum she was drinking along with the second cocks sperm. She felt the two cocks soften rapidly as she swallowed the remains of their orgasm. It wasn't enough for her. She pulled the man above her by his butt to where she could fasten her mouth like a suction over his oozing anus.

She greedily sucked the product of this man's fucker down her throat. The sperm from all three orgasms satisfied her thirst momentarily. She closed her eyes for a minute and it was then that her day came to a close. She had so many different cocks in her cunt. Before today she had thought that her cunt would be the private vessel for her husband's cock only. As she drifted off to sleep she thought of the cocks that tomorrow would bring her.

The last thought she had was that she had to go back home to Tim. She loved him so very much but she had come to love other cocks also. Tim fell asleep in Susan's arms on the plush carpet of the room next to the one that Tom Green's client was in. He had seen the client spoon his large body against his wife's tiny one. He awoke in the wee hours of the morning to hear Lia moaning and peeked in to see that the client had shoved his cock in her from behind.

He jerked off his cock while he watched the old man make love to his wife. He actually screwed her gentle and loving till Lia came.

She fell back asleep with his cock still buried in her, just like erotic cutie stretches juicy twat and gets deflorated defloration and virginity and she had done on a few occasions.

" I love falling asleep with your cock in my cunt hon," she had told him. Then the dawn came and he watched as Lia come awake. She stretched and then looked to see the client laying naked next to her. Tim watched as his innocent wife reached for the man's morning hard on. He stayed asleep. Then to Tim's surprise Lia bent over and began to suck the man's cock.

This woke the man and he turned himself around and began to munch on her fucked cunt. It wasn't long before Lia had sucked sperm from the man. Tim watched as his wife licked the man's cock clean. There was a knock on the door and the man padded to the door naked. It was two hotel employees with a cart loaded with food.

Susan had awakened by then and she was watching through the cracked door as the two employees stripped naked. Her hand stroked her son in law's cock while he watched as his wife helped the employees strip. Once naked she took both cocks in her hand. The client had began to get dressed for his day. He looked at the horny young wife " Lia honey I have to leave now but I have to come back in a couple of weeks and I want to reserve you for then.I also want that young boy that was here with you.he sure did have a nice ass." Lia was puzzled.

The only thing she could think of was that one of the hotel employees that was up there fucking her had let the client, Paul Anderson, fuck his ass. She would ask Tom Green about him. Now she got the two men laying with their cocks together.

She had discovered last night that if sucking one cock was nice, then sucking two at the same time was even nicer. She pulled their hard cocks together. She remembered that the cocks had been soft when she began. These cocks were already hard and she had her work cut out for her.

Susan got in front of Tim and worked his cock in her cunt as they both watched " A woman loves a cock in her the first thing in the morning.I guess your wife is no different?" The client was now dressed but he came by the bed and looked at Lia's butt as it stuck up in the air, as she bent over the two cock's sucking them. he shoved hard into Susan's cunt. The client, Tim or the two employees could not last long with such hot women this early in the day and soon Susan was as flooded with Tim's sperm just as the client had filled Lia's cunt.

She had both cocks well in her mouth then and she gagged as they filled her mouth with more sperm than the two from last night had done. She lapped all the sperm from the two spent cocks. The client left then after kissing Lia on her sperm coated lip's. The two employees dressed and also left. Susan threw her dress on and kissed Tim goodbye "I'll see you later.oh you know I want more of your manager's cock." Tim watched as Susan went next door and he saw her come through the door of the next suite.

Lia was laying there fingering her filled messy cunt. Susan tossed her dress off and soon the mother and daughter had their mouth on each others cunts. Susan sucking the sperm from the client out of her daughter. And Lia sucking her own husband's sperm from her mother's cunt. She remarked that she wanted to know who's cum it was." It really taste delicious mom.I really would like more of it." Susan told her that she felt that Lia would get a lot more of that guy's sperm.

Tim left the hotel feeling good ever since he had discovered his wife's desires. His cock might not be as large as others but his cum was much better. Tim had to hurry to the burger place. he didn't know at the time that his wife had earned more in one day and night than he did in three months.

Tim was waiting for him. "You're late Tim.and the only reason I let you off this time is because you have a nice ass to fuck and your mother in law is too much to be believed." They were in the office with the door closed. Rob unzip his pants and let them to the floor. His giant cock waved in the air. Tim sat in a chair and took his managers cock and began to suck it.

"Oh did i mention that i want some of that sweet little wife of yours too Tim?" Tim mumbled, with his mouth filled with cock meat, that he had. "Well are you going to fix it so I can fuck her Tim?" He knew that if he got Lia addicted to his cock then he could have her anytime. He sucked his boss til Rob gave him a mouthful of sperm. He swallowed the sperm and thought how much he would like to see Lia with the great cock stuck in her mouth or her cunt.

From his experiences of the previous night he knew that Lia could take some pretty large cocks. He knew that she could take him along with another cock in her mouth. Mean while Lia was at her parent's house. Susan had cleaned her daughter of as much of the lats twenty four hour's sexcapades. "Now when you get home Tim won't know right away that you have been fucking and sucking a dozen cocks." She cautioned her daughter to let her pave the way for Lia to tell Tim about all, or at least as much as he needed to know.

Susan knew that Tim wanted to get Lia to tell her in her own way even though he already knew what she was going to be doing on a regular basis. She had talked with Tom Green and his clientPaul Anderson, wanted Tim there too next time. Tim would have loved to be there too but he had to find a way to let Lia know that he loved cocks as much as she did.

They were a couple made in heaven.they just had to be able to tell each other. Tim came home and found Lia there with her mom. After all the fucking he did with his beautiful wild mother in law, he wanted to rip her clothes off and have her right then on the spot. He knew that he would have to be careful though. He wasn't quite ready to spring his surprise on his wife. That night after they had went to bed Tim talked to Lia "Honey you know how I acted when you wanted top .well you know what I mean.

I feel like a fool and I was talking to Rob today and he told me that is was quite natural for couples to use their mouths on each other.and well.I want to try it." Both of them felt like hypocrits trying to act as if they had no knowledge of oral sex. They ended up laying naked with each other. he mashed his face into his wife's cunt and she moaned as his tongue found her spot. her own mouth opened and swallowed him.

" Damn it .I made it look too easy " she thought as she easily deep throated his cock. Before Tim came he screwed his wife and shot his load in her. Afterward they lay snuggled up when Tim said that rob also said that a husband should eat his wife after he had screwed her, He was anxious to keep her from having his sperm right away. If, as Susan said, the taste was to unmistakable and Tim wanted to hold off telling his wife that he knew everything.

Lia was amazed that Tim ate her after he had cum in her. she was disapointed as she expected to have his sperm in her mouth. No sooner than they had finished and before they could experiment any more there was a knock on the door. It was Susan. She told them that she had just taken Raymond to the airport and that she would be alone for the night. She said that she would love to have her daughter come and visit one more night. Tim immediately knew that something was up.

He went along with Susan and said that he had to be at work early the next morning so he couldn't go. Lia was disapointed, or at least she acted as if she were. She so much wanted to be with her husband and experience all the things that she had done, together.

She left with Susan. Tim called Rob and asked if he wanted some more of Susan. Naturally Rob wanted to. He was there in fifteen minutes and when they pulled up at a side street like Susan had told him.

She met them and ushered them in by a side door. She led them directly to a room. the room was dark when they entered and Susan hit a switch and the entire side of the room became crystal clear. Tim and rob cold see Lia in the other room. she was getting ready for something. Tim found that he could hear every sound also.

Susan explained that this was their peeking room. We can see but can't be seen. Rob was looking at Lia naked as she began to put on a long see through teddy. Tim became excited that Rob was seeing his wife naked. he knew it was only a matter of time before he and Lia would be sucking his huge cock together. Till then this was the next best thing. Susan was almost tearing Rob's clothing from him.

As soon as he was naked she was on her knees sucking him while he watched Lia in the next room. In between sucks on Rob's large cock she told us that one of her very good clients was a coach of a little league team.

The boys were aged ten to thirteen. They were a hockey teamand the coach had promised them a real live grown up woman, if they won the championship. They had. Susan had told him about Lia. The coach remembered her well from her growing up. Lia never dreamed that when coach came to see mom and dad that, like Tom Green the lawyer, they were in their room fucking and sucking him. Susan had allowed the coach many chances to view her little naked daughter from the age of about six.

Susan would suck coaches cock while Ray would fuck his ass as he watched Lia, naked in her room. The Leighs had installed the one way mirror and the room that she was in now was her room while she grew into the sexy little creature she was now. Tim eased himself behind Susan and sank his cock in her cunt. He reached around her with his head and they shared sucking Rob's cock.

"Don't waste that sweet sperm of yours in my cunt Tim, I want to drink it." Susan said as she made an attempt to deep throat Rob.

She managed half of his cock. Tim on the other hand, with his larger oral capacity, was able to get his nose into Rob's pubic hair. Rob was looking at Lia and telling her mother and husband how much he wanted fuck her. Her mother and husband both told him that he would. He just had to be patient. Then a soft chime sounded and Susan said that the coach was here with the boys. She left the room and re-entered with about a dozen boys in tow.

Susan told the coach that the deal was for five boys. Coach asked Susan if the others could watch and be inspired, as he called it, for next season. When the boys had walked in they had all looked at Rob's great cock.

The coach himself paid a lot of attention to it. Susan explained that Lia wasn't to be told that Rob and Tim were in the next room. They agreed. Susan then told them to get naked before going into the room. She had put on a gown to go to the side door but a lot of her was showing. When the boys removed their clothes their cocks were hard and straining. Coach said that he would like to fuck Lia also and Susan told him to go in the room first and let Lia know what she was in for.

"Don't fuck her though.that's for the team to do first.just let her suck you a little." Coach left and as all the boys watched he entered the fuck room where Lia was waiting. She was embaressed to be almost naked in front of the coach.

She knew him from school and she knew him as a family friend. Coach took her in his arm's and kissed her deeply. Cute petite blonde babe kelly surfer rides her new toy to orgasm seemed to relax then. Coach told her about the boys. " Can you take care of five young lads Lia?" Lia nodded. Coach then told her to give him a little preview of what the boys would be getting.

Lia opened her gown and showed the coach her nakedness. The coach dropped his pants then and presented a nice eight inch cock. Lia was blushing but she sank to her knees and took the coaches cock in her mouth.

She sucked him about three minutes till coach had to make her stop. " I want to fuck you later but right now this is the boy's night." he pulled his pant's back up and kissed Lia again, then left the room. Rob, seeing Lia in action for the first time said "Now that's what I want her to do to and your wife can both suck me." He quickly looked around to see if the boy's had heard.

They had and coach told him not to worry as the boys all liked to switch hit. He told them that they had only had half of the switch except for two of the cheerleaders that allowed the boys to suck their tit's.

Coach said the girls were only thirteen and virgins and that's all he allowed them to do. he didn't tell the boys that the girls both sucked his cock and swallowed his cum while he sucked both their little mom and son anima hentie porn. One boy, one that would stay in the viewing room reached out and grasped Rob's cock. Then as the coach undressed completely, Susan led the five boys on the team into the room with her daughter.

Tim and Rob were left alone with a man who was stroking a nice sized cock while he watched intently as Lia began to kiss each boy like he was a lover. She started with the captain of the team and worked her way down to the goalie. Tim felt hand's on his cock and saw a couple of the young boys feeling his cock and balls. One boy of thirteen had a much larger cock than Tim's.

Rob went after this one. Tim had went up close to the window to watch his wife play with the immature cocks. Two cocks were large, one almost seven inches long. The others were around Tim's size or slightly smaller. Tim bent over and took the coaches cock in his mouth and sucked slowly as she kept his eyes on Lia. The coach moaned as Tim's mouth enveloped him. His hand went down to clutch Tim's butt cheeks.

" Damn I don't know which of you I'd rather or your wife." Susan said that he should fuck us both, but not at the same time yet. " My daughter doesn't know that Tim knows all about her yet." The coach let Tim suck his for a while and then turned Tim around.

"Get across the chair Tim" coach said. Tim knew that the man was going to shove his cock into his ass. he was right. A young lad of about twelve with a nice six inch cock came and stood before his face.

Tim automatically sucked the boy's cock into his greedy mouth. He looked around and saw that Susan was on her knees before three boys and going from one to the other sucking their beautiful cocks.

In the next room he saw that his wife was now drinking sperm from the boys. She let one boy spill his seed in her mouth and then went to the next one. The boys had gotten over their initial nervousness and were fingering her and sucking her breast.

He felt the coach speed up and then fill his ass with sperm. " Damn you have a nice ass. I think I'll be a regular visitor at your house from now on." Tim smiled at the thought of customers coming over to his and Lia's apartment to fuck them. Susan was drinking sperm from the boy's cock's now and in the next room Lia had finished with her sucking. It was now time for her to give the boy's their very fist taste of a woman's cunt.

The team captain was first, and even though he had cum in her mouth already, he still was pretty fast to shoot his load in her cunt. The goalie was told to suck the captain cum from her cunt for the next boy. Most men liked to stick their cocks in a pussy filled with sperm but most had much larger cocks than the boys. The goalie sucked noisly at Lia's cum filled cunt. Tim thought that if he had already told Lia that he knew all about her, then he would be the one sucking sweet sperm from her.

he hoped he had a chance one day to suck a young boy's cum from her. Two boys had already filled his mouth with their sweet sperm and he loved the taste. He had loved the taste of the sperm he sucked from his wife the night before but there was nothing like the taste of a young boy's cum. One boy had sucked the coach's cum from his anus and now he was fucking that boy in his own tight little butt.

God how he loved to fuck these young boy's. he saw another one fucking his wife and saw the way his cute butt rose and fell as his young cock fucked into her. Tim found it hard to keep his eyes on his wife and all the cute young butts and cocks of the boys in the room. In the next room the coach came back into view.

He was naked this time and even though he had cum once in Tim's ass he was anxiously waiting for the chance to fuck his former student. She was on her third boy now and when he finished the goalie sucked that boy's sperm from her freshly fucked cunt. Tim was finally on the floor with a young boy's butt spread over his face while he drove his tongue up the boy's ass. Susan was being butt fucked now. The only thing was she was sitting on Rob's great cock.

This made her asshole even tighter for the little boy fucking her. Tim started to suck on the boy's anus and found it full of sperm. had he been fucked by one of the other boys or had Rob been able to work his great cock inside his ass.

The boy's asshole was too tight for that and he decided that one of the other boy's had fucked him. In the other room the goalie finally took his place in Lia's cunt. he left the sperm from her previous lover inside her.

The boy loved sloppy seconds or what ever number it rose to. When the goalie finished he ran the boys out into another room. the ones in the room with Tim, Rob and Susan had to join their teammates.

The three of them were alone then. Tim watched as the coach, who he had known very well from school, fucked his wife. Coach made it last and gently worked his cock in to the morass left by those before him.

Lia kissed her coach passionately as she fucked him. Susan had Rob's cum in her and she got Tim to add his sperm to the mix. She then went into the fuck room. Lia looked up at her mother as she came in. I need a cum clean baby girl. The coach levered himself to give Susan room to set her cunt over her daughter's face. The boys that had come back into the room were still naked and all of them had hard cocks.

They whacked those cocks while watching their coach fuck the woman they had just fucked. Too soon the show came to a close and the coach returned to the viewing room. Lia and her mother were in a position so they could suck each others cunts. Tim heard his wife ask her mother "Who came in your cunt mother.the cum taste just like last night at the hotel?" While they were sucking each other there was a telephone call.

Susan pulled out her cell and spoke into it. It seemed that one of her client's wanted to come by for a quickie. Susan explained that she had a new girl working for her and that he could have her. He said that he would be by in five minutes, that he was down the street.

Susan told her daughter that she had another cock for her before she went back home. She re-entered the viewing and told Tim and Rob that they should get home after the man fucked Tim's wife. "I'll bring her home for you." Then she told Tim that it was probably time to let Lia know that he liked to suck cock also. Rob said that it was about time.

They watched the new man arrive and fuck Lia for about ten minutes before he filled her cunt. Then Susan asked the man if he wold drive Lia home as she had something else to do. She drove Rob and Tim home and kissed both men before speeding off. Before she left she said that Lia had seen enough men sucking each other that she actually liked to watch it.

When Tim and Ron got upstairs they both got naked and began to suck each others cocks, waiting for Lia to arrive. They didn't have to wait long. Lia crept in quitely so as not to disturb her husband if he was asleep. She really wanted to suck his cock some more, now that he had suddenly changed. She had to smile at that.

Her own change had been rather sudden too. She thought she saw movement in the bed against the wall. There looked like two naked bodies. At first Lia's thought were that Tim was with the girl from next door. Then thoughtat first, that Tim was eating her, but as her eyes grew accustomed to the dimness she saw that his head was way to high for that.

He was reversed over a body and the person under him had his arm's around Tim's butt. Tim was being sucked. Her heart fluttered in her chest. She knew that she had left her husband right when he had started to let loose and suck her cunt and let her take him in her mouth. Then she stared hard at the shadowed figures.

Tim was sucking a cock. Her husband was actually sucking the cock of another man. Tim was not only sucking a cock he was sucking a huge cock.

Larger than any she had ever seen of had herself. She couldn't help but creep forward and as she watched the huge cock dissapeared almost all the way down Tim's throat. She gasped at the site of her husband being able to swallow this huge cock.

Tim looked up at the sound and saw his wife's face close to his. He brought his mouth off the great cock and looked at her. "Do you want to suck this cock with me honey?" Lia was still horny. Not even the coach had satisfied her and the boys, although, a lot of fun to fuck and suck, had cock's that were too small for her.

She had liked Tom Green's thick cock. Not even her own husband's could fuck her like he did. She listened to her husband ask her if she wanted to suck the great cock with him. He was holding the thick cock out to her.

Her answer was to place her mouth over the huge cock head and take about three inches in. her mouth was stuffed with cock. She thought that it was like when she had the two cocks in her mouth at Paul Anderson's hotel.

Tim watched his sweet wife swallow Rob's cock. He felt himself spilling in Rob's mouth. Rob could feel the difference on their mouths and he knew that he finally had his cock in Tim's wife's sweet mouth.

Rob swallowed Tim's sperm while the couple began to lick around his shaft. A large glob of pre cum issued from his pee hole and the married couple quickly captured it and kissed each other as they swallowed the male nectar. Then Tim got off of Rob's body and sat up to watch as his wife sucked his boss' cock. Lia looked up to see Rob grinning at her as she sucked.

Then Tim was pulling her cunt over Rob's face. She realized then that she had a cunt full of sperm. One had been made with her discovering that he liked to suck cock, but Tim still wanted to prolong letter his wife know that he liked the idea of her being a whore and fucking other cocks.

Lia was glad that Rob was sucking her cunt clean. She had never really liked him, but then she had not known about his great cock. She looked in her husband's eyes as she sucked the cock.

Tim looked back to see Rob's tongue scoop out large amounts of jism from her. Then Rob came faster that he had ever cum before. Then he had not had his cock sucked by such a beautiful woman and the wife of his employee. Tim watched as Lia caught the large ropes of sperm as it shot from Rob's cock.

She let him catch some of it."Oh yes Tim his cum.for me." Tim responded by swallowing the thick juice down and telling her to do the same. After ward they kissed and pushed globs of sperm down each others throats. Tim looked at Rob and said that Rob should leave now. Rob understood and got up to get dressed. They were so busy kissing and whispering to each other that they didn't notice when Rob left.

"Oh my God.his wet cougar slit banged deep in gangbang was so delicious.have you sucked him much honey?" "No I only did it after you wanted to suck mine and I acted like a fool.I wanted to see what the attraction was.

Now I know why you wanted to suck me." He looked at Lia and asked a question, fully knowing her answer. "Did you like sucking my boss honey.did you like sucking Rob's cock and eating his cum?" The couple kissed more and told each other that they liked swallowing his cum.

I love cum baby.I love yours and I love Rob's.I guess that makes us a couple of cum drinkers." "Oh God I know baby.Watching you take his cum in your mouth was indescribable. I hope I can watch you do it again soon." "I want to see you suck another cock honey.I want to suck one with you." "How about now." It was still early.

The thing about fucking young boys was that it had to be done early. Lia listened to her husband say that he wanted to see her suck another cock. "We could go to the bar down the street.I've been by there late and there were always a lot of guy's there?" " If that's what you want." Lia wanted it too but she wanted it to be her husband's idea.once he had gotten used to her sucking other guys it would be easy to graduate to her fucking them.

They kissed and let their tongues wash away the last of Rob's sperm. Then they dresses and walked the two blocks to the bar. they could hear the murmmer of voices before the walked in. If they had not been used to the darkness they could not have been able to see in the dimly lit interior.

Tim led his wife to a booth in the corner and went to the var to get a couple of beers. The bartender looked at him carefully and at Lia, where she sat.

he knew that they were both too young to drink but they looked good in there. Lia had put a thin dress over her nakedness and nothing underneath. The bartender looked at the young wife with lust. Damn he wished that all the females that came into the bar looked as sexy as she did. Tim was aware of all the male attention his young bride was getting as he took the two beers to their booth. He noticed that a few menthat had been standing around talking, now gravitated to the pool table near the couple's booth.

Tim grinned to himself. He knew that he had made the right decision. Lia took a big drink of her beer. " I think the men here want to do more than look at me." Tim had noticed that a few of the ones at the pool table had trouble standing close enough to make their shot. Next thing Tim knew he was being invited to partner up with one guy. he got up and Lia slid to the end of the long wooden seat and faced her mom sex with son friend sex stories toward the pool table, where her husband was racking up.

Tim bent over to make the bust shot. Most men would have watched the bust but the ones around the table kept looking as Lia. The fact that she had spread her leg's helped. They were open about six inches and if you looked close enough a man could imagine that the darkness he saw there was dark pussy hair. Lia had not put any panties on, and they would have been right.

She thought about all the men around the table with her husband.

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She was shocked to have come home and old man enjoy in facial cumshot homemade and nipples Tim sucking Rob's large cock. She was glad to because it gave her the opening she had been searching for. A way for her to let him in on her new found cock love. Her pussy tingled as she thought about all the men she had fucked and sucked these two days. Since she had sex with Mister Ralph for the rent, she had had almost twenty cock's, either in her mouth or her pussy.

She then smiled when she thought about getting fucked in her ass. Not realizing that she had already done it, she wanted Tim to fuck her there while another man was in her cunt. She shuddered when she imagined that it would be Rob's giant cock fucking her cunt. Tim had brought long neck bottles of beer, and she absently let the bottle she was drinking, rest on the seat. She had the bottle situated between her leg's and pressed the cool bottle against her hot cunt.

The only problem was that the bottle had pushed the material of her dress down on the seat, cutting off any view the guy's might have had. The only other option she had was to push the bottle right against her naked cunt. She was about to orgasm thinking about it. Tim saw what his wife was doing and his cock got so hard that he had a hard time making his shot.

he saw that a couple of the men's cock's made pretty large tents in the front of their pants. He imagined what the man's cock looked like. He wondered if he had large balls.

One mad sure did. At the base of his tent there was a large bulge that had to be his testicles. Tim's cock jumped as he thought about him and Lia sucking this stranger's sperm down. More than anything he wanted to take a large cock and push it into Lia's wet cunt. He wished that he could do that with Rob's but he knew that Lia had to be prepared for it first. The lawyer and the client both had been pretty big but Ron was still four inches longer and much thicker.

Tim had placed both his hand's around Rob's cock and found that he could just touch the fingers of his hands with each other. Then he had move around the table to make a shot. he squeezed past the man with the largest tent. As he squeezed past he felt the man's cock, in his jean's, press against his butt. He made his shot and then casually looked at the man.

He was smiling at Tim. " That was a nice one." to anyone not realizing what had happened, would have thought he was talking about Tim's shot, which had sank two balls. Tim knew that the man meant his ass. He wanted to say to the man, "If you think mine is nice, wait till you feel my wife's." Then the game was yui kasuga feels pleasure in extreme porn scenes and Tim asked the man, who had said that his name was Judd, to come back to their booth with him.

Tim let the man get in first and he slid around to the middle of the curved seat. Tim eased in next to him. he looked at Lia and she moved, to the dissapointment of the onlookers, next to Judd. Tim introduced them. " Lia and I have been married a month Judd." Judd said that called for a drink. Tim got up and got three more beers. When he returned he saw that Judd and Lia were warmly talking to each other. Lia looked at Tim as he sat back down. " He said that he had trouble making his shots because he couldn't get close to the table." " Yeah I noticed that too." Tim said looking down at the man's spread crotch.

The tent was still there. "Are you comfortable now Judd?" Judd said that he wasn't. " I seem to be having some tightness in these new jeans." " Maybe you should unzip them Judd.I heard that help when you're sitting down in tight jeans." Lia made the remark in all innocents, to outward intents, but Tim knew that she wanted to see what the man had to offer as much as he did. " I could do that.but I wouldn't want to make anyone mad." "Oh no you won't make me or Tim mad.we understand how things are." "Well I guess I could, but if I do it then the men at the table will know what I'm doing, and then they all will want to pull their pant's down.

" Tim looked past the man to his young bride. he could see the excitement in her eyes. he knew that she had been paid for the other sex she had with the men at the Leighs and the hotel. She had even been paid for the young boys even though she would have done them for free. He wanted to find a way where she could charge Judd a small amount just to let him know that she would be a prostitute.

More than that he voluptuous asians wild oral service japanese hardcore her to know that they could be prostitutes together. he knew that a lot of stuffing this hotties asshole with my dick during hardcore anal sex was really good she liked it a l liked his young butt and he wanted to make use of it.

he also knew that with Lia having almost two years to go before she was eighteen that she was at her top earning. It was Lia that offered a suggestion. "Judd why not keep the bottle in both hands and let me open your pant's cam sluts plays with her ass in the shower you.

Judd almost choked. he had only came to the bar hoping to find a woman that looked halfway decent, but there was this sweet pretty thing offering to unzip his pants for him.

While he was playing pool he decided that if he couldn't find a woman then the young boy would be a good substitute. At forty years of age he knew he couldn't attract real young women that he really liked.

He had a few but he had to pay through the nose. he would gladly pay these two to work on him for a while. Lia dropped her hand's to his belt and undid it. Then the top button. She was breathing a little fast. She reached for his zip with shaky hands, and grasping it between two fingers, pulled it slowly down. Judd had no underwear on and his hairy tight belly was visible through the wide gap. Lia also could see the top of his tuff of dark pubic hair. "How's that Judd?" Tim asked. "Well to be's more the crotch of these jeans that are tight." "Lia honey.why don't you take one side of his jean's and I'll take the other," his voice was shaky.

He knew what Judd was thinking and he and his bride was ready to accommodate him. "Judd you have to lift up just a bit." Judd smiled and lifted as the young couple grasped his jeans on either sideand without any one else know what was going on, pulled the man's jean's down and let them drop to the darkness of the underneath of the booth.

Judd's large thick cock popped free of the restraints. "Now look what happened. Lia and Tim were already looking at the man's cock. It was thick, actually a little thicker that Tom Green's cock. It had Tom beat by about two inches. The swollen head was a dark red and there was a clear glob of pre cum in the man's pee hole. Tim and Lia could not keep their hand's off the big cock.

They grasped it from opposite sides at the same time. It was hot to the touch but Lia's tiny hand's were even hotter. Tim let his wife have the thick shaft and he felt down to Judd's large swollen ball's. "These feel like they have a lot of sperm in them" Tim told Lia. Lia let one hand fall to see what her husband was talking about. " I usually cum about four times when I jack off." Judd volunteered.

" Tim honey I would really like to taste his cum.would it be ok if I did it for free?" " I want to say yes baby but you know we need the money for rent." " Hey don't you two worry about money.I make real good money and I like to spread it around." As he spoke more precum oozed out and began to run down the head. Lia used two fingers to scoop it up.

She offered one to Tim and then she took the other coated finger and sucked it into her mouth. Judd was breathing hard."Look like I said .don't worry about the money.I got plenty with me tonight." "I guess we had better leave here and go to our apartment." Tim said.

"Just give me time to get my pant's up." Lia got up first and said that she wanted to go to the bathroom.

Judd finally gave up trying to pull his pant's back up in the booth and stood up to do it. all the other Gus had a good look at Judd's large cock. It looked like it had been played with. Try as he might he could not stuff it back in his pant's and ended up draping a shirt he had on over his tee shirt, over it. All the guys at the pool table called out joking remarks.

"hey gonna get lucky tonight.?" " Damn right I am.and I got two of them to make sure I do." That shut the guy's up. most of them had their hand's, mouths or assholes around a cock in their days. Their eyes burned with lust. Lia had come back from the bathroom. She was actually blushing. "I saw three cocks in the bathroom." Tim's cock reared up anew. Judd led them out of the bar.He turned and told the men to have their money ready.

Lia blushed more. Judd said that he was just trying to be helpful. Lia told them that she had found one door that simply said bathrooms. She had went in thinking that the rooms were inside. They were but were only divided by a short divider. She saw three men at the three urinals on the men's side. They had been feeling each others cocks when she walk in.

She saw the two booth's on the women's side and the first one didn't have a door on it. Guess men liked watching a woman pee but the closed booth was for something more serious. She had lifted her dress, exposing her cute hairy cunt and sat down and peed. She could see the men trying to look at her but she was quick and gave her pussy a quick papering and left. She held her dress up as she walked out showing the three men her hairy bush.

" Let's go to your place a while and then come back here and you can make a lot of money in that bathroom.belive me." Judd had a pickup and he tossed the keys to Tim.

Tim got in behind the wheel. Judd sat next to him and patted his lap for Lia to sit. She lifted her dress up to her waist, and sat down on his lap with a leg on each side of his large naked upright cock.

Judd moaned. And reached to cup both her breast. " Kiss him baby.let his see how sweet your lip's are." Lia turned and brought her lip's to his mouth and kissed him. Her tongue went into his mouth and licked around the insides of his mouth. Judd moaned as Lia took his cock in her hand's again. She grasped it with both hand's but the head still protruded. Tim placed his hand on the head.

It was immediately slimy with gooey pre-cum.

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Lia was pressing her cunt against the large cock and began to move up an down like she was fucking him. The only thing was that his cock was on the outside of her cunt. It was the longest two blocks the the couple ever drove. They both wanted to get Judd upstairs and naked. Then they wanted to suck and lick on live free story chat live stti live webcam chat4 inch of him.

They did and had the man's sperm in their mouth's swirling it around with their tongues. Judd had his face stuck in Lia's cunt the whole time except for when He placed his mouth over Tim's cock. The best part came when Judd sank his cock into Lia's cunt. Tim held it and fed it to his wife's juice wet hole, and then plunged a finger up Lia's anus while she had Judd's cock in her. Judd must have felt what he was doing for he flipped her atop his body.

Lia's ass was sticking up invitingly. " Fuck her butt Tim.while I got my cock in her. do it now." Tim did. It was almost like the night at the hotel, except that Judd's cock was larger than the other man the he fucked his wife with. He wondered if he could stuff his cock in her cunt along with Judd's. The answer to that came in about a half an hour. Tim and Judd.had rested up from fucking Lia in her ass and cunt.

Lia wanted more then but she had only the two men and they did need a little slack time after they had already cum twice. This time Lia was atop of Tim. Tim's cock was firmly lodged in Lia's cunt. her ass was sticking up. When Judd tried to ram it in her anus.she told him to get with Tim in her cunt. The fit was a lot tighter the first time she had two cocks in her. She wasn't sure who they were but she wanted it again.

This time Tim was there first and then Judd placed his cock in her. Most women do know when they get fucked by the same cock that they can recognize it among many others.

She felt the two cock in her cunt stretching her cunt out more than the time before. The difference was due to Judd's cock being larger than the other one, but she was sure of one thing, and that was that Tim's cock had been the other cock there.

That was impossible. Did he really know all about her. Then she remembered her mother showing up. She had not expected her. Could her mother have brought Tim into it? "Mother" she said aloud. "What.What.mother.where did that come from?" Tim had caught her single word.

her face was right over his. She brought her mouth down and silenced him with a kiss. She smiled to herself as she enjoyed the two cocks pistioning in and out of her with an irregular beat. Judd wanted to be the one to eat the cum out of Lia's cunt. he couldn't do this with a lot of women but he knew Lia was cool with it. He would have to get them to one of his club meetings. The guy's there would love them both. Judd patted Tim on his ass then. He said that as soon as he caught his breath from such brutal fucking, that he wanted Tim's nice tight little butt.

" I have an idea.why don't we go back to the bar and I'll go in the bathroom.Tim can watch and you can fuck his ass there." Tim could see it in his wife's eyes. She wanted more cock and he wanted to see her get it too. Judd told them that they could stay naked and go in the back door and right in the bathroom.

That's the way they got back, naked, sitting in the cab of Judd's pickup truck. Naturally Tim drove and Lia spent the trip sittingfacing him, on Judd's hard cock. Tim took the back alleys that he knew were full of potholes. Every time he would hit one, Judd's cock would be driven into Lia's cunt in a bone jarring thrust.

His sweet innocent wife screamed like she was being tortured, but Tim knew better. She was just getting the fuck of her life. He went the long way around to the bar, A distance of over a dozen blocks, all through the potholed back alleys. When they pulled up to the bar, Judd got out still holding Lia hard with his cock stuck up her. She had both arm's around his neck passionately kissing him as he walked.

Tim guided Judd in. Judd was having trouble seeing. There was one man at the urinals. He was pissing a stream like a gusher from a flaccid cock that said that it would get larger. Lia dismounted, and knelt on the floor at the feet of the man who had turned his head to see her.

She reached his front and took his pissing cock. She pulled the man around by his cock while she squeezed the piss tube. She captured the man's cock and released the tube. Scalding piss shoot into her mouth. She gulped the salty liquid down as fast as the man could piss. The man's cock got a little hard and Lia swallowed hit down her throat.

It was a very strange feeling. The piss streamed straight down into her belly. After she had drained his piss she began to suck wetly. The cock was now about seven thick inches. It took him all of two minutes to fill her with hot jizz.

Lia told him that his charge would be to tell att the other men in the bar that she was sucking cock for twenty bucks a pop. She had dropped her price way down to give everyone a chance to get sucked. She had got on her shoplyfter mom and daughter caught and fucked for stealing before her husband. Judd was standing behind him. She reached around Tim's hips and grasped Judd's cock.

Tim bent forward, trembling like a new bride, as his wife placed Judd's cock head against his anus. Judd pushed, Tim moaned loudly just as the cock went all the way up his rectum. Lia's mouth found his cock and was sucking him when the first bunch of customers came running in.

They were already dropping their pant's around their ankles. One guy dropped them before he stopped running and he fell to the floor with his face in Lia's cunt.

he didn't break stride but began to eat her with gusto. Lia squeeled at the unexpected pleasure. She turned to take the fat stubby cock of an older man with a huge beer gut. She had to turn her head sideways to bypass his gut and get at his cock. Tim was in heaven with Judd's large cock in him. Rob was large but almost too large. Judd was just right. He saw a hand hand Judd some money, Judd was taking all the cash for Lia while he fucked Tim in his butt.

The hand was black. Judd didn't know about The Leighs rule of no blacks. He hoped that Lia felt the same as her mother. " No black guy's." Tim managed to say. Lia stopped sucking and looked around. Two black guy's had come into the bathroom. They both had their pant's unzipped and their cocks were sticking straight out.

The two must have been real horny to have exposed the myth about black men to a bunch of white rednecks in a bar. They were both in the six inch range, although one was pretty thick. "Sorry I don't have sex with black men." There was a murmmer of approval among the men that crowded in the bathroom. There were now about a dozen men there. " Guess you guy's will have to find a woman that does.and when you do take her to another bar.we don't want to fuck behind some nigger." " Hey man.who you calling nigger?" " Hey if you swung from the trees I'd call you a git.or do you want some help." "We gonna tell the bartender that you all are racist here and practicing discrimination." "Go on and tell me dude." The bartender was standing in back waiting his turn.

He was holding a thick ten inches. "Looks like God forgot to equip you guys well enough if you're supposed to all be superior." This brought a round of laughs. The two black guy's took the money that Judd handed them back. They still grumbled. "Hey guy's look's like your little peckers don't like it when you can't have all those rights." There was another round of laughter as the guy's stuffed their shriveled up dicks back in their pants.

Lia grinned and went back to sucking the fat stubby cock. Judd couldn't hold out any longer in Tim's ass and shot his load in him. Tim groaned loudly as he felt the scalding warmth fill his rectum. "Hey does the twenty count on fucking the boy's ass too?" Judd looked at Tim for an answer.

Tim nodded his head. The bartender shoved forward and grabbed Tim's hip's. "Shit I gotta get back to the bar.some people are still drinking in there," he said as he rammed his cock in Tim's ass.

This little act officially made Tim a whore, just like his wife. He smiled at the thought. Before the night was over he would take three more cocks in his ass and suck a few, by himself and also with his bride.

They took on the entire bar that night of all twenty seven male patrons. Two women, wives that came into the bar for a little fun when their husband's were at work, paid Tim to fuck them. After he fucked the first one, she squatted over the face of Lia who was now on her back, on a mattress that had appeared magically, fucking.

She pulled the woman to her and started to suck Tim's sperm from her cunt. Then she stopped as she taste the familiar, unmistakable taste of the delicious sperm. She went back sucking the sperm from the woman with a big smile on her face. The simple task of sucking the guy's off had evolved into an all out orgy.

The two wives started to fucking everyone that ran out of money. They were both in their forties and couldn't hope to compete with a sixteen year old, so they just spread their leg's and enjoyed the most fucking they ever had from their husband's.

By the time the young couple had either fucked or sucked every man in the bar and the two women of course, they were covered with sperm. Lia and Tim knew that they had a home away from home there.

It turned out that three or four men in the crowd loved to suck cock themselves, and Tim got sucked a lot. Of course when he came Lia, who was watching closely, took his cock away from the man sucking it, and swallowed Tim's sperm herself.

She now was more than sure that Tim had been one of the mystery fuckers from the hotel, was it only last night.Lia's head swam with the whirlwind events of the past hours. Judd finally took the couple back home. In the entire time in the bar neither had clothes.

He followed them upstairs butt naked like they were. he climbed into bed with them and cuddled them both to him as they finally slept. Tim awoke in the morning to Lia sucking Judd's cock before he left for work. He was reluctant to leave but life had to go on. He would rather spend it fucking the teenagers. Tim curled up to Lia after Judd left.

" I know you saw me fucking Tom Green and the others in the hotel that night." "What gave me away/" "Your cum is what gave you away.damn honey you really have the world's best tasting sperm." " You can't say haven't tasted all the cum in the world," Tim laughed.

" Well my mother has and I'll ask her." Lia said that She also knew that her mom had been fucking him. "What makes you so sure?" " Because my mother fucks every man she sees.that why." " And you are going to be just like your mother?" " I'm going to try my best.but I want to do it with you honey." Tim was really touched by such a tender remark from the woman he loved.

To think that she wanted him to be there when she fucked other guys was ashley stone taking black cock big black cock and deapthroat. Part two to cum.