Sunny leone taking big cocks

Sunny leone taking big cocks
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The club was loud and dirty and crowded. Everyone was bumping into me and I felt like I couldn't breathe. As bad as it sounds, something about it was enthralling. People were grabbing me and there were lots of couples in various stages of sex. I saw a girl bouncing up and down on some guy's lap, and I started to get wet.

My thin silky panties were quickly soaked and I was afraid someone would see the juices under my short blue skirt. Suddenly I felt a big hand beneath my legs. It roughly grabbed at my pussy, and I was struck dumb for a moment and couldn't move. After a few rough strokes, the hand left and I turned around, trying to see who it was. There were too many people, it could have been any one if them. Someone came up behind me and grabbed my waist, grinding his groin against my ass.

His cock was hard and it made me wetter. I tried to turn around, but he wouldn't let me and started rubbing my tits through my old lover fucks young bawdy cleft oldvsyoung hardcore tank top. He moved his hand down to my skirt and lifted it up.

Yeah, it was the same hand; I could tell. He wasn't as rough though, probably because he was now right next to me. He rubbed my clit and I started to breathe hard.

Another guy dancing with a girl stared at me as he grinded against her. I felt so exposed and horny. I began to move my hips against the guy behind me, and he kissed my neck as my juices coated his hand.

He turned me around and I got my first look at him. He was kind of gorgeous and had dark eyes and dark english full sexy movie urdu zaban hair. His features were chiseled and his lips were gorgeous. He stared at me for a second, as if he had realized something, and then grabbed the back of my head and kissed me long and hard. His hands went from my head to my waist, then grabbed my ass and pulled up my skirt. He tugged my panties to the side and plunged a finger into my pussy.

I gasped and broke the kiss, but only had a moment to breathe before he brought his lips to mine again. I thought for a second that the guy who had looked at us must have been having a good time watching now.

I reached my hand into his pants and felt his rock hard cock jump into my hands. It was big, it was going to be too big for me. This was happening too fast. I had no idea who this guy was, but god he was good. He kept fucking me with his finger and I was moaning into his mouth.

I ran my fingers up and down his cock and could feel the precum leaking from the tip. He got me to the edge and then pulled his hand away. I wanted to come so badly, but he grabbed my arm and led me away. "I don't want anyone to see you anymore." He must have seen the guy watching us. It was so crowded and it seemed like there was nowhere to go.

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He opened a door; it was a closet with a broom and vacuum. He threw those out and shoved me into the tiny little space. "Umm I get a little claustropho--" "Shhh" he said, putting his hand over my mouth. He stared at me. His eyes were so deep and his mouth was tantalizing. Lowering his hand, he slowly brought his lips towards mine. He didn't want to fuck.

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He wanted to make love. There was something about him, though, that pulled me in, some strange quality that forced me to kiss him back. I tore my lips off his and slowly moved down. I pulled his pants and black boxer-briefs down and came face to, well, head with his cock. It was huge. I had never had something so massive inside me. Trying not to look intimidated, I kissed the tip and slowly took it into my mouth. He looked down at me with those eyes and I tried to bob my head up and down, but I knew there was no way I could swallow even half of it.

He took my arm and pulled me up. Great, I can't do a decent blowjob and now he's going to toss me to the curb. But no. He put his hand on my cheek and traced the outline of my jaw. He kissed me once and pulled off his kinkyandlonelycom mature mom son 039 s friend tube porn. He was even more beautiful without his shirt and his muscles were like a sculpture. He grabbed the bottom of my tank top and quickly pulled it over my head, releasing my breasts.

He slipped a finger in the elastic of my panties and pulled them down. I stepped out of them and he put them in his pocket. Something to remember me by. "Your cock is too big, it won't fit." I tried to say, but he was already lifting up my leg.

His cock rubbed against my pussy, coating it with my juices. He leaned over and kissed my breasts and then made his way up to my neck. There was something about him that paralyzed me. I was powerless. When his kisses got to my mouth, his cock slid into me. I yelped into his mouth; his cock was so big and stretched me beyond my limits. He kept kissing me and with each thrust his cock went deeper and deeper. "Yes, yes" I pleaded between breaths. He pulled me close and my skirt rose as he grabbed my ass and shoved me onto his cock.

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"oh fuck me, fuck me" he drove me wild, and the loud music outside throbbed in my head as I came all over his cock. I kissed him hard and panted, trying to recover. He didn't let me, though, and kept thrusting into me. "Please, it's too much" I said, feeling his flesh finally slap against mine. His cock was all the way in, and while it felt so good, it chubby amateur gets facial in fake taxi a lot to take.

"Shh," he said again. "Oh god yesss, oh yess," I moaned "you're so big, it feels so good." Already I could feel myself coming again and I raked my fingernails over his smooth back. He began to breathe harder and I looked into his eyes. I kissed him. I kissed him and as my tongue roamed his mouth, his cock plunged into my tight pussy.

I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist, now riding him and I bounced up and down. Soon I was about to come again. I was so exhausted but even as I came I pushed myself onto him. When I came down from my bliss I could hear he was grunting and must have been close. He kissed me hard and then lifted me off. I quickly took the little bit of his cock that I could manage into my mouth and sucked as hard as I could.

He let out a large moan and what felt like bucket loads of cum went straight down my throat. I ran my tongue up and down his cock, almost worshiping it's power. I stood up and said, "Is it crazy to think that I'm in love with you?" "Shh," he smiled and kissed me.