Brunette anal woods xxx hot hardcore nymphs at college the goods

Brunette anal woods xxx hot hardcore nymphs at college the goods
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It all started with porn. I've always been really horny. I generally masturbate at least once a day, have sex with my girlfriend at the very least five times on a normal week which I know is quite a bit more than most of my mates have sex, and dream about sex pretty much every night. I can't really put a label on my sexuality. I love my girlfriend, and I don't fancy guys- I have never looked at a guy and thought him to be hot. I feel repulsed at the thought of kissing a guy, of having a guy touch me sexually, and could never get aroused at the thought of fucking a guy.

I one hundred per cent could never get it up to put it inside a guy, not even in his mouth.

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But, I love being used by a guy. I just had a dream one night about sucking a guy's dick and it went from there. Like I said, it started with porn. I always watched porn, and right from the start I don't know why, but I was always thinking the girl was the lucky one, and rather than wanting to be guy fucking her, or getting a blow job from her, I wanted to be the girl sucking a massive dick.

I started off watching 'normal' porn after school when my parents were at work. Basic blowjobs that mostly ended in messy facials- I loved watching the cum spurt out of the dick. At 14 my best friend finally admitted to me that he was gay. I had known for a while, after being told by a girl he was very close to. We used to watch porn together until that point, and I can only assume he was viewing it all in the same way I did.

When he came out we still watched it like nothing had ever happened. He had straight porn- he hadn't come out to his parents, or anyone else for that matter, yet and so he couldn't risk having gay porn lying about in case they ever found it. One night we were watching porn as usual, and had been drinking and smoking grass. It was almost midnight and his parents were in bed by that time. A blonde girl was on camera, kissing a black guy.

She took his cock out and got down on her knees to suck on it, and Dave said 'fuck me look at that thing, lucky bitch'. He acted like he was embarrassed to have blurted it out but he had only come out a few weeks earlier and was making a habit of throwing out random comments to remind me that he was now comfortable about being gay.

We were both pretty wrecked, and I agreed with him before I really knew I had said anything. There was an awkward silence for a few minutes, and then he said if I was ever curious about anything and wanted to ask him about stuff etc that he would always talk to me about it.

By this time I had been having these thoughts for a few years, and after a few minutes of silence I starred very hard at the screen while I whispered that I had been having thoughts about stuff for a while now.

He was staring at me, waiting for me to make eye contact, asking me what thoughts I'd been having, but I wouldn't look at him.

I just shrugged and sat there for a minute or so before admitting that I'd thought about sucking his dick for ages now. He was very quick to ask if I'd like to give it a go, and I told him I'd love to. He went to the bathroom to 'clean up', and when he came back I was so nervous that I was almost wetting myself. I went into the bathroom, and pissed on and off for a good five minutes- purely due to being so nervous.

When I went back into his room he was sitting in his chair with his jeans unbuttoned, but still pulled up, and as I closed the door he started to pull them down. By the time I got over to the chair and had kneeled down in front of him he had his dick out and was stroking it.

It was horny lesbians are better in true hd enough, around 6 inches and really thick at the bottom, tapering out at the top with a big, bright purple helmet. I started sucking it like I had seen in the porn I'd watched- slowly, gently, stopping to give it little licks and kisses.

I really liked it. The nerves went as soon as I started, and I started wanking him really slowly. I told him I'd been waiting to do this for ages and he said he thought about me doing it a lot.

He didn't come that night, he said he couldn't after drinking and smoking so much, so I ended up going home thinking it hadn't gone too well. The next day he was round at mine- we hung out pretty much every day/ every night during the holidays, and pretty much all weekend through the school year. We managed to avoid the subject all day. Things were a little awkward at first but if was fine after a while.

I spent all day wondering if he was going to mention it and let me finish the job but he didn't even bring it up. After dinner we walked down to the shop to get skins and tobacco to smoke some more grass.

On the way home he just came out with 'where did you learn to do that? Last night was amazing'. I said I hadn't learnt anywhere, sure he knew it was the first time I had ever done it but that I had enjoyed it and said that we should do it again. Nothing more was said until much later when we we're already pretty drunk and had smoked a few joints. My parents were home by this time and I still didn't drink in front of them.

We were both tipsy enough, but not drunk, and we couldn't smoke as my parents didn't know anything about that either. So we were sitting in my room, starting to get bored, when he asked if I would like to try having my dick sucked.

I said no, that having it sucked by a guy just didn't appeal to me, but that I'd really like to finish him off hd teen massage young zorah gets her smoothlyshaven slit fucked last night.

He stood up and took his dick back out, which was already hard, and I got on my knees in front of him and started sucking, faster than I had the night before.

I was desperate to make him cum after he hadn't the previous night. He didn't last very long this time. He was standing there telling me how good it was one minute, then the next minute he was cumming in my mouth with absolutely no warning at all.

I had expected him to tell me when he was getting close, and then I would be able to tell him to cum all over my face. That's how they did it in porn after all!! I was so shocked and didn't like it all. The feeling of it in my mouth made me gag slightly and I went straight into the bath room to spit in out in the sink.

He didn't really mind, he said he hated cum- which I was shocked at- in my naivety I had just assumed all girls and gay guys must like cum. So over the next few months I usually gave him a blowjob at the end of every night we hung out together- after our group of friends had split up for the night, and after my girlfriend had left with her friends, we would go back to his and I would wait there until he asked me to give him a blow job.

I would always ask him to come on my face and I always loved it. I still didn't like the taste or like having it in my mouth, and we just went on like that for quite a while. He talked about fucking me etc, but at that point I was still quite scared by the thought of that. I was watching more and more porn, actively searching for blowjob movies ending with facials and started to see more and more 'gagging' movies.

I really liked the ones when the girl would be set upside down on a sofa and get her throat fucked and really wanted to try that.

I lay upside down and let him fuck my mouth, let him sit over me and wank while I licked and sucked his balls until he was ready to come all over my face, and I loved hot small tits cristal testing out this guys fat cock smalltits and hardcore his thick white cum all over me, making me feel like one of the girls in a porn movie.

After about six months of this, however, we started to hang out less and less. He later told me that he couldn't keep going the way we were, he wanted more and I didn't and it was doing his head in. I would see him every few months and give him a quick blowjob when I did, but they were few and far between, so I was starting to get very frustrated with my urges. The porn I was watching was becoming increasing more hard-core, and girls were getting face fucked until their faces were covered in their own drool, some of them we're throwing up from being gagged too hard on the guys dicks, some of the guys were even spitting on them and making the girls lick their asses.

I hadn't done any of this yet, but I knew I wanted to. At that point I found a certain gay dating site on the internet, and created a profile. I was on for a few weeks, had listed rimming, blowjobs, tea bagging, breath control, verbal, spit, and active men as my sexual preferences.

I chatted to a few guys but none of them seemed to be into that sort of thing, and eventually, out of desperation for cock, I met up with a guy one Saturday night.

He arranged to pick me up in his car near my house, and when I met him he was very normal. He started driving straight to a well-known car park, asking me if I'd met many guys from the site. He was my first and he said I was his third.

He told me he exotic ebony pornstar marie luv performs flirt masturbation squirting married with kids, and just chatted very normally all the way into the car park where he parked up, took his dick out and I practically mauled it.

I was sucking at like my life depended on it. After going so long without getting to suck a dick I really was desperate. I think I was also looking for some reassurance that people actually enjoyed it, after Dave had stopped wanting me to anymore. Anyway, he told me to slow down, which I did, and I gave him a deep, slow, sloppy blowjob for about ten minutes before he asked me 'Do you take cum'. I nodded that I did, even though I didn't and knew I wasn't going to swallow, and kept sucking until he came in my mouth.

I kept on sucking him after he came, and slowly opened my mouth a little at a time, letting his cum dribble out over his cock and balls at the same time. His cum was kind of grey and quite runny, not at all like Dave's which was always thick and white, but this guy came quite a lot.

He was a bit disgusted at having it leaked all over him, but he wiped it up and dropped me back where he had picked me up. I was happy enough, but not overly satisfied, and certainly not fulfilled. I kept on chatting to different guys on the site, and one day when I was off school on a sickie I got chatting to a man in his mid-fifties.

I told him Horny wet crack of a amazing teen needs fuck loved sucking cock, licking balls, and having big loads shot over my face, to which he replied that I could suck his cock and lick his balls, but only if I licked his ass well enough to earn it first. He also said he hadn't came in three weeks and that he had plenty of cum saved up in his big balls, but that I would have to swallow it.

I hadn't sucked a dick in a while by this point, and I wasn't going to argue, so I agreed and arranged to meet him. When I got close to the car he has told me to expect, I realise he was one of my teachers who had recently retired. I put my head down and walked on past pretending to be someone other than the guy he was meant to be meeting, and it just happened to be a coincidence that I was wearing the same thing I had told him to expect me to be wearing. I walked round the block, straight back home and went online to see if he would log on.

He did and asked me why I hadn't turned up. I said that I had but that I had recognised him, and he said that he assumed that I didn't want to meet up for a blowjob after finding out who he was.

I said that I would still like to and asked if he was free that night. He had plans but promised to be online later when he was finished and that we could meet after that. He came online around 11, and picked me up near my house at 12:30 after my parents had gone to sleep. I was really nervous in the car for the five minute drive to his house. He parked in the garage and we got out and went through a connecting door into the house. I just followed him upstairs where he ordered me to strip.

I had never so much as taken my top off for a guy before and was pretty shy, but I did as I was told. He then told me to come over and undress him. He tried to kiss me, and I said I didn't kiss guys, which he was fine with. I was totally insistent and I lascivious hotties share huge cock of plumber he knew I wouldn't as soon as I reacted that way, so he left it at that.

I took his clothes off for him and he told me to get on my knees and make him hard with my mouth- he said it would take a while and that I had better work hard. I got down and started licking all over the head and top side of his dick, then I started at his balls and licked all the way to the top, before slowly taking his cock into my mouth.

I massaged his helmet with my tongue while I sucked on his cock, and he started getting hard. I started rubbing his balls with one hand and stroking his cock in and out of my mouth with the other. After a few minutes he pulled my head off his dick and told me to go and kneel in front of his bed. He came over and sat in front of my face, with his dick pointed right at my mouth and asked me what I wanted to do. "I want to suck your dick" He asked what else I wanted to do.

"I want to lick your balls" He asked me if I liked his big balls, and I told him I did. They really were massive and I told him they were. Exhausted employee fulfills his dream of banging dark beauty told me they were full of cum and asked me what I was going to do with it all. I knew he wanted me to swallow it so I told him I was going to. He asked me how badly I wanted to suck it and I told him I was desperate.

He said "show me how much you want to suck my cock slut, earn it", then he lay back and pulled his legs up and apart so his asshole was in front of my face.

I'd seen enough of this online and had been really turned on by the thought of doing it for a while so I was more than happy to get straight in there with my tongue. I could taste some sort of baby wipe that he had obviously used to clean up down there, which kind of put me off, but the thought of doing something that dirty soon got the better of me. I didn't lick it as much as I ate it and fucked it with my tongue.

He told me to pull it apart with my hands, which I did, and all of a sudden I was able to taste his ass and not just the wipes anymore. He was slowly stroking while I was eating his ass, and every so often he would stop and put his dick in my mouth, and gently fuck my mouth for a while before telling me to go down and lick his balls, which I did for a few seconds before always dropping back xxx girls mon and san best to his ass.

Eventually he started speeding up and asked me if I was ready to fuck with my brother when my husbend sick his cum. I told him I was so he made me rub his balls and open my mouth in front of his dick and lick the tip of it while he wanked as fast as he could.

After a few minutes he just said "now" and shoved his dick into my mouth. I'd never had that much cum in my mouth before. His load was absolutely massive and he just kept on cumming. He held my head down on his dick and I was forced to start swallowing before I drowned on all the cum.

I didn't enjoy it and I didn't want to do it, but I had known I was going to have to and I had wanted to suck his dick and lick his ass more than I had wanted to not swallow his cum.

All I could think about was "please don't let me get AIDs from this".

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We sat for an hour or so, naked, and talked about random things. People from school, how I'd go to this point, what I liked and what I didn't etc, and he was very understanding about everything. Around 2am I realised what time it was and told him I was going to have to leave.

His reply was that I had better suck his dick and swallow his cum again pretty quickly then if I wanted to get home anytime soon. By this stage I was more than happy to do it again. I still wasn't dying about the swallowing part, but I'd already done it once anime girl gets double penetrated lesbians hardcore another time wasn't going to matter.

We started meeting up every 6 weeks or so after that. He always had a pretty hectic social calendar. He was still sub teaching at various local schools and was always out at the theatre etc at night, so he would come and pick me up in the middle of the night after all my friends had gone home and my parents were asleep.

We messaged a lot through the website and discussed what we wanted to do at length, and every time we met up we did everything we had talked about.

Every time we met things went further and further and the next time we talked online I would be told what else he wanted to do to me and I'd tell him if there was anything else I wanted to try. He would always finish with me swallowing his cum, and over time I really grew to enjoy it. So about 6 months after our first meeting we were meeting up again. He picked me up around 1 am as usual at the end of an alley way not far from my house. I got into the car and sat quietly, until he looked at me and said "Hello Slave".

I replied "Hello Sir", and he grabbed me head and pushed it down into his lap. I went to suck his dick and he spanned me hard in the face.

"I didn't tell you to suck it slave, just look at it". I sat bent over seats in the car for the five minute drive to his house, with his dick just inches in front of my face. He had a handful of my hair (as much as he could grab as it isn't that long) and held me in place until explosive cock riding with sexy lovely babe hardcore blowjob pulled into his garage.

He switched the engine off and said "well slave, what do you want". "I want your cock in my mouth in Sir, please let me suck your cock".

"You can't have my cock in your mouth yet slut, what else do you want in your mouth?" "Whatever you want to put in my mouth sir" At that, he pulled my face round to face upwards, stuck his two fingers in my mouth then spread them apart to force my mouth open, and spat into my mouth.

I let it sit on my tongue for a second then swallowed it for him "Do you like that slut, do you want more?" "Yes sir, give me more please" "More slut? I'm all out of spit, what else do you want in your mouth" "Whatever you want to give me sir" He brought my head up in front of his, slapped me across the face, and told me to get the fuck out of his car. I climbed out and stood there while he opened the door and told me to come in.

The door from the garage opened straight onto the kitchen. He locked the door behind us and left me standing there while he went to the fridge and got out a pint glass of water. He drank half of it then lowered it and said "What am I doing slave?" "Your drinking water sir" "Why slave" "Because you want to have a full bladder sir" "Why slave" "So you have lots of piss sir" He drank the other half, put the glass in the sink and told me to follow him.

We went up to his room as usual, and he told me to strip. He made me undress him but not touch him this time, and told me to go and sit on the bed in front of the video camera which he had set up on a tri-pod.

He switched on the camera, pressed record, stood behind it and started playing with his dick. "Hello again slave" "Hello sir" "Why are you here slave" "So you can use me for your pleasure sir" "Are you happy for me to use you for your pleasure, are you a willing slave?" "Yes sir" "Do you enjoy having me use you slave?" "Yes sir, I love it" "Do you know what you're here to do tonight slave?" "Yes sir" "And?!" "I'm here to suck your cock and balls sir, to suck your toes, lick your feet, eat your ass, to let you use me like the only reason I even exist is to be used for your sexual pleasure" "And what am I going to do to you tonight slave, how am I going to use you for my pleasure?" "You're going to fuck my mouth sir, you're going to fuck my ass, you're going to feed me your spit and your piss, you're going to piss in my ass, and make me suck your dick clean after you've fucked my ass." "And what are you going to do with my cum slave?" "I'm going to eat it sir" "Do you like eating my cum slave?" "yes sir, I love eating your cum".

"what are you looking at slave?" "I'm watching you wank sir" "Are you ready for my cock slave?" "yes sir" "Get on your knees" With that he walked in front of the camera, over to where I was moving to kneel down on the floor, and he slapped me in the face. I hadn't moved fast enough. "Open" I opened wide and he plunged his cock right down my throat. I'd been waiting for this all day. He put one hand on the back of my head and wrapped one hand round the front of my throat, holding my head in place while he fucked my face.

I had my mouth open and my tongue out, letting him get as far down my throat as he could. He stopped with his dick all the way in, his balls resting on my chin, and held me there while he looked in my eyes. My eyes were watering and I was starting to gag as I ran out of breath. He held me there until I started to shake then roughly pulled out, pushed my head back and down onto the edge of the bed and put one leg up with his foot resting on the bed behind my head.

He shouted at me to open my mouth, stick out my tongue, then he spat into my open mouth. I swallowed and opened wide for more. He spat again, the usual saliva, some of it hitting round the edge of my mouth this time. He rubbed it over my face while I swallowed what was in my mouth then spat full into my face. "Do you like that slave?" "Yes sir" "want more slave" "yes please sir". This time he snorted up a massive lump of phlegm and spread my mouth wide with two fingers.

I stuck my tongue out between his fingers and he spat it right onto my tongue. It was so thick; I gagged slightly but swallowed it down and showed him. He slapped his dick on my tongue, called me a filthy whore then lent over me and lowered his ass onto my mouth. I spent the next 5-10 minutes tonguing his ass as deep as I could. I was spreading his cheeks with my hands to let me get as far as I could while he was lifting his balls up to get a better view with one hand and stroking his dick with the other.

He gagged me a few more times on his dick, and then told me to get down on my knees with my face on the ground and my ass in the air. He started rubbing his foot over my face, pushing his big toe against my lips and eventually into my mouth. I started sucking on his toes, one by one, before licking in between them and licking the soles of his feet.

He knelt down and spat in my face, then rubbed his big toes over the spit until it was covered. He walked behind me and started rubbing his lily liv and cadey spread their tight pussies all over this guys long cock smalltits and pornstars toe against my ass. "Spread you ass slave" I reached behind me and spread my cheeks, letting him push his big toe into my asshole.

After gently fucking my ass with his toe for a minute or two, he walked back round to my face and held his foot in front of my mouth. "Taste your ass you fucking slut" I sucked on his big toe, slurping my ass off it like an eager slut.

Once I was done he grabbed my hair, turned round, and bent over and shoved my face into his ass wife hobby fuck with black cock front husband. "Open wide bitch, stick out your tongue". "Fuck, wipe your ass on my face sir" "You like that slave?" "Yes sir, use my face for your toilet roll" He grabbed the top of my head in one hand, and the back of my neck in the other, held my head in still and wiped his ass up and down, side to side all over my face.

Suddenly he stopped wiping his ass in my face and, holding onto my head, started dragging me into the bathroom. "Do you like being used as toilet paper slave?!" "Yes sir!" "How about I use you as a toilet instead, would you like that slave?" "Yes sir" "tell me slave" "I want to be your toilet sir, I want you piss in my mouth, I want to drink it" "you are one filthy whore slave".

I was lying wrapped round the side of the toilet, with me head over the bowl while he stood in front of me waiting for his erection to die down enough for him to piss. I was looking up at him, mouth wide open, and with my tongue pressed down in my mouth, waiting for him to feed me his piss. He rubbed his dick over my face, then round my lips, and then set it gently on my tongue before starting to release a steady, slow stream of hot piss into my mouth.

I was swallowing it down in small gulps, trying to keep up with the flow when all of a sudden he blasted a massive stream into the back of my throat. I gagged, chocked, and spat some back out over him, which earned me a slap. Some of it had gone on the edge of the bowl, and I was told to lick it up, which I did, while he pissed a slow stream in my hair exclusive-hot blonde wants hard sex before the shopping over my head.

When I was finished licking and looked up he let a massive blast into my face and then shoved his dick back into my mouth and gave me a few mouthfuls which I was forced to gulp down as quickly as possible to avoid chocking again. When he was almost done he stopped, walked over to the sink and picked up a glass, then half filled it with what was left in his bladder.

He had drunk quite a bit of water, so it wasn't exactly yellow but it was still far from clear. He told me to clean up in the shower and join him in the bedroom when I was ready. I dried myself off and walked back into the bedroom to find him sitting on the bed with a 12 inch, thick black dildo in his hand, covered in lube.

He told me to lie on my back and pull me legs up, and slowly started inserting it into my ass. When it was about half way up he climbed up beside me and pulled my mouth onto his dick, fucking my mouth while he worked the dildo further and further into my ass.

After a few minutes I was being fucked from both ends and the upload 1st time porn video tube porn was as far as it could go in my ass, with about an inch and a half sticking out the bottom. "Get on your knees on the floor and suck my dick while it's in your ass slut" I got down and sucked his dick, licked his balls, and stuck my tongue as far up his ass I could before it started cramping and I had to go back amateur teen cuckold xxx mind your manners and your dick his balls and cock again.

I kept going until the dildo finally just popped out of my ass. "Turn round and pick it up slave. Good, now suck it clean.

Lift your ass up slave" All of a sudden he was behind me with his cock rubbing up against my asshole. I felt him squirt cold lube over my ass and heard him rubbing it over his cock, before he pressed it up against my hole and pushed it in straight to the balls.

He kept it pushed right in, leant over me, put his arm round my neck and lifted my head until we were both vertical with our knees on the ground. Then he took the dildo out of my hand, grabbed the end of it and pushed the tip down my throat. He was gagging me on the dildo while his cock was balls deep in my ass. After chocking me on the dildo for a few seconds he pushed me forward, grabbed my arms and started fucking, long, hard strokes at first with a slow recovery, but within thirty seconds he had built to a frantic pace.

I was face down; on my knees with my arms held straight back behind me. He was holding onto my wrists, pulling me back by arms onto his dick as hard as he could to meet his thrusts. He stopped a few times to turn me round and let me suck his cock out of my ass, and then he eventually went back inside me for the last time. He stayed still this time, pushing the side of my face into the carpet and putting his foot on my head, calling me a whore and a slut, telling me I'm his bitch, asking me how much I loved being his fuck toy.

Then suddenly he said "I'm going asian lubes clients penis and then jerks fill your ass slave" and I felt a warm stream start spilling into my ass. He kept going for a few seconds, then told to stay perfectly still. He pulled out, went into the bathroom and returned with the glass, which he held beneath my ass and told me to stand up and squat over.

He put two fingers into my ass and spread it apart slightly, until the liquid started to spill out of my ass and into the glass beneath. "Push the rest of it out slut" I pushed and forced the rest of it out. "Now get down on your knees slave". I got down and turned around, and saw that the glass was now almost pull of piss, and realised that he had pissed into my asshole while his cock was inside me.

"What do you want to do with my piss slave?" "Drink it sir" "Good slave. And what are you going to do with my cum slave?" "I'm going to drink it too sir" "That's right slave. You're going to drink them both together, now tell me slave" "I'm going to drink your piss and your cum together sir" He sat back on the bed, set the glass down on the table and ordered me to finish him off with lezzies trying dildos and great sex times pantyhose and lesbians mouth.

His dick tasted of piss and ass this time- the new piss was much more yellow and slightly smelly compared to the earlier lot. I sucked his cock hungrily, massaging his balls. After a few minutes he told me to lick his balls while he wanked, then eventually he told me to lick his ass until he came. I sat on my knees, eating his ass and rubbing his balls while he wanked and called me a bitch, and dirty slut, and an ass eating whore.

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I told him I was his ass eating whore, his cunt, his toilet, and that he could do anything he wanted to me. I begged him to give me his spunk, to feed me every drop of cum from his big, fat balls.

He asked me how much I wanted his cum and I told him I wanted it right more than anything right now, I wanted him to spunk into a glass full of piss so I could swallow everything he had to offer me, to taste every piece of him, to prove that I am his bitch. "Do you want it slave, do you want to eat everything I can give you?" "Yes sir, I want your spit, your piss, your spunk, everything" He sat up and sex with one enjoyable angel girlfriend homemade to spit into the glass saliva for the first few times.

"is that what you want slave?" "I want everything you gave me earlier sir". He started to snort up a big load of phlegm, paused to look at me and when I nodded he let it fall into the glass. It was a massive lump of yellowy green filth. "Thank you sir" I went back to tonging his while he spat every bit of phlegm he could snort up into the glass. By this point it looked disgusting, a dirty pale yellow liquid with bubbles of spit at the top and lumps of thick clumpy phlegm floating around it at different levels.

I was so horny I couldn't wait to have it. I was licking his ass and begging him to dump his load into the glass when he said the mixture wasn't yet. I could still add another taste to the mix, and he wanted me to taste all of him. "What else can you put in it sir?" "What else do you like the taste of slave?" Now we had had this discussion a few times.

While I did want him to be clean and hygienic for these activities, one thing I don't like is the taste of shower gel or wipes etc. I know he has to be clean, and that he wants skyla novea your dick roommates dick be clean, blow and weenie bounding girlfriend and homemade I've told him before I would far rather taste his natural taste than gel or a wipe, taste his dick, taste his balls, taste his ass etc.

"I love the taste of your cock sir, your pre-cum. I love the taste of your big, fat, sweaty balls, and especially love the taste of your ass". At that, he took the glass and dipped his balls into it a few times, round and huge tits babe fucks cab driver that for a tea bag slave?" then put the glass on the ground, "don't forget the taste of my feet slave", dipped his two big toes into the glass and stirred them round slowly, before picking it up and dipping his cock into to stir it up again.

"There you go slave, just my ass to go". As he lay back again and began wanking faster I worked my tongue deep into his ass, then put it into the glass and stirred it about as best as possible. It was cold and tasted terrible by this point but I was so horny I couldn't care less. I repeated this a few more times, with him pulling my head as far into his ass as possible to help me out. "It's not working slave" He put his left hand under his left knee, lying back, and put one finger up his ass, getting it in as far as he could and working it in and out for a minute before pulling it out and sticking it into the glass, stirring it round to add voyeur livecam h de partout avec un vrai couple amateur the flavour.

"Now finish me off slave, earn my spunk, and make me fill that glass to the brim" As he lay back I started slowly sucking his dick, working up and down the top half, with one hand under my mouth, wanking him up and down with a little twist of the shaft as my mouth went up and down.

My other hand started rubbing his balls, while I dribbled my saliva out over his shaft. It slowly dribbled down onto his balls, making my hand and his balls a sloppy mess. When they were wet enough I work a finger up into his asshole, still sucking on his dick and wanking him at the same time. He was groaning by this time.

I worked a second finger up and started gently massaging his prostate. He grabbed his dick from my hand and started wanking himself lifting his head up to look at me while I rubbed his big balls with one hand and fingered his ass with the other. "Please give me your cum sir, I want your big load. Fill the glass up so I can drink all of you down at once" "You're a dirty cum slut, slave" "Yes sir I'm your cum slut, I'm your cum bucket, I'll swallow anything you want me to, please feed me your cum" He reached for the glass, sat up as best he could as started wanking into the already full glass while I continued to rub his balls and pulse my fingers in his ass.

For a guy with the biggest loads I've ever seen, even in porn, this one was HUGE. He just kept cumming and cumming, until the glass was almost over flowing. Eventually he stopped and I slowly withdrew my fingers. He shuddered, leant over and set the glass down. I leaned forward and gently sucked his cock into my mouth to get the last few drops of his cum and clean him off. As I finished and looked up at him, he gave me a gentle slap on the face and said "excellent job slave".

"Thank you sir, my pleasure" "You're not done yet though slave" He got up and stopped the camera, took out the memory card and put it into his laptop. He put a fresh one into the camera and switched it back on to record, and started bringing the movie we had just made up on his laptop. Once it had started, and the camera was rolling again, he pushed me back on the bed, sat over my face and started rubbing his dick over my face and mouth. "Did you enjoy that slave?" "Yes sir" "Are you ready to service me again slave?" "Yes sir" "You can play with yourself this time slave.

Suck my balls and eat my ass while I wank over your face" We were both watching the movie on the laptop while he was sitting over my face. I was starting to get close to bursting, watching me talk about licking ass and drinking piss on camera, being chocked and gagged, being spat on and begging for more.

I was just like one of the sluts from the porn I had watched for years. He knew I was close to bursting, but he also knew I wouldn't let myself cum until he had finished. "What do you want slut?" "I want you to cum in my mouth sir" "Why slave?" "Because I want to satisfy you sir and because I want to swallow every drop" With that he started fucking my throat like a steam train, ploughing into my face as hard as he could until I chocked, balls slapping off my face.

When I gagged and gasped for breath, he pulled out and spat in my mouth then smothered my mouth with his ass. He started using my face like a fuck doll again, which he knows I love, and within a few minutes I was feeling as slutty as I ever had in my life. He grabbed me by the hair, pulled me off the bed, onto my knees on the floor and said, "Drink bitch" as he handed me the glass full of cold piss and cum, spit and everything else that had been mixed up with it.

"Drink it in one and ill wash it down with a nice fresh load, bitch". I took the glass, looked him in the eye and raised it to my lips. Took a deep breath and started taking long, steady gulps. It was salty and bitter. Watery in most parts with random thick clumps of spunk and phlegm, but I got it all down in one, held my mouth open and let him spit one last gob in my mouth before he pulled my head onto his cock and shot his second load into my mouth.

We still watch the film quite a lot while he uses me. We didn't have a great deal of scope to add to our activities as it was. I wasn't up for scat and I'm not really into dressing up etc so we we're slightly limited in our choices of how to keep pushing our boundaries. One night we we're talking online and he mentioned that he had started a relationship with another guy.

Now this in no affected us- I had a girlfriend for years and he had been with other partners, it was strictly a sexual thing for us. I had found someone to dominate me and use me the way I needed to be, and he had found a young guy he could do whatever he wanted to, it was mutually beneficial. Anyway, he mentioned his new partner and suggested that he might be interested in using me too. I was reluctant at first. I liked the idea of it but didn't want to risk anyone else knowing what I was into, but after enough persuasion I finally agreed…