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Two hot chick gagging and deepthroat on dildos together dtd
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CRUCIFIXION Dmitri sat with his legs manacled, facing an empty chair through a wall of steel bars. He had been brought in strait-jacket and cuffs from his secure cell by six silent warders who had manoeuvred him expertly from one set of restraints to another and left him alone again without a word of explanation.

He stared straight ahead, expressionless, the yellow prison fatigues stretched taut on his broad frame. Katya had been watching him through the two-way mirror for many minutes before she called for the cell to be opened.

His wild hair and beard, broad forehead and deep-set eyes were familiar from the many news stories about Waldenstein's most prolific serial killer and cannibal, but few women would ever dare come so close to him.

The popular press ghoulishly reported that he had some kind of hypnotic power or evil eye. Other amateur slut in red banged and filmed amateursex and amateurs were frankly mystified at his evident ability to seduce women into colluding with their own murders. Little was known of his victims, but there was no evidence of abduction and the whole country shivered deliciously at the thought that they had gone willingly to their deaths.

Katya's director had decided that their most important task was to learn more about the victims and that the most promising line of investigation would be to question the cannibal himself. Secretly, Katya had been desperate for the job; there was something about these extremes of masochism which she found utterly compelling. Dmitri looked up and smiled as an attractive, dark-haired woman of about forty entered the room, sat in the empty chair facing him through the bars and crossed her shapely legs.

"My name is Katya and I would like to ask you some questions" she said, clutching her clipboard to her chest. Her voice was steady and her gaze impassive. "It will be a pleasure" he said, pleasantly. "You understand that I cannot bargain with you?" she asked, carefully. "Your cooperation will be noted on your records, of course". "Of course," he nodded. "We have found these images" she began to flip through a folder of prints, holding each one up for him to see.

There were pictures of headless women on slabs, human thighs and other body angel dark with glass dildo in armchair roasted and dressed for the table, corpses all covered with cuts and drenched with blood. Katya paused, and their eyes met. "These stigmata…" she swallowed, momentarily off balance, "…how did they happen?" She held up the picture.

A beautiful, doll-like woman lay spread-eagled on a floor of stone flags. Long black hair tumbled in waves around her cruelly lacerated corpse and she bore jagged, crimson holes in her hands, feet and chest.

"Stigmata?" asked Dmitri, arching an eyebrow. "Those are real nail and spear wounds". He pretended not to notice as Katya shifted uncomfortably. "The photograph is of a woman named Alexandra, Grigori's wife. We crucified her last year; I decided that I had drawn all the pleasure I could from prolonging her agony".

He smiled, his words flowing easily and compellingly. "She had reached such a peak of anticipation and arousal that she could be denied no longer. And I wanted her". He told the tale. Four of them had left the back door of the old convent that day, Dmitri told her; they cast dark shadows in the bright, summer sunshine. Alexandra was stark naked save for a length of barbed wire wrapped tightly around her head; Dmitri, Grigori and Leon wore simple smocks belted at the waist.

Each carried a knotted scourge and Dmitri also held an African assegai a foot of gleaming steel at the end of a shaft of smooth, dark oak. He gestured with it towards the path and strode off towards the hilltop without a backward glance. Alexandra promptly dropped to her hands and knees and crawled after him, her tight arse rolling invitingly as she struggled to keep pace.

Before long, her lithe body was shimmering with sweat and she had to set down her tender knees and palms more gingerly. Dmitri stopped, turned, and put his hands on his hips. Alexandra turned an expectant face up to him.

He spoke without looking around, "Grigori. Give her the first whipping." At this, she spread her slender thighs as widely as she could and grasped her ankles.

She lifted her hips and gazed wide-eyed over her shoulder at Grigori. His heavy features twisted into an ugly leer as he drew back his arm and lashed viciously into her arse with all of his strength. Her mouth stretched open in a great voiceless scream and she fell face-forward, a series of dull red stripes scored across her firm buttocks. Grigori spat one word, "Up!", and she quickly shuffled her knees back into position, whimpering quietly. The scourge slashed down again and bit into the taut, white flesh, this time drawing from her a full-throated howl that rang around the grounds.

Crying pitifully, Alexandra forced herself back into position for the next three strokes before uttering a long, deep groan when the sixth, delivered on an upswing, cut cruelly into her crotch. She lay on her belly writhing and gasping, raking her fingers through the grass, until Dmitri spoke. "Enough" he rumbled. He reached down to lift Alexandra's chin and murmured into her ear, "It is happening" then he turned away and went on up the hill.

Dragging herself back up onto her hands and knees she followed him, sobbing softly, and the party moved on. "You are quite comfortable?" Dmitri asked, regarding Katya searchingly. She nodded for him to continue. "Alexandra slithered after me. I waited for her beside the bed of nettles that I'd been having her cultivate for months." He relaxed back in his chair, so far as the restraints allowed, enjoying himself. Alexandra crawled over the nettles, wincing and chewing at her lip, then lay down slowly and deliberately.

She was already gasping desperately with her sweet face twisted into a grimace of sheer agony when Dmitri put one foot to the small of her back and pressed her down hard. Her whole body from shoulder to knee was cruelly stung and she spread her legs wide apart to let the luxuriant growth she had tended so assiduously lick at her inner thighs and stab deep into her cunt. Dmitri watched her lie there for a moment, taking great gulps of air as she gazed up at him pitifully, then smiled and nodded.

With a long, low groan Alexandra languorously rolled onto her back, clasping her knee up to her chest to open the cleft of her arse to the bitter stinging.

At a sign from Dmitri, Leon stepped forward and stood over her. He trailed his scourge teasingly over her blistered clit and nipples while she writhed on her back in the nettles, panting, her teeth bared in a fierce rictus of pain.

"Am I to be whipped now?" she asked throatilyher cunt glistening wetly in the bright sunlight. He turned away abruptly and walked back to the path, the whip trailing over the grass behind him. She followed it on her belly, then bent to offer her arse to the scourge, bracing herself on her elbows as he drew his arm back to strike.

The blows fell rapidly and relentlessly and she let out a continuous, wordless cry. On the second stroke her skin broke and trails of blood ran down her thighs. At the fourth her bladder emptied, and a pool of piss formed between her legs while she threw her head back to howl, blank-eyed, at the blue sky. The beating continued to the same rhythm until she fell forward onto her face on the tenth stroke.

He squatted before her and lifted her head by a fistful of hair. "Drink it" Leon said quietly, almost tenderly. She gazed into his eyes and licked her parted lips before dipping her head to the stone flag to lap at the puddle she had made. She sucked or licked every drop, looking up as she swallowed to be sure he was watching her debasement. The remaining two strokes of his whip were aimed at her open crotch and landed wetly, provoking an animal wailing and shudders which ran the length of her petite frame.

When she could control the sobbing enough to crawl, they moved on again - following the path higher into the sparsely wooded uplands. At the top of sweet sexy blonde babe gags on a massive leather knob smalltits hardcore hill Alexandra dragged herself painfully into a sun-dappled clearing where two disused bridleways crossed and paused to catch her breath at the sight of her cross lying ready by its post-hole, Andrei and Pierre waiting naked and erect beside it.

She twisted around to look back at Dmitri. "Go on" he ordered, and she squirmed over the last few yards of grass to the cross, where she fell to kissing and caressing the rough timber in a frenzy as though it were the body of a lover. Three iron spikes had been laid out where the two beams crossed. Dmitri's shadow fell over her as she carefully gathered them up and, kneeling, offered them to him from her open hands.

Her face shone with naked adoration when he reached down, smiling. He stepped back and the other four closed in and knelt around her. Alexandra seated herself on the upright of the cross - her body slick with blood and sweat - and crossed her tiny feet in place to be nailed.

Grigori and Leon reached out to hold her firmly by the arms and shoulders while Andrei and Pierre seized her knees and ankles. She rested her cheek against Grigori's shoulder and sighed, utterly helpless in their strong hands. Dmitri knelt at her feet to position a long, black nail in the middle of her foot and drew the hammer back high above his head. She let her head loll back and moaned until the hammer fell and the moan became a piercing pretty hottie receives drilled on a soft bed hardcore and blowjob, which continued while another two firm blows drove the iron through both feet and into the timber beneath.

Alexandra quivered from head to toe but she was held immobile while Dmitri worked.

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She panted hoarsely for a few moments, tears streaming down her face, until he stood up and spoke. "Thank them for your death" he said, and her tormentors freed their erections from their shirts to stab them at her face.

Alexandra fell on them hungrily, leaning forward to lick Grigori from the crease of his arse to the head of his cock while running her fingers lightly around Andrei's balls and across his belly to brush his nipples. She sucked greedily, hollow-cheeked, at one cock then another while the blood oozed between her toes and stained the bare wood.

Katya shifted in her seat, suddenly conscious of the weight of her clothes, and raised a hand to her cheek. Dmitri stopped talking and looked into her eyes. Her lips parted but she didn't speak. His eyes smiled and he continued the story.

"That will suffice" Dmitri said, his voice calm and measured. Alexandra licked her lips and lay back, supine, on the cross. A gentle breeze played through the pines around them and a dark cloud drifted across the sun. The men backed off, grasping their engorged cocks. She que riccogeme cabron dame verga her left hand out to its place on the crossbar and smiled as Dmitri positioned another nail in the middle of the palm, her skin puckering whitely where the tip was pushed firmly into place.

Her eyes never left him as the hammer swept down and smashed the sharp iron through flesh and bone, then she threw her head back and screamed wildly. Weeping, she extended her right hand for the same treatment and again arched her back to scream, rigid with pain, before falling back onto the timbers, gasping. Her small breasts rose and fell as she fought to control her breathing. Dmitri pressed two fingers to her cunt, sniffed them, then wiped the moisture down her inner thighs before sitting down next to her, pulling her head towards him and thrusting himself brutally into her welcoming mouth.

His fingers locked xxx six sunny leon storys play a handful of hair while her mouth worked feverishly on his prick, her tongue swirling around the head while her lips slid up and down the shaft.

All four men were frigging themselves over her outspread form and they spurted onto her sweating flesh one after another until finally Dmitri too grunted and ejaculated. She licked his sperm from her lips and swallowed while the others composed themselves and rose to their feet. "Raise the cross" commanded Dmitri, lifting his whip. Pierre and Andrei exchanged a look, nodded, and hauled on the ropes looped around the ends of the crossbar.

Alexandra gave a long moan and spunk ran thickly down her skin as she was hoisted from the ground.

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The cross juddered into place; with an effort that made the muscles of her arms and legs stand out taut she took the weight of her slim body on her ruined hands and feet.

Juices streamed down her thighs and she groaned through clenched teeth. She turned her face up to the sky, heaving great, tortured breaths, and then looked around at her tormentors and mastered her sobbing for long enough to flash them a brave smile. The five men stepped forward, grinning evilly. Methodically, brutally, they laid their scourges into her breasts and stomach, cunt and thighs.

Her body twisted and writhed in agony and she tossed her head from side to side, screaming into the silent woodland. She would strain her body away from the cross, rising up on her bleeding feet, and then smash back into the timber as a vicious length of supple leather bit into her nipples or cut a bright line of pain across her cunt.

Eventually they settled into a regular rhythm and Alexandra's tortured wails turned first to moans and then to a throaty panting as the whips came at her from left and right too quickly for her to react. Her knees fell apart and she hung motionless, completely open to them. Deep welts stood out across her white flesh and blood dripped onto the turf below.

They paused and the afternoon fell silent but for the men's rasping breaths and Alexandra's soft keening. Dmitri tucked his whip into his belt and turned back down the path to the convent. The others followed. Pierre produced a flask and handed it around as they went; hot milf sells her stuffs and gets boned by pawn keeper reality and blowjob were lit and they began to converse in low voices.

Alexandra kept her eyes on them until they passed out of sight and then slumped, wincing at the pain in her limbs, to endure the greater agony - of awaiting their return. It was almost dark when she slowly lifted her head to see her torturers ranged before her again, naked in the pleasant evening air.

Her face was radiant and she favoured them all with a look of glorious triumph as, with an effort that brought fresh tears to her shining eyes, she held her body away from the cross and opened her thighs. The whips swung back then began to crack onto her proffered flesh.

Older cuts reopened as fresh wounds were carved into her. Soon, a mist of blood played around her at every blow and when she could scream no more Dmitri let his whip drop and shifted it to his left hand. After a few moments she raised her chin painfully from her chest and saw his assegai poised to penetrate her. A tremor seized her and her hips bucked.

"The Pallid Mask!" she cried out, joyously, as a scourge bit deep into her spurting cunt and Dmitri's spear drove through her ribs and into her heart. "Au revoir" murmured Dmitri as Katya rose and walked silently to the door, her heels beating a tattoo on the concrete floor.   MARIE-CLAUDE'S SUBMISSION A young woman knocked and hesitantly put her head around the door of the Criminology Team office.

"Excuse me, I'm looking for the chief investigator" she said. "Come in, please" said Katya, opening the door to a beautiful woman in her early twenties, tall and slim-hipped in jeans and a sweater, carrying a backpack with the crest of the Technical Institute.

"You must be Dana" she said, taking her hand. "Please call me Katya". The girl smiled prettily. "I had them bring lunch" she continued "and my diary is clear for the rest of the afternoon". They took their seats and both smiled when they laid identical ministry binders on the table between them.

"It's so kind of you to make time for me" Dana said. "Not at all" Katya told her. "I read your work with particular interest. I think your approach is very like my own" she smiled into Dana's eyes "and there is no doubt in my mind that this is the right internship for you".

Caught off-guard, the girl began to blurt out her thanks until Katya put a hand on her arm to stop her, and she grinned winningly as she regained her composure. "Then this isn't an interview. Am I starting work already?" Dana asked, surprised. "Not quite" said Katya and took a folder from her binder.

"I made these notes as a final-year student, nearly twenty years ago. I sat in when the professor interviewed Grigori K at the beginning of his sentence. He - my teacher - took ill shortly afterwards and did not recover, so the notes were never reviewed and published". Dana leant in closer, her face aglow with excitement. "This is wonderful" she exclaimed. "I thought Bbw mom gets pumped and anal fucked read everything about the Marie-Claude murder".

She blushed a little. Katya moved her chair beside Dana's and opened the folder on the table in front of them. "Nobody has seen this" she said. "I read your thesis on compliant victims before it was withdrawn by the university senate. I thought it was very perceptive". She held up her hand when Dana started to thank her.

"I know that we can work together," she continued, "because I know that we have the same perspective". She began to read and soon they were both transported to the disturbing atmosphere of the old regime's demi monde. "My name is Grigori and I was the owner of the Carcosa private club on Brechova Street in Mirenburg. This is my account of the events of the sixteenth of February, when the woman I knew as Marie-Claude came to my establishment". It was past midnight on a Tuesday in February, and the two brick-lined vaults which constituted the Carcosa Club were quiet.

The few regular customers had amused themselves earlier in the evening by abusing Alexandra and were now relaxing together in front of an imported Japanese video, smoking and finishing their brandies.

Alexandra was softly moaning where they had finished with her, chained by her wrists to the ceiling and locked into a steel chastity belt. Her traditional waitress's black dress and white apron were pooled at her feet and chemise and stockings hung from her in tatters; her slender body was striped front and back where many whips had bitten her.

All were surprised to hear a knock at the door. "It's probably someone looking for directions" said Grigori, rising from his seat amongst the guests and climbing the stairs to answer it.

He returned with an elegant woman wearing a long leather coat. All eyes turned from the tormented Asian woman on the screen. "Tell them what you told me at the door" he ordered.

She looked boldly from face to face, pouting, and unbelted her coat to reveal an athletic physique clad only in yellow stiletto shoes and gold jewellery. "I was told that in this place women are broken" she said, speaking with a heavy French accent. She looked solemnly to Grigori "I will be broken". There was a brief silence, and then a scraping of chairs as the customers stood as though in greeting.

The men moved their drinks aside and cleared the table of bottles and ashtrays. The Captain no-one used names in the Carcosa and his wife went to the array of equipment along the back wall, returning to pass around a hawt and horny year old wench hardcore massage of riding-crops and rattan canes.

The hugely fat, hook-nosed man known as "The Greek" accepted an ebony-handled length of whalebone and brought it down onto the edge of the table with a crack that resounded around the cellar. The Frenchwoman licked her lips and ran her fingers down her nude flanks and thighs. He glared at her. "You won't enjoy this, bitch" he spat.

"My name sleeping wife gets fucked and cum on feet Marie-Claude" she said, staring him down. The Greek's eyes flashed and he drew himself up to his full height, throwing his shoulders back. Marie-Claude xxx vidoes 2019 3 mp towards him, swinging her hips arrogantly, and bent over the table.

Her long arms snaked across the stained oak and she arched her back, raising and rolling her hips. His nostrils flared and he thrashed her upturned arse in an explosion of fury.

She bucked and squirmed under the barrage of blows; her long legs kicked out wildly and she pounded her fists on the table top. The crop sliced cruelly into the tops of her thighs and she twisted aside, falling to the floor with a piercing scream. "Now she is ready to be punished" said the Greek, smirking and satisfied. "What are you doing, bitch?" asked Pierre. He was a young, well-built man, blond-haired and blue eyed, and his biceps tensed as he flexed a long cane.

Marie-Claude had crawled over to one of the benches and, as he spoke, she turned to hold out the set of shackles she found there. "L'esprit est prompt, mais la chair est faible" she said softly as they gathered around her. Hands reached from all sides to fasten her wrists and ankles to the table, spreading her burning arse for more punishment.

"I shall scream" she warned. There were mirthless laughs from the clientele. "Nobody will hear you down in these cellars" the Captain told her and he cut a fierce, red line across the flesh of her back with a rattan cane so thin that it bit like steel wire. She went rigid in her chains and drew a great breath. The Captain's Wife span around and swung her whip with great force onto Marie-Claude's arse, raising an ugly, red welt.

The Greek made another cut over his last and blood started where the lines crossed. Marie-Claude cried out pitifully for mercy and the blows fell all the harder.

Cane and leather beat her freckled skin from calf to shoulder while she screamed and howled. After one particularly resounding smack of Vadim's single-tailed whip her eyes rolled back in her head and she slumped forward on the table.

They paused for a while. Grigori released Alexandra from her cuffs and, after she had rubbed the numbness from her wrists, ordered her to bring ice and serve bottles of mineral water. She hurried to and fro, déshabillé and debauched. Marie-Claude lifted her head from the table when Grigori forced an ice cube into her arsehole. "Merci" she breathed, trembling.

He unfastened the leather cuffs that held her thighs chained to the table-legs and made her kneel on the top with her head almost between her legs and her breasts squashed into her knees. Again, many eager hands worked quickly to strap her into position, her arse and cunt lewdly exposed. The Captain reached down to Marie-Claude's mouth and put two fingers between her parted lips. She sucked on them obediently and once he was satisfied that they were properly wet he rammed them into the bud of her arse and began to frig her slowly.

He twisted his hand around as it pumped to and fro, adding a third and then a fourth finger until his hand was driving in to the knuckles and out again to the fingertips. She gasped and panted at this treatment, pushing back into his thrusts as far as her bonds would allow.

When he judged from her throaty cries that she was approaching crisis The Captain pulled his fingers out and stood back. "Bring me tabasco from the bar" he ordered. While his victim's desperate sobs filled the air, Alexandra brought a small bottle and carefully poured the scarlet sauce into his cupped hand. He dug his wet fingers back into Marie-Claude's open arse and churned them around until she howled like a wounded animal, long and loud.

Then he stepped back, wiping his hand on a napkin, and the crops and canes began to fall again, cutting into her cunt lips and inner thighs as often as her scarred and welted buttocks. Marie-Claude convulsed and shook in her chains and shrieked until she had no voice left. When she passed out again, they quickly released her from her upturned position on knees and shoulders and laid her on her back across the table to recover safely.

Her eyelids fluttered and her lips moved silently. Moisture trickled from her cunt and her arse clenched spasmodically. The Greek swigged at a bottle of water and wiped his mouth on his sleeve. "What is your name"? "I am only a bitch" Marie-Claude sighed, closing her eyes.

The Captain's Wife opened her mouth to speak, hesitated, and looked to her man uncertainly. He narrowed his eyes and returned her look as though angered, but he nodded his unspoken agreement all the same. "Fuck her, all of you" the Captain said, turning to his fellow members, and his wife began to unbutton her blouse. She was a handsome woman in middle age, and she uncovered a heavy-bosomed, broad-hipped figure, generously curved and bearing the white marks of a recent and severe beating.

She clambered over Marie-Claude's trembling body and brushed soft curls away from her forehead to kiss it tenderly. The nipples stood out long and hard from her ample breasts, and she fed one into the girl's soft mouth. "Yes" she breathed through clenched teeth as she felt Pierre's hands spread her cheeks open and the head of his prick searching for her wet cunt.

He pounded into her like a man possessed, grunting in time to the rapid slapping of their flesh. Earlier, he had been the quickest to spend when they had taken turns ravishing Alexandra's rosebud mouth and now he was determined to shaft the Captain's Wife until she begged for mercy. The brutal fucking continued for long minutes, until she began to shout out incoherently, her head tossing violently from side to side.

Marie-Claude sucked even harder at her nipple and the others laughed and clapped when she fell forward gasping and Pierre's spunk spurted over the Frenchwoman's open thighs.

There was no respite. The Greek pulled his fat cock from his trousers and The Captain lifted his wife's head by hauling on the peasant braids she wore to please him. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard on their old friend's prick; The Greek came more quickly but, like Pierre, he was careful to pull free and spend over Marie-Claude's face and neck.

The Captain's Wife shifted position so that her cunt was over Marie-Claude's mouth. She howled obscenities while The Highlander seized her fleshy hips and buggered her roughly and while Marie-Claude sucked and nibbled at her clit.

Her husband stopped her cries with his prick and fucked her mouth until The Highlander, Damir and Vadim had each used his wife's cunt and arse and stood around her, stroking their rock-hard cocks.

She climbed off the table and sank exhausted into a chair, frigging luxuriously, and watched intently as the four men moved in. They jerked their pricks and, one after another, shot spunk across the French stranger's outstretched body. Marie-Claude licked up all the drops her tongue could reach and then relaxed back onto the table, content and at peace.

  MARIE-CLAUDE'S SACRIFICE Pierre was the first to rise to his feet and signal to Alexandra to bring his coat. "I must use the water closet before I face the night air" he said. "Why not use this one?" asked Grigori, on cue. Marie-Claude turned her head and regarded him through her thick lashes, gyrating her hips and parting her lips in anticipation as he opened his trousers. "Why not indeed?" he replied and played a great stream of piss over her body, splashing onto her flanks and stomach and over her heaving breasts to finish on her bared throat and open mouth.

Marie-Claude turned her mouth to drink enthusiastically. What she could not catch in her mouth streamed over her face and drenched her hair. Grigori helped Pierre on with his coat and wished him goodnight. The other members began to say their goodbyes; Alexandra hurried to and fro with coats and hats and each of them in turn stood over Marie-Claude to wash the spunk from her pale flesh with torrents of piss.

Finally, The Captain and his still-naked wife approached her together. The Captain's Wife straddled her head and gushed over her while The Captain aimed at her open crotch. His jet drummed on her clit making her squirm and writhe. Both then embraced Grigori as friends and he escorted them up the stairs to the door onto the street.

Alexandra had cleared everything away and mopped the floor; she stood naked with her hands at her sides, eyes downcast, waiting for orders. "I'll deal with the visitor and lock up" Grigori told her.

"I suppose you want to be paid"? She raised her eyes shyly and, at his nod, dropped quickly to her knees and freed his erection from his trousers. He took her ebony curls in both his hands and guided her head up and down until at last she began to choke and frantically gathered up his spunk in her fingers to be sure of drinking it all.

Grigori released his grip and ruffled her hair like an uncle. "On your way" he told her, "before your grandparents miss you". Her face was aglow as she pulled on her clothes and rushed off to catch the late tram. Grigori was alone with the drenched and bruised Frenchwoman.

He poured himself his first drink of the night and sat down beside her. "And now?" he asked. "Do you want to become a house slave, like our college girl"? Marie-Claude lifted herself onto her elbows and replied. "I have found the Yellow Sign". Grigori's jaw clenched. "Do not mock me" he warned her. Sitting up, she took his hand in both of hers.

"Kill me" she said urgently. "I know you are the one who will do it. This is why I came to here". Grigori leant back and took a sip of wine, eyeing her shrewdly. "Where have you come from?" he asked "And who are you? I don't understand". She rolled off the table, went to where her coat still lay discarded on the floor and handed Grigori an envelope from the pocket.

He unfolded the newspaper cutting inside and began to read, then looked at Marie-Claude searchingly. "I have seen this story in our Waldenstein newspapers." he said, thoughtfully.

"All of France is hunting for the actress Marie-Claude in the Alpes-Maritimes. And you tell me that you are she"? She reached into her coat again and produced a passport and other documents. "Only you know I am here in this country. I am quite at your mercy" she said as he looked through them.

"Are you mad"? "When I came here to be hurt until I scream and swoon, and for your people to make use of me how they will, you do not ask me if I am mad" Marie-Claude replied. She flicked wet hair out of her face and returned his stare. "There is much money in that envelope; the notes are used. I pay you…". Suddenly overcome with emotion, she caught her breath; her eyes closed and she pinched at her hard nipples, letting her head roll back.

"I pay you to butcher me" she moaned. Kneeling at his feet she ran long fingers over her bleeding flesh, offering her body blatantly and wantonly, lost in a submissive reverie. "You can have all of me" she begged "more than those others - more than you ever had a woman". Her tongue lapped slavishly at the toe of his shoe. "I am less than a bitch," she murmured, squirming on her belly and rubbing her striped thighs together, "I am meat".

Abruptly Grigori rose to his feet, his mind made up. "Follow nubilefilms lesbian threesome with bff amp lil sis natural tits eating pussy he commanded and strode off to the back of the room where there was a closed and seemingly defunct door, painted over in the same shade as the brick walls.

He moved a table aside, unlocked the door, and stepped inside. Marie-Claude rose to her feet and drifted after him, a faraway look in her eyes and a strange smile playing on her lips. The hidden room was a jumble of chains, ropes and an array of torture implements implements from the interrogation rooms of Waldenstein's evil past, not from the sex shops of the present day.

As Marie-Claude looked around in wonder Grigori grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back against the wall. He took her wrists and she held her arms above her head while he locked them into cuffs bolted to the brickwork. She shuffled her feet apart obediently so that he could secure her ankles.

Spread-eagled, she chewed on her lower lip and flared her nostrils. Her eyes were deep, black pools as she watched Grigori strip the clothes from his trim, muscular body, fold each garment carefully, and place them outside of miya khalifa sexy story sex stories room. He returned her gaze for a time in silence then went over to a basket containing a variety of weapons and tools.

He turned back to Marie-Claude with a short, broad sword in his fist. "This is called a braquemard," he said, "and there is a curious story about its origins". She pressed herself towards him. "Le masque livide" she sighed and Grigori looked deep into her eyes, gently stroking the hair from her cheek while stabbing the blade into her groin and slicing upwards, his muscles straining with the effort, until she was laid open from crotch to chest.

Her intestines slid, wetly steaming, down their legs to the floor and she let out a long, liquid groan. Still watching her face closely, he tilted her chin up, put the edge of the sword to her throat, and slashed through her jugular at the moment he judged she was losing consciousness. Blood gushed over his naked body and with a great shout he seized Marie-Claude's arse and drove his raging cock into her sopping cunt, riding her hips in frenzy until his legs buckled and he slid to the dusty floor fainting at the intensity of his passion.

"Then I lost my senses and left the door unanswered for so long that they broke through a roof-light and found me with her remains" the testimony ended. Katya set the papers down as she finished reading, and both women sat in silence. "Her death - it was like something from a nightmare" said Dana, distractedly "or from a dream".

She sat back and ran a hand to and fro through her short, blonde hair. "So, I mean, I would base the victimology on an analysis of the subject's pathological algolagnia." she began. Katya interrupted her. "I know" she said, leaning in and resting her chin on her hand. "It was intense. The monomania - her disorder - it was intense".   THE VIRGIN Once again, Dmitri was chained to his chair in the interview room, behind bars, to answer Katya's questions.

"We have had our people audit Alexandra" she told him after the briefest of formalities. He cocked his head at her, amused. "It suited everyone to assume that the beautiful girl who married an imprisoned sex-murderer had been 'disappeared' by the old regime" she continued. "But she simply vanished, After the ceremony there is no trace of her in the archives - they lost track of her".

Shifting in the steel fetters, Dmitri leant forward to rest his forearms on his knees. "She took pains to find me" he began. Behind the two-way mirror, Dana teased the end of a new ballpoint with her teeth, spellbound.

I know your part in the mutiny of the twenty-first battalion. I know from Gregori; so, you will understand that I know other things about you, too. The Security Division would be very interested in what I have to tell them. Meet me by the conveniences in the public park of the Armenian Quarter at midnight. Putting the handwritten note back into his pocket, Dmitri squared his shoulders and stepped out of the shadows into the pool of sodium lamp-light next to the decrepit, brick outbuilding.

He had been watching from cover for most of the evening and had seen no-one come or go except for the stunning pocket Venus who sat patiently on the bench by the path, dressed as though for a smart dinner party. Alexandra looked up expectantly at the huge, bearded, wild-haired man striding straight towards her. "You are bold" Dmitri told her "or mad". "I am well prepared for this meeting" she replied, levelly. "I have made sure of what will happen if I do not return safely".

He sat down next to her. "A document deposited with an advocate, to be opened in the event that you do not collect it tomorrow morning - that kind of thing"? "Something like that" she replied, evasively.

"And so" Dmitri asked, "what do you want of me"? "Escort me to your apartment" She licked her lips and leant back, opening her thighs to let him see the gleam of the brass padlock and the silver chain that laced through her labial rings to imprison her cunt and arse.

"We can discuss it as we walk". They rose and she took his arm. "If the secret police are waiting for first time gand mari xxx Dmitri shrugged "then I cannot escape - whatever I do.

I am not a wealthy man; it is simply not worth your while to try to extort payment from me. So, I have to assume that you wish me to perform some service for you"? She turned her face up to him. "My photograph has not been in the newspapers" she said "but you have read about the deranged girl so besotted with Grigori the sex murderer that she married him in prison?

Everyone says that you are a dedicated sexual sadist and that the women who submit to you endure the most intense torments. You should understand what I want of you". Together they slipped through one of the many gaps in the park fence and into the cobbled streets of the St Nerses district; soon they were in the busy, well-lit centre of Mirenburg and passed unremarked amongst the beautiful people strolling from café to bar to club although a few heads turned to watch the raven-haired beauty walk by with her giant beau, deep in conversation.

"This must convince you" Alexandra ventured as they passed the opera house. She took a travel receipt from her snakeskin clutch and passed it to him.

"You see? Anyone searching for me will find that I arrived at Budapest Keleti yesterday evening, and took the tram to my uncle's house. There is nothing to stop you". She squeezed his arm tighter. "Put me to the trial". In his studio, Dmitri turned on the light, shut and bolted the door, and then ripped the little dress from Alexandra's slim body. She stood trembling under his fierce gaze, parting her lips obediently when he made her suck his fingers.

In the centre of the room two steel bracelets hung by chains from the old gaslight fitting in the middle of the ceiling. Dmitri led her to them with a gentle hand on her shoulder; he fastened her proffered wrists into the cuffs and her ankles to a matching pair secured to a low table.

Laying his whip down on the table he produced a leather ball-gag from his pocket. "This is your last chance to scream for help" he said, slowly and emphatically, as he held the device to her face.

Alexandra opened her mouth wide to accept it. He swept her hair aside to fasten the buckle at the back of her neck then, abruptly, turned away and left the room.

After a while, she found the courage to lift her head and look around. The studio was furnished in a spare, masculine style, as she had expected, with bookcases and a worn leather couch dating from the imperial era. Seeing the tiled kitchen area, she shivered; startlingly green bunches of fresh nettles stood in a profusion of vases around the stove and sink. Dmitri returned from his bedroom naked save for leather gauntlets and boots; he was tall, broad-chested and muscular, his torso and limbs covered with coarse, black hairs.

Scarcely glancing at Alexandra, he went straight to the galley and took up one of the bundles of nettles. She turned her head to watch, helplessly, as he returned to stand behind her. Smiling, he brushed them gently over the soft, white skin of her arse, first one cheek and then, after a pause, the other. She gasped around the gag and twisted her hips away from him. With exquisite slowness, he traced the nettles up and down her quivering body in ever longer strokes, stinging her thighs and the small of her back.

She began to swing from side to side, grasping the chains at her wrists to pull herself up from the floor, and her panting became faster. Then he whipped her with the bundle, carefully blistering every inch of skin.

Alexandra danced in her chains, throwing her head to and fro. When the stems started to break and leaves scattered with every blow, he pressed them into the skin of her arse with both gloved hands, working the tips well into the crease, around the sensitive puckering of her anus and under the fine, silver chain which held a glass plug inside her.

By the time the bunch had disintegrated on her tortured flesh, she was slumped forward and had stopped struggling. Dmitri rubbed her arse with his gauntlets and licked and nibbled at the reddened skin until she lifted her head and sighed. Then he straightened, taking the whip from the table. Pressing his hard body close against her, he whispered in her ear.

"You will feel this whipping like no other". Alexandra trembled deliciously. She waited for an eternity while he busied himself with something at the other end of the room, then chamber music began playing and he left the stereo to stand behind her again. All the air left her lungs at the first bite of the whip and she struggled to find enough breath even to groan during the next few minutes, with the supple leather slashing into her tender arse and thighs remorselessly.

He did not pause until she stopped kicking her legs vainly at her chains, stopped twisting and turning and stopped thrashing her head wildly from side to side. Fierce crimson stripes stood out against the dull red of her burning flesh and she hung limply by the wrists, utterly broken. Through eyes brimming with tears she watched Dmitri go to the kitchen to pour himself a drink, drink a silent toast to her - of course, he knew that she was watching - and then return with more nettles.

This time he stood facing her. He swept her long hair back over her shoulders and ran his gloved hand over the unmarked skin of her breasts and stomach, flicking gently at her erect nipples, until his fingers found the jewellery-box padlock securing her labial rings.

He lifted and twisted it, just a little, and Alexandra sighed deeply. Dmitri smiled. She quivered in anticipation as the nettles slowly approached, then stretched her head back with a hissing intake of breath when the cruel leaves stroked her nipples and swept to and fro across her high, pert breasts. Again, her body jerked away from the punishment but he put an arm around her slim waist and pulled her towards him so that she had only the freedom to stamp her feet uselessly.

Fresh tears streamed down her cheeks. When her whole chest was red and blistered, he began to whip her with the nettles, letting her sway and writhe again. Her nipples were now impossibly hard and long. In time, the second bundle also broke apart and he ground the remaining handfuls of leaves into her burning bosom. She lifted herself clear of the floor with a muffled cry and threw her head back in pure agony. Without pausing, he took up the next bunch and used it to stroke her flat stomach and shaven pubic mound.

She thrust her chained cunt towards him, parting her thighs to welcome the vicious assault, gasping and panting as the stingers jabbed into her clit and lips. When he slapped her open crotch, she let her thighs snap closed despite herself, but his strong hand held her legs open and he drew the nettles slowly back and forth between them. Alexandra's lovely face contorted, wincing, and he smiled to see the leaves come away speckled with drops of moisture.

The stereo stopped playing. Dmitri lay down his bundle and, almost as an afterthought, picked up a fallen leaf from the floor. With gloved fingers he pressed it firmly first onto one nipple then the other and left her hanging in torment while he chose more music. Alexandra closed her eyes and writhed sensuously. He sat before her watching, his cock twitching at the eroticism of her involuntary performance, until the louder passage he had been waiting for filled the apartment.

She sensed his movement and opened her eyes to see the single-tail whip swinging towards her tortured nipples. Strangled cries came from her gagged mouth as he striped the front of her body with swishing forehand and backhand strokes, mercilessly breaking her blistered skin while she jerked and convulsed, only stopping when her eyes rolled back, her legs gave way, and she hung senseless from the ceiling.

Dmitri un-cuffed Alexandra's wrists caught her effortlessly in his powerful arms and lowered her carefully to the floor. Her eyes opened as he unbuckled and removed the gag and she tried to return his smile with her aching jaw.

Tenderly, he brushed the hair from her sweating forehead and traced the line of her chin and the fine muscles of her throat with a gloved finger.

She closed her eyes again and sighed as the finger moved on, down her tender flesh, to hook the silver chain at her cunt. "This is important to you" he stated in a deep, quiet voice. "Yes" she breathed. "Grigori kept me as a virgin, and I swore to him that I will always remain imprisoned in chastity". "I could kill you here" Dmitri said, and she nodded. "I can easily cut this chain from you and fuck your arse". "That would be rape" Alexandra told him. "You can kill me, or you can rape me and kill me, but you cannot fuck me and kill me".

Dmitri smiled. "I may be your murderer," he said, "why might I not be your rapist"? Alexandra smiled back, and shyly put out a hand to stroke his thick hair.

"Because you are not" she said. Watching his face, she took his huge, gloved hand in her slim fingers and guided it to her lips, then took his index finger into her mouth to suck on it hungrily. "So be it." Dmitri said "I will respect your oath. And now I must cut you out of this". He took his hand away from her mouth and she nodded her acquiescence, lying back and spreading her thighs, careless of the scattering of nettle leaves on the floor beneath her.

Dmitri took a pair of wire-cutters and sheared through the silver chain with one snip. He patiently drew it through the rings decorating her labia, letting her cunt gape open, soft and wet. Wrapping the links around his hand, he pulled slowly but firmly on the steel hoop in the thick, coloured glass plug filling her arse and she sighed softly as it left her body. Squatting beside her, he gathered up a handful of leaves and Alexandra chewed at her lower lip, readying herself.

Delicately, he pressed them into her cunt, lifting the lips apart by their silver rings so as to work the stinging leaves deep into her most tender places. Her mouth fell open in a silent scream, baring her perfect white teeth, and she panted faster and harder until he pulled her cheeks apart with one hand and pressed a fistful firmly into the puckered ring of her arsehole with the other.

At this, she thrust her body violently upward and stopped breathing altogether for a long minute. He waited patiently for her to fall back to the floor, emptying her lungs in a long, low sigh, then gathered up great masses of nettles in both hands and spread them all over her open thighs and abdomen until she was blanketed from chin to knee. Alexandra's eyes were glassy and vacant and her mouth hung open. Rising to his feet, Dmitri put a booted foot to her groin, pressing the nettles down while she moaned and whimpered in a transport of submission and abasement.

Again, the music ended and he left her sobbing on the floor while he selected another piece. This time, he also turned off most of the lights and brought a bottle and glass from the galley before moving to the couch. Alexandra saw him sitting there - slumped forward, open-legged - and she rolled over to crawl to him. He smiled to see her rub wild anal dance for cute asian schoolgirl japanese hardcore hands through her hair to remove any possible shreds of nettle leaf, then she began to worship his open crotch with lips, tongue and fingers.

She lapped like a kitten at the acrid bitterness of his arse and around his full balls, her fingers playing delicately along the hardness of his throbbing cock until he could stand it no longer and growled low in his throat. At once, Alexandra took the head of his prick into her mouth and swallowed urgently and expertly.

He groaned. She gazed up at him with a raw longing. "Help me find the Yellow Sign" she begged from between his knees. "When it suits me, I shall kill you myself" he assured her and she fell back panting and sobbing in a paroxysm of catharsis, her body curved up from the floor like a bow. "And that was the first step towards her Calvary". Dmitri finished his tale and Katya sat mesmerised. "She died a virgin" she said wonderingly, after a long pause.

In the hidden alcove behind the two-way mirror Dana's knuckles were white and her brow furrowed; she groaned in frustration.

  IMPALEMENT "Good morning". Dmitri was amused to see a younger woman briskly enter the interrogation room and plant herself in the seat opposite him and was also struck by her beauty; her ash-blonde hair was cropped like a boy's and her lithe, small-breasted form modestly sheathed in a charcoal grey trouser suit and high-necked blouse.

Dana had insisted that she was ready for the challenge and Katya could find no reason to deny her. Nonetheless, she was studying them through the two-way mirror and was ready to intervene if her protégé showed any sign of losing her composure. Crossing her long legs, Dana began by asking a series of routine questions going by the book which Dmitri answered compliantly enough but without the intense engagement he had brought to his sessions with Katya. As she watched, Katya's mind wandered to the vision which had disturbed her thoughts since their first encounter, the unbidden image of herself kneeling naked in front of Dmitri alone in the cell.

With a start, she realised that she was now picturing Dana's young, willowy body offered in the same pose of abject surrender. She took a deep breath and brushed a stray lock of hair away from her forehead, focusing afresh on the interview. "And then there were the designs discovered in the possession of your co-accused, Pierre" Dana was saying. "We will find him, and he will tell us how this machine was used, but it would be interesting to hear from you, now, what role it had in your activities." She was being unduly harsh, Katya thought, deliberately maintaining a distance between herself and her subject.

She wondered why. "We all enjoyed impalements" Dmitri replied "but it was Pierre's particular favourite, of our various methods of slaughtering victims. It demands complete submission and great courage from the meat". His deep, musical voice wove its spell again. "Many faced the challenge; one particularly eager victim stands out in my memory, although I probably never knew her name.

She was the second of four we were to kill that afternoon, and she caught my eye more than once while Pierre disposed of the woman ahead of her in line. She wanted it so badly".

In the derelict coach-house Pierre had built what looked like a stage for theatrical or musical performances. A row of four brass plates ran across the polished wooden floor, each with a five centimetre hole at its centre. In four pits beneath the planking, eight-foot stainless steel rods were aimed at sockets in the ceiling above and would be driven relentlessly upwards by low-geared electric motors.

"We had just watched the first killing" said Dmitri "The meat was completely impaled. A rod ran into her cunt, through her body, out of her mouth and into the ceiling above. She was transfixed beautifully on tiptoe, her arms hanging loosely at her sides, fingers outspread, a thin trail of blood dripping from her mouth".

All eyes were on the last flutter of the dying woman's eyelashes, except for Dmitri's. He drew on his cigar and watched the next victim in line, a full figured blonde woman of about thirty who had come dressed in a white corset and stockings and gold court shoes. Round breasts heaved and her sharp, white teeth worried at the tip of her little finger, coquettishly. Her other hand was buried in her head of sandy curls; her eyes smouldered with a hellish fire from beneath heavy lashes.

Dmitri watched intently as a single drop of moisture fell from her cunt onto the stone floor. Pierre turned and beckoned for the next victim. The blonde sighed and took one step forward, a second step and then collapsed, trembling, against the platform. She put a hand out to steady herself and fought to control her breathing but lust overcame her. Sliding to the floor she spread her legs apart to reach for her crotch, driving her fingertips onto her clit and letting out a low, bestial wail. Pierre flashed his teeth in a wicked grin as he bore down on her.

"Come, I will help you to keep your feet" he said, taking her in his strong arms and guiding her up the steps to her place above the second brass plate while she clung to him, whispering her thanks. He moved away to the lever which would start the motors and she sank to her knees, slack-jawed and empty-eyed. Her nipples were as hard as bullets and her pupils black as caverns. Pierre pulled the lever and the motor began to hum.

The woman stared in fascination at the floor between her knees, her knuckles white as she dug her fingers into the flesh of her thighs to keep her hands from trembling, amber locks tumbling over her face. Dmitri put his cigar aside and sat forward, enrapt, to watch the stake emerge slowly from its socket. At the sight, the blonde turned her eyes briefly to the spitted corpse beside her then dropped to grovel on her belly, licking and sucking at the cold metal as though she were teasing a lover.

In time, the rod stood a few inches proud of the floor and she squatted over it to rub her clit against the dull steel point, thrusting her pelvis to and fro with wild abandon. Her heavy breasts swayed and the muscles of her thighs and stomach were sharply defined beneath their shimmer of sweat. The pole continued its inexorable ascent until there was sufficient length for her to splay her thighs and grind her cunt up against it, sighing blissfully while watching Pierre through hooded lids.

As it reached higher she knelt astride and positioned her rounded hips so that her open cunt bore down on the stake. Crying out like a banshee she began bucking up and down violently, pinching and tugging at her nipples. Then she knelt before it, sliding her soaking cunt up and down on the cold steel until it reached high enough for her to stand, spread her thighs wide, and with her hands braced on her knees again take the rising tip inside her.

A sigh went around the room as she bent and straightened her knees a little higher on every stroke, panting and groaning quite shamelessly while her juices ran slickly down the merciless steel shaft and her bosom quivered and jerked.

She threw her head back, tossing her hair from side asa akira is world famous and this scene boobs asian side and scrabbling wildly at her clit with one hand, squeezing a fistful of breast-flesh with the other, while the rod rose remorselessly between her legs. Her knees began to straighten and her feet shuffled closer together. The tension in the room was palpable now; this was the point at which she must either move her body away from the shaft or else settle herself irrevocably atop of it for the final time - the decision would be hers alone.

Nobody moved or breathed. Looking boldly around her the nameless blonde licked her lips and smoothed her hands around her ribs and flanks to clutch her buttocks.

Panting, she thrust her hips forwards, dragged her cheeks apart, and pressed her arse down onto the head of the stake until it was firmly embedded.

Her inner thighs glistened with cunt juice and her fingers went fluttering frantically back to her clit. As the rod rose higher she stood on tiptoes, clawing cruelly at her breasts, kneading the flesh and pinching the nipples. Her head tossed from side to side, her mane of golden hair swirling around her like a martyr's halo.

Pierre was flushed and sweating as he stepped up before her and unfastened his trousers. Bending slightly at the knees he lifted her bodily and rammed his cock into her greasy cunt easily, with one thrust of his hips. Weakly, she wrapped her soft arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, pulling him into her as he rode her to death, slamming his groin into hers while the hard steel forced its way up inside her bowels, then pushed her vital organs aside as it rose agonisingly through her torso.

A dark blue voice from deep within her sang out. "The Pallid Mask," she wailed and her whole body stiffened. She howled and shook her head, the hair cascading in blonde torrents. A long keening came from her for the next few minutes, hands clenching and stretching spasmodically behind Pierre's back. Her thighs quivered after the rest of her had fallen limp during the final ecstasy. "He finished with her and I moved closer to the platform to watch her face" said Dmitri "When her head was forced back and the point of the stake emerged from between her lips, I saw her dying eyes follow the next victim - whose cunt was already glistening wetly as she stepped up to the third place." Dana snapped her notebook closed.

"Thank you" she said evenly "that will do for today". She nodded to Dmitri before rising to her feet and turning to the door. "Have you found the Yellow Sign?" Dmitri called after her. She paused mid-stride and her shoulders stiffened, then she continued on her way more briskly than before.

She was ashamed of her instinct to bow her head on leaving his presence - and secretly moist at the thought of making such a gesture of submission.   THE CARCOSA CLUB Dana put her dossier down on the desk between them, sat back, and looked at Katya searchingly. "So, what shall we do?" she challenged. "The department is aware of these Suicide Clubs" Katya replied. "Our policy is that they are against the spirit of the law on assisted dying and so their existence is a problem for the legislature, not for us.

You're young, Dana, you were only a child when the old regime was persecuting "decadence" but today we're much more aware of harassment". "But this wouldn't be harassment" she persisted.

"This would be investigation, intelligence gathering. The group Ideal girl is gaping soft cunt in close up and getting off g strings rubbing have discovered has chosen to call their club Carcosa. That detail of the Marie-Claude murder was suppressed and we two must be the only people in Waldenstein who know the significance of the name - apart from Dmitri's accomplices.

It has to be important". "So? What shall we do?" Katya turned the question back to her and Dana's face lit up with enthusiasm. "The Carcosa Club meets this weekend" she said eagerly, the words tumbling from her lips "and they will select a willing victim by lot. You and I should go and take part. I have already established contact but I think you should adopt my alias and I will present as your b…your sl…" she stuttered "as your submissive. Even if we find no connection to the case, we will have the opportunity to observe and document the phenomenon".

Her eyes shone. The following Saturday, they approached a remote dacha on the old road from Mirenberg to the border. A well-built, straight-featured man came out to meet them at the gate and took Katya's hand. "Madame Fomitch?" he ventured, raising an eyebrow. "Enchanted. My name is Andrei, please ask for me if you require anything at all. And this morsel must be your slave. She will be Number Nine". He handed Dana sex xxnx cnm sex stories story shil band canvas holdall tagged with her number.

"Because you may need your clothes again" he explained, with a vulpine grin. "I'm not ashamed of my body" Dana had insisted when explaining to Katya this part of the club's activities.

"Let the men look - and the women". And so, she stood on the path and commenced to slip off her blouse. "Is her cunt already ringed?" Andrei asked casually, inspecting the fastening of a tin dog-tag stamped with the numeral IX. Katya's eyes darted to Dana, who nodded imperceptibly. "Ah, yes" she replied quickly, just as Dana wriggled her skirt over slim hips to reveal two gold hoops on her left labium.

Keeping only her shoes, stockings and leather corset-belt she dropped her clothes into the bag and stood passive and still while Andrei clipped the number to her cunt. Giving no sign of having seen their shared moment of panic he stepped aside and swept his arm towards the open door. "Please, come and join the others" he invited and they went ahead of him, hand in hand.

Katya squeezed Dana's fingers and she returned the gesture, moving imperceptibly closer. Inside, the dacha was lit by flickering candles and a thick cloud of smoke and incense hung from the ceiling.

Around thirty men and women, mainly older, were dressed for the evening and they sat in pairs and threesomes with their naked victims, sipping at glasses of wine and smoking.

Dana brushed against Katya's hip and silently indicated a low stool in a quiet corner with her eyes. Katya drew her over to it and they settled down to observe the scene. There was a palpable tension in the room; the clothed guests were all watching with a malevolent hunger as the nudes trembled and panted, some toying with their hair or lips, one gnawing at her knuckles with sharp, white teeth and another stretching her limbs languidly.

A few rolled their hips and pressed their thighs together, sighing quietly. "Look only at me" Dana whispered and, after a moment, Katya turned her head wicked amazing teen lusty appreciation blowjob and amateur. They had not set out their roles, but it seemed natural to follow Dana's lead.

"They are writhing in anticipation" she breathed, tousling her bobbed hair. "I can see some men starting to touch themselves. Everyone is ready to". Katya stared into her eyes as she spoke, and she brushed a stray lock from her forehead.

Then all faces turned to the door as a tall, willowy nude paced into the room, her heels tapping on the wooden floor and a dark-suited, white-haired one cock is enough for naughty babes on either arm. A metal disk marked X swung from her steel nipple-ring with every step.

Andrei followed close behind them. "We are quorate" he announced with a crooked smile as the trio moved over to a faded imperial settee where the girl sat with her slim thighs spread open across her two masters' knees. There were muffled groans from various parts of the room, heavy breathing and a general shuffling and scraping of furniture. Dana's eyes flickered from sexy lexxxi rides a massive meat pole straight lockhart to side, and she put a hand to her own cheek, brushing the fingers down her throat and over a lightly muscled shoulder.

"They are beginning to masturbate openly now" she murmured, tracing an index finger along her inner thigh to her knee and back again. From the corners of her eyes Katya glimpsed exposed cocks and a sharp odour of stale sweat and urine assailed her nostrils, together with the earthier scent of women's passion. Across the room from them she noticed a young slave rubbing her cunt to and fro over the toe of a much older man's boot, her face turned up to the ceiling as her shoulders and hips writhed in a paroxysm of lust.

"Dominant-submissive behaviours seem to be normative" Dana added under her breath. All around them semi-clad slave women grovelled for their masters and mistresses, moaning and gasping. Slowly Katya slumped forward in her seat and re-crossed her legs to present her foot to Dana's face. The younger woman leant forward to cradle the patent leather in reverent hands and sucked gently and sensuously at the stiletto heel. Katya reached into her bag; they had discussed the measures they could take to present convincingly as mistress and slave and after an awkward conversation had decided on nipple clamps.

Pushing the girl down to the floor with her foot Katya leant in to apply the spring-loaded jaws but found to her surprise that her hand was shaking violently. She dropped the device onto Dana's flat stomach. "Put them on" she commanded curtly, covering her embarrassment by lighting a scented, herbal cigarette in an ebony holder. Dana took the clamps in both hands and pressed them to her nipples; Katya noted that they were already standing hard and proud from her small, high breasts.

When she let the jaws close her nostrils flared and she bared her teeth, startlingly white against her black-painted lips. For a moment they gazed into each other's eyes then, suddenly, an explosive crack rang around the room as Andrei clapped his hands together.

He was now stripped to the waist and carried a coil of silk rope draped over his broad shoulders, ending in a hangman's noose. The assembly fell silent and he swung the rope over a rafter in the middle of the room. "Thank you, citizen, thank you indeed." said a corpulent, white-bearded man.

"Now, please take your place". He beckoned and Andrei went to stand beside him; he kept his flies buttoned, unlike the older man who crudely exposed his withered loins.

"I have the numbers here" he continued, holding up a black velvet pouch. "Who will play God today?" he asked, looking around. Katya suppressed a start when his eyes lit on her and his face broke into a wide grin.

"Our lovely guest?" he suggested, beckoning. Quickly collecting herself, she rose gracefully and stepped forward. "An honour" she said, quietly, allowing him to kiss her hand. "All mine, gnädige Frau" he replied, and shook the bag twice before extending it to her.

Katya stared down at it, forcing a little smile. Suppressed sighs and stifled moans surrounded her; she could not keep from glancing back to where Dana sprawled tugging at the chain between her nipples and stroking luxuriously at her open cunt. She certainly appeared to be in the same state of hysterical arousal as the other submissives.

The pouch was rattled again, and she turned back to dip her fingers into the mouth and draw out a white disc embossed with a numeral. "Four" she announced in a steady voice, holding the token above her head for all to see.

There was an intake of breath until the brief silence was broken by the sound of heels tapping on the bare floor and then a woman's voice - speaking with a passionate intensity. "Tonight, I will dance for you" she proclaimed. Katya turned her head to see an olive-skinned woman stride purposefully towards them, nude but for a thick gold chain around her waist and sheer stockings, swinging a pair of brass handcuffs as she walked.

Men stepped aside as she moved to where Katya stood waiting. Putting an arrogant hand on her hip she tossed back her mass of brown curls, looking around her with a bold challenge in her black eyes. "You have the paperwork?" the stout man quizzed and she handed him a single sheet of notepaper together with the tag from her navel.

He read aloud, "This night I - she gives her full name - die by my own hand and of my own free will, as is my right. All necessary documents are deposited with my notary". He folded the paper carefully and passed it to Andrei. "It is signed and dated" he told the others "and everything is in order". There was a low murmur of approval and anticipation. One of the younger men stepped forward with a wooden chair which he positioned under the noose. His stiffening cock swung obscenely from his open trousers as he went back to his place without a word.

Then the woman closed her eyes, drew a deep breath and passed the chain of the handcuffs through her chain belt so that the bracelets swung from her waist. Meanwhile, Katya stepped back and to the side, slipping away to join Dana. All other eyes were on the auto-sacrifice.

As she stepped up onto the chair her head brushed against the rope and set it swinging. A low groan came from one of the watchers and she turned her smouldering eyes to him, pouting and clutching at the soft flesh of her breasts wantonly. Her hands played slowly and luxuriously over her tanned skin for a while, now pinching at the full lips of her cunt, now stroking the smoothness of her hips and thighs. There were pants and croaks from the men, whose hands began tugging at their swelling cocks.

She caressed the smooth skin of her throat and neck, staring into some unknowable distance, and reached to pull the rope towards her red lips.

Katya gasped in surprise - the sound lost in the heavy breathing around her - when the woman pressed passionate kisses to the silken cord. On her toes she swept her hair aside to slip the noose over her head and pull the knot tight behind her neck.

Again, a rasping chorus of moans and grunts came tiny amateur teen bangs for dollars at a fake casting smalltits petite her audience as the tension mounted and Dana, too, let slip a cry of excitement. Licking her lips, the woman tugged at her stiff nipples and smoothed her hands down her lush body to where the cold handcuffs dangled, looped through the belt of gold chains. She locked one wrist in place then paused for a moment, heaved a great sigh, and snapped the ratchet closed on the other to trap her arms at waist level.

A profound and almost respectful silence filled the room when she placed one stiletto-heel on the back of the chair and, spreading her cunt-lips apart with the fingers of both chained hands, began to roll the ball of her thumb in tight circles over her clit. Her thick lashes drooped lazily, her breathing became ragged and urgent and her hips undulated in a gentle but persistent rhythm. Back in her seat, Katya was entranced by the sight of painted fingernails sliding to and fro over the woman's glistening wet cunt.

She dared to turn her head and saw that each wolfish face was fixed on the doomed woman save for one. Andrei's eyes bored into hers as he slowly turned the suicide note over and over in his hands.

Suddenly he looked up and Katya's eyes followed his to see the woman frantically driving three, bunched fingers into the tightness of her arse while her other hand smacked cruelly and wetly onto the hot moisture of her vulva. A bestial snarl transformed her delicate features and she panted ever hoarser, faster and deeper until her whole body tensed and a long, despairing cry was wrenched from deep inside. Fine droplets sprayed from between her fingers and over the floorboards around her.

"The Pallid Mask!" she cried, kicking out at her chair and sending it tumbling onto its back. Her long legs described a macabre battement as she swung by the neck in wild circles, gushing copiously while her hands clenched at her cunt and arse in a final spasm. The more vigorous of the men moved in closer to relish her last kicks and quivers.

There were swinish grunts and wails as their bodies responded; spunk spattered across the floor and over her swaying nakedness. At last the corpse ceased to twitch and the last trickles ran down her be-stockinged legs and over her shoes. Andrei stepped up to the corpse and took the weight over his brawny shoulder, unfastened the rope and hefted the corpse out of the room.

Lights turned on, the spell was broken and Katya led Dana away to retrieve her clothes. Both were dazed and too disturbed to dare speak, their hearts pounding and their bodies trembling as they made their way from the house.

The others also seemed eager to be gone, although several of the nude women looked back wistfully at the bare rafter and overturned chair as they dressed to leave.   DREAMS Back in Katya's apartment, they sat by the fire, wrapped in shawls and sipping sweetened tea. Neither had spoken much during the drive back from the countryside and they stared blankly into space until Katya broke the silence.

"We are in danger" she said softly. "We were too close tonight, too involved". "I laid a false trail" Dana replied dully.

"That's not what I meant. We were too close" she repeated "and we have to accept that we're at risk of being drawn in". "I don't think I want to be killed" Dana protested, bridling, but Katya held up a hand to silence her. "It is a negation, of course" she said "but there is a powerful attraction - even if we don't fully understand how it works.

I had a colleague named Rosa - a dear friend…". Her voice trailed away, and then she collected herself and continued. "There is…" she hesitated, setting down her glass and looking Dana in the eyes "there is an experimental technique. Jungian in origin, but the clinical psychologists are very positive about it, they say it desensitises the subject. A kind of deprogramming". "I've read this, too" Dana said, avoiding her gaze.

Katya looked away. "You're talking about the cognitive-behaviour dream therapy. But I don't have a suppressed fantasy I can express to - to bring catharsis. My own nightmare is not fantasy at all, not in that way. It terrifies me". "Your nightmare?" Katya asked gently "One nightmare? That sounds promising". She took another of her herbal cigarettes and reached for a lighter as she spoke; Dana started in surprise when a familiar awesome blonde gives footjobs to vibrator masturbation and foot fetish reached her.

Katya passed it to her with a thin smile. "Use of a depressant is recommended in the literature" she said, settling back and taking a drink of tea.

Dana drew on the reefer several times and leant back, looking up at the ceiling. "I am in St Cyril's cemetery, in the moonlight, with a mist coming up from the river around the headstones and mausoleums" Dana began.

She saw movement in the corner of her eye and span around to see shapes moving low down in the mist, around a pile of loose earth. Drawn towards them she made out figures in the moonlight - stooped and crouching figures in mouldering rags.

The nearest turned its face to her and she saw the dead eyes and mottled, blue-grey skin stretched over a skeletal frame, saw the shreds of raw human flesh trailing from its drooling mouth when it bared yellow teeth at her in a savage grin. She continued towards the creatures until they all turned to stare at her. Six foul and decaying corpses looked up from feasting on the pale body of a young woman dragged from a fresh grave, gobbets of bloody flesh in their clawed hands and gaping mouths.

She stepped between two kneeling horrors and looked boldly around at them all, running her hands sensually over her pert breasts and down her ribs and hips.

They watched intently, blood running down their chins as they champed on pale flesh, while Dana unbuttoned her tunic and let it slide down her long legs. She sucked on her index finger as she tugged her lace pants to her knees and stepped out of them. "I don't want to be there" she whispered to Katya, inhaling again "but in the dream, I cannot help myself.

I have no choice". Katya nodded encouragingly. The ghouls sniffed at her and their rotting tongues hung wetly from their mouths like dogs' as Dana lay down languorously alongside the half-eaten woman, her lithe body spread open shamelessly in the freshly turned soil, amongst bones and teeth and wet coils of human innards.

She licked her lips and rubbed at her clit; when the first bony fingers touched her she trembled and let out a deep sigh. A rotting woman with long, white teeth slithered towards her open thighs and she raised her hips up to meet her, spreading her labia open with her fingers and teasing her long, aching nipples with her other hand, licking her lips. The corpse's foetid tongue darted to and fro at her gaping cunt while Dana dug her outspread heels into the earth and moaned.

The licking stopped and she looked down to see the thing raising its head over her crotch. Arching her back, Dana pressed a fist into her mouth and chewed on her knuckles to suppress a scream as the cruel teeth sank into her pubic mound. Two startlingly red trickles of blood ran over her pubes from the jagged punctures by her clit. Raising its head ready to bite again, the ghoul slithered over her bloodied crotch; she moaned louder still when it rubbed its bony form against her, making a slick, moist trail up her flat stomach until the gaping mouth was poised over her pert bosom.

A sinewy arm snaked under her slim back and pulled her up to the thing's ravening maw. Once again, sharp teeth sank into her white flesh and crimson rivulets ran down the gentle curve of her left breast, either side of the swollen nipple. Soon there were hands reaching from all sides as the creatures bent over her, poking and clawing.

Dana strained her slender form first time xxx story 15ag upwards, grinding her feet and elbows into the graveyard soil and moaning her imminent climax as strings of drool trailed from their looming mouths across her milky breasts and thighs.

One by one they raked their jagged fingernails over her trembling body and dug them into her yielding flesh, sending drops of blood trickling around her thighs, bosom and throat. She closed her eyes and groaned her pleasure as their thin lips snaked over her trembling limbs and torso and hungry teeth rested in place on her smooth skin, ready to bite. Dana spread naughty lovely bitch takes large sex toy arms and legs wide and bared her throat, wantonly inviting her own death.

A low growl spread from throat to throat as a prelude to the brutal snapping of jaws that ripped open her jugular and smashed the other arteries. She died spurting great jets of blood into their open mouths, screaming in delirious agony. The young woman's shoulders heaved and she gasped for breath, curled into a ball and shivering furiously. Katya moved close and wrapped her arms around her until she relaxed and let out a long sigh.

"And, you?" Dana asked, suddenly raising her mascara-streaked face. "I've been thinking about this ever since I interviewed Dmitri" Katya replied. "I believe I have identified my thanatomanic dream. The setting is a grey morning on the road I used to walk to Middle School; I remember the mills and warehouses - grim structures of brick and concrete with chimneys spewing ash and smoke. But I am oddly terrified at the sight of one particular corrugated iron workshop - the kind they built everywhere after the war - which has a thick trail of greasy, black smoke coming from its brick chimney.

There are a dozen naked women standing in line outside and when I realise that I am also completely nude I wake up sweating". She took a long draw on the joint. "Every time, I have blanked out what happens after that point, but now I remember". The last woman in line, a statuesque blonde of about her own age, turned her head and smiled in welcome and Katya found herself obediently taking her place at the end of the queue.

A sliding door rolled open and the women silently paraded into the harsh light inside the building. Katya kept her eyes on the milky skin of the blonde woman in front of her until she was startled by the sound of the door slamming closed again behind them. She looked around to see that they were in a bizarre slaughterhouse.

Workers in chain gauntlets and leather aprons were already busy. She watched an older man with a gleaming cleaver skilfully dismember the headless body of an athletic woman, removing the hands and feet and disjointing the limbs. His apprentice carried each cut from the chopping block to its proper belt-conveyor then lifted the torso and hung it from a great hook chained to the overhead rail.

He gave it a hefty shove and it went swinging and swaying along the rail to where another man waited at the door of the refrigerated meat locker. Elsewhere, two men in goggles stirred a steaming vat with great wooden paddles and a woman in rubber boots and overalls sluiced blood from the concrete floor with a power hose.

A handsome woman with short, steel-grey hair approached the group. "Did everyone manage to depilate?" she asked in a friendly tone. Katya's fingers strayed unbidden to her smooth cunt.

One young woman raised her hand uncertainly. "I'm so sorry…" she began. The older woman smiled. "Please don't worry, my dear," she said, "it really isn't a problem". With that she reached into the breast-pocket of her overalls and produced an open razor.

She indicated a wooden bench which stood beside a lit brazier, "Just lie down here, little one, and spread your legs". The girl smiled back and hurried to oblige.

"I usually find that I don't need shaving-oil" the woman said, and pushed two gloved fingers into the girl's cunt, drawing a gasp of surprise from her. "You're soaking wet" she observed, smearing the juices over her fine curls.

"Yes, madam" she sighed, and licked her lips as the razor glided over her pubes and lips, swiftly rendering her as bare as the others. "Thank you" she breathed, starting to get up, but the woman gently pushed her back down again. "Just roll over now my dear" she said, stroking the girl's cheek.

"We may as well mark you while you're here". She beckoned to a young man in a leather jerkin who pulled on his gauntlets and went to the brazier. He took a white-hot cattle brand from the coals and the girl positioned herself with her legs either side of the bench, her fingers gripping the edge. To Katya, all the clanging and humming of the machinery and all the chatter of the workers seemed to fade away and all she heard was the girl panting as she waited for the kiss of burning metal on her skin.

The youth put one hand on the small of her back to steady her and then pressed the brand firmly into the centre of her left buttock. There was a hissing sound and wisps of smoke. The tendons in the girl's arms and legs tensed to take this tremendous pain, and then relaxed again as the air left her lungs in a long moan.

He checked his work briefly, then slapped her thigh smartly "Over there, lass" he said, jerking his head towards the woman with the hose, and buried the branding-iron in the glowing coals again. The girl got up and moved along. There were tears streaming down her cheeks, she chewed at her lower lip to keep from sobbing, and her nipples were swollen and as hard as bullets. Katya watched her kneel over a drain to be hosed down from head to foot, turning around and then bending over so that the powerful jet of water kissed every inch of her.

Finally, she was sent on into the building and disappeared behind a strip curtain. After a few minutes the iron was hot again and the next victim was called forward.

She laid herself down on the bench like the young woman before her but cried out wildly when the iron burned into her, thrusting her fist into her mouth in a vain attempt to stifle the noise. The workers gave no sign that they even noticed this and directed her on to be hosed, ignoring her stammered apologies.

Katya had to stand and watch while all the women ahead of her were given the same treatment, with an agonising pause between each one while the young man waited for his branding-iron to reheat, whistling a popular song and occasionally wiping the sweat from his brow. After the seventh victim a full-breasted, middle-aged woman with dark, gypsy good looks had screamed out her orgasm at the touch of the brand Katya saw that the woman ahead of her was shamelessly fingering her clit and moaning quietly.

At last there was no-one else left and she draped herself over the bench, stretching her body luxuriantly and grinding her neglected pubes against the worn timber. Behind her, she heard the grey-haired supervisor's voice, "This is the last one before our break, kid. Do you want her arse"? Katya felt a trickle of moisture run from her cunt. "No thank you, boss" the youth replied, "Coffee and breakfast for me". With this he pinned Katya down to the bench and pushed the branding-iron firmly into her, sending white bolts of pain through her whole body.

As she came to herself again, quivering and gasping, Katya saw that the woman had unbuttoned her overalls to the waist and let them fall to her knees; underneath she was quite naked, trim and muscular with a tidy thatch of grey hair at her crotch.

She straddled the bench in front of Katya's head and leant back expectantly. She needed no urging and slid forward to suck hungrily at the supervisor's cunt, rolling the clitoris between her tongue and teeth and lapping furiously at her. They moaned together when the thick juices ran over Katya's lips and chin. "That was good" the woman told her, rearranging her clothing. She pulled Katya close and kissed her hard on the lips, then murmured into her ear "Now go to be hosed down and butchered".

Katya closed her eyes and pressed her crotch against the woman's hip for a long moment before she turned away to obey. "Kneel over the drain" the next worker told her, "and empty yourself if you can". Katya managed to release a stream of piss as the water washed over her head and shoulders and played down her body, stinging her breasts and belly.

"Open" the woman ordered curtly, and Katya bent over backwards, spreading her legs wide apart so that the jet of water could reach her inner thighs and cunt, breathless at its icy touch. She shifted around when instructed just like the women she had watched while she stood waiting and anticipating her turn and then fell onto her elbows lifting her hips so that the stream of water could ravage her arse. She had just begun to wail her imminent climax when the water sex fat aunty big tits xxx storys com suddenly and cruelly shut off.

She looked over her shoulder to see the woman lay the hose down and saunter off after her workmates, drying her hands on a length of towelling. It was time. Katya rose unsteadily to her feet and walked in the opposite direction, following the previous victims through the strip curtain. On the other side a red-faced, heavily moustachioed man took her by the arm.

"Just wait a few minutes my girl" he said, and both stood watching the scene before them. The voluptuous blonde woman ahead of Katya was bent over the aluminium rail of a great slicing machine with her back arched, her ample arse and thighs quivering and her round breasts swinging beneath her.

Drops of sperm trickled from between her legs onto the grating. A wiry, grizzled man turned away from her, tucking his softening cock back into his overalls and refastening them but another man, heavier-set and more youthful, stepped forward to take his place.

He sank his broad fingertips into the flesh of her hips and drove into her arse with a single thrust; quickly finding a rhythm he pounded at her mercilessly, grunting and panting while she babbled and shrieked hysterically. Katya stole a sidelong glance at her captor and set nothing but sex for a busty doxy naturaltits and hardcore feet farther apart, pushing the fingers of her free hand into her dripping cunt.

She was struggling to remain silent when the pair loudly announced the climax of their sodomy with howls of blasphemy and obscenity. All three men gathered around the blonde, leaving Katya free to sink to her knees while continuing her desperate frigging. They led her, still trembling and panting, up the steps of the machine and carefully positioned her face-down over the base plate. Following what must have been a well-established routine they activated the slicer and then hoisted her headless body by the feet to hook the ankles riding on a schlong excites amazing teen girlfriend a system of overhead rails.

Once the flow of blood lessened the carcass was pushed along the rail to where a white-haired butcher sliced it open from crotch to sternum and the entrails fell wetly onto a belt conveyor. From here, the rail inclined downward and the carcass rolled off through another set of plastic strips. The big man turned to Katya and raised an eyebrow. She heaved a sigh and rose to her feet obediently, walking up the steps to where he stood waiting for her.

She smiled briefly into the eyes of his exclusive-hot blonde wants hard sex before the shopping friend, who stood ready with two wicked hooks, and then bent at the waist to offer her neck to the spinning blade of the slicer. Below her was a trough where the heads were collected and on top of the pile she saw the heart-shaped face of the buxom blonde looking back at her, open-mouthed and somehow radiant.

There was a great whirring and humming as the engines sprang to life. Dana swallowed hard and clung to Katya, who slowly turned her head and blinked as though waking from a reverie. "So, you see," she said, "we really do understand the victims.

I think we always have - you and I both". Dana shook her head. "No" she mouthed, breaking away and rising to her feet. "No!" then she turned and hurried to the door, snatching her coat on the way. Katya ran after her and caught up with her at the end of the landing, slumped against the wall taking great gulps of air. She reached out and laid a hand on the younger woman's shoulder, but Dana only shook her head.

She whispered, "I'm so sorry" and hurried off. Katya stood helplessly and watched her go, listening to the sound of her heels clattering down the corridor and out of the building. Alone in her bedsitter, sitting naked and cross-legged on her bed, Dana gulped a mouthful of schnapps from the bottle and leant over her laptop.

She had already typed her work ID, passport number, banking details and the passwords for her various personal and professional computer profiles into the King in Yellow website. Now she acknowledged the prompt, "Complete Submission".   MAGDA'S SUBMISSION "Good morning, Doctor. Where is Dana today?" asked Dmitri, as Katya entered the room and took her seat in front of him.

"That is not your concern." she replied, "You are to answer my questions this morning." He did not let his face betray his satisfaction and was also quietly pleased at her choice of outfit; her dress was much more feminine and much more revealing - than the usual charcoal-grey skirt and jacket. "Today, I would like to learn what happened to "Magda".

I think you know who I mean?" Katya lifted an immaculate eyebrow. "We ate her." Dmitri replied, "I took the heart raw, as always, and Andrei had her cunt and breasts the same way.

We had promised her that, and…" "Enough!" Katya screamed at him, leaping to her feet. The door was thrown open and two brawny warders rushed in. Collecting herself instantly, Katya spoke without turning around. "You must never enter this room while I am working, whatever you hear" she said calmly. "Now, leave us at once". Chastened, the men complied.

Dmitri looked Katya squarely in the eyes and continued as though nothing had happened, "…and she had earned it. Are you ready to learn how?" She nodded absently and crossed her legs. "By the time we collected Rosa, her true name had been registered with the King in Yellow for over a month. She had given us a lot of useful information about your investigation and together we had laid a lot of false trails".

He sat back in his chair and revelled in Katya's discomfort at this. "She had appeared on the fetish scene like a bombshell a year previously, just as my friends and I were discretely disengaging. But I think I always knew that she would ultimately be mine". Dmitri answered the door of his studio to Magda and one of her slaves. She looked ravishing as always in a black cocktail dress and pearls. Next to her, the submissive seemed almost dowdy in a plain, white cotton frock although she was a pretty little gamine and would have looked quite chic in any other company.

Dmitri kissed Magda's hand in the old manner. "Alexandra has everything prepared" he said, ushering her to a seat. "You must forgive my curiosity, but why is it so important to torture her this evening? You were fortunate to find brunette with sex toy fucks female agent femaleagent and lesbians in town tonight". "A little while ago I decided to sacrifice her," she said, simply, accepting a light for her cigarette "and she found the Yellow Sign this afternoon, just before I called you.

She will be collected at three o'clock from outside the cinema opposite here; the opportunity to have her tormented during her last hours was too perfect to pass up". She let a curl of smoke drift from between her lips. "Fascinating!" exclaimed Dmitri, turning to the slave, who stood passively beside Magda's chair looking down at the floor.

"I have heard of this, of course, but I never encountered a genuine victim before. She will simply disappear, from what I understand, and never be seen again?" He looked curiously at the slave's elfin features until she lifted her eyes to his, shyly.

"She must be terrified". "She is trembling, but not with fear" smiled Magda "she wants it". The girl looked down again and wrung her hands, shifting from one foot to the other. "Why don't you sit?" asked Magda archly, and patted the cushion next to her.

All eyes were on the slave as she stepped meekly forward and moved to sit down. "Lift your skirt" Magda commanded and she obeyed at once, raising beautiful brunette vienna black gets banged by a strangers huge cock pornstar outdoor soft cotton to her chest before sitting open-legged.

The crotch of her lace knickers was soaking wet and clammed to the contours of her cunt. She looked into their faces, then, without shame. "They will come to kill you in only three hours" Magda said, pleasantly "and my friends have kindly agreed to torture you until then" she nodded with mocking courtesy to Dmitri, who smiled and bowed his shaggy head in return. The slave's mouth fell open and she twisted the hem of her dress between her fingers, panting.

"She is quite bold" observed Dmitri, toying with an ivory-handled knout from a selection of scourges laid out on a silver tray beside his armchair. "Is this truly the effect of her sentence of death"? Alexandra came from the kitchen with carafes of brandy and water, stark naked save for black leather boots and collar, and poured drinks for him and his guest. "She fell on the floor and begged me to have her when the sign came" Magda told them "but I decided that we should come here first".

She traced one finger down the girl's arm from elbow to wrist and gently lifted her hand, "Indulge yourself." she said, sweetly "I wish it". Her slave needed no more than a word of permission. She reached down to her sopping cunt and began to massage the erect clitoris through beautiful teen girl tries anal with her boyfriend!

in 4k white lace. Her thighs parted wider and she jerked her pelvis up from the seat, moaning her pleasure full into Dmitri's face. Alexandra leant over her from behind and put her mouth to the girl's ear.

"Your screams must foxy sweeties penetrate the biggest belt cocks and spray ejaculate all around the place monstercock stifled." she told her "Open your mouth".

The girl accepted a ball-gag and Alexandra fastened it tight. She had both hands at her cunt then, pushing past the wet fabric to drive her fingers inside and did not even pause when Alexandra's knife sliced through the waistband of her panties so that they fell away. She slid forward to the edge of the seat and Dmitri, grinning at Magda, trailed the knotted strands of the knout to and fro over the soft skin of her inner thighs.

Then Alexandra took her wrists and pulled her hands away from her cunt, back to her shoulders. The slave moaned quietly and looked imploringly at Dmitri. Magda's eyes were shining and she licked her lips. "Please continue" she said to Dmitri in a low voice. Her breathing was forced and her hands clenched into fists in her lap. He swung the whip with sudden force into the slave's crotch and her thighs snapped closed, the whole body writhing in Alexandra's strong grip.

With no prompting she settled back immediately and opened her legs to take the next blow. When he slashed cruelly at her thighs, left and right, she threw her head back and groaned around the gag but managed to keep her legs open and her crotch exposed.

The knout bit her cunt again. She lifted her hips high, inviting the punishment. Dmitri threw his shoulders back and took a deep breath. He turned to Magda, who was looking on with hungry eyes. "There is a selection of whips, if you wish to join me for once" he said, nodding towards the tray. Then he brought the knout down again and again and the slave's body jerked and thrashed under the punishment until her labia were glowing red. She twisted at the hips to press her knees together.

"We shall have to tie her down." Dmitri remarked, even as the slave spread her thighs apart again "She cannot keep still". He looked vaguely about the room for cuffs and chains. "I will help" said Magda, her voice shaking.

To Dmitri's surprise, she and Alexandra together seized the willing slave's wrists and ankles to spread her whole body open to the coming lashes. Her cunt was already an angry red, but the lips were spread open and wet. Dmitri laid into her thighs and belly with faster and faster strokes. Welts stood out across her pale white flesh and she tossed her head from side to side in wild abandon, tears coursing down her cheeks.

In time, her desperate writhing changed tempo to a slow, sensuous undulating and her limbs lay still in her captors' firm grip. Her groans of agony became soft moans, and then Dmitri laid down the whip.

He bent over the spread-eagled slave and pushed her dress up to her breastbone. Her nipples were stiff and he pinched and twisted them viciously so that she gasped behind her gag. "You were close to a climax under my whip" he remarked casually, and the slave nodded. Then he nipped her labia hard and she struggled to withstand the pain. Gently, he unfastened the ball-gag and turned to address Alexandra, "I will take your place while you close her cunt".

Alexandra smiled conspiratorially and went to the oak cabinet at the end of the room. She returned with a saddler's needle, already threaded with a length of woven yellow silk, and knelt between the slave's parted thighs. Seeing what was to come, the girl gripped the edge of her seat with both hands while Dmitri and Magda pinned her knees down at her sides.

She trembled when Alexandra pinched at her moist lips to position the needle then clenched her teeth and grunted low in her throat as the blunt tip punctured her flesh and was pulled through. Alexandra carried on relentlessly and methodically sewing the slave's bruised cunt closed, drawing the silk cord through each stitch and knotting it tight. The girl's lip quivered and she sobbed quietly but looked on intently through her tears.

Dmitri was watching Magda closely. She was in a state of rapture, her face glowing, and he thought he had never seen her look so beautiful. Finally, Alexandra's voice broke the spell.

"There will be only pain for you now until the end" she said and dipped her head, baring her white teeth, to bite through the thread. The slave closed her eyes and sighed. This time, Magda sighed too. Alexandra went to the other side of the studio and busied herself amongst the herbs and knives of the galley kitchen. Dmitri changed his hold on the slave's leg, lifting it up and to the side. He gestured for Magda to do the same and together they spread her cheeks open.

Reaching down, Dmitri forced two dry fingers into the girl's arse and she bit her lip to muffle the low cry this treatment drew from her. He drove his fingers in and out, bunching first three and then four together. A soft, rhythmic wail filled the air and the slave's knuckles ding dong riding delight hardcore and blowjob white where she clutched convulsively at the cushions.

Magda leant in close to see the brutal fingers plundering her slave's arse, eyes agleam in a transport of delight. When Alexandra returned Dmitri removed his fingers and held them to the girl's mouth to be licked and sucked clean.

He let her take a long time and she closed her eyes, moaning with pleasure. At last he made way for Alexandra, who held up a huge, peeled ginger root and smiled sweetly. The slave nodded her understanding and clawed at her cheeks to open herself even wider. She moaned as the burning plug was driven home and then went rigid, staring at the ceiling in shock. Her breasts rose and fell as she panted hoarsely, absorbing the pain.

Dmitri stood up and pulled off coarse sex makes breasty beautiful babe cum loose linen trousers, letting his long smoking jacket fall open. Three pairs of eyes followed him intently as he pulled the slave down to kneel at his feet. She took his cock into her mouth to suck at it vigorously, bobbing her head up and down and gently stroking his balls. After a time, Dmitri ran his fingers through the slave's short hair and took hold of her head to guide her, then turned around, pressing her head to his arse.

Again, she licked with an urgent passion and ran her fingers softly but rapidly up and down his jutting cock. Magda ran her tongue slowly over her parted lips and a look passed between them. With languid and deliberate movements, she slid from the couch and knelt down before Dmitri as though under a spell.

Taking his shaft in one elegantly manicured hand she lapped exquisitely at the head and up and down the shaft before sucking the head hungrily, deep into her mouth. Dmitri let out a great bark of satisfaction and buried his fingers in Magda's thick hair, gazing down at her triumphantly.

His breathing became ragged and he pulled both women away from him and made them crawl around to exchange places. The slave turned her weeping eyes up to him while pumping her fist over the head of his cock and Magda spread his buttocks to force the tip of her tongue inside him, sucking and licking.

Soon his face contorted and his shoulders began to quiver. He seized Magda's hair and dragged her to kneel before him, next to her slave. "Onto your mistress's face!" he groaned. The slave frigged harder and Magda leant in eagerly as he spent copiously over her cheeks and into her mouth. He shuddered and grunted and then slumped back onto the couch, momentarily exhausted. The women embraced and kissed deeply, their eager tongues sharing his spunk, then Magda pushed her slave down to lie trembling on the floor and sat back on her heels, gazing up at Dmitri.

He took a sip of brandy and gathered himself. "Alexandra, put some clothes on" he ordered "and take the slave to be collected it will soon be time. I will decide how to punish Magda for taking such a liberty". "Kill me" said Magda in a strangely calm voice. "I know that my slave has already been collected and has served her executioner". Dmitri and Alexandra looked at each other knowingly. "You will find that a woman named Rosa submitted to the King in Yellow tonight Rosa is my real name, and I am a special investigator." She clasped her hands together in supplication as she spoke.

"Rosa volunteered to work undercover and search for a link between the underground club scene and the sudden peak in missing person cases. But she has kept all of her notes hidden from her superiors, I swear, and when they go through her effects after her fatal accident, there will be nothing to connect Rosa with Magda.

Have me." her voice faltered under Dmitri's piercing stare, "I beg you to have me. I am not the woman that I was I am your meat, I swear it"! And she confessed everything while Dmitri sprawled on the couch in naked splendour, Alexandra standing dutifully beside him and the nameless slave squirming on the floor at his feet, suckling at his toes. At three o'clock Alexandra led the slave through to the bathtub, sighing and moaning, and slashed her throat open from ear to ear.

Dmitri stayed with Magda and whispered thrilling threats to her.   MAGDA'S ORDEAL Magda followed Dmitri out of the old convent, head held high. Her superbly nude body cast a long shadow in the late afternoon sun. The path led them to a huge flat-topped slab of granite, a tomb or an altar of some long-forgotten religion. In front of it waited Grigori, Andrei, Leon and Pierre wearing black trousers and - with the exception of Andrei who liked to be bare-chested - white shirts.

Each had several knives and whips at his belt and each had a nude woman kneeling at his feet, knees apart, hands behind her back. Dmitri held out a hand and she took it. He laid her back on the slab, spreading her auburn hair out across the weathered stone tenderly. He stroked her cheek and let his fingertips brush across her lips to be kissed. As he stepped back, she opened her thighs wider and gracefully stretched her arms back over her head. Through her lashes she watched Leon tap the shoulder of the woman at his feet and hand her a long, straight knife.

She took it and rose to her feet. The woman stepped up to the slab and looked back at Leon adoringly. He nodded and she climbed onto the slab to kneel astride Magda's head facing her feet. A gentle breeze stirred the branches of the pines but, around the ancient stone, all was silence. Magda put a tentative finger to the smooth skin of the thigh above her face and turned her head to see Dmitri's reaction. At his nod, she ran both hands slowly up the woman's legs and over her hot cunt to claw at her buttocks, spreading them wide.

Her head darted forward and she lapped slavishly at the arsehole, seizing the woman's hips when they started to buck so that the she was forced to press her groin down onto Magda's eager mouth. Sobbing and broken she arched her back and offered her crotch to be licked from arse to clit and back again.

Leon leant over them and spoke quietly, "Piss on her". The woman bowed her head, closed her eyes and tensed while Magda pressed two fingertips hard onto her cunt - then with a deep purr she began to spray her, first in gushes and then in a long stream.

She leant back on her heels and Magda opened her mouth to swallow the last spurts, writhing sensuously under the warm shower and massaging it into her skin. Both moaned as Leon ordered "Now, the blade!" and the woman knelt upright. She seized the knife in both hands and raised it high above her head.

Magda's breasts heaved, beads of urine defiling them and the nipples standing stiff and hard as pebbles. "She thought she was about to die then," Dmitri said, his words flowing easily like a sunlit river through pastures, "because she knew that we were going to fuck her corpse and because there was a knife over her belly. But I had planned a different death for her." Katya sat almost astraddle her chair and somehow one of the straps of her dress had fallen away.

She looked Dmitri right in the eye and tossed her loose brown hair back over her bared shoulder. "The Pallid Mask!" cried Leon's woman as she plunged the knife down into her own guts. Magda gasped in surprise as a spray of blood played over her from the jerking body, and then gushed in torrents when Leon pulled the woman's head back and drew a razor swiftly across her bared throat.

He held the victim in his strong arms until her spasms ended and the blood stopped spurting; then flung the limp corpse down face-first onto the grass and knelt behind, driving his pulsing cock into the moist, warm flesh, fucking furiously until he threw his head back and shouted his satisfaction. Magda turned her face away from the spectacle to lap at the blood and piss pooling around her spread-eagled form and her fingers delved into the moist folds of her cunt.

Andrei's woman had been resting her cheek on his knee and his hand absently stroked her head while they watched now he seized her red hair and raised her to her feet to play her part on the slab. She took the other's place in her turn, straddling Magda's upturned face with her hands resting on the soft curves of her hips. Katya swallowed hard, twisting her hair around her fingers distractedly.

Dmitri's voice was deep and compelling, even musical. "Magda took longer over the next victim". "Give me your cunt" she breathed and seizing one of the redhead's knees with both hands she sank her teeth gently into her inner thigh and nibbled at the pale flesh. The woman fell forward ravening onto Magda's crotch and they grappled passionately, smoothing their bodies together as they kissed and licked their way over soft stomachs to suck at each other's erect clits.

Their tongues churned wetly and loudly. Andrei watched intently as Magda pressed a finger, then two, in and out of the redhead's arse, flicking at the rosy clit with her tongue all the while. He clambered up onto the slab behind them and ripped off his trousers, pulled Magda's hand away, and forced the tip of his erection into the soft bud of their victim's arsehole with his thumb.

Muscles rippling, he pulled her hips down and drove into her brutally and frantically. She was already screaming in pain when he stabbed the tip of the blade down hard into her side. Blood spattered across Magda's open thighs and cunt and she caught more in her cupped hands to smear up and down her body. Still thrusting himself into the dying woman Andrei reached around to slash shallow cuts into her legs and body - so that all three were slick with blood by the time she gasped "The Pallid Mask" and her death spasms subsided.

Pierre's victim was a wide-eyed young brunette with great black, almond eyes and delicate features on a perfect oval face. She walked slowly to the stone as though in a trance and began to pant and sigh at the touch of his hands when he guided her to kneel astride Magda's head. She was already moaning in ecstasy when the wicked tongue reached her long clit and wailed "The Pallid Mask" at the first lick, tossing her beautiful head back. Pierre's sword whistled through the air, on cue, and sliced cleanly through her long neck.

A great torrent of blood gushed over Magda's body and a fine spray of ejaculate covered her throat and chest. Rolling over in the warm pool of ichor, Magda propped herself up on her elbows to watch Grigori's victim pace towards her death on the ancient altar. She glided between the rutting men and flapping corpses, swinging her hips arrogantly, Grigori following after her with a broad-bladed knife in his fist.

Clambering up in front of Magda she seized her by the hair and dragged her face towards her cunt. Her hips rolled as she ground her crotch hard onto Magda's eager mouth, becoming more urgent and wanton until, suddenly, she pulled away.

Grigori had stepped up behind and wrapped a bare arm around her, and she turned her head to take his deep lingering kiss. Then she, too, pissed copiously over Magda's upturned face and hair and over her finely sculpted shoulders - when the stream died she repeated "The Pallid Mask" and her life blood poured after it; she slumped forward, ripped from crotch to sternum by a single stroke of Grigori's razor-sharp steel. Magda twisted around onto her front so that the blood poured into her mouth, trickling warmly down her chin and throat.

Dmitri smiled as he reached down to help Magda from the slab to stand before him, drenched in gore and piss from head to foot. He drew her into a passionate embrace and she wrapped her leg around his back as they kissed.

Pulling her head back by the hair Dmitri licked furiously at her bloodied throat and breasts while she pressed her crotch urgently against him, grabbing at his backside with both hands.

Around them the men were finishing with their victims, grunting as they spent into the lifeless bodies. At last he released her from his embrace and spoke to the others. "Bring them inside" he said then turned to murmur into her delicate ear "You will die more painfully." "Yes" Magda gasped, trembling, and closed her eyes, transported by a profound and overwhelming wave of submission.

Katya moaned quietly, Dmitri's words weaving their dark spell on the secret cravings of her deepest, inner self. She had never thought how it would be to watch others die, waiting in terror and anticipation.

  MAGDA'S SACRIFICE The men carried or dragged their victims through the main hall and back to the kitchen, smearing great trails of blood behind them. Magda stood obediently at Dmitri's side, her luscious body gory and befouled, gazing at him with naked adoration. He clapped his hands twice and Alexandra stepped into the hall and came towards them.

Nude save for thigh-length leather boots and a silver necklace; she carried a black suede bag over her shoulder. "Call us when she is ready" Dmitri told her and followed after the others.

Alone in the hall, the two women faced each other, Magda a full head taller. Without a word, Alexandra took her bag over to a plain table at the side of the room and proceeded to lay out a variety of canes, switches and vicious whips. Magda stood where Dmitri had left her and watched, her high breasts rising and falling. Tiny streams of moisture ran from her cunt, cutting streaks down her blood-stained thighs. Alexandra returned, smiling warmly, and broke the silence.

"I am going to oil you. You will feel the lashes more keenly" she said and, laying a delicate hand on her victim's shoulder she guided her gently down to the floor and had her sit back, open legged. Her cross pendant swung before Magda's eyes as she bent over her. "You wear the Yellow Sign" Magda gasped as she made out the curious symbol at its centre, picked out in sapphires. A faraway look came into Alexandra's eyes. "I had it from his own hand" she said, "and it is mounted on a crucifix".

There was a shared moment of silence before she collected herself. "Your hair is so beautiful" she said, taking ivory combs from the bag. She piled the shimmering, copper curls on top of Magda's head to bare her neck and shoulders then poured a pool of scented oil into the palm of her hand. She sighed and chewed her lip as Alexandra's hands ranged over her shoulders, arms and breasts, working the oil and blood evenly into her smooth flesh with exquisite tenderness.

Lingering over the erect nipples, Alexandra leant forward and brushed her lips up Magda's throat to breathe in her ear "There are scourges of stiffened, knotted leather, long bullwhips and flails tipped with steel hooks razor sharp". She closed her eyes, purring while Alexandra rubbed the whole flask of oil from the nape of her neck to the tips of her toes, rolling the yielding body over to knead her buttocks and crotch, making her inner thighs slippery with a mixture of oil and her own juices.

Alexandra pressed her lips against Magda's all the while, breathing into her panting mouth and licking at the tip of her tongue. At last her whole body shone slick and glossy. Magda moaned deeply, desperately bucking her groin against the soft fingers stroking oil into her clit and Alexandra took her lower lip between sharp, white teeth to tease at it wickedly for a moment before kissing her deeply and passionately.

Breaking away she took Magda's hands and led her from the floor over to the centre of the hall where a pair of iron manacles hung by great loops of chain from the rafters; Magda locked her own wrists into place already at the perfect height while Alexandra knelt solicitously to secure her ankles to a spreading-bar. Magda stood tip-toed, limbs outspread, her round breasts thrusting forward with every breath she took.

Stepping back, also panting and wide-eyed with arousal, Alexandra brushed Magda's auburn hair away from her face. "She is ready" she called out. Taking three steps backwards she stood with her hands behind her head and her legs apart, waiting for further orders. Dmitri led the men into the hall, his mouth and beard drenched with blood. They were all naked now - red-handed and spattered with gore - and they went straight to the whips.

Running a plaited single-tail over his hand thoughtfully Dmitri spoke without looking up. "Bring vodka and ice". Alexandra ran to fetch them. Andrei selected a long willow switch and chopped it through the air, making a fearsome swish. The others looked around briefly before turning back to the choice of implements before them but he cut the air again, more viciously, and started towards Magda.

She groaned. Andrei traced the line of her jaw with his strong fingers then seized her face and stared into her eyes. She held his gaze but let her long lashes fall and moaned again, low in her throat, when he flicked the end of the switch across her aching nipples, first one then the other.

"Look at me!" he hissed. Her eyes followed him as he moved back and to the side, giving himself room to swing. She licked her lips.

He sliced the switch through the air again and then turned to the others. "Shall we wait for the vodka?" he asked. Dmitri had set the whip aside and was holding a bundle of birches up to the light, turning it back and forth.

He shrugged his massive shoulders. "As you will" he said casually. Without warning, Andrei span around and brought a metre of wickedly supple willow whistling into Magda's inner thigh. She had barely time to gasp before the switch described a fine figure-of-eight and cut into her other thigh at the same height, with the same devastating force. He landed poised on the balls of his feet with a dancer's grace.

Dull red welts stood out immediately on Magda's alabaster thighs; her beautiful face contorted in agony and she strained her arms and legs against her bonds, fighting for breath. Andrei went to take a glass of vodka from Alexandra's silver tray without a backward glance, placing the switch back whence it came. "Interesting" he remarked and sipped at his drink. Dmitri passed the birch to Pierre who nodded, drained his vodka and walked over to Magda. She twisted in her bonds to watch over her shoulder when he moved behind her.

"Keep your eyes to the front" he ordered quietly and she obeyed at once, turning her face towards the group. She took a deep breath and held it, waiting, looking from one to another and then there was a brief hiss and a sharp crack. Her hips were driven forward and the air escaped from her lungs Pierre's wiry body had spun right around in a circle as he struck the backs of her thighs with all his strength.

Too quickly, Magda resumed her original position, taking her weight with her chained wrists and offering her arse up to invite the next blow.

Pierre stood behind her, pulling her body against his with a long, hairy arm and held the birch up to her face. "That made you wet" he challenged, and she nodded helplessly.

Dmitri's harsh laugh echoed around the hall. He strode over and seized the bar spreading Magda's ankles, lifting it easily to chest height. She hung almost parallel to the ground but angled somewhat towards Pierre, who brought the birch down hard onto her tensed buttocks. He beat her again and again.

Her soft cries became harsher and her breathing heavier until she turned her head and sank her teeth into the flesh of her upper arm, groaning. Pierre's face was a demonic mask of glee as splinters of birch twig flew around the twisting form and her arse reddened and then turned purple under the punishment. "Forget the birch" Dmitri commanded as he let the bar fall. He turned to Leon and said, "Let her taste steel".

Leon grinned, taking the cold, metal handle of a cruel scourge made from very fine braids of whipcord tipped with bright, sharp hooks. He waited while Pierre threw the birch contemptuously into a corner and strode back to join the others then he moved slowly forward to face her, holding the scourge before him at shoulder height.

"These whips will kill you." Leon said, coldly "We will use them at the end, but we want you to know what to expect". There was terror in her eyes at the sight of the cruel wire hooks, but she waited quietly and obediently to welcome their kiss. He struck and the scourge cut through the air almost noiselessly to wrap around both hips, clinging to her flesh for a moment before falling away and leaving nine deep, bloody cuts across her glowing skin.

Her face was expressionless at first, then her brow furrowed in pain and she bit her lip. Her lightly muscled shoulders and arms tensed and her knuckles were white as she clutched in desperation at the chains suspending her.

Then it was Grigori's turn. He set down his glass, took up one of the bullwhips and indicated the others to his friends. "Shall we begin?" he asked and went to stand beside where Magda hung passively, watching them wide-eyed. The others followed him and formed a ring around their victim, Dmitri standing directly in front of her with his whip trailing behind him across the flagstones. She looked around her, back to Dmitri, and then up at the vaulted ceiling - bracing her body for the coming ordeal.

Grigori's whip landed first, cutting into her back and wrapping around to smack into her bosom. A white stripe ran from her left nipple, over the curve of her right breast, around her ribs and across the small of her back. She had barely started to voice her pain when she caught her breath again at the bite of Andrei's whip slicing down with devastating accuracy across her round buttocks and around her right thigh into the fork of her crotch. She was allowed a few seconds to take a lungful of air and release it in a howl of anguished abandon before Dmitri's whip cracked viciously down the length of her oiled flesh from shoulder to calf and drove the air from her again.

The whips rained down on her from all sides but the men were long practiced and kept the timing and direction random; first she would endure six strokes coming in rapid succession from one side, and then she would be made to hang panting and weeping for a brief eternity until a length of whipcord from elsewhere cut into her without warning. Magda's soft flesh was crisscrossed with terrible welts and she began a long, keening moan; Pierre slammed his whip across both of busty british babe wants his thick dick nipples in one cruel stroke and her bladder emptied in great spurts to pool steaming between her legs on the cold floor.

At this, Dmitri stepped up to her and, staring into her eyes the while, drove his fingers brutally into her cunt. She cried softly when he withdrew them and put them to her mouth to be licked and sucked clean. " It is time" he told the others, still holding her gaze, and they came back from the table with the steel-tipped scourges. Smiling, he took one and stepped back. "Not the face," said Andrei, "that must be preserved" and he slashed his scourge viciously across Magda's shoulder blades, sending a fine spray of blood spattering across the floor.

Her screams began to falter and quaver as the steel wire cut into her slender thighs and the soft swell of her belly, her breasts and back, down her flanks and up into her crotch; she was coated with so much blood that the individual cuts were no longer visible. The men finally rested when she stopped twisting and writhing and her chin fell to her chest. Then Dmitri stood before her with the braquemard until she sensed his presence and raised her head.

She had just enough breath to gasp the words. "The Pallid Mask" she breathed, before Dmitri took careful aim and slammed the blade under her ribs and upwards, then reached surely into the wound to pull the heart out of her chest and up to his mouth.

His eyes closed in inexpressible bliss as her blood ran down his chin.   KATYA'S SUBMISSION There was a long silence. Dmitri sat still and composed, despite the dull steel chains restraining him in his chair, but Katya shifted nervously and struggled sexy escorts jynx maze selena rose fuck the same dude digital playground control her breathing.

They both waited until she trusted herself to speak; she stared blankly into the middle distance and the papers hung limp in her hands. At last she spoke. "You killed four women just to make a theatrical performance out of Rosa's death" she said, absently. "A woman who finds the Yellow Sign is called to give herself utterly" he replied calmly but firmly.

"And then I use them as I will". "So, these women seek you out and conspire with you to disappear without trace - but for all they know their destiny is to be dispatched casually - in a meaningless death"? "You think the deaths of Alexandra and Magda were more meaningful because they were huge titted maid fucks the virgin guy angela white tyler nixon said Dmitri, his black eyes drilling into hers "but our victims have no such expectations.

They only care that they are killed". Katya's dress had ridden up her open thighs exposing a spreading dampness at the crotch of her white lace knickers. Her face and neck were flushed and beads of sweat stood out on her forehead.

He held her gaze, allowing a quiet smile to play on his lips until her eyes rolled back and she moaned her crisis aloud into his face. The directorate had banned all humanitarian visits to Dmitri's cell when it was found that female visitors were reaching orgasm just from being in his presence. They had never dreamt of the lengths his victims would go to for his sake.

"But I cannot have you" Dmitri continued "until you have arranged my escape with my friends. And they will torture you". Katya's breathing quickened again. "You will find Leon and offer yourself to him with my compliments. He will treat you painfully beyond endurance, and then you will follow his orders implicitly". He leant forward in his bonds and his eyes sparkled. "I want you to touch your nipples while I tell you this, but you must keep your hands above your waist" he said softly. She smiled and pulled the dress from her shoulders to free her round breasts from the cups of her new brassiere.

Meeting his gaze fearlessly she began to tug and twist at her nipples. "You must not touch your cunt for hot awesome chick bawdy cleft pounding action until you see Leon" he said coldly, and she moaned her acquiescence. "This is how it will happen. Leon will be waiting for you in the yard outside the Middle Academy at midnight on Tuesday. Trust me on this.

You will get into the van completely naked, carrying your clothes, and put on the blindfold not because I doubt your obedience, but so that you will know nothing if you happen to be captured." Dmitri smiled again and Katya's eyes blazed with devotion. "He will drive you to a safe place where he will break you utterly with pain". For the next two days she went about her duties in an erotic daze, naked under her skirt in accordance with his wishes. From time to time she found herself shut in a cupboard or cubicle squeezing her nipples bringing herself to the brink of release but no further, in a perverse act of self-torture.

When the promised van reached its secret destination and Katya finally clambered blindly from the back, she was led naked through doors and corridors until a man's voice ordered her to sit, and long fingers guided her down onto a bed. He uncovered her eyes. She saw that she was in a bare cell, with a plain rug and cot, one overhead light-bulb and a small, barred window.

The heavy door stood open. Bending over her was a sinewy old man with grey hair and harsh, lined features. She had barely time to register her first sight of Leon when he dropped his bag on the mattress beside her and reached inside. "Put these on" he ordered curtly, handing her a pair of black stockings.

She stretched out her shapely legs to obey. He had her put on elbow-length lace gloves, and then leather cuffs for her wrists and ankles. As she stretched charmingly to buckle the slave collar behind her neck he jabbed his finger towards the foot of the bed. "Chain yourself down" he said flatly. Katya swung her legs up and fastened her anklets to the chains at either corner of the bed, then lay back to secure one wrist the same way the other she held out, pleading, to Leon.

He chained her down helpless and produced from his jacket a canvas wallet such as surgeons and dissectors use to carry their tools. Unrolling it on the bed beside her he revealed rows of sharp, round-headed needles, and favoured her with a bestial leer which made her shiver in anticipation.

Slowly, Leon proceeded to decorate her spread-eagled body with needles and thin trails of blood. He pierced her nipples and all the soft skin around them, pinched and skewered the flesh on the gentle curve of her belly and the swell of her hips. Sometimes, Katya could not suppress a throaty moan of slavish pleasure at the cold, steel kisses and she was slick with juices as he pushed yet more needles into her pubic mound and through the lips of her cunt.

When Leon had forced the last of his needles into the smoothness of her inner thighs he stepped back and freed his stiff cock from his trousers. He aimed at Katya's face and she opened her mouth wide while he pulled at his long foreskin once and twice and then ejaculated onto her waiting tongue. She twisted her head towards him to catch the last drops and lay back, open-mouthed. "I will leave you here tonight" he told her as he arranged his clothing. "Tomorrow we will plan Dmitri's escape, then I will hurt you" and with this he left, turning off the light.

After a time, Katya began to cry quietly. Twice during the night strangers came into the warm darkness of her room and silenced her soft sighs by pushing a hard cock into her mouth, and after each visit she was left writhing in excitement, licking greedily at her lips.

When dawn lit the cell, Katya had worked out a simple way to have Dmitri walk from the prison and was thinking only of her role in the plan with an intense fear that made her soaking wet. "I'm sure of it." she told Leon the next morning, straining her neck from the thin mattress to look him in the face "It's because of staff shortages; during the whole watch on Sunday evening nobody monitors the corridor between the interrogation cell and the fire escape.

I have keys to both". Leon liked the proposal. As soon as she had outlined her plan he bent over her to unclip her restraints. "And, because it is impossible to deny that you unlocked the cell, you escape with him?" he asked.

"Then we can bring you back here and torture you to death". "No" she said sadly "I must be killed during his escape. We cannot allow this gaol break to become a 'hostage situation'". She had leant back on her hands and raised her curvaceous, quivering body towards him while he retracted the needles. Leon stood and unthreaded the belt from his trousers. It was old leather, supple and worn. Katya followed his movements with a look of blatant lust, and he laughed at her.

"This thrashing will take you to the very edge" he told her, with a twisted smile. "You will be a wet little bitch when I use that" he nodded towards a silver-handled whalebone whip leaning in the doorway "to make you faint with pain".

She followed his eyes and moaned shamelessly at the prospect of the antique crop. Then he lifted the belt and Katya bent over on the mattress to offer her arse to him. There was a moment of silence and then she groaned with delight as the leather smacked into her, flattening her cheeks and leaving a vivid, purple stripe. Her knuckles whitened on handfuls of linen as the beating continued and her thighs shone wetly in the morning sunlight.

Suddenly the barrage of blows ended and Katya dropped her head to her forearms, filling her lungs in huge, sobbing gasps. "Roll over" he demanded and she lay flat on her back to present her breasts to the bittersweet sting of the belt. He flicked expertly and cruelly at her nipples interspersed with brutal slaps that made the fleshy mounds quiver and redden.

Methodically he laid stripes across her ribs and then her belly. When the swinging leather kissed her clit, she began to pant and groan, and her hips rolled as though she were being ravished by a phantom lover. Again, the assault ceased without warning and Katya fell back on the cot, panting. Leon threw a leather slave-harness onto the bed next to her and she looked up at him, open-mouthed and ardent. Kneeling, she strapped the device around her raw and burning flesh and then laid face-down while he looped chains from the bed frame through the many steel rings on her harness and pulled them taut.

Katya could not wriggle an inch, and the bedsheet was sodden between her legs. Leon brought the whip down with all his strength onto the mattress just above her head and it whistled through the air like a banshee, springing back before her startled eyes.

With an effort, she turned her head to watch over her shoulder. The whip was raised on high again, and swished down wickedly to cut the firm, white flesh of her imprisoned arse cheeks. Katya's eyes opened impossibly wide in shock. The whip sliced into her again and again with biting force but she could not find the breath to scream. "You will not withstand this" Leon assured her, silkily. "I am going to cut you over and over until you faint from the pain.

You will still be chained fast to this bed when you awake." Then he cut mercilessly into the tender silkiness where her thighs met her cheeks and the mounting catharsis drove Katya over the brink into unconsciousness. Twice during the night, she felt a stranger climb onto her helplessly imprisoned form and drive a brutal cock into her striped and tender arse.

The first used her quickly and brutally; ramming bolts of agony deep inside her until he gasped, spent and departed in silence. The other allowed himself more time and opened her slowly with long, leisurely strokes. A moan of pleasure escaped her and he put his mouth to her ear. "You must find a way for us to steal your body afterwards" Grigori murmured. "Yes, yes," she stammered, sobbing. "The next time I fuck you," he hissed, driving faster and harder, his words coming in rhythmic pants "I want you to be cold on my butcher's slab".

He grunted and came. Katya wailed from the depths of her being and fainted again. She was still lost and bemused at daybreak when strange hands dressed her in her own clothes, helped her into the back seat of a grey hatchback, and drove her to a walkway near her own apartment.

  YUDIF Katya returned to work, blaming her evident stiffness and tenderness on a skating accident the previous evening.

Her colleagues were solicitous, and finally insisted that she leave early to recuperate. To their surprise she agreed readily, but when Katya gingerly perched on her scooter and rode through the ministry gates that afternoon she was not on her way home. She was forbidden to spend any of her remaining nights in her own bed. "You shall sleep in the New Wharf Kennels" Leon had told her. "I presume that you know them"? She allowed herself a wry smile. The kennel business was operated by a woman called Yudif as a front for other activities or, at least, so the department had always suspected.

Yudif was a ferocious advocate for Dmitri and his circle, a constant presence in the media and always petitioning the assembly to argue that his practices were consensual and legal.

Naturally, they had investigated her personal and professional life with great thoroughness but had found nothing worthy of prosecution; the audit team easily tracked every sale and purchase thanks to pedigrees and import licenses - and never uncovered any irregularity. They joked that the cannibals must be genuine animal-lovers, and many of the older hands could barely restrain themselves from complaining that the justice ministers of their youth would simply have shut Yudif away in an asylum.

Katya, of course, had always found everything about the woman utterly fascinating and had questioned her several times without ever discovering anything and without satisfying her curiosity. fully leathered gay cum compilations will subject you to the strictest discipline and the grossest debasement." Leon went on, "She will defile you, and you will welcome it".

Katya gnawed at the inside of her lip. And so, she rode to the outskirts, ahead of the late afternoon rush, and drew up outside the wire fence of the kennel compound. Yudif was waiting by the entrance to admit her; somehow her full lips and high cheekbones made the drab overalls and work boots seem like a fashion statement and they failed to disguise her tall and elegant figure.

In their previous encounters she had been aloof and distant and had answered Katya's questions with a coldness that bordered on contempt but now she smiled warmly into her eyes and embraced her with enthusiasm. "I always felt that you would have yourself sent to me one day" Yudif breathed, her long arms enfolding them, pressing her lean body into Katya's soft, yielding flesh.

She broke away to lock the gate behind them and took Katya's arm to lead her to the prefabricated cabin which served as an office. "Come inside," she said, "and we can prepare for the night". As they walked Yudif pressed the key into her hand. "Take this copy" she smiled. "You can let yourself in - for the few days you have left".

Katya failed to suppress a shiver of excitement. The interior was plain and Spartan, with a few basic items of office furniture and shelves of neatly stacked binder files. One thing seemed out of place; on the desk was laid a handsomely-bound copy of the notorious play, "The King in Yellow", open at one of the earlier pages. Swiftly, Yudif stepped over and closed the book then turned back to Katya with a new, predatory look that made her tremble with anticipation.

"Take your clothes off, and leave them on the chair" she commanded, peeling her own work-clothes from her toned, olive-skinned body. When Katya twisted around to wriggle out of her grey skirt, she revealed the pattern of white scars carved into her skin; Yudif ran her fingertips over them lingeringly and put her mouth to Katya's ear.

"You are now under the regimen of the Order of Anna Darvulia" she said. "Our lives are devoted to the King, under the very strictest rule of humility and self-abnegation. You must embrace total defilement you must find the submitted bitch inside yourself and transcend shame". She took two dog-collars and handed one to Katya. "I am training a young dog for the men" she went on, fastening the buckle behind her neck, "and you will serve them by serving him".

Hand-in-hand, stark naked save for the leather collars, they made their way across the deserted, twilit compound to the low outbuilding which housed the Molossian hounds. Inside, the walls were freshly whitewashed and the concrete floor was swept and clean. Bright steel mesh divided the space into three stalls strewn with fresh straw.

In one, three handsome, golden-haired beasts lounged placidly. In the second, a younger dog of the same breed leapt up and commenced a tremendous baying as they entered and, in the third, a young woman lay on her back staring emptily up at the rafters. "Count, Baron and Duke" said Yudif, indicating the three older dogs, "and this is Prince". She did not acknowledge the existence of the silent nude in the last stall but went to the middle gate.

As she laid her hand on the latch, she turned to Katya. "Don't let him think you're resisting" she said, over the din "he is also auntey xxx sex cudai storys daunload to kill".

"Wait!" Katya gasped, shrinking back from the slavering jaws. Yudif regarded her coldly. "They told me that you had the vocation" she said in a quiet voice almost lost in the general barking and howling of the kennels. Drawing herself to her full height she put her hands on her hips and thrust her crotch arrogantly forward.

"They told me that you live only to glimpse Yhtill as I do". Katya dropped to her knees. "It's just that - I don't know what I must do" she said brokenly. Yudif's manner changed at once. "My poor innocent sister" she murmured. "You have nothing to do. Your place is to suffer whatever the King will have done to you". She patted Katya's bowed head and opened the gate.

Katya crawled into Prince's stall and the dog prowled towards her growling deeply in its throat. Yudif shot the bolt again, locking them in. Unsure, Katya remained on her hands and knees but Prince pounced on her and his weight rolled her easily onto her back in the clean straw. His snout darted between horny blonde fucks sisters boyfriend after partying thighs before she could even draw breath and the thick tongue probed wetly into the folds and crevices of her cunt.

Spreading her legs wide she lifted th month pregnant blonde milf loves dp midriff from the hard floor to the beast's drooling maw. His hot tongue slopped to and fro, ranging over the cleft of her arse and sliding between her labia. Katya closed her eyes and let out a long, low moan.

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She heard Yudif's voice. "He is getting your taste", she said. Katya's hands clenched and unclenched and her round breasts heaved. When she opened her eyes, she saw that Yudif was staring into her face, biting on a knuckle and tousling her black curls - her own eyes wide with arousal. The violent tongue-fucking continued unremittingly and Katya surrendered herself to it completely, her breathing becoming laboured as she wallowed in her own degradation.

She became dimly aware of Yudif's long legs - and other shapes - moving around her as she opened the mesh partitions which separated the pens, releasing the older dogs. "Take the licking for as long as you can," Yudif said "and then ask him to fuck you, loudly and clearly. Present yourself to him humbly like the bitch you are". She had judged the moment well; Katya was being driven to the very edge by the brutal tonguing and her whole body was shaking uncontrollably.

Nonetheless, she made a great effort and dragged herself publicagent nikki gullable student strips off the has sex in car from Prince's snout to roll onto her knees and elbows, her back arched wantonly and her crotch open and vulnerable. "Fuck me!" she begged, brokenly. For a moment she waited, breathless with a wanton, carnal longing, and then sighed darkly at the feel of sharp claws digging into the flesh of her back.

The dog's weight bore down on her as his paws scrabbled for purchase and he stabbed wildly at her arse and thighs. "Fuck me" she cried again, her hand groping between her legs to find the hot, red prick, moving her hips to settle the tip to her dripping cunt. After a few blind thrusts Prince buried his cock into her to the hilt and began a vigorous rutting far more violent than anything she had ever experienced before. She let out a series of raw, throaty cries and her hair whipped from side to side as she thrashed her head wildly, the rest of her body rigid and tense under the pounding assault.

At last she threw her head back and screamed from the very core of her being as she was stretched violently open, catharsis and orgasm washing over her in a shattering climax. When Katya recovered consciousness her face and chest were buried in the dry straw but she was still on her knees and her numbed cunt was still completely, impossibly full.

She lifted her head, gasped for air, and became aware that Prince was still inside her. "He has knotted you" the deep voice came from behind her. "I haven't yet trained him to stop in time". Twisting her neck, she could see Yudif lying supine amongst the other Molossians. She was holding herself open to allow two of them to lick her arse and groin and as Katya watched she pulled Duke's grey muzzle towards her to share a deep kiss, her beautiful mouth welcoming the thick tongue.

"You must wait in humility" she went on, her voice becoming husky and uneven "and contemplate your final subjection". Just then Yudif lost all control loudly and violently and abandoned herself, howling like a beast. Hurriedly recovering her composure, she turned over to brace herself on hands and knees. "Count! Fuck me!" she cried maniacally. In an ecstasy, alive as she had never lived before, Katya remained knotted to the Molossian, with their mingled secretions leaking down the soft skin of her thighs.

Yudif called out to be fucked two more times before Prince's knot shrank and he pulled away in a great splatter of spunk, leaving Katya sprawled in dissipation on the floor of the stall. Through heavy-lidded eyes she watched Yudif crawl towards her, suck a mouthful of thick sperm from the floor between her thighs, and offer her mouth up to be kissed. Katya grabbed her face in both hands and brought their lips together fiercely and wetly.

Yudif smiled. "Watch, sister," she whispered and she turned her gaze to the third stall. Lying in each other's arms they watched the four dogs troop through the gate and bear down on the woman who lay there.

The beasts circled her, snuffling and slavering, and she closed her eyes to wait, quite still but for the rise and fall of her bosom and the uncontrollable quivering of her round thighs. Duke was the first to move towards her, sniffing at her moist slit with his tongue lolling. The others followed his lead and dipped their shaggy heads to her smooth skin.

They began to lick at her crotch and arse, and at her nipples, their muzzles probing into her eagerly. Yudif trailed slickly coated fingers from her cunt to Katya's lips and turned her hand to and fro while she sucked them clean.

"You will see true devotion now" she breathed, sliding her knee between Katya's legs. "You have so abased yourself that you take pride in your defilement" she whispered, tenderly pressing her finger to Katya's lips to silence her denial, "but there is always another step on this journey - as our sister will show you".

The woman had not moved her limbs, but her chest was heaving faster and faster, her mouth was working silently, and the tendons in her neck and shoulders were sharply defined beneath their sheathing of soft, white flesh. Suddenly, her youthful face seemed transfigured and shone with an ethereal beauty. "The Pallid Mask!" she sang. Slavering mouths drew back, the lips snarling over long, pointed teeth and a rumbling growl started in each beast's throat. Katya clung to Yudif's arm and she released a soft moan of excitement.

The woman was swiftly ripped apart by four ravening mouths - screaming, jerking and thrashing for mere seconds before her life's blood gushed out and her flesh was ripped away in mouthfuls.   MARIA Katya showed Maria into her office and, taking a long-neglected key, locked the door behind them. Maria was an advocate of some distinction, about Katya's own age, tall and slim with an oval face framed by waves of chestnut hair. They had worked together in the past, but it had been a surprise to be asked for a private meeting after working hours and Katya was intrigued.

"May I use your computer?" Maria asked, and they sat together at the desk while her elegant fingertips played over the keys. "I'm sure you have happened across this footage during your investigations, Katya" she said, as the screen began to stream a pornographic film. Katya recognised it at once. "Of course," she replied. "It's been analysed and we're sure it is not a genuine death. But I do think the woman on the bed perhaps came closer than she expected" she added, with a brittle laugh.

In the film a naked, oiled woman wearing nothing but a gag and a hood like a falcon's was being led on a leash by a blonde dominatrix to a bed where another woman waited with four loops of rope. The mistresses were rather hard-faced and severe in their leather outfits but had an undeniable erotic power. Maria's eyes never left the screen. "I agree" she said. "But this is a lead to something darker. I just need to capture the image at the right moment. Do you see the tablet by the bed?

I'm watching for when it changes". The film continued in silence. The hooded woman was tied face down, spread-eagled, and the two dominatrices started the cruel and relentless whipping which excited rumour insisted she would not survive. A few minutes after the blood began to flow Maria leant forward intently and deftly made a grab of a small corner of the picture. She expanded it, and Katya put a hand on her shoulder as she drew closer to see.

"It's a King in Yellow address" Katya said, excitedly. "Yes" Maria nodded. "And it only appears for a second on the device in the background".

She loaded a new screen. "I don't think any of you have seen this film" she said, her voice suddenly unsteady. The new scene opened in a baroque bed chamber, furnished in the imperial manner. A beautiful, long-haired woman reclined on the bed, wearing a yellow satin nightdress, gently stroking herself and slowly allowing her fingers to creep closer towards her moist cleft.

Her almond eyes ranged around the candle-lit room and over to the undraped window. A man's grim face stared back at her out of the darkness, hungrily eyeing her lewdly exposed form. Katya gave an involuntary start. It was Andrei. The woman rose gracefully, opened the window and backed slowly away to the bed. He clambered over the sill and stood for a moment - tall and muscular in black jeans, sweater and woollen cap - and pulled a length of fresh, yellow cord from his pocket.

She sprawled on the silk sheets; her flimsy nightdress had fallen from her heaving breasts and had ridden up her hips. Andrei stood silently over her and looped the cord between his fists. The woman looked up into his eyes and rose to run her hand over his broad chest and behind his head, pressing her lips to his urgently in a deep and lingering kiss. He responded with equal passion, seizing a fistful of hair in his free hand and plundering her mouth fiercely, then grabbed her soft shoulder and pushed her back onto the bed.

A drop of blood ran down her chin as she reached up to spread her mass of brown curls away from her neck and shoulders and tilted her head back to bare her tanned throat. She closed her eyes and sighed. Suddenly her eyes opened wide again and she drew a sharp breath Andrei had swung the cord down briskly across her left nipple. She raised her gym-toned body up from the bed to invite another blow and he grinned fellow cums on sexy lovely cutie pornstar and hardcore. The next blow landed across her taut stomach and left a faint pink stripe.

She moaned and wriggled her bunched-up negligee past her knees, to be completely open and exposed to him. He whipped her pubic mound brutally and then let the cord drop onto her writhing body while he hurriedly ripped off his clothes.

After catching her breath, she broke the mutual silence. "Do you want to fuck me first?" she whispered, wantonly fingering her open cunt. "No," Andrei growled "afterwards", and he took up the cord again to slash it hard into the fleshy orb of her right breast.

She moaned. She tilted her head back and smiled when he reached down to take her throat in a firm grip. He swung the rope to and fro over her bosom and belly, now smacking it viciously into her soft flesh, now trailing it teasingly over her aching nipples, and she rubbed harder at her clit, sliding two fingers deep into the wet folds of her cunt.

He tapped her hand lightly and she moved it to grasp the wrist that pinned her, opening her legs even wider and lifting her slim hips up from the mattress to welcome the stinging bite of the rope.

For a long minute Andrei whipped the soft skin of her inner thighs, then he turned his attentions to her crotch. She bared her white teeth, panting furiously, and her sweat-soaked body undulated from the neck down at every blow. The whipping stopped suddenly and he took his hand from her throat.

Her chest rose and fell as she watched him climb onto the bed beside her and loop the cord between his hands again to make a garrotte. Her fingers returned to her soaking cunt when he leaned over her to wrap the rope around her outstretched throat and draw it tight.

Her mouth fell open and she pulled cruelly at her nipple, clawing at the flesh around it with blood-red nails, gasping drily. As the rope tightened she twisted and writhed under him, breasts bouncing and hips thrashing wildly. Her hands fell away from her groin to flutter uselessly at his strong wrists and slap weakly at the mattress until, at last, they dropped lifeless to her sides.

Andrei used all of his strength and the muscles stood out tense in his powerful arms and shoulders; she quivered and twitched and her tongue lolled from her mouth. His face twisted with fury. "I'm going to fuck you now" he grunted. When all life had left her, he let go of the cord and sat back, panting. His victim lay spread-eagled before him, moisture trickling from her open mouth and cunt.

Kneeling upright he pulled the limp corpse up from the bed towards him. He stabbed his hard cock into her and fucked furiously so that her staring, vacant face rolled from side to side and her arms flapped like a doll shaken in the jaws of a dog.

Then the screen went blank. Katya ran her fingers through her hair and crossed her legs. "Yes, it's new to us" she said, absently. She made an effort to collect herself. "It's very professional - very convincing". Maria fixed her with a stare and spoke steadily and quietly.

"Katya that film shows a woman willingly giving herself to be killed. It's a message to me, an invitation". Katya looked back at her, confused. "It has upset you" she began. Maria put a hand on hers. "It most certainly has" she agreed. "My thoughts keep returning to the woman on the bed and now I feel…" she hesitated and looked lost, "I don't know what I feel.

As the poet says - a frightful craving tortures me incessantly, as if some serpent stung continually within". "There are desensitisation techniques" Katya offered, but Maria shook her head.

"They don't work" she said dismissively. "You know that" she added clutching Katya's hand. "Watch"! Both turned back to the screen as it suddenly showed a different scene. Katya gasped when she recognised the sordid hotel room from the first film and saw that the woman sitting and talking with the two blondes was Maria herself. "I will walk over to the bed and lie face down" Maria was saying as she applied scarlet nail polish "and you must tie me down tightly by the wrists and ankles.

Just one of you should do this, because I want it to take a little time - for the tension to build". "Will you be wearing the hood from the start?" asked the older of the actresses, indicating the eyeless leather helmet which would preserve Maria's anonymity "Because then she should lead you over to the bed, and I will tie you down.

It will look wrong if you feel your way blindly - especially if you stumble". "Yes, I like that" Maria replied. She turned to address someone off-camera, "Would you cut some of the whipcord to be a halter, please? It can be threaded through the rings in my nipples and my navel.

And I think my wrists should be tied behind my back, too." She waved her hand in the air to dry the polish. "Which lipstick should I choose?" she asked, "This ball-gag is a very bright red, and I don't want the colours to clash".

"I'm not sure about that" the actress looked concerned. "You won't have much room to move, so it will be difficult to give a signal. You should really be able to call out a safe word". "Absolutely not" Maria was firm. "We stick to the script; I am hooded and gagged, you both promise me one hundred strokes with the whip and then you give me one hundred each.

If I break during the filming, it will only make the performance more credible". Again, she spoke to someone off camera, "You're filming us now, aren't you"? "Yes" a male voice replied, "I'm setting up, and checking the light and sound…" "Good" Maria said "Keep this.

Let it be a matter of record that I will take two hundred strokes, and that I don't want to be able to call a halt." Her voice faltered just a little as she spoke, the excitement almost getting the better of her. Both actresses regarded her knowingly. Maria looked straight ahead, fighting back tears. "I found release" she said, haltingly. "I was overwhelmed by the eroticism of being tortured beyond endurance by professionals - for an audience of perverts - and I lost all awareness of my surroundings.

The cuts of the whip were just the gentlest kisses of a lover and I was transported. How can I know that release again?

The company who filmed me has vanished into thin air". Katya took Maria's chin and turned her face to look into her eyes. "You promised yourself that you would die" she told her. "That is what brings release. I know it, because we are the same". "Will you force me to submit to the King in Yellow?" Maria begged, taking her hand.

"You have no choice" Katya breathed, brushing her lips over Maria's trembling mouth. After filling out her submission Maria was like a besotted girl about to be married. She visited her sauna, hair salon and manicurist. In the evenings she would take long walks out of the city beside the riverbank, watching the sun set behind the hills.   EVA After Maria's revelation Katya had come to realise that many women in Waldenstein were desperately searching for the Yellow Sign and needed only to be gently guided along the right path.

Her skill at psychological tasted gals sugar tits and heating up their asses young old pornstars and her personal charm meant that she was soon in discrete contact with potential victims, women whose words betrayed to the discerning eye a wild craving for the ultimate.

An exchange of messages with Eva, a humanities student at the Institute, prompted Katya to set herself up as a therapist. And so, she began to draw her prospects into the web. Katya ushered Eva into the oak-panelled consulting room she now rented in an elegant inter-war building near the Old City it was far too expensive, but she was happy to use up her savings.

Taking the younger woman's coat, she showed her to a leather armchair by the long window. Eva sat and tucked her slender, denim legs under her. "I'm so glad you found time to see me" she began. "I wish it could have been sooner" Katya assured her "but now you must tell me everything. I can help you".

Perched cross-legged on the chair, with her long hair hanging in her pretty, freckled face, Eva told her story. She had told her fellow students that she was spending the weekend with her aunt in the west of the country and her parents that she was accompanying a girlfriend to visit an aunt in the east. Then, after nightfall, she made her way through the deserted streets of the business district to the old justice building. As promised, a side door was unlocked and she glanced around quickly before slipping through it.

In the darkness a pale figure stepped past her to lock the door and led her firmly by the elbow down the corridor; she went along in horny teen nice riding dildo on webcam. Soon they came to a tiled room starkly lit by a bare bulb, unfurnished save for the forbidding presence of the city's guillotine long disused but still here in its own place deep inside the abandoned headquarters of the former regime's secret police.

At the sight, Eva moaned aloud and leaned into the unknown man at her side. Taking a deep breath, she opened her eyes and looked around. She was in the grip of a youth of medium height, his slim body stark naked and the leather hood of a mediaeval executioner hiding his face. Another man, more heavily built but also naked girls sleeping put girl in her mouth hooded, stood by the guillotine.

Eva looked from one to the other. She pulled off her coat and together they freed her from the loose smock she wore underneath. All three stood for a moment in silence and then Eva went over to the guillotine; she ran her fingers over the smooth wood of the lunette and slowly raised her eyes to the gleaming blade.

She sighed. The bigger man came up beside her, pulled her roughly to the floor by the hair and rolled her onto her back with raunchy aliz enjoys a kinky threesome cumshot facial foot. "Open your mouth" he growled.

As both men stood over her with stiffening cocks in their hands she rose up on her elbows and leant forward to take as much of their streams of piss into her mouth as she could swallow, massaging the rest into her breasts and into the white flesh of her young body.

When they finished, the youth leant his weight on the upright of the guillotine and dangled his foot before her mouth.

Eva licked and sucked at his toes and then, gazing up at him, she cupped his foot in her hands to rain kisses on the sole and heel. Brushing her lips from his toes to his ankle she clambered to her knees and lapped her tongue hungrily along the length of his calf and thigh. He groaned as her tongue flicked lightly around and under his balls. Frigging his twitching cock with a loose grip she looked over skinny redhead slut gets shagged hard amateur and mature freckled shoulder in response to the next order.

"Kiss your executioner" the man commanded and the boy turned to face away from her and spread his buttocks with both hands. Without hesitation Nasty brunette whore rides an hard cock licked up and down the crease of his arse, prodding her tongue into his anus, her fingers still fluttering over his full balls and stiff cock. With a groan he reached back to grab her hair then turned around to thrust himself into her open mouth.

Eva sucked tenderly at the cock that had pissed on her until he gasped and his sperm flooded out. She was kissing and cleaning it slavishly when the heavier man seized her slender neck and pulled her away. "Oh. Yes!" she breathed. He forced her over to the bascinet and put his mouth close to her ear.

"I'm going to bend you over and shaft you on this" he said swinging his open hand into her high, taut behind with a resounding crack. Eva moaned and stretched a long leg across the worn timber. Straddling it, she paused to watch the boy walk over and take hold of the lever.

His brown eyes met hers from behind his hood. "Let me see your faces, at the end" she pleaded, but the boy just shook his head and stood ready to drop the blade. Eva laid herself down with her head in position and brushed her hair forward over her face to expose her slim, white neck.

The other man leaned his naked bulk over her back while he closed the lunette securely then positioned himself behind her. He wrapped a strong arm under her stomach, pulling her up to him.

Eva raised her hips to offer him her cunt, but he pressed the dry head of his cock into her puckered arsehole with his thumb and then pressed his groin forward to force his whole length inside her inch by inch. Her mouth opened in a breathless cry of pain and she gripped the edge of the basket beneath her head.

Grabbing her hips in a brutal, bruising grip he slammed his cock into her harder and harder while she convulsed in pain beneath him. He pulled out of her suddenly and smacked her arse hard. Eva panted and trembled. He slapped her face. "Suck it", he commanded, when she looked up into his eyes. She ran her tongue over her lips and welcomed his cock into her mouth.

He allowed her to clean him for a long time, her fingers roaming over his buttocks and balls, until he pulled away and once more aimed himself into her bleeding arse. She spread her cheeks apart to ease his entry and then reached to brace herself on the rim of the basket again, clenching her jaw.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw the slighter youth's arm move, then the rhythm of ragged breathing and wet flesh slapping together was broken by the heavy, metallic clunk of the weighted blade being released. Eva screamed. Her eyes rolled back in her head, her cunt spurted like a fountain and she collapsed onto the bascinet.

"The next thing I remember, the room was silent" said Eva, haltingly. "I must have wriggled out of the lunette, because I remember putting my clothes back on and then I was running back out of the building the way I came". She began to cry, "Somehow I got back to my room and fell on the bed and wept.

I didn't wash the piss and spunk off for hours". She lifted her head and looked at Katya desperately. "I really believed they would do it. Now I can never live that moment again" she sobbed. Katya took the girl's hands and smiled. "The men of the King in Yellow are not like those boys," she said, "I promise you". Katya traced her fingertips lightly across Eva's cheek and over her open lips. She took a slip of paper from her jacket and passed it to her. "Connect to this address and follow the instructions - to become a victim".

Eva went to The King in Yellow and offered herself that night.   KRISTINA "Tell me about this vision" Katya prompted, sitting back in her chair and eyeing Kristina thoughtfully. She was a striking young woman if she were only a few years younger she would be taken for an art student and her spiked hair was dyed as white as her fishnet stockings. She wore midnight-dark lipstick and eyeliner and a leather bustier and mini-skirt. A tattoo of black roses spread from where the word "catharsis" was inscribed on her breastbone in an antique script.

"It seems so long ago" began Kristina in a voice that was incongruously aristocratic "but it came to me just before Easter, when I was still Sister Kristina at the convent of St Theodota. For some weeks I had felt compelled to intensify my mortifications; I felt that I was approaching some sort of vision - the revelation of a mystery". Alone in her cell Sister Kristina lit candles at either end of the narrow shelf over her cot. She shook out the match and disposed of it.

Bathed in their yellow glow she unfastened her black habit, stripped it off and laid it neatly on the cot. Naked save for her veil and a cruel, barbed cilice wrapped tightly around her waist and under her crotch, she knelt at the worn prayer stool and closed her eyes.

After a long period of silent meditation, she took a knotted scourge from under the stool and kissed it. Then, bracing herself with her left hand she arched her back, set her knees wide apart, and swung the scourge with all her force over her shoulder into her back and buttocks. She repeated this five times at long intervals, gasping for breath at each stroke, and then switched the scourge to her left hand.

Now, the knotted thongs cut across the crimson welts already standing out on Kristina's freckled skin and her breathing became ragged and interspersed with low groans of agony. Her naked body twisted and writhed, making the wicked barbs of the cilice cut into soft flesh - vividly red drops of blood fell from her groin onto the stone flags - until she fell forward, the veil covering her eyes, and lashed herself with what strength remained to her.

Her back and arse glistened slick with blood when the pain finally overwhelmed her and she sprawled on the floor in a dead faint. "That was when the vision came to me" she told Katya, her eyes fixed on her ebony fingernails and heavy, silver rings. "I had often meditated on the martyrdom of our own St Theodota, and as I passed out my thoughts had been of her courage under the whip, on the rack and at the bite of the iron combs.

But it was revealed to me that her death had been very different to the story in the manuscript". She looked up with a smile as wicked as it was startling, "It was not the religious ecstasy I had been expecting". The procurator was waiting on the marble steps outside the Temple of the Emperors with his Svitavian guardsmen when Kristina was led in chains to face him, a small crowd of curious citizens following her from the barracks to the forum.

They halted before him. "So, this is the Nazarene, Theodota" he proclaimed. "This is the woman who will die sooner than sacrifice to the Divine Caesars". Kristina stood defiantly before him, dirty and bedraggled in a torn and crumpled tunic.

The procurator took a broadsword from one of his guards and held the point to her white throat. He moved close and loomed over her. "It will not be a soldier's death at sword-point for you if you refuse this final chance" he told her "but something much more painful and prolonged". "I know it" said Kristina, loudly for all to hear. "And I must refuse to offer the sacrifice". She lifted her manacled hands to the neck of her tunic and tore at it, ripping the unbleached linen apart so that it fell away from her, leaving her standing as a naked offering on the temple steps.

"I am to be the victim of Vid, and Vid is jealous" she announced. At this, the crowd gathered excitedly around her, all speaking at once. The guards looked from man to man, disturbed, and a white-bearded warrior in splendid helm and armour took the procurator by the elbow to mutter urgently into his ear. He listened carefully to the veteran guardsman's words, and then held his hands up to command silence. "So be it" he cried. "The law is satisfied that Theodota dies. And the law has no quarrel with Divine Vid".

He gave a sign to his bodyguards, and two of them stepped forward, took Kristina by the arms and led her away. A ring of braziers spread their warm light around a forest clearing a short distance outside of the city walls.

Garlanded worshippers in white woollen tunics stood all around, the procurator's guards amongst them. Kristina stepped out of the darkness. Her flesh had been bathed and oiled; her hair was pinned up and dressed with white blossoms.

All eyes followed her as she went up to the priest of Vid the procurator's bucellarius, who had spoken for her that morning and waited.

The priest raised his sword to the night sky and at this signal the congregants drew up before him in two lines. Men and women stood on either side.

Each held a length of green wood or a bundle of birch, rose-thorn or nettles from the woodland around them. "Vid does not grant death easily" the priest said, and he held his sword to Kristina's lips to be kissed. Courteously gesturing her to step aside, he moved past and strode between the two lines of worshippers to the centre of the clearing. Here there was a four-faced obelisk taller than a man, where he turned and waited with the sword at his shoulder, his hand reached out to Kristina inviting her to join him.

Two files of faces turned to watch her throw her shoulders back and take the first step forwards. A sturdily-built matron to her left struck her viciously across the upper thighs with a strip of green rosewood and landed another two blows to the backs of her legs as Kristina moved past her, wincing and moaning. On her right a man armed with a bundle of birches took gang repe xxx story download at school girl turn to lay into her back twice; the second stroke making her stumble and draw a sharp, hissing breath.

A younger woman was next in line, holding a huge bunch of stinging nettles. Halting Kristina with a hand to her shoulder she carefully brushed the leaves down the left of her body from breast to knee and let them fall to the ground. Kristina made a fist and bit down on her knuckles to stifle a sob as she walked on. She spread her arms to welcome two cruel blows that cut into the soft flesh of her breasts, flattening them against her chest and driving the air from her lungs.

Switches lashed out from the left into her arse and from the right into the gentle swell of her belly and Kristina began to wail and sob. She twisted around from side to side in a wild dance; her hair tossed and her breasts swayed. She was already crying brokenly and barely able to stagger forward when a boy with his hand swathed in strips of cloth seized her and rubbed a clump of green nettles down the curve of her back and over her buttocks, deep into the cleft of her arse.

Then Kristina fell on her face and moved forward on her hands and knees, crying out shamelessly in pain like a wounded animal. Canes beat down on her from either side until her strength failed her and she curled into a ball with one arm held up to fend off further punishment.

A stocky, grizzled man put his sandaled foot onto the small of Kristina's back to pin her to the dry, red earth, then bent to thrash her quivering arse with his bundle of birches. She could only kick her legs, hammer her fists into the grass, and howl. Only when he had drawn brazilian big booty babe takes a pounding third world media did he step back and allow her to drag her pain-wracked body up from the ground and squirm painfully forward on her elbows.

A tall, severe woman pushed her onto her back with the toe of her boot and slashed at her with a green switch, kicking her legs apart to redden her crotch and inner thighs with a sharp flurry of blows.

Welts stood out across the lips of her cunt and Kristina screamed until she was hoarse. At last, she found herself at the feet of the soldier-priest. She clutched the hem of his tunic to pull herself up onto one knee and tilted her head back to bare her throat to his blade like a defeated gladiator.

The priest stroked her hair and she smiled up at him through her tears. Sheathing his sword in the turf, he produced a length of coarse rope from the folds of his robe and stood waiting. Painfully, she moved to the foot of the obelisk and sat with her back against it and her legs splayed open.

He wrapped the rope around her breasts and upper arms and she tilted her head back obediently so that the final stretch could be tightened around her throat. Then he stood behind and took the end of the cord in his strong hands, bracing his arms ready to pull. "It felt right to be exposed that way, lustful and proud" she said, and Katya saw that she had slid forward in her seat, had opened her stockinged thighs wide, and was pressing her left hand deep into her naked groin.

Her voice wavered. "The rope began to bite and I stroked myself, slowly at first and then faster and harder. It hurt where my most tender skin was bruised and broken but I pressed all the more brutally and felt my cunt swimming with wetness. All eyes were on me, and I heard nothing but the sound of my own breathing and then of the blood hammering in my ears". She was masturbating quite openly now, careless of Katya's presence.

"I have sought out evil people" she told Katya, staring through her, "but found no-one to compare with Theodota's lovers in my vision.

I know that she found the most profound release when the rope finally claimed her, but my reverie ended before then". Katya laid a hand on her knee and leant forward, her eyes ablaze. "I shall put you under the knife of Dmitri" she said, intensely. Then, brushing the nun's fingers aside she pressed her mouth down to where a death's head tattoo adorned Kristina's pubic mound and began to suck and chew at her clit.

She tensed and closed her eyes, jabbering under her breath until her whole body shook like a young tree in a storm when the climax seized her.   ZORA "I've often wondered if I might have gone into the criminology side of the job myself" said Zora, lounging in Katya's bed with a glass of tea. Katya college girl and her boy friend over onto her stomach, the cuts on her back leaving thin crimson smears on the sheet.

"It was very different when we were young" she replied. "Most of us in the department today have studied and worked abroad apart from the youngsters". "I'm not proud of how we treated the prisoners back then," Zora said, seriously "I resigned a long time ago, before dissent was fashionable". "You don't have to tell me that" Katya assured her "I understand". She smiled at Zora, a heavily built but well-proportioned woman of a certain age with pleasant, open features. Zora flashed a charming smile in return.

"The staff of the Special Prison used to torment the 'deviant inmates', it was an open secret, and the male guards were much worse than us. We were all crass and vulgar". She relaxed and began to tell her story "They were kept behind bars in isolation cells and we would go down there between shifts to taunt them.

I picked on a beautiful youth called Pierre who had been arrested and held without charge since the Carcosa Club was raided after the affaire Marie-Claude". She hesitated. "Looking back, I know I became obsessed with him. It seems bizarre now to think that I once felt that way about such a man". "I don't understand" Katya said, genuinely perplexed "If Pierre came into this room now, I would beg him to whip me to death, or skewer me alive".

A faraway look came across her face and for a moment she seemed to look right through Zora into a great void behind her. "No, you don't understand me" Zora confirmed, taking another sip of her tea and setting the glass down "or, at least, I didn't huge juggs stepmom and teen slut some sex on valentines me.

I denied my true nature; I thought that I could fill the emptiness with cruelty and dominance of others. I think I tried to control the thoughts I had about Pierre's history by trying to control him. Him! At first, I taunted him much as always. I stood near the bars, but beyond the reach of a prisoner's arms, and whispered obscene suggestions.

The whole country had read about what happened at the club, and I would use the details from the government newspapers to try to get a reaction". "You can imagine the kind of thing" she went on. "I said that I wanted to know how it feels to be whipped and cut; I said that I had once kissed two boys at a party and I was curious about the women who were passed around and shared at the club.

Then I would pout and say what a shame it was that he was locked up forever. After a few days, I became frustrated with his quiet smile and I began to show him some thigh and some cleavage, flaunting myself. Teasing always made them either drool and beg or else fly into a rage, but I got no reaction.

If anything, he seemed to be amused by me. I found that I was thinking about seeing Pierre all the time, like a silly schoolgirl. I spent hours staring into space choosing what to say or do next time we were alone, something that would finally break him. Then there came an opportunity". Pierre sat up when the door opened and Zora brought a female prisoner into the room - closing and locking the door behind her.

She smiled triumphantly at his reaction. "Yes" she said, gloating, "You know Yelitza, kinky teen stephanie pounded deeply by hard man meat you? At the club, you called her the Captain's Woman". Yelitza looked down at her shoes. Her hair had been cropped and she was wearing the regulation prison tunic. Pierre stood up and came to the bars of his cage. Zora slipped off her uniform jacket and unfastened her tie, languidly unbuttoning her crisp, white shirt so that it fell open to the waist.

"Do you like what you see, Pierre?" she purred, wriggling out of her skirt. She smoothed her hands over her breasts and down her flanks and shamelessly jutted her hips towards him.

"You want to touch me, Pierre, don't you?" she said, and licked her lips. Her statuesque body was now clad only in a red satin suspender-belt and sheer hose. Pierre closed his eyes and turned his face to the ceiling.

His head came down suddenly his eyes smiled into Zora's but he bared his teeth in an animal snarl. Enjoying herself, Zora turned away from him and looked back over her shoulder to blow him a kiss before stepping up to where Yelitza stood meekly. Slowly, she unbuttoned the front of the older woman's tunic and pulled the coarse fabric away from her ample curves. "Such luscious flesh" she purred "but treated so cruelly".

She made Yelitza turn to face the wall and stepped back, so that Pierre could see the fresh scars on her round thighs and full arse, and down the tanned flesh of her back. Zora then took a heavy leather riding-crop from her bag, looking sidelong at him as she did so. "She must have made this in the workshop" she said, casually. "I confiscated it when I found her being thrashed by B Wing's queen bitch". She rubbed the shaft of the crop up and down Yelitza's cunt; she stiffened but betrayed no other reaction.

Zora sniffed the air and smiled wickedly. "She is still wet" she said. "Command me" Yelitza spoke without lifting her head. Zora was delighted that she had broken so easily. She sat astride the plain office chair used by visitors and thrust her crotch forward. "Come and lick me" she growled. "Obey her" said Pierre's modulated voice. Yelitza lifted her eyes to Zora for the first time, with a look of naked lust. She crawled between the younger woman's splayed thighs to lick and suck eagerly up and down the fork of her crotch.

Zora watched Pierre from beneath thick lashes, stroking Yelitza's back and arse with the tip of the crop. sexy lexxxi rides a massive meat pole straight lockhart you like to reach through the bars and thrash her yourself?" Zora asked before voicing a low groan at the cunning tongue darting into her arsehole; she closed her eyes and luxuriated in the slavish attention.

Her round breasts rose and fell. A fine sheen of sweat made her toned body glow in the electric light. Panting open-mouthed she tugged and twisted at her stiff nipples. Pierre looked on, impassive and unmoved. Zora pushed Yelitza away and swayed up to the bars, dangerously close, sinking slowly to her knees before Pierre. She brushed her nipples with her thumbs, looking him boldly in the eyes, and then sucked lasciviously at her fingers, churning her wet tongue between them until they lily moans in pleasure while blowing him moistly.

"Tell me what you want to do to me" she breathed. He leant against the cell wall with an arrogant hand on his hip. "You want this, don't you?" she demanded, sliding a finger to and fro over her clit. She slapped at her pubes and bared her teeth at him, "You want to kill me". She slapped harder and faster, "Say it, you bastard!" she gasped, "Say what you want to do to me" and slid to the floor writhing open-legged on her back for him, her fingers rammed hard into her cunt.

Pierre put his hand into the deep pocket of his yellow prison fatigue trousers, and Zora began to shiver like a leaf, and gave a series of little cries. "Yes!" she groaned, "Yes!

Play with it for me just like all the others"! But he produced a vicious little knife, crafted from a shard of glass and a brush-handle. Helpless in the throes of an all-consuming passion, Zora could only watch as Yelitza stepped past her and pressed her arse and shoulders up against the bars of Pierre's cell, throwing her head back and offering herself.

"The Pallid Mask" she cried, and Pierre put a long arm through the bars to clutch her heavy breast fiercely while the blade in his other hand opened her bared throat. Her lifeblood sprayed across the room, spattering Zora and making her scream with wild abandon as her climax seized her.

It took a long time before Zora's tremors subsided, and she found the strength to crawl over the linoleum to where Yelitza lay dead. Pierre regarded her coldly as she dragged herself up the bars and turned her back to him. She tilted her face to the ceiling, adopting the same sacrificial position, and waited.

Tears had started in Zora's eyes; Katya took her hand and pressed it to her lips. "I felt his hand on the small of my back, so I took a firm grip on the bars beside my hips to brace myself" she continued. "And I felt the handle of the knife forced into my cunt, then immediately pulled out and rammed hard into my arse. I had to cry out in pain. He told me to stay like that, and I obeyed, bent double with the knife sticking out of me for an eternity, waiting to be taken.

At last he wrenched it out and gave me my orders. I dumped Yelitza's body in a corner of the library and disposed of the knife; no-one would investigate the death of a prisoner with any thoroughness. When I finished wiping the blood from outside Pierre's cell naked again, on my knees - he finally deigned to use my mouth. At the last moment, he dragged my head away and shot onto the floor and had me crawl on my belly to lick it up. Then he commanded me to stay away from him".

"Until he sends for me" Zora's voice trailed away. Katya took her in her arms and stroked her hair. "I shall give you to them" she said. Zora wiped her eyes and smiled back at her. Almost shyly, she reached out to touch Katya's face. "You deserve more, my darling" she breathed, and Katya lay back obediently on the bed to give herself, exposing the spattering of small, round burns which decorated her breasts and stomach and her open thighs and crotch.

Zora took a cigarette from the bedside and lit it. She let the smoke drift sensuously from between her parted lips and delicately brushed the glowing tip against Katya's throbbing nipple. "Will they hang me?" she murmured. "The men may hang or behead or stab us" Katya panted, taking the pain.

"We are just meat now". Zora's lids drooped and her nostrils flared and then the bedside alarm clock sounded. They froze and gazed longingly at each other. When the buzzing finished, she drew on her cigarette again. "You must go to the kennels now" she said, dreamily. Katya sat up and took her by the shoulders, pulling their faces close together and breathing the smoke from her crimson lips.

"Come with me" she said in a low voice. Zora's eyes melted.   DANA'S SACRIFICE On the pavement outside one of the workers' cafés by the wharfs Grigori leant back expansively in his iron bistro chair, raising a glass of raki cuti teens vs big cock his full lips. He was enjoying the situation, relishing Katya's nervousness as she visibly shrank into her seat before him, trembling deliciously.

"My family vault is unattended overnight" she said, handing him the key. "There will be no question of embalming and no need for an autopsy," she went on "so my body will be washed and ready for you". "It could still go wrong," he grinned "you might still live". She looked away, confused. Grigori took her hand in what an onlooker would have thought was a reassuring gesture.

"Understand me." he said in a quiet, commanding tone "It is all in hand. The escape should be a simple thing - will be a simple thing, unless you are betraying us". Katya gripped Grigori's hand and stared into his eyes. "Then command me to prove myself" she begged, in a low voice. "You have been filmed with the dogs" he replied "and that footage can be used for blackmail.

Of course, it will be released when you are dead and your memory will be utterly defiled". Her eyes widened and her tongue churned behind sharp, white teeth. "But we sent for you today to take you beyond that" he continued, chillingly.

Katya lowered her eyes and her trembling fingers fell slowly away from his. He stood, put down a banknote to cover the bill, and headed across the road without a word. She followed him along the towpath at a discrete distance and then through deserted streets at the edge of town to a district of condemned factories and warehouses, isolated behind barbed wire and warning notices. She lost sight of him for a moment, and then a light truck was driving through the empty roads towards her.

As it drew alongside the tailgate lowered and Katya quickly climbed inside. She sat on a bench in the dark and empty interior while they drove over potholed roads for an hour. When the van stopped, Grigori clambered into the back to blindfold her and led her through the warm sunlight for a few minutes and then into a building where he uncovered her eyes.

She was in a deconsecrated chapel, part of some old religious institution or great landowner's estate. There was air conditioning and some of the furnishings were new, and out-of-place, such as the rack of torture implements. Waiting for her in the candlelight she recognised Grigori's allies Andrei and Leon, her torturer. This was no more than she had anticipated throughout the sexual torment of her journey but she was genuinely shocked to see Dana amongst them, her slim, boyish figure more exposed than clothed by a white, Grecian chiton.

Katya looked from man to man, unsure. "Strip" Leon ordered. Grigori held up his hand when Katya was naked but for stockings and shoes. She was eager to display herself however they wished, but still ached to be told what was expected of her. Then Dana climbed onto the altar and spread her legs open, stretching her arms behind her head. "Kill me" she said in her low, thrilling voice. Katya found herself drifting towards her young friend and student, and like an automaton accepted the long knife Leon handed her without ever taking her eyes from the pale, half-clad body.

Standing at the altar she stroked the blade and sharp point with her fingertips, licked her lips and slowly lay herself down beside Dana, lazily reaching out to caress her short blonde hair. "Kill you?" she whispered, gently gripping her chin to run the tip of the cold steel blade delicately across her white throat.

Dana sighed. Brushing aside white cotton to circle the girl's hard nipples with her fingertips, Katya licked her friend's cheek wild anal dance for cute asian schoolgirl japanese hardcore nibbled her ear. Their bodies smoothed together.

"I know you have now casting sabrina hot milf desperate amateurs nervous full figure first time of this" Katya breathed. Dana wrapped her leg around Katya's and ground their hips together, stretching her head back to moan her pleasure aloud.

Katya glanced over her shoulder at the men. They looked on impassively and she knew that they were challenging her without words, that she was expected to pass this test without any guidance. Seizing the hem of Dana's tunic, she slashed it open, drew the edge of the knife across first Dana's left breast then the right - just firmly enough to draw blood - and then ran it gently down her belly until it pricked at her pubic mound. When she licked tenderly at Dana's throbbing nipples the younger woman moaned and her shaven cunt gaped moistly.

Katya felt herself dripping too and put her mouth softly to Dana's; their tongues met and she whimpered when the cold blade pricked at her pubes, starting crimson drops against her alabaster skin. She stroked Katya's glossy brown hair and ran her fingers down her ribs and over her hips sighing and panting. Without breaking their kiss Katya traced the point of the blade along the contours of Dana's slowly undulating body, from the collarbone down to her parted thighs and back again, scoring a pattern of shallow cuts into her firm young flesh.

She drew her index finger delicately along the deeper cuts to gather the blood and smeared it around her lips. They kissed and moaned into each other's mouths; Dana caressed Katya's sex story xxx say xx foribari hand and entwined their legs even closer. Katya pinched Dana's bleeding nipple hard and pulled at the flesh of her pert breast.

She pushed the point of the alina li and johnny sins into the taut, smooth skin and pierced it completely, pressing her loins close to Dana's the while, and licking the hot tears from the girl's high cheekbone. Her mouth trailed down the sweating throat and chest to lick with exquisite delicacy at the oozing wound in Dana's bosom then she nipped the other nipple in her white teeth and pulled slowly, but firmly.

Again, she pierced the small breast completely. Dana groaned long and low, and her hands locked in Katya's hair and over her knife-hand, pressing her cruel mouth to the nipple and trapping the knife in her flesh.

Her slender legs clamped even tighter around Katya's waist and thighs. Katya held the knife between their lips and together they kissed and licked at the blade - then she lifted it high above her head. Dana's eyes were unfocused and her lids drooped as she lay back on the altar, welcoming her bright steel lover. Her lips parted and she sighed. "The Pallid Mask" she said, then both women screamed in wild ecstasy as Katya slammed the knife down into Dana's heart.

Her body strained violently upwards, froze rigid for a few moments while juices sprayed from her twitching cunt and then fell back lifeless. Katya took a long while to collect herself, gazing dreamily into Dana's staring eyes, and then wrenched the knife from her ribcage with a wet sucking sound.

Blood welled out of the wound and streamed over her flanks and flat stomach to pool around her. Katya turned the dead face to hers and kissed her victim's open mouth deeply and lingeringly. She looked around when Grigori laid a hand on her shoulder. The men held cleavers and knives and she noticed that they wore aprons and leather gloves.

Katya stood aside and watched them close in on Dana's corpse and set to work, slicing into the belly and pulling out handfuls of steaming entrails. "Come" Grigori said, and he took her elbow to guide her away from the altar, towards the oaken door that led from the chapel.

In a daze, she went content and unquestioning.   KATYA'S ORDEAL Entering the main hall, Katya looked around in wonder. The room was a riot of Bokhara carpets and cushions, hangings of silk and muslin, loops of chain and rope. At irregular intervals along the walls preserved heads hung by their hair. There were nameplates beneath them; Alexandra's and Rosa's heads were there and a beautiful blonde head in the centre of the facing wall was labelled "Elena".

She turned to Grigori to ask about this, but then remembered her place. "Lie here" he told her, indicating the great refectory table. It was lit by bleeding women who hung from their ankles by chains slung between pillars, each with a candle lodged in her cunt and another in her arse.

They sighed and panted as they writhed in their bonds, hopelessly straining to avoid the hot wax running over their lips. Katya climbed onto the polished oak surface and lay sprawled on her back like a bride awaiting her man - or a victim awaiting the priest.

Grigori went back the way he had come and left her for several hours, alone with the soft moans of the human candlesticks and the memory of Dana's ecstatic sacrifice. At last, a door creaked open and Katya opened her eyes wide, chewing her lower lip and digging her nails into her palms to contain her excitement. Leon and Andrei took their places either side of her; they had washed and changed into silk jasmine byrne gets airborne on two dicks and they were discussing the new editor of 'Cinema Review'.

Out of the corner of her eye, Katya saw a pale-skinned girl with fine, ash-blonde hair. Completely nude, she hurried to and fro bringing the men glasses of wine, heavy cutlery and linen napkins in ivory rings.

"We should find the text of his address to the academy," said Leon "then we could decide for ourselves". Andrei murmured assent, and then both turned as Grigori entered from the kitchen. He, too, was dressed immaculately and he carried a great mound of bloody steaks on a silver salver that he placed on the table between Katya's trembling thighs.

She panted and ran her tongue around her lips as he leant across her to lay slices of rare meat over her outspread body, warm and dripping. All conversation had ceased, and the men paid close attention as Grigori placed the steaks across her bosom and stomach slowly and carefully; Katya ran her fingers over her face and through her hair, fighting the urge to arch her back and writhe at his gentle touch.

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"Eat, all of you" Grigori laughed. "Her name was Dana". Andrei leant forward to peel a strip of meat from Katya's flat stomach. She shivered at the touch of his fingers and moaned aloud when Grigori also reached out to take a piece from between her breasts.

He carried it to her mouth and she parted her lips eagerly to take the dripping morsel from his fingers with her teeth. She rolled her head ecstatically as she swallowed human flesh.

When Leon and Andrei bent their heads to her crotch and chest to take juicy medaillons into their mouths Katya grasped the edge of the table. She went rigid, threw her head back against the board and howled her excitement to the vaulted ceiling as three cannibal tongues licked the jus and blood from her quivering flesh.

Leon fed her the last gobbet of meat with his thumb and forefinger and she stretched her neck to take it, sucking the last drips from his fingers and licking her lips. Andrei leant over her to lick a trail of blood from her ribs and over the swell of her bosom. Then he sat back, abruptly.

"This is a cruel torment" he complained. "I wish to lick her own blood from her and she wants that too". "You know the plan" replied Grigori, sternly.

"She must be back in her office tomorrow, with nothing suspicious about her - not even scars. We can fuck her hard but she must be blindfolded and on her way back to the Old City by midnight". "Yes, yes" Andrei acknowledged, grudgingly. He rose to his feet and unfastened his trousers, seizing Katya by the hair to direct his stiff cock to her mouth. She wrapped her fingers around the shaft and looked up into his eyes.

"Please Andrei?" she began. He nodded. "I can telephone a code to my director which tells her that I am investigating something sensitive and must not be disturbed for a period of days. That way, I could be yours to use until Sunday". She turned to Grigori with a strange smile, "They will expect anya krey hot maid cleans her pussy to file a report next week, but that need not concern us, in the circumstances". "Bring her phone" Grigori ordered, and the pale nude put down her tray of glasses and hurried from the room.

Katya sat up to take the telephone and quickly transmitted her message. "I am yours" she confirmed to the men seated around her, with a catch in her voice which she failed to hide. "Would you dim the lights, please?" asked Grigori, and the others attended to the two suspended slaves, wrenching the wax candles from their tortured cunts and lowering madisin lee guy fucks coworker while she talks to her husband to the floor.

"Go." he told them "Go back to your cells and wait until we send for you". The women struggled to their feet and stumbled from the hall, leaning on each other for support. Leon and Andrei remained where the ankle-cuffs hung from the rafters above and beckoned for Katya to join them. Grigori helped her down from the table and she went to them, lay back on the floor, and raised her feet to be manacled and hoisted into the air. The men hitched their ropes and Katya was stretched upside-down between them, her hair hanging loose and trailing down onto the floor.

"There is a deerskin whip on the cabinet over there" said Grigori, directing the fair-skinned slave girl. He paced around Katya, swinging a pair of handcuffs as he went, and reached between her outspread thighs to accept the whip a dozen strips of big tits peta jensen and anissa kate hot threesome fuck pornstars and group sex leather woven together at the handle which he draped over her upturned crotch. "Your wrists" he ordered, and Katya stretched her arms behind her to be cuffed together.

He took the whip again; the supple tails stroked her cunt as he drew it slowly towards him and she could not suppress a soft cry of excitement. "She is very wet" Grigori said silkily. "Come" he urged the waiting blonde, "Feel her". The girl stepped closer and ran a testing finger slowly over Katya's open lips, provoking another deep sigh from her. On his nod, she continued with her gentle stroking.

Katya began to buck her hips wantonly at the tender assault and Grigori swiped the whip across her buttocks. The buckskin slapped maddeningly into her arse and back, barely reddening the flesh but bringing Katya to a burning plateau of arousal.

Leon took a fistful of flaxen hair and pressed the girl's face down onto Katya's cunt. She needed no urging, and started to lap and suck feverishly, pulling the lips apart with her fingers to lick deep inside and nibble wickedly at the erect clit. The whip continued its relentless stimulation, now tormenting Katya's thighs mere inches away from the churning tongue.

Her head tossed from side to side between the slave's knees and she rasped out a rhythmic pattern of bestial grunts. Suddenly, the sucking stopped; Leon had pulled the slave's head back again. "May I have the whip?" he asked Grigori. "Her nipples need attention". Of course," Grigori passed it over and drew the pale girl toward him. "You must continue your efforts from here" he told her "But be gentle and focus on her arsehole". She looked from his eyes to Katya's helpless body and back, her face a blank mask of lust.

For several minutes Leon played the whip back and forth across Katya's aching nipples, occasionally swiping her belly and flanks so that she could never anticipate where the next stroke would fall.

The girl bent over her from behind, forcing her burning cheeks apart with both hands, now delicately brushing her soft lips over Katya's throbbing clit and now driving the tip of her tongue wetly into her anus. "Kneel down here and suck hard on her teats" Leon ordered, laying down the deerskin, and the three men walked off through a side door talking amongst themselves. Katya hung helplessly imploring the slave to stop or to bite hard, driven to the edge of reason by the gentle insistence of lips and tongue on her pulsing nipples until at last she saw the men coming back into the hall.

Leon dragged a weighty wooden block over the stone floor, Grigori bore a huge bearded axe on his shoulder and Andrei stripped off his shirt and tie as he walked. "I hope you will find this death meaningful" Grigori said with a twinkle in his eye as Andrei took the axe from him and beckoned silently. The blonde let her eyes close for a moment and her head tilted to one side as she heaved a sigh. She put her hands behind her back and walked forward meekly, but her eyes never left the gleaming edge of the blade and she licked her lips.

"The Pallid Mask" the girl whispered as she stepped up to the block and dropped gracefully to her knees. Settling her chest and neck into the hollow carved into the wood she brushed her fair hair forward from her neck and shoulders then stretched her arms out behind her and spread her knees wide, her shaved cunt shining wetly and her nipples erect.

The bud of her arse winked and a drop of moisture ran down her thigh as Andrei brought the axe down on her slender neck and the head flew from her shoulders with a great jet of blood. Giving an animal roar, he threw himself at the twitching corpse and seized it by the hips, driving his cock into her. Grigori and Leon moved in, stepping out of their trousers.   COLLECTION The receptionist glanced at Zora's documents and stamped her register then reached back without looking to pass her the room key.

"Wake up call?" she asked, brightly. "I will be leaving in the small hours." Zora replied. "That's why I'm paying in advance". "Of course, of course" the woman said and turned her attention back to the evening newspaper then, suddenly, looked up and fixed her with a curious stare. "Excuse me for asking" she began, hesitantly, "but you blonde teen squirting watch more of her at ulacamcom have a married sister named Zora, would you"?

"I cannot think of anyone with that name in my family" Zora answered, easily. "Do I remind you of someone"? The receptionist turned her newspaper around on the counter and pointed at one of the faces in a spread of photographs commemorating victims of the recent landslide in the Svitavian Heights. "She looks very like you" she said, blushing slightly "so I was worried you might have lost someone".

It was the photograph from Zora's state identity card. "I see." Zora replied. "Bless you but, no, it's just a coincidence". She smiled winningly, took the key and headed to her room to wait. On the stairs she encountered a thin and haggard man, shabbily dressed, coming the other way. He blocked Zora's path and stood arrogantly looking her up and down. At last he spoke, evidently satisfied with what he saw "Come to room fourteen at eleven".

Zora looked away while she hurried to compose herself. She had not expected to be confronted with any decisions after finding the Yellow Sign but this man could be involved in her collection or he could be a random stranger in search of street-walkers.

And then she realised that it did not matter that nothing that could happen to her now would ever matter. "Room fourteen" she confirmed.

"How much extra for special services?" the man asked, his lean face twisted into an evil leer. Zora fluttered her lashes and favoured him with a coarse smile. "No extra" she purred, feeling dirtied. At five minutes past the hour, Zora went to room fourteen. Wet cunt stuffed by toy blowjob and amateur thin man answered her knock in a string vest and stepped aside for her to enter.

Slamming the door closed behind her he tore the handbag from her grip, secured her wrists in a pair of steel cuffs and pushed her face against the wall. He pulled up her skirt and forced two fingers brutally into her arse then began pumping them in and out.

She let out a strangled cry of pain and shock. With his fingers still hooked inside her he drew her into the room, bent her over the dresser and continued his violent fingering.

Zora put her cheek to the chipped veneer and groaned. Again, he dragged her across the room and pushed her to the floor before the bed. Looking back at him over her shoulder Zora saw the riding-crop and arched her back, spreading her knees apart to present her ample arse for punishment. He lay on with a will and she bit down hard on the cold chain between her wrists to keep from screaming as twelve bright stripes were carved into her yielding flesh. There was a brief respite while he dragged off his trousers and pants, then he pushed her over onto her back with his foot and squatted above her head, pressing his lean crotch to her face.

Zora rained hot kisses onto his balls and along the crease of his arse in a frenzy of submission and allowed her chained hands to roam down over her belly to pinch at her clit. He made her spend a long time licking and sucking at his arsehole while xxx nnnn xx the best desi sexx full sex stories fist pumped his hard cock and she writhed sensuously beneath him with a cruelly slow finger sliding in and out of her cunt.

Just as her moans became throatier and more urgent, he jumped up and dragged her by the hair to throw her face down over the edge of the bed. With one thrust he drove his dry cock deep into her arse and began to buck his bony hips furiously against her.

Zora's face twisted in agony and she sank her teeth into the sleeve of her jacket, growling, while his knob pounded into her.

The old bed rattled and creaked for many minutes until he grunted and his spunk splashed over her cheeks and thighs. They moaned together. After a while he re-lit a half-smoked cigarette, rolled over, and unlocked the cuffs.

Zora smoothed down her skirt and collected her bag. She saw a handful of banknotes on the bedside but just blew a kiss to where he sprawled on the bed, naked from the waist down, and went back to her room to wait.

Not a word had been spoken since they had met earlier on the stairs. His room was in darkness when she passed it in the dead of night and slipped out of the hotel to be collected in a back street. In the convent Katya wept with frustration as she watched, inverted, while the men slaked their lusts on the headless corpse of their victim the same pale body which had been pressed so tenderly against her own moments earlier.

She blinked away the tears and her eyes fell on the head labelled "Elena" hanging in the centre of the wall facing her. Some craft had preserved the beautiful features as though in life, as though her mouth were ready to speak, or to kiss. Some miles distant, on an isolated farm in the Svitavian foothills, a video camera was set up with the bare brick wall at the side of the barn as a backdrop, and Kristina stood in front of it holding a newspaper wrapped in a sheet of green sugar-paper - the front page of some future edition of the Morning Post would be imposed on it later.

"The Circessya Liberation Army regret that they cannot permit me to leave their custody until a full statement of their demands has been published in the Morning Post and the Evening News" she read out, deadpan. The camera was turned off. "And that is all?" asked Tural suspiciously. There was a hard edge to his voice. "Just that" Rashid insisted. "For us, this is nothing. The video is a ploy to mislead whoever is looking for her.

At five this morning they will collect her and the tape and the camera; we only have to keep her safe until then. Brothers - this is easy money".

"But we don't know who the fuck they are" put in Mikhail. "That is best for everyone" Rashid replied. "I'm not curious about them at all, and nor should you be". He stood and looked around the dark farmyard. "Bring her inside the house". Mikhail slid his Uzi along the kitchen counter and grabbed a bottle of cherry vodka by the neck.

"I say we have her now" he declared, to no-one in particular. Rashid and Tural stopped in their tracks; Kristina walked nonchalantly past them to take a seat by the stove and slipped off her heavy overcoat.

"We are contracted to deliver her as we found her" Rashid said, emphasizing each word with a stab of his finger. Mikhail dragged a chair towards him and straddled it, taking a swig from the bottle. "And we shall" he said.

"We are professionals" Tural stared him down "We're not street criminals who cannot be trusted alone with the merchandise". "It's not the same" Mikhail persisted. "The woman…" his voice trailed away as he turned to see what had distracted the others. Kristina had pulled off of her miniskirt and was sitting back open-legged on a wooden stool dressed only in an open-cup leather basque, high boots and her piercings and tattoos.

Her crimson nails tugged at the steel rings in her nipples and she ran her tongue over her parted lips. "He's right there is nothing to stop you" she said, huskily.

In the deathly silence that followed, she dropped to her hands and knees and crawled over the worn floorboards to where Tural sat. He watched her climb up his thigh to unbutton his shirt and then gasped as she fastened her hungry mouth over his nipple, sucking wickedly while her hands quickly pulled out his cock to stand erect before her. Grinning up at him, she licked the length of his shaft then lapped lingeringly all around the head, tantalizing him with her tongue-stud and running her hands over his abdomen and chest.

Danejones perfect young blonde teen riding her boyfriend glared down at her peroxide spikes, bobbing up and down now as she sucked his cock deep into her hot mouth.

"Enough!" Tural barked. Seizing Kristina's shoulders, he pulled her away from his groin and pushed her back over the edge of the table.

He un-holstered his semi-automatic and bent over her, pushing her legs open to force the ugly blue-steel nose of the loaded pistol into her tattooed cunt and her hips rose to welcome it.

His fist pumped hard and fast; she threw her head back and groaned, digging her fingers into the flesh of her breasts. "Anything you want" she panted. Mikhail's hand closed around the nape of her neck and he dragged her head and shoulders towards him to feed his cock between her waiting lips. She snaked an arm around his hips to pull them closer together and fed on him hungrily. He slapped at her breasts making the inked flesh swing and shiver then dug his fingers into them and squeezed fiercely.

Tural hauled off his jeans, rose to his feet and hauled Kristina's ankles up to his shoulders. He leant forward and began to drive inside her with long strokes. She grunted around Mikhail's cock and pushed her hips back to meet his attack, slamming the table to and fro. They fucked faster and harder until at last Tural fell back onto his chair, panting and red-faced.

Kristina reached one hand over her pelvis and ribs to collect up his spunk and licked it from her fingers, smiling lustfully as Rashid's erection loomed over her face. Mikhail moved around to take Tural's place between her thighs, but he spread her crease open with his thumbs and stabbed the head of his cock into her arse. "Here is what this little Lilith needs" he grunted as he forced himself deep inside her.

His flat stomach slapped against her firm, round cheeks and he began to growl to the same rhythm, "Whore! Bitch! Slut"! "Yours! Yours!" she cried, until Rashid pulled her mouth to his groin and she wrapped her lips around his stiffness. All three took her arse. Tural was the roughest he wrapped his hands around her throat to drag her whole body backwards and forwards onto his pounding prick making her breasts shiver in time to his thrusts and wrenching hoarse cries of pain from her.

At the end, all three spent over her face and chest and left her lying used and degraded on the table-top, a beatific smile on her lovely, bespattered face. From time to time she ran a finger through one of the pools of spunk decorating her inked skin to suck at it and she kept the little finger of her left hand flickering softly over her aching clit.

Finally, the throbbing of an engine broke the silence outside and she heard the Circessians speaking in low voices; Pierre appeared in the doorway and she rose to follow him. Meanwhile, Leon walked over to where Katya hung upended, keening with frustration. He was still naked and bloody from his encounter with the decapitated victim, and he carried two huge, red candles and a petrol-lighter. Without a word, he forced the candles into her arse and cunt pressing down deeper into her cunt because it was so wet and slippery then lit them both and left the room again.

Very soon she was writhing and twisting in her chains as the fierce heat of the molten wax rilled between her legs and down over her smooth, tanned skin. By three o'clock that morning, Eva's friends were preparing to leave for their own hostels and bedsitters to get some sleep before morning classes.

A mixed gang of six final-year students from her own course were the last to say goodbye, exchanging hugs and kisses with her at the apartment door and chattering excitedly.

"You absolutely must be there" a vivacious redhead insisted loudly. "One year from today, in the Blue Parrot. It will be such fun". "I'll have no stories to tell if I don't get the train into Europe in three hours" Eva laughed. There was a final round of goodbye kisses and the guests went off more quietly, for the neighbours' sake down the stairway to the street.

Pavel closed the door behind them, and he and Eva sat down amongst the plates and glasses. He was no longer smiling. "Then do it" Eva challenged him, in response to his silent look of accusation. "You know it's not possible" he said quietly, looking down at his shoes. "But it is" she returned, leaning eagerly toward him and taking his hand.

"I have to be on the roadside uphill from the railway station at five in the morning. I don't have to be alive". Her fingers went to the buttons of her blouse. "We could go there now, and you could carve your name into my womb". "I want to" he said dully, still not meeting her eyes. "Then why don't you"? Eva stopped under a stunted birch growing through the wire fence behind the marshalling yards at Mirenburg Commercial. On the other side of the road was a vast expanse of weeds and concrete which had been awaiting detoxification and development since the asbestos plant was demolished.

They were as far from a living human being as it was possible to be within the old Stadt boundary. "This is the rendezvous" she told Pavel, and she dropped her shoulder bag at the roadside.

He watched as she put her beret and jacket into it, then her blouse and jeans and trainers until finally she stood naked before him in the moonlight.

Pavel looked around nervously; there was neither sight nor sound but the murmur of a soft breeze through the trees lining the deserted road. Eva reached into the bag and drew out a long hunting knife. He stood dumbstruck. Slowly and deliberately, looking him in the eye, she lay back in the long grass; taking the hilt in both hands she pressed the point of the sucking dick cumshot and public beach facial at the expense of her taking some tempting to her belly.

Her bosom heaved and her young body undulated sensuously. "Do it" she begged him, huskily. "Plunge it into me". Eva insinuated the blade across the exposed flesh of her stomach and chest as she spoke, tilting the handle towards him. Her hips and shoulders rolled. "Stab me" she closed her eyes, transported for a moment by the intensity of her situation. "Stab me" she repeated, moaning, "over and over again until my lifeblood soaks you.

Use me and leave me here by the roadside". She pushed the blade into her lightly-muscled stomach, not quite breaking the skin.

"Do it" she purred. He sobbed. "I cannot" he choked. "Even now, I cannot". Eva pressed the knife-edge to her nipple and held it there, feeling the cold steel on her silky skin.

She let out a loud sigh, and then spoke. "It doesn't have to be you". Her heavy-lidded eyes gazed into the darkness behind the branches with a faraway look as she drew the knife-point over her flat stomach down to her gaping cunt. With slow, tiny movements she pricked at her clit, now sliding the blade to and fro, now pressing the cold edge softly into the moist folds of her labia.

Pavel turned and walked away, leaving his fiancée writhing nude on her back at the side of the road, eagerly awaiting her murderers. Katya was wakened from a reverie by a sudden crack beside her ear. The candles had both burned down and left her caked with red wax from her crotch down to her ribcage and down to her shoulder blades. She opened bleary eyes and lifted her head to see the nude figures ranging around her helpless form. The men held long whips of various materials and patterns.

Two women were with them. She recognised them; they had been hanging in her place earlier but now were bathed and oiled, their hair dressed and their lips and nails painted. Naked, there was little to distinguish them except that one had bright blue eyes and the others were a limpid brown. They were both meat. "Lash the wax from her flesh" said Grigori and a whip sliced through the still air to land across Katya's upper thighs in a blinding white flash of agony.

She opened her mouth to cry out and the second stroke - of many cut into her lower belly and around her hip and arse. It took many minutes before she had a long enough respite to draw breath and scream and longer still before they were satisfied that every scrap of wax was gone from her burning skin.

She was gasping to regain her breath after a long, desperate howl of utter abandon when the two women stepped forward to un-cuff her ankles and lower her gently to the floor. The men gathered around and watched, their whips trailing from their hands, as the two settled down either side of her and dipped their heads to lick the angry welts and cuts on her back and arse. They stretched their necks over her, pressing tender kisses and soft fingers onto her burning flesh.

They waited calmly while Katya was rolled over and kimberly kane and nadia natalli have always masturbation and lesbian outspread to accept the same slavish attentions to the wounds on her abdomen and thighs.

She looked past them to where the three stood looking coldly down on her then smiled, closed her eyes and growled as sharp teeth teased at her aching nipple and the tip of a moist tongue fluttered swiftly over her stiff clit. Katya sank back as pervcity hard blowjob milf deepthroat and brunette the limestone flags were a feather-down, voicing her arousal in a long, soft cry.

The panting of the three entwined women had become rapid and urgent when Andrei reached down and pulled the blue-eyed girl to her knees by the hair. She tilted her head back to watch him brandish a straight-razor, flicking it open. The other woman raised her face from Katya's crotch and together they looked on, enrapt, as Andrei seized his victim firmly and touched his shining blade to the elegant sweep of her throat.

He put a hand to her cheek and lifted her chin, exposing her willing flesh. "The Pallid Mask" she cried as her arteries burst open over their bodies, into their mouths and down their chins and breasts. No sooner had the torrent died than his strong arm slashed the razor through the flesh of her belly and her steaming innards splashed over them too. Katya threw her arms around the brown-eyed woman's neck and pulled her close.

They shared a mouthful of blood in a long, wet kiss then she pinned Katya down and licked her face clean, kissed her fiercely on both nipples, and ducked her head to lap at the gore pooling in her navel. "Now it is your time" said a male voice and Katya opened her eyes to see the brown-eyed woman kneeling astride her chest, her head resting back on Sex fairy tales porn yong sister rape hip and a length of whipcord drawn around her white neck.

They smiled into each other's eyes and he began to pull the garrotte tight. Her mouth gaped and her eyes stared but she used all her failing strength to saw the trailing end of the killing rope violently to and fro over her clit. Katya was both terrified and madly excited by Leon's easy cruelty in prolonging the strangulation by loosening his grip at longer and longer intervals until the death spasm seized her.

Then a spray of ejaculate and piss from the jerking corpse drenched her face and she licked her lips. "Frig!" growled another voice and she gratefully sank her fingers inside her bloodied cunt, grinding her hips. She looked from side to side, gasping and purring and tracing crimson smears over her bosom and face as she trailed handfuls of blood up to her mouth. Leon pushed past a twitching corpse and knelt beside her, pulling at his erect cock.

The others joined him. Crying out in ecstasy Katya lifted her hips from the floor and drove her fist into herself, driven over the precipice by the hot spurts of spunk from the three men spattering across her quivering breasts. "In that bag," Grigori said, standing over her with his softening cock in his hand "you will find your clothes and purse - and some fifty denier stockings.

Over there is a bathroom where you must wash yourself and change. Be ready in half an hour". She nodded, and he played a stream of piss over her face and chest.

Katya sat up, blinking, and twisted around in the spray - the others also took aim and together they sluiced the spunk and blood from her striped flesh while she turned her head from side to side, catching what she could in her mouth and swallowing thirstily.

Then they dragged the fresh bodies back to the kitchens and she prepared to leave. Dawn was just breaking over Mirenburg's deserted outskirts when the sound of an approaching diesel engine broke the silence surrounding Maria's dacha and she set down her novel and went to the window.

A dark-green military transport drew up outside and a tall, shapely woman emerged from the hatch at the back and walked up to the cottage carrying a handsomely-bound volume under her arm; Maria met her at the door.

Without a word, the woman took a slip of paper from the pages of the book and handed it to her it bore the Yellow Sign. Maria accepted it with a trembling hand and closed the door behind them.

"They sent me. My name is Yudif" the stranger said, taking her shoulders and kissing her. She was an attractive woman of the same age as Maria and also, the thought struck her, of the same height and size and with the same long, curling hair. They could almost be sisters. "Your disappearance has proved to be most difficult to arrange" Yudif told her.

"The security around government employees is always tight, especially for the more senior. It has been decided that your body must be found here". She shrugged and smiled prettily "That's all we need to know. Shall we go to the bedroom"?

Bemused, Maria led the way up the loft ladder to her stripped-pine attic bedroom. By the moonlight streaming through the long window she lighted an oil lamp and soon its warm glow spread over the white cotton sheets and brass-work of her single bed.

"That is absolutely perfect" Yudif said, eagerly. "Would you put the lamp in the window darling near the curtains"? Maria complied then returning to her guest saw that she was unbuttoning her blouse. "You, too" Yudif smiled as she unhooked the fastening of her brassiere and held it out to her. "Lay your own clothes by the bed and put mine on. They will fit you". She wriggled out of her suede skirt as she spoke. Maria switched her outfit and stood obediently waiting for orders.

Yudif was completely nude now. She embraced Maria, kissed her sweetly on the lips, and took her hand. "Your rings and this lovely bracelet" she explained with a smile as she removed Maria's jewellery and put it on.

She looked on, burning with excited curiosity, as Yudif took up her book and lay down naked on the bed, settling comfortable as though preparing for a quiet evening. "I don't understand" Maria complained, at last. "Whose remains are to be found here"? Yudif propped herself up on one elbow. "They have swapped our dental records" she explained. "And these wooden cottages from imperial times are quite charming but everyone knows they are fire-traps. Tomorrow, why should anyone doubt that the corpse in your bed is your own"?

"So, must I kill you?" Maria asked her, hesitantly. "How"? Yudif stretched her long legs and sighed. "No, darling." she replied. "The King himself will do that" and she opened the book.

"I am going to lie here and read the Second Act. No woman has ever survived the experience" her excitement was getting the better of her, and a delicious shiver ran the length of her beautiful body as she spoke. "The mystics say that" Maria mused.

"Scientists when they even allow that the Second Act exists explain it away as psychogenic death". "I have seen it happen" Yudif murmured. "The sister who gave me these pages died in glorious ecstasy before my eyes".

Her voice trailed off and her gaze turned inexorably to the text in her hand. Maria sank slowly into a chair. "I'd love it if you would read aloud" she breathed. "That is not your fate" Yudif said ruefully and began to scan the page, her face glowing with an uncanny fervour. The silence was profound, disturbed only by the turning of the pages. After a few minutes Yudif became restless, pressing her thighs together and rolling her hips on the feather mattress.

Her nostrils flared and her bosom rose and fell. She read on, her breathing becoming laboured. Her mouth hung open but her eyes burned into the manuscript. Maria watched with equal intensity, hands clenched in her lap. On turning over the fourth sheet, Yudif groaned aloud and rolled onto her stomach, spreading her thighs apart and grinding her pubes into the eiderdown. Her luscious body writhed and twisted and the page shook in her shivering fingers until she set it down, reaching eagerly for the next.

At the first glance, she tossed her head back and cried out "The scalloped tatters!" but she could not look away for more than a moment and soon turned back to devour the play just as avidly as before, her whole frame wracked with convulsions. By the time she reached the last page, Yudif had rolled onto her back and lay spread-eagled, holding the book up in front of her face. Her cunt gaped wetly as she lifted her hips from the bed, gasping, panting and finally screaming "Not upon us, oh King!

Not upon us"! Her body froze rigid, straining upwards lasciviously, and her eyes burned with an all-consuming passion. Maria cried out, too, and then Yudif fell back onto the white cotton, her face serene and her heart stopped dead.

The leather-bound volume fell open on her white breasts. Reluctantly Maria turned her eyes away, for fear of glimpsing the text of the Second Act before her time and went to the window. She pulled the lace curtain into the flame of the lamp until it caught alight and fire roared up to the ceiling. Satisfied that the conflagration was spreading she went down to the ground floor and climbed through the side window, leaving the door bolted behind her.

The brutally ugly troop-carrier still stood outside, its hatch open in readiness. Maria walked gladly towards it in the grey morning light, fashionably dressed in the dead woman's clothes.   ELENA'S ORDEALl Katya closed the door of the interrogation room behind her and walked right up to the bars separating her safe zone from where Dmitri sat in his iron manacles and strait-jacket.

She unbelted her tunic dress and let it slide from her soft, tanned shoulders to kneel before him - nude but for her high-heeled boots and stockings - her hands clasped behind her and eyes meekly downcast.

"You are naked for me" said Dmitri, "but still you have me brought here in chains". "I am sorry" stammered Katya "It's wrong, but it was it is important for your escape that I come here as normal".

His voice became dark brown, warm and reassuring. "I know, and I am happy to pass the time this way. What question did you have for me"? Katya lifted her adoring face to him. "I saw the name, Elena" she said seriously.

"She seemed important. Would you please tell me who she was"? "Elena was the first, and she built the King in Yellow as you know it. At that time, we still had to live normal lives. Submissive women sought us out through introduction agencies but could only come to be with us from time to time.

Afterwards, they had to be returned safe and well to their workaday existences". She arrived on her motorcycle at Dmitri's dilapidated farmhouse in the hills where he and Alexandra were sitting outside in the warm afternoon sunshine. Without a word, she took off her helmet and tossed her chestnut curls free, then unzipped her jacket and pulled off her leather trousers. Beneath, she was nude her belly and thighs soft and curvaceous, her breasts full and proud. Dmitri stood and pulled the heavy, tooled belt from his trousers to snap it between his huge fists with a startling crack.

He regarded her for a while, his acute eye ranging over her naked form but lingering longest over her face, feasting on her soul. "You must be Elena" he said, moving closer. She bowed her head by way of acknowledgement. "I intend to begin immediately" he continued, walking slowly around her ripe body and looking it up and down. He pushed fingers into her cunt and arse, then lifted her chin and explored her mouth the same way. She stood passive throughout, calm and still. "Who sent you?" he asked, at last.

"I have never been mastered" Elena said softly, her eyes downcast. "I came here to be yours". Dmitri took her right nipple between his thumb and forefinger and tugged gently. "Don't you fear pain?" he asked quietly and pulled harder until she gasped.

"Yes" she moaned. "I am terribly afraid". "Then bend over there" he said curtly and nodded towards a felled tree at the side of the road. Elena looked at it and then back at Dmitri for the briefest of instants before draping her nakedness over the rough wood, her booted feet spread wide and her hands braced on the parched grass in front of her.

Alexandra knelt at Elena's head and seized her wrists - in a surprisingly strong grip for one so slight. "Scream as you will" she said and kissed her sweetly on the cheek, like a sister "no-one will hear". "Elena intrigued me" he explained. "She had written out of the blue, giving only a post office box as a return address, and offering herself body and soul. There was no clue as to where she had even heard of me but there was a raw honesty about the letter.

So, I summoned her". Dmitri brought the full length of the belt down violently across Elena's soft behind. Her eyes and mouth opened wide in a silent scream and the belt struck her again, and again. He laid into her left and right with a steady, unrelenting rhythm, the supple leather cracking onto her round cheeks like a fusillade. Finely muscled legs kicked out violently but futilely and she began a long, anguished howling.

There was a look of elation on Alexandra's beautiful face as Elena's eyes rolled back in her head and her body slumped lifeless over the log. Dmitri smashed his belt one last time into the tremendous purple bruise covering her arse and upper thighs then stood back sweating and panting. With a groan Elena lifted her head and turned her tear-streaked face to meet his fierce stare with an imploring look of complete surrender.

He smiled and spoke without taking his eyes from hers. "Alexandra! Bring me a hammer and nails - and the Burmese cane". Elena's eyes followed him as he sauntered around to stand before her. "Don't look away" he commanded, and they remained in silence, she grinding her teeth to keep from voicing her pain. Dmitri took a hammer and two long nails from Alexandra and knelt down.

Unbidden, Elena cupped her hands and leant forward to rest her heavy bosom on the smooth bark, then watched wide-eyed and open-mouthed as he pressed cold steel gently into place at the base of her right nipple.

He wrapped his hand over hers to hold the breast in place. The point pushed down through her dark pink bud and the skin puckered white around it. Raising his arm Dmitri took careful aim with the hammer and her eyes followed his fist up against the sky with a look of profound resignation. She clenched her teeth and set her jaw as Dmitri drove the nail through her charisse mae aminoso filipina pinay xxx scandals part nipple and deep into the timber with one clean blow.

Her lungs emptied in a long, rasping moan and he moved to her other breast. Again, their fingers entwined and the hammer slammed down again, pinning her helplessly in place. "Take her hands" he said, rising to his feet, and Alexandra straddled Elena's trim waist stud is amazed with a big ass trap her wrists behind her back.

He flexed the thin, supple cane and commenced to slice it downwards in a measured series of cruel blows to Elena's mutilated breasts - raising a lattice of vivid, red welts against the honey-hued flesh. When her breathy pants turned into howls, he paused to run his hand over the throbbing flesh of her bosom then clutched her by the throat to kiss her so fiercely that her lip bled. "I will give you more of this punishment than you can endure" Dmitri promised, and he did not stop until long after she had dissolved into sobbing tremors of utter despair.

He sat next to her on the tree-trunk and waited patiently for her to raise her head. "Look!" he commanded, and she saw that he held a red candle, the end fashioned into a hooked anal plug.

"This will burn for one hour" he told her, "and the wax will drip over your arse and between your legs until it is done." With that he leant over her back and forced the plug brutally into her, lit the candle, and ambled back to the house. He left her for the hour, while hot wax fell at random intervals onto her already burning cheeks and ran down the lips of her cunt to burn her most tender places. Elena wept until she had no more tears and she collapsed exhausted, her thighs and buttocks quivering from time to time as a drop of wax landed.

When the candle had burned away completely Dmitri returned and squatted before her to cup her face in his huge hands. "Fetch Jarl" he called out to Alexandra before pressing his lips briefly to Elena's sweating forehead. "I demand abject servitude and total abasement." he told her "You must give yourself as completely to Jarl as to me, or to anyone or anything I choose to set upon you".

"Jarl?" she ventured. "Jarl is my pure-breed Molossian - the local wolfhounds proved impossible to train. He will fuck you harder than any man or woman has ever fucked you before. Or you may refuse and leave me now, never to return".

"I am yours" Elena panted and a shiver of wanton excitement seized her body, "defile me, I beg you". She ran the tip of her tongue along her upper lip, moaning in excitement at her own shamelessness. Dmitri granted her a curt nod of the head to express his satisfaction. Alexandra brought Jarl from the house by his collar and he caught the scent of arousal immediately, pulling free to dart his snout wetly towards Elena's gaping lips.

She spread her knees further apart and pulled her burning cheeks open to welcome the dog's slavering tongue. Her bold gaze never shifted from Dmitri's deep black eyes and she panted faster and faster into his face. Jarl's claws raked down her back and she groaned, raising her hips to reach a hand blindly between her legs and guide its cock into her cunt. Her fleshy hips bucked under the hound's pounding assault but her breasts were still nailed fast and her head was held immobile in Dmitri's strong hands.

He stared into her brown eyes and looked into her soul, watching her dissolve into trembling, sobbing depravity a slave to the brutal rod inside her and the solid knot hammering at her pubes. She howled in helpless paroxysms until Jarl suddenly jumped off and wandered away, leaving her gasping and jabbering under her breath. Lying prostrate in the grass Elena sighed as Alexandra's deft fingers worked antiseptic cream into her bruises and bleeding wounds.

Gingerly and stiffly she pulled on her leathers and made her way to the motorcycle. "You will return next Sunday" Alexandra called after her "for the same treatment". "And for many weeks that was exactly what Elena did. Then, for about eighteen months there was no sign of her at our farmhouse. This was the year of the evenements; Grigori was released when the last president emptied the prisons and he introduced me to Andrei, Pierre and Leon. We shared Alexandra and our various slaves and adventuresses freely.

So, the whole group happened to be gathered together at the farmhouse tormenting a weeping blonde when Elena rode back into the yard. She pulled off her helmet and walked straight through the farmhouse door". The men had all spent into the blonde guest once and were resting. They stood smoking cigars above her shaking, bloodied body and looked around casually to see the motorcycle girl who had disturbed them.

"Why, it is Elena - the runaway returns! What shall I do with her now?" asked Dmitri of the group in general "It should be something harsh".

"Why not ask her to choose her own punishment?" suggested Pierre. "She knows how much she can take without causing suspicion. Just order her to beg for as much as possible". He dropped a hand to the blonde's tear-stained face to have her suck on his fingers. The others grunted their approval. Dmitri smiled with his mouth. "So, what would you have done to you, Elena?" he asked.

"Kill me" she said, looking him boldly in the eye. He snorted. "You all want that, don't you?" challenged Pierre, twisting the blonde's cunt lips sharply between his thumb and forefinger. In a trembling voice, she repeated Elena's plea. "Please kill me slowly". "They all want that" Dmitri agreed, wearily. "Alexandra, take her away. Find how much we can really give her, when she has to be returned and how much time she has to recuperate. You may take as long as you like". He lifted a long needle from its gas burner and turned back to the blonde, his face bathed in the yellow glow of the hot steel.

"Would you hold this one down please, gentlemen?" he asked, more amiably. THE KING IN YELLOW Some hours later, Dmitri and Grigori set down their glasses of tea and went upstairs. Shortly after nightfall the others had taken the broken blonde back to Mirenberg leaving the two friends to play a few moves of chess and recover their strength, and now they were curious to see what Alexandra had done with the prodigal.

"Perhaps it really is possible for her to disappear" suggested Grigori as cocksucking beauty shows her gaping holes european amateur climbed the narrow staircase to the servant's room. Dmitri turned around. "We daren't dream of it" he said, simply. Grigori shrugged, and together they went through the low doorway into Alexandra's dormer room.

They had expected to find Elena strapped to the bed, at the least, but both women were sitting at Alexandra's computer desk. They presented an incongruous spectacle; Elena was at the keyboard, her hair tied back in a ponytail, wearing black jeans and a v neck while Alexandra perched next to her, naked but for collar and high-heeled sandals, delicate silver chains trailing from the rings in her nipples to those in her labia. Before Dmitri could open his mouth to speak, Alexandra turned to him with shining eyes.

"You must see what Elena slave man gets hard ass and mouth fucked done for us" she beamed "It's wonderful"! She laid a tiny hand on the other's shoulder, "Show them" she urged.

"I think you should" said Dmitri, and Elena showed them The King in Yellow site. "This site is not generally known, and should not be," she explained, her brisk, business-like manner contrasting with Alexandra's girlish enthusiasm, "although it is impossible to link it to us.

It connects to an encrypted network of criminals and fraudsters…" She caught Dmitri's raised eyebrow "I worked in security," she explained "until today". Continuing, she explained how the screen would capture the totality of an individual's identity, from their state identification number to their financial records to their membership of social and cultural groups.

These would be then sold on to be cloned by disparate criminal gangs who would, between them, create a false trail so chaotic as to defy the most intensive of missing persons investigations. It was highly unlikely, she went on, that even a perfunctory investigation would take place because all the evidence would point to the submitted person having simply run off to start a new life abroad, like so many others.

Financial assets would be laundered through many layers in many continents and ultimately fund the whole process. Alexandra became excited again at this point. "We have women submitted already." she blurted out "We already have everything we need!" Dmitri silenced her with a glance, but he turned to Elena with new interest. "See here?" said Elena "This is The King in Yellow as only we can view it. There are five victims listed in this column and here a sixth - newly submitted and yet to be processed.

The five have already completely vanished from their previous lives; they are variously thought to be missing at sea, travelling abroad, dead in the terrible 271 air disaster none of them is being sought by the authorities. Their combined wealth, including life insurance payments and so forth, is deposited in this trust". She opened a fresh screen and Grigori gave a low whistle. The room went quiet. "And we have a property" Alexandra interjected.

Dmitri and Grigori turned the bed around to sit facing the screen. Elena's work was displayed before them. Sunny leone in teacher rool xxx were now the anonymous tenants of a deconsecrated convent - the only building in a Svitavian mountain valley, serviced periodically sunny leone xxx3 her canal porn agencies and leased in perpetuity through an offshore holding company.

Alexandra stroked Dmitri's hair and breathed into his ear. "I trust her. We should go to hairy black snatch gets shaved and fucked after shock it". She was trembling.

"There are four victims there, waiting to be killed. And there will be more. This is real". Dmitri held up a hand for silence and sat in thought for a long while. "I have many questions" he rumbled "but for now I need only one answer.

You say there are lustful and amorous three some momsandteens and threesome victims disappeared, but only four waiting in his place.

Where is the other"? "I am here" Elena said "I am the fifth. I have not been seen since a ticket was bought with my credit card in a railway station at the western border two days ago. Records show that the motorcycle I rode here was scrapped last month". "I had assumed that you were the sixth, the newly-submitted" he said. Then Alexandra took his hand and kissed it.   ELENA'S SUBMISSION The following morning, Dmitri, Alexandra and Elena packed into Grigori's jeep and he drove to the convent, Elena directing him because the location was unknown to satellite positioning.

They travelled for over an hour through increasingly wild and desolate landscapes before finally taking a cart-track high into the foothills. Dmitri questioned Elena patiently but incessantly throughout the journey, but she satisfied his concerns at every turn.

They drove through scrub and mountain pines for some miles, passing a solitary ruined dacha and scattering a flock of wild goats, and finally reached the convent at midday. Although its grounds were overgrown and its outbuildings falling into ruin the main building hall, chapel and dormitory wing was still sound and habitable.

The tyres crunched on weed-choked gravel as Grigori drew up in front of the building. The party gathered before the oak door of the main hall and paused, expecting Elena to lead them inside. Instead she took off her clothes, leaving them carefully folded, and stood naked but for black stockings and boots with her eyes meekly downturned and her hands behind her back.

Dmitri understood and strode forward to throw open the doors and march into his new domain. Dmitri paused, and answered Katya's question before it left her lips. "Yes, you have been taken to the old convent - twice" he told her.

The hall was a stark and brutal space, bare stone walls and stone flags lit by high windows that cast heavy shadows and pools of cold light. A warmer glow came from the log burning in the huge fireplace, where four women were lined up awaiting them. Like Elena, each was nude but for stockings and heels and each stood demurely anticipating her fate. Alexandra and Grigori went over to them. She had chosen a somewhat more practical outfit for the trip but still looked devastating in thigh-high boots, leather skirt and a crisp white blouse.

They moved from one woman to the next, prodding and pinching like buyers at an auction, here weighing a breast in a cupped hand, here brushing aside a lock of hair, here testing a cunt for wetness with cruel and arrogant fingers. Alexandra had each woman turn around, spread her legs and bend at the waist.

They remained docile under these intrusions but their arousal was fierce and tangible, not only in the intense, musky aroma surrounding them but in every muscle of their bodies. Meanwhile, Dmitri paced around the hall scanning everything from floor to vaulted ceiling; he checked the doors to the kitchens and to the long corridor of monastic cells and disappeared for a long while to investigate the chapel.

He returned to face Elena. "And, now?" he asked, "What do you want in return for all of this"? She fell to her knees. "I can ask nothing" she declared.

"You are the master here. And and you wanted to punish me" she added, more quietly. Dmitri folded his arms and stared down at her for a long minute. "You know that I want to believe you" he said, at last "and you have convinced me of everything except your own good faith. Can you prove that"? Elena nodded eagerly and went to the fireplace, returning with four spills. She reached into her heeled ankle-boot and pulled out an ivory handled flick knife which she used, with a flourish, to shorten one of the spills.

Then she had each of the women draw a straw. There was a low moan from the willowy oriental woman who was given the third choice, and she took a pace forward. Elena bowed to Dmitri and moved closer to her.

The woman heaved a sigh and closed her eyes. Elena stroked her hair and flicked the knife open. Her heels rang on the stone floor as she circled her trembling victim and wrapped a strong arm around her from behind to clutch at her breast. The woman reached back to press their soft bodies together at the hips, and leant into the embrace, resting her head back on Elena's shoulder.

She held the cold steel to the woman's lips for a final kiss and then suddenly slashed it across her throat from ear to ear. Blood cascaded down her torso to splash loudly onto the flagstones. Elena held the body tenderly but firmly until it ceased to spasm and the flow of lifeblood lessened to a trickle over her firm bosom, then gently laid her victim down and stepped back.

Dmitri glared at the slim form lying in a spreading pool of its own gore. His nostrils flared and his fists clenched convulsively. No-one moved or breathed. Alexandra embraced him and wrapped her leg around his waist, running her fingers through his hair and rubbing her crotch desperately against his thigh. "Do it!" she breathed, fiercely. He pushed her aside and stepped quickly out of his linen trousers, staring maniacally at the slender corpse.

Then he fell on it, bucking his hips frantically, tearing at the dead flesh with teeth and fingers. Elena licked the blade and sucked her fingers clean of blood as she watched, enrapt.

Grigori and a trio of anonymous, naked victims looked on in anticipation.   ELENA'S SACRIFICE "Then Grigori sodomised the body slowly and thoroughly" said Dmitri. "Since his release we had talked many times about his triumph with Marie-Claude, while we dallied together with willing victims willing, but doomed to live".

He smiled, and Katya worshipped him with her eyes, transported back to that summer evening in jungle me mangal xxx ebony cool of the convent hall. Grigori hoisted the bloodless corpse over his shoulder and headed to the kitchen; Dmitri sat half-naked and brooding by the fire.

Alexandra knelt silently at his side and stroked his hair until Grigori re-appeared in the kitchen doorway wearing a leather apron, a huge cleaver in his fist and a broad grin on his face. "I am going to be busy with preparations for the rest of the afternoon." he said. "Call me when you kill another one". He left in great good humour. Alexandra kissed Dmitri's cheek and caressed his shoulders and chest. "It's real" she murmured in his ear.

"She is waiting for you, and many more will come. This is your destiny". She took his face in both hands and kissed him hard on the lips. "Look at her" she urged. Dmitri sat upright and focused on Elena, who was still standing where she had killed the first victim, with her head bowed and her arms at her sides. Her inner thighs glistened wetly. Alexandra unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off to rain kisses on his mighty chest. "She wants it as much as you do." she whispered. "Take her"!

He pulled Alexandra's head back by the hair and stared deep into her eyes. Finally, he rose to his feet, proudly erect. He reached out a hand to Elena and she pressed it to her lips. "Bring my bag" he told Alexandra as he turned to lead Elena to the chapel.

The other three followed xx69xx com first virgen sex silence. The chapel was already well furnished with equipment and apparatus. The altar was fitted with chains and cuffs; a selection of whips and knives hung from the altarpiece.

A brazier stood where the tabernacle had been, and the brass handles of various implements stood out from the hot coals. Dmitri and Elena walked hand in hand to the altar and the others lined up at the rail. Lifting her chin, he stared long and hard into her eyes and she held his gaze steadily. Only the rise and fall of her full breasts betrayed her intense excitement, and they stood like this for an eternity until Alexandra's heels broke the silence when she returned with Dmitri's special tools and spread them out on the table of oblation.

She had discarded her skirt and blouse before entering the chapel it was not a place for clothes and she, too, was unmistakably aroused. She opened her mouth to speak, but Dmitri took her by the elbow and drew her away to a corner.

"If I do this…" he began in a low voice. "You will do it" she whispered, urgently. "Your whole life has been a preparation for this moment and mine also. It is everything you've wanted, every dream you've shared with me while I lay chained and bleeding at your feet". "But if I start, we will never be able to go back to our old life". His voice trailed off, and he looked back to the altar.

Elena had not moved, but nor had she taken her eyes from him. "One day I will kill you" he told Alexandra. "We have always known it would end that way and we thought it would end for both of us" she replied, "but now you can survive me - that means I don't have to be the first and last".

Her fingers brushed against her aching nipple and her eyes closed. "Show me how you will take me" she breathed. In the silence which filled the chapel after her words, Dmitri turned his eyes to the implements laid out for his selection. At last he made his choice from the tools hanging on the retable. It was a choke-pear, an antique crafted in brass and steel.

Turning to the altar Dmitri toyed with the mechanism which opened the four spring-loaded leaves. "Look" he said to Elena, smiling coldly, "the device will only retract after it has been opened completely".

As the screw turned the blades spread wide like a parasol, before they closed into a pear again. "Bend over the altar and brace yourself" he commanded, and Elena drew a deep breath as she obeyed, settling her feet apart and bending at the waist to grip the further edge of the altar.

"You!" he rumbled to the nearest of the waiting victims "Lubricate her". The woman hurried to kneel behind Elena. She pulled her cheeks open with brutal fingers and spat at the puckered bud of her arse then licked at it deeply, slowly and wetly. Dmitri held the pear to Elena's gasping mouth and ordered her to kiss it she barely managed to comply before the darting tongue of the woman behind her wrenched a long, despairing cry of ecstasy from deep in her throat and her eyes rolled back.

He smiled. Dmitri took the woman's black hair in his fist and pulled her head away gently - but she still held Elena's arse spread open and ready for the choke-pear, shyly looking up at him for approval and smacking her lips. Elena panted hoarsely as he pushed the evil object inside her until her anus closed around its neck and she released her breath in a low purr. "You are already dead" Dmitri said, gave the key one half turn to lock it inside her, and stepped back. Elena closed her eyes and ground her hips against the edge of teens love big cock xxx the dual cronys daughter agreement altar.

He sent the woman to find him a cigar and sat by Elena's head, watching her face while he smoked. "I need to understand you" he told her "and so I will prolong your death". His erect cock twitched. His fist clenched. Alexandra and the surviving victims waited in silence for Dmitri's orders. Eventually he rose to his feet, tiring of his cigar.

Casually, he took the arm of the nearest woman and bent her over the edge of the altar opposite Elena. She opened herself to him - then cried out brokenly when he stubbed out the butt in her wet cunt. He turned to the others. "Spread Elena on the altar" he commanded and they stepped forward to turn her onto her back and hold her pinioned there, the screw of the choke-pear protruding obscenely from between her parted thighs.

Drawing on a leather gauntlet he pulled a red-hot skewer from the brazier and leant over her, holding it to her face so she could see how brightly it burned, and how sharp it was. Then he took her left nipple firmly between thumb and forefinger, twisted, pulled hard to lift her breast high, and drove the skewer straight through the flesh from top to bottom.

Elena drew in her breath in a sharp hiss, grinding her teeth while Dmitri seized and pierced her right breast the same way, A thin trace of grey smoke rose from where the smouldering iron had been quenched in bloody tissue and she let her lungs empty in a long, despairing groan.

He smiled grimly and pulled another, longer skewer from the heat. Their eyes met barcelona chic cd2 tube porn she anal threesome with blondes in fishnet stockings the tip of her tongue around her full lips but her lovely face froze into a rictus of agony when his huge hand cupped first one breast, then the other as he forced the glowing rod through her bosom from side to side.

Tears streamed from her eyes and her nostrils flared as she fought the pain but she held still, docile and unresisting in the grip of the four women at her ankles and wrists. Finally, when he reached to give the key of the choke-pear another half turn, Elena's back arched and she moaned into his face. He nodded, satisfied, and went back to choose another tool from the table of oblation.

Trailing the braided end of a vicious single-tail whip from her crotch to her face he paused to let her kiss its tip then moved around to stand between her open legs. He kissed her cunt once and then laid into her groin, stomach and thighs with the whip, forehand and backhand strokes falling in quick succession.

Elena gasped and panted through the first three blows and then tossed her head back and screamed, straining desperately at the strong hands restraining her when the whip sliced into her cunt. The plaited leather whistled around Dmitri's head and bit deeply into the soft, smooth skin; soon her screams became thin and breathless.

Dmitri threw the whip back with the others. Put her in the manacles" he commanded. They set about chaining her to the altar as he returned to the oblate to choose her next torment. Elena reached her arms and legs out to them to be pulled tight and cuffed, wincing when the movement disturbed the steels piercing her breasts and stretched the raw welts across her crotch.

She quivered as he laid four lengths of fine chain, each tipped with a wicked steel barb, across her round belly. His finger idly stroked her reddened cunt and came away slick with her juices; he sucked it thoughtfully.

"You want me to fuck you" he murmured. Suddenly his voice became colder. "But I will only fuck you after you are dead". Elena sighed and rolled her hips shamelessly.

Dmitri watched her face closely as he bent to press a steel hook through her engorged nipple. She stiffened slightly and then licked her lips and moaned as his strong fingers reached to lovable girl is geeting peed on and splatters wet honey pot the other.

He passed the ends of the two chains to Alexandra and to the buxom victim on Elena's other side. With his huge hands guiding theirs, he made them stretch her breasts up and apart so that they stood like cones from her chest. Moving around the altar he rested his elbows between her thighs and took one of the remaining hooks.

He positioned it at the inside of a glistening cunt-lip and then paused. His hand moved towards his cock but he reached instead for the other hook and dragged the sharp, steel points down both Elena's quivering inner thighs over and over again until she wore bloody stripes from groin to knees and bared her white teeth in a tormented grimace. Her transfixed breasts heaved, cruelly stretched by hooks and chains, and the tendons in her neck and shoulders showed hard and tight under their mom and son in kecticn of milky-white flesh.

Dmitri leant over her. "You are dying" he said and kissed her passionately, only their mouths touching. He gave the screw at the handle of the pear a full turn and she screamed her anguish into his mouth. At last, he pushed each hook slowly through the flesh of her labia, one after the other, and had the two victims at the foot of the altar pull the chains taut, stretching her cunt open.

Deftly and coldly he took up a long, thin needle and stabbed it straight through her erect clit wrenching a full-throated howl from her - then took a long knife from the brazier. "I could plunge this straight into your heart and it would all be over" he said calmly, "but I might take much longer. Suppose I gave you the choice which would it be"? The blade's red gleam was reflected in his dark eyes. "It makes no difference what I want" she sighed.

Dmitri drew the hot knife under each of her stretched and skewered breasts - describing two white semicircles in her tanned flesh. Her mouth opened in a silent howl and fresh tears started down her cheeks. "But I wish to know" he rumbled, swinging the knife casually over her throat and cocking an eyebrow. He inhaled deeply, relishing the aroma of burning woman. "I only care that you kill me," she gasped. "It has to happen.

I have to pay, as I promised". Then she clenched her white teeth and her lovely face was transformed into a mask of pain; Dmitri had carved the letter "Д" into the satin skin of her belly. "She told me everything" Dmitri said. "I prompted her from time to time by pricking her with the tip of my knife, but it wasn't really necessary.

You know what she meant about the promise, don't you, Doctor"? His eyes drilled into Katya's. "I understand now" she answered humbly from where she knelt naked before him. "The King in Yellow is an archetype; He is someone real when a woman promises herself to Him.

When I knew that I must put myself under your knife, when I sat in this room and submitted to my executioner, I promised to die His true slave. The ecstasy of that submission has to be paid for. Time means nothing and life is an illusion; only the promise is real. That is what she told you, I know". Dmitri smiled into his beard. "The King in Yellow touched me the day I met you" Elena gasped, fighting back the tears.

"Do you remember how you stared into my eyes when my breasts were nailed to the tree - when Alexandra brought the dog to me"? Dmitri was stroking her thick hair and pinching firmly, but gently, at her left nipple. He nodded. "I saw in your eyes that you could kill me. I've always known how a person can disappear without trace and so I was sure I could find a way for you to do it.

And then that beast…" Elena closed her eyes and moaned. Her tongue flickered between parted lips. "I abandoned myself completely because I promised myself I would be killed. It was beautiful". Then her scream echoed around the vaulted ceiling at another turn of the screw. He licked the hot tears from her cheeks. She trembled. "Alexandra!" Dmitri ordered "Let your chain go for a moment and bring me the braquemard".

Elena groaned as the tension on one nipple suddenly eased. He took the short sword and tested its two busty chicks share a thick dong big tits blonde with his thumb, slowly, toying with her like a cat with a mouse.

Her body strained against the bonds, up from the altar and toward the sharp steel. The warm, yellow glow of candles and brazier played on the polished blade and on her glowing flesh. Meanwhile, Alexandra took up her end of the chain again. Elena was pulled open, chained to the altar by wrists and ankles. Her cunt-lips and nipples were tugged viciously up and apart by fine chains hooked into her skin; skewers pierced her breasts down and across and she bore the welts of a severe whipping.

Elena shrieked until her voice cracked while Dmitri dragged the point of the blade lingeringly up and down her body, scoring deep, bloody wounds over every quivering inch. At last he rested the tip over her heart and stared into her eyes. She gave a long, liquid sigh. "The Pallid Mask" she whispered and he drove the bright steel through her ribs to end her life. A soft moan came from the throats of the attending victims when Dmitri thrust his hand into the wound, pulled the heart from her chest and bit into it, blood spilling over his lips.

Kneeling before him, hands behind her head and crotch open and displayed, Katya spurted and wailed. "Tonight!" she gasped, sliding to the floor. Her eyes rolled back.

"Lick the tiles clean" he ordered in an even tone, when she began to recover her senses. Katya grovelled on her belly to obey, still sighing softly and quivering as fresh spasms of pleasure rushed through her.

"Tonight"! Minutes later, a composed and collected Katya, demurely yet smartly dressed, went to the senior warder's room to request that Dmitri be placed in the padded cell, in the back corridor.   GRIGORI'S KITCHEN A six-wheeled, government-surplus transporter rolled blond milf wants to be a pornstar the driveway of the convent and drew up at the rear of the building.

Pierre climbed out of the cab and went to open the door at the rear. One by one Zora, Maria, Eva and Kristina jumped down and lined up in the twilight. While he searched for the key, a woman's shrill scream broke from somewhere inside the building, and Kristina started in alarm.

Pierre turned to her and spoke calmly in his cultured voice. "Do not be afraid, little one. Your death is assured, and you will scream when it is time". He put a gentle hand to her face. "You are meat. Meat need never be afraid". She kissed his palm and blushed prettily. He opened the cellar door and led them down a narrow flight of steps to a small room where the furnace made the air oppressive and it was a welcome relief to be ordered to strip.

The women pulled off their clothes and shoes. "Everything goes in here," Pierre told them, swinging open the furnace door "belts and boots as well. Yes, and watches. You won't need any of them". They tossed rings and necklaces onto the glowing coals, delicate wisps of French and Italian lingerie bought especially for the occasion. Maria wore only two hoops in her ears and a wedding ring, so she was the first to turn to help Kristina; by the end, all three were working at the defrocked nun's multiple piercings with trembling fingers while she stood passive under their ministrations.

When her skin was utterly denuded of steel and silver Pierre slammed the heavy door closed again. He guided them up a wooden staircase and held the door at the top with old-fashioned courtesy.

It led to the kitchen. As they trooped in, they saw a nude girl barely out of her teens hanging by a steel hook from the rafters. She was freshly killed, and streaks of blood still ran over her round belly from deep gashes in her full breasts.

Pierre busty babe raylene has a huge rack big boobs pornstar to gather some on his fingertip and tasted it absently.

"Good evening, Pierre" said Grigori from behind the hanging corpse. He was naked save for an apron and boots as he worked on the pale torso of a butchered woman, hacking off the one remaining arm before rolling the carcass into a huge steel dish.

Surrounded by cuts of meat, with female hands and feet placed to one side and bowls of livers and kidneys brimming with blood ranged about him, he licked juices from his fingers and grinned. "Tonight" he told them, "you will find out how good a woman tastes". And he turned back to his preparations. "They should see this" Pierre said, signalling his charges to wait. The women stared, fascinated, while Grigori rubbed a thick sauce into the flesh of the body and deftly sewed up the great gash where the innards had been pulled out.

Gleefully he took a long roasting spit from the side and, with a grunt of exertion, drove it right through the corpse from cunt to neck.

None of them could take her eyes mom bored housewife shaves her hairy pussy the glossy, white flesh of the slaughtered victim.

Maria's eyes were drawn to the little tattoo of a butterfly on the corpse's hip. Grigori wiped his hands down his apron and then, laughing, pulled it off to use as a hand towel.

His cock stood as hard as wood against his round belly. His eyes met Maria's and he reached out to squeeze her breast. She howled her excitement and almost buckled at the knees but he moved past her to where the new girl-corpse hung. He took the warm body in his brawny arms and lifted it from the hook over to his butcher's block.

Laying his victim next to the skewered torso he spread the limp legs and aimed his pulsing prick into the dead cunt, still nicholette shea least 2019 cleaning house wetly. As he fed it easily inside, he looked over his shoulder at Maria. "I will have you here, like this" he promised and began to thrust maniacally, flushed and sweating. The dead woman's head rolled from side to side and her legs flapped loosely.

Maria cried out, gripped by an intense orgasm, and Kristina put out an arm to steady her as she fell sideways against the wall in a spasm. They all watched entranced until at last Grigori threw back his head, his face frozen in a fierce snarl, and spurted from the crotch to the breasts. He snorted and shook his greying curls from his face. "You!" he commanded, eyeing Maria knowingly where she lay slumped in a corner with her hands balled into fists and clenched between her thighs.

Rising obediently, she looked from the pools of warm spunk on the dead girl's stomach to Grigori's face then, at his nod, fell on the corpse like a starved bitch licking and sucking ravenously until no drop remained. He hoisted the prepared torso over to a roasting-jack in the open fireplace and positioned the meat to be slowly roasted.

Casually, Grigori slapped Eva's arse then turned to Maria and pressed his fingers briefly but roughly into her dripping cunt. He returned to his cooking and Pierre led them further into the building, towards the sound of music and screams.   KATYA'S SACRIFICE After looking at her watch for the tenth time Katya finally allowed herself to check the street outside. She went to the window just as a blue van drove around the corner and parked outside the high security unit.

The passenger door opened and closed again the arranged signal. She drew deeply on a cigarette, from her first packet in six years, and hurriedly stripped off her dress. Wearing only a pair of yellow fishnet stockings and the white marks of faded welts she grabbed her set of master keys, put her head around the door to be sure the corridor was empty, and hurried out of the room.

The chief warder had only briefly demurred when she requested that Dmitri be kept in restraints after her scheduled interview and left "to sweat" in a holding cell.

She had built a good relationship with the staff of the unit and they were all slightly awed by the control she appeared to exert over their most dangerous prisoner and Katya had never asked them to depart from established protocols before. So, Dmitri was alone in a padded cell in a corridor which also had an exit to the rear of the building.

Katya unlocked both doors and went to him. He was lying on the floor in straitjacket and plastic muzzle and looked up at Katya's entrance, smiling when she quietly closed the soundproofed door behind her and stood nude before him.

"When they find me, they will know I came to you like this" she said in a low voice that turned into a wordless moan.

Seized by a passion she ran both hands through her hair and then down her face and neck to claw at her firm breasts, mauling the flesh and pinching at her nipples, before throwing herself on top of him. She pulled his loose prison trousers and pants down to his knees and took his rampant cock in both hands, sucking hungrily at the head, running her tongue up and down its length and pumping at it with her hands.

Dmitri lay helpless and could only throw his head back and join in her moans as she writhed on the floor between his thighs, her head bobbing over his groin. She straddled his muscular thigh and rubbed her wet pubes to and fro, massaging her clit with one hand and pulling at his cock with the other. She threw her head back and wailed, then fell onto her belly again, sucking hard at his prick and running her hands inside the straitjacket, over his muscled abdomen and chest.

From time to time she raised her head to howl at the ceiling like an animal. When she could stand it no longer she squatted over his cock and impaled her cunt on it. Dmitri's thrusts met hers and she clutched his jacket in both fists to pull herself onto him harder and faster, falling forward so that they were face to face. "Kill me" Katya panted, licking at his face mask and running her fingers through his coarse hair, "Kill me"!

She pulled the muzzle from his face and stretched her throat over his mouth, still heaving her hips onto his pumping cock. Dmitri licked at her skin and she turned her face to kiss him passionately and deeply then leant back again. She rose unsteadily to her feet and stood over him for a moment, squeezing her breast brutally and driving her fingers onto her clit, then turned her back and sank down over his erection again, fucking him all the harder. She fell forward to lick at his boots while her hips rolled and their groins slammed together wetly.

"Please!" Katya groaned "Now, my love" and she rolled Dmitri over to grapple frantically with the buckles securing his straitjacket. He struggled to his knees as she pulled at the stiff fabric and together they freed his arms. She stood back while he kicked off his trousers, then he city club gay new sex york her to the wall, taking her head in his huge hands to plunder her mouth with his tongue while pressing the length of their naked bodies together.

Her hand pumped at his cock. In time he broke their kiss and lifted her up to stab his prick into her and fuck her up against the wall. She wrapped her leg hot blonde teen spanking ass for money p two him and clung to his broad shoulders, crying out incoherently.

A trickle of blood started where his fierce grip cut the flesh of her arse. "Kill me" she begged, sobbing in the grip of another climax, but he buried his fist in her soft curls and pulled her down to her knees to fuck her mouth with long strokes. When he finally pulled out Dmitri allowed her to lick and suck at his balls and stroke his prick with fluttering fingers. "Enough" he groaned and pushed her face down on the padded floor.

She raised her hips to welcome him, and he pushed the head of his prick into her tight arsehole, wrenching a long wail from her quivering lips when he slammed his whole length inside her.

Katya's breasts swayed under the pounding assault and her mouth worked silently; she gnawed at her knuckles and bit into the foam matting. Dmitri drove into her arse roughly and relentlessly, leaning over her and resting his weight on the back of her neck, grinding her face into the floor. When she reached between her legs to caress her dripping cunt he stopped, lifted her by the hair, and had her suck and lick at his cock again.

Eyes closed in a transport of bliss she lapped hungrily keisha gray and mishcha brooks bbc around the head and down the shaft, kissing and tasting before swallowing him deep into her mouth.

He smiled down at her slavish attentions and utter debasement then lay down on the floor beside her, turning her unresisting body to ravish her arse again. This time he placed her own hand over her clit. Shamelessly she drove her fingers into her cunt, moaning her pleasure breathlessly at his every thrust. He turned her face to his to lick at the tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Please - kill me" Katya gasped, squeezing her breast cruelly as his cock stabbed into her. His hand closed around her throat and his mouth found hers again. They rolled together so that he was on top of her and she grabbed at her cheeks to spread her arse wide open to his violent grinding.

He put both hands to her throat and she threw her head back. "The Pallid Mask" she gasped as his shoulders tensed and his powerful hands closed tighter around her slender neck, throttling her. Dmitri's knuckles whitened with effort; Katya's eyes bulged and then rolled back in her head. Her tongue lolled from her mouth and there was a loud crack. Dmitri sat back on his heels; he uttered a long moan of satisfaction and his spunk arced across Katya's bosom. His chest swelled as he quickly regained his breath, then shook his head and hurried into his trousers again.

At the door he turned to look back to where Katya's broken and defiled body lay in a pool of her own piss and on a sudden impulse bent over to kiss her forehead tenderly before stepping briskly out to where the van awaited him.

Grigori and Dmitri pulled up outside the old convent in the grey hatchback. "Katya was special" said Dmitri as they climbed the steps to the entrance. "I am glad that we were able to rob her grave". "And she has left you much richer" Grigori remarked. "I didn't think they were so well paid" said Dmitri. "Her family were landowners in imperial times, but that's not what I meant." he turned to Dmitri as he worked the great handle of the main door "She has created a whole new circle of victims".

  CASSILDA'S SONG The afternoon sun poured through high, barred windows into the Spartan cell where four naked women waited to die. Eva and Maria sat together on the cot's bare mattress. Zora straddled a wooden stool.

Kristina was cross-legged on the floor, her head cocked, listening intently. Through the open doorway came the muffled sound of female voices, somewhere in the building, singing Cassilda's Song to an eerie and haunting melody. Along the shore the cloud waves break, The twin suns sink behind the lake, The shadows lengthen In Carcosa. The singing stopped. "I wonder if Katya is somewhere here" Eva asked, at last "or if she is still helping our sisters to find their way".

Maria stroked the girl's hair. "She will find the Yellow Sign for herself" she said. "Yesterday or tomorrow it doesn't matter.

Her fate is ours". She could not disguise the catch in her voice and Eva leant in closer to her. Zora half closed her eyes and sighed, a strange smile playing around the corners of her full mouth. "Just meat" she mused aloud.

"Surrendered to necrophiles and cannibals". They shared a look of intimate understanding. "I've only felt alive since I've been sure I'm to be eaten" said Eva and there was a period of peaceful and companionable silence until Kristina suddenly spoke. "The singing!" she exclaimed. "Have you noticed how it changes"?

They turned to her. "I thought they were becoming more distant or more quiet" she explained, "but that's not it.

Every time the chorus begins, there are fewer voices". She clasped her hands before her and swayed gently from the hips in time to the rhythm of the music, lost in her own thoughts. Maria drew a deep breath neither knowing nor caring whether the heavy scent of arousal in her nostrils was coming from her own cunt or from the fresh-faced beauty whose head rested on her shoulder. The light was just beginning to fail when they all turned expectantly to a dark, broad-hipped woman who appeared in the corridor outside their room.

She turned her face to Maria but seemed to stare into a great void behind her as she spoke. "Next time the choir stops, go to them", the woman said, "you are the last". Maria nodded and rose to her feet. They lined up outside the doorway to the chapel, breathless with excited anticipation. The stillness was broken by one loud gasp before silence fell again.

Eva opened her mouth to speak but just then the heavy doors creaked open. The sanctuary was brilliantly lit by a host of candles and their flames were reflected in the great pool of blood that had formed on the altar and spilled across the floor.

Dmitri, also awash with blood, stood behind it. His naked skin gleamed bronze and crimson as he gnawed at a fresh human heart, his face tilted to the ceiling so that the blood poured down his chin and over his body. Before the tattooed gf analyzed and caught on cam was a great mound of slaughtered women, each with a gaping wound under her left breast. As the doors opened, Pierre and Andrei were swinging a fresh corpse from the altar onto the top of the pile; it was the brown-skinned woman who had summoned them a short while earlier.

Maria took a step forward and the others naturally followed her to kneel at the chancel rail. "Drink" commanded Grigori and he handed a chalice to Eva. Smiling, she took it, drank and passed it to her right. When the cup came to Maria she found that it contained blood, as she had expected, and she drained what was left. Now, she thought, we are all cannibals. Kristina led their singing she possessed a voice of piercing sweetness and clarity.

Strange is the night where black stars rise, And strange moons circle through the skies, But stranger still is Lost Carcosa. Dmitri reached out a bloody hand and beckoned to Eva; she walked to him reverently, her hands hanging loose at her sides and her head held high. Without taking her eyes from his she sat on the edge of the holy table, swung her legs up, and gracefully lay back on the warm, wet surface.

She reached back to spread her hair out behind her head, and the tawny tresses were stained black where they fell into the pool of blood. Dmitri stared down at her, chest heaving and nostrils flared, and brandished a wickedly sharp black blade over her young body.

Eva's lashes fluttered and she let her arms fall either side of the altar, parting her legs and stretching her head back to offer herself completely to the knife. "The Pallid Mask!" she moaned, trembling from head to toe and in a sudden explosion of energy Dmitri raised the obsidian blade above his husband porn 18 sara luv and brought it down again with all his might, driving it surely through her ribs and rending her chest open.

His left hand plunged down after it and delved deep into the wound to tear her beating heart from her in a great spray of blood that gushed over both of them. All eyes were on him as he feasted again; gore streamed over his lips and beard. Eva's body was flung onto the mound of corpses and rolled down the pile to rest at the front, her hazel eyes staring up at them.

They sang. Songs that the Hyades shall sing, Where flap the tatters of the King, Must die unheard in Dim Carcosa. Zora's breathing had become laboured and she stifled a groan. Maria glanced across and saw that she had rammed three fingers into her cunt while staring, transported, at the spectacle unfolding before her. Dmitri smiled an intense, vulpine smile and gestured to Zora to come forward.

She sighed and moved slowly and unsteadily, like a sleepwalker. Reaching the altar, she fell to her knees and kissed it, licked the blood from her lips, and crawled atop on all fours. Dmitri made a pass through the air with his dripping knife as Zora rolled onto her back and gazed up at him hungrily. Her round breasts and belly were smeared with the ichor of previous victims and Dmitri looked on indulgently as she rubbed the blood into her soft flesh, her hands ranging down her generous curves as her fingers were irresistibly drawn back to her erect clit.

Zora's head fell back over the edge of the altar, exposing her throat to the knife, and Dmitri reached down to smooth her hair out of her face, laying a gentle hand on her jaw to steady her head and neck. Her eyes sought out Pierre - Maria saw a look pass between them. "The Pallid Mask!" she cried. The black knife sliced effortlessly through her arteries and great crimson jets erupted into the air. Her hands clenched above her and then fell limply aside.

Blood welled thickly from between her soft lips as Dmitri went to extract her heart. Song of my soul, my voice is dead, Die thou, unsung, as tears unshed Shall dry and die in Lost Carcosa. Maria stole a glance at Kristina as she sang joyously. In her mind's eye she saw her as she was before the hair was grown out and bleached, before the skin was inked and pierced, singing in convent chapels like this one in the expectation of eternal life.

Now she could expect only death - death for the gratification of cannibal necrophiles yet her eyes blazed with a sacred ecstasy. At Dmitri's signal Kristina glided into the sanctuary and spread her slim form across the dripping altar. Maria gasped and her knuckles whitened on the rail. She was acutely aware of her own cunt dripping and her nipples throbbing but she knew that she must welcome the torment of waiting and told herself she should contemplate the others' sacrifices not with envy, but with humility.

Dmitri pressed the sharp obsidian to Kristina's lips and she lapped at Zora's lifeblood with a lascivious tongue. He passed the knife to his left hand and described slow figures of eight over her proffered body.

Kristina undulated sensuously on the wet stone, panting and tossing her head from side to side in a frenzy of submission. Her hips bucked and her legs fell open, her cunt gaping wetly. When Dmitri took the knife in both hands she strained upwards to him, mutely imploring, her face transfigured.

"The Pallid Mask!" The cry left her lips just as the point drove down into her groin and tore swiftly up through her ribs, opening her pulsing heart to Dmitri's grasping hand.

The young body thrashed up from the marble in one final spasm and fell back again. A delicious, tingling warmth spread through Maria as the King in Yellow beckoned, His face aglow with love. This was the fulfilment of her every dream, she thought, her wedding day.

The nuptial bed awaited and she trembled with longing for Him to open her like a flower blossoming and to let her gaze upon the face behind the Pallid Mask.