Amateur teen flashing compilation frannkie and the gang tag team a door to door saleswoman

Amateur teen flashing compilation frannkie and the gang tag team a door to door saleswoman
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Two days later I got a call from mom to say that she would be coming back in the afternoon. Nikki's son, Craig would be accompanying her and she had the other set of keys to my apartment. When I got home in the evening we all went out for dinner.

Craig had put on some weight since I last saw him but was still the handsome, mixed blood quarter-back I used to admire. We did not have that much to talk about and after our last drink Craig left to meet his other friends. Mom was in a cheery mood the whole evening. When we got back to the apartment she opened up a bottle of wine and we got down to some chatting. "Knowing you like I do, I sensed that you probably guessed that I wasn't that comfortable about our mother-son sex.

Even though I tried not to show it." She took a sip from her glass. "I went to Nikki to talk to her about it, to find out what she has to say about the subject. She was my closest friend and she was certainly the most open minded and experienced about sex." I moved closer to her on the couch and kissed her on the lips.

"As you know she is a psychologist and I very much wish to know what effect mother-son sex would have on the son and his future sexual relationship with other women. And surprise, surprise! She started by telling me that she and Craig had intercourse already for the last two years. I wouldn't want to go through with you all the psychological "pros and Cons", so to say.

But whether or not it was her personal opinion on the subject she told me that she did not find anything wrong with having sex with Craig." I took her blouse and bra off and started to kiss, lick her face and neck and fondle her breasts and rub her nipples. "Then, I pointed out that when she had sex with Craig he was twenty-eight, had already married and had divorced his wife. That her mother-son sex with Craig wouldn't matter that much to Craig psychologically. But you Jason has not yet married and is only nineteen.

I wouldn't want to mess things up for you?" I rubbed her tummy and pushed my hands into her crotch and started massaging her there. I then stood up, removed all my clothes and proceeded to pull down her pants and panties. I lay down on the couch and pulled her on top of me. "Don't you worry mom.

I may not be married but Mia khalifa fucking and kissing have my steady girlfriend, and Janeane and I have been having sex the last six months. In fact I had great sex with her just after you left two days ago and nothing has gone wrong. In fact, my experience with you had actually made my sex with Janeane even better. She told me that I was better that last time than I had ever been before.

Let's go to the bed and I will show you what I meant." I pulled her up from the couch and she walked in ben 10 cartoon xxx storys of me towards the big bed, her big, round arse swinging side to side.

I felt confident that this time around she had made up her mind about having regular sex with me because she had abandoned her previous passive stance. She asked me to lie down on the bed first, then she crawled up to me on her hands and unfathomable pounding for marvelous darling homemade hardcore. She laid her upper body on my chest and took my penis in her hand. She began to play with it, rubbing the cock head and slightly squeezed the shaft.

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"Nikki could see the doubts on my face when she told me that she had sex with Craig for the last two years since he lost his job and came to live with her. She invited me to sit in during her next session with Craig. That night, after a few drinks we moved on to her bedroom. They quickly stripped naked. Nikki lay flat on the bed while Craig lay on his left side, with his back to me. Craig started with the foreplay.

Craig did a good job with Nikki's breasts and her clitoris and soon Nikki was moaning. When Craig hovered over Nikki his hanging cock really shocked me. It was even bigger than yours. It seemed reasonable therefore that he had to push it into her slowly in spite of the fact that Nikki was already in heat and was well lubricated.

Ten minutes of slow fucking and Nikki had her orgasm. Craig pulled out and Nikki asked me to finish Craig off. She could not take any more sex for the night. She was already fifty years old and Craig was thirty. Craig's monster cock was still sticking out hard as a rock. I politely declined the offer. I really wasn't sure I can stand the pain of taking that monster cock in my pussy and besides I did not want to end up with a loose fitting pussy for you." Mom put the head of my cock into her mouth and twirled her tongue around it.

"Nikki started to suck only the head of the cock. She then started to queeze the shaft really hard with both her hands and stroke it back and forth. I could see that the monster cock head had turned deep red from the hard squeeze.

After about ten minutes Craig said that he was ready to finish off. Nikki got on her hands and knees. She then rested her chest on the pillows and stuck her butt high. Craig got behind her.

And after putting a layer of jelly on his cock and squeezing some into her arsehole he slowly pushed what looked like half of his cock into her arse.

He slow arse-fucked her for about sunny leone gets ass fucking minutes and blew his load into her. Nikki did not have any orgasm this time. She was completely tapped out. Latter Nikki told me that she did not mind the anal fucking because each time it would stimulate her colon enough to enable her to take a dump right afterwards." All this sex-talk and her play with my cock meant that I could not remain passive any longer.

I told mom to take a rest so that I could take over. I started to please mom with lots of work on her breasts as she had wanted but it was not my focus as I had earlier on told you.

I started massaging her shoulders, her armpit, her belly. Previously I had only seen mom's patch through her thin, white cotton pants or shorts. Even during our first intercourse I had not got close enough to her vagina to get a detailed look. Now, for the first time in my life I noticed that her pubic hair parch was so big that it looked like a dark bikini piece.

It extended all the way to her anus. The fur was thick and has an unusual odour to it. I licked it and pulled it with first my lips then my teeth.

Her outer labias were now swollen and her inner labias were dark red. I asked her to turn over and I started to rub and squeeze her bump and licked her arsehole.

The sight, the smell and her moaning got my cock uncomfortably hard and I just could not wait any longer. I got between her legs and in one swift push got my cock all the way up to her cervic.

My pumping was perfectly accompanied by her loud moaning, the sideway shifting of her arse and her heavy breathing and flushed sweating face. She got her first orgasm in little more than ten minutes.

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But I continued. The fact that her vagina was now completely flooded with fluid meant that I did not get enough friction to reach my own orgasm. Besides, I only just had a session with Janeane yesterday and my libido was not that high that night. I continued to pound her for another good ten minutes. "Oh my God! Oh. Fuck. ". She was screaming. I was too absorbed in it to notice just how many orgasms she had had.

By the time I exploded inside mom, I noticed that her hands and legs were limp and were not holding or clutching any parts of my body.

she was just brething hard and her face was flushed and sweaty. Her eyes were closed and she had a contented look on her face. I lay down beside her, licked and kissed her face, her chest, and softly caressed her neck, her shoulders, her tummy and thighs until her breathing retuned to normal. I took a towel and wiped clean her face, her crotch and the rest of her body.

It was a warm night so I put a sheet over mom and returned to my air-metress to sleep. As usual mom was the early-riser. When I woke up she had already the breakfast ready. The next two days I was very busy with my college routine so Craig accompanied mom to do some shopping and window shopping. They seemed to get along pretty well.

Later I found out that they were talking to some business consultants about the three of them, mom, Nikki and Craig going into business together. Craig went home the next incredible sex with a curvy babe big butt and bigtits. Thereafter, mom and I, we had regular sex once or twice a week for the next few weeks.

I never took the initiative, it was always up to her to suggest it. To me, it was absolutely not OK for me, her son, a young man, to put any sexual pressure on her, my mom and an older, mature woman. One morning, after I finished breakfast, mom said she had a proposal for me and would be pleased if I would give it some thoughts.

"You remember I told you about Nikki and Craig having anal sex? And that it helped to move her bowel?

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Would you give it some thoughts. If you are up to it I would like you to go down to the pharmacy to get some tubes of enema to clean up my rectum and colon before we do it." I had entertained the idea of doing something new like that but Janeane, my girlfriend would not even consider it.

Of course I was only too happy to try it out with mom first. We picked one morning for me to wake up earlier than usual. Mom had already cleansed her colon and rectum after having her first dumping in three days.

She had a constipation problem. Mom had a good night rest herself and was ready for sex and more. I had my morning wood ready and she was already lying naked on the bed. After the usual foreplay I mounted her and gave her an orgasm missionary style. I did not get an orgasm. She then assumed the "doggy style" posture with her hands on the seat of a chair.

We prepared ourselves with abundant lubrication for my cock and her anus. I got behind her and first pushed a well lubricated butt-plug into her. I switched a few butt-plugs, each one slightly bigger and longer than the previous one.

I could see that she was adjusting gradually to the biggest butt-plug I had. I removed the butt-plug and pushed my cock up her arsehole. I fucked her gently with slow and chubby blonde teen hardcore nina north gets used and d strokes, each time pushing my entire cock inside her.

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Her arsehole was a lot tighter than her cunt. After about ten minutes or so I quickened my pace because I was nearing climaxing. Mom had her second orgasm first, to be followed quickly by my own. I pulled out and cleaned up. My first anal sex was a success. I told her that in future she need not clean out her colon and rectum with enema anymore. I was OK with whatever smell she might have produced in the process of having anal sex. In the days that followed I tried several times successfully in inducing her bowel movement with anal sex when she made the request.

She had stopped using enema for her constipation. After about two months Mike came back from his oversea assignment and I had to vacate the apartment. I went back to the college dorm and mom went home. To complete the story I must tell you that six months later, mom, NIkki and Craig did get their threeway fucked pornstars suck a fat cock european facial up and running.

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Mom rented her apartment out and moved in with Nikki and Craig. Mom also confessed to me that she had started sharing Craig's cock with Nikki. She had adjusted her cunt to Graig's monster cock. Actually I was not surprised. Mom's cunt was indeed loose-fitting compared to Janeane's. I felt no jealousy whatsoever towards Craig. Mom and I continued to have sex whenever we managed to get together. When we visited each other