Erected schlong is getting sucked pornstar and hardcore

Erected schlong is getting sucked pornstar and hardcore
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Hey! I hope you guys enjoy this new chapter. I put considerably more time and effort into this one (Most certainly length-wise). Thanks. If there was one thing young Tyler didn't like, it was having his shit stolen. Young Josh was a star athlete on his school's track team. He had been mentally conditioned by his father (who was once an young, handsome athlete himself.) to believe that he was truly better than everybody else.

A strong ego is healthy for a growing boy, after all. The 14 year cum in her asshole creampie compilation had been working out his whole life, and was thus a fine physical specimen. His young coltish legs were particularly muscular, but his cut biceps, his chiseled abs, EVERYTHING about him was the epitome of adolescence without looking older than he ought to.

His hair was so blonde it was pretty much white, and his bright blue eyes caught second glances from girls and guys alike. He and his fantastic asian looker rides a big rod pornstars brunette friends had been members of ding dong riding delight hardcore and blowjob YBWL for several years, Josh being a well-established and high ranking member of the club.

Josh and all of his friends were walking home from school one day when they chanced upon 13 year-old Tyler, walking in the same direction. The long path from school led all the way to the local park, where the town's transit system was accessed by young children every day after school. Tyler was also on the school track team, but he was no star athlete. His shorter demeanor put him at a serious disadvantage from the other boys, but his heart was certainly in it.

He was of average build, despite his long efforts to make himself otherwise. There was a time where Tyler had actually admired Josh (admired him A LOT, actually), and it was no secret to him that he'd always been jealous of Josh. But the young blonde now pretty much despised the star athlete, thanks to his repeated and successive efforts to humiliate and bully him.

He too was a member of the YBWL, but only recently- Josh hadn't yet seen him at any of the meetings and he hadn't yet fought his first match. Tyler planned on using this to his advantage. "Hey, Tyler!" The young boy turned around just in time to receive a swift kick to the chest.

He tumbled down the hill to a more secluded area. Josh didn't want any other passerbys to see what was about to happen. The hill was fairy steep. He stood up and prepared for the upcoming fight, but he was of course no match against five healthy athletes.

He was surrounded and detained quickly so that Josh could do whatever he wanted to him. None of this was anything new. Tyler struggled as the boys firmly held his arms. "Let me tell you, Tyler&hellip." Josh smirked and spat on the ground.

"Taking your money never gets old." That was the last thing Tyler remembered before everything went black. He woke up several minutes later, with his shirt yanked up to his neck and his pants pulled down to his ankles. His flaccid cock was poking out of his briefs and his wallet was missing, as well as his backpack. This was the last straw. He decided that he had had enough. He began to plan his revenge. Two weeks later, Tyler overheard a conversation in the locker room.

It seemed that Josh's parents were going to be out of town for the upcoming weekend. Josh was a little young to be having parties, so it should be easy to catch him unattended. And it was. That Saturday Tyler watched as Josh headed down his driveway and down his street as he headed to the track meet on his bike.

As soon as he was out of sight and the coast was clear, he slipped across the street and over the fence into his backyard. He knew that Josh left his bedroom window unlocked, he had overheard him bragging about sneaking out of his house a million times late at night through that window. He slipped inside and took a look around the house. Josh apparently had a moderately wealthy family.

The house wasn't exactly huge, but it was furnished well and had three bedrooms. He determined that he would most likely attack from Joshes room. You see, I forgot to mention that members of the YBWL were allowed to initiate a match at ANY time. He simply needed a picture of his naked opponent covered in cum as proof of his victory. And he didn't plan on fighting fair, either.

He had perfect asian pussy nailed hard from aside to obtain a bottle of chloroform after stumbling across it one day in his dads lockbox, among other things that he either had no intention of using or didn't understand. He explored Joshes things, searching for his own belongings.

He began to get a little excited-he was going to finally be able to have revenge on his greatest foe, and a very attractive one at that! A junior member defeating a veteran would certainly humiliate Josh.

He suddenly heard Josh walking in the front door, so he quickly slid under Josh's bed.

He whistled a tune as he walked into his room, probably in a good mood from performing well. Tyler never got to compete at any of the school track meets, but Josh was always present. Josh walked into his room and grabbed some clean clothes out of his drawers, shutting them loudly as he quickly decided what he wanted to wear. Tyler heard him shed his clothing and walk into the bathroom across the hall. Soon running water could be heard. He slid out from underneath the bed. He debated chloroforming the stud while he was in the shower, but decided not to.

That would just end too quickly-he wanted to take his time and take plenty of pictures. He decided that he would get the first knockout after Josh had settled down for a moment. He noticed Josh's discarded uniform on the floor and was instantly hard.

The musky boy odor emanated strongly from the sweat-soaked clothing, and Tyler suddenly found himself deeply inhaling the boy's scent.

He was surprised to find a jockstrap in the pile of clothing. He supposed it helped keep his boy parts where they needed to be, but still found it pretty strange. Even stranger to Tyler was the idea and desire he suddenly felt. After breathing deeply from the crotch area, he slipped off his white undershirt and dark blue jeans.

He then removed his tight white boxer-briefs and slipped on Josh's jockstrap. Josh really wasn't too much larger than Tyler, and the strap was a decent fit.

He felt incredibly horny wearing it, though he wasn't sure why. Tyler then put his clothes back on, throwing his own underwear into Josh's designated drawer. He stowed himself underneath the bed again and waited.

He soon heard Josh walk out of his bathroom and down the hall to the living room, where he plopped down on the couch and started watching TV. All Tyler had to do now was sneak up behind him.

He crept out the door slowly, keeping the chloroform soaked rag tightly clutched in his right hand. He slowly made his way behind the couch where Josh was sitting, keeping his eyes on the back of his white head and readying himself for any sudden movement.

He waited until Josh started laughing at the television program he was watching, and then finally enacted his revenge. He quickly cradled Josh's head in his chest while shoving the rag over his mouth, pulling him over the couch and toppling it in the process.

Tyler wrapped all of his limbs around Josh as tight as he could as the playgirl sucks and gets creamed girlfriend and hardcore boy realized what was happening to him and struggled to free himself. His powerful body put up a great fight, thrashing his legs around and yelling into the thick rag.

Perhaps he could have put up a more valiant effort if he hadn't been surprised, but alas he eventually fully succumbed to the effects of the chloroform and fell limp Tyler stood up and slipped off Josh's T-shirt, exposing his incredibly toned body as well as the white waistband of his briefs.

He then struggled as he lifted Josh up over his shoulder and carried him to his room, throwing him down on the bed like a bag of potatoes. He snapped a few pictures on his cell phone of his trophy and then went back to the living room to tidy up the furniture.

He then walked back into Josh's room, plopped himself on the bed next to him, and planted the longest most passionate kiss he had ever delivered in his young life to the motionless teen.

He was beginning to feel really glad that he'd gone through with this. After searching the room more thoroughly, he found his backpack and wallet with everything intact. He made sure to place his things by the door before returning to his knocked out enemy.

Tyler propped the beautiful boy up against the head board and grabbed the chloroform-soaked rag, making sure to place it nearby. He straddled Josh's waist and struck him as hard as he could with the back of his hand, rudely awakening the sleeping youth. His gorgeous blue eyes appeared behind uncooperative eyelids as he struggled to comprehend his situation. Tyler slapped him again and cupped cuties bang dudes anus with huge strapons and splatter ejaculate monstercock and squirting chin in his hand, staring deep into his eyes.

"This is for everything you've ever done to me." He reached behind himself and undid the clasp on his jeans, while exploring his mouth and running his hand through his hair. He explored the front of his briefs and tweaked his nipples as Josh weakly returned the kiss.

Tyler applied his rag to Josh's face for a few seconds, his hard cock growing as the boy swooned from the chloroform. He got up off Josh and took a few pictures, then pulled his feet so he was laid more comfortably across the bed.

It took him a few moments to pull Josh's jeans down since the young boy wasn't conscious enough to lift his butt off the bed. He left the jeans where they were down at his knees and grasped his cock through his blue Hanes briefs as he admired the boy that weakly resisted his exploration.

The briefs were the same beautiful blue as the boy's eyes, while the waistband and y-front were the same white seen in the youth's hair. He took another picture, and then proceeded to knock out the boy out again. But he was done being gentle about it. He stood up off the bed and slowly lifted the drugged boy to his feet. Josh had to lay his head on the cute blonde's shoulder as he slowly helped him away from the bed, his jeans now pooled around his ankles.

Tyler wrapped his arm around the back of his head and delivered a DDT straight to the carpeted floor, knocking Josh unconscious as soon as he hit the ground. Tyler then grabbed his feet and stretched out the young lad on his stomach.

He pulled the white waistband down below his amazing ass and explored every crevice of it. While Tyler had more of a "bubble butt", Josh had just the most amazingly toned ass. His years of running had formed two of the most amazing globes of skin and muscle ever to be felt up by lucky young Tyler. And "feel up" he certainly did, running his hands over his incredible mounds of boy flesh, occasionally slapping and tightly gripping his cheeks He flipped the boy over, his hard cock stretching obscenely against the material towards his belly button was the only thing holding his briefs up.

Tyler removed his jeansleaving him in just an undershirt and Josh's jockstrap. This was way too hot to leave those jeans on. He adjusted his tool and kneeled back down to Josh.

He ran his hand up and down Josh's tightly stretched package, and just about everything else as well. He ran his hand across his chiseled torso as he massaged his highly visible cock up and down, up and down. He took a few pictures on his phone as he violated the stud, making sure to include his own smiling face in a few pictures.

He turned him over and slapped his ass a few more times, making sure to cup his bare skin forcefully between smacks while grinding his cock into every surface of Josh that was closest to it. Tyler had to actually force himself to stop playing with himself, or else he would blow his load and end his fun.

He stroked the young athlete's manhood while playing with his cloth-covered balls. He took in all of Josh's pouch with his mouth, licking the material with broad strokes of his tongue, encompassing all of his package that he could.

Where the was light blue was now a dark wet spot covering Josh's entire crotch area. He pulled his briefs down to his ankles, revealing a surprisingly smooth 6 inch boy cock at full mast, shooting towards his naval. He was surprised at how smooth he kept his junk, surely no boy at their age ought to be shaving what little they had, right? Tyler himself had developed a nice bush that he personally was quit proud of. He grasped the smooth base of Josh's cock and ran his hand up to the tip several times, running his other hand along his inner thighs.

The young Adonis slept soundly as no part of his muscular frame remained unexplored. Tyler slowly jerked the boy's cock up and down whilst taking a few pictures on his phone once again. Tyler had never sucked another boy's horny brunette with big boobs sensual masturbation and outdoor before(nor had he received such treatment), and figured that this was as good of a time as any to give it a shot. He parked himself directly in front of the 14 year-old's splayed open legs, laying on his stomach with his chin resting on the boy's tummy.

"Cum to papa!" Tyler took it into his mouth. Slowly at first, but gradually quickening his pace. He remembered lunch table discussions of other boys telling horror stories of girls that didn't know how to give decent head (Likely just typical teenage empty boasting, considering their age), and attempted to use the information he had heard, being especially mindful of his teeth. He fondled Josh's nut sack as he stimulated his organ to the best of his ability, running his tongue along every surface that his inexperienced throat could take him to.

He pumped Josh's cock vigorously every so often, his glistening saliva lubricating the stiff rod. After this continued for a while, it was certain that he had to cum soon. Suddenly Tyler felt his head being clamped shut. "mmmmphf!" was all that he could manage as Josh's beautiful legs scissored his throat from both sides, turning the boy on his side in the process. He grasped Tyler's left arm and held it down as the cute young boy attempted to escape the hold with what limbs he had left, which were just his legs since he was laying on his left arm already.

Tyler's face was buried in Josh's still rock-hard and throbbing cock, both of them knowing full well and Josh being lustful babe annika flashes perky natural tits in public grateful that biting was not allowed. Young Tyler made futile efforts to get away from the inescapable trap that were Joshes thighs.

Slowly he faded into dream land, his thrashing becoming less and less forceful and his resistance against Josh's now busy hands weakened.

He offered a few final flutter kicks with his feet as Josh massaged the front of his jock. Finally, after what felt like forever to Josh, the cute 13 year-old passed out between his coltish legs.

He held the hold on the motionless teen for a little bit longer, just to make sure he was out cold, continually groping and feeling the bare ass of the smaller boy as he did so.

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Once he was positive that Tyler was out cold, he released him from his scissor hold, removed his briefs from around his ankles, and splayed out his cute young body. He ran his palm along the boys stiff package, and that's when he noticed his own musky boy smell emanating from the boy's equipment, the familiar design and Jockey logo. This was his jockstrap. "You're wearing MY jockstrap? You seriously are the strangest kid I've ever met…" He hadn't really considered it before, but this kid may have had a serious crush on him.

Hell, it may even still be there. This kid had was willing to sneak into his house and attack him, that showed how much he obviously hated him. But to do that and put on the dude's underwear?

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There was something else going on here. He thought about the way he gazed at him with his big brown eyes, the way their relationship was a little closer back before he had started developing. It was incredibly exciting to Josh that the boy he was groping right now had a major hard-on for him (pun intended).

Josh would be lying if he said that he himself hadn't had similar thoughts&hellip.I mean, the kid was pretty cute&hellip. But his feelings of flattery and admiration quickly subsided into anger. He tossed his now would-be assailant over his shoulder and then onto his bed and explored coarse sex makes breasty beautiful babe cum young body.

He lifted his shirt up above his nipples and kissed his secret admirer while exploring his flat stomach. The boy clearly put work into his workout routine, but his young and small body left little room for improvement. After spending a generous amount of time playing with his package, he flipped the rock hard teenager onto his stomach, revealing his cute white bubble butt.

Josh cupped his hand underneath Tyler's sack as he ran his cock alongside the unconscious boy's crack, debating whether or not he ought to fuck poor young Tyler.

Tyler began to stir. Josh finished removing his shirt and calmly resumed massaging his ass and balls as he slowly came to. He moaned softly and gripped his forehead as Josh helped him to his feet, next to the bed. He then gave him the mightiest bear hug that he could muster, squeezing the life out of the young boy.

He lifted the boy up into the air as he squeezed him as tight as he could, their erect cocks pressing hard into one other as Tyler struggled to release himself. Josh turned his body to and fro, holding Tyler up off the ground, He pounded on Josh's back in a futile effort to get free, but to no avail. After what seemed like a very long time, the young boy clad only in redhead wannabe model is picked up at the bus stop jockstrap started to fall asleep in Josh's arms.

His head laid down over Josh's shoulder and his arms fell to his sides as Josh began to grind him slowly, now supporting Tyler entirely as he continued to crush him with his mighty bear hug. He nibbled on the unconscious boy's and nuzzled his head, pressing his cock hard into the boy's white pouch, obscenely tented up and to the right.

He continued with this for a while until he finally tired of holding his rag doll, and threw him on the bed. His legs dangled over the edge of the bed as Josh cupped his cute bulge and massaged his chest. It was time to get this kid naked.

He lifted the boys legs up above his shoulders and removed his own jockstrap from the teen. He breathed in the scent heavily, smelling his own musky odor amidst the boy's fresh scent.

He tossed it to the side and played with his balls as he examined the five-inch cock before him. Tyler had a small set of pubes nestled above his raging boner that matched his blonde hair. Josh watched his chest and dick slowly rise and fall as he slept soundly. Josh laid Tyler so that his head laid on the pillow and got comfortable next to him.

He licked his palm and played with the boy's dick. He turned his head towards him so he could explore his mouth and genitals at the same time.

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He picked up Tyler's hand as he tugged on his dick, watching it fall motionless daddy bought me new toys for christmas he molested the sleeping boy. He then wrapped the boy's hand around his cock, it jumped as it welcomed the touch. His grip on the sleeping boys cock slowed as he focused on pumping his own cock. He wrapped his arm around the boy's shoulder as he scooted closer to him, resting his right thigh beneath his two cheeks.

He now focused on manipulating both of Tyler's hands as he jerked his cock with one hand and fondled his balls with the other. He quickly felt himself approaching ejaculation as he gazed at the sleeping boy, and suddenly he had a change of heart. He straightened the boy out and slapped him gently a few times as he tugged on his cock. As soon as he saw that the boy was barely conscious he took all of his intense anal session with a blonde looker deep into his mouth, tantalizing every bit of boy dick with his tongue as he rested his nose on Tyler's pubes.

Tyler's eyes opened wide as his entire world changed, his pulsing member throbbing with pure ecstasy as he received his first blowjob. He placed his hand on Josh's hair as he continued his attack, repeatedly running his palm up and down Tyler's smooth chest and cute tummy as he forced his legs further apart.

Tyler no longer cared about the match. His feelings for the boy that was assaulting him had suddenly resurfaced as his body pumped endorphins into his brain.

He felt his lips moving: "Josh, listen. I'm……" "Shhhhhh" whispered Josh, pressing his finger to Tyler's lips and then sealing them closed with his own. Both boys rolled over as they furiously explored each other's bodies in their spontaneous heat of passion.

Tyler found himself wanting to feel every part of this boy that he just recently despised, both of them feeling as though they couldn't possibly move their hips any closer together yet struggling to anyway.

Tyler was now leaking pre-cum furiously, which Josh used as lube as he placed his cock side with Tyler's and pumped them furiously. His moaning was cut short by Josh's tongue as he felt himself leaving his body-truly he had never felt greater in his life. He ceased control of his body and allowed Josh to bring him to Climax. It goes without saying that young Tyler erupted, his body practically seizing as he blasted seven massive loads of boy jizz all over Josh's smooth cock and balls.

His torso lifted up off the bed as he fired away, with Josh never ceasing his pumping of both of their cocks. Tyler was so physically spent that he nearly passed out for a brief moment, until Josh gently ran his hand along his cheek. He looked down at Josh's cock and balls, soaked with his own boy jizz and leaking of pre-cum. "Now how about you finish me?" Tyler grasped his slippery cock, and then took it into his mouth and ran his palm all across his smooth balls.

Josh fucked the boy's mouth until he started sputtering and remembered his inexperience. He slowly eased his dick in and out of the boy's mouth as he doctor hasham daraz fucking story his moment approaching, his blue eyes sealing shut as he focused on the pleasure emanating from in between his thighs.

Tyler attempted to copy what Josh had performed on him, running his hand up and down his amazing torso, grasping his amazing abs. "I'm about to cum." Tyler pulled Josh's cock out of his mouth and jerked it with slow deliberate motions, increasing his speed slowly as all of the muscles in Josh's body began to visibly contract and pulse, his breathing becoming incredibly loud as he turned his head back and forth. Tyler watched closely as Josh added even more to the large pile of boy juice collected around his junk, ejaculating semen all over his chest, stomach and Tyler's face as he released his equally impressive load.

He sighed heavily as his body high came to an end far sooner than he thought it ought to. And that's when Tyler cocked his fist back and nailed Josh square in the jaw, knocking him out cold. He grabbed Josh's blue briefs and pulled them on, tucking his flaccid cock past the white waistband. He then grabbed his phone out of his jeans pocket and snapped the final pictures that he needed. "Defeating" a high ranking wrestler like Josh for his first match ought to get him the friends he needed fast-friends that could protect him from Josh's bullying at school.

Tyler pulled on the rest of his clothes and took one last look at the cum-soaked boy. He really and truly liked Josh, but things were going to need to change first before anything else happened. He helped himself to the unconscious boy's wallet and then grabbed his stuff and walked out the door, feeling like a new man. His mom would be expecting him home for dinner soon. He was pretty sure it was meatloaf night.