Moist and wild twat licking pornstar hardcore

Moist and wild twat licking pornstar hardcore
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This is my raw and raunchy fantasy. If you do not like rape and abusive race play, you should stop reading now. Well, it all starts with my friend Mindy. She is a transplanted Texan and was missing her home town terribly. So, cute chubby chick with a nice big ass and a sexy natural bush of the girls and I decided to take her to a new Honky Tonk bar that opened on the outskirts of town.

When we get to the bar the place is crowded and everyone is dancing drinking and having a good time Walking in all eyes are on us. We are a group of hot young women out to party and are strangers to them. I stick out like a sore thumb because I am the only black girl there.

I am wearing jeans, heels and a red bustier over my big tits. My creamy brown skin and big brown eyes complimented by a luscious ass were immediately noticable in a room full of white people. Tall slim and beautiful with gorgeous tits, I began to feel a little self conscious from all of the stares.

We joined in the dancing and are soon surrounded by hunky cowboys. I'm drinking more than usual because I was a little nervous about coming here. Bad idea, because I'm buzzed. Cindy is our designated driver but I should never have consumed so much beer.

A tall handsome guy pushes up behind me and starts dirty dancing. Grinding his cock against my ass. I can tell he is packing and it feels good. He whispers in my ear "I want a taste of chocolate tonight".

I should have pushed him away, I should have told him to calm the fuck down.

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But.I didn't. And he then slides his hand up my body to squeeze my left breast. A shock of pleasure shoots straight to my now wet pussy. My nipple immediately gets hard. I am so turned on. His hands are expertly arousing my body. I feel a little lightheaded from the drinks and this guy masterful strokes. So Mother gets unwanted dp from son excuse myself because I know I'm buzzed and not making the best decisions.

I head over to the bar and I see my girls still dancing and having a good time. The bartender leers at me and ask "What do you want darlin'" in his sexy Southern drawl. "A big glass of ice water please". Then the guy I was previously dancing with comes over "Where'd you run off to baby girl"?

"It was getting too hot out there for me" I sheepishly reply. He gives me a cocksure smile " Too hot? You ain't seen hot yet! But it's coming." Boldly he said this, his sapphire blue eyes pinning me to the spot. The lust in his eyes visceral and raw.

Taking a napkin he pours some of the water on it. Rubbing my forehead to cool me down. He's telling me how sexy I look and how he's love to get some private time with me. I say "no" to this and he reaches over takes an ice cube from my glass.

Rubbing the cube on my face to cool me down. He strokes it on my neck as he watches the melting ice dribble down my face and onto my tits. I lean back feeling family unit and tv phone sex what a mess you made little better and he ducks his head and licks the drop of water from the top of my breast.

I was shocked, but felt so fucking good, his mouth on me. I moaned and then felt more determined than ever to leave before I let this go to far. As I stood up to leave he grabbed my arm and asked if I would have one more drink with him. He said he was leaving and then asked the bartender for his "last call". While we were drinking and saying our goodbyes 3 of his friends came over They all crowded around and started asking my name and showering me with compliments.

I politely chit chatted and then turned to go back to the main floor when I was grabbed from behind and I tried to scream but a big hand was clamped over my mouth. Panicking, I kicked wildly, my heart galloping and my mind racing. Only then did I realize how close we were to the exit door. The bartender watched it all grinning at me and lewdly sticking his tongue out. It happened so fast no one saw them hustle me out of the back door to a waiting van.

Once inside my hands were tied behind my back and I was thrown on the floor as we sped through the night. I struggled frantically, to no avail, I was caught. The guy I was dancing with ripped off my top and my big firm tits spilled out for all to see. They were laughing and arguing over who was getting sloppy seconds on the black pussy. I was horrified, dancing guy started sucking and biting my tits.

Slapping them, "oh yeah these titties belong to me" he crowed. They pulled off my jeans, but decided to leave me in my black lace thong and heels. Dancing guy pushed aside my thong and started rubbing my pussy hard. As terrified as I was he still aroused me. Fingering my pussy while they all stared making lewd remarks. My clit grew hard and plump, then to my horror I started to cream on his finger. "Ha!!! The bitch wants it!!!" he yelled.

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He rammed his tongue deep and ate my pussy like a condemned man's last meal. Sucking and nibbling at my little bud he shoved incredibly sexy redhead teen jade couture takes her bfs big dick finger up my ass.

His tongue devouring my cunt while he fingered my ass. "You love it don't bitch" when I turned my head away one of the other guys slapped me hard across my face "answer him you fucking black bitch" he screamed.

I complied and told him I loved it. I tried desperately not to scream out but it felt so good I exploded on his tongue. " I told you this whore wanted it" he panted. And then we stopped and a mask was put over my eyes. They dragged me out of the van and up some stairs. With the mask over my eyes I felt them raise my arms and secure my hands over my head. When they removed my mask I could see all of them stand around me in a semi-circle. They were naked and stroking their pink cocks.

They were all grinning, a predatory grin, their cocks swelling as they watched me struggle in vain to get loose. "You ain't going nowhere, nigger bitch"! The guy I danced with snarled at me. All semblance of his smooth cowboy charm gone. He grabbed my tit and twisted it hard, I could see my yelp of pain excited him more, as his cock bucked in anticipation of the nasty fucking he was going to give me. He clamped his mouth on my sore tit and sucked it hard. The pleasure/pain was intoxicating.

I clamped my mouth shut, refusing to moan for them. Dance guy realized this and slapped me hard across the face. "Stubborn black bitch" and slapped my tits. I screamed and they all laughed even louder. At that point they all came forward and began rubbing my titties, slapping my ass and fingering my cunt.

All of these dirty bastards were roughly using me. One guy got down on the floor and jammed his face between my legs.

He nibbled my pussy then stuck his tongue in deep. "uh huh that's it cream for your white man, fuck that's all you're good for anyway fucking whore". He lapped at my pussy and I squirmed. I wasn't squirming to get away, rather I squirmed because it felt so fucking good. He stroked his hard cock while he ate me out. His cock head was engorged and turning red as he jerked it.

Dancing guy pushed him out of the way. "It's time for fucking bitch". With that he hoisted me up, my hands still cuffed to the ceiling he lowered me onto his cock.

It was big, pink and veiny. the head bulbous and red, he slammed me down on it. Balls deep he filled me with his dick, my cream thoroughly coating it. I stifled a gasp and turned me head away. Immediately he struck me on the cheek. "look at me slut!" as he pumped my pussy hard.

He ravaged my cunt, moaning and cursing at me. Grabbing my face he commanded that I open my mouth. I did and he spit a huge glob of spit into it. "Swallow it!" he bellowed, and I did. I was their plaything and they all egged him on shouting " FUCK THE NIGGER, SHOW THAT WHORE WHAT A WHITE MAN CAN DO"! for emphasis he rammed his dick deeper. I was bawling now, my humiliation, degradation was overwhelming.

Then he kissed me hard, then slapped my face. "open your mouth slut, suck my tongue". I was crying tears running down my face, makeup a mess as he invaded my mouth and pussy. "this is some good nigger pussy" "mmmm I'm gonna cum" I lana rhodes sis loves me and begged him not to cum inside of me, but he just grabbed my throat and choked me as he blew a huge load of jizz deep inside of me.

crying hysterically as he eased himself out and lowered me to the floor. I stood there hunched over as his hot cum gushed out of me. "boy you gonna get her a white baby" they chided dancing man. Dejected and in fear of pregnancy I was ordered to lift my leg so they could all marvel at the cream pie he left in me.

The next guy was huge, His cock looked like a fucking baseball bat. He lifted me onto to it and slid in. He grabbed my ass to hold me up and stuck his finger in my asshole as he pumped me.

I couldn't help moaning from the pleasure as he rode me. "yeah, that's my whore" as he slapped my ass.

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And to my mortification I screamed and orgasmed on his cock. A smile of male satisfaction on his lips he reached down and dipped his finger to get some of my pussy cream. He shoved his cum soaked finger in my mouth and made me lick it.

Then he exploded deep inside of me.

Then next guy released my hand and smacked me until I fell on the floor. He grabbed me by the hair and propelled me forward. On my hands and knees he ordered me to bark like a dog.

My face a mess crying and crawling with sticky cum still oozing from my cunt, I crawled. He sat on the couch and shoved his cock in my mouth. "everybody knows black bitches are fuckng great cocksuckers. DO IT!" I licked his full balls, taking each one in turn into my mouth. Swirling my tongue over each while I jerked his cock. "yeah that's it, just like that" I took the whole of his cock down my throat, deep throating him. He had handuls of my hair on each side and pumped harder.

I gagged and struggled for air, gasping to breathe and feeling the bile in my throat. I thought I might vomit because he was in so deep. I tasted his precum and then he raised up his leg "you know what to do, suck my asshole good" When I hesitated he grabbed me by the throat and jammed my face up his ass. The were really hooting and hollering now.

I sucked his ass, my tongue stabbing deep while I continued to jerk his cock. "Ah you gonna make me cum" He pulled me up and impaled me on his stiff dick. "ride it cowgirl" He fucked me really hard, his hands on my hips banging me up and down on his cock.

My big firm tits bouncing in front of his face. He took one in his mouth and sucked me hard. Just then there was a loud banging at the front door. "police open up" he shouted. My heart jumped for joy, I was rescued. I was euphoric, because I had assumed these guys would murder me when they were done. I struggled anew and when they opened the front door there was the bartender.

Wench loves fucking at home hardcore creampie laughed and asked when was his turn. I screamed, despair enveloped me, and they kept raping me. Another guy came up behind me "I need to fuck this bitch now man, dp her" I looked back as he spit on his cock and guided it into my asshole.

He grabbed my hips and began to dick my ass. Both of them moaning and fucking me so hard.

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A man in my cunt and one in my ass. They jackhammer fucked me hard and fast. my tits flopping around and my body responding to them.

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Cunt cream oozing out, and they knew it. Old butler serve sex to his spoiled lady boss the guy on the bottom gasped and filled me with his hot cum.

The last guy came over and took the bottom guys place. He was so excited he came very quickly inside of me. Then the guy in my ass grunted and slapped my ass as he came hard.

They had me lie down and open my legs so that they could see the creampies oozing out of me. I was a cum soaked mess, all sticky and sweaty. I asked if I could use the rest room. "sure", one of them said and pointed me toward the door. I went in and as I turned to look the door, one of them blocked the door with his foot and came in the bathroom with me.

I told him I needed to pee and could he leave, he said no and demanded I let him watch. I sat on the toilet and a stream of piss with cum mixed in shot into the toilet bowl. They were all in there now, watching me.

I thought this was the most humiliating part of my night. I was wrong, they lifted me into the bathtub. Well at least I'll get to clean up I thought. Sitting in the tub I wondered what the hell they wanted now. when I looked up to ask just that, a guy let loose a steaming hot blast of piss on my face. Sputtering and gagging on it, I screamed again and again, they all started pissing on me.

Ordering me to open my mouth and "just take it". It seemed like they would never run dry. Slapping each other on the back they left the room. But dancing guy leaned down "Ooooooh we! you are one stinking black whore clean yourself up" "We have company coming later on, that pussy of yours is going to make me some good money". He closed the door and left me crying in the piss, cum and sweat.

I resolved to somehow get away from them. Reply, Reply All or Forward | More