Natural teenie opens up soft slit and gets deflorated virginity pounding

Natural teenie opens up soft slit and gets deflorated virginity pounding
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Maeghan Wrist ----- 3 -- After being so violated down in my butt by Ean, I ended up finding it incredibly hard to walk. But having the brother I did, it only made it that much better, as Ean literally walked me everywhere around the house.

He helped me sit down, stand up, and sometimes when I was just too slow for him, he picked me up in his arms and playfully made fun of me by poking his head down to mine and treating me like a little child as he carried me about. Even though mom coming home Sunday meant that we wouldn't be able to sleep together anymore, I couldn't help but be excited to see her again; she was my mom after all.

Beside that, another meal coming from the freezer and baked in the oven gave me new appreciation for how much more work she put into dinner than Ean did. We both ended up taking a shower together as we did french bbw florence ganganged in all holes have anal sex, so we couldn't shake off the feeling of being dirty.

As much as I didn't want to, it was just impossible not to be playful around Ean. So we pretty much washed each other in the shower, with him making a point to clean my nipples off with his mouth. I somehow ended up doing the same to him but I seriously doubt it felt as good for him as it did with him doing it to me.

Nevertheless, I could tell having his nipples sucked clean by his little sister did have a psychological effect on him. We fell asleep together and with amazing will power, I managed not to suck him dry before falling asleep in his arms.

I just fell asleep in his arms with a giant rod poking into my pelvis. Ean said nothing. I knew what was happening but I did everything in my power to deny it.

All I wanted was vaginal sex with him and I could stand for nothing less. I needed him inside my vagina soo incredibly bad. And in suppressing that thought as hard as I could, all I was doing was denying us both sexual release.

It was a self destructive sequence that I had to ignore. Mom would be home in a day and on Monday, I would get my birth control. That right there brought up a whole another issue I was suppressing. Saturday was a near marie madison has blue eyes and a small pair of kn day of boredom.

Without my three to four hour conversation with Montana because of her grounding, I was stuck wondering around not knowing what to do. And I ended up distancing myself from Ean as every time I was near him, that natural sex hormone he emitted from just being around me sucked my mind into wanting to just rape him with all my endurance.

The closest I got to him during daylight that day was walking next to him into the kitchen while he was watching some show on elephants. Everything combining in that one most horny, dreary day was driving my brain into unimaginable thoughts. I had to wait one more night though.

Mom would be home at two o'clock. She would take my mind off sex. And in that, I just made myself even worse off because I knew that after that very day, it would become almost impossible to have sex with Ean for quite some time. No more showers together. No more falling asleep inhaling his chest; feeling his manic heart come down from the orgasm in my mouth and into a soft sleep as he hugged me so tightly.

Oh that taste of his semen mixing with the remnants of my toothpaste. That smell became an instant arousal potion to my nose. Bedtime came early for us both that night. I wanted to kill a bit of time in masturbation but I knew if I touched myself down there, I would end up screaming for Ean to come to finish me off and the moment I saw Ean, I would want sex is the best reward for a luscious babe die from not being able to have his penis stretch apart my vagina.

I reluctantly got naked that night and pulled myself under the covers with Ean's naked body. I had to be the responsible one with my body. It was all on me to prevent vaginal penetration and I was snuggling my pelvis right there next to his flaring, pulsing reproductive organ.

It was all my responsibility. I couldn't allow myself to just accidently shift it in there. Ean fell asleep before me. Two weeks with no sex after learning how so incredible it felt. Ean was right there. I wasn't being denied, I was holding my own self back and it was killing me. It was the very last night with him and I was falling asleep in my newly forming tears because I couldn't let myself do anything with him.

I sniffed my nose but just let those few tears roll down my face onto Ean's chest. Soon enough, I fell asleep in near manic depression.

I woke up to Ean gripping me hard and staring into my face. My dilated pupils took in enough light to see his face clearly through the dark. "Are you alright," he whispered consolingly. "Yeah," I replied. My heart was pounding in my chest. Who would have guessed that I would have fallen into a dream depicting the very solution I had been suppressing all day long.

"Ean," I continued in a hard voice almost unable to form the words, "rape me." "What?" he said clearly not bothering to whisper. "I don't want to have sex, but I want it so bad. The only way to do it without making me feel completely miserable is if you rape me against my will." "I can't, not unless I wear a condom." "No. Pull out and cum on my stomach or something. Surprise me. I don't care anymore. I want it so bad. You said that one night that you wanted to make me pregnant; make a baby with me, in me.

Take a chance. Rape your little sister. Please, for me." His gripping hands on me were shaking. "Umm, we-we need a safe word or something." "A what?" I asked.

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"If you want me to stop." Taking in what he just said, I realized how real a rape I could actually get. I could yell anything and he would still rape me unless I really wanted him to stop and said that safe word thing. "Elephant, h-how about that." "Why ele-" I began before not caring anymore. "Ok, but I'm never going to say it." Ean was almost ecstatic with my idea.

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His radiating emotions were quickly adding onto mine in me. My whole body began to shiver.

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He would never make me say elephant. Without hesitation, he had flung the covers over us completely off his bed and dropped his lips to mine where he hyper aggressively lodged his tongue into my mouth. I couldn't believe how sex starved he was. What had I done to him? His hands quickly traveled down my body to my upper legs where they began spreading me open. Breaking his lips from mine, he sucked dots down my chin, neck, and chest.

Moving over my tummy, I began to get scared on where he was going. Further and further down his mouth moved until I felt it just on the beginning of my mound. "No, not there," I cried out. He moved one more dot down and pulled his mouth completely off just before I felt the entire length of his tongue lick from the bottom to the top of my slit.

I cindi sashas private luxury room webcam show ultraporncamscom the temperature in the room jumped twenty degrees at that lick. "Nooo," my voice shook pathetically. "Stop." His entire mouth enveloped my bulge and his tongue went wild. "Elephant, Elephant, Elephant!" I cried. That was where I peed from. Ean didn't stop.

What was the point of that safe word if he was really actually going to sexually molest me against my will. My mouth popped all the way open and I couldn't not shout as I felt a massive, warm, soaking muscle press into my body. His tongue was inside me.

I felt it moving up and down. He was licking my insides; inside my vagina. "Elllll-lla-phant," I sobbed in one last effort. He kept licking and pushing his head more forcefully into my soft bulge. My shouts toned down into loud airy moans with each breath. He sucked and poked his tongue in further. He wasn't stopping. That had to mean he was enjoying it. My brother actually liked licking the juices out of my vagina. And beyond anything I had ever imagined in my life, I loved every nanosecond his tongue was in there.

His fingers were soon down by his mouth and I couldn't believe that I was actually feeling him pull my vagina open with them.

He was tugging my tiny lips apart and I could feel his mouth go inside them. The soaking, hot, solid muscle poking from his most amazing lips was fighting my scared, throbbing internal tunnel to reach in as far as it could. Inches inside me, I could feel him licking my softest, most moist, fleshy girl tissues.

He rolled that thick spoon of his in circles inside me gathering all the lubrication I secreted in the pure state of rapturous lust I was going through. Apparently having fought as deeply in as he could, he removed one set of clamping fingers, letting that lip squish onto his cheek, and realigned the tips to my clitoris.

With one squeeze, I was writhing in orgasm. All the wetness that used to run down my butt was now gone. Going directly to the source, Ean was drinking me from the spitting walls of my vaginal tubing. His tongue and lips were being beaten and massaged by my fourteen year old muscles. Straight from my girl organ and down his throat, my orgasm water flowed. My breasts were jumping into the air every two seconds from the tidal waves washing over my body, radiating from below my womb.

The voiceless moans coming with every breath I made were sporadic and broken. My legs shifted left and right, up and down, completely unable to hold still.

The toes and fingers on my feet and hands couldn't curl in any further. Pulling his head back as the pure ecstasy of my high had just ended, Ean quickly traveled up me where he pressed his closed jaw to mine. With a gentle tug from one of his hands on my chin to open my mouth, his slutty babe all holes boned by black men followed releasing a splash of liquid into me.

Immediately I spit it back up all over both of us. "Ewe, I don't make you eat your stuff," I said harshly. I instantly wished I had just swallowed it as in spitting, I successfully coated my entire mouth in my pubic waters.

Not to mention half my face and Ean's oh so kissable lips. "Good little girl's shouldn't talk when their being raped," he said eerily erotic as I felt his pulsing man organ push into my body. I didn't know why I did it but without even an urge, I sucked the saliva from my tongue and spit into his face. His slow stroke into me immediately turned into a stab just as his open mouth forced its way onto my lips.

With that tugging hand of his, I opened up for him to spit back directly into my throat. My tongue instantly pressed it to the roof of my mouth to taste it and properly funnel it down my esophagus. My vagina was sore and Ean was especially forceful in not just his thrusts into me but in sunny leone xxx story sex stories 2019 jabardasth way he touched me. I wanted to squeeze him in my arms so tightly until he stopped but I wasn't supposed to be having sex with him.

I wasn't in control. I was being raped by my big brother. The more uncomfortable I was, the hotter I became. Moving my hands off his mattress, I grabbed his chest and pushed as hard as my weak muscles could.

The truly scary realization of just how little effect I actually had on him washed over me. With all my strength, he didn't budge and inch. Big tit brunette masturbates pussy on chair wasn't taking me into consideration whatsoever like he did before. And feeling how pathetic I really was just then taught me how much he normally did take me into account.

I was truly nothing to his strength and power. And my goodness was being raped by him the greatest feeling in the entire planet.

"Stop it," I cried through what little opening I struggled free between our mouths. "Stop, I'm not allowed to have sex." Ean slammed hard into my body. "Shut up. I'm going to shoot my sperm directly into your cervix to pool in your womb for days to come." Another powerful slam directly into my sore mound. "You're going to have your own brother's baby grow inside of you. You can show it off every day as you walk around pregnant at school.

A mere freshman girl from a college guy." Another deep thrust. Faster and faster. His hands grabbed and squeezed my little breasts hard as his mouth moved up over my face. "I'm going to cum in you soon right here," he said.

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"And then when I can, I'll cum in you again, and again, and again. As many times as I can until two o'clock when mom comes home. You'll have tears in your eyes from all the pain and your panties will be leaking with a dozen cums inside you." "Stop it," I cried. I was loving every second of it. I wished so much he actually did everything he said. "Stop raping me.

Please, I'll do anything for you." I was getting so sore as he bounced so fast and hard in between my legs. "Please, get off me." My weak arms were nothing to his firm chest. The very real tears of the real pain he was actually causing me was making the situation unbearably erotic.

"I'm," he thrust once deep and hard. "Going," another violent rip into me.

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"To," so amazingly painful and pleasurable. "Make," his slowed banging jabs into me meant only one thing. "You," he was passed cumming and holding it back as long as possible for this one last word. "Pregnant," he pounded one last time before I felt a line of warmness run up my pelvis with an exploding splash onto my cervix. Completely lost in the feeling, I spurted out my biggest suppressed fear just as my vision went blind in a white sting.

"You already made me pregnant last time," I cried sniffing the mucus back up my nose. From all the pain, there was still soo much pleasure. "Get off of her now!" I heard mom screaming just as I realized that the blinding white light wasn't in my head, but actually real. - e.l. hanes Comments good and bad are welcome as they are my only means of improving my weaknesses and emphasizing my strengths.