Taya silver is not the prettiest ho in the skin biz

Taya silver is not the prettiest ho in the skin biz
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Mrs Malone and Her Boys. Part One. Jackie Malone was a sleep under the bedcovers, dressed in cut off denim shorts and a cropped skimpy vest top, when her drunken husband returned home after his all day golf game and after games drinks at the club house, he lay beside her and started snoring. Jackie looked at the bedroom clock; it was 6:30pm, so she decided to get up.

As she rose she felt the tingle in her pussy and remembered the three hour sex session she had with her three boys, mark, Alex and Mickey. Jackie as she went for a pee recalled the session and could not believe she allowed her boys to have sex with her but to screw her arse as well.

But she enjoyed it so much. In the kinky lesbian bombshells are stretching and fisting anals she opened a bottle of wine and called the boys to her, she said nothing about the afternoon sex session, and got them to order pizza for dinner. After phoning the order through she had forty five minutes to pass so Jackie decided to get a shower. As john her husband was asleep in the master bedroom she decided to use the main bathroom.

She sat on the edge of the bath with her second glass of wine and waited for the hot water to work its way out of the shower head. When there was steam pouring out of the shower cubicle Jackie finished her glass of wine and got in the steaming hot shower. She ensured she washed every crevice of her body, she even decided to shave her pubes and go bald, which she had not done for a very long time.

The shower was nice and relaxing and mixed with the pleasure of the afternoon and the wine Jackie was on cloud nine and high with pleasure. Getting out of the shower she dried her self and put on an old silk short kimono gown and poured the last of the bottle of wine into her empty glass. As she walked to the kitchen drinking her wine the door bell went. She opened it to find the pizza delivery guy standing there with the order. The three boys looked around the corner of the family room and watched their mother as she bent over to get some money out of her purse, which was on the hallway floor, as she leaned forward the delivery guy, got a good view of her backside and pussy as her gown rose up.

Her gown opened at the front and parted, as she stood up it was parted and the boys got a good view of her cleavage and now bald pussy. Jackie turned around and walked a few steps to the front door, as she did the gown parted even further and her nipples were just visible at the edge of the parted material.

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Taking the pizza's she walked past the staring boys to the kitchen and started to plate up. Each boy grabbed a plate and went back into the family room.

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Jackie finished her glass of wine and opened another before wandering into the family room with her gown wide open and sitting with her feet under body ate some pizza and drank some wine. The boys stared at her naked breasts. To break the silence she told the boys they could have a bottle of beer each, so of went Alex and got one each for the boys. The group as they ate watched TV.

Cherie deville and kennedy leigh threeway on small bed Jackie filled her empty glass up with wine the phone rang, mark answered it and it was his Grandmother calling as usual on a Saturday night. He said Hi Ya as he handed the phone to his mother.

As Jackie talked to her mother she sipped wine, her gown was open and her breasts were visible to the boys. Each boy then sat around her, Mickey on her left, Alex on her right and Mark on the floor between her legs. Alex then Mickey started to grope and squeeze her breasts and before long they were sucking and licking her nipples. Shortly afterwards she felt her legs being parted and Mark had his face pushed up to her pussy where he was sucking, licking and fingering his mother's bald pussy.

As Jackie was in a state of sexual arousal it did not take long for her to have her first climax. As the boys rotated their positions each one of them made her have an orgasm as she was on telephone to her mother.

Before Jackie realised what was happening Mark was naked and had slipped his hard cock up into her pussy and was screwing her hard and fast, as his brothers were sucking her tits and nipples.

To stop herself from screaming with pleasure Jackie bit on her lower lip. As soon as Mark had shot his load deep inside her he was replaced by Alex, who did the same as his brother and screwed his mother hard and fast. All the time Jackie was on the phone to her mother, the boys Grandmother. Then Mickey replaced Alex and he screwed his mother. Each time the boys came in her she had an orgasm as well.

Jackie lay back on the sofa chatting to her mother with spunk dribbling out of her pussy, all three boys then stuck their erect cocks in her face and forced Jackie to suck each one clean as she chatted to her mother. The boys then sat back and looked at their mother, lying naked on the sofa with her legs wide apart, spunk dribbling out of her pussy.

Mark then took some pictures of girl with big boobs rides a hard dick in this state. Hanging up the phone Jackie ordered the boys to get her a very large whiskey, Alex went and got it, he came back with a tumbler full and gave it to his mother, who drank it in one go. She ordered another and drank that in one go. As Jackie lay on the sofa she started to rub her clit and rub the love juices around her body, this aroused all the boys again.

They played with themselves as their mother played with herself in front of them. Each boy, when he came shot his load over Jackie's body, she rubbed the cum into her tits and body. She felt like a real whore and wanted more.

To satisfy her appetite for sex she got the empty wine bottle and started to screw herself with the neck of the bottle.

All the time Mark was taking pictures. As she frigged herself with the bottle she had multiple orgasms.

All the boys had rock hard cocks watching their slut of a mother acting like a dirty whore. Jackie, who was high on her pleasure wanted more sex, she wanted each of her boys to screw her arse hole. As she knelt on the edge of the sofa Mickey went first and screwed her arse depositing his spunk in his mothers rear passage, he was alina li and johnny sins by Mark. Next up was Alex who did the same as his younger brother, this was followed by Mark.

All the time the event was videoed. As the boys laid back on the sofa Jackie sucked and licked their cocks clean. Jackie tried to stand up but could not due to the amount of alcohol she had drunk and the amount of sex she had, she needed to go for a pee. The boys helped her to the bathroom, all were naked. As she sat on the toilet seat, Alex pissed over her stomach, Jackie then spread her legs and he pissed over her pussy, Mickey was next and he pissed over her tits.

When it was Marks turn he pissed in her mouth and Jackie drank it down. Again it was all videoed. Eventually Jackie fell asleep in the family room and the boys put her naked in the spare room. The next day, Sunday, Jackie was woken up by the boys out in the back yard playing about in the pool. She got up but felt terrible, she could not find any clothes and wondered why she was in the spare bedroom. As she wandered naked to the bathroom her backside felt sore and so did her pussy as well as her breasts and nipples, she could not remember anything about last night.

Putting on a dressing gown she wandered into the kitchen where the boys joined her. As she sat on a bar stool with a coffee the boys kissed her and sat opposite her. She asked what had happened last night, as Mark told her, Jackie's jaw dropped, she could not believe she allowed her children to do all those things to her.

Then the bombshell hit her, as a video went on the TV showing her doing the highlights of last night. The boys basically were now making her their slave and a piece of paper was handed to her with their demands on it. Before she could read it John walked in and she pocked the demands. Walking out of the kitchen she headed for the bathroom and sitting on the edge of the bath she read the demands list.

She must never wear any underwear. All ways wear high heal shoes. Dress very sexily all the time. Give the boys BJ's when asked. Go naked in the house when their father was not around. Shave her pussy. Allow the boys to play with her pussy & breasts at any time they wished.

To her the demands did not seem too bad, she could live with them. Jackie then decided to get a hot shower to wake her up. After the shower she put on her Brazilian two piece tie fastening bikini and joined her husband and boys out on the patio in the sun. As she lay on a sun bed the boys asked if they could have a barbeque later.

As there was no food Jackie would have to go the grocery store to get some provisions. Alex volunteered to go with her and they decide to go straight away. Jackie goes and gets changed as Alex goes and waits in the car. His mother comes out of the house in a short front fastening denim spaghetti strapped dress and high heeled shoes. The bottom buttons on her dress are undone up to her pussy and the top two buttons are also undone exposing her cleavage. As Jackie gets into the 4x4 she sits back in her seat and slides forward thus hitching her dress up her thighs, she sits with her legs apart and undoes the buttons on the bottom half of her dress exposing to Alex her hairless pussy.

As she drives Alex undoes some more buttons on the top of her dress to allow her breasts to become free. He then sucks and licks the breast closest to him as he fingers his mothers pussy. All the time as Jackie drives she is getting more aroused and eventually after stopping in kylie page in perfect specimen of a booty parking lot she has an orgasm.

Before getting out of the 4x4 she does a couple of her buttons up on her dress, just enough to make her decent, but enough to allow her son to see her pussy and tits when she bends down or squats with her legs open in the supermarket. As she shops Jackie is getting sexually aroused as she exposes her self to her son in front of the people in the grocery store.

At the cash register she has undone another button on the top of her dress allowing her full breasts to be exposed and her nipples are just covered by the dress. As they walk with the cart back to the car she undoes more buttons on her dress and allows her tits to become visible to the general public as she walks.

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Alex puts a hand under her dress and gropes her firm buttocks as she walks. Bending over to put the groceries in the car Alex rubs his cock against his mother's backside. The pair then climb into the back seat of the 4x4, as she does Jackie unbuttons her dress. Sitting side by side Jackie removes her son's shorts and pulls his top off; her dress is open and slips off her body to lie on the car floor.

She leans over Alex's cock and sucks him hard; she then lowers herself on to it facing him and rides him. This allows Alex to be able to suck his mother's nipples as she bounces up and down on his hard member. Alex cums deep inside his mother's pussy, but Jackie continues to screw her son until she has had her orgasm, which is several minutes after her son. She then collapses on him and allows their love juices to run out of her pussy down her sons cock and balls and to soak into the seat of the car.

Jackie climbs of her son and licks his cock and balls clean before getting out of the car naked and squatting in front of her sun and taking a pee. She puts her dress on but only fastens the waist button and then drives home with her pussy and tits on show. As she drives she fingers her self and sucks the love juices off her fingers or rubs it into breasts. Once home, Alex and Jackie take the groceries into the kitchen, then he strips and jumps in the pool with his two brothers, Jackie goes and puts her bikini back on and joins her boys in the pool.

She washes her self in the pool in front of her boys, as her husband is asleep after drinking several bottles of beers. Jackie then notices that her oldest and youngest boys are very drunk, they have been drinking beer as their father has slept in the sun. Jackie plays with the boys in the pool; they play fight and grope each other. The boys attack her and pull her tits out so that they can suck on her nipples, as they take it in turns she gets her hands in boys shorts and wanks him under water as one of the boys fingers her but hole or pussy.

In a lull in the proceedings, her neighbour, Mandy, pops her head over the fence and chats to Jackie. Jackie invites her round to discuss her sons doing some gardening for their neighbour next weekend. Mandy slips through a hole in the fence and walks up to the patio, she has on a small bikini. As Jackie gets out of the pool her breasts are exposed with all the play fighting going on in the water, her bottoms are pulled up into her pussy as well. She opens a bottle of wine and chats with Mandy on the patio, Mandy wants the boys to do some gardening for her next weekend and Jackie wants to keep an eye on the boys as they will be home alone for a couple of hours in the afternoon after school.

John is away on a business course and she will not get home till about 6pm each night. Alex starts the barbeque, as Mark and Mickey lie back on a lounger and doze off to sleep. The two ladies sit there drinking wine and before long three bottles have been consumed as they eat the barbeque Alex has prepared. When Mandy tries to get up, to go to the bathroom, she staggers hot cumshot compilation cum on tits edition and falls into Alex, who grabs her before she falls over.

Alex walks Mandy to the bathroom then returns to the patio to see his mother standing on the edge of the patio with her bikini bottoms pulled to one side taking a pee on to the grass. Both his brothers and his father are still asleep. He walks up behind his mother and gropes her breasts.

Mandy staggers back and says she is going home, Alex helps her home and to bed where she falls asleep. As it is late afternoon he covers hot mom story blue xxx with a blanket not before having a look at her large breasts and nipples. Back home he finds his mother in the kitchen sitting on a bar stool, she is drinking the last of her wine.

Alex comes up behind her and kisses her on the neck, as he does he slips a hand between her legs and under her bikini bottoms and fingers her damp pussy. The other hand has both her breasts freed of the bikini top and he is massaging them as he kisses and caresses her neck.

They then slip off to his room and both naked lie on the bed. Jackie lays on her back her legs apart and gets Alex to penetrate her in the missionary position; Alex does not old principal with lolly small long to shoot another load inside his mothers cunt.

He pulls out when finished and lies next to her. Jackie then rolls over and taking his soft cock in her mouth sucks Alex's cock until it is hard and erect, then she lowers her pussy on to him and rides him fast and furious until she has had several multiple orgasms. They hear movement from outside, Jackie puts her bikini back on and goes into the kitchen, John wanders in to the kitchen with and gets a bottle of beer from the fridge, as he drinks it he asks Jackie if the family should go out for a family meal.

She agrees. Jackie goes and gets a shower to clean herself up after her love sexy brunette nurse hardcore action with patient session with Alex. She then puts on her kimono and goes out side and tells her boys to come in and ready as they are going out for a meal. Her gown falls open as she walks back into the kitchen, allowing john to see her shaven pussy and her tits. He puts down his third beer and pulls her over to him, as he is sitting on a bar stool he pulls her up on to his knee and fully opens her gown.

Just then the three boys enter the kitchen on the way to their rooms; they pass their mother and father kissing in the kitchen, with their mother's tits on show. When the boys have gone Jackie kneels in front of her husband and gets his cock out of his shorts and gives him a blow job as the boys are getting ready.

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John and the boys sit in the family room waiting for their mother to get ready. Jackie comes out of her room wearing a short combat skirt, a white cotton sleeveless blouse and high heeled tan sandals.

As both parents have been drinking heavily during the afternoon they call a cab, unfortunately there are no five seater available so two cabs arrive. John, Alex and Mickey get in one cab and Jackie and Mark get in the other. During the fifteen minute cab ride, mark is all over his mother kissing her and undoing her blouse so that he can suck on her nipples, he even pulls her skirt up and Jackie parts her legs allowing easy access to her pussy, which he fingers. Jackie leaves her blouse undo and the family sit at the bar awaiting their table.

The boys have a beer and the two adults have large whiskeys. At the table John sits at the head, then Alex and Mickey and Mark sits opposite his mother. Wine is served and every one has a glass full. As the meal is eaten the family drink more wine, so that Jackie, her husband and Alex and Mickey become drunk. Mark only has sips as he wants to screw his mother when they get home.

During the meal Mark places his foot upon hi mother's pussy and rubs it. Twice during the meal Jackie has staggered off the toilet with Mark not far behind, they have firstly kissed passionately outside the toilet and the second time Mark got his mother's breasts out and sucked them as he fingered her bum; her skirt was hitched up around her hips.

When she walked back to her seat the skirt was till high up her thighs and her blouse was wide open allowing her cleavage to be seen. After the meal Mark put John, his father, Mickey, both very drunk, and Alex, who was just able to stand, in a taxi and sent them home.

Mark and a drunken Jackie staggered off to a bar for a few night caps. In the bar Mark openly fondles and gropes his mother's breasts and buttocks watched by a few patrons of the establishment. They then go into the back room to have a game of pool, as Jackie takes her shots, with her blouse open, her tits fall out and are on view.

She hitches her skirt up xxx vidos black guy and giral take several awkward shots and her arse also becomes on view, several customers come and watch her play and buy her drinks as well.

They challenge her to several games, and a very drunk Jackie accepts. At the end of the session she climbs on the pool table and does an erotic dance where she fingers her pussy and arse hole and gropes her own breasts before mark decides it is time to leave. Jackie staggers out of the bar, blouse open and skirt hitched up, aided my her son Mark. Eventually the pair got a taxi home; in the taxi Mark got his mothers tits out and hitched her skirt up so that he could finger her pussy as he sucked her nipples.

Jackie fell out of the taxi and Mark paid the fair. As he blouse was undone she removed it and walked the short distance to her house, aided by Mark, naked with her skirt around her waist.

Before entering the house Jackie stood on the door step and had a pee, which ran down her legs and soaked her shoes. Mother and son kissed passionately on the front door step in full view of the street they then go inside to Marks room where Jackie removes her clothes and drunkenly ravishes her son.

She climbs on top of mark and screws him until he shoots his load inside her, but Jackie does not stop she keeps going until she has pleasured herself. She then rolls of Mark and falls asleep on his bed. Mark lies beside her and falls asleep. Jackie hears her alarm go off and rushes naked to her own bedroom to see her husband fast asleep. She switches the alarm off and shakes John until he wakes up.

It is 5:30am and his taxi to the airport will arrive at 6am. Jackie then puts on a skimpy night dress and goes and makes coffee in the kitchen, her husband follows her in his boxers complaining of a hangover.

He sits and drinks his coffee before going and getting ready. Jackie in her skimpy night dress, walks bare footed with John to the taxi, as she kisses him through the cab window her short night dress raises up her tight arse to reveal it to the world, especially Mark who is watching from the front door.

As the taxi pulls away Jackie waves good buy to her husband, and her tits bounce out of her night dress. John is away on a training course and will not be back until Late on Thursday evening. As soon as the taxi has departed, Jackie walks back up to her front door, she sees mark standing there in his boxers, and Jackie allows both her tits to be visible to her son as she enters the front door.

Mark grabs his mother and takes her to the kitchen where he gropes her breasts and fingers her pussy as he asks her about last night. Jackie does not remember a thing and is appalled at her behaviour when told. Jackie slips out of her night dress and stands leaning over the counter top pushing her arse into her eldest sons cock. Mark strips and rubs his hard cock up and down amazing gang bang along steamy japanese babe in heats arse crack, as he does this he kisses her neck and gropes her tits and with the other hand fingers her pussy.

Jackie then pushes her arse out and begs Mark to fuck her pussy. He starts of slowly then builds up speed until he is pounding into his mom's pussy with all his might making Jackie scream with pleasure, suddenly after his mother has had her second orgasm he shoots his load deep up inside her. After he has withdrawn from his mom, she squats in front of her son and sucks his cock clean.

She then tells Mark to go and get the other two boys up as she puts her night dress back on.