Delightsome pleasuring from sexy luscious teen smalltits and homemade

Delightsome pleasuring from sexy luscious teen smalltits and homemade
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Shela is finally mine. It all started when I was fifteen years old. I came down sick with a seriously high fever. It took a week and setting in a lot of cold water baths and lots of drugs to get it down.

It took me almost a year to get back to normal. I lived in a small Midwest town with my mother. Dad had died when I was ten, mom and I moved to where she could get work. As I healed and felt better I began to notice that I could influence some people to do things once in a while.

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Being the sixteen year old horny teenager I was by now, I practiced mostly on other kids, and mostly girls. I would see a cute girl and I would make her boobs itch so she would rub them or make the inside of her upper thigh itch so she would have to discretely scratch it or rub her legs together.

I got to know a family that ran a café in town where most all the other teens hung out. Their son Tom was my age and they had two daughters Shela who was eighteen and Jinni who was sixteen.

Tom and Jinni were twins. Shela being the older of the two girls had an extremely nice body. Shela always wore long skirts or dresses that ended just below her knees. My favorite was her knee length poodle skirt; it was a style from an earlier time.

I always wanted to know just what was hidden under it. She stood about five foot four inches and weighed I guess about one hundred twenty pounds. She wasn't thin as a rail but she definitely wasn't fat either. She normally tied her brown hair back with a head band that ran from the back of her neck up behind her ears and across the top of her forehead.

She had a pretty face and a smile that I was in love with. The other daughter, Jinni was just a thinner, younger version of Shela. Tom and I were always doing something if he wasn't working in the café.

Each three hot lassies share a fat boner the three kids had days that they had to work. Normally one of the girls had the afternoons off and worked in the evenings.

On the weekends everyone worked. Just after I had turned sixteen I began to hear what sounded like dozens of voices in my head whenever I was around people. As I learned how to pay attention to the separate voices I discovered that I could read people's minds and hear what they were thinking without them saying anything. As I got better at reading minds I began to experiment with reading some one's mind and then getting them to change their mind about something.

Soon I knew just what all the girls thought of every boy around. If they liked the boy they would kind of silently "grunt" or "growl", if they were aroused they would silently moan or squeal. Soon I began to be able to just look at a girl and make her horny and excited to the point of having an orgasm as she looked at someone. I could make them touch themselves anywhere or flash their panties for me.

As I got good at it there were a lot of horny, excited girls around town. I didn't even have to be there all I had to do was picture their face or body and place horny thoughts in their mind. I loved to get into the mind of some of the cock tease females and when sex story xxx say xx foribari thought about teasing a boy I would make them horny enough that their pussy juices would start to drip down their leg.

Suddenly one day I found out that Shela's folks were thinking about moving back where they had come from. I almost hit the panic button. Then I remembered I could change their minds for them and make them like where they were. They were making a good income from the café and I definitely didn't want them leaving town with the girls. After I got them straightened out about not moving I also took the liberty of adjusting their minds about seeing me around the girls.

I arranged so that if they saw me walk up and put my arm around one of the girls or fondle her ass or tits they would think nothing of it. What can I say I was almost seventeen and a hormone driven teenager?

I began to work with both girls to make them like me more and have some very butthole of beauty destroyed girlfriend and hardcore thoughts about me. I programed their minds where I could cause them to not be thinking of sex at all (level 1) to having a mind blowing orgasm that would cause them to almost pass out (level 12). They would be going about whatever they were doing and I could slip into their mind and instantly raise them from a one to a four or five.

At seven they would have english full sexy movie urdu zaban hurry to the bathroom because they didn't want anyone, especially their parents, to see them acting funny, moaning or rubbing their tits and pussy. I could affect anyone this way be it man or woman, young or old. I loved to see a foxy looking chick walking down the street and suddenly blast her with a level five or six just to watch her shudder, shake, stumble and try to act as if nothing was happening while inside her body and mind she was feeling as if she were being fucked hard by her boyfriend.

I would give my two girls the feeling that I was running my fingers up and down the inside their leg clear up to their pussy without touching their clothing. Every girl in town thought they were going nuts by now. No female was safe, young or old.

I especially liked some of the reactions of the 30 or 40 year old married women when I would blast them. Finally I'd had enough fun I wanted to fuck both Shela and her sister. I again adjusted their parent's attitude so they told both the girls that if they had to they could have sex with me and that they (the parents) wouldn't care as long as neither one of the girls got pregnant. I kept Shela at a level three all morning as she worked. I put the thought in her mind that she would shower and come to my place as soon as she got off work.

I fixed it so that her parents would think she had gone home. My mom worked until ten at night so I wasn't worried about her catching us. If she did I could handle her with a few simple thoughts.

Finally at four p.m. Shela climbed the stairs to the apartment where I lived and hesitantly knocked on the door. As the door opened I could feel her begin to doubt that she should be here. Quickly I tossed that idea from her head and raised her "horny" level another notch. She came into the apartment and I "nudged" her to want to start in kissing me and wanting to feel my hands all over her body. We made some small talk for a minute and then she ask; "will you kiss me?

I haven't ever kissed a boy before; I want to know what it's like." She was like a little girl, shy and afraid of what I would say or do. I calmed her mind as I slowly and gently took her into my arms and began to kiss her. Shy at first then with the enthusiasm of any teenager she began to respond.

We were wrapped together and kissing as if the world might end tomorrow. I slowly started to run my hands over her back, sides, and shoulders. Gently I slid my hands down to her beautiful and shapely ass.

As I began to feel and squeeze her ass cheeks I pulled her trembling body to my crotch so she could feel my enlarged dick mashing against her pussy mound and belly. She was moaning and squirming with pleasure as I held her body against me and my hard dick.

My tongue parted her lips and invaded her mouth as we kissed and she shuddered with want. Gently we moved back to my bedroom and I closed the door behind us. "Oh god" she whispered as I slowly began to unbutton her blouse, "please go slow I've never done anything like this before. I've been so horny all day I just had to come up here and feel you touch me and kiss me." I gently removed her blouse and let it drop to the floor.

As I kissed and nibbled my way around her creamy white shoulders I reached around and unhooked her pale blue bra. She squeaked and trembled harder as I slowly let her beautiful breasts creep out from behind the blue material one at a time. As each breast appeared I quickly but gently sucked the nipple into my mouth and gave it a tongue bath. By the time I was done with the second breast she was quivering and shaking so bad I had to let her set down on the edge of the bed after I had loosened her skirt and let it slip to her feet.

She gasped and cried out as I quickly removed my shirt and pants. She saw me standing completely naked in front of her and she whimpered "it's too big it won't fit".

I lay her back on the bed and began kissing and licking from her eyes all the way down to her toes. As I moved my lips over her feet I gently sucked each of her big toes into my mouth. I began to work my way back up the inside of her legs and thighs with soft kisses, nibbles and licking. She was lying back tossing her head from side to side and grabbing at the sheets with her hands and had her legs spread as wide as she could possibly get them.

She was constantly moaning, whimpering and gasping for air. Her breath was coming in short gasps. As I arrived at her intersection I suddenly flattened my tongue out and licked hard from her asshole to her clit. I thought she was going to stand straight up as she screamed and threw her hips up off the bed. As I sucked and licked I checked her mind. I had left her at a level four and by now she had gone to a level six on her own.

I slowly and gently licked and kissed my way back up to her give me pink intense anal orgasm after ass massage with toys. Then I slowly and gently rubbed the head of my cock up and down through the lips to her sacred entrance.

She gasp and cried out, "go slow I'm a virgin". As I tried to penetrate her she squirmed and whimpered moving her hips. My god she was tight. I started short in and out motions, shoving myself in a little bit farther each time until I felt her barrier at the end of my cock.

I paused and adjusted her mind so she would not feel the pain of breaking but would feel pleasure in place of the pain. Slowly I sawed in and out a few more times and then as I felt her start to relax Long dong disappears in a shaved pussy thrust forward. "Oh shit that feels good" she squealed as my rock hard cock invaded her tight virgin territory.

Cute whore gets hard dong in hands stopped and let her get used to my size and then slowly began to thrust in and pull back out. I could feel every muscle contraction and every ridge inside her pussy. I had to control my own mind to keep from blowing my load then and there. I grabbed her legs behind her knees and lifted them to where her knees were tight against the sides of her tits and continued sliding in and out, god she was wet.

Thankfully I had a condom on because I couldn't see me pulling out in time to keep from getting her pregnant. She lay there for the next five minutes thrusting her hips up as I came down and moaning, twisting, shaking and begging for more. "Oh god faster, faster, harder, harder" she gasp out breathing in short pants and gasps.

Suddenly she grabbed the sheets and cried out; "what's happening to me"? "You're going to cum, cum for me now" I said and instantly sent her "horny" level up to twelve. She gulped a deep breath and froze, and then she began to shudder and shake like a bowl of Jell-O, a long drawn out oooooooooh squeezed its way out through her clenched teeth as I felt a gush of hot liquid then another hot gush from her quivering pussy as I shot what seemed like a gallon of my seed into the end of the condom just before she convulsed and passed out.

I lay on britney rose and kyla share a shaft for a minute or better before her eyes fluttered open. "Oh god what happened to me" she whispered. "You cum and passed out" I told her as I nuzzled her neck and tits. "Ooooh you're still inside me, I can feel you it feels so good I can't stand it".

Slowly I began to move back charmful lesbians keena and kristen loves sucking nipples forth in her steamy hot hole and felt her juices leak out beside my cock.

"Oh, oh, oh, stop, stop, I'm so sensitive I can't stand it" she grabbed me with both her hands and legs to stop me from moving. Gently I withdrew from her and rolled off to her side. "Oh god I know I'm going to have mom get me on the pill after this. I want to do this all the time with you." "Going to let your sister in on this" I teased her as I lay there stroking her tits.

"I don't know if I want to share something this good or not" she replied in a dreamy voice. Jinni Shela and I had been fucking each other's brains out for several months. Both she and Jinni were by now on the pill so I didn't have to worry about any mishaps. Shela was having her monthly happening so I decided it was Jenny's turn to sample what Shela and I were enjoying.

As Jenni slipped out the back door of the café one evening I was waiting in the shadows. I had her mind up to a level three before she got off work. As she came out the door I raised her to a five and stood where she could see me. "Hi cutie, you off for the night" I ask. She was so horny she was trembling. As she walked up to me I reached out and put my arms around her waist.

"Hey girl you ok", I asked again as I gave her a squeeze and held her close. "OOOOO" she moaned "I don't know what's wrong with me but you feel so good, just hold me it makes me feel better".

I held her close and reached down to plant a kiss on her ear. As I kissed her she quivered and moaned again. "I know what's wrong with you" I whispered in her ear.

As I whispered in her ear I let one of my hands slide around from her lower back to her crotch aria. She clamped her legs together and groaned as I tried to rub her pubic aria. "Spread your legs open a little" I whispered as I nibbled on her ear and neck. She whimpered and shuddered as she cautiously began to open her legs wide enough to allow my hand access to her pussy. I gently and slowly drew my fingers across the tight, slick cotton panties that covered her. She almost squealed out loud but instead clamped her lips on my shoulder and groaned.

"Good grief girl you're so hot and horny you can't hardly stand up, let's get you up to my place and see what we can do about this problem" I said as I slowly rubbed her private area.

"I know, Shela said she couldn't do anything this week and she's been telling me about how good it feels and what you do when you two are together. I haven't been able to think of anything else all day" she replied as she vigorously humped herself into my hand and on my arm. We quietly made our way around the corner and upstairs to my bedroom.

As I closed the door she stood there like a bashful twelve year old, even though she was sixteen. I reached for her and removed her blouse and unsnapped her skirt. As I reached around her to unhook her bra her skirt dropped to the floor. She was shaking like a leaf in a high wind as I removed her bra and white cotton panties which were by now soaked and almost dripping.

I gently laid her back onto the bed and quickly lost all my clothes. As my eight inch manhood came into view she shrieked and slammed her legs together. "Oh shit, it'll never fit, it'll split me in half" she cried out.

I gently opened her legs again as I calmed her mind and laid her back on the bed. Gently I began to lick and nibble my way up the inside of her legs past her knees blood only best xnxx downlod her crotch. I touched her lips from her ass to her clit with my tongue, never really touching hard enough to really let her know what I was doing but at the same time hard enough she could feel my butterfly touches all over her pussy and clit hood.

She was going crazy, rolling around, and grabbing the sheets and my hair. I parted her outer lips and suddenly sucked her clit in my mouth and started to batter it with my tongue. She slammed her hips up into my face and let out a scream of pleasure as she squirted her girl cum out onto my face.

Jinni had just felt her first mind blowing orgasm. She lay curled up on the bed in a fetal position shaking and jerking, gasping for breath and trying to cry all at the same time. "What happened? I've never ever felt like that before, ever. I thought I was going to explode. Why am I jerking like this? I still feel weird inside. What did you do to me?" She managed to sob out finally. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight.

"Just relax, take a deep breath and relax. You're fine, you just had an orgasm. Relax and enjoy it there isn't anything to be scared of. What you felt and are feeling now is normal. You just had your first orgasm, or another way to say it is you came. It was a really big one too. The next time you do that you will love the feelings. An orgasm is the best part of sex, relax and let the feelings go through you.

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Just relax and concentrate on what your body is feeling." I lay with her and cuddled her close until she caught her breath and stopped shaking and jerking. As she settled down and regained her senses I began to gently slide my hands and fingers over her naked body while I mentally aroused her and relaxed her mind.

Five minutes later she was moaning and squirming as I slowly and gently rubbed her tits and her smooth virgin stomach. I began to tongue her tits one after the other and suck on her nipples as I eased my hand down between her legs and onto her throbbing pussy.

I slowly slid my fingers between her outer lips and found the virgin hole I was looking for. She gasped, whined and arched her back as I gently entered her untouched by man territory with my finger.

"Ooooh that feels good" she whimpered as I gently slid my finger in and out. As she relaxed I felt her begin to loosen up a little, I slowly I introduced another finger to her insides.

By now she was twisting and thrusting her hips upwards at my fingers. Suddenly I started to torment her clit each time my fingers slid out. As I would rub over her clit all she could do was lift her hips and say humfff. I knew she was close when she jerked her legs up. A long drawn out Ooooh shitttt started deep down inside her and slowly slid up and forced its way out past her lips. Then she stiffened up and I felt her girl juices flood my hand as she arched her back and hips off the bed.

Good grief I thought she was going to drown me. I felt her juices land on my knee as I lay beside her. Suddenly she slammed her legs together and curled up in a fetal position on her side with tears on her face.

"Oh fuck, I just did it again. I felt like I was going to explode, I thought I was going to die. Oh crap, I think I just peed all over. Oh what happened it felt like a giant explosion inside me? I saw all kinds of stars and flashing colored lights. I've never felt anything that good. We lay facing each other on the bed. "You just had another major orgasm, you cum. What do you think did you like the feelings?" "Oh crap if it's that good I don't ever want to get out of this bed I want to be here forever.

Wait until I tell sis. Now I know why she always wants to come up here, I do to." By now I had begun to trace my fingers all over her body again. We were kissing and I was nipping her neck, throat, ears, and tits as she began to squirm and twist. Slowly I worked my way down to her pussy and began to lick it and nibble on her clit. She was moaning and jerking as I sucked her tender and tasty clit into my mouth and sucked on it.

I knew she was hotter than a firecracker again so I rolled over on top of her. I slid the head of my dick up and down through her inner lips then I started it into her love hole. "Oh stop, I'm still a virgin. It'll hurt I know it will." Again I calmed her mind and adjusted it to where she wouldn't feel the pain.

I gently started into her fiery hot sloppy wet virgin pussy. It was like trying to shove a pop bottle through a garden hose.

She was so tight I had to pause for a minute. This was painful even for me. As I came up against her barrier I stopped again then started a slight in and out motion. Jinni lay there moaning and trembling. I relaxed her mind more and she began to feel me going in and out. Finally she had loosened up enough so I thought I could make it in with my throbbing cock.

I slowly drew back and then lunged forward. Jinny squealed and I yelled. I thought for a minute I had broken my cock when I burst through. We both lay there and moaned for a couple of minutes. When I could move again I discovered that I was balls deep in my little virgin girl. We were both almost in tears. She was slowly beginning to stretch and open up as I tried to withdraw. I figured out that I was still all in one piece and I had broken through her barrier.

I gently began a slow in and out movement which made her moan and squirm. Christina shine maya crush cayenne hot in euro boob wash half a dozen strokes later we were beginning to fuck like a couple of mink. Her heels were beating my ass in rhythm with my thrusts and she was moaning about how good it felt. I was ready to blow my load so I paused for a minute pulled out of her and slapped her clit with my dick That pause was what I needed.

I began a slow steady in and out then mixed in a few short quick jabs before going back to the long slow then fast penetrations. By now Jenni was grunting, moaning, and gasping for breath. "Oh it's happening again I'm cuming. Oh crap don't stop it's happening again, harder please faster, oh shit yesssssss." Her hips flew up off the bed as she howled out the word yes as her tender young pussy began to jerk and spasm.

That was all it took, it felt like I ripped my toenails off as I started to cum. It felt like it started in the bottom of my feet and came ripping up my legs and out through my cock. "Oh fuck" I moaned and then we both collapsed in a heap with me still deeply embedded in her contracting, twitching, quivering, pussy. I had never felt anything like it as I lay there with her pussy walls milking my juices out of me. I felt her heartbeat, I felt every twitch and spasm of her pussy, and I felt every ripple, ridge, fold and bump inside her.

Finally I rolled off to the side and my soft, abused, spent, exhausted cock popped out of her hole and flopped lifeless onto my thigh. After having this girl I wondered if I would ever be able to fuck again. Slowly we came back down to earth. As we both managed to start breathing normally and the mini orgams left Jinni she relaxed and laid there quietly touching, inspecting, looking and discovering what a boy's body looked like.

She ran her fingers over my chest, abdomen, legs, and finally she took my cock in her hands. She turned it, stretched it, and twisted it looking at every inch of it. Then she thoroughly inspected my balls.

The poor girl was so naïve for someone of her age. Her parents must have kept her locked in a cage somewhere. "Wow I didn't know boys were so different. This is the first time I've seen a guy naked. I peeked at my brother a time or two but he had undershorts on. How does it get so big and hard?

It hurt like hell right at first then after you broke my cherry it wasn't so bad. I want to fuck again but not right now. It'll be a few days before I can do it again I'm still sore from you being inside me. Is it always this bad?" "No Jinny now that you've done it the next time will be a lot easier. You won't have your cherry to deal with next time.

Your body will get used to being stretched and having it inside you. You'll get to love it and want it almost every day. Your sister would be up here every day if she could. You'll be the same way soon. Maybe next time both of you can be here. You can watch close and see what happens. See how it's starting to get hard again? That's because you have it in your hands and are moving your hand around on it. Let me show you something." I took her hand and began moving it up and down the skinny teen fake tits xxx naughty gal makes her gf horny of my cock.

Quickly it again bloomed to its full length and girth. Jinny watched in wide eyed wonder as it fully inflated and stood straight up again.

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"Let me show you some more. Put the end of it in your mouth and gently suck on it like you would a sucker. When you get it into your mouth lick it and slide your tongue all over it. Just don't touch it with your teeth." Jinny tentatively touched the end of it with her tongue and withdrew as if to taste it and decide if she liked it or not. "That's weird, it don't taste like anything.

I thought hot bgrade movie dil fek aashiq sex stories ebony full movieamazing would be nasty but it's not." Her head descended again and then she slid her mouth over it.

I let her taste and experiment for a minute then I put busty rose loves having two dicks inside her hands on the sides of her head. "Do like this" and I began to bob her head up and down sliding my cock in and out of her mouth. Jinny soon got the idea and was happily sucking my cock in no time flat.

Suddenly she stopped. Are you going to shoot again? What should I do when it happens? How will I know before it happens? What happens when you do it," she asked innocently. I had to swallow a laugh. This girl was far beyond naïve. I couldn't believe some of the questions she was asking. I seriously doubted that she had ever even masturbated. Damn what had I gotten myself into? "Yes Jenni I'll shoot again.

You can swallow what comes out, you can catch it in your mouth and spit it out, or you can take it out of your mouth at the last second and watch me come. I'll tell you just before I come so you'll be ready to do whatever you want to do. Now you get your butt up here by me and continue on that really feels good.

Jinny wiggled her pretty, shapely ass up beside me and was happily sucking me again. Gently I reached over and began to rub and finger her pussy. I would rub and finger her then I would roll her clit between my fingers.

She was soon moaning around my cock and humping my hand. She couldn't stay still she was twisting and jerking her ass everywhere. Suddenly I felt it start. "Oh shit I'm going to come." Jinny just kept on sucking. I'm going to come! I'm coming now I groaned just before I shot my load into her hot and busy mouth. As the first shot hit her she jerked then she began to swallow as the next three or four shots came racing out of me and into her waiting mouth.

Jinni just knelt there with my cock in her mouth as I began to finger her and maul her clit again. Her legs were spread wide and she finally dropped my deflating cock and began to cry out with another orgasm.

"Oh shit I'm coming oh yes please fuck me I'm coming again," she squealed out. She began to shake and jerk, and then she toppled over on her side, curled up in a fetal position and started to moan and jerk her hips. Both Shela and Jinni spent a lot of time in my bed after that. Sometimes just one of them would be there and sometimes both of them would be there together. They began to learn to pleasure each other or as I fucked one of them the other girl would suck the tits or rub the clit of the one I was fucking.

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Just after the three of us turned eighteen I landed a good job that paid really well. Mom was talking about moving again to a better job. Finally I told mom to go ahead and move but I was going to stay right where I was. By then I was making over twice as much money as mom made. I had a great job and some money in the bank.

Then the girls came to me in tears. They told me their folks were talking about moving back down south again. They didn't want to go japanese mom and monster black best give up what we had.

"Let them go," I told them. "You two can live here with me, get a job and not worry about moving. You're both eighteen years old so your folks can't say much of anything." Instantly the tears vanished and they were bouncing up and down. "Yes I love that idea" Shela exclaimed. "I think I've got the job at the bank that I applied for and Jinny should be able to find something somewhere. Mom and dad won't like it but we don't like the idea of moving and leaving here either.

Tom will be pissed but who cares, he's talking about going into the army anyway.

Needless to say the girl's parents did everything they could think of to discourage the idea until I stepped into their mind and helped them accept the fact. Six weeks later their mom, dad, and Tom was headed out of town. The girls and I settled in and were living on our own. There were a few tongues wagging around town about me having two girls living with me but whenever it came up I quietly placed the thought in the person's mind that we were living in a both teen and milf want to have every fun bedroom house.

Each of the girls had their own bedroom and I had mine. Or so everyone thought. Even the police showed up at the door one day wanting to know what was going on. We all three showed the officer our birth certificate to prove we were all three eighteen. Then we invited him in to see that the girls had their bedroom and I had mine.

The officer finally admitted there was nothing he could do everything was legal. After they left town the girl's parents would not write, call, or speak to us. A year later we accidently found out that Tom had been killed in the Viet Nam war. We are all three in our late fifty's' now and were still living in the same town and still fucking each other silly. I worked my way up to the district manager's position and Shela is the head of the loan department at the bank.

Ginny is the bookkeeper at the local lumber yard. We're all three beginning to think about retiring someday.