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Meridian babettes saftbienen sc brunette big tits
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Have you ever been so mesmerized by a single person you for got to breathe? I've always heard of love at first sight and how unexpecting it was. That day with that person I thought I was becoming a wittness hot babe lexi dona gets dicked down by masseur pornstars hardcore it. Becoming a victim to Cupid's arrow.

The most amazing thing about it was the fact that she was nothing out of the ordinary. Her name was Tasha, beautiful huh, her clothes were somewhere between conservative and just plain shyness. But what captured me was her eyes.

I'mma punk when it come to eyes. She stood between 5'10 and 5'11, nice body, not heavy but not skinny either, like a Salma Hayek frame, lovely chocolate brown skin, long black hair with brown streaks, little but savory lips, and voice that would put nuckle heads to sleep, and eyes with a light hazel tint, almost a sort of green, but they when almond shaped like an asians' I guess.

Now me, my name is Javon, I'm nothing to jump up and down about. I would call myself average. I'm like 5'7 or 5'8, trying to gain weight but like 140, maybe more, but cut up, Total Gym get's you right, alittle light shade of brown skin, my fro reached my nose then, and small lips.

Now I was on campus checking my mail and hangin out with my folks when she walked in and I was speechless, but my boys were more into her friend with the cut offs and daisey dukes, damn summers were great. Anyways we approached them and got to talking. We were all freshmen and didn't really know anyone except for our roomates and the others who were assigned with us as a group of 4 from our R.

A.s. Were all got close and went to the student center parties, got wasted and all fucked up together but nothing happend between us for a minute until Vacation time came.

Everyone was leaving to go home except for me and Tasha. We were warring with our folks and decided to stay. Needless to say the boredom was relentless. One night at like 1 in the morning I got up, got dressed and hooped.

I was out there for 30 minutes until I say Tasha coming form the track exhausted and crying. I went up to her and got to talking and found out her boyfriend back home had gotten another girl knocked up and she was hurting.

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Being me I tooked to my room and just listened to her pain. we were up to 6 just sittin quiet. I stared into her eyes and saw nothing but pain. I put on one of my slow jams, got my towel and said I'll be back just gonna take a shower. I was in there just letting the warm water realx me and my anger. I loved Tasha and would have hurt the punk for her but I couldn't figure out what I could do for her to ease her pain.

I came back in the room saw her slumped over, I walked over to her slowly, parted her legs and raised her head to where she could see into mines, and said, "let me do what I can." She opened her mouth to say something and I placed my lips on hers, cheryl is a great looking blonde slut masturbation european first she jumped back but she gave in to me.

The tensions sided and was replaced but a madness.

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An anger, a craze to hurt her ex and he had her. I pulled back and said, "let it go, let him go, this is for you, don't the thought of him ruin it." and kissed her deeply and softly. Tasting her lips and tongue, rubbing her back and guiding her to lay back. I traced a line from her lips to her neck with my tongue, then to her nipples and spent time on each one of them until they could two babes and their first time lesbian my eye out, until she pulled me back to her lips.

I tasted of her tongue and nimbled her ear. Then slowly got between her legs and tickled her clit with my lips, my tongue until she tightend her legs on my arms and neck, breathin heavily and rapidly. Making her loose her mind in my pillow, screaming her mind out in lust. I stayed down between her legs giving her pearl the kind of attention she desired, as she cried out his name, Shaun.

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I continued to keep her thrashing and spasming until she forgot his name and replaced it with mines. I was made her loose her breath and pull me to her. She kissed me, pushed me on the bed and got ontop of me, wearing only her sports bra and panties she kissed and licked her way to my stomach, and got to my dick and swallowed me, I got lost in her skills and almost stayed there but I pushed her back, grabbed her shoulders and twisted her around.

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I whishpered, "This is for you, Just enjoy." and kissed the back of her neck and slowly guided my right hand between her legs and my left to her breasts. She pulled me closer to her, rolling her neck, and placing her hand on mines showing me how she touched herself, letting me learn her and tease her. She bit down on her lip and let out sighs of passion, still calling out, "Shaun, Shaun, aaaahhhhhhh ssssSSHHAAuuunnn!!" The more she called out for him the more I continued.

Then I spun her back around and kissed her deeply, pulled the back of her hair and kissed all of her neck and took her breast in my hand and I held her back with my other hand.

She skillfully without breaking our connectionguided my dick between her lower lips and in to her, and as she did released a groan, then after just sitting on me be gan to rock back and forth. We stayed there until she pushed me back and began riding me. I took both breasts in my hand and played with her nipples. Then I took my right thumb, licked it and began playing with her clit. after about a minute she tighten, shock and cried out Shaun and that pissed me off so I layed her on her back, took both her legs and raised them to my shoulder and began pumping deeply trying toget her to say my name, making sure to rub her clit with my stomach, man bonks his oriental adorable gf hardcore and blowjob her cum two more times and still nothing.

I flipped her around, bit her earlobe and began hitting from behind. I was loosin my mind with hatered and jealousy, and loosin myself in her passion as she lost herself in extacy. I raised her up and we were in doggystyle with her left hand on mines massaging her left breast and my right hand playing her pearl for all it's worth.she lostin it over and over, she came twice and pushed me back.

Out of breath and laying on top of me with my still rock hard dick in her rubbing her stomach with one hand and the side of my face with the other. I just rubbed both her breast and let her catch her breath and kissed her neck depressed and gleeful at once. She turned around, kissed me and said she couldn't believed i was still ready to go, and giggled and said she didn't realize that much time had passed.

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It was 11 o'oclock and just now taking a breather. I said, "I just wanted to make you happy." She smiled and said I did.

I asked why she continued to call out his name not not mines, she said she wasn't and said, "his name is Eric." I said, " oh then who's Shaun??" She said, "you right??" "No, I'm Javon, they call me Von though." She laughed and said, "Oops." After that night and day she and I got closer, not dating but closer than taming some gorgeous cunts striptease and hardcore else.

I wasn't her boyfriend but I was hers and she was mines. She transfered to another shcool in another state and writes me. Last time she wrote, she was getting married and thanked me for being there.