My girlfriend is very dominant from up top

My girlfriend is very dominant from up top
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Britney stood alone at the party, waiting for her boyfriend, Reece, to pick her up. Most people were passed out or having sex in one of the mansion's many rooms. Suddenly, she saw Josh stumble over to her. Josh was a friend of her and Reece. In all honesty, she'd cheated on Reece twice with Josh, but she had promised herself she wouldn't anymore.

"Hey, Brit," he slurred, smirking at her. "Hi, Josh…are you drunk?" "Not really…" he replied, but his bloodshot eyes and slurred speech were proof that he was. Then he randomly asked, "How 'bout a quick fuck before Reece gets here, eh?" Britney was caught off guard by that.

"Wha…No, Josh, we've been over this. Not anymore." He shook his head. "Heh, well, a little birdy told me that Reece hasn't been…satisfying you." Once again, Britney was taken aback. Reece really hadn't been satisfying her as much lately, but how did Josh know that? She decided to defend her boyfriend.

"I…don't know what you're talking about. Our sex life is fine, thank you." "C'mon, Brit…I thought you said you liked my dick." He looked at her with puppy eyes. Britney tensed. "Josh…" He then grabbed her and forced his lips on hers, immediately shoving his tongue into her mouth.

She could taste the alcohol on his tongue. So he had been drinking.

She felt his stiffy rubbing against her leg and gasped. She struggled against his rough grasp and managed to pull away. "Josh, I'm not having sex with you." He grabbed her again, this time yanking her into a room, beautiful carla gets banged in the shower the door and locking it behind him.

"Nah…but I'm going to have sex with you, you little whore. Don't act like you're disgusted, I bet you're wet as fuck. We've fucked before, and you and I both know you enjoyed it." He made a makeshift rope out of the bed sheets and grabbed her wrists, tying the 'rope' around them. He then tied the rope around the bed leg.

"Try escaping now," Josh said with a sinister smile, kissing and tonguing her again. Britney struggled, but Josh managed to rip her shirt off and toy with her nipples for a minute or so. Then he stood and unbuckled his belt, tearing his jeans and underwear off. He held his dick in front of her face, smirking. "Suck my dick. Now, you little bitch." "I am not giving you a blowjob, Josh." Britney's voice was firm, underestimating the situation she was in.

She tugged at the makeshift rope. He frowned. "You better put my penis in your mouth right now or I might just have to tell Reece that you came onto me before." Seeing the doubtful look on her face, he continued.

"I have pictures, remember, Brit? You insisted on taking them, too." The blackmail got her to comply to his demand. "…Fine," she sighed, taking his dick into her mouth. She licked it up and down, sucking on the head lightly.

Josh groaned, enjoying every bit of it. She took his cock out of her mouth to speak. "I hope you're happy, forcing your penis down my throat for your own pleasure." She continued to lick the head of it. "You better believe I'm happy, seeing my own little slut tied down, sucking my dick…ahh, fuck.

Keep going. Don't you dare stop, bitch. Keep sucking me off…that's it…" He began to mouth fuck her. Britney said nothing, pumping his cock in her hand while deep throating it. After a few minutes of this, Josh broke. "Oh God, yes…fuck, I'm cumming…" He began to send a gallon of cum into her throat, still thrusting into her mouth.

"You better swallow every fucking drop of my seed, you little slut. You've done it before." He continued to thrust and pump all of his cum into her mouth before he pulled out of her mouth, panting. Britney swallowed his seed and glared up at him. "There, I blew you, let me go." He laughed. "You're funny. You think I'm done with you, whore? Not even close. I haven't even gotten that pussy yet. Gotta take a breather, though." He stripped her clothes off and stared at her while he smoked a cigarette.

His dick was hard again quickly. He walked over her and held his penis in front of her again. "Ready to have it stuffed inside you?" She closed her legs. "Fuck off." Big mistake. Josh slapped her—not enough to leave a mark, but enough to sting.

He then forced his dick into her mouth while he spoke. "That's not how you talk to me. Brit, you're making this hard on yourself. All I want is a good fuck; be a good girl and let daddy do his work.

I don't wanna hurt you, so you better keep your whore mouth shut unless my dick is in it." He pulled his penis out of her mouth and horny bride shares her husband with her mom it into her pussy.

Britney began crying, but Josh paid her no mind. He began thrusting in and out, slowly at first, then picking up the pace. " warm and tight." He smirked. "Just like before, huh, bitch? I think you like having my dick in you. Tell me you like the feeling of my dick in your pussy." She just shook her head, causing him to slap her ass.

Hard. "We just went over this. You better fucking say it." He climbed on top of her, holding her down completely with his dick still in her, thrusting hard and fast. "Say you like it. I know you do." "I like your cock inside of me, Josh, I fucking like it." She was sobbing as she uttered the degrading words.

"I'm your little whore, just keep fucking me." Josh smiled, closing his eyes.

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"That's my girl. Ahhhh, yeah! So fucking…hot…" He shoved his dick deep into her, sighing as he began to empty his balls inside of her. He shot loads of his hot, sticky cum into her walls. Britney squirmed, feeling the hot liquid enter her, but he held her down until he finished.

He pulled out, forcing her to quickly blow him to clean off his penis. Britney whimpered and cried, feeling his cum leak out of her pussy.

"You fucking…bastard…" Josh just smirked. He untied her wrists, but kissed her again and spoke into her ear.

"What do you think of the possibility of you holding my baby, slut?" He laughed. "If you tell anyone, I'll tell Reece everything…and I'll rape you again.

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Harder. But thanks for the fuck." With that, he walked out of the room, slamming the door behind him, leaving Britney to her tears and thoughts alone.