Summer brielle and phoenix marie in my

Summer brielle and phoenix marie in my
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Chapter 1 The dirty little bastard. The little prick. I'll kill the dirty shit. Cut his balls off. What a little bastard. Oh, you think I'm mad? Oh, no, I'm just getting started. I'll have his balls on my key chain. Little bastard. Okay, look, I know how teens are. I'm one myself. I mean, I'd like to get a look at some of the boys I go to school with. Sure, I'd like to see them naked. Even my little shit brother, I've had a glimpse of him, once even where it looked like he was hard. Dick sticking straight out.

Just saw it for a minute, but still, where's he get off doing this. Pictures of me, naked. Oh, they're not very clear, they're a bit fuzzy, a little dim, but they're me, oh, they're me all right. The little prick has figured out how to take pictures of me in the bathroom, even sitting on the john pissing, in my bedroom, there's some of me in the den that time I was watching 'Titanic' and I was dreaming it was me instead of Kate Winslet, I had my shorts and panties on the floor and two fingers up inside me.

Going like crazy. The little bastard. How did he do it? Look at them all. Me naked in the bathroom drying off. Oh, me getting off in the bathroom. Geez, he's got me masturbating. The shit. Oh, here's one, me with my top off and Robbie McMin sucking my nipple. How the fuck did he get this?

I'll kill him. No, I'll torture him first. Little bastard. Wait 'til he gets home. What's that, oh, it's him. Okay, calm down, we'll just be cool. "Hi, Tara, what's up?" "Oh, not too much, little brother. I was just about to change. Wanna watch? See me naked? Get an eyeful?" "Sure, um, you're kidding, right?" "Well, maybe big boobs teen on webcam hot thewildcamcom, would you like to see me naked?" "Um, well, sure, what thirteen-year old boy wouldn't want to see a fifteen-year old girl naked, even if it's his sister.

His rather beautiful sister, I might add." Hmm, buttering me up, the little bastard. "Well, I might just do it. You'd like that, huh?" "Sure, don't let me stop you." "I mean, you've never seen me naked before, right?" "No, but it's a great idea." "Never seen me in the shower? Never seen me drying off after? Never seen Robbie sucking my boobs?" Oh, look at his red face. "Um, uh, you found 'em, right?" "You fucking better know I did, you little prick.

Oh, prick. What an idea. Look mister peeper, you've seen me, let's do it the other way around. Take your clothes off, asshole, let's get a look at you, for a change." He did look scared. Well, he should, I am so pissed-off. He got his shirt off, student baby girlls xxx story his pants and stood there in his briefs. God, he had a hard-on, he was bulging out. Incredible.

"Oh, you're not finished mister," and down came his briefs as he stood there shaking slightly, his cock pointing straight at me. "How can you have a hard-on? Aren't you scared?" "Yeah, but, I don't know, I'm a little turned-on standing naked in front of you. Sorry." I must admit that his dick was larger than I had guessed it might have been. I figured it was some little pencil-shaped thing but it's pretty big. Now why am I getting that tingly feeling in my panties.

I'm supposed to be mad. "Why did you take all those pictures, Luke? Why?" "Because you're so beautiful, so sexy. You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen." "Why didn't you just ask me, Luke? Ask to see me naked." "Would you? Would you have let me see you that way?" "Hmm, well, probably not.

But, little brother, I can see that you're not so little." He looked a little flushed after I'd said that but it was true. I was rather enjoying looking at his nakedness, his cock just rock solid sticking out like a flagpole. "So, you thought I was pretty, huh?" "No, you're beautiful, Tara, really beautiful. Do I have to stand here like this all day?" "Yeah, well, maybe. You've seen lots of me, I should get to see lots of you. I think you're pretty cute, naked, Luke. Nice dick." His face flushed again.

Good. Serves him right.

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I could just let him stay naked the rest of the afternoon, oh, that gives me an idea. "Okay, Luke. I'll let you off the hook on one condition," and I stood there. "Yeah, yeah, what?" "Today's Monday. You have to stay naked until five o'clock." "Um, well, I guess I'll just have to. Okay." "Not finished. You have to do it the rest of the week. Every afternoon." "Aw, you're kidding.

The whole week. Like this?" "Yeah, I get to look at your dick all week. Does it ever get soft?" "Sure, well, not right now, but, yeah, lots. You'll see. All week, you really mean it?" "Yeah, I mean it. Look what you did to me. Even got me getting myself off. Why don't you do it while I watch?" "You're kidding, right?" "No." "Come on, Bombshell lela star has her pussy serviced pornstars and hardcore, jack-off right here, in front of you?" "Yeah, I wanna see you squirt.

You watched me." So, he put his fingers around his dick and started moving his hand back and forth. "Can I go up to my room and lay down and do it?" I nodded and then followed his cute butt up the stairs to his room. He does have a nice bod. For a brother. God, I wonder if he jacks-off to pictures of me? "Have you jacked-off looking at the pictures of me?" "Why do you have to ask me that?" "Have you?" "Yes," he mumbled as he began rubbing up and down.

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"Um, I need some lotion, it works better that way," and he reached over, got a bottle of hand lotion out of his bedstand drawer, squirted some on his dick and began rubbing up and down again. So, he gets off looking at me. Well, I'm kind of getting off looking at him, actually. I never thought my own brother would get me hot but I'm all tingly in the panty department watching him masturbate.

And, yes, I can feel the wetness growing inside me.

"Do you do it busty milf has sex in black crotchless nylons or always slow like you're doing now?" "Both, it depends, sometimes fast right up until the end then slow right at the finish. You're sure nosey." "Just wondering." "How do you do it?" "Well, you've watched me, I've seen your pictures of me doing it but sometimes real fast, just as fast as I can go and, like you, I sometimes slow way down and just tease myself real slow.

Gets me off big time." "I'm gettin' close. You wanted to see it, here I go," and volleys of white goo come barreling out of the end of my brother's dick onto his leg, wrist and hand and on his bed. "Wow, I've seen it on the internet but in person, it's really cool. It really shoots out." "Well, now, you've seen it, can I go now?" "First, lift up your dick so I can see your balls underneath. You can hardly ever see a guy's balls in the porn shots." So, my little brother took the tip of his dick and lifted it up so I could see his testicles.

Hmm, interesting, Two little 'baby-makers' in a sack of skin. "Okay, Luke, that's enough for today, see you tomorrow, um, see lots of you tomorrow," and I snickered. This was fun. So, the next afternoon, I was waiting in the kitchen when Luke came in.

I decided to just see what he would do without me asking right off. "Hi, Sis, naked, right?" and he started peeling his clothes off, I didn't even have to remind him. "Want me to jack off now?" "Sure, if you want." "Wanna do it for me?" Now, there was a question.

"You know, get some practice for doing your boyfriends." "I don't have any boyfriends, Luke." "Oh, you will, Sis, you will, as pretty as you are. Well?" "Oh, I dunno…" "Scared?" Probably not the best thing for a girl to hear, "Um, no, not really, let's go to your room with that thing," and we went to his room, got on his bed as I reached out and touched my first penis.

It was hard and soft, I hadn't really thought about that. There was a definite hardness to it but it was also very soft, especially the tip. And warm, alive. Oh, yes, I know it sounds stupid when you read these words but, remember, it's the first time I'd ever held one in my hand. "This is fun," hot lawyer tia cyrus fucks hung ex convict interracial pornstars I held it in one hand and petted it with my other, like my favorite pet, which, it would turn out, it became.

His eyes closed and a soft moan gurgled in his throat. "You like this, huh?" "Oh, yeah, feels really nice. I'll give you a year to stop." "Oh, we need some lotion, right? I'll get some," and I got it out of his drawer and squirted some on my hand and began pleasuring my brother's dick.

So I started rubbing him back and forth and soon he was moaning all the time. Then, rather suddenly, his body tensed, his hips arched upward and his cum started spewing out in spurts, some landing on my hand and arm, some on his stomach, some on his pubic hair. "Wow, it's everywhere. Look at it." "Yeah, I see it all the time. That was really great. You did me really good. Want me to do you?" Gulp. Well, now, I was supposed to be mad as hell at my little brother. Now he wants to know if I'd like him to masturbate me.

"I dunno, never had a guy do it to me before." "I've never done it to a girl but I've seen a lot of it on the internet and really would love to do it. I guess I owe you a lot." Hmm, that's true, but it also means that I have to deliberately get naked with my brother. I mean, yeah, I've seen him, he's right here on the bed naked as a baby, well, not with a baby's little thingie, more like a guy's thingie. "I don't know, Luke, it would mean that I'd have to get naked like you." "Well, I've seen you already anyway and I'd get you off with my tongue." Oooh, now that sounds inviting.

Yes, I'm getting a twinge in my panties from that suggestion. "Look, I'm not saying we'd do this but, if we did, it would have to be a secret between us forever. You could never ever tell anyone else about it." "I promise. I swear to it and I know you'd kill me anyway," he added, smiling. "Just cut your balls off, that's all." "Wouldn't you leave me one, at least?" "Nope, both. Well, if we did this, I mean it would just be for sex, I mean, no kissing and stuff. We're not boyfriend and girlfriend, right?" "Anything you want." Chapter teen babe kristen gets her twat licked by her nympho teacher, what the hell, I wasn't getting any sex from anyone these days any way, so, I began unbuttoning my blouse and put it on the chair, then reached behind and unhooked my bra but held the cups to my breasts, just teasing him.

"Oh, heck, you've seen them before, why bother, right?" "Oh, come on, Sis, don't do this. I'm hard as a rock, you're killing me." I dropped the bra to the floor and he stood there drinking in his topless sister's boobs. "You are so beautiful, just perfect. Can I, um, can I touch you?" I smiled and nodded as I watched his hands rise to cup my breasts and begin to rub them. "Oh, you're so soft and so nice.

Your nipples are hard, though, that means you're excited, right?" "Well, it happens when they get cold, but, they're not cold." "Can I kiss them, they're so pretty," and I nodded again and he leaned down and lifted one up and began sucking gently. Listen, it neat playgirl gets nailed doggy position homemade hardcore be my brother, but it felt so good, so hot, so sexy, it was then that I knew I wanted to fuck him.

Brother or no brother. I just didn't care. I mean, I'm on the pill, why not? I was sure he'd do it. But there was one thing I wanted first. All my girlfriends talked about their boyfriends eating them out all the time, they raved on and on about it. I knew Luke would do it to me and I wanted it now.

"Luke, I want you to give me oral sex." That was pretty direct, even Luke would understand that. "Oh, yeah, I'd love to do that," so I pulled off the rest of my clothes as I stood there in front of him. "Wow, Tara, you really are beautiful. I know I've seen you some before but never very well.

Your body is terrific." I got on the bed, lay back and spread my legs with my knees splayed out. He crawled up and began kissing my pussy. It felt so nice and then he took his fingers and spread me open and licked up inside me. I almost went through the roof. "Omigod, Luke, that feels fantastic, oh, do that some more.

Wow, it's so good." He began circling his tongue around my opening and taking little pokes up inside me like he was fucking me with it.

That's all it took. "OH, OOH, OOH, uh, uh, oh, Luke, oh, do it more, please, oooh, more, more." I've fucked myself with as many as three fingers along with an assortment of other things (I'll never do a banana again, ever!) and the feeling of Luke's tongue up inside me just blew them all away.

One thing I can guarantee: I'll be having my brother do this again. Oh, yeah. So, this was oral sex, getting eaten out. Well, it was everything I'd ever heard about it. And more. I wanted it more and I wanted it a lot. But, next, I wanted to get fucked. I was ready to leave my virginity in my past. "Wow, Tara, that really got you off good. Really liked it, huh?" "Oh, man, Luke, you can do that to your sister any old time you want.

Any time at all." "Well, every afternoon after school's naughty bailey brooke earns some breakup sex with a stranger with me." "You've got a deal. I'm up for that anytime, any time at all. I'll bet you'd like me to do you, huh?" "You mean oral?

Sucking me off?" "Yeah, whatever it's called." "Oh, wow, yeah, I've never had it done before. I've heard it's awesome." "Well, lay back and I'll give it a try, I've never done it, either," and I bent over his long, slender cock, sizing it up, then lowered over it, closed my mouth and began my first blowjob, the first of many, as it would turn out. Well, it seems that there is a number of things one can do with a penis and a mouth so I began doing the things that came to mind. Sucking up and anya gets her ass xxxxx the whole way in and out, then just sucking on the tip, then licking the stalk, so to speak, sucking the tip while running my tongue round and round the tip, flicking my tongue across the tip as I used my hand to go up and down.

Well, there are probably lots more things girls can do to boy's dicks with their mouths but these were enough to get great gushes of cum spouting out. When I felt his first warm spurt in my mouth, I backed away and held him as he jetted semen out on my face and breasts. "UUHN, UUHN, uh, oh, Tara, oh, wow, that is so good. You've got my cum all over you, look," he said telling me what I already knew. "You made the mess, Luke, you lick it off," and he did just that, though he did my face first, then seemed to take quite a while getting my breasts spotless, especially my nipples.

Unfortunately, it was getting late. "We better get dressed, Luke," I said as I detached him from my left nipple. We got dressed and straightened things up in good time before anyone got home. Later that night, I lay in my bed, my right hand between my legs, my fingers flicking across my clit as my left hand pinched my nipples, images of my brother's dick in my head. I wanted more of that dick, I wanted it inside me. Yes, I want him to fuck me.

I'm ready to lose my virginity and my brother will lose his at the same time. At school the next day, I had to go to the girl's room and get some toilet paper, fold it up and put it in my panties like a panty liner because I was so wet thinking about what I had planned for my brother and me this afternoon, our first fuck.

It took three trips to the girl's room to get me through the day. That afternoon, I came in the back door into the kitchen and called out for my brother. "I'm upstairs, Tara," he yelled. I bounded up the stairs two at a time, turned and ran in his room. There he was on his bed naked with is dick pointing to the ceiling. "I'm ready, Tara," he said in one of the world's largest-ever understatements. I started taking my school clothes off and was soon on his bed, laying up over him, kissing him (Yes, yes, I know what I said about being romantic and kissing and stuff.

It just doesn't work that way, it turns out.), scooting my wet crotch all over his as his hands roamed all over my backside. "Today, little brother, you get to fuck your big sister. Are you ready?" "We really going to do it? All the way? Sex?" "Fucking, little brother.

Fucking, putting it in me, yes, today, right now," as I rolled over next to him, spread my legs wide and said, "You know what to do, right?" and he got up between my legs and put his dick right up onto my slit and began pushing. I was wiggling, he was pushing, I was pretty sure it was going in, it kind of felt like it was.

There was no pain, I didn't really expect much, I've masturbated with just about everything I can find around the house.

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I just didn't see how I could have any remnant of a hymen left. He must have gotten inside me because he started pushing in and out and it started feeling really good. "Oh, Sis, this is great. It feels so good. Does it make you feel good, too?" "Mmm, yes, it's great. Oh, just do it more. Oh, I think we should do this every day after school.

It feels wonderful." I just suggested that my brother fuck me every day after school. This was the same brother that I was furious with for taking secret photos of me naked. Now, I want him fucking me every day. Oh, well, that's how life goes, I guess.

russian luba get horny and shows everything His dick sure felt good as I lay there under him. "Mmm, this feels so good, Tara, am I doing it all right?" "Feels good to me, can you push down a little harder when you go in?

Oh, yeah, like that, mmm, that's really great." I started trying to move around under him as he went in and out of me and it just felt so good. It's a good thing they didn't talk about how great sex feels in sex-ed, we'd all be doing it on the classroom floor. What a thought. In and out, oh, it felt so good. Nothing has ever felt this good.

And, it's my brother. Incredible. Am I loving puberty, what fun. Beats playing with dolls. "Are we really going to do this every day? Is that what you want?" "Unless you don't want to, Luke," I teased. "You're kidding, right? Oh, do I, yes, I want to do this every day. I could do it twice a day. I mean if you wanted to." "Well, we haven't finished the first time yet, we'll just see." I really don't know why I said that, I really was enjoying my first sexual experience, even if it was with my own brother.

I was sure we would be doing this a lot when we got home from school, I just wasn't quite ready to tell him that. I lifted my legs up bringing my knees up to my chest so my pussy was raised for him go push directly into. He knelt there, his back arched toward me, leading his long and slender cock in and out, just filling me with the most wonderful feelings.

Oh, it felt good. "Oh, wow, Luke, I'm gonna have an orgasm pretty soon, this is just so good. Oh, really, really good. Just keep…UUHN, UUHN, oh, oh, mmm," and I closed my eyes and bit my lip as I was swept up in the most wonderful feelings, hot waves of ecstasy radiating outward all across my body, sending spasms jerking me every way, swamping me with pleasure.

"Wow, Sis, you really got off. I'm gonna go pretty soon, it feels so good." I began turning my butt around in a circle as he went in and out of me, it just felt wonderful.

I was loving sex, yes, sex with my brother. "Oh, that's gonna do it, I'm…uhn, UHN, UHNN, oh, oh, oh, it feels so good, oh, man, so good," and he dropped over me and gave me a big, passionate kiss tonguing deep into my mouth.

I wrapped my legs up around his back, pulling him even deeper into me, keeping his cock buried deep in me, just where I wanted it. "Mmm, that was so nice, Luke, really good, huh?" "I heard it felt good, I just never thought it would be this good. Can we do this every day?" Well, there it was, again. "Yeah, why not, I'm on the pill, we're here together every afternoon, why not?" He started kissing me over and over, "Oh, Tara, you're the best sister in the world.

This is going to be great. We can do oral sex, then fuck each other, okay?" "Well, we can do whatever we feel like at the time right, it doesn't have to be the same every time." "Oh, sure, that's great. We can do whatever we want." So, that started us on the road to where we are today.

I'm eighteen, a senior, Luke's a sophomore, we milf rides stepsons cock pornstars and mature it every day, sometimes twice, or maybe oral sex, too. I have a boyfriend and Luke has a girlfriend, but we've both found that we just can't keep our hands off each other and that without our afternoons together, we just wouldn't be getting enough sex to satisfy either one of us.

So, it all started when I found the pictures Luke had taken of me, naked pictures. Now, I get naked with him every day. Funny how some things change.

For the better.