Nikki rhodes and zoe britton lesbian adventures

Nikki rhodes and zoe britton lesbian adventures
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The Nine Circles 1 Albert Kendall sat alone in his basement. It was a large basement beneath an even larger house, detached and isolated from its neighbours, and Albert very much preferred it this way.

Albert sat among the paraphernalia of his craft. Heavy, ancient tomes adorned bookshelf's while circles drawn in chalk covered the bare concrete floor and walls.

Intricate designs, and xnxx son sex stepmom when dad is old drawn symbols were added, and a whiteboard with detailed instructions written in black, dominated the centre of the room. The door at the top of the narrow staircase creaked open and bright light spilled into the basement. "Father, Mr Murdoch is here. Shall I send him down?" "Yes, sleeping sister rep jabran xnxx rep you Harriet." Replied Albert, marvelling at the beautiful slim shadow of his only child standing in the doorway.

At only twenty years old she was stunningly beautiful, with her long naturally blond hair in a pony tail, wide womanly hips, and a tight waist. Her breasts were full and heavy, and yet her face carried an innocence and naivety that almost defied belief. She was gentle, kind, and thoughtful, and Albert absolutely adored her.

Keeping her virginity intact had been increasingly difficult and had resulted in Albert taking her out of school and moving to a less populated town where he could hide her away.

She had no friends here, and yet seemed content, happy to help with the minor rituals, and knowing when to become scarce when things got a little heavy.

She had a certain childlike innocence, and Albert was happy to keep her that way. Her purity and innocence were to be vitally important in what he was about to do, and although he felt horrendously sad at what ultimately had to happen, he knew that it was completely unavoidable.

Franz Murdoch made his way unsteadily down the staircase holding the loose handrail for support. He was a few years younger than Albert, but still well into his sixties.

He was skeletal thin with greying hair and had an aura of quiet sophistication, which impressed Albert. "Its been too long old friend, too long." Albert held out his hand, but was swept into an embrace by his lifelong friend. "It has indeed Albert. It`s good to see you looking so well." It had been seven long years since they had last met, at the funeral of Alberts wife/ Harriet's mother Miriam.

It had of course, been a Satanic funeral. Albert smiled at the compliment. "I take it you received my letters?" "I did indeed. And I have to confess, I could hardly believe my eyes. What on earth are you doing Albert?

You are aware that the Master knows of you?" "The Master doesn`t know the half of it Franz." Replied Albert. "Please take a seat." Franz sat on a small stool and waited for Albert to continue. "Three months ago, I entered the eighth circle of hell. I bloody did it Franz. I broke the seal. I was there only briefly, but it was enough." Franz shook his head in wonder.

He had been a Satanist all his adult life and had never known anyone get beyond the fifth circle. "And that nearly killed you Albert. Now you`re about to attempt the ninth and final. This is madness. The Master will not allow this." "I have some very powerful allies. Demons are flocking to me in secret. They have had enough of the master. They will protect me long enough for me to complete the ritual and break the seal and then take on Satan himself. With their support I will take the throne." "Now I know you`re mad." Said Franz, shaking his head.

"Look into the shadows Franz. What do you see?" Franz looked. He stared hard into the deeper recesses of the basement.

The shadows seemed darker there. Undulating, moving of their own accord. The shadows seemed almost alive. "They`re here? Your demons are here?" Albert grinned.

"A few. There are many, many more. I am never alone." "And the culmination of this ritual is the rape and sacrifice of your virgin daughter." "Yes." Said Albert. "The sacrifice has to be of my blood." Albert left it there. He decided to leave out the bit about cutting the womb from her still living body, stitching her heart inside, and throwing it into the fire. "There`s something I need you to do for me Franz. When I entered the eighth circle, I allowed Harriet to remain in the house.

That was a mistake. She heard voices. Saw things and had some terrible dreams. Things that almost broke her. The ninth circle is going to be much worse. I want you to take her home with you. Care for her. Keep her safe. Don`t let her out of your sight. When I`m ready for her I`ll let you know." Franz shrugged. "I will do as you say. But if the Master asks- " "You will say nothing!" Albert`s eyes glittered with malice.

"Choose sides Franz. Help me and you will be richly rewarded. The entire ritual should take around two weeks." Franz nodded sadly and left the room.

Harriet packed a suitcase. She was torn between loyalty to her father and the fear of the terrors to come. She was fearful for him, being all alone in the house, but knew that when the ritual started the horrors that she had experienced before would return, so was reluctantly happy to be elsewhere. And Franz seemed nice. It was a little creepy how he seemed to stare at her breasts and bottom, but he was pleasant and had promised to tell her stories of her father in his younger days which she very much wanted to hear.

She shared a tearful goodbye with her father, and then Franz and Harriet left the house. 2 The journey to Franz`s home was a long one and mostly conducted in silence. She had tried small talk, but Franz had seemed distracted and distant, and so after a while, she had contented herself with staring out of the window.

She was worried about her father. He`d been working terribly hard recently striving for something he was keeping very close to his chest.

She really didn`t mind being kept out of the loop, as Witchcraft and Satanism held little interest for her, but she really wished that he would rest more. The car swooped into Franz`s drive, and they were greeted by the housekeeper who introduced herself as Mrs Gordon. She was a round, jolly woman with voluminous breasts and a gregarious nature, who also apparently, doubled as Franz`s cook. She ushered Harriet into the house, promising to have Harriet's bag taken to her room before bustling away to fix lunch.

Franz strode purposefully into the house and put his mouth close to Harriet's ear. "Listen to me and listen well, I will not repeat myself. You will go immediately to your room. Once there you will undress completely and hang your clothes on the hook behind the door. Naked, you will stand facing the door with your hands at your sides. You will not move. I will attend you shortly." And with that Franz strode away, leaving Harriet open mouthed and speechless.

Harriet was shown to her room by a maid who moved ghostlike and silent through the house. Her room was sparse, consisting of a double bed, wardrobe, and a dressing table. A full-length dressing mirror stood on the floor and a dirt encrusted lampshade hung above the bed.

natural teenie opens up soft slit and gets deflorated virginity pounding must do as he says miss." Whispered the girl. "Franz has a fearful temper. He will whip you if you disobey him." "Has he- you know, hurt you?" The girl smiled sadly as she left the room, locking the door behind her.

3 Harriet stood naked before the mirror. She ran her hands gently over her large, heavy breasts. They had been a constant source of embarrassment to her since they had begun to grow at age twelve and had been the subject of many a ribald comment from the other pupils and many a furtive glance from adults old enough to know better. It felt at times that she was constantly fighting off attempts to grope her and she was secretly pleased when her father had begun to school her at home.

She turned slightly to the side, admiring the curve of her hips, and the tightness of her bottom. Although naturally modest, she knew that she had all the right curves in all the right places but had yet to experience a man`s hand. She had a feeling that that was about to change, but come what may, she knew that she absolutely had to preserve her virginity.

Her father had told her this from a very early age, and she had no intentions of letting him down. She took her position in front of the door and waited nervously for Franz. Franz entered the room a few moments later and stared appreciatively at his latest acquisition. He was pleased that she had obeyed him and removed her clothes. But then he knew that she was a very obedient girl.

The fact that she had done it without question bode very well for the future. "How beautiful you are Harriet. How you remind me of your mother.

I hadn`t realised you had grown into such a perfect young woman." He ran a bony finger down the slope of her breast and casually flicked the nipple. Harriet gasped and stiffened under his touch. "Why are you doing this to me Franz? I thought we were friends." Franz moved behind her and ran a finger down the length of her spine.

"I`m not your friend Harriet. I`m your corruptor. We shall have a lot of fun you and I. In much the same way that I did with your mother." Harriet turned her head, shocked. "You knew my mother- like in that way? "Very much so. We enjoyed many rites together. She was vivacious.

The most uninhibited woman I have ever met." Harriet faced the door once more. This was a little more than she had been expecting. "In fact, I find it astounding that she has given birth to such an uptight and repressed daughter." Harriet stiffened once more.

This was not the first time she had been called names with regards to her virgin status. The boys at school had been particularly cruel. "I`m none of those things Franz. I`m this way because I choose to be. My virginity is for the man I love. The man I will marry. And it`s important to my father." Yes, but not for the reasons that you think, thought Franz. "Very noble." He continued. "Tell me Harriet. Do you masturbate?" "No." Said Harriet firmly.

"Not even a little?" "No." Franz traced a finger lightly along her slit. There was no stubble. Not the slightest trace of hair. Harriet clenched her fists, but her arms remained at her sides. "I will have your cunt Harriet. Lesbo babe eating cream out of asshole will come in your ass and your mouth.

And you will beg me to do so. I have had your suitcase and clothes destroyed. I shall go into town tomorrow and buy you some new ones. Clothes more in keeping with your new position. Goodbye Harriet." And with that, Franz collected her clothes from the back of the door and left the room. 4 Harriet had nothing. Everything she had with her had been taken away, and she remained locked in her room for the rest of the evening. There was a small en suite, attached to the room for her toilette, and the maid attended to her later, bringing her an extremely sheer, baby doll nightdress to wear to bed.

It was transparent, and ended just below her waist, with two large cups for her breasts and the nipple area cut out. She knew that this was for play rather than sleep, but twirling before the mirror, she had to admit that she looked pretty hot in it.

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Still, a small part of her longed for the muppet pyjamas she had packed in her suitcase. The following morning was sunny and warm, and she had a leisurely breakfast on the terrace, prepared for her by Mrs Gordon. Harriet was wrapped in a large beach towel over the tiniest of bikinis, a gift from Franz before he left, with instructions that she should take advantage of the glorious weather and sunbathe.

"But Mrs Gordon, I can`t possibly wear this. It`s obscene." Mrs Gordon pulled the towel from Harriet's body and examined the bikini. It was white and consisted of a small patch of material which barely covered her slit, with thin straps between her legs and around her waist.

The bra was two straps that criss-crossed over her nipples going over her shoulders and around her back. "You`re right dear. Totally unsuitable." Replied Mrs Gordon, releasing the straps and allowing the bikini to fall away. "Much better to sunbathe naked." "Mrs Gordon!

What are you doing!" Cried Harriet desperately trying to cover herself. "You have the most gorgeous body Harriet. Get out there and show it off." Harriet felt much better without the bikini truth be told and had no problem with nudity.

The bikini had an overt sexuality about it which Harriet felt uncomfortable with and being naked meant no unsightly tan lines. With only herself and Mrs Gordon in the house, Xxx sex sony story hb story felt okay with being naked. Harriet had been lying on the sun lounger only a short time, before a naked Mrs Gordon stepped onto the terrace. "What a beautiful day Harriet. I`ve made you a drink dear." The drinks were placed on a low plastic table between the loungers, and Mrs Gordon took her place beside Harriet.

Harriet couldn`t help but stare. The woman had the largest tits she had ever seen. They hung pendulously from her chest and rested on her large stomach. A wiry patch of dark hair nestled between her thighs. She lay back with a deep sigh of pleasure, her legs open on either side of the lounger, and both feet on the floor.

After a while Harriet heard her give a gentle moan. Lifting herself onto her elbows, Harriet looked across at the older woman. Mrs Gordon was on her back rubbing her tits and pulling hard on her elongated nipples.

She moaned softly again, and Harriet watched as her hand travelled south and disappeared into the wiry thicket hidden between her legs. Harriet could hardly breathe. She watched as Mrs Gordon raised her knees, and allowed her legs to fall widely apart. The hand continued to work down there, hidden now from Harriet's view. They suddenly locked eyes. "Do you like to watch dear?" she said luscious beauty showcases huge ass and gets asshole banged. "I like to be watched.

Come closer now. Watch what I do." At Mrs Gordons direction, Harriet knelt at the end of the lounger between her spread thighs. She now had a perfect view of Mrs Gordons furiously rubbing fingers. "Can you see my hole Harriet? My wet open hole?" Harriet could indeed. "You really must learn to do this for yourself. You`ve no idea how much fun frigging is." Harriet watched intently. She had never seen another woman's pussy this close before, and it looked considerably larger than her own.

The open hole was immediately filled as Mrs Gordon thrust three fingers into her sopping wet snatch, driving them deep inside. Her fingers were a blur as she scrubbed her hard-little clit, and thrust wet fingers in and out of her well used hole.

"I`m coming bitch!" She suddenly cried. "I`m coming right fucking now!" And come she did. Harriet caught every moan and groan, every gut-wrenching spasm, every fluttering ripple of her cunt as it sucked at her wildly thrusting fingers.

And then it was over. Mrs Gordon lay back sated, her eyes closed and her fingers playing lazily over the fat lips of her cunt. 5 It was mid-afternoon when Harriet was startled awake by a large shadow dropping across her. "My God Franz you`re- " "Naked, yes." He replied. Harriet immediately tried to cover up, and Franz laughed. "I`ve been watching you for some time you hot little whore.

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Don`t go all modest on me now." Franz took a lounger and pulled it into the space between Harriet and Mrs Gordon, His huge erect organ swaying before him. It was the first erect cock that Harriet had ever seen, and it speared out of his bony groin like a colossus, its brazzars com mom and son sex stories curving away from his thin and wiry body.

Harriet swallowed hard. The huge knob at the end was the size of a large plum, and its sightless eye stared at her. Reaching for her, identifying her for what she was. She was a hole, a sleeve, a warm wet place to fuck.

The cock didn`t care. She was nothing to it. Franz lay back and picked up a magazine, and idly flicked through the pages. His rock-hard cock spearing skywards. Harriet noticed Mrs Gordon taking an amused interest in Franz. "Franz you should really have some cream on that cock.

It will burn otherwise." Franz laughed. "You`re absolutely right Mrs Gordon. See to it will you." Harriet watched as Mrs Gordon straddled Franz`s body, gently lowering herself onto the stiff throbbing organ.

"Harriet come closer." Said Franz. "You should see this." Harriet did as she was told and watched in fascination as Franz`s cock began to disappear into Mrs Gordons hairy cave. Mrs Gordon lowered herself gently down until their bodies met and Franz`s prick was completely inside her.

"Shall I rub it in a little for you Franz." Breathed Mrs Gordon as she began to move. "Splendid." Replied Franz as he feigned indifference, flicking through his magazine. She began to ride him. Harriet watched fascinated as Franz`s slick, iron hard cock, repeatedly disappeared into Mrs Gordon`s fat heaving belly.

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She rode him expertly, rotating her hips, butting his cock into every surface of her sopping wet cunt.

Harriet was vaguely aware of Franz rubbing pms slut fucked with no mercy facial cumshot and balls licking tit and pulling on an elongated nipple, but she couldn`t look away from that rock-hard pole as it fucked faster and faster, into Mrs Gordon. "I`m coming Franz! I`m coming hard!" Cried the housekeeper falling forward, Franz and his magazine disappearing beneath her mammoth tits.

Harriet moved to the bottom of the lounger to see Franz`s cock pull free of her hole and receive a gush of hot pussy juice which spattered wetly against his fat red knob, and run half way down the shaft.

Mrs Gordon moaned and trembled, her open cunt rhythmically expanding and contracting, as the orgasm tore through her well-travelled hole. "Franz put it back in right now, I need it." She moaned softly. Franz tried to reach his swaying cock, but couldn`t manage. "Harriet please if you wouldn`t mind." Harriet reluctantly took the base of the cock, and aimed it at the open hole.

At the first touch of Franz`s silky knob, Mrs Gordon thrust herself fully upon it, driving it deeply inside her, her legs stretched out and rigid. She moved twice more upon it and came again, her entire body trembling as she worked through her second orgasm.

Franz still hadn`t come. "Mrs Gordon." Said Franz. "Will you please show Harriet how to suck cock? I think it`s time we enhanced her education." Mrs Gordon grinned, and took Franz`s cock, still wet with her juices, into her mouth. She licked around the knob, and pushed her head down upon it, taking the head and much of the shaft into her mouth, and it seemed to Harriet, her throat. Franz gave a happy sigh and closed his eyes, as Mrs Gordon worked upon him.

Harriet was overwhelmed. She had hardly believed such things were possible. Did people really do these things? Is this what sex was about? Harriet didn`t know, but she knew it both scared and excited her in equal measure. "And now Harriet." Said Franz thickly. He was breathing heavier now, the magazine cast aside. Harriet copied Mrs Gordon and mounted Franz, her pussy mere inches from his mouth, and her face in his groin.

She had heard stories of men who liked to lick a girl`s pussy. Would he do it to her? She hoped so. With Mrs Gordon encouraging her, she licked and sucked at Franz`s cock. She found it a little salty, but nothing like as unpleasant as she`d always imagined it would be.

In fact, it was fun. Harriet felt arms around her waist pulling her down. Her legs spread either side of the lounger, and her pussy came into contact with Franz`s mouth.

He licked and sucked at the fleshy folds, driving deep inside, and flicking her hard-little clit with the tip of his tongue. Harriet was beside herself. Never in her life had she ever felt anything so amazing, so utterly overwhelming. She bore down with renewed vigour on his cock, and felt it throb and jerk in response. Mrs Gordon informed her that Franz was about to come, and her mouth was about to be filled with his hot sticky seed.

She was to swallow it all. Not a drop was to escape. Harriet moved her head faster, desperate to feel the hot heavy pulsing as he spurted into her mouth. She ground her pussy into Franz`s mouth as she felt her own orgasm build, and then she was coming.

She ground, and cried, and sobbed, around the spurting cock in her mouth, as he sent wad after wad of hot virile spunk, gushing onto her tongue.

She desperately swallowed as still more splattered across her teeth, coating the roof of her mouth, and sliding in sticky strings down her throat. She was lost. It was over. 6 Harriet once again stood naked in her bedroom awaiting Franz. It had been a little over twenty-four hours since she had sucked Franz`s cock, and the memory was still very bbc loving cop feasted on pussy in threesome interracial and reality in her mind.

She hadn`t minded the taste of his spunk that much. It was earthy, and salty, but not at all unpleasant. The promised clothing had not yet arrived, so Harriet still had nothing to wear except the flimsy baby doll nightie. Even her bikini had disappeared. She heard the sound of a key in the lock, and Franz entered.

He was naked and already erect. Harriet`s breath caught in her throat. So, there was to be more sex. Franz moved slowly around her, examining her body in great detail. "Your pussy seems fuller. More clearly defined. The lips fatter. You`re breasts appear larger.

You`re nipples a little swollen. It would seem that our little play yesterday has kickstarted your libido. Do you feel different Harriet?" "Well, a little I guess." Said Harriet truthfully. "I`ve had some weird dreams." "Sexual ones?" "Yes." "excellent." As Franz moved behind her. She felt the hot bulbous knob of his cock touch the crack of her ass before sliding gently up the small of her back as he pressed himself against her.

He reached around and cupped her breasts, feeling their heavy fullness, the coral nipples hardening beneath his expert touch. "You`re trembling, how delightful." Harriet was indeed trembling. She wanted so much to hate what he was doing to her, but his hands caressing her tits felt amazing.

He plucked at her swollen nipples and she gasped as she felt a jolt of pleasure race through her body. "You enjoyed that didn`t you Harriet?" He whispered. "Perhaps you would like me to touch you somewhere else?" Harriet watched in horror as an index finger made its way from her breastbone and down over the flat of her stomach, heading towards her pussy.

Harriet squirmed against him desperate to escape the hand that was approaching the fat lips of her tightly closed cunt. In doing so, she inadvertently rubbed herself against the long shaft of his cock which pushed tightly into the crack of her ass and was made prisoner there by her fat cheeks. Harriet froze. There was no escape. There was nothing she could do to prevent Franz`s long finger from sliding delicately along the length of her slit, before pushing gently inside.

"Open up for me Harriet. Let me feel your virgin cunt." Harriet gasped at the sudden penetration, and despite herself, pushed back against Franz`s cock and felt it throb in response. "Harriet." He hissed in her ear. "There are two ways we can do this. The pleasurable way or the painful way.

Either way I`m going to have my finger in your cunt. It`s up to you." Reluctantly, Harriet shuffled her feet apart, encouraged by Franz kicking at her ankles, until her feet were as far apart as she could comfortably manage.

She could feel the tendons on the inside of her thighs stretching to accommodate her new position. She was fully open to him now, and she felt his finger hook inside her, gently rotating in the moisture that had gathered there. "Good girl Harriet." He whispered. "You`re doing really well." He lowered his cock and pushed it between her thighs, and Harriet saw the monstrous knob emerge between her legs, along with a portion of the shaft.

A large drop of moisture was welling from the slit in the cockhead, and Franz scooped it onto his finger and rubbed it into Harriet's clit. Harriet gasped. Her breaths were coming quicker now as he molested her, his other hand grasped her tit, kneading and pulling at her nipple. She was on sensory overload. She found herself rubbing her pussy back and forth along the thick length thrust between her legs, her natural secretions coating the immense shaft as she moved upon it.

"I want to come Franz. Please make me come. I need it." "And I need my cock inside you." Replied Franz. "Then do it." She groaned. "Fuck it inside me. Do it now before I change my mind." Franz pushed Harriet forward until she was bent over, her hands clutching the footboard of the bed. Seizing and crushing her tits, he thrust forward. Harriet screamed. "No! Franz wait- "She screamed again as he thrust deeper, rotating his hips as he widened the channel. Finally, Harriet sobbed.

"Oh Franz. What have you done?" Franz was fully inside her now, scarcely believing how hot and tight she was. He had had many women over the years but never one as deliciously tight as Harriet. He pulled completely out, before driving in again, full length, into her quivering sheath, feeling his heavy balls slap against her upturned cunt.

He knew he wouldn`t last. He began pumping her in earnest.

Harriet felt like she had had a baseball bat thrust into her. A white flash of pain had exploded behind her eyes as he tore into her. Forcing apart the walls of her cunt for the very first time. Her screams had been very real, but now she gritted her teeth determined not to cry out. This was what her pussy was made for, she reasoned.

It was meant to be fucked. It was designed to be used by a cock.

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She thrust herself back onto the large, heaving prick, determined to get something from her first fuck. The pain was diminishing to a dull ache, and Franz`s busy fingers were bringing the pleasure back. She was humping back at him now, meeting his thrusts with thrusts of her own, driving herself towards the orgasm she could feel approaching.

"Fuck me Franz!" She cried. "Fuck my fucking banghish storys sex sex sex stories those words from her pure and innocent mouth tipped Franz over the edge. With a loud groan, he began shooting inside her, his gushing sperm soothing the bruised and lacerated walls of her pussy. Harriet was coming too, harder than she had ever come in her life. Her legs went from under her and she collapsed on the rug, the spurting cock pulling free and decorating her ass and thighs with hot creamy spunk.

Feeling the sudden void, Harriet pushed her fingers into the hole and rapidly wanked her clit, desperate to get the last vestiges of pleasure from her rapidly diminishing orgasm.

7 Harriet lay naked on the bed. She couldn`t believe what had just happened. Franz had left after he had come and told her to clean up. There had been very little blood, but her pussy ached like crazy.

She was ashamed of herself. All of her good intentions had counted for nothing when faced with her first cock. She hadn`t put up any resistance and had actually encouraged Franz to fuck her. She knew that her father would be bitterly disappointed. She had let him down badly but had resolved not to tell him. She was pretty sure that Franz would never tell, so how could he ever know? She could hear footsteps in the hall and knew that Franz was returning. He was going to fuck her in the ass next.

She knew that it was going to hurt but felt strangely numb. She had started on this path to sexual enlightenment and was determined to see it through regardless of the cost. Perhaps tomorrow Franz would fuck her pussy some more. She hoped so. 8 Franz stood in Albert`s basement along with several members of his coven. Albert looked a shadow of his former self.

Always gaunt, he now looked positively skeletal. His parchment like skin stretched over his thin, malnourished frame, but his eyes still glittered with manic excitement. Franz almost felt sorry for his friend. He had had Harriet to himself for almost two weeks now and had fucked her on a daily basis.

She loved sex. When he was tired he had given her to the members of his coven, who had enhanced her education still further. Harriet didn`t bother with clothes around the house anymore.

She was there now. She didn`t know that Franz was with her father. "I`m sorry it took so long Franz, I had a few issues. But I`m ready for her now, as you can see." Franz looked around the basement. The shadows seemed more agitated than ever.

There was a vibrancy, an energy that wasn`t there before. A real sense of urgency. The shadows danced in welcome around Franz`s feet and across 720 pron00 free sex stories storys ceiling. The alter had been laid out. There were burning candles and advanced pentagrams inlaid with obscure symbols, some that Franz recognised others that he did not. "Get her down here man." Continued Albert. "There`s no time to lose. She needs to be fucked within the next thirty minutes or it all goes to shit.

Does she know what`s about to happen?" Franz smiled sadly and nodded to his accomplices. Two men seized Albert and pushed him into a high-backed wooden chair. Strong ties secured his arms and legs to the chair, and the accomplices stood either side of Albert making sure that the chair didn`t topple over. Albert struggled feebly. His weakened state no match for the two men. "Franz what the fuck are you doing! Get me the fuck off here! I have to complete the rite!" "She`s not here Albert." Franz said softly.

Albert stopped struggling and stared wide-eyed at his long-standing friend, jennifer singer wet college babe jerks off stiff colour draining from his face. Franz continued. "The last time I was here you asked me to choose sides, so I did. I chose Satan. But you were right.

He couldn`t touch you while you were performing the rite. You had too much protection. So, he addressed the problem from another angle. He went after Harriet instead." Albert gave a sob and his head dropped to his chest. "He had me fuck her Albert. He wanted her corrupted in every way. He wanted her turned into a cock crazy whore. And to be honest, I`ve pretty much done it." Albert knew that he was finished.

Without Harriet and her precious virginity, he couldn`t now complete the rite. He glanced nervously at the shadows adorning his walls and ceilings. They would tear him apart for this. His demons, his loyal followers, would have their revenge. "Oh, and Albert, before I go and leave you to your fate, there is one more thing." Albert didn`t want to hear anymore.

He just wanted to die now. "Harriet is not your daughter. Your wife and I were having an affair for many years. After Harriet was born we had a DNA test. She`s mine Albert. I even chose her name. I`ve always liked the name Harriet." "Then why Franz." Cried Albert in his grief. "Why did you have to fuck her?

If she`s not of my blood the rite would have failed anyway." "Correct. But the master wanted her corrupted. The one thing, the one person you truly loved, taken from you. But if it`s any consolation, she`s perfectly happy. In fact, she loves her new life." "But your own daughter!

Your own fucking daughter!" Franz waved a hand dismissively. "She doesn`t know. And anyway, she`s nothing to me. A cunt. A hole. Tits. I`ll keep her for the fucking awhile, then set her up in a nice little flat. I`m not a monster Albert." Albert nodded as if accepting this. "How will you tell her I died?" "In a fire. After your friends have finished with you, the house will be torched.

The Master has a very special place for you Albert. You will suffer more pain and horror than any soul has faced since the dawn of creation." "Then do me one last thing Franz. Tell her I love her." "No." Said Franz as he swept from the room. THE END