Kali roses showing off her sexy ass in a doggystyle fuck

Kali roses showing off her sexy ass in a doggystyle fuck
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This is my first story so please feel free to critique and be objective, thank you. It all started when I was 11 years old, my parents had been going through a messy divorce, constantly arguing, fighting, threatening each other, and forgetting about me. After a few months went by so did my dad, I found out later that he had been abusing my mom and was on the run.

Dad had been in and out of the pen since I was born and the assault charges was strike 3 and he was gone forever I never really got to know him but he seemed like a dick. Mom was a young 29 and with dad out of the picture mom wanted to make sure I wouldn't turn out like him I would always tell her "mom I love you and im gonna make you really really proud of me you'll see watch." She'd just smile and pull me in for a bear hug.

I was so still small so it felt like one.

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It wasn't easy the first few months mom cried a lot and I was reaching puberty, boy was I reaching puberty and fast. You see I was the small kid in class maybe 5 feet tall mom called me her little giant. The summer I turned 12 I was becoming a little giant in the 6 months since dad I shot up 7 inches!

Mom freaked and started giving me my dads old clothes to say the least they were a little big but I made them work. it was soon after my 12th birthday I bought my first porno mag ill never forget the way all of the girls in the magazine had these perfect tits and juicy round asses I wanted to fuck these women so badly. So one night I was in my bedroom mom had just gone out grocery shopping and I had college babe kelly klass take cock brunette and glasses privacy I stripped to my boxers and pulled out my 6 inches and got to jerking off I had my own little masturbation station with all the lube tissues and dirty socks a horny pre teen could ever need.

As I was finshing up I heard the thunder from outside I hoped my mom was ok the grocery was only a few blocks and knowing mom she walked. She had always been a bit health conscious maintaining a healthy weight and physique. I never really paid attention because she always covered herself with baggy sweats to hide her bruises from dad.

But now that he was gone she finally came out of her shell. Wearing dresses and skirts with tank tops she looked relieved. Anyways I lost my train of thought.

Mom finally came home "hi sweetie im home and soaked can you help with the groceries and bring me a towel? Thanks." I yelled back "sure mom" and ran to go greet her. I finally go to the door and to my surprise she was soaked from head to toe but what shocked me even more was what she was wearing a thin white tee shirt and tennis skirt let me put it this way her clothes were see through and wow.

Mom was young almost 29 but she looked younger she had these amazingly perky tits and an ass that swayed like trees in the wind and with the long legs that she had boy did her ass sway. I thought it was my lucky day my dick surged to an instant hard-on I quickly tried to tuck it away but mom had seen and the quirky smile she had when she saw threw me a curve ball, I blushed and quickly turned to take the groceries into the kitchen.

Before I started to move mom said "well cant a mom get a hug first" so I put down the groceries and gave my mom a hug she held me tight and kissed me on the head saying "you know I love you more than anything" "I know mom I love you to" my dick throbbing even more and my mom squeezing me didn't help the situation much either. As I turned to put the food away mom slapped my ass "you know next time I get the hug first" and I hustled to the kitchen and put things away.

Mom went upstairs to her bedroom to change into dry clothes as I stood in the kitchen still thinking about my mom. She came down stairs soon after and asked what I had wanted for dinner.

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Still in my trance I didn't respond. "what do you want to eat sleepy head, your always dozing off" and that's when I turned around mom was in her night gown and I also noticed she wasn't wearing a bra, boy did this have immediate effects and I wasn't paying any attention but my mom was my 6 inch boy toy had a mind of its own and he wanted to play.

Once again I tucked him away and catching that same glance from mom. Dinner went on uneventfully mom went to bed and so did I kinda. I ran into my room and I lay down in bed the entire time thinking about mom how her tits bounced and the way she moved the hug she gave me it was a rush hot blonde stepmom mandy sweet fucks and drinks cum sexual frustrationso I did what any boy my age would do and took care of it as I started I noticed my door was slightly open when I looked I thought I saw mom run back to her room.

Had she been watching me touch myself I was slightly curious but I had a more pressing matter to take care of as I jerked myself off I couldn't help but think about this evenings events I came all over my bed and blanket in no time at all. Then I noticed it again the door was open. But this time mom came in Not sure what to think I scurried under my covers and pretended to be sleeping but mom knew "shhh don't worry sweetie its ok it's totally natural for a boy your age to be doing this." Mom moved over to my bed and sat down next me putting her hand on my shoulder, "ive known about your porn collection for awhile now".

My jaw dropped how I thought to myself. I had the perfect hiding spot damn. She leaned in and kissed my cheek "baby I have a confession" a little bewildered "what is it mom you can tell me." And that's when my life changed forever. Mom leaned in and whispered in my ear "mommy gets horny to and sometimes she touches herself down there also" as she said this she had worked her tongue around my ear and her hand was drifting down my blanket to my thighs.

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I had been facing away from her to embarrassed to turn around, I'm glad I finally did moms nightgown straps had fallen off of her shoulders and her tits were bare and boy they were even better in person. As I rolled over mom slipped her tit right into my mouth like this had been planned and with her other hand my cock had been taken hostage and mom wasn't letting go. I broke free from moms tit but she ct naked milf pov handjob big dick and big cock had a good hold on me "mom what are you doing!" she sighed "don't worry sweetie I promise I won't be too rough." That evil smile she had before had returned and I was not ready for what happened next.

Before I could move mom had my arms and handcuffed me to the bed. I was so confused should I be excited or worried, my dick was hard again with a mind of its own and mom looked possessed. My legs were bound and mom came back to my ear "honey you know mommy loves you, I promise I wont hurt you too bad." Mom got up and I could see this was going to be an interesting night.

Mom took off her nightie to reveal that she wasn't wearing any panties either her pussy was perfectly shaven, and legs looked even longer then before. I was tied up and completely naked mom climbed on top of me her naked body was all up against me, her body felt so smooth and delicate I couldn't control my self, pre-cum was ozzing from my dick and mom knew had horny she made me "wow baby your so hard is this all for mommy?

Do you always get so hard for me?" not sure how to respond I stuttered "ummmm" mom quickly slapped me "is that how you answer mommy, 'ummmmm' does mommy have to punish you?" and with a quick move my mothers ass and sweet pick pussy lips were over my head, she smelt so good down there her pussy was like a dream come true. Mom slapped me again "well answer me!" and before I could say anything she dropped her pussy on my face smothering me "answer me" she screamed "tell my pussy how I get ur dick hard tell me." I stuck out my tongue and licked my moms pussy I ate it out with my entire mouth my cock was throbbing she tasted so good I was about to cum again.

Before I could mom picked herself up and lay down next to me with her head on my chest still tied up she ran her hands over my body tickling me in places, I couldn't control my stunning babe with a huge passion for tattoos and of course sex michelle starts to show her beautifu any longer my cock erupted with a new sense of urgency jizz shot all over both of us.

Mom just smiled and licked some of it off of my chest I tingled all over as mom looked at me and smiled "well baby does mommy make you horny, do you think about mommy fucking you?" I didn't even hesitate this time "yes mommy, you make me horny I yearn for the feel of your lips." She quickly rewarded my answer with a kiss on the lips she slipped her tongue in and kissed me hard, I just lay there and kissed my mom back.

Quickly getting hard again mom took notice and released my lips, she ran her hand down my chest towards semi dick, she moved her head with it when she reached my cock she grabbed it with her hand and forced her mouth onto it she sucked my cock for what seemed like hours it felt so amazing she played with my balls going up and down my shaft.

After a few minutes she stopped and wrapped her legs around my hips and took my cock in her hand and guided it towards her sweet pussy "does that feel good baby does momma's pussy feel good." She slapped me again "how does my pussy feel tell me know!" I answered not sure what to really say "it feels so good mommy I love your pussy." With that she arched her back and started to squirm she had such an intense orgasm from my fucking her it felt so good I started cumming inside her "mom im cumming im cumming" her back still arched "come for me baby fill momma with your sperm get it all inside of me." With that she fell over onto me panting and breathing heavily she picked her head up and kissed me again and slipped something around my neck, and whispered again in my ear "your momma's little boy toy now forever you understand that right?" I quickly shook my head yes and she kissed me again "that's a good boy." She took off my arm restraints and put a leash on my collar I was momma's boy now I followed her ass to her bed where I slept with her tit in my mouth cuddled in her arms, I was my mothers little toy and I loved being her toy so much I intended on it staying that way.

to be continued!!