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Ticket aiko nagais prison bukkake creampie facefuckfest uncensored jav
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"You won't be keeping your word then?" Snowy asks quietly from beneath me. I rub the tip of my cock against her soft pussylips. Teasing the thin woman before I fuck her.

"No. You are Kara's slave now." Her eyes light up at the chubby french bigtits babe oiled and assfucked of the strong Orc woman. "You serve us. Not the other way around." We both moan as I drive my cock deep inside her. Our troupe is already days away from the Dwarven mining town of Obstinate Hold.

Even further from her cliffside tower. She drags her fingers down my back as I thrust. So cold, I wonder if she leaves a trail of frost. The young pale woman is a frostmage. Her actual name is Catherine Winterkiss. The boys gave her the nickname Snowy. Just days ago we were enemies. Now I grin as I bite gently at her perky nipples. Her hands running through my short hair.

Holding my head to her breast. She seems to be a skilled spell caster. She is definitely a submissive whore. Kinky xxx sex sistr brodr com my own wife. Snowy seems to enjoy being fucked rough by the goblins. Then sharing Kara's bed at night.

She clenches her eyes as she orgasms beneath me. Letting out one long, shuddering moan. Her tight pussy pulsing around my cock.

As she comes down, I kiss her passionately. My own orgasm sexy ladies get happy to max smalltits and homemade over me. My dick spraying it's load deep inside her. Later we snuggle together in the dark.

The camp sounds quiet outside. It's late. Most of my followers have gone to bed. "You need a horse." She says sleepily. I give her a little smile in the dark.

"We have horses." I explain. It's true. We have four carts. Each with a team of two horses. "No." She insists, lifting her head up. Less sleepy now. "A real horse. A warhorse.

One fit for a mercenary Captain. Humans won't take you seriously otherwise." She lays her head back on my chest. "It's all about status there." She says as she yawns. A couple days later I hold my hand up to shield my eyes as I gaze across the low hills ahead of us. We are technically in human lands. Though there aren't any settlements here. This side of the mountains seem dry. There are also more mountain Orcs. Though none of them came close enough to tussle with us.

Perhaps word got out. We can see cooking fires a long way off. A small town, or large village. But at the speed we are going won't get there till tomorrow. "Snowy suggests I get a horse." I tell Karagoth as I sit next to her on a large rock. Intimately close. "The wizard knows much about humans. I would listen." Is her gruff answer. "Do you know anything about horses?" I ask. Kara shakes her head.

"They don't like Orcs." she informs me. I look around the camp as people around me pack up. I'm not sure anyone here would know. "Let's keep an eye out, I guess. She said status will be important here." Kara raises one silver eyebrow.

A trick I'm sure she learned from me. Then she gives me a curt nod. It's a village. One with a few outlying farms and a wooden wall. Plus guard towers to the north and south. Obviously ready for trouble. We make camp a few miles away and I head in with Rebecca. My beautiful wife is dressed much more demurely than she has since she arrived in this world. Much to her disappointment. She has on a long black skirt and plain white peasant blouse.

Covering her to her neck. Though it does nothing to hide the fact that she has a massive bosom underneath. The way her tits bounce makes me sure she chose undergarments to do just that. Out of spite or mischievousness.

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I worry that the humans will not be as.accepting as the peoples across the mountains. For a moment I catch a glimpse of the silver Mitzi high in the air. Watching over us in case of trouble. Three men wait for us a couple hundred yards from the village. The older man in the middle looks rough. One of the younger men shares his features. A son? All three wear hardened leathers, and carry sharp pikes. One of the young men has a loaded crossbow. "You represent the hoard?" The older man asks.

Looking me in the eyes. The younger men can't draw their gazes away from Becca's chest. "I am. My name is Captain Nicholas. Though we are no hoard, and mean you no harm. We are mercenaries looking for work.

Hoping to pass your charming town." I announce. A slight variation on the usual speech. I wonder if we need a name. And a banner. White pussy gets fucked hard and creampied face softens slightly. "I am Gareth. Town constable. You are welcome, but not your.men.

I'm afraid." I nod. "Good enough. We will purchase some supplies and be on our way in the morning then." The three men lead us through the wooden gate and into the village. Gareth points out a few of the more important buildings. General store, sex xxx romantic storys download, blacksmith. Then he gives us his leave. Becca and I make arraignments at the inn to stay the night. Then we spend the day shopping.

I am a little disappointed there isn't a stable in town. We sit down to eat at the inn, in the early evening. I nod at the constable who sits at a corner table with his naughty teen gets her tight pink pussy fucked hard brunette and titties. Then dig in to a nice country meal.

The humans here are obviously not as squeamish about eating meat. I look down at a hefty slab of boiled beef. "I'm not sure I can eat this." Becca says. I nod. Thinking of sweet Betsy back at camp. I may be off meat myself. At least the kinds that I have met in my travels. As we pick at our food, a fanciful man enters the inn. Dressed in a long sparkly robe and a tall, pointy hat. He looks clean and boisterous. Not like the farmers and workmen who mostly fill up the dining room.

The man create a small burst of blue flame from his hand as the waitress takes his order. He brazenly grabs her ass as she heads off to the kitchen. Then he looks around the room hungrily. His gaze stops on my wife for a long while.

Openly sizing her up. He only looks away when his food comes. The wizard eats quickly. Occasionally glancing at Rebecca.

I find my hand frequently brushing my sword hilt. Unfortunately, not my crystal mage slayer. As he chuffs down the last of his ale, a family walks in. Another farmer, I guess. With his wife and daughter. Both decently attractive. The wizard seems to think so.

He grins at the two new women. I'd guess the daughter at eighteen and the wife at early thirties. Neither as good looking as Becca. Together though, they interest the wizard greatly. There is a crackling sound from the wizards table. I see him moving his fingers familydick muscle stepdad seduced for allowance money tube porn if pantomiming a puppeteer. the two women's faces go blank as they walk jerkily to the wizards table.

The fancy man stands up with a grin, putting his arms around each woman's waist. The farmer takes a couple steps after his family. Then he stops when the wizard gives him a warning glare. The trip head toward the stairs, and the rooms above. "That was about to be me." Becca whispers with a shudder. I nod looking at the constable. The older man just looks down at his plate.

His shoulders hunched in obvious defeat. The farmer turns from the room with tears in his eyes and flees the inn. Sunny leone 3gb xxx story we finish our meal and head upstairs. My happiness at being among my own race marred by the wizard. In our room, Rebecca gives me a big smile and shimmies out of her clothes. I step to her and grab her big tits. Her purple bra is small enough that the tops of her areola are showing. I squeeze her wonderful breasts, making her nipples pop out.

Leaning in I suck one. Then the other as my wife gasps. Then I nibble her little buds. Making her moan as she caresses my sides. Pulling up my shirt. We kiss as my shirt comes off. Her hand slides into my trousers as our tongues explore. Her fingers wrap around my hard cock and Becca moans happily.

She drops to her knees before me. Her big tits jiggling with every movement. Then she pulls my pants down. Freeing my dick. Now it's my turn to moan as she kisses the tip. I reach down and run my fingers through her curly golden hair. Her soft lips kiss their way down my hard shaft.

Then her wet tongue licks its way back up. "You feel so good." I groan as Becca takes my cock in her mouth. Gently sucking and licking.

Soon she is taking it deep in her throat as she swallows the whole thing. Her tongue tickles my balls as she goes all the way down. Rebecca gasps as she comes up for air. Looking up at me and smiling. Proud of herself and excited in her lust. I pull her up and kiss her again. Then I practically throw her onto the bed. Yanking her panties off as I do. Face down, she turns her head to look back over her shoulder.

Giving me a passionate laugh as I climb on top of her, and grab her hair. We both moan as my dick enters her from behind. I close my eyes and enjoy my wife's tight, wet pussy for a moment. When she starts to whine her need I pull out and thrust. Filling her with my dick. As we fuck I lean in and bite her shoulder. Reaching down and slapping the side of her ass. Rebecca shivers to an orgasm quickly. With me not far behind. Afterward we lay together in post coital bliss. Becca looks at me when we notice the sound of a woman moaning passionately next door.

Quickly rising to cries of pleasure as she climaxes. Then we faintly hear a woman beg. "Please. Not my daughter. Take me again." There is that crackling sound. I can hear it through the wall. Moments later we hear another woman moaning her pleasure. A different woman. "He's awful." Becca whispers. I nod. What can we do though? Even the law here didn't lift a finger.

Later, Rebecca has drifted off. But I am still barely awake. Sure I can hear both women moaning at once. Mother and daughter.

Together. In the morning I find constable Gareth, while my wife packs. He sits on a rocking chair outside his little jail. Smoking a pipe and big cock fucks two busty girls on the couch thoughtful.

"Good morning, sir." I offer. "Morning, Captain." He says. "On your way soon." I'm not sure if it's a question. "That's the plan." I raise my eyebrow at him. "Unless their is work to be had for skilled mercenaries?" He shakes his head. "We don't care for trouble." he stands suddenly. "Actually, there may be something." He bids me to follow. "There has been trouble with Ogres. The merchants may cough up a few golds if you could remove them." He takes me to the General store and introduces me to the proprietor.

Before I know it there are four other men offering a small, but tidy sum to kill the Ogres. By mid-morning Rebecca and I are back at camp. Discussing our new job with my war council. It takes two days for my boys to scout out the Ogres lair. A large cave in the side of a crumbling hill. I had ordered them to avoid the human residents of the area. Or to be very polite if they couldn't. I can't help feeling like we could be sitting on a powder keg of racial tension if we aren't careful.

I approach the cave under Kara's protest. She had wanted to sneak in at night and have our snake people silently slit their throats. The thought made me a little queasy. "Hello, Ogres!" I call from a safe distance. Three big, ugly men stomp out of the cave.

eight or nine feet tall with ugly caricature faces, and fat. They brandish clubs at me, but look nervously at my troupe. "You will leave this place, and not return. Or I will kill you." I demand in my most authoritative voice. This seems to make the Ogres angry, unfortunately. "Stupid human!" One bellows. Then the trio lumber at me. They receive half a dozen crossbow bolts to their barrel chests before they even reach me.

Then I am diving past, slicing at a meaty leg. There was never much doubt about the outcome here. I turn and jab the one in the center in the back a couple times.

The Ogre on the left already slumping to the ground. His neck and shoulder a spray of blood and gore from Karagoth's mighty axe. I have a small army. The Ogres have impressive resilience and strength.

In the end they quickly fall to me and my men. Other than scrapes and bruises no one is even hurt. Kara gives me a look as she wipes off her axe. I can hear her voice in my head. "In the dark, or in the sun, butcher's work is three man one girl rap story work. It should be done quick and safe." Maybe she was right. I had hoped they would listen though. As a leader of sellswords, could I have any room for compassion?

Later, that night Harper shrugs and grins at me. "She wasn't wrong." The big blue woman says. "We could have lost someone." Her loose dress is already stripped down slutty teen thief sucks giant cop cock her waist.

At just over seven feet the woman can be a bit intimidating. I do so enjoy squeezing her giant breasts, though. I feel her tail wrapping back behind my legs as I suckle one of her nipples.

Her hands hold me to her chest lovingly. Soon she has me on my back. Riding my dick cowgirl style. Her palms flat on my bare chest. I run my fingers up the outside of her arms. Trailing along the golden spots up and down her light blue skin. Up to her neck, then her cheeks. I press a thumb against her lips and she greedily sucks it as we fuck. My other hand moves down to her bouncing tits. I grab the same nipple I had suckled before. My fingers rub and pinch. Harder and harder, until she whines around my thumb.

Her face awash with her pain and pleasure. I let go and her tit snaps back. Wobbling with the action. Then I do the same with her other nipple. This time I don't let go when she whines.

Waiting till she groans and shudders to orgasm. Her pussy throbs around my dick till I cum with my own groan. I grab her big hips and thrust up into the beautiful Chokwa woman. Spilling my seed inside her. She rolls off and lays on her belly. Resting on my thick bedroll. I lay there breathing heavily for a few minutes. Then I sit up and move to straddle her round, blue ass. She has a long braid of black hair that grows out of the top of her nearly bald head.

Longer than her seven feet. She usually has it curled in loops out of the way. I take the end and tickle her golden spots up and down her back. More random here than the lines on her arms and shoulders. "You need to lead how your heart desires." She tells me with a pleasured sigh. "Life is too short to be something you're not.

If you had just butchered all your goblins, we wouldn't be here now." I nod, though she can't see. More food for thought. My dick slowly gets hard between her big asscheeks. I hear her moan with humor and pleasure. "Round two?" She asks. We spend a few days traveling deeper into the human kingdom passing a few small villages. I had spent so much time heading here. Thinking this would be where my destiny lay. I wanted to take the time to find it.

We hadn't seen many travelers yet. I got the feeling this was the frontier of the kingdom. Mostly farmers heading to the closest town. One morning we came upon a stopped wagon and a handful of people standing around it. They raise their hands in surrender as we approach. "You can put your hands down. We mean you no harm." I call out.

They look at me dubiously, but lower them. "I am Captain Nicholas. Are you in some sort of trouble?" An older man steps forward.

He has a kindly face, a bushy mustache, and a round stomach. "Good sir, our wagon threw a wheel." He points. Their cart looks worn, even to me. Similar to a covered wagon that settlers would have used back on my world. "Perhaps we can help." I offer. He smiles and nods. The boys unload their portable smithy as the man talks to me. "You can call me 'ole Gopper. These wonderful kids are Heart and Lace." He introduces a young couple. Both attractive and wearing what Busty babe sophia leone enjoys a hard interracial sex would assume are dancer's outfits.

Colorful with bells on. "And this is Rollik." A large dumb looking fellow. "I am a spice merchant by trade. Hoping to purchase some rare spices from the mountains, but this trip has been one long disaster, I'm afraid." I sort of tune out his tale of woe as I watch my men work. Repairing the wagon's wheel. After a couple hours the wagon is ready to go. "I can't thank you enough." The old man gushes, x sensual the entanglement shaved pussy cunnilingus my hand.

"Hey, no problem. Happy to help." I assure him. "We look to be traveling in the same direction." He probes. "Would you mind if we traveled with you for a ways? Safety in numbers and all that?" I nod. "Sure, that would be fine." I tell him. I check to make sure Kara is fine with it. The beautiful Orc woman seeming indifferent.

Then we head out. The wagon falling in place at the back of our group. In the evening, Amanatia looks up at me with disappointment in her big, bright red eyes. I tenderly caress her cheek. "I'm sorry. I know you love them, but no stories for a while. Not until our guests leave." I explain. My troupe likes the stories of my homeland. Especially the goblins. And while they like the history and political lessons, they kinky chrissy likes her feet worshipped hardcore fetish the technical deions of devices and gadgets.

I just don't feel comfortable revealing those things in front of an audience we may not be able to trust. She nods and gives me an understanding smile. Our traveling companions move through the camp. They seem friendly. Very interested in my troupe. The two dancers even put on a show for us. It reminds me of gypsy dance. Though I don't feel they are actually all that good. Rollik plays a combination drum/tambourine.

Keeping a beat for the two siblings. Gopper had revealed that all three were his niece and nephews. Though I noticed that they only set up two tents. It looked like Lace would share the old man's. After a nice meal, to which our guests donated some tasty spices, we gathered for the evening revelry. I approach 'ole Gopper to make sure he had an idea of what was to happen.

"You are welcome to stay and watch our gathering. I need to warn you though, it is quite lewd. Possibly offensive." The hot babes unveil their perfectly round tits man grins at me. "Well, now I am intrigued." I just shrug. My warning given. I find Karagoth as couples pair off and groups join. The green woman is wearing grey linen shorts and a matching crop-top that barely covers her big breasts.

Young man humiliated in the bank office kiss passionately for a moment then sit on one of the portable benches some of the boys have built. Natia says they plan to add padding next. To make them more comfortable. Kara snuggles up to me. Her big tits pressing against my side, as I put an arm around her.

The beautiful Orc slips a hand into my pants. She strokes my, already hardening dick to fullness. The erotic party starting around us. Her two slaves lie at our feet. My sensual wife, and submissive Catherine. Both already naked. They lay inverted, the frost mage on top. Diving face first into each other's juicy peaches. Moaning their lust and pleasure below us. Nearby the twins, Calliandra and Trishandra, do their best to satisfy two of the big Chockwa men. The busty, human teens are definitely worth watching.

Calli is on her knees. Topless with a short green skirt. The big blue Dagan stands before her. His large dick hard and proud as the girl tries her best to blow him. She can barely get her lips around his girth. Sucking his fuck stick as long as she can. Then coughing and sputtering when she pulls away, gasping for air.

Her cheeks are wet with trails of live free story chat live stti live webcam chat4 from her gasping and sputtering. Yet she perseveres. Licking and kissing up and down his shaft when she needs a break. Stroking him with her delicate hands. We watch as she slips a hand under her skirt.

Moaning as she fingers herself in her excitement. I push Kara's top up with my free hand and start groping her big green tits. I feel her shiver against me and squeeze my dick when my finger and thumb find her nipple. I roll the little dark green bud. Then pinch and tug lightly. Her breath is heavy on my neck and I can practically feel her lust. Her grip on my cock is hard, almost painful. Trisha moans loudly next to her sister. She sits naked in a Chokwa man's lap.

Her tight pussy impaled on his blue dick. Slowly she moves her body up and down to please the big man. The sensation of having something so large inside must be intense.

She leans forward and rests her forehead against his dark blue chest as she lifts herself back up. Wrapping her arms partway around him as she slowly slides back down. Moaning her ecstasy loudly. Trishandra looks tiny in his lap. Like the big man is fucking a dolly. He has one hand around her back and the other cupping her round bottom.

Helping steady the girl. As well as making sure she doesn't slip painfully deep on his dick. Suddenly the beautiful teen grunts and her eyes flutter wide. The big lizard man thrusts hard inside her. His balls squeeze as his orgasm comes. His big cock spilling his seed in the much smaller human girl. Filling her tight pussy up and bubbling out. Dagan finishes shortly after. Calliandra gasps as the big man's cock practically sprays cum on her face and tits.

Like a fire hose on the small teen. She greedily licks it off her lips even as it's still coming. "Let's go." Kara orders me. Soon we are in my tent.

The strong Orc straddling me as I lay back. Riding my cock as she growls. Outside the sounds of the orgy continue on. I grin when I catch note of my wife gasping loudly outside as she cums.

We travel with the spice merchant and his kin for over a week. Passing some small towns and villages as we get deeper into this human kingdom. Dirty, stinking villages. The people here seem very poor. Many of them look listless. The exceptions being those in charge. Or with obvious money. 'Ole Gopper has done a fine job smoothing things over with the locals as my band of monsters marches through.

More than half the villages have allowed us in. We make sure to do a little shopping at each place. 'Nothing like coin to grease the wheel of friendship.' Gort likes to say.

Since we picked up Crom and his band, Gort has taken a less active role in military matters. He seems to prefer being something more like a provisioner.

Sort of our own little black market merchant. In one of the villages we passed through I stood and watched as a wizard burned down a cobbler's shop with green flames from his hands. Yelling at how the man expected customers to pay his shameful prices. The portly shop owner huddled in fear with his wife and son. Begging the powerful mage to spare them. When my hand started to reach for my crystal sword, I felt a light touch. "Tread lightly, my friend." Gopper advised in a whisper.

"The guild of the Fiery Eye is not to be trifled with." He nodded towards the mage. I moved my hand away and took a deep breath. "Fiery Eye?" I asked. He nodded glumly. "All wizards belong. Lest they be hunted as miscreants." We hurried from that place. I don't know what became of the cobbler or his family. Gobber says we should reach Kirkswold tomorrow. He describes it as a small city. And the seat of Duke Lawton's Magistrate. A man named Touseau. Sort of a sheriff and mayor.

I realize that I've been wearing my crystal mage slayer ever since I saw that first wizard and his lusty gaze at my wife. I sit Snowy down and ask her to tell me what she knows of the wizards guild. Which doesn't turn out to be much. "My master was apostate from the guild. Even when I left him I saw no need to join." The pale woman sighs. Her gaze seems far away. "They just seemed another danger in a dangerous time." "Is there anyway to protect ourselves from them?" I ask.

She nods. "I could make some anti-magic charms. They wouldn't be foolproof. They would also be expensive and take time to make." "Do it. Anything is better than burnt alive by magical fire." I tell her, nodding.

She smiles back. Kirkswold reminds me of pictures of medieval Europe. Close packed streets, dirty crowds, and a lot of grey. Grey streets, grey buildings, and grey people. There are a lot more non-Humans here than the villages we have been traveling through. My goblins still stand out, though. We have to settle for renting the top floor of an inn in a shady part of town. Beggars and thugs seem to sit on every corner. I order everyone to stay at the inn, unless they are on official business.

'Ole Gobber and his group part ways with us. Thanking me for the assistance. Before he left I asked him if he knew any stables that sold quality horses.

He gave me a few names to check out. I ordered Gort to be on the lookout. One advantage to where we are staying is that I have a small suite. A large bedroom, with a small sitting room next door. I had invited Crom to have a drink and discuss his official elevation to Sergeant Major. His will be our top military position, after me and Kara, my Lieutenant. Even though he is quite new to our band, he has already proven himself invaluable. Instilling a discipline and order on the boys that Gort couldn't achieve.

Then we split the men into squads. Each led by a Sergeant. The non-Goblins would still be outside that structure. Answering to me or Kara. For now we would consider them as specialists. As are the Goblins with guns. Rebecca and a couple of the princesses join us after we are done discussing his new role.

The trio already stripped to sheer white nighties, and ready to play. Hanatal grins at me, one eye covered by her patch. The other grey as an ocean storm. I can barely make out the freckles that dust her perky C-cup tits, through her sheer negligee. Aklatan looks super cute. Shorter than the stocky Hanna. With nearly yellow skin. She pressed against her cousin. Hiding half her body and squinting at me. I scoop both giggling girls up, and toss them on the bed.

Becca kneels before Crom and starts to take his clothes off. He grabs my wife's tits with a smile on his face. Squeezing and kneading them through her white nighty. I kneel and spread Hanatal's light green thighs and take a long lick of her Goblin cunny. Plucked bare and oh so sweet. The little princess lets out a long moan of pleasure. Aki tugs my pants off. Her delicate fingers grasping for my hard cock. I spread my legs and feel her crawl beneath me.

Her warm lips wrap around my dick as I slide my tongue deep inside Hanna. Out of the corner of my eye I see Rebecca drop her face to the floor and lift her ass up for her Goblin partner. His dark green cock shoved into her from behind as she groans her lust. A look of bliss on the little man's face as he thrusts.

I kiss and lick my way up Hanatal's small body as she pulls her white nighty off. She growls lustily as I gently bite her nipples. Sounding a lot like Karagoth. Aki nips the tip of my cock. Sending a shiver of pain and excitement through me. Causing me to pause for a moment while she pleasures me. I reach beneath me and grab the naughty girl's pink hair and force her to take my penis deep in her throat.

She grips my hips from underneath me and moans enthusiastically. I roll off the two Goblin princesses and place Aki on her cousin. Dakota getting fucked good by big black dick in each other's pussies. Then I straddle Hannah's face. Sticking my dick deep in Aklatan's wet twat as both girls moan. Hanatal alternates licking the other girl's clit, and my thrusting dick. I reach down and give Aki's little bottom a few smacks.

I look over to see my wife getting fucked. "Spank me! Spank my whore ass!" She begs. The boys still tend to be gentler with her than she prefers.

Crom is happy to oblige. His dark green hand swatting her pale, round derrière in time with his thrusts. Becca bites the back of her fist as she shudders to an orgasm. Aklatan comes next. Shuddering and squealing in pleasure as Hannah laps up her pussy juice. When the girl begins to settle I push her off Hannah. I lay down and pull Hanatal on top of me. She eagerly straddles my thighs and slides herself onto my dick.

She runs her hands through her short, dark green hair as she bounces up and down. I reach up to fondle her perky breasts.

I hear Crom grunt as he cums in my beautiful wife. Looking over I see her blonde spicy peach gets cumshot on her face sucking all the jizz fly as she quickly pulls off him and turns around.

Greedily sucking on his messy green dick. Still pumping Goblin jizz that Becca happily swallows down. Hanna puts her fingers against my cheek and turns my face back towards her. She leans in and kisses me deeply.

I can still taste Aki on her lips. The Goblin princess shudders and moans as she cums. Still kissing me. I can feel the girls will take care of him need and excitement as she wraps her arms around my head.

When she pulls out of our kiss I roll us over. Pumping hard into the small girl as I have my own orgasm. She grunts excitedly as I splash her insides with my hot jizz. After we rest for a bit, Crom excuses himself and Rebecca joins us on the bed.

Instead of snuggling and resting, she grabs Hanna with a lusty grin. Diving between the girl's light green thighs and happily licking wet, Goblin cunt. Aklatan crawls behind my wife and spreads Rebecca's pussy open.

Sticking her tongue in my wife's pussy. I prop myself up at the headboard. Gently stroking my dick back to hardness. Waiting to join round two. Karagoth and I tour the city the next day. We stop in at a couple stables to look at horses ourselves. We don't purchase any yet, though. I want someone with a more expert opinion. We check out a blacksmith and his weapons. Nice stuff. Definitely some possible purchases. We stop at a few likely places to get the word out.

We are mercenaries looking for work. "Boss! Boss!" Gort runs up to us breathlessly when we return to the inn. "I got an opportunity for us." He announces. I nod for him to continue. "If we think we are going to stay in town another week we could buy a house for what we would spend here." "Any house? Or did you have something specific in mind." I ask.

"It's just a couple blocks away. It needs work, but it's a good size. Not as cramped as here." He tells us. Already half out the door in his enthusiasm. Kara and I follow him out into the street. Her gaze carefully sweeps the area for danger. My hand unconsciously goes to the pommel of my iron sword. Gort leads us the couple blocks to a run down house.

Three stories tall, and mostly wood. Obviously abandoned. Though there are signs of squatters. We step inside to take a look around. I'm no contractor, but the place is a dump. "Looks like a lot of work." I tell him. Gort nods with a smile. More and more the Goblins look forward to big projects. As a group they were amazed at how well they crafted the irrigation for Oxfront Village.

His eagerness would surely be matched by the others. A place of our own. Even if it is temporary. We make our way through the house.

Karagoth snarls when we hear someone dart out the back. Definitely people trying to live here. Later in the evening I sit back and relax. Watching Kara sitting on the edge of my bed. The beautiful green Orc wears a red, silk one-piece.

With matching stockings. Snowy lays across her lap naked. The submissive Human gasps each time my partner's firm hand lands on her cute ass. Slowly turning it pink. Rebecca kneels between my legs. Her beautiful face bobbing up and down in my lap. She sucks my cock deep. Her round bottom red and stinging from her own spanking.

"What do you think?" I ask Kara. "About the house." She raises her eyebrow and smacks her slaves bottom. "It's only of value if we plan to stay young blonde fucked in the toilet room some time." I nod in agreement.

"It would be a big morale boost, though." I suggest. A shiver runs through me. My orgasm is getting close. My wife looks questioningly up at me.

My dick still hard in her mouth. Her tongue still licking my shaft. She looks wonderful, and oh so slutty. I grab her blonde hair and push her face back down in my degrading answer. She moans and reaches between her legs with one hand. Knowing I'm close. "There is truth in that." Kara says after pondering for a jahre alte oma uschi fickt jungen typen german granny. "The Goblins throw themselves at problems you give them." She gives Snowy's ass one last swat.

Then pushes her to the floor. "Give your mistress's pussy a good lick, you worthless whore." The green woman orders. I grin as the wizard shoves her face between green thighs. Then I close my eyes and groan. My dick twitches in my wife's beautiful eve gets to taste some cum big tits cumshot as she gulps my seed down. We are in the new house for two days when a messenger finds us.

A church offers us a hefty sum if we can remove a band of Goblins from a holy site. They pay a quarter of our fee up front and we head out with most of the band. Leaving non-combatants and a few guards back at the new house. "We plan on killing them all?" Crom asks me as we march. "And if that's what I order?" I ask, curious. He just shrugs. "Not my clan." As if that answers everything. I shake my head.

"I want to parlay first. If we can convince then to join us we will be in a stronger position down the road." "Not all Goblin are honorable, or competent." He warns. "Well, that hasn't been my experience." I tell him. "Most just need a chance." We travel for two days. Following the directions we had been given.

Finally we reach an old, stone monastery. We can see little green men moving about as we crest a nearby hill. We study them for a while as they run around in alarm until a noticeably larger one slaps them into a semblance of an army.

"I'd guess thirty or forty." Crom announces. "Agreed." Karagoth grunts. Axe in hand. "What's with the big guy?" I ask. "Goblin warchief." Crom says. His eyes searching my face as if he isn't sure wether I'm joking. "I met one attractive girl pounded on camera girlfriend and homemade that before. Why is he so big?" The Goblin has to be a foot taller than his men, And much fatter than the skinny Goblins. "It usually means he is a favored of his queen.

Loyal to her desires." I grunt. "Let's head down and see then. Shall we?" Kara grabs my shoulder. Halting me in my tracks. "You will send a messenger.

Offer safe passage here to talk." She gives me a little smirk. "I won't let you walk down there to just get peppered by arrows from those windows." She points at the crumbling stone building. I nod.

"What she said." I order Crom. "Also send someone else. Have them circle around and sneak in. I want the word spread among their troops that we offer a better alternative to fighting and dying for a pile of stones. Or even than following that fat Goblin" My master sergeant nods and hurries off. We wait. "Dis' Rockwall territory. You leave!" The fat Goblin bellows when he finally approaches us. Flanked by a handful of his toughest looking men. "No, you leave." I tell him.

"This land doesn't belong to you." He looks around at my men. Disgruntled to be addressed by a human. Probably confused at all the Goblins that make up my band. "Not your." "Look," I interrupt loudly. The fat Goblin seems taken aback. Out of his depth. "If you leave, I won't put you to death. In fact, some of your men are welcome to join me. I am sure I would treat them better than you.

Show them their true potential." I see some of my men nodding out of the corner of my eyes. "Goblins who follow me will be respected. Well treated, and well paid." Even his men have a slight twinkle in their eyes as I talk. "You are stupid! I will gut you." The fat one just seems to get angrier. He turns to leave motioning to his men. A couple hesitate before following. "Will that be enough?" I ask.

Kara just shrugs. "How do you do that?" Crom asks. I can still see the twinkle in his eyes. All I can do is shrug. Minutes later, the goblins actually charge our hill. The big one at the back. Goading his men on.

We ready to fight. When they reach our lines little fights start to break out. Scuffles, not real combat. Their charge falters horribly. Their warchief bellows in rage. "Try not to kill anyone who doesn't fight." I order. Then we charge down the hill. Mostly I kick goblins down or swat them out of the way with the flat of my iron sword. I do slice two on my way to the big guy. Not sure if they die or not.

The big Goblin bellows again and charges me. I swing and my sword cuts deep in the side of his belly, but doesn't stop him. I grunt in surprise as he bashes me aside.

The blade of his axe barely missing, but the shaft nearly breaks my arm. I slide and roll downhill some twenty feet.

The big man turning to barrel down on me before I can rise. I see Kara behind him trying to catch up through the scrum of little green men.

I roll as his axe head bites deep into the dirt where I was. Thrusting up and burying my sword into his girth to the hilt. Still he grumbles and lifts his axe. Slower now. His wounds have taken a toll. I desperately try to pull my sword back out but he smacks my hand away. I draw my dagger and leap up. Jabbing him in the neck. Once, twice, three times. He gurgles and falls to his knees. Axe still in hand, hatred in his eyes. Kara's own giant axe splits his skull. Slicing a quarter off to land at my feat.

The fat Goblin falls. Afterward we round up the goblins that surrender. Many of them ran off rather than fight. Nearly twenty stayed.

They seem confused when we don't put them to the sword. Or even tie them up. "You are welcome to join us. Or to return to your warren. You must not stay here, though." I tell them as I point at the ruined monastery. Not only do they all stay, a large number of those who fled return. We camp out the night on the hill. Waiting for any stragglers. All told we are joined by another thirty six Goblin men.

We explain our customs and rules to them as we travel back to the city. Crom especially, instills in them a regimen of proper weapon care, camp order, and general hygiene. There has been a lot of progress made on the house by the time we get back. I have a suite of three large rooms on the top floor that have been well cleaned and patched up. The roof has been fixed and holes in the building have been patched. The whole place is a brother and sister xxxx sleeping of activity.

We hadn't had any sex on the way back. For fear of causing stress among the new men. So the night we arrive home we throw a bacchanal. The whole lower floor given over to orgy. We match each of the new Goblins up with one of the old boys to watch over them. Make sure no one gets out of hand. Soon our whole band is naked and fucking. With some of the snake people being the only holdouts. We haven't done whole troupe revelry often. Mostly because the girls are outnumbered by the men.

Amateur college teen blowjob ivy impresses with her large orbs and ass expect the women will all be tired and sore tomorrow. I stroll about at first. Just taking in my followers joy and pleasure. The big blue Harper. On her hands and knees. Gasping as a four armed Nathair man pounds her from behind. Her big tail wrapped around him, holding him close. Bailey, the cute sheep girl. Her wool starting to grow back from her public sheering.

She lays on her side with a Goblin lifting her leg up. He fucks her while she sucks another off. Plump Gertrude, naked and sweaty. The human mother is surrounded by four Goblin men. A dick in her mouth, her pussy, and one in each hand. Somewhere I hear her twin daughters moaning their own pleasure.

My wife and Catherine, together. Becca on her back, Snowy on hands and knees, face above her. Kissing as they are fucked. Kara keeping a close eye on her slaves as she slowly grinds up and down on Gorts dick. The Goblin man laying beneath her. A large crowd of Goblins wait their turn with the two human women. My good little kitten grins at me and pulls me into a corner. Priyala was waiting for me. Her orange fur is soft under my hands as we kiss. Her tail caressing my bare ass and lower back.

I lift her up and she wraps her legs around me. I press her against the wall and settle her on my dick. Thrusting into her as she purrs. The orgy goes on until the wee hours of the morning. Though I retire long before then. Alone, a rare occurrence. Tonight all the girls are for my boys. "I think I've had some luck with the horses, boss." Gort announces over breakfast. A few days after the big orgy. The new Goblins are mixing in nicely. Happy to be having regular sex, as well as taking to the regular regimen that Crom imposes on them.

"Oh?" I raise my eyebrow at my procurement specialist. "Yeah," He continues, animated by his news. "We should go.

Uh, when you're ready." I nod and give him an encouraging grin. After we eat he leads Rebecca and myself through town. She loves horses and had insisted on coming. We arrive at a large stable. Multiple barns and sheds fill a fenced in block.

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Men and horses everywhere. I start to look for the man in charge, but Gort grins and leads us to a shed in a corner. Where a young teenage boy tosses hay into a cart with a pitchfork. He wears a floppy hat and a baggy wool shirt over threadbare pants.

He looks up as we approach and I notice a feminine face under a layer of dirt. He smiles at Gort and tips his hat to us. "Ma'am!Sir!" He says smartly in a soft voice. "Boss, this is Finian. This 'boy' knows more about horses than any man here." The young man nods enthusiastically. Obviously missing the Goblin's inflection in the word 'boy,' though I did not.

"Horses 'ave been my life since I was a lad." He tells us. "You have time to show us around?" Gort asks. Giving me a sly smile. "Sure! Sure!" Finian leads us through the various buildings. Showing off the horses as we go. It doesn't take long for me to decide that Gort is right. Finian is a girl. Older than I at first thought. Eighteen or nineteen. Short and skinny. She has short black hair under her anal latin big tits teen. We see when she takes it off for a moment.

"What we are looking for is a horse that will both look impressive and be a good warhorse. One that won't cost a king's ransom." I finally tell her after she has shown us the whole yard, and we've returned to the hay shed. Away from curious ears I notice. "We don't know horses and Gort seems to think we can trust you not to swindle us." I give the girl a serious look, softened by raising my eyebrow. Finian gives an enthusiastic nod.

"Yeah! Gort says you could maybe help me out in return if I steer you straight?" "We always take care of our friends, but I'm not sure what you need." I answer carefully. She glances at Gort then back at me. "I can tell you know my secret. Men always look at me differently when they figure it out." She takes off her hat and fiddles with it nervously.

Not able to look me in the eyes. "I need someone to buy out my contract. My owner doesn't treat me well." Xxxi story teacher and student sex stories 2019 trails off in thought for a moment, before shuddering and looking back up at me.

"Gort says you would treat me much better. Even if I have to.please you and your men." "I see, I think. You're a slave and you want me to buy you?" I explore the thought. "Even though Gort has told you that a part of your duties for me would include sex?" She nods again, looking cute and vulnerable as she nibbles at her lower lip. "Well it would be handy to have someone who knows about horses.

Especially if we are going to try our hand at a mounted squad." I pause. "How did you become a slave anyway?" Finian blushes. "My father fell into debt. They took everything to pay it off and threw him into prison." She answers sadly.

"Your mother?" "Died in childbirth." Rebecca pulls the girl into a hug. "You poor dear." "It's pretty common around here, boss." Gort informs me. "Technically she will eventually work her bond off.

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Till then she is a slave. It happens a lot to merchants and artisans." "The peasantry?" I ask. "Like farmers and stuff?" I nod. "They don't even get that. They seem to start off owned." He frowns. "Are there any horses here we would be wise to purchase?" I ask. Finian nods. "Yessir a couple." She shows them off to us. Gort and I go to haggle with the stable master. I let the green man do most of the haggling. Much to the taming a wanton women pussy hardcore blowjob chagrin.

I just stand and try to look intimidating. We get what seems to be a good price for the pair. Then Gort brings up Finian. The man scowls and looks towards the hay shed. He doesn't seem interested in selling the girl until Gort offers to purchase a hefty amount of gear for our new horses as well as the girl's letter of bond.

A parchment contract that I am unable to read. The local language is just a bunch of chicken scratchings to me. The trip isn't cheap, but we come away with two horses and a new girl. We lead the horses back to the small courtyard behind the house. The area is really just a small patio with a low, crumbled stone wall. There is just enough room for the horses. Our carts and draft horses have been placed in the first stable we found coming into town. Housed there for a small fee.

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Our block has a large plaza instead of an alley. With a couple foot paths out and one larger one for carts. "We should talk with our neighbor. See if we can rent their stable." I ponder. The building next door had a small shed. Obviously built for horses. I'd guess it could house maybe four. Finian speaks up. "You won't regret taking me on." She tells me nervously. "Well, hopefully you won't regret joining." I smile at her. "Not a lot of girls want to run away to be a sex slave for Goblin mercenaries." She just shrugs.

"I know of another horse. One worthy of a mercenary Captain." I nod. "Lead the way." She takes Gort and myself to a different, smaller stable. "Ask to see Sheriff." She tells us. We talk with the stable master. A kindly looking older man who tries to sell us on some horses he had just got in. Finian shakes her head though when he isn't looking. Finally we see Sheriff. An intimidatingly large black and white horse. "Now, don't let his age and size fool you. He's friendly, and loyal.

The favored warhorse of one of the Duke's knights before he passed." The old man says. Gort haggles our a price. Pointing out the horses age and wear. We get a decent price, I think.

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"The horse is old?" I ask as we lead it away. Finian nods. "Yes, sir. He has a few good years left and he will serve you well." She looks at her feet for a moment. "So will I." She nearly whispers. That evening, Finian stands in my bedroom.

Shivering in her nervousness. She has washed up and is now only dressed in a white linen shift. She looks fuckably adorable. My dick is hard with my lust. Straining at my shorts for her. Washed up, her face is captivating. Flush with intelligence. Her green eyes constantly moving. Taking everything in. Her black hair is so short it gives her a pixie-like quality.

She is thin. Probably a little malnourished. She doesn't sexy japanese girl taking bath reach five feet tall. I can make out the little buds of her breasts pressing against her shift. Not even B-cups, I'd guess. "It's ok. I won't bite." I assure her as Lesbian bombshells spread their deep anals and drill long dildos step in close.

Wrapping the trembling girl in my arms. She places one hand on my chest and the other on my hip. "I.I'm no virgin." She admits. "Then why are you so afraid?" I lean in and murmur in her ear. Taking a moment to gently kiss her neck. "I.I don't know. Because those men simply took me. Abusing me for their pleasure. This time it's my choice to be here. I choose to be with you." She answers. Sounding more confident as she works her way through her statement.

I pull away from her a bit. "Servant or no, I will never force you into this." She pushes back against me and pulls my face to hers. Pressing her cute kissable lips to mine.

Our tongues dance together for a moment. Reminding me that she isn't as young as she looks. She tastes of fresh hay and tenacity. She trembles for a moment as I start to pull her shift up. Then quickly relaxes back into our kiss. When I reach her chest she breaks off so I can pull the linen undergarment off.

She looks at me nervously, fighting the urge to cover her nudity with her hands. "You look beautiful." I assure her with a loving smile. She does. I prefer my women curvier, but she looks delectable in the nude. Her breasts are sweet little buds. Her tummy is flat and smooth. She has a small patch of dark hair above her young cunny.

I can tell her ass is round and fine. She steps close to me again and boldly slides her hands into my blue shorts. She moans softly as I lean down and kiss her slender neck. Her fingers hot and firm as they wrap around my hard cock. She caresses me for a long moment. Tilting her head to the side so my lips have easy access to her neck and shoulder.

"Mmm, that feels nice." She says as a shiver runs through her. I reach down and slide my shorts off. Then I lead her to the bed. I sit and pull her onto my lap.

She seems so small and fragile. I almost worry about breaking her. With a determined look, she settles her young pussy on my dick, straddling my legs. Moaning as she sinks slowly down on my shaft. Her teen pussy is so tight.

She has to wiggle her little bottom to get all the way down. The cute girl looks up at me with her bright green eyes. She starts to roll her hips on my lap. Gasping as she fucks herself with my hard dick. She leans her forehead against my chest with a delightful moan. As if her pleasure is overwhelming. I hold her and ride the waves of pleasure for a time. The teen doing most of the work of our lovemaking. My fingertips gently move up and down her back.

Dipping all the way down to her little derrière. Without warning I thrust up into the girl. She gasps and her head flings back. Eyes open in shock. My arms are wrapped around her back, my hands gripping her shoulders.

I pull her down as I thrust up. Again and again. Pounding my little stable girl. Finian brings a hand up and bites down on her fist as she groans loudly. Her body starting to violently shiver.

I watch as her eyes roll back. Her long groan beginning to stutter. Her pussy clenches my cock tight. Almost painfully so. Still I batter her young cunny. With a last, powerful shiver she calms down. My dick easily fucking her sopping cunt. I roll over and land on top of the girl as I thrust in her. My fingers find her small breasts. Gently I pinch and roll her little buds between my thumb and forefinger.

Her back arches as she moans. As if offering her tits to me. Long moments later I pull out and flip her onto her tummy. Grabbing her little round ass I spread her pussy open with my thumbs and shove my dick back in. The girl cums again almost immediately. She pounds the mattress as she lets out that staccato groan.

Her pussy throbbing around my fuck stick. I grab her short hair and yank her head back. Her cries of pleasure echoing off the wall before us. My thrusts increase speed as I fuck her little body into the bed. Finally I thrust deep inside her. My dick twitching out its load as I groan my pleasure. The little teen gasping below me. I kiss the back of her neck as my cock thrusts and twitches in her. Taking my time.

Making sure I'm done. Finally I roll off and pull her close. Finian coos her pleasure as she snuggles me. In moments I am drifting off to sleep. Sometime in the night. In the dark. I feel delicate fingers on my cock. As it gets hard my teen partner climbs on top of me. Pressing her tight cunny down around my dick. "I need you!" Finian whispers fisting her wrecked teen pussy till she squirts hard. "I need to feel you!" Happily, I oblige the young stable-girl.

We spend the next few days practicing with the horses. Riding them out into the countryside and learning what it takes to care for them. Finian turns out sunny leone with nigrblak man be a needy little sexpot.

Wanting to fuck me at every opportunity. She wasn't yet ready to have sex with the boys though. She still acts timid and vulnerable outside of the bedroom. Except around the horses. She seems at home there. We had been in town for nearly three weeks when an agent of the Magistrate came to call. Bailiff Garvin is a fat, smiling man. Though he didn't look it, he just seems greasy to me.

As we talk he can't seem to stop scratching under his arm. "The Magistrate has work for you. If you like." He starts after we sit down in the front room of the house. His words make it seem like an offer. His tone makes clear it is an order. "I'm interested." I answer. He smiles at my perceived eagerness. In truth work brings in coin that we could always use. Plus doing work for the man in charge is never a bad idea. being agents of the Magistrate could give us status we currently lack.

"You see,' He continues. "We don't get mercenary bands of your size come through town often. Adventurers and the like mostly. Not like your large green band." His eyes light up when Sakura brings in a tray of drinks and cheese. His eyes lustily traveling up and down the pink, bunny girl's scantily clad body. He takes a mug of ale and some cheese. Looking like he wants to pinch her ass as she leaves.

"We have a level of lawlessness in the surrounding villages. There is talk of sedition. Rebellion." He takes a sip of his ale. "Something the Magistrate's men are loathe to deal with." He hands me a small stack of parchments.

"The Magistrate requests that you travel to Rockrun village and arrest three of the ringleaders." He gives me a grin before continuing. "I would expect some resistance. Please don't put the whole village to the torch." He stands and we shake hands before I escort him out. There is a large carriage in the street waiting for him with a brace of heavily armed guards. As we gather our force together the next day I am happy to find that Priyala has passing familiarity with the chicken scratchings these Humans call a written language.

The papers describe who we are to arrest. Where the village is. My contract with the Magistrate. Which is decent, but not as much as we usually charge. There are also three warrants. The boys get the carts and draft horses from the stable where we first paid to house them.

Then we are off. We leave the non-combatants and a small guard at the house. I find a surprise waiting for me when we make camp the first night out of the city. "You like it?" Hanatal asks. Apparently Gort had purchased a new tent for me. More than that, a whole main camp. No more small three person tent with a bedroll. This stands ten feet tall at the center and probably twenty feet in diameter. It has colorful pennants, and square bunting around the top.

There is an actual bed with a thin mattress, a writing desk, a small table for meals, and even a rug on the ground. Around the fire there are four other big tents, though not as big as mine. One with a table for a command tent. One for Kara. And one for Crom and Hanna. "It will make you soft." Kara tells me. "Well you can make me hard again." I smirk at her. She tries not to smile back. "Not tonight." She says before stalking off to check the disposition of the troops. In the evening, after we eat I take Misoko back to my tent to test out the new bed.

The white Usagi girl twitches her little cotton tail at me as we enter. I pull her into an embrace and she eagerly presses her lips to mine. Our tongues dance together as I caress her long bunny ears. They are so sensitive on the beautiful girl, sending delicate shivers through her body. She reaches down and rubs my huge natural tits a group of teenagers have been well known for stealing in meaty through my trousers. I quickly get hard at her touch.

She slides her furry hand into my pants as she softly moans. Her fingers wrap around my dick and she gently strokes me. I lay her back on my camp bed. Her lavender hair spreads on the mattress, framing her long white ears. I grab her skirt and flip up the front, revealing the tops of her thighs and her blue silk panties.

After I slide her panties off she eagerly spreads her legs for me. I lean in and she gasps as my tongue glides up and down her sweet pussylips. My hands reach beneath her and grip her bunny ass. Pulling her tail through her skirt, I grope at the little cotton ball.

Misoko grabs me by the hair and moans as my tongue wiggles deeper into her wet cunny. She arches her back, thrusting her fuzzy cunny into my face. I pull away. Licking her juices from my lips and crawl up her pearly white body. Shedding my pants as I go. She grins as she pulls down her top. Her wonderful double-D's plopping out.

I pause to suck and nibble her hardened nipples. Squeezing her full breasts. Then I move up kissing her neck.

Our lips meet again, as I slide my cock into her soft pussy. Both of us moaning as I begin to thrust. Her hands gliding up and down my back. I feel the bunny girl shiver beneath me as she orgasms. Lesbian lovers in lust fingering each other legs wrap around me and she breaks our kissing to groan loudly. Soon my whole body tingles as I cum inside her. Filling her most precious spot with my jizz. I thrust a few more times, then I roll off her.

She snuggles close to me. Happy and tired from our lovemaking. We both drift to sleep with the sounds of a bustling camp just outside my new tent. As we approached the village a young man rode out to meet us on a mule. He carried a large club. His eyes went wide at the sight of so many goblins. "We are here on order of the Magistrate. We have orders to arrest three criminals and bring them to justice." I announce in what I hope is a commanding voice. feeling strangely powerful on my new horse.

Even before the young man has a chance to speak. I hold up the warrants as proof. The young man nods and heads back to the village. I turn to Kara. "Do you think that means they are just going to turn them over." She gives me a dark grin. "You didn't even get to tell him their names." I sigh. She was right. Slowly I lead my troupe toward the clustered buildings. Sure enough a few scattered arrows fly out at us as we get close. "CHARGE!" Karagoth orders waving her large battle axe the air.

We surge into the village. Not yet comfortable on horseback, I publicagent nikki gullable student strips off the has sex in car down and tie Sheriff's reigns to a convenient post. Green bodies streaming past me. Hanatal and few others staying to make sure I'm protected.

I walk down the main street. Little skirmishes seem to be everywhere. A man runs up with a large shovel. I knock his makeshift weapon aside with my sword, and one of my boys stabs him in the leg. I move on as the villager is tied up. I have given orders to keep casualties to a minimum. It looks like my men are trying their best. It becomes quickly obvious that the villagers are both outnumbered, and poorly armed.

The fight is short. With just three villagers killed and a couple dozen tied up as prisoners. The women and children seem to have fled as we approached. "Where are they?" I ask an older prisoner. Angrily pointing at my warrants. "Go to hell." He grumbles and looks away. "Search the village." I order Kara.

We look for an hour. One of the dead turns out to be one of the three. We find another among the prisoners.

No sign of the third. No one is willing to tell us where they went. Without another word I order my troops out with our criminal and the body. Leaving the villagers tied up. I bear no ill will towards them. We finished with no casualties on our side. Our job is simply to carry out the warrants. Later that night, in my tent, a naked Kara gently brushes her green fingers across my sweaty chest. "What's wrong?" She asks, concerned. I'm still breathing hard from our long bout of sex.

"I don't like what we did today. It felt wrong." She nods. "We are mercenaries. Those who have coin to pay are not often the good guys." She explains. "I know. But I don't have to like it." I answer sullenly. She just lays her head against my chest. Her white hair spilling across me. After we get back to town and got paid we took a closer look at the block our house is on. With a little work the whole thing would be a nicely fortified base. I sent Gort around to see how much our neighbors would sell for.

He started to make deals to purchase the whole block. Our neighbors, the bakers were the first to sell. On two conditions. They be allowed to live there as our tenants. And that Rebecca and I have a nice dinner with them. "Sex, boss. I'm pretty sure they both want to fuck your wife." Gort explains when he brings the offer to me. I give him a grin and find Rebecca. Who is happy to frolic with our neighbors.

The next evening we bring over a bottle of wine as the couple hosts us for dinner. They are not particularly attractive.

Hogan is overweight, droopy, and constantly out of breath. His wife is as big as he is. Daisy is a large round woman with big tits. Pushed up by the corset she wears under we plain dress. Her face is at best handsome, but she has a smile that lights up the room. Right away I find her to be a charming, jolly woman. Someone danejones perfect young blonde teen riding her boyfriend lifts the mood of those around simply by her presence.

"We are so glad you both could make it." She tells me. Giving me an overly friendly hug as we walk in the door. "We are happy to finally meet you." Becca smiles back. Getting a hug of her own. The dinner is passable, not great. With the exception of the bread, and rolls. And after dinner there are pastries that were like eating sweet, sugary clouds.

We sat in their small living room eating the delicious pastries. Hogan was surprised when Rebecca sat down next to him in the couch. Snug between the fat couple. Their thighs touching. We have never been shy with our swapping. We have found through the years that sometimes we need to be aggressive to move the night along. "You see, uh." The fat man starts up.

Nervous at my wife's intimacy as she slightly leans into his bulk. Her fingertips resting on his hairy forearm. "See, we can hear your.uh, people through the walls. At night. Their.their, uh.activities." He looks me desperately in the eyes.

"He means the sex." Daisy grins at me. "Well, I apologize if my men are too loud. We never like to irritate our neighbors." I tell them. "Oh, it's fine." She assures me. "It's made us randier than we have been in years." She gives me a grin that I can't help but return. Rebecca's hand slips between Hogan's thighs and he lets out a surprised 'whoop!' when her fingers begin to caress his penis through his slacks.

Daisy looks at me to see if I am going to protest. I just give her a knowing grin. The fat woman turns towards my wife and slides a pudgy hand up Becca's side. Fingers grab and squeeze my wife's big tits. Rebecca turns back and purses her lips in invitation. Daisy happily leans in and the two wives kiss.

Rebecca fumbles with Hogan's pants while she kisses. Finally getting the man's dick step dad grounds associates daughter the suggestive swap. Then she turns away from daisy and leans down.

I watch as my beautiful wife moves to her hands and knees on the couch. My breathing coming faster, excited as she takes another man's cock in her mouth.

My dick already hard. Daisy tugs my wife's dress up past her round ass, revealing her lack of panties. Then she pushes her chubby hand between Becca's thighs. I watch as my wife presses her bare pussy back horny babe gets plowed at the gym the big woman's palm. Daisy grins at me as she rubs my wife's pussy. Then she drops to her knees on the floor and pulls Becca's rear toward her.

Leaning in to lick the beautiful blonde's pussy from behind. As Rebecca's face bobs up and down in Hogan's lap. The big man leans back with his eyes closed as my wife blows him. Daisy giving her pussy the attention it deserves. When Daisy finally turns away from Rebecca's peach she has a smile on her glistening lips. The fat woman crawls across the room to me and happily takes my dick out. I watch my beautiful wife sit up and pull her dress off.

Then her bra. Both items falling to the floor nearby. Then she leans back in. Taking Hogan's cock as deep in her throat as she can, as he reaches beneath her to grope her wonderful orbs.

I grin and run my hands through Daisy's brown hair as she gives me my own sloppy blowjob. There is a lot of licking and kissing and slobbering.

Not my favorite, but still enjoyable. "Why don't you take your dress off." I xxx sex bideos sex stories me suggest. Daisy looks up at me, grinning. She pulls her simple dress over her bulk.

Leaving her in her threadbare, grey corset and white linen bloomers. Her big tits are held up and presented by the corset. Her large nipples happily peaking out. Daisy leans back down and kisses my dick.

She seems to enjoy looking up and making eye contact with me as she gently nibbles and licks the tip of my cock. I reach down and caress her chubby cheek as she pleasures me. "Should we go to your bedroom?" I ask. The fat woman nods and eagerly stands, taking my hand. She sheds her bloomers as we head upstairs. Her ass is flabby, lined with stretch marks. When she reaches the top of the stairs I lean in and give her big left asscheek a kiss.

Then a gentle bite. "Ooh!" The baker's wife gasps. Turning around to grin at me. I return her smile as she backs her way into the bedroom. We kiss as my fingers fumble la cochonne french cutie dp penetrations in wild group sex her large corset.

Finally she helps me loosen it and it drops to the floor as I lean in and suck on her big breasts. She pulls me to the bed and spreads her thick legs.

Offering her hairy pussy for me to enjoy. We both moan as I enter her. Her hands going to the back of my head and pulling it to her breasts. I can hear my wife giggle as she and Hogan come up the stairs behind us.

"See, here they are." I hear him laugh behind me as I kiss and lick his big wife's tits. Then there is thailyhott s (departamento del valle del cauca colombia viewers sound of kissing and Becca moaning from nearby. "Take me." I hear her demand in her bedroom voice.

She lays next to us as I thrust into the wonderful Daisy. My wife gives me a loving smile. Then she looks up as the baker lays his bulk on top of her.

Doing his best to hold himself up off her as she guides his dick into her precious cunny with a lusty groan. Daisy's big body jiggles beneath me as we fuck. She grips my hair painfully as her gasps get more and more insistent.

Her whole body shudders as her orgasm washes over her. I worry about the bed, but it seems quite sturdy. As the big woman starts to settle down I look over at my wife. Her eyes are closed and she has such a lustful look on her beautiful face. Thoughts of her pleasure push me over and I groan. Thrusting stiffly into Daisy as I cum.

When I finish I roll off her and watch as Hogan cums in my beautiful wife. Groaning loudly as he finishes. "Wonderful." Daisy coos as she rolls over and rests her head on my chest. Smiling as she watches her husband and my wife.

All four of us resting happily.