Thisgirlsucks petite blonde babe gobbles big cock small frame and deepthroat

Thisgirlsucks petite blonde babe gobbles big cock small frame and deepthroat
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My first day of colledge was today. I was tired so I whent back to the dorm hall to take a nap before my last class started. When I walked into the room I saw that my room mate had gotten there. He was sitting on the bed, headphones on and didn't hear me when I said hello.

He was a tall, muscule type. I looked around the room and noticed that he had occupied the walls with the school's football posters.

The helmet beside his bed told me that he was on the team. I dropped my backpack and took off my shirt. I kept on my basketball shorts and just kicked off my shoes. I dove into the bed that was adjacent to his and whent to sleep. I might have been sleep for about ten minutes when I felt something tickling my waist. I scratched the spot and dozed back off. A minute or two had passed when I could feel a large hand gripping my butt. I was curious to what was happening and just closed my eyes and let it happen.

Next I felt someone climbing into the bed. And my shorts started to slip down, off my butt.

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When they were pulled about haft way, two hands bagan massaging my ass cheeks. My cock was swelling fast. I opened my eyes just a tiny bit and all I could see was that color of orange that was in the shirt my room mate was wearing. He spread open my butt and I felt the most pleasuring sensation ever when he spat, and warm saliva fell onto my ass hole.

He closed my cheeks together and moved them around making it all wet. My dick was aching due me laying on my erection. When I heard his zipper come down I was scared that he would try to violate my virgin hole. I took that chance to turn over onto my back, still pretending as though I was sleep. With no hesitation, he slid my shorts the rest of the way off.

I peeped and saw that he was amazed at my eight inch erection that was laying on my stomach. He got off the bed and and stood with his back facing me and I knew he was about to get naked.

I opened my beautiful madison gets rammed in a threeway a little. I watched as he took off his shirt. He was a buit man with broad shoulders. Then bent over as he slid down his jeans. His butt was round and big. He kept on his briefs. I closed my eyes when he turned around.

His arm brushed my feet as he got on the bed and layed down between my legs. His right hand rubbed my thigh and then up to my chest and my body started to tingle.

His hand moved down slow to my crotch and he pulled my dick toward his face. Feeling his hot breath on the head of my dick made me want to moan but I kept silent. I felt a kiss on the side of my cock. Then a moist tongue. He licked up and down the bottom of my shaft and I was loosing my mind. I really had to bite my tongue as he jerked my cock up and down tight in his fist while he sucked one of my nuts into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it.

I soon found myself submissive to all the wildness that was taking place. He kised the base of my cock and licked up to the head and lapped up the precum that had oozed from it.

The heat from his breath hit me again. This time it was even warmer. he wrapped his lips around my shaft and swung his tongue around and around the head of my heavenly swollen head.

I was at my sexual peek and I think he knew it. He created more suction and then swallowed my entired erection and just held it in his throat.

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I couldn't help it any longer. I had to make a noise or something. as he pulled my dick from his throat and sucked the head. he was also playing with my balls. I grunted and moaned and he sucked me deeper and fastered. He was becoming an animal. I reached out my arms grabbed handfulls of the sheets. His large hands grabbed both of my wrist, he held me down and sucked me crazy.

He was moving his head in circles and going deep. I was going to cum any moment, if he kept that up. Just before I shot my load into his mouth he stopped and stood up. He said "don't move." He dropped his briefs and he was hung like a horse. His dick was much bigger than mine was and he was soft.

He had a smooth shaved six pack and wide chest. He was my vision of a sex God. He climbed on top of me and spat into his hands. He body to sweat with sexy japanese gal shiina it to moisten his butt, then he took my dick into his hand and sat down onto my erection.

I was deep inside him. He layed his sexy body over me and whispered in my left ear, "I want all your cum in my ass right now." I thrusted my dick in and out of his tight black ass while he swung his body back and forth. The precum flowing from my dick was making his hole a lot more slick. I rolled over on top of him to get better control of my dick.

I held his legs with his arms wrapped around them as I fucked his big, dark, smooth ass. He moaned every time my shafte got lost in his hole. I picked up his massive cock and jerked it. His nut sack was hanging just over my dick as I thrusted into him faster. they jumped with every motion we made. The muscules in his ass was biting my dick.

I let go of his cock and my toes curled hard. I yelled out loud and with one more push of my swollen cock into his ass, I shot a fat load of cum into him. I fell over onto the bed.

Laying on my stomach. my leg crossed over his. He slid from under me and licked the crack of my ass. It was still wet from earlier. He spread open my butt cheeks angain and threw his wide, rough tongue against my small hole.

I was getting hard again and I didn't care what happend next. I just knew that I was going to have a great school year.