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German sex porn sonaxy boollywood sex
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I meet Jessica after i was released from jail. I was up late one night on a sex line. So how it all went down I listened as she talked she was so young and seemed so horny. I stayed on the phone with her almost all night.

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She not only acted drunk but high also. she laughed and sang the songs on the radio all night i could tell she tought she was the best there was out there. She talked and talked about her life. She told me she was a whore in her neighborhood and hinted at me. Well i knew the area really well because thats where i did my acts before jail.

I was wondering who she was and why i didn't know such a young hoe in the hood.

She was 17 me 34. I talked her into letting me come to her house late that night. She came out to the truck like any nieghborhood hoe she was drunk and stoned just a teenage i thought she was going trough a hoe stage nothing out of the oldrrdiany for that neighborhood.

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I Knew right away i could do what i wanted with her. I asked her if she wanted to go with my cousin and me to his house. she said kool after a minute. her mother yelled out the front door saying everything she could to keep her there,i guess she had done many things that worried her mother but that was not my concern.we rode back to the house she probaly thought fun another 40 and party.

I however tought of her naked littlle ass riding my dick after all i hadn't seen any pussy except from a nurse in the jail in well over a year. well as time passed we talked and visited more often. She started it all off with a video camera she bought she wanted to be fucked and beated.

Everything we did she wanted on camera. The first night i laid the camera on the nite stand of my basement room and bent her over the bed and finger fucked her pussy and ass at the same time. then i sled my dick into her pussy slowly before i fucked the shit out of her. afterwards while flipping through the camera to see my work i saw videos of her being fucked by different black dudes while she lay naked next to me she told me that was her boyfriend she wanted to break up with cause he was pimpn her out.

so i knew all about that type of shit so i left it all that she was humiliated and i went to the restroom. So she stayed the night and her cellphone keep ringing her mother had called the whole family and now they were on her ass i stayed in the basement at my sisters since i was released so we walked out side to smoke so she could talk to her brother and sister in law. she walked away while on the phone but i could hear her clear as day.

"It's not like that he has so much money coming,im just gonna get it and say fuck him". yea she was laughing at me.good one but the only problem was i heard her.Her brother was truely worried about her but she thought she had control.

I pretended i had heard nothing we went back to the room.after that night i keep her close she pretty much moved in only going home once every couple of weeks.

I said i would not worry if she was just a whore and not the love of my life like she pretended to be. We stayed in my basement all the time me fucking her and at night with her head under the sheets sucking my dick til sarah gisele hot amateur fingering for boyfriend went to sleep.

I made her sleep with it in her mouth under the sheet and she liked it. She had told me since day one that she liked men to control her and even leave bruises across her ass and face. I didn't do that because i was fresh out of jail and didn't want to go back. Horny college slut can satisfy two hard dicks without any trouble threesome and beautiful she told me her and her boyfriend/pimp were over she broke up with him.

Since i liked her tight pussy and young wet mouth we started being exclusive. she went back to her mother's house while i was at work one day. My mom took me to pick her up that afternoon and we went through a drive through to get some food she said she was not hungery she had her own money, if she was.

I was not stupid a hoe on the streets does not just have money. I waited till we were down the street and i slapped her across the face in the back of my mother's van before she knew what was coming. She got upset and so did my mother neither said a word i told her not to speak or move until we got to the house.

The ride there that nite was very quit. as we got out of the van she waited around as if for someone to go in first i looked at her and told her to take her ass to the basement.

I watched her turned to go down the staires. I helped my mother and talked to her for the next 20 or so minutes then i went to the downstaires took my watch off and laid it on the nightstand she sat at the side of the bed just waiting on me to come down there. i backhanded her in the side of the head knocking her to her back. She cried and begged saying she was sorry what did she do. I Hit her again then told her why i had done it."You fucked some dude for money" i bet her asking who.

she finally said she was raped by a dude her ex boyfriend used to make her fuck and that she really didn't have any money she just didn't want me to pay for everything .So i let her get up and wipe her face. I called every number she gave me and i thretened their life.She did not opened her mouth more then two words the rest of the night she sucked and laid there walking litely on bad ground.

As time went on more came out she told me she had two pimpes and she had never broke up ith anybody before she didn't want to hurt them because she got with me because one of them told her to. she also told me all the videos we made of me fucking her everynight her boyfriend was getting. At the time i was selling crack. So on a ride i told her to call him and met him to get the tapes back.and it happened that nite.she was supose to tell him it was over after itold her she was nothing but a peice of white ass for him and his friends.

true anough she had been gangbang candy at every cheap motel in the hood. She continued to lie for the next two weeks thinking i beleived it all. one night the neighbor saw a car drop her off while i was at work.

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when i got home she did not have a lie planned bacause she did not thik it would come up she thought she had her bases covered. I asking her who dropped her off she denied what i was talking about unitl she thought she was going to get her ass beat. She told me it was her ex pimp she still tried to lie. I fucked the shit out of her then told her next time she would be beat down like the hoe she was acting like.No surpise that three months later she got to high and i guess she felt upset or something.

she woke me up at three in the morning crying saying she was in love with two dudes.she said one dude was not really her pimp that she wanted to be pimped. I took off my watch and she knew what was coming i beat her to the ground and blood went all down her hoodie and on the bed sheets i sat on top of her and hit her in her stomach and face with my fist at least 40 times then let her get up while i stayed in her face and slapped her to the gound every time she got up i beat her down.i grabbed a fist full of long brown hair and beat her til her lips and eyes swallo up i drug her to the bed while she screamed and begged i didn't care.

I beat her for nearly 30 then beat her on the bed til she turned over on her stomach to hide her face itwas no use i am 265 and she 100. i continued to slap her on both sides of her face then i pulled out my dick and shoved it all the way into her tiny ass i felt it ripe and keep going she cried with her masacra running and handing and body moving quickly and helplessly.

I fucked her until she felt mynut bust inside of her. she was always so worried about getting pregnant but this did not matter she had to be tought. I fucked her pussy next with blood all over her swallon face and her asshole burning from the dick she deserved. i nuttn man drills pretty attractive chick girlfriend and hardcore in her to humilate her and show her. The pain was not over i scream as she cried hen i was finished i went to the bathroom in the same room.

she knew she was not to leave the bed she however tried it she ran out the room and up the staires and out the front door i dont know where she thought she was going with no shoes and hardly any clothes. she frooze at the front step afraid to run for fear. she was drug by her hair down the stairs and received her second ass whooping afterwards she stood in front of the box fan tring to brethe she said she was breathing blood.

she shook for hours like she was has a seizer and i could not even scare her into calming down. As she laid ther i called her boyfriend next to her and told him i had just bet her ass and that she said she loved us both.He wanted nothing else to do with her cause i was supose to just be a trick. when she woke i feed her soup through a straw cause she could not open her jaws she couldn't even talk only momble words i could not understand. she was not allowed around any of her family for about two weekds.

If anyone saw her face i was going back to jail quickly. she rode with me as i sold the crack and every person that got into the back seat i tlod to look at her face and then i told them she acted up they all said damn girl what did you do. She never spoke unless i made her.

then she would say what she did and everyone would get quite she was humiliated with her face black and lips busted. She wanted to be a hoe so thats what she got i had been dealing in that same neighborhood for years and years i know all the crack houses that had the nasteast hoes and men and i left her at a local crack house with a friend for 6 hours neddless to say 5 to 6 dicks on a easy lesbians film cunt eating pornstars and fingering. The guys who fucked my hoe as punisment know i would provide rock.

So when i told them to do as they wished they did. Stories later said that she was fucked with ahairspray bottle on a dirty matrress in the back yard and locked in the room at one time with two crack heads. People say they heard her cries and even tried to stop it ,but they heard the hites on the wall.

When i arrived to pick her up she was in that room i beat the dooor down and what i saw i was sad. i told her to get in the car she barely got up then barely walked to the car. she was covered in dry cum and her makeup was all over her face she was scared to death she had belt marks across her thighs and bruises coming on her ass and back from fists and hands.

I just looked at her with hard eyes and watched her go to the car. That night i stoopped at the store and brought her night-time tylanol she slept naked on the floor beside my bed. It was hard to watch but at the same time easy enough.

The lively girl i had known porn milf abbey brooks watching teens fuck deepthroat and assfucking never saw again. She never much spoke after that except in fear.

she was so beatiful ,now ony filled with dick and bruises across her body. She was a child playing pretend.

She tought she was in control. Now my slave