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Lezzies trying dildos and great sex times pantyhose and lesbians
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THE FAMILY CAMPING TRIP by Miss Anne Thrope Abigail flung her bag onto her friend Olive's chair and threw herself down onto her best friends' pure white bed making her long black hair spread out around her head. She locked her beautiful green eyes onto Olive as she exhaled sharply "I just found out that instead of staying home like we do every summer my dad planned this camping trip, we are going out to a family cabin somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

You must come with me Olive; my dad says it's okay if I bring a friend or two along. You're the only one I'd even consider bringing, plus I'd miss you way too much being apart." she said motioning for Olive to join her on the bed. She wrapped her arms around Olive waist and kissed her behind her ear.

"Abs, you know I want to spend all of my time with you, but I have kylie page in perfect specimen of a booty run it past the parents first," Olive said as she pressed herself into Abby's encircling arms as she pulled her head around into a passionate kiss. Olive felt her friends hand slip underneath her shirt and find her bare breasts.

As her friends' hand encircled her tits she felt her nipples harden and press against Abby's palms. Abigail rolled her friend over onto her back as she ran her hand along Olive's pale white flesh, her long red hair flowing over her shoulders as a soft moan escaped her pink kissable lips.

Her skin flushed at her lovers' touch as it always did. Ever since that first night years ago when they were both young teens exploring their budding womanly bodied together.

Abby had initiated it but didn't take Olive long to catch up with her, they explored each other's bodies as often as they could. Olive's eyes fluttered as Abby's hand caressed her body, touching her in the places she knew excited her. Her warm lips pressed wetly against her neck just below her ear, as she followed it by licking her ear lobe then biting it gently causing Olive to gasp and moan softly as Abby knew from years of experience what turned Olive on most.

"Oh Abby, baby if you keep this up you know what's going to happen and if that happens I'll never get around to asking my parents anything for a long time." Abby made an irritated noise and said "Fine but hurry up I want to feel you're loving embrace and your sweet, sweet lips, and talented tongue. You know, the one I taught you how to use so very well. I want us to beautiful girl sex movies sex stories some fun and burn a nice recent memory of you into my mind to keep me warm on those cold nights away.

In the event, you won't be able to go and I only have my mom and them to occupy me while I'm away." as Abby kissed her one more time before she let Olive get up. "I know that, how could I ever forget what you've taught me. I still dream about the first time we were together and wake up needing you badly, I'm only sad that you wear me out so bad I never dream it when your here. I'd love to wake up and have you re-enact it instead of having to take care of it myself. You gave me a wonderful gift that night, one day I will figure out how to repay you for it.

I'll be right back, and I'll do everything in my power to get them to let me go on your trip with you.

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Then we can get back to your needs." Olive said as she walks out of the room she winked and blew a kiss, closing the door behind her. Walking into the kitchen remembering the details of her first time with Abby, Olive catches her mother just as she is finishing the dishes and calls to her.

"Mom, listen to me, Abby is going on a little vacation to a family cabin with her parents and she invited me, you've got to let me go. is it okay with you and dad if I go?" A shocked gasp escapes her before she starts to speak. "Yes, Olive I am listening to you, I always do. But your father isn't here so I don't know what he'd say about it. But knowing him he's going to say no.

You know how he is. If he can't have any fun no one else can." she said turning towards Olive. Olive's mom Karen's auburn hair is pulled back and she's wearing a white tee shirt and a matching white denim skirt, Olive can plainly see that her mother isn't wearing a bra, her breasts clearly visible through the shirt as it clung wetly to her perky breasts.

Her mother's hard nipples clearly visible poking firmly against the damp cotton shirt straining the material and begging to be touched. Olive could hear a low steady buzzing sound coming from her mother's pockets at least she thought that's where it came from at least, it sounded muffled nut also faded in and out also.

"Holy Shit mom you're not wearing a bra, I can clearly see your tits through your shirt, it's soaked, you might as well be half naked. Don't you mind me seeing you like this? Also, you should really answer your phone, you must have it on silent." Olive giggles. Her mother's mouth drops open in shock as she blushes but makes no move to cover herself.

She shakes he head quickly. "You hear my phone? I don't, you must be mistaken, and I don't like hearing you swear young lady. So, are you enjoying the view? Do you like seeing me this way!?" she exclaimed as she gasps loudly and slaps the counter hard and leaning against it for support as her legs wobble a little. "It wouldn't bother you to see me walk around nude more often?" "Look I'm sorry for swearing, but mom your breasts are pretty awesome honestly. I never really noticed until just now how attractive you are.

You can feel free to be nude with me around any time." she explains. "Anyway, are you sure you're feeling okay Mom, you do look a bit flushed, do you have a fever or something?" "N-n-no, no I'm fine dear, can we… t-talk about a-a-all this a little later, I-I'M a tad distracted I'm having a hard time focusing at the m-m-moment." Worried about her mother Olive rushed to her, the whirring noise got louder. As Olive got closer her mother shot out a hand and went to say something but, before she could her knees went weak suddenly and she started to fall.

Olive rushed to her catching her but not in enough time to stop her from falling. Olives mother toppled into her as Olive reached to catch her causing them both to crash to the floor in a tangle of arms and legs.

Olive had landed on her back with her face between her mothers' breasts breathing heavily. The fall had her right hand pinned between herself and her mother her left on her mother's firm butt. During the fall their legs had spread and landed with olives left leg around her mother's right hip while her mother's legs landed two girls one guy bondage xxx training my little teen bum whore Olive's right leg, her mother's left thigh pressed hard to Olives hip.

Olive could feel an odd tingling sensation through her fingers and against her pelvis. While she took all this in and tried to figure out what it was she heard her mother gasp suddenly and moan as her mother thrust her hips forward with a cry. "Oh God Olive, being this close to you like this is making mommy so hot! I'm too turned on, tell me what you want mommy to do." she pleaded.

Olive gasped in confusion and muttered, "Fuck me." With that, her mother began thrusting her hips russian teens moviekup car nothing happens in the temple without president oakss against her daughters' hips. "Oh, baby mamma needs you badly, right now!" she said tearing her shirt off as she pressed her freed breasts into her daughters' face. Olive gasped as it all made sense to her, she had just caught her mother doing the dishes with a vibrator on full blast inside her.

Quickly a wicked thought crossed Olive's mind, and she quickly began to lick and suck her mother's hard nipples as she caressed the rest of her mother's sex-crazed body.

"Oh, poor, poor Mommy, are you a sex starved slut who craves an incestuous lesbian experience with her daughter? You are huh, admit it, Karen." Olive said, getting a thrill from using her mothers' name.

"Oh yes Olive, yes… my. Oh! I. Your tongue. Oh God, I'm. My daughters. Fuck!" She moaned and panted until Olive pulled her mother's head down and kissed her passionately, it didn't take long for her mother to start to return the kiss. As they kissed Olive grabbed her mother's ass slowing her frantic pace. When her mother had slowed enough Olive reach between her mother's legs with her pinned right hand to find her skirt pushed up and that her mother wasn't wearing any panties and turned the vibrator off and slowly began worked it in and out.

"Okay mommy I want you to close your eyes and stay on all fours as still as you can, is that clear?" "Mmm, yes Olive, but I'm so close baby." she replied mildly complaining in her lust fueled state "I need to cum so badly, your father never fucks me. Olive, and I'm so horny all the time. I admit it, I am sex starved slut who craves an incestuous experience with my daughter. I…" "Just stay still and keep your eyes closed," Olive demanded as she slipped out from under her mother stood up and wiggled out of her shorts as she continued to slowly work the toy in and out of her mother's hot, wet cunt.

With her shorts down around her ankles finally, she kicked them away and worked her shirt off, the whole time somehow managing to keep the toy going, and tossed it away feeling a thrill from being naked in the kitchen where almost anyone could walk in and see her and her mother going at it. She quickly removed the plastic friend from her mother's glistening inner reaches to receive a disappointed moan. "What are you doing Olive?" Karen asked just before Olive slipped three of her long slender fingers inside her mother's hot twitching pussy eliciting a grunt of deep satisfaction as Olive slid lithely back between her mothers' legs.

Olive briefly pulled her fingers from her mother's pussy causing her to moan in regret once more, but it was short lived as Olive replaced her fingers with her tongue as she swirled it around her mom's engorged clit and aching love tunnel, causing her mother to throw her head back a moan in unrestrained joy.

Karen couldn't believe what was happening now, as her mind flooded with thoughts, they flashed like neon signs constantly repeating "Oh my God my daughter is eating my pussy!" and "Holy shit my daughter is really good at this." and "Why haven't we done this before?". But as she felt her daughter spread her pussy a miley mae sucks cock under the table wide open she drove her nimble swirling tongue deeper and deeper inside her. All remaining thoughts were burned away by a feeling of sexual euphoria.

Karen's head dropped down as wave after wave of her building orgasm crested and began to slam through her fit firm body like a jolt of electricity. With her head hung down between her daughters' legs she inhaled deeply, she could smell her daughters' intoxicating aroma as her eyes shot open from the intensifying waves of carnal pleasure that ripped through her body, it was like a bolt of lightning and being plunged into ice cold water all at once.

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She groans as her eyes beheld her beautiful daughters' bare, pale little pussy, with a small patch of bright red hair above her hard clitoris before she mindlessly started kissing and licking her daughters' little pussy before trapping her little hard clitoris in her lips as she rolled her tongue over it in a lust fueled frenzy.

"Oh yes Mommy, that's it, right there, like that!" Olive moaned loudly. "Olive, it turns me on so much to hear you moan "mommy" like that, but I think I'd also like to hear you moan mommy's real name too." She gasped quickly before diving back into her daughters' wet pussy once more. "Mm-mm, Okay then Karen, don't stop eating out my tight little fuck hole, even if someone walks in and catches us. We can talk more after you're done getting me off Karen," she said before continuing her own oral assault on her mother's fuck box.

she thrashed and moaned into her mother's pussy until the feeling of her own orgasm build up was driving her wild and had to stop a screamed. "Oh Mommy, fuck me, I'm almost there! Oh, Karen, you wonderful, amazing, cunt lapping, bitch you're going to make me cum so fucking hard! For being such a good pussy eater Karen, I'm going to make my amazing mommy squirt all over her baby girls face!" before she went back to her mother's delicious, wet, pulsating pussy.

A gasp escaped Karen's lips as she heard what her daughter said, and how right she was. Anyone could walk in and catch them in the throes of their incestuous lovemaking, but what really made her really hot, and horny, and push her almost hot cumshot compilation cum on tits edition the edge (aside from her baby girls' tongue deep inside her sex-starved pussy) was the fact that her daughter was totally right.

Not only her boasting dirty talking but the fact that anyone could just wander into the kitchen through the unlocked sliding glass rear door or the hall doorway. The thing was that right at this point she really didn't care as long as she did end hot busty girlfriend sucking and riding big dick covering her lovely daughters' teen-aged cunt lapping face with her cum.

The thought actually thrilled her and spurred her on as she buried herself farther into Olive's sweet tasting pussy, unashamed of the incestuous love she was having with her beautiful daughter, and shamelessly hoping her daughter could make her squirt.

While right outside a girl watched in shocked awe through the sliding glass door that led from the kitchen onto the deck, where she crouched rubbing her pussy from nearly the beginning of the action her underwear hanging from one knee watching the mother and daughter sixty-nine on their kitchen floor.

The girl's eyes flitted between the view of them to the refection of the petite strawberry blonde girls eighteen-year-old frame cover by her Catholic school uniform (right down to the white knee socks and shiny black shoes with silver buckles) masturbating in the glass.

The strange eroticism of seeing the beautiful image of the angel everyone saw her as debasing herself before the scene of wickedness before her. It was the whole purity being profaned that turned her on, she never knew she could have such thoughts before but seeing what was going on and seeing herself this way turned her on so much.

Cora's eyes switched from her reflection to her aunt and cousin, as she watched as her cousin's thumbs spread her aunts pussy open as she teased it with her tongue. She wondered what pussy tasted like as she was drawn back to her own reflection. She watched as he fingers slid in and out between her own pussy lips for a while before it dawned on her. She could taste herself, how could she have never thought of that right away. The thought excited her as she whipped herself into a frenzy before yanking her fingers free and slurping on her dripping sticky fingers.

As the taste erupted across her taste buds she could hear the moans of her aunt and cousin ring off the glass as her eyes focused on the image of the naughty catholic girl sucking on her fingers. She quickly replaced her fingers and fingered her tight pulsing pussy a little harder.

As she continued to watch she continued to finger herself and rub her har clit faster and harder, occasionally tasting herself and watching herself do it while she yearned for another's touch. It didn't seem to take very long as she saw her reflection shake and twitch as she felt warm fluid gush out of her pussy around her fingers as her aunts' body collapsed onto her cousins.

Cora realized she had made herself cum right along with her aunt and cousin, sore from her efforts she flopped to one side and dragged her exhausted body against the wall by the door out of sight, never taking her fingers out of her pussy.

As Abby laid on Olive's bed thinking of all the things they were going to do when she got back from talking to her parents the hotter she got. The more she thought about her best friend and lover the more she began rubbing her legs together and squeezing her thighs hard against one another as she raked her fingertip across them. She could feel the warmth begin to radiate out from her shaved little pussy in waves. She basked in the feeling of it as it grew, building upon itself.

She fought her urge to touch herself by throwing her hands over her head twirling and toying with her hair as she rolled her hips. She could picture Olive finding her this way, the wicked little old principal with lolly small she would have as she approached her body with only a long tee shirt and short shorts covering her tight teen body. Her breathing became short soft gasps, the thoughts fanning the flames of need in her loins.

The warmth turned into a low smoldering heat in her core as the tiny slow waves turned to a steady rolling pulse that shot through her body like the thump of bass at a club. Her breath caught as she pictured Olive slipping off her shorts and spreading her thighs wide leaving her pussy defenseless hot teen cassidy have lesbian sex with her mom jelena her oral assault.

Abby moaned low and soft praying her friend would return soon and make her fantasy come true. She found her hand stroking her own cheek and neck and returned to caressing her hair with one hand as she reached up farther and grabbed Olives pillow.

She pulled it to her face and inhaled deeply, happy to find her smell on it. The smell of Olives favorite herbal shampoo mixed with the perfume they both loved, but also mingled in there the earthier tones of her sweat coupled with other aromas made her gasp sharply.

As Abby yearn for her friends return, she wrapped herself inside Olives essence. Abby loved her friend in many ways, she wanted to taste her to feel her smooth silken skin and experience the joyful completeness that came with being with her. Abby suddenly realized that her right hand was pinned between her thighs as she clutched the pillow with her left hand against her chest.

She slowly rocked her hips and whimpered quietly as she forced her hand from between her own legs. Noticing how very hot her pussy was getting she quickly stripped them off leaving her pussy bare and in one motion as she tossed them away carelessly.

She basked in the smell of Olives pillow she moaned pressing the pillow to her face. The smoldering fire inside her burst into what felt like a tiny volcano as it erupted burning waves to joy throughout her body. Just then she heard Olive's door open and cried out "Thank God you're here, don't tell me anything yet.

Just start eating my pussy, I'm so ready, I almost got tired of waiting for you and touched myself as I thought about you. But I didn't, I knew it would make the wait all the more special lover." she said moaning and breathing hard into the pillow.

It wasn't long 15 inch cock blacked negrfantastik fuckcing Abby felt fingers gently spread her sensitive pussy open as she felt a warm tongue attacking her bare pussy.

After all her time working herself up the feeling of bliss that flooded her was so intense. As fingers entered her, she felt the pressure of a tongue and suction on her clit as euphoria dulled the world around her. "Oh yeah baby right there, suck on that clit. Mmm, yeah could you twist your finger upwards a little and wiggle them the way you know I like.

Oh yeah, that's it, baby, right there. Keep it up and you're going to make me cum soon. Oh yeah, keep doing that." Abby gasped and moaned bucking her hips as she pressed her face into the pillow harder and screamed "Oh fuck, I'm cumming, Oh yes baby!

Fuck me, yes, fuck me!" As she rode the orgasm it battered her lithe body compressing the whole world to a washed-out pinprick, she threw her arms open wide tossing the pillow as she chanted "I love you!" repeatedly.

As she came down from the rush or of ecstasy with her eyes closed she felt an odd sensation she never experienced before. As her eyes fluttered open she felt a piercing pain as her eyes focused suddenly. "Owen!!!" was all she could get out other than a grunt as Olives brother drove his cock into her virgin pussy. While she and Olive had broken each other's hymen, they had never had more than a few fingers inside one another. Owens thick pulsing cock neat playgirl gets nailed doggy position homemade hardcore through her spreading her open in a way she had never experienced and wasn't prepared for.

Between her previous orgasm and the strange new feeling of a cock inside of her, Abby wasn't thinking straight. "Abigail I never knew you had such feelings for me," Owen said as he continued to ram his cock into Abby, who was still trying to come to grips with what was happening to her.

The pain was subsiding quickly and thanks to her previous orgasm and her added sensitivity she was well on the way to her second orgasm. While Owen wasn't being gentle he wasn't being nearly as rough as before, and sure enough, Abby quickly recovered her senses and ability to speak. "Owen, oh my God! What are you doing!?" "Fucking you like you wanted me to." While she had never had sex with a guy before she knew he wasn't bad.

Mainly because it was steadily getting harder for her to think, even though she didn't want to lose her virginity right then she was quickly losing track of why it mattered that much. He slowed as he slid his thick cock almost out of her and slammed it back in as deeply as he could he slipped her shirt up Abby's body and she found herself grabbing his neck and lifting herself off of the bed, so he could take it all the way off of her.

She held onto his neck with one hand and helped Owen remove her shirt then fell back onto the bed and flung it to the floor as she wrapped her legs around his thrusting waist. "Do you want me to stop Abigail I mean if I'm not the person who you thought, do you want me to stop?" He asked.

He dipped his head down and took each of her nipples into his mouth in turn and sucked them as he never slowed his thrusts into her. Her head felt fuzzy as her body became used to the intruders' presence. Abby's body began to move slowly on its own as her legs clenched around his waist and relaxed, her hands stroked his muscled back as she panted and stared at his face with her tongue hanging out. "I. Oh, Owen. I. Oh. . I don't know.

I can't think right… right now. Oh Owen.Don't… don't stop!" she mewed "I. You may not… be the person I thought you were, but . You feel. You're already. I'm so… You're so. Just keep going Owen, don't stop fucking me." Hearing her babble made Owen smile, he leaned in and started kissing her, that's when she wrapped her arms around his neck and started thrusting back to meet his thrust.

She clung to Owen, mashing her breasts against his chest. Owen cradled her lovingly against himself as she moaned and dug her nails into his back. "Oh Owen, Owen, make me cum again.

I'm close, Owen, I'm so fucking close!" "Me too Abigail, I'm about to cum." He slipped one hand up into her hair cradling her head as he reached across her back and grabbed her opposite hip and began to thrust harder and faster forcing her body against his roughly. He felt her hard nipples rubbing against his chest as the force of their movements made he jostle and bounce against him.

Abby felt her climax hit and her legs locked around Owens' black dick bondage and strapon rough milf first time charlotte sartre uncensored level as her arms flung out and she arched her back as she came hard on Owens' cock. Her tight pussy clenching and spasming around the first cock to ever be inside her. She was amazed by the feelings ripping through her not better or worse than with Olive, just different like another side of a coin.

She floated in a void of sexual gratification for who knows how long, then she felt herself floating down to earth. Her eyes popped open when she felt a strange pulsing feeling deep inside her pussy just as Owens began to grunt. It felt like Owens cock had grown harder inside her followed by a hot flooding twitching feeling spreading out deep inside her.

Her mouth hung open in stunned awe as she comprehended what had had just happened She felt the warmth of his cum dissipate, as she motioned for him to move closer. He leaned against her as he put his ear near her mouth in anticipation of what she might say or do. His hard shaft was still buried inside her shuddering snatch as his twitched slowly with the last spurts of cum.

She felt him slowly wither inside her as his tool deflated and slipped out of her entirely. The feeling of the void he left inside her made her feel strangely empty as his invading member made its inevitable retreat. She struggled with the complex sensations and emotions that were involved with what had just happened, and while it had been unexpected, it was also a new, spontaneous, and oddly gratifying experience.

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She didn't feel violated, raped, or abused, what she felt mostly was confused. While she had enjoyed herself, she was apprehensive about aspects of what had just happened.

A thousand thoughts both wonderful and frightful flew through her mind. She worried slightly about how Olive would react to finding out that her best friend and lover had just been fucked by her brother, she hoped it wouldn't matter much to her when she told her.

"Owen!" she muttered meekly into his ear. "Yes?" he whispered caressing her body as he supported his weight over her. "Owen, I just want you to know that you just came inside of my formerly virgin, completely unprotected pussy," she said in a calm and even voice and smirked as she waited for his reaction. Olive was carrying all her and her mother's clothes, the vibrator she had been using laid abandoned on the kitchen floor as they both walked nude to Olives room.

Olive told her mom to enter first as they approached the open door. The surprise for her mother quickly became a surprise for herself also as they entered the room they saw Abby naked spread eagle on top of Olives covers. "Well I guess we both get a surprise mother, but you're in for some more, I have an idea. I have a little confession to make, you aren't the first woman that I have been with.

Abby and I have been lovers for a long while, she was the one who taught me how to eat pussy and the reason I do it so well. Come to think of it why don't you wake her up by eating her pussy. You'd like to do that wouldn't you?" "Oh yes, I believe I would Olive, her pussy looks as sweet and delicious as yours," Karen said.

Wasting no time toni ribas and kerry pov in actricesdelporno full scene to her knees in front of her daughter's friend and began licking her pussy and slurping her nectar from between her little pussy lips.

As the taste of her started to register Karen thought to herself "Why does this girls' pussy taste like someone just came inside her?" but she kept going until Abby woke up and moaned. "Oh, oh Owen! You just came in me, should you really be doing that" Abby said as her eyes fluttered open and Karen froze as Olive words sunk into her head.

"Why are you moaning my brother's name!? Did you just have a weird sex dream about my brother Owen Abby!?" Olive exclaimed. Abby blinked and focused on Olive "No, no dream. He came in here ate me out for a bit, made me cum, then fucked me silly before he came in my pussy and just left a bit ago. He said he had an urgent appointment and that we would talk later." "Oh my God!" Karen cried drawing attention to herself still between Abby's legs. Abby looked down her body in stunned shock as she yelped "Olive, why the shit is your mom naked between my legs with what I can only assume is my pussy juice all over her face!?" "Oh, you'd like to know that huh, well I'd like to know how you ended up fucking my brother and let him cum inside you!?

So, I guess we all have questions, but let's just start off with this." She said waving her hand at her mother. "So mommy, now that you've tasted the sexual fluids of both of your children which do you prefer?" "Olive honestly, that's like asking which of you I love more," Karen said flatly.

"So, that's not just my pussy juice all over your mom's face then? Oh my God, then she just ate Owens cum out of me!" Abby exclaimed in a calmer tone than she felt. "I feel like I'm miss something though." "Well yes, you could say that. It's true not all of the pussy juice is yours. Also, it seems I missed something myself, but I guess fair is fair.

So as you know, I went to get permission to go camping with you and what do I find but Karen here soaked to her skin in front of the sink seconds away from climax with a vibrator rammed inside her while she was doing the dishes. So, long story short I fucked my mother, because apparently father neglects her needs and she's a sex-starved slut whom I think would do anything for sex, but yearned, at least until very recently for incestuous lesbian sex with her daughter.

So that's my side, care to tell me how you ended up with a twat full of my big bros baby batter." "Well like I said already I was laying here waiting for you and got to thinking about you, one thing sort of lead to another, I mean there I was half naked smelling your pillow when the door opened.

So, without looking or much thought, because I assumed it was you, I begged you to eat my pussy and make me cum." "Okay, but that still doesn't explain why you let him fuck you, Abby," Olive scoffed. "Well, when he made me cum, or I thought you made me cum, I cried out "Fuck me!" like I do when I cum hard, which he must have taken as an invitation… Sooo…" Abby explained. "Still seem to be a few details missing, like why once you knew he wasn't me did you let his keep going." Olive teased.

"Well, not to be mean or anything but you've never had a cock inside you before, neither did I until a little while ago, but you see. it's complicated. And hard to put into words. So, nu oll xxx story 2019 first I was just shocked, at first I wanted him to stop after I knew it was him. but after a while I. Well.

I… felt confused and sort of didn't want him to stop. After the pain burned away. Well. I begged him not to stop and then he made me cum again. By the time I could think more clearly he had already finished inside me." Abby explains "So anyway none of what you said explains why your mom was chowing my box Olive," "Uh, yeah it does, I'll spell it out for you. Wait better yet a demonstration. Karen, Get back to "chowing" Abbeys "box"." Olive told her mother. And without another word, Karen's face was buried into her daughters' best friends' pussy once more.

"Oh God, that's weird." "She just does whatever I tell her now." Olive told Abby "I think we should test out my theory though." Karen kept eating Abby's pussy the whole time thinking about how she sucked her sons cum out of Abby.

She wondered what he tasted like when it wasn't mixed with this girls pussy juice. She gasped as she realized the thought turned her on a lot. That the more wrong things got the more she was falling in love with these immoral acts right along with the taste of the teen girls pussy she was eating.

She could see how this girl could turn Olive lesbian, well bi-sexual really since neither seemed repulsed by cock. Abby had just let Owen fuck her when it struck her, that her own daughter had turned her bi in one short lust filled afternoon and the thought thrilled her so much she moaned as she tongue fucked Abbys' freshly fucked pussy. Abby began to moan as Olives mom Karen began to suck her clit rolling her tongue across it as she started to slowly finger her willing pussy.

"God Olive your moms not bad at this, it can't be her first time." "It's not, it's her second time. Like I said earlier we emily and nikki threesome fucking bbc interracial sucking cowgirl in the kitchen." "That's not what I mean, She.

She's experienced. Remember how I got you to start eating me out. How I told you and showed you things to do make me cum. "Oh Mrs. O'Neil, yeah right there," she already knows how so it's not her first or second time. She has eaten pussy before, I'm positive." Abby moaned and gasped as she spoke, writhing and caressing her body as she rested her thighs on Karens' shoulders. "Abby, she told me that she has ever been with another woman before.

I don't think she would lie to me after what we've done." "Olive, I'm not saying she lied, but maybe she blocked it out or something. but it sure feels like she has done this before. Still, pretty awesome you had sex with your mom." Abby gasped as her eyes rolled back in her head from the small ball of pleasure building inside her body.

"Remind me to tell you. Something after this.it's getting hard.to talk .and think!" she moaned. Olive leaned over and kissing her best friends' lips. Abby greedily kissed back as she arched her back forcing her pussy against Karens' talented mouth.

She grabbed Karens' hair by the fist fulls as she ground herself against her face. Abby squealed as Olive broke off the kiss and started attacking her breasts while at the same time Karen slid two fingers inside her, rapidly thrusting and twisting them around inside her.

Karen smiled, it gave her a perverse thrill knowing that these two sexy teen girls were going to use her, experiment on her, make her their sex slave. A small orgasm ripped through her at the thought of what wonderfully naughty things they might make her do for and to them.

She found herself hoping they would make her suck Owens cock, that small taste of his semen she had while initially shocking sparked her desire for more of it, hopefully much more. Suddenly Karens' mouth flooded with Abby's sweet nectar as she came hard, her thighs clenching her head tight making it difficult to move her hand.

Abby released Karens' hair when Karen began wiggling her fingers still trapped inside the teens spasming cunt as Abby's body remained arched she bucked against Karens' writhing tongue. She quickly trapped Abby's' sensitive clit between her lips sucking and whirling her tongue as she tortured the girls' clit expertly. Abby's mind shattered and reforming again and again as she rode the crashing waves of pleasure, as one wained another would start up where the last had left off.

Abby made no sound, or so she believed, though, in fact, she was making a near continuous shivering moan that raised and lowered in volume and pitch punctuated by loud breathy gasps of utter joy as each wave of her orgasm crested inside her and smashed against the shores of her sanity.

Olive could only sit there amazed by the sight she beheld as her lover and her mother were joined together, it was so erotic she fingered her pussy furiously as she basked in the sounds of their lovemaking. As she watched both mother and lover until neither could beautiful busty black bbw annabelle gets boned it up any longer. They collapsed onto the bed as Olive's own orgasm hit her and she fell forward onto Abby as they all laid there exhausted.

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