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Pretty teen arsehole is gaped hardcore blowjob
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Since breaking up with Leonard, Penny had been very lonely for quite a few months. At first, she had told herself that she would have a new boyfriend in a week, hell maybe she might even date two.

or three. She was way too hot to be single. If Bernadette can find a man with her squeaky voice, then Penny should be dating a prince, she reasoned.

Six months later, she was still single. Sure she had been to dates a couple times with a few guys, but she was yet to meet a guy with half the brain Lenny had. Since when did she start caring about a guy's brains and not his abs, or his chest, or how hge his dick was, she wondered.

Leonard did really ruin her for other men. "Penny. Penny. Penny." The all too familiar knocking pattern of Sheldon Cooper, his very weird neighbour who was Leonard's roommate. What on earth does he want at 12 midnight? In her long stay as a neighbour to Sheldon, she had however learnt to expect the unexpected from him. Weird did not even begin to describe him. "Coming!" She replied and kicked her warm duvet away. She was still friends with Sheldon even after her ugly break up with Leonard.

A few months back, he had even helped her pay her rent when she had quit her job yasmin reaches for his cock then starts to suck it a waitress at the cheesecake factory to pursue her acting career. She was yet to pay him back. She planned to pay him back, she had just had rotten luck with her acting career. Penny had developed a habit of sleeping with her bra and panties, and just that.

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She dressed in tight pants all day long and she felt she owed her body some freeing up at night to relax. Tonight, she was dressed in a pink bra with a matching pair of underpants. She would have looked for something to throw over herself but Sheldon hated waiting on the door. In any case, she wasn't entirely sure that Sheldon was capable of being turned on.

Asexual was the word used to describe him by. She opened the door and Sheldon walked in past her, oblivious of the sex appeal she exuded.

Strangely she felt a bit offended that a man didn't notice her sexy body. Had she lost it? Is it her boobs that had sagged? She took a look at them. NO. They were as perky as ever. "Penny, did I wake you?' "No Sheldon, I was up thinking about you." She replied sarcastically. "Really? What exactly were you thinking about me? Were you imagining me giving my speech after I receive my Nobel Peace Prize?" She smiled slyly. "Oh, you were being sarcastic? Riding on a huge male rod hardcore and blowjob when I thought I finally understood sarcasm." "Don't worry genious, I'm sure all other aliens don't get sarcasm either.

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Why are you here at the middle of the night? If you are finally going back to your home planet and you came to say goodbye to me, I will miss you." "Leonard is in his room with my mortal enemy, Leslie Winkle.

She is either having a very good time or she is a very religious person beacause God is being called out aloud. I couldn't sleep so I came here.

Can I spend the night on your couch?" "Sure. Lemme get you a blanket." An idea struck Penny. A very wicked idea. Try as she did, she could not force it out of her head.

The fact that she had not been with a man for quite some time spurred her on. She decided she was going to fuck Sheldon Cooper tonight. Part of the reason she had not been with another man since the breakup was that she felt like she was cheating on Leonard, but he was screwing Leslie's brains out so that meant she could do it too. "Shelly, I cant seem to locate my spare blanket." "Hey hey hey, Penny! Do not call me Shelly. Only Mee Mah (his grand mother whom he loved very much) can call me Shelly.

What will you cover yourself with when I take your duvet?" "You are not taking my blanket!" "But I'm the guest, social etiquette demands you put the needs of the guest before your own." The genuine look he had on told Penny he did really believe that. i came inside my s pussy is a compromise for both of us then, come into my bed and we can both use the duvet." Her voice was trembling but she tried to show composure.

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Sheldon was a very ifrrational creature and this might blow up on her face. "But I never share my bed." "Well this is not your bed, it's mine," she countered, "and it's either that or you spend the nigt shivering on the couch. What do you choose?" "It's really cold, so I guess I'll have to share your bed.

Could you put on something that covers your body though?" "Shut up and come to bed before I change my mind." She said and led the way swinging her tight ass and looking at whether Sheldon would stare from the mirror in her room. He didn't. What is worng woth him???

After twenty minutes of arguing wit Sheldon over who should sleep on which side, about the scent of her sheets, about why she didn't have a luminous gold fish besides her bed (he does have one), they finally switched the lightd off and went to sleep.

Penny had her back to Sheldon. There was some distance between them and she was determined to eliminate that. She pretended to be trying to get comfprtable but instead pushed her ass towards Sheldon. She did it again, and again until her ass was rubbing Sheldon's crotch.

"Penny? Do you want to sleep on this side?" This playful redhead stoya plays with her sexy blonde gf kayden kross bastard. She feigned sleep so she would not havae to reply to that. Five minutes later, she wriggled her ass a bit rubbing his crotch and this time she felt the faintest movement of his dick. "Penny." He was shaking her. "Penny. Wake up Penny.

I have to go, I think I have a problem. I'm very uncomfortable in my pee pee parts." She got up but did not turn on the lights. She turned around and faced him.

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"Lemme see what's the problem." She said as she slipped her hand into his pajmam bottoms. "Heyyy!!! What are you doing?" "Do you want me to help you with you discomfort or not?" "Ok, in the carnal regions you have more experience so go ahead." He said reluctantly. She slipped her hand and felt the outline of his dick over his underwear.

It was growing harder and bigger. "Penny, it's getting worse. Do something. Help me. What is happening to me?" "Just what I feared Sheldon. When it gets this hard, the pressure has to be relieved or it could end up causing severe pain or even bursting.

Do you want me to help you?" "Yes please." "You have to promise not to tell anyone though." "Ok." She slipped her hand further and felt his dick finally on her hand.

She was already getting wet at this point. "Oh Sheldon, someone is pretty excited!" She said as she rubbed his dick more and his dick kept growing bigger and harder. "Who is excited?" Sheldon asked obliviously.

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She did not mind his stupidity at this point, all she could think about was how this monster of a dick was going to split her insides, a feeling she had not experienced for quite some time.

She would have loved to put his dick in her mouth but she was too excited, plus she ws all dripping wet down there. She pulled his pajama down and straddled him. His dick was now at attention and very very hard. She knew he was a virgin and this excited her the more. Hers was he first pussy his dick would ever be in. She felt as if she was raping a kid, and this made her pussy all the more wetter, as if that was even possible.

She held his dick with one dick as her other hand moved her panty to one side. She rubbed the tip of his dick against her clit, and again, and again. She moaned slowly as the feeling it generated took her to seventh heaven. She however knew he would not last long as it was his first time and she wanted his first time with a woman for him to cum inside a warm tight pussy. "Oh my God!!!" They cried out in unison when his dick entered her pussy, slowly at first before she pushed herself towards him taking in his hard firm cock.

She knew the feeling was as intense for him as it was for her when she heard him exclaim God's name as he was not the most religious of men. She lifted her ass, then took his dick all the way in again. She started riding him picking up rhythm as she kept at it. Moans could be heard from the bedroom. Loud moans from Penelope, her pussy had been aching for some good cock and tonight she had found one. An orgasm was starting to build and she started riding him faster and faster. "Aaaaah!

Aaaaaaaa!!!! Shelly!!! Grab dad got firecrotche daughter pregnant boobs!." A knock on the door interrupted them.

To be continued