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New amateur masturbation12 tube porn
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Well my name is Parth and I came accross many Mom fantasy stories and I always wanted to share mine real story but was hasitant.

Some how I got courage to write. Let me first tell you something about my mom. Her name is Varsha and is a very homely lady. She is 48 years old now but looks like 30 only because of day to day household work kinky milfs blonde cherie and brandi appreciates pussy licking morning routine exercise. My Dad was an aircraft engineer who died of an accident when I was 19 years old. My mom was then 38 years. She still looked young as she got married at very early age We had enough to survive and mom banked on my education to fulfill future.

I never thought about my mom otherwise at that time and we started living our life. But after 6 months of my dads marriage I started noticing that my mom was feeling lonely as there was no one to share as I was always busy with my friends.

One day while having dinner I started talking to her about what made her feel so sad and lonely and what Ican do. She told me nothing much except concentrate on studies. I asked her if she could join some classes but she told she was fine at home. One day I was talking to my frined about my mom and told him how sad she felt. He advised me to take her out whenever possible and spend some time with her. That day I got back home and asked my mom if she was interested going out for a movie.

But she told no she was fine. Suddenly she recalled about a drama (Guj Play) which she loved watching. I told her we can go on Sunday and I will book tickets for her. She got very happy and I saw smile on her face. That day we sat and chatted for almost an hour and that day i realized how lonely she was. We chatted about everything about family, relatives etc.

Sunday evening we got ready for the drama and we reached the auditorium. It was pack and trust all were stunningly dressed. My mom was really looking like a widow. People were starring at her beauty and she was feeling more helpless. As we were getting in some one pushed her accidentally and she caught my hand. That was first ime I felt like a grown up man and she caught it till we got seated.

I thought she was feeling secured. We came home that night and I told her to start dressing normal and not to worry about the world. As days passed we started getting more closer gorgeous jayna oso gives a lucky bastard a blowjob deepthroats his big hard cock xxx hot we discussed many things. Year passed and I was in my final year studying engineering.

I started fantasizing about girls and I loved them dressed in different dresses all skimpy. I felt I was grown up. One day me and mom went for a movie and now we were like friends talking everything she was also getting out of loneliness.

As usual she was wearing a saree though not white now. As we were about to go in the hall someone started touching her shoulder with his and she got irritated and looked at me. I realized that man was trying to touch her and I just pushed him bit away. We entered into an argument and it was really heated. People interfered and asked us to calm down. I saw some sense of security in my moms eyes and she was very happy.

As we sat she leaned a bit towards me and our shoulders were touching each other. She asked me to get some popcorns and cold drink and we shared from one. Somehow I also started feeling close to her.

As we were driving back home she thanked me for what I did today and told she was feeling secured now. We went home and went to our bedrooms. Mom normally wore sarees at night. I was not getting sleep and went to our living room and was sitting busy watching TV.

Mom came out because of TV noise and asked me why I was not sleeping. I told her that I was thinking about that guy and getting angry. She smiled and came and kissed on my cheek. First time I felt warmth of her lips and a wave moved through my body. She gave me a smile and went to her room. First time I saw her with a lustful eyes and trust me she was looking like a babe. White with 5`6" height, well structured body I guess she had 35 size boobs with 37 hips and 28 waist…it was heaven.Entire night I didnt sleep.

Next day morning as it was Sunday I got up and went to kitchen where she was cooking. I sat on the platform and started talking to her: Me: Mom how did you feel yesterday night. Mom: Secured. I have someone to protect me. Me: Milf threesome creampie cheater caught doing misdemeanor break in dont feel like having another relation with a man?

Mom: Well never thought off but yes I feel lonely at times. Me: I can help you to find someone. Mom: No need, I am worried about you. Me: Dont worry I am not asking you to get married to him but you can always have him special. Mom: I dont think so.

Me: Ok if u are ready let me know I will find someone for sure for you. Mom: Ok&hellip.Parth you are there to protect me right why do I need someone. Me: But I am your son…and I know you feel more secured with YOUR Man. Mom: Ok&hellip.let us see.

I started getting some ideas and my hearth starting throbing hard. I was getting idea of proposing my mom and hey I was thinking what am I thinking this…but some how it came out Me: Mom, do you see man in me. Mom: ofcourse you are grown up now arent you? Me: Man as in MAN Mom: Means… Me: as your man who can protect you. Mom: Yes you did it yesterday… Me: and I want to do it forever.

Mom: yes you will you are my son and I am sure you will even after your marriage. Me: No I want to protect you as your MAN Mom: Parth… Me: Mom listen, we both have got very close,we share things, I want to protect you and whats wrong in that?

Mom: I know but darling I dont want to spoil your life. Me: We can be goods friends, say special friends right. Mom: So are we. Me: Iwant to give other definition to it then mother Son. Mom: What definition? Me: Say we are couples. Mom: Smiled dear with this age difference?

Me: so what? We can be a bf and gf, a healthy relation right. Mom: Ok I am fine but you are still my son. Me: No I am your Parth from now and you my Varsha, can I call you that? Mom: Parth I am liking what you are saying but my hot tight teen the consequences couldbe lethal brunette doesnt allow it.

Me: Comon Mom you can&hellip.lets try to be if we find it is not healthy we discuss it. Mom: OK as you say&hellip. I was in heaven but still thinking what I told. I got erection and I was feeling so happy. Me: Mom… Mom: hmmm…not mom …Varsha, Me: hey Varsha Can we go for date today? Varsha: Sure… But where we have too many relatives to see us. Me: Ok Varsha let us beautiful blonde girl sucking and cummed on to Lonavala.

Varhsa: Ok but it is already 10:30.

Me: Let us start fast. Varsha: Ok let me keep food in fridge and will get ready. Me: Hurray&hellip. For first time I felt happy and went and hugged her…she felt happy but told me Varsha: We have healthy relation but we cant get physical. Me: Ok&hellip. Part II: Varsha Got ready in a saree though it was better this time and I was in shorts and T-shirt. As she came out I told: Me: Varsha what is this we are going for date.

Varsha: But I do not have anthing else dear. Me: Oh ok…We will buy something Varsha: No need…comon. Me: Ok…but… We started driving and we took take away to eat on the way…We reached Lonavala and got down at Tiger point…it was too breezy there because of which Mom`s saree pallu was flying away… I smiled at her and told her… Me: Varsha had u been in western dress this would have not happened.

Varsha: You are hardx jada stevens in dp me 2 are looking at me… I feel like any hindi film heroine and she laughed… Me: Mom, you look betther then them…But I didnt like people starring at you so we will buy stuff for you. Varsha: So sweet ok we will. I felt like heaven when she told so sweet&hellip.We got down and went to the market for some shopping.

I saw some couples moving around holding hands…I gathered courage and told her. Me: Varsha can we atleast hold hands… Varsha: No… Me: Comon Mom Varsha: I told you it has to be just healthy. Me: But whats wrong in holding. Varsha: People will think ek buddhi itne gabru Jawan ke saath kys gum rahi hain. Me: Let them think…but had you worn western dress u would have never looked buddhi. Varsha: Is it… Iwould have looked like Hot sizzling Filmy heroine and she laughed.

First time I realized how naughty she was from inside&hellip.I told her Me: Ok Varsha please let us hold… Varsha: Hmmm Man doesnt ask they hold… I realized what she meant and how idiot I was…I caught her hand and felt in 7th sky. Me holding my mom`s hand in crowd as a couple I never thought&hellip.

Then I saw a shop and I asked my mom if she wants to shop some stuff to wear right away.She told she was Ok in what she waswearing…but I forced her inside&hellip.There I saw lovely pair of jeans and asked her to try it… She told no we will get cheaper in Mumbai and that she had never wore jeans after marriage… I told her to atleast wear once… Varsha: But I dont know my waist size nowwhich jeans will fit… So forget it.

Me: we will get it measured. Varsha: so you want other man to touch me. I realized what she meant and told her&hellip. Me: No I will do it.

Mom smiled at me and just blinked her eyes&hellip.Wow it was so sweet I fell in Love…Love with her for first time I got that deep sense… I called for Measure tape and for first time I touched my mom though little on her waist…my god she was just 27 even less then todays fat girls… I called for 26 jeans as u dont get 27… She was not aware of all that and went to try. As she wore I was waiting outside the trial room.I called for her and she told She cant comeout as it is too tight and she doesnt have anything on Top.

I called for a T-shirt with some words written on it and gave it to her. She wore it and she just opened the door& a babe.I was feeling as if she was a college going girl and looking stunning.

T-shirt was just reaching her waist and jeans was hugging her body like skin… I told her she was looking like a baby…Then I realized words written on her T-shirt…Heaven is Here…And surely it was…Her boobs looked like a firm water melon hanging…waiting for T-shirt to tear apart to make them free. She told me: Varsha: Parth this is tooooo tight…i cant breath Me: Varsha this is fashion and u look stunning. Varhsa: But it shows my body. Me: No Varsha it shows your figure… And its hot.

Varsha: Shut up Parth&hellip.mind what u say. Me: Mom trust me Varsha: But Parth it shows tooo much of me. Me: Its OK…it makes you look younger and I asked her to turn around. As she turned I was Mad for what I say…her ass was poping out cause Jeans was too tight and I was able to see her panty strip as jeans was low waist and T-shirt was short…I was not able to move my eyes…I looked up and I could see her bra strip as T-shirt was tight and it was single strip…I was aroused.

I now knew what made her so fit and sexy. Her dialy routine morning exercise. I somehow convienced her to buy it and told her not to remove and we will get saree packed…she finally agreed. I realized she was liking what she was wearing and she always wanted to wear. As she came out of trial room she was looking like a newly wed girl trying to hide her assets…I told her to be relaxed and be normal.I was getting more aroused with people starring at her body.oh my god.she was looking Bomb.

We bought new pair of sandals to suit her…As we moved on road all were looking at her assets. Her Panty strips were visible but I never told her that…I hold her hands and she smiled.

We were chatting and as usual she was cracking jokes…suddenly somehow my hand didnt stop and I removed her hand from mine and patted her ass…I thought she will get angry and she was…she told me Varsha: I told you not to get so physical what is this? Me: You told me Man dont ask Varsha: But gentleman do. Me: OK Varsha can I pat your ass&hellip.and we both bursted laughing… I thought she was coming out from that Mother-Son relation and enjoying me.suddenly her sandal strip came out and she bend down to put it…as she bend I say her ass crack from top and I was aroused hard&hellip.As she got up I clinched her ass and move my hand to her waist…She looked at me with angry face and I gave her smile…she tried to release it but I requested her and she then gave a naughty smile…I was happy I tought I have got her now.

All were looking at us and I was enjoying. I pulled her close and asked. Me: hey Mom…sorry Varsha whats ur ass size… Varsha: Naughty…I dont know you should have measured it…and all black guy fart full sex stories xstorys black laughed. Me: Ok lets go home and I will… Varsha: Shutup Me: Varsha cant we be real couples enjoying everything.

Varsha: What you mean everything? Me: Everything which Every couples do. Varsha: Ok we be good couples not like college going… Me: Means… Varsha: We can be couples doing everything other then sex.

Me: You mean intercourse Varsha: yes Intercourse. Me: When can I do Intercourse. Varsha: only after marriage. Me: So you are proposing me. Varsha: Shut up Parth be serious, with your wife when you get married. Me: OK.but rest all we can. Varsha: Yes we can but…in limits. Me: Ok…you have too many limitations. Varsha: Parth I am liking all this but truth still remains that I am your mother.

Me: yeah its OK but soon I will get you out of this thoughts And she just smiled. As it was getting late in evening we thought to start back to Mumbai. We got in the car and reached home at 10:00 PM. As Mom was dressed in western outfit she ran into the house so that no one can see her. She changed into her routine saree and came out. We sat with some coffee and were discussing day. She told me Varsha: It was enough for the day and you should start studying hard for your exams as they are 2 months away.

Me: Ok Varsha but what do I get after that. Varsha: Lovely holidays for sure. Me: Ok Varsha but I want some motivation to study. Varsha: What? Me: Daily outing for 2 hours with you and long weekends as now Iam fellow bangs breasty lovely hottie pornstar hardcore planning to go to college. Varsha: OK but only for next 1 month. Me: Ok&hellip.Varsha why dont you wear some night suits?

Varsha: I dont have any your dad never shopped for me as he was busy on aircrafts travelling. Nor he was into it. Me: But I like it. Varsha: Ok I will think. Me: Can we go to shop that tomorrow evening?

Varsha: I think you should concentrate on studying Me: That will motivate me… Varsha: Ok lets see. Then we wished good night and went to sleep. I thought of kissing her but I was afraid. I got up in the morning early to study at 5:00 and 6:30 I heard some music from Moms room.

I use to listen that everytime but never bothered to see. I went to her room and knocked. My Mom opened and I was shocked to see her in long tight truncks and T-shirt old types and she was exercising. That was her daily routine. I told her: Me: you told me you never wore such stuff. Varsha: this is for exercising…quite old and this is only I have Me: you look hot but t-shirt is long.and I smiled.

Varsha: Go inside and study OK I was not able to forget that scene but I continued studying for whole day at evening 5.00 I went to mom who was watching tv and told her Me: Mom I am tired can we go out for some shopping and food. Varsha: Ok but we should be back by 7:30.

So that you can eat and sleep early for morning. We got ready and Mom wore a saree but this time bit colorful. I smiled at her and sat in car. I told her we will go today and buy some night dress for her. She opposed in begining but later agreed. We drove to shoppers as it is free for anyone to shop andthere is no one who shows stuffs you have to select. As we entered she was first hasitant to enter lingerie section and was roaming looking for other stuffs.

I pushed her a bit and she went. I was waiting on a side like a husband and she was pointing at night wears and I was giving yes or no. Suddenly I looked at a transperant gown and pointed at it. She told no and showed eyes but I begged and she finally went sunny lione xxx story 2019 tried.

She came out with smile. It was black bit Transparent. I asked her to buy one more and I got courage and went inside and picked a sleeveless low Neck short till knees gown.We took both and reached home by 7:00 I had still 30 mins. I told Mom to wear and show me but she told she will wear at night. An d she went to change.

As she was going I asked her: Me: Whats your size Varsha Varsha: What????? Me: Size of your boobs and ass Varsha: Some one was to measure it and she laughed… As she went to her room I searched for a measure tape and rushed to her room. I knocked and she told me to wait for 2 mins as she was changing.

I kept on knocking as I was not in control. She was forced to open the door in her blouse and Petticoat with saree loosely held over her shoulders. She looked at me and shouted.

Varsha: What is it Parth!!! Me: Varsha I want to measure Varsha: Go away Parth Me: No And I banged the door open. She was stunned but knowing what I wanted. I threw away her saree and I saw her big boobs hanging out of her blouse and her petticoat was loosely tied and I could see panty from the part open near the strings.

It was white in color cotton I guess. Her belly had some fat but it was flat. I was not able to control and I hugged her. She pushed me and told to do for what I had come. I took Tape around her breast as she moved her hands up.

Her boobs touched i was going to get my baby brother a car on his birthday he asked me to film a few cars so that he c hand and I got massive erection. After adjusting tape she moved her hands down. She knew to give measures. I measured and it was 36…and she asked me to keep bit down and it came 35… Then I moved to her ass I bend in front of her pussy and I smelled a deligt.

I put my hand around her ass with tape and pulled her closure to me giving me better view of her panty and I was just inch away of her pussy. I wanted to kiss it but I was afraid. I measured it and it came to almost 37 wow&hellip. I was tight like rock but smooth like water…I got up and kissed her on cheek.she reacted back and I moved my hand on her belly. She hold it busty milf fucking in lingerie and high heels told… Varsha: No I told u not to do anything till exams are over.

Me: But I want yuo. Varsha: You will get me after the exam is over. Me: Sure? Varsha: Yes but no intercourse…Rest whatever u want. Me: I want you to be my Grilfriend…I love you Varsha: I love you too but you need to study now and not distract…I will wear your night gowns after exams. Me: Ok I will study hard.

I studied hard for entrie 2 months waiting for day to come. We use to go out just catch hands and mom use to always be in sarees.days passed we catching hands me cuddling her, patting her ass at times, kissing her cheeks etc but not beyond that. My final exam was over and I was not able to wait for last 5 mins.

I gave my papers and I rushed home. I met my friends on way and they told me they were going to disc screwing a naughty beaver hardcore and big dick night Enigma and if I wanted to join.I told I will try but I dont have gf to come…they asked me to call if I can manage.

At 2:00 PM I was at home ringing bell hard.As soon as Varsha opened I pulled her hand and kissed her lips…she shouted and asked me to come inside as someone might see…I kissed her lips only for a second. As I entered I told her: Me: You hubby is going to rank top Varsha: What my HUBBY?

Who??? Me: Me, Varsha Varsha: Shut up you idiot we are friends close or gf and bf thats all. Me: Ok Babes but I have started thinking of you more then that… Varsha: Shut up and change Me: Today is my day and exams are over now I get what I want. Varsha: You remeber that.lets see Me: Comon be a sport… Varsha: Ok lets see first have your lunch At lunch I told her all my friends are going for Disc and I wanted to go but didnt have a girl…She told if mothers are allowed I can come…and laughed.I thought she was hinting me.I told her Me: Not a bad idea I will make u my babe for day get ready after lunch and wear stuff we got from Lonavala.

Varsha: OK, where do we go? Me: Just come with me and do as I say. Varsha: ok, I hope you are not going to take me to Disc and she laughed. I got she wanted to come and was giving all hints… As we finished lunch my sex bomb was ready this time her jeans and Tshirt were more tight. She came and complained it was tight I told her u look more hot. I purposely asked her to turn to know her panty.she was wearing black as I could see strip and I threw my hanky in front of her so that she can bend to pick it and I saw her ass crack from she was white.

As she gotup I put my hand on her ass Like a MAN and kept it long…she didnt say anything cause she had promised. I pressed her hard and asked her to follow me.

She asked me to get car near to building door so that she can run in…I got and she just entered I am sure someone saw atleast our watchman but I didnt care. I drove her to Bandra and got her into a shop for ladies. I ordered Man at desk to show minis…Mom was shocked to hear and as she was about to say I put my finger on her lips and told YOU HAD PROMISED…She was now in my control she smiled and caught my hand and whispered I love you.

Man asked which type they were looking and I told anything micro or thigh height…Mom was no one to say and I was feeling like a MAN… He got few and I asked Varsha to select she left on me.I selected a white micro mini which was not tight but free flowing which can flow in air…I asked her to try…she went in and tried and came out without showing me…I asked her what happened Varsha: It fits me Me: Are you sure of height Varsha: Yeah but are u sure you want to buy this as it is tooo shoort Me: Yes.I am more keen now Varsha: Ok Then we looked for Tops as I was going through it I saw halter top open from up which fits from shoulders upto just below breasts&hellip.I asked her to wear it…she was hasitant and I ordered like her husband to go and try.All were looking at adriana chechik anal sex with big black cock am sure they might be thinking.

As she went in same way she came out and like a obedient gf told it fits but its too tight&hellip.She whispered in my ears I need over shirt and a strapless bra to wear it…I got an erection thinking of it… We selected a white shirt transperant as top was black and she got a bra strapless.

Me: Do you need to wear it at all Varsha: Yes dumbo…and gave naughty smile Me: I wish you dont Varsha: It depends where are u taking me Me: It will be dark Varsha: I hope I am not your babe for Disc tonight…and I saw smile on her face. Me: Yes you are and today I am going to make you more 10 years young.

Varsha: How? Me: Wait and watch… Then I took her to a corner and asked which panty are you wearing Varsha: Shutup Me: No more shut up reply to all I ask baby you have prmised Varsha: Black Me: Type Varsha: Cotton Me: NO babe you need something special I know your size.

After buying Shirt top and Mini We went out and I asked her: Me: Why ddnt you show the skirt to me Varsha: I am not waxed Me: Ohhh, where are you not waxed Varsha: Legs dumbo Me: And down and I patted her ass back Varsha: Not even there She was getting into my tune and enjoying all talking as well as holding… Me: Ok you need to get it off right Varsha: Yes Me: Ok we will go to a parlour Varsha: Ok Me; You like bushy down Varsha: No Clean bit I didnt get time or was getting bored Me: I like trim so ge it done Varsha: But when you are going to see that Me: Now you shut up and do as I say.

She smiled and she was liking me ordering her. I drove to beauty parlour and got her she was talking to lady there I told lady she needs to be a babe brazil first tme gay sex I give you 2 hours…She smiled and asked who was she her elder sister?

As she looked bit young of her age I told her No she is my gf…she gave another smile dont worry you both make nice pair…Me and Varsha looked at each other and smiled.we were happy someone complimented. I asked her if I can see what they do but she told no as other ladies might object…As she went inside I sat out reading magazines…Suddenly I got idea…First I called my friends saying that I will be joining them.

They were all very happy. Then I rushed to a lingerie stall and asked for Thongs.I luckily got as shop was big and at Bandra…I selecte a sexy black thong as I knew Varshas size. Then I called for 4 pairs of bra and panties all different colors and sexy satin.I purchased blue, Pink, One rosey and one White…All were hot. As I reached parlour I asked if Varsha was ready and she told 5 mins…As I waited I say a Damsel coming and wow she was Varsha…Sexy haircut like Kareena and straight eyebrows done.She go some black spots away and was looking bomb…I wa happy and as we moved out I caught her by her waist.We then bought Blue lens for her…and went home…As i reached home I didnt believe i blew my card off and money too but anyways we had enough and I am oing to earn soon…We reached home at 8:00 PM and told her we need to leave by 9:30.

Me: Did you got all out? Varsha: what? Me: Mean your hair? Varsha: not all I kept bit for someone who likes that way She gave naughty smile and this time she patted my ass…I pulled her close and Kissed her hard on lips…we kissed for 5 mins like dogs putting each oter tongue inside and we were in heaven…I moved my hands all over her hair down to her bums which I pressed hard…she moved away and told it was time to get ready…Now I wanted her forever I wanted her to be my wife…m love I wanted to enter my birth place and give birth to our child… And I am sure she also was all for me…Then I gave her a box and told her to open when she starts dressing she smiled naughty and I was ure she knew from bag what it is…Rest all boxes of lingerie I kept in my cupboard…A 9:15 I shouted for her and asked her o come fast and here she came a sexy girl in Micro minis which barely covered her ass.and showing her flat naval…her thighs were like a milky wave and her stomach was like a flat table.Her breasts were like mountains wih lovelypick firm and out and hands were like handle of love… As she came nearer I got lovely smile of perfume which she got from parlour and lens were making her eyes look like angel…she was looking like 25 years old girl a bomb…I was sure she was exercising hard for last 2 months I could see her stomach more flat boobs more firm and grown and ass as heaven… As she came near I hold her hands and kissed her.

I kissed her lips carefully so that her lipstick is intact and then her eyes… I was in a blazer and she told me i looked like greek god and I told her you look like Blonde beauty… We got over arms in and started moving.I told her not to worry about people around as I am sure no one will recognize and we went to our car… As she sat in the car her skirt came up to her panty as it was very short and I could see her ass cheeks sticking to seat…I pressed her thighs and she moaned…We reached the Hotel and as she was getting out I saw her panty a lovely thong and her white ass cheeks out…I am sure others too saw as skirt was flowing .Attendent took keys and I took her on by waist and moved inside…suddenly strong breeze flew and her skirt started flowing up.

She tried covering it but was helpless…all the guards and people were staring at her and first time I enjoyed that sight.people looking at my sexy gf, my sexy mom and surely wanting her. I put hand onto her Ass to hide and pull skirt down and pressed her Ass cheeks they were soft like pillow and I was erected doing that to my mom a babe in public…I pressed hard and she looked at me and moaned a bit…I pulled her string and as it hit back it gave a slassssssshhh sound…she gave a naughty smile and pressed her lips between her teeth…As we reached disc she had 100 admirers all aproaching her.our friends were waiting and all were stunned looking at her…Only some knew my mom actually 2 one my best friend and her gf…I introduced her as Ridhi my gf.she looked at me when I gave her new name and we shook hands and moved in.

As we moved in it was too dark with disco light on it was crowded but no one was as sexy as Varsha. I played with her ass cheeks putting her skirt up as we were towards wall…I asked her if she wanted to dance…she told I dontknow much but i pulled was all shit she was dancing like a babe a gujju aunty dancing like babe yes&hellip.cause she was from rich family well educated and high society and I was sure she had done this before she changed for my father& they had love marriage and my father was too conservative but smart and intelligent…People were brushing her hand on to her and trying to get close…This time I was not getting angry as earlier like episode that happened in theatre but i was enjoing…she was not m mom but a transformed babe…after some time we went off the floor and she was sweating because of ciggratte smoke and dance… We went to Sofa and saw couple kissing smooching and enjoying&hellip.we took a corner and sat.her legs were wet so was her neck and she was shinning…I opened her top button and asked her open shirt for a while she smiled and opened it…as she opened I saw her breasts out showing her black tits in black transperant top.I realized she was not wearing a bra I was knocked out Varsha: You told me not to wear Me: I want that Mom.Varsha Varsha: I gentle fellatio and sexy fuck smalltits homemade all yours Me: I want to open it now Varsha: In public Me: Yes I had a fantasy Varsha: What if I say no Me: Man dont ask…&hellip.

And I put my hand in it and pressed hard&hellip.she moaned loudly and I pressed her black tits as if i was tightening a screw she screamed and all looked at us but I didnt stop& it was dark no one cared…I lifted her and asked her sit on my lap seeing other couple…oh my her ass cheeks were wet and she was smelling heaven.I played with her boobs kissing all over.I made her turned towards me and she sat on my lap like riding horse… I could feel warmth of her Cunt we kissed each other as I was playing with her breasts half naked.

We realized we were in public and she got up and rushed in the loo.she adjusted herself and came…She told me she wanted to go home… I took her out as we took permission from friends and drove home…we didnt speak to each other nor we looked dont know why?As we reached home&hellip.she locked the door removed her sandals removed her top and came to me and hugged hard…she started kissing me all over and unbuttoned me… I pressed her ass and pulled her skirt down and out…here is my mom in front of me in thongs and transperant top I could see her trimmed pussy and I started careesing her.I moved my hand down and entered her panty…she gave a shock she undid My shirt and trouser and now I was in my undie whole erected and waiting for her.she looked at me and pressed my tool and asked: Varsha: Whats the size Me: Its yor time to measure Varsha: oh smart how do I measure it?

Me: your choice Varsha: with tape or mouth? Me: Both She went to get tape as she went I saw her ass cheeks and ass moving like a storm her waist flowing like water oh wow what a babe who can say she is 40 years old?/she came with tape and I was standing there caressing my tool.she pulled it out and was stunned to measure it 8′ Varsha: My god it is bigger then your dad Me: Is it?

But u didnt measure with mouth Varsha: I am afraid Me: Comon My love Then your cunt has ot measure it Varsha: I told you no for intercourse Me: but I want you Varsha: You can only do to your wife Me: will you be one She just smiled and bend down and took my tool in her mouth I know she was doing for first time as she didnt look expert but she was doing good.she kissed it and moved her tongue over it and sucked it hard…I started moving in and out and as I was about to cum she moved it out and i came all over the floor…she got up and went to sofa I follwed her and pulled her panties she was trimmed like heaven and my birth place was inviting me…I bent down and started she was tight like a virgin and she screamed as i put my one finger, I tried to push another as she opened her legs and sudenly I saw her cum flowing like fountain waiting to erupt after years.

We both were naked and she was cleaning our cum as she bent her I got view of her ass as if it was inviting me to ride her and I got erection.I went behind her and put my dick to her ass crack she told no and pushed me away…we went for our bath in our rooms kissing each other and came out in 30 mins…she was dressed in the transperant black nighty without adorable centerfold shows off enormous arse and gets butthole poked and i was in shorts.we came out and sat on sofa she in my lap.I was playing with her boobs and thighs Me: Varsha you look hot in this Varsha: Yeah…thanks honey Me: Varsha I love you and want to marry you Varsha: No parth I am old for you and you have better future Me: No I want only you and cant think of anyone else Varsha: I am also liking this relation but& is not possible Me: I want to be your hubby Varsha: We will talk later… Me: Ok tell me mom, Do you finger?

Varsha: Means. Me: you finger my birth place? Varsha: No ways… I realized that as she was too tight down… Me: You are sooo tight down Varsha: yeah We hardly use to have sex as your dad was busy and I neverl iked to play alone.

As we were talking I started playing with her thighs and lifted gown to top…she was wearing a cotton panty. Me: Waht shit you wear inside Varsha: What?? It is good Me: From tomorrow i want you to wear only satin Lingerieor silk. Varsha: Ok Me: Remove that now…I ordered like a husband Varsha: But I dont have satin Me: Darling dont worry I have few bought for you Varsha: you naughty Me: Remove it right away She obeyed like wife and moved it out…I started playing with her clit and she started moaning…I got erection and she felt it as she was sitting on my lap&hellip.

Me: Lets do it… Varsha: What? Me: I wanna F*** you Varsha: I told you honey no intercourse Me: But why? Varsha: It has to be loose black whore needs it to be big your wife Me: But I think you as my wife Varsha: But it is difference in thinking and being Me: so lets be Varsha: I dont want to marry a old lady Me: You are not old Varsha, you still look like 30 years babe and today you looked like 25 Varsha: Are you sure?

Me: Yes&hellip. Varsha: Prove it… I was hard like rock and she was hot busty floozy craves for cruel fuck naturaltits and hardcore bubble Me: Ok will you do as I say?

Varsha: Yeah Me: I will dress you tomorrow and take you to some college, if someone approaches you you are young and if not then… Varsha: Which college? Me: Some management college you surely dont look like a Graduate student Varsha: But not in thatm iniskirt of yours Me: no we will shop something new tomorrow morning. Varsha: Why to waste money? Me: Comon I will earn and as I have already got selected from campus it just question of a month. Varsha: Ok as you wish Me: and if teens teamed up to make their stepmom alexis fawx fuck with them approaches you?

Varsha: I go with him As she told this I inserted my finger in her front hole with anger and she screamed Me: Tell me what? Do I put another Varsha: No Please dont I will do as you say. Me: Then you marry me Varsha: But… And I forced it hard more inside…and go second finger now I knew how to control her Varsha: okkkkkkk plssssssssssss I will do Me: Good girl I started fingering her and she fountained all over my shorts and legs Me; Baby what you did?

Varsha: Its you who did.let me clean it Me: How Varsha: I will get a napkin. Me: No some other way Varsha: How Me: Lick it off Varsha: Oh it is you to lick mine Me: I want you to suck my hard cock and lick both Varsha: you mean drink your cum? Me: Yes Varsha: I have never done it Me: I know it is always first time and I am sure you wanted to Varsha: Yeah and I want many more things Me: Like… Varsha: I have many fantasies which I always hided Me: Wow…sexy me tooo Varsha: Like Me: You need to drink all my cum lick yours and we share it&hellip.

She pounced like a hungry dog and got on ground couple has a threesome with the babysitter knees…she pulled my pants down and my rod was up as I was not wearing underwear inside…she took my tool in her mouth and this time she was better.she played with my balls and licked precums like a whore&hellip.

I pulled her gown from top and now she was all naked&hellip.she circled her cum on my thighs and licked her fingers…I was red hard…she started sucking hard making noise and this time to my surprise took completely inside till her throat…she started coughing but I caught hold of her mouth and pushed it back in…oh my she was toooo good and in few strokes I exploded in her mouth…oh my god what a sensation I making my mom drink all my cum…bubles started coming of her moth and she was mouthful…she spitted some on my thighs and mixed with hers…she gulped balance…and her tongue was sticky and full of my cum…she then startedl icking my thinghs like a dog and cleaned it completely and then she cleaned my balls and tip of my tool dry…She was like a whore and i Started fast fodii sex with baby girl how thirsty she was… She llicked even single drop on her lips dry… Me: How was it?

Varsha: yummmm…it was hot and salty Me: and yours Varsha: Sweet and delicious and she smiled&hellip. She got up and turned around to go and get some water as she was thirsty as she turned I spanked her ass hard and her ass cheeks moved like water…she didnt say anything and I spanked it more harder…and I saw it getting red Varsha: It hurting me Me: But I enjoyed Varsha: let me atleast have water Me: Nope my whore… And as I huge tits teen and mom bangs outdoor that she looked at me and with naughty smile she opened her eyes wide as if in anger… Me: Sorry Varsha: You want a whore or wife?

Me: Both Varsha: You cant have both if you win bet tomorrow and i have to marry you Me: Why? Varsha: You can have only one woman Me: yeah its pornstar riley fucked and filled pornstars and hardcore then where you will get whore? Me: You are there for me I will have both in you Varsha: So you want me to be a whore…right and she smiled and went big tits asian tourist sucks off and screwed by the bus for water I was caught thinking I thought whether she had this fantasy&hellip.Or she was joking…I will ask when she comes…she came in 5 mins.and sat next tome bit away with legs stretched…we both were naked with clothes down on floor Me: Why you took so much time Varsha: Went for pee Me: Oh i wish I could see you doing it Varsha: Comon you fool akhir teri maa hoon Me: So what its my fantasy and you told we will share each others fantasy.

Varsha: Ok&hellip.What else is your fantasy. Me: To make you wear skimpy stuff exposing your assets Varsha: That I saw at disc Me: More of it take you around in public that way Varsha: naughty We both were getting excited again Me: Now your turn Varsha: No I am feeling shy but I always wanted lot to do but it all died when I married your father who was serious gentleman not like you a DOG Me: Ok but your new to be husband is a dog and you can tell Varsha: You are not still to be.remember tomorrow par hain pura Me: I am sure i will win…but tell me what you want your fantasy.

Varsha: (After feeling bit shy and looking down) I want to get gang banged I was shocked and my mouth opened Me: What are you saying Varsha: Yes, I am sorry but I always had that fantasy. Me: Ganged banged by whom Varsha: Anyone Me: how many at a time Varsha: As much as my hubby wants Me: Oh you are so obedient I am sure why you never had sex with someone else inspite of being desperate.

You are faithful I love you more. She got courage to look in my eyes now she smiled and got her eyes down again.She was perfect lady I thought kinky.yet shy…raunchy yet obedient…whore yet faithful. Varsha: now its your turn Me: I can say but you dont get angry Varsha: Do you think so.i will not Me: Iwant to F*** you in public place Varsha: Isi t?

She was liking it…then we made to speak our fantasy one after another Varsha: hmmm&hellip.I want to get old once Me: Only once my whore and I pinched her pussy She smiled back with bit pain Varsha: it all on my hubby Me: I want you to horny boy fucks stranger in public toiletf70 with animal once Varsha: Only once and she pinched my ball and it hurted me…I was semi hard Me: Its all on your hubby Varsha…Naughty which animals?

Me: Dog? Or a horse? Varsha: Dog is ok but horse is too big Me: Its fantasy&hellip. Varsha: What you want me to do with them Me: we will see…now its your turn Varsha: I dont have much more Me: I have one more …Golden showers Varsha: Whats that? Me: peeing on you Varsha: What?????? She was notl iking it Me: Yes its fun… Varsha: We will see By this we shared alll our fantasies and I was hard again. She kissed my tool goodnight and went in her room taking her clothes she told me to sleep and get ready for tomorrow as it was big day for me…I dont know whether I will get my mom as my wife?

I went to her room and knocked it…she was still naked cleaning her body I kissed her lips and agility helps chap to fuck adorable hottie hardcore blowjob her to sleep early as she should be fresh and asked her to be ready in normal saree by 9:00 Am.Varsha: Saree?????? I will look old and you loose Me: Dont worry we will shop and you wear what I select and then we go to college…dont worry I will not let you go I kissed her lips and told good night I went to my roon and I was not able to sleep entire night thinking it I was making plans for her clothes and how she should look…My The day was coming&hellip.

I got up early in the morning as iwas not able to sleep that entire night.Mom was as routine doing her exercise I knocked the door and she opened sweating with same old dress. Varsha: You didnt sleep it seems Me: No I was worried Varsha: You love me so much Me: Yeah I do…cant we not do this test Varsha: hmmm… Iwas also didnt get sleep entire night and was thinking how stupid I was.

Me: Wow……Come close to me. She came and hugged me…We decided not to have test and I was on my sky-hi Me: So you are ok with me as your hubby Varsha: I am still not sure.lets give time to this Me: But Iwant to f*** I cant forget yesterday fun we had… Varsha: I am sorry my dude… Me: Comon…mom. Varsha: Lets talk tonight&hellip. Me: Are you sure? Varsha: Give me a day to think… Me: Wow you are so swee… But shopping is still on do away with your this old jogging stuff… Varsha: Ok I dont know how much more money you will blow.Thank god your dad was wealthy.

I went for my morning routine and came at breakfast at 8:00 am…Mom was ready in her saree…I went from behind and hugged her hard throwing her on platform…I started lifting her saree and pulled her panty down.

Me: I told you I dont want this cotton panties Varsha: I dont have any other…satin I pulled her with her hand and took her to my bed room.First time she was in my bedroom as a gf oh my god.I started thinking when she will be my wife.and be permanant with me here… I removed lingerie stock I had got and gave it to her.

Me: Here it is my love.all for you She smiled at me and went and sat on bed…she opened all one by one and kepy pair on bed. Varsha: Sexy…which do I wear Me: That Blue dark will look on your white skin… She picked all and was above to leave room. Me: Varsha can you please wear it here Varsha: No I will wear and come Me: I told you wear it here in front of me let me see Varsha: Ok.

I realized she liked when I ordered like her hubby. She started stripping her self in front of me…first she removed her saree and first time I was seeing her in day light…Curtains were closed but beam of morning sun was coming from small opening.she was white as milk…then she opened her blouse and her boobs poped out in her white bra&hellip.

As she was about to open her petticoat I got up and opened the curtains for the entire rays to come…oh my god she was an angel…she just turned around hiding her body from someone seeing as her petticoat was also out…but her ass was completely visible as I had removed her panty in the kitchen…We were staying on the first floor and there were tall buildings around.I peeped out and there were few people reading paper in balcony…she was about to hide but I went to her and pulled her out and told Me: Comon my babes no one is seeing Varsha: Please people are…please close the curtains.

Me; Ok but what about my fantasy… Varsha: I will fulfill all if we marry but spare me this time. I obeyed her and closed curtains…when I was closing I saw few people watching desperately and I got hard&hellip.She thanked me and rushed inside my bathroom.I didnt follow her as I knew she has left her clothes outside…She came out in a blue lingerie…Bra and Panty…Wow what she was looking blue on her milky white skin was looking amazing…Panty was like a net giving her pussy view and bra showed her black tits…I was hard like rock and as she came near I pushed on the bed and opened her leg&hellip.I was dominating her and she was trying to rush kicking me… Varsha: Please leave me Parth this is not correct I went to her pussy and started linking, pressing her boobs hard she was moaning and crying&hellip.I then tied her hands to bed with saree and she was looking like fish out of water trying to survive…I immediately undid my clothes completely naked and stood near her pussy though she had panty on… I opened her legs wide and moved her panty bit on side so that I can enter my birth place…She screamed Varsha: No parth this is not correct please dont so this to me I am your mother still.

Me: Yes Mom but you are my gf and to be my wife…will you be Varsha: I want a day I told you and this will hurt me my heart… Listening this I left her legs went to her mouth and pressed her nose as she opened her mouth I enter her mouth.she was helpless and tied…I moved few strokes and came in her mouth…she gulped obediently but was crying with pain… I untied her hands which gave red marks as she was milky white and went to my bathroom for pee…as I came out she was sitting in the corner of the bed with her legs folded to her chest.hairs messed and crying I came to her and told: Me: What are you crying for I have not raped you Varsha: You were about to Me: But I didnt Varsha: It hurt me alot Me; I am sorry but I was out of control you dont allow me and this is what happens.I left you cause I love you Varsha: Thanks and she smiled.

She licked her lips as it had cum and went to bathroom.she came out and told I need to change bra and panty as it was all wet&hellip.I asked her to keep it and its OK. Varsha: But we are going out right Me: Yes so what wetness will keep on remining you of me and I love that smell Varsha: Ok you naughty I never thought you are so grown up at age of 23… She took saree and other stuffed to her room.

In 30 mins she came out dressed in the miniskirt which we bought for disc and Top which we bought from Lonavala.she was looking damsel well combed hair and fresh with make up and gave me a naughty smile&hellip. Me: Are you going to wear this in day time and day light? Varsha: So what isint it looing nice? Me: Yes it is but& will trouble you if wind flows and you will e exposed.

Varsha: You like exposing me in public right? So lets go&hellip. Me: But people in our colony will see you in day time. Varsha; I dont care you have anyways exposed me by opening the window. I thought morning episode made her more raunchy.She caught my hand and came out…I felt she has accepted.

This time she didnt ask me to get the car to the gate and preferred to walk with me to the parking lot behind. I was scared cause all my building friends were playing there but she was feeling cool as 25 years college girl. Her boobs were bouncing on her every step and skirt was flowing in air.she was just looking hot as creamy chocolate cake…As we passed my friends they all were stunned to see a beautiful girl with me I amber fuentes picked up on the beech and fucked they will recognize her but they were busy staring here parts and just waiting for that skirt to flow more higher&hellip.

I was also gettig happy now.As we walked and I turned around to see reaction of my friends and all were staring her lovely ass from behind. Varsha was also trying to tease them by putting her hands up to tie hair so that her short tshirt can go up and they can have better view. I saw some friends praising me for my choice.As we reached car all were nearing us to get chance to view Varsha`s sexy panty and to their luck a strong wind blew and her skirt flew up for few seconds to give a heaven view to them and it made it more spicy by Varsha not trying to hide it.

As we passed by car our friends all were staring and making gestures to us and Varsha just opened the window and showed her middle finger and had hearty laugh.

Me: What are you doing Varsha Varsha: Haha, they think I am college going girl Me: See I told you Varsha: I am sure they all want me… Me: I am sure they do…so now you want to marry me? Varsha: Lets shop dear entire day is left.

As it was day time and all the people specially from busses were staring Varsha. Her thighs were visible and her boobs were looking big and way she was seating was more appealing by keeping hand up.

She was continously adjusting her panty as she was getting itchy with my cum drying up. With every speed breaker coming her boobs were jumping like a ball and iwas not able to resist. I just pulled her near me and asked to sit closure so that I can play. I just driving towards one of the quiet beach in Malad… Varsha: Where are we going we were out for shopping Me: Varsha I am not able to resist and I want to have you desperately.

Varsha: Comon Parth…you are too restless where are kelly madison latin bimbo victoria june filled with jizz going?

Me: To some quiet beach Varsha: lets shop first. Me: Why are you so desperate to shop Varsha this time Varsha: I am going to get married soon&hellip.

Me: Whatttttttttttttttt??? I was happy and shouted Varsha: Nothing I want to I am feeling young. I understood what she meant and turned alluring euro babe masturbating with toys european and fetish car to Inorbit mall.

I was happy and didnt knew how to react after saying that she was shying like a girl who is going to get proposed and didnt speak a word. She was even sitting decently trying to hide stuff. As we reached parking lot of mall I asked her Me: What happened you have changed dear in last 30 mins. Varsha: I have to be decent Me: Why what happened? Varsha: I am in love Me: With whom? And suddenly?

Varsha: No I was since long but realized now Me: Who is he? Lucky man Varsha: You and I cant wait till night? Me: I just pulled her near me kissed her lips and asked for what? Varsha: To tell you I want to marry me. I was in sky high…I just smooched him hard and didnt realize people looking around.I was also pressing her boobs and playing with ger tongue.As it was almost afternoon so there were not much people around. I quickly took car out to her surprise and drove to backroad of Inorbit which is normally empty and full of couples.

I parked it in some quite place and pushed Varshas sit behind and made her half sleep. I closed all the windows as the glasses had dark films though semi and started playing all over her… I was hard like a rock I just opened it and before Varsha could speak anything Ipulled her to it opened her mouth and pushed my tool inside her mouth.

Her hair was open and all over my tool hiding it and she was sucking deep in her throat. As I was about to cum I pushed her to her seat made her sleep pulled her skirt up and pushed her panty skinny bint has her tight asshole drilled till I could see her pussy… She didnt object this time as she was sure I was not going to enter… I caught her hand and asked her to shake it and I put my fingers in her mouth and with other hand I started fingering her.

I was about to cum Ikept my dick on her pussy and came all over it few flying to her naval and thighs. I then with my hand spread all over her pussy and some at her hole&hellip. Her hands were dirty and she asked for tissue Varsha: Give me tissue to clean my hand and dirty what you did to my pussy.

Me: you know how to clean yours sexy client services juicy pussy of masseuse my hand and pussy let it drip… Varsha: you naughty And she licked her and my hand which was full of cum…she was now my own babe doing all I want.I adjusted my pant after making her lick my tool dry and she also adjusted herself… Me: So when you wanna get married?

Varsha: Well koi accha mahurat dekh kar Me: But Mom I dont have time…my office will start in 25 days Varsha: So what? We can marry anytime Me: I cant wait so long before entering my birthplace and how about our honeymoon? On listening this she got shy and just smiled keeping her head down. I suddenly saw transformation in her from a flirt to shy girl. I kissed her heek and asked again: Me: what about me entering and sex xxnx cnm sex stories story shil band Varsha: Where you want to go?

Me: you tell Varsha: Its up to you. Me: Somewhere where I can get you naked when ever and where ever I want. Varsha: Shut up I am going to be your wife Me: You forgot our fantasy sharing? Varsha: I know but that time I was just your gf Me: So now you have to be more obedient I want a pati vrata wife Varsha: I will be always as I was to your dad but… Me: Nothing saying Varsha Varsha: Ok as you say we will see but where?

Me: Pataya and other islands Varsha: I want to go on cruise Me: OK we will plan but when we are getting married Varsha: You decide but on mahurat Me: Ok let us go to some pandit and try find one Varsha: And then we go shopping cause i need to shop alot Me: Yes I think weare going to blow all money Varsha: Yes marriage are costly…and she laughed I hugged her and we decided to go to some pandit after taking our kundli from home.

We rushed home and I asked Varsha to stand down as I got same from up…I saw my friends still playing and I parked it somewhere near to gate…and I rushed up. When I came down to my surprise all they guys were standing near the car talking to Varsha.

But this time Varsha was more decent trying to hide things and talking to them with eyes down so that no one recognizes her. She also wore sun glass&hellip.I saw friends trying flirting with her and as I came near all took aside. They took me aside but were still near to Varsha My Friend: Kahan se maal laya be Me: friend hain My friend: Time pass ke Shaadi banayega Me: Sochta hoon My friend: time pass hoon to humko bhi moka dena And they all laughed Me: Chup re My friend: Aunty ko patah ain?

Me: Haan… And I looked at Varsha and smiled as she was able to listen. Silvia saint stockings and high heels compilation I moved towards the drivers seat&hellip. One friend told which was audible to me and Varsha My friend: Saali Aunty se bhi maal hain Other: Haan ek to nahin mili saali dusri mil jaaye As i sat I looked at Varsha and we both smiled and I was aroused lesbian humping gfs strapon up slit again thinking of my friends wanting my mom and also my wife.

We reached one temple at Juhu and thought to show someone there. Varsha preferred to stay back in the car because of dress and she was feeling shy to show. I got one Pandit finally and showed he kundlis after looking he looked at me with a doubt and asked? Pandit; Ladki kaun hain? Me: Pasand Karta hoon use Pandit: Aapse umar meing dugni hain Me: To kya Pandit: Aab to saab chalta hain kalyug hain.

Me: Haan Mard apni aadhi umar ki ladki se shaadi kar sakta hain aur aurat nahin? Pandit: Accha Balak. Aur agar ladki rishtedar hon to? Me: Kafi religion mein chalta hain.aap bataye muharat kab hain Pandit gave me a doubtful smile and told Muharat is there and we can get married any time after 3 days.

I paid him and rushed to Varsha as I was so happy. Me: Varsha we can get married after 3 days& Varsha: cool but I am not sure&hellip. Me: What do you mean? Varsha: you wont understand it is all female Me: Bataona&hellip.I know what you mean Varsha: Yeah U are grown up girls can touch idols at this time…I am in periods Me: Wow much better so I can make u pregnant on honeymoon Varsha: shut up how will I look carrying my grandchild.

Me: Awesome…how many kids you want Varsha: Its all gods gift Me: We use no condoms and let us see how many gods give& Varsha: Seeing you i am sure we will have dozens around…lol We both were hot milf with big tits gets fucked to bail out her hubby brunette blowjob and decided to get married in weeks time& fantasies and urge to fuck Varsha was gorwing every minute&hellip.we both felt hungry and Varsha advised to go back home as we had 7 days for prep I felt Varsha had some other ideas.

She was now very shy of everything and we started dicussing how it is going to be as we were driving back home: Varsha: Parth I want to change my name Me: Why? Varsha is good Varsha: I am getting a new life and hence new modern name I should sound also young.

Me: Interesting…tell me which name you want? Varsha: I like name you told to your friends when we went to disc Me: Ridhi? Varsha: Yes call me that henceforth and we will make it change everywhere Me: Ok …my love as you wish So it was new life and new name…As we reached building gate she asked me to stop the car and rush inside the house…I went to park the car.

To my relief my friends had gone. As I approached the house door I heard loud music on and house door was not locked I opened the door and I saw Ridhi dancing in love and as a young bitch…I just entered room locked the door and sat on the sofa to see her sexy butts and boobs moving.

She started becoming more sensous and wasdoing better then a strip tease babes…she went into kitchen dancing and got glass of water. She neared me with glass and gave it to me as she was about to go I caught her skirt pulled it up and splashed some water on her ass which made it wet and shinning…she teased me with tonuges and started dancing…I just got up and went near to the curtains and stood for her reaction.she didnt react and I just pulled it open she kept on dancing as she was too happy and love…i got erection and went near to her I started playing with her boobs…I turned around and saw if someone was seeing but as it was afternoon all were either sleeping or busy…I just went ahead and pulled her T-shirt off and she just tried to hide her boobs.I just pulled off her hands and pressed her boobs hard and Ridhi Moaned…I told her Me: Continue dancing my new love.Ridhi Make your to be husband feel happy for his choice.

Listening this she got more encouraged and danced like heaven her boobs were jumping up and down with every move her pelvic thrust were better then any Indian heroine all this was happening with curtains open and I wa hard…I just went and closed the curtain thinking not to expose my babe much and went and sat on the sofa after undressing me only in my undies…Ridhi smiled and loved my gesture and came near to me…as she came near I kissed her belly as she was still dancing and licked her thighs&hellip.

I moved my hands inside her skirt and pressed her bumbs which werecold because of cold water and pulled her panty down.I smelled it and it was smelling heaven it had mixture ofmy cum, hers as well as sweat and water. I kissed her pussy and smelled her hole…by thattime I was rock hard and my white undie was like tent with pre-cum on top.

She went to the kitchen got some chocolate sauce cold and sprayed on my dick over underwear it was cold andm y dick was hot and it started spreading&hellip.She got down and started licking it oh my it was hot.her mouth was filled with sauce and she pulled my undie down and continued licking it sucking my hard cock I just pulled her up and made her sleep with her bums up on my lap and spanked it hard with every thud sound she had aaaahhhh sound I made it red then I made her straight opened her bra and told her: Me: I know I cant enter your pussy and can wait for 7 days but today I am going to fuk you new way Ridhi: Whats that&hellip.

Me: I am going to fuck your boobs I pressed her milky boobs and goto n top of her and entered my dick pressing her two boobs around it and startedstroking she was also enjoying and was fingering her self…my cum just came like a fountain all over spraying it on her nose to her face to her hair.

I then pinched her pussy hard and after some time she also came all over the sofa. I got up and dripped my cum on her lips and went to the kitchen…she was lying on the sofa exhausted and tired with half leg up and skirt was half on her belly and half on her thigh exposing her cunt. She was looking like naked angel with cum all over. I got some water from kitchen and splashed over her…her mouth had chocolte and my cum looking awesome and her body getting wet was making her more sexy…I lifted her in my arms and took her to the bathroom.

She was smiling on her way and was acting like a whore. She pulled her skirt down and threw it on the way by her legs…I took her to the bathroom put her in the tub and started the water…we both had lovely bath togather talking: Me: So Ridhi how do you feel now? Getting married? Ridhi: Feeling young again. I need to do alot before wedding Me: Like? Ridhi: go to parlour get some treatment to look more young and continue it…get waxed.

Me: Ok I will drop you there in the evening…but we need to shop. Ridhi: Yes shop alot baby…I think we are going to burn off…Good your jobwill start in next 25 days. Me: Yes but buy best. Ridhi: What you want me to wear for marriage Me: Something sexy but yet decent and ofcourse red… Ridhi: Saree or Sharara?

Me: Saree…a red sexy one Ridhi: And inside? Me: Do you need to wear…anyways it is going to be out. Listening this Ridhi kicked me and told Ridhi: Har baar sex shaadi mein to barabar rehne do&hellip.I will buy something. Me: but ok wear only panty and no bra please Ridhi: ok lets see…I am sure on honeymoon I dont have to buy much cause u will never allow me to dress Me: Yes baby and we will buy all skimpy sexy outfits…i want you to expose in public too.

Ridhi: Parth honeymoon to apna hain let us be normal. Me; dont worry terko bachunga nahin shaddi ke 2-3 mahino tak Ridhi: Shut up how can you think such for your wife and mother. Me: Our fantasy and you are my pativrata biwi. Listening this Ridhi got new sex porn 2019 docter hot face down and closed her eyes and smiled I was sure she was liking it me calling her pati vrata and she was such…we had bath for almost 25 mins and we went out Ridhi just covered herself with a towel and with her hair wet.

She started cleaning mess we made and I ordered for the food. I went into my room to check my E-mails and thought to jasmin jae is a perfect milf that loves to get fucked Ridhi alone for sometime…I forgot I had ordered and someone will cometo deliver.bell kept ringing and Ridhi was shouting to me as she was wrapped in just in a towel…I was busy writing mails and she didnt have an option but to open&hellip.I suddenly realized someone was shouting and I came out of my room…but stopped… Seeing my sexy babe was about to go and open the door and that boy is going to look at her that way&hellip.Ridhi had smartly put some cloth over her but her back was exposed shining with still some wet hair and looking Gourgeous.

She went and took the packet and asked for the bill as she turned around and kept the food bag on dinning table and to her surprise towel slipped exposing her back completely and I am sure some part of her ass as she was not wearing anything inside…I am sure that delivery boy had seen heaven though for some seconds…mom rushed in the kitchen got the money and paid the boy keeping her face down…that boy in excitement touched Ridhis hand and smiled…Ridhi just closed the door without taking the change.I was so excited seeing someone touching her and casually came out… Ridhi: You cant hear someone is calling you so loudly… Me: Why what happened Ridhi: Jo hona tha hogaya if you were there you would have realized Me: Oh is it did I miss something exciting… This made Ridhi angry and wehad our first fight…I felt she had become my wife by heart& was sweet fight which lasted for 20 mins&hellip.and we compromised by me telling her sorry…I had seen mom never fighting long as she was understanding and caring&hellip.She opened the food and she was still in towel…i told her Me: can you be like this at home even after marriage?

Ridhi: How? Me: Like this in towel or only in bra and panties roaming around house or may be naked at times so that I can just enter when ever i want Ridhi: Yes and others too…right? Me: Maybe… Ridhi: Your fantasy are increasing day by day wish I had not told you yes…you are totally opposite to dad. Me: But you like it right?

Ridhi: Sounds interesting but they are scary…but being faithful wife I would not like. Me: And if you were not my wife? Ridhi: I would have not mind trying as there would be no one in my heart. Me: And if your husband wanted Ridhi: I would think Me: And if your husband ordered Listening this she didnt reply and she had a habit of looking down feelin shy whenever she had no answer and wanted to surrender…I caught her there Me: I will then order you…and I am sure you will obey it Ridhi: Dont get me into fix…please you know I cant disobey my husband… She got up and went to kitchen to keep spoil plates and started cleaning things she was getting bit uncomfortable with towel so she was about to go to change…I caught her hand and told her not to bother penélope cruz in woman top 2002 tube porn I will get some stuff…I went up and got my kurta white and transperant and a flowery panty And gave it to her to wear…she looked at it and gave me a smile which meant you are too much and wore it…it was looking awesome without bra inside her boobs jumping around and panty visible through transperant kurta&hellip.some water splashing over it made it more never kept servant as she liked to do all be herself as she would keep fit…she then went to wash clothes and got completely drenched she wanted to come out to dry clothes in balcony so she called me: Ridhi: Parth can u just help me by getting me a saree Me: for what?

Ridhi: I want to go to the Balcony I went to her and saw her she was completely wet with her boobs showing and her panty too.I asked Me: You are Ok just go Ridhi: Dont be mad comon dear it shows everything. Me: Wait, I went and got my Tshirt and made her wear that over it…Tshirt went till her waist… Ridhi: and down?

Me: You have already gone out in minis so now dont worry&hellip. Ridhi got ok with it and went out in balcony…We have quite a big one like a small terrace she started hanging clothes&hellip.she hanged her bra and panty in corner so that no one can see along with her t-shirt and skirt…as she put her hands up to hang clothes her panties drenched in water use to get exposed and she didnt realize that there were few people staring at her from other buildings and I was enjoying…I went behind her and started playing with her ass cheeks she looked at me and smiled…I thought how caring or stupid she was…I gave view of her sexy white bums to everyone seeing by putting panty bit up.

On she finishing we went inside and she went into her room and came out in traditional saree. Me: Why did you wear that saree again Ridhi: But I dont have anything esle to wear except your jeans and Top and shirt which I wore in disc.

Me: Oh ok dont worry we will go and shop now. Ridhi: I am tired let us go after hour or so… Me: Ok you sleep and I will wake you in hours that time let me go and buy some stuffs for you which you can wear in evening too when we go for shopping Ridhi: I know your choices Parth you will get all the possible crap to show all I have… I smiled&hellip.

Me: Yeah my baby some thing sensous, something elegant something sexy yet beautiful thats my Ridhi. I went to my room changed and went to buy stuffs for my to be wife.I was not believing what was happening but yeah it was all true. I went to linking road where you get stuffs which I wanted. First I bought a black shorts tight one with BUMS written behind and a White Top bit thin material a T-shirt which had writting Just Do IT. Then I got a long skirt with a slit on the side almost till thighs…It had an option either to button it or keep it open with a thread top sleeveless low neck…Then Igot cycling shorts for mom for exercise with sports bra&hellip.

And finally a single dress which was backless exposing back and was till thigh height sleeveless material was like satin so was bit thin. I then decided to buy a good salwar kameez as I have never seen her wearing but was doubtful how well will fit her. So decided to dropped the idea. I then got one White Jeans and a top to match it…Jeans was low waist height and top was like halter with no shoulders& was too cute&hellip.

I purposely bought 1 size less then hers so that it fits her more tight. As Ridhi had good figure anything would suit her. I went home and opened the door and went to Ridhis room she was not around I looked all around and she was not there I went around entire house but she was not there…I then went to my room and I was shocked to see her sleeping there…I thought she has become my real wife and was not able to resist the thought.

I went close to her sat atthe corner near her face and kissed on her cheeks she shyed as if in love and dumped her face in the pillow. I tought she was in some sweet dream and I lifed her face. She caught my hand and slept on my lap I allowed her to be there playing with her hair&hellip.after 10 odd minutes she came out of her dream and opened her eyes she smiled at me and told me Thanks…then she twisted her body by stretching her hands and legs on side and got up… Ridhi: It was sweet as you Me: What?

Ridhi: My Dream. Me: What did you see? Ridhi: I saw you sitting on a chair and me besides you and kids playing around Me: How many kids were there? Ridhi: I didnt count but were many…and she smiled. I kissed her and asked her to see what I got for her and if she can ramp walk for me wearing that. She just got up went to the bathroom got fresh and came out wiping her face.

It was 4:00 in the afternoon and she told if I can drop her to the parlour. I told her once she finished ramp walking for me I will accompany her.

Ridhi came near me to take bags and I told her that I will give her one by one everytime she comes out wearing new. So first I gave her Jeans and Halter top.she peeped in and was happy to see a jean…she went inside the bathroom and shouted: Ridhi: Parth Jeans is tight…I guess you got a smaller size Me: Ridhi, doesnt it fit you are you able to button it Ridhi: yeah but it is tight from thighs and behind I can barely walk… Me: Is it wow!!

Ridhi: Idiot and it barely reached my waist it is very low almost upto my waist lower then low waist… Because of smaller size it was hardly getting above her ass but as Ridhi had flat stomach she was able to button it and not get the stomach bulge. And Jeans was not that like regular thick denims it was thin denims which were just new atthat time in the market. Me: Its OK babe as long as you can button it. It will stretch after few wash.that what shop guy told me. Ridhi: OK…but it is looking good.

She came out and I was stunned as she walked from Bathroom to bed she was looking WOWOWOW jeans hugging her tightly and TOP was exposing her white shoulders and naval. Jeans was just covering her pussy and I could see starting of her trimmed pubic hair. As it was low she had smartly lowered her panty. I guessed she was not wearing bra inside as boobs were loosely bouncing. As she came near to me she posed with her hand up. I saw some hair in her armpit and she realized and got contious.

Ridhi: I told you I have to go to the parlor. Me: Yes you need to. Where is the Bra? Ridhi: Darling I need a strapless bra to cover this&hellip. Plastic bras had not come during that time and strapless was rarely available in few outlets.

Me; Ok we will shop…by that time you can just do without it. Ridhi: Yeah and you get happy. Saying this she asked for another bag and I handed her long skirt and Thread Top. Me: Ridhi dont button it on side Ridhi: What? Me: you will realize as you wear it. She gave a sexy young teen shows her perfect tits for webcam smile and turned and trust me that view was just too electrifying…her bums giving a pillow shape look and her flowery panty was visible as it was darker then jeans.

Starting of her ass line was just visible…wohoooooo. She came out wearing second dress with side open as she walked her thighs were getting visible and shining…Top was just too good a single pull of thread would open quite a bit…She was not wearing bra for any dress…As this dress was also tight then normal it was giving a perfect shape…she turned bit on side to give thigh view and I could see her both legs and almost her pussy in panty.

As there were front threads on top icould see her boobs from the gaps&hellip.she came near and I pulled one thread and the top opened almost upto 2 buttons. As she came to take 3rd bag I put my hand inside her top and squeezed it hard… Ridhi: It hurtsssss oucccccccccccchhhhhh Me: You are hurting me baby&hellip.

I then handed her bag of her shorts and Top…Do I describe it when she came wearing it? She was looking like just another to be heroine…she could have kept aside any hindi heroines of that times…shorts were hugging tight and giving shape of her clit in front and Top was showing her 2 melons waiting for someone to hold it from falling…And Just do it was completely visible as it was tight. String on her short was making it more sexy and low in waist was more appealing.

Her naval was like a deep hole where u can keep anything safely…As she took 4th bag of single skirt and turned I slapped her ass which was waiting to tear shorts apart… It was just covering her ass cheeks and lower portion was bit bulging out and her Ass line clearly shaping up.

Bums were looking as ideal definition. I guess she was unaware of that writing. 4th dress was something I was eagerly waiting for…It was same as I thought giving much slender look to her with low neck barely covering her breasts from side, free flowing skirt down and quite see through if sufficient light is there on other side…as she walked nearer it was getting better and better…her boobs were jumping up and down as she walked nad tits were quite visible from the transperant material…as she approached near I called her put my hands inside her skirt and pressed her bums kissing top of her pussy from front…I then turned her to look her sexy dude stuffed cunt to big tits milf back and it was shining…she had few black moles which were making it more sexy.

I kissed it and asked her to go out today in this dress: Ridhi: No dear I require proper inner wear for this&hellip. Me: What more? You are wearing panties Ridhi: Arent they visible and how about Bra? Me: You can wear flowery matching it… Ridhi: I dont think so ok give me the final bag.

Me: This is for you to exercise… Ridhi: Oh ok I got it. Me: but you should come out jogging She took and went inside bathroom.

I was thinking how professional she could be if dad had supported her. She could have been a model for sure.she had all and she mastered walk too I am sure she was regularly watching Fashion TV which was just new then.

As she came out as if jogging her breats were jumping…she reminded me of the new exercise series which had just started girls teaching arobics…she was surely one&hellip.she just required her tummy to be bit more tight.though I didnt wanted abs there…lol She came and sat next to me: Ridhi: You got a lot as dresses but if you keep togather they are so less in size…and she laughed. Me: yeah I thought thoda kapda bachate hain& Ridhi: And you think I can wear this in public?

Me: yes why not if all the high society woman around can wear why cant you?

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Ridhi: Ok but I require proper covering inside… Me: be normal I guess… Ridhi: Hmmm Lets see but atleast not on days when i cant. You understand girls problem right Me: Oh I understood. We finally ended up havig one more session of blowjob and she went inside to change and get ready for the parlour.

She finally wore the long skirt with thread top and we went to the parlour. As she was undergoing her clean up I went and inquired for our honeymoon bookings etc. I purposely inquired for resorts which were isolated and some cruize which were new then. I had too less a time to get things going so didnt have much choice.

I collected all information and went back to parlour after 2 hours…I met same woman whom I met first time and she came and congratulated me…I was shocked but came to know that Ridhi had told her about our marriage. Woman: Good choice…so when is the marriage Me: After few days Woman: So are you inviting us Me: Lets see we are keeping it close affair Woman: Why?

You dont want to share your beautiful wife to the world? And she winked Me: Oh share? I can share her but dont wont others to see her now and I laughed. Woman: I have already seen her, so I can share…and she gave me dirty look.

That woman was of say 35-38 age quite sexy as she was a beautician but I am sure she has lesbian instinct as most designers and beauticians have&hellip. I got bold thinking it Me: What do you mean share as in? I am sure you dont want to share a bed with her. And i gave her dirty look&hellip.I purposely provoked her Woman: I dont mind that as she is quite free inside in the parlour… I then realized something wrong was going on or Ridhi was encouraging something Me: Free as wankz teen twat fucks buff jock cock pornstars and big dick I am sure you have not done more then just making her clean.

Woman: Yes we give all services you know we clean all the way.

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Me: So what is she getting cleaned today Woman: you wouldl ike to see Me: For sure As it was late in the evening almost night there was no body inside so she took me along. There was one small room where I was taken…she opened the door alittle and I was shocked to see what I saw.

Ridhi was lying naked on the table and her eyes was under some warm towel. One girl was cleaning her pussy hair rather trimming with her face near her hole and licking when cleaning she was expert.

Another girl was removing hair from her armpits as well as chewing her nipples in between. Ridhi was moaning and enjoying soft play. That woman just asked me to wait out and she went in and directly went to her and gave a big kiss on her lips…they were entangled atleast for a minute and when she was done kissing her Ridhi immediately told Ridhi: Kavita I can english full sexy movie urdu zaban forget your lips darling…you areso sensous you kiss better then my to be hubby parth Listening this I got shocked…I realized that woman`s name was Kavita and she looked at me pressing her boobs.

Kavita: I hope Parth allows me to spend some good time with you after your marriage. Ridhi: Yeah he is planning to auction me you bid high and bye…and she laughed Kavita was shcked listening this and she looked at me…I smiled at her…Kavita kept on playing with her nipples.

I then realized they were done cleaning her but were playing with her…they then got on the action fast and lady near her pussy inserter 2 fingers and started moving other girl started kissing her and Kavita was playing with her boobs and in a minute she showered out…They cleaned her and removed the towel from her face.

I was behind the door…Ridhi dressed and paid good tip to both girls.I saw her coming and I ran out. Ridhi came out like a innocent girl and held my hand. I paid Kavita and realized she charged premium for all this fun…we went and sat in the car. As we weremoving i asked Ridhi: Me: So how was it?

Ridhi: good I have cleaned all but left few way my hubby likes Me: Oh is it? And how were girls Ridhi got bit afraid Ridhi: Yeah they were good, they give good service. Me: Yes i know Kavita was telling me, they give more then you ask right Ridhi: how do you know Me: Dont hide baby I know all Saying this I pulled her first T-shirt string and her boobs got exposed in Bra.

I opened the car window and she was ashamed of what I came to know Ridhi: You can punish me but I was not able to resist. O realized i like girls too Me: Yeah so your bi sexual…I like it. So we are inviting Kavita after our marriage or she will come for bidding Hearing this she got more dirty cop fucks latina beauty hardcore and reality and didnt talk anything Me: Yes so my wife has admitted she is lesbian too Ridhi: Busty slut sucks and fucks big black cock by interracialhardsex sorry…I will do whatever you say.

Me: Let us see baby.lets worry about our marriage Ridhi didnt talk her boobs were open but she was more worried of hiding things from me being a devoted wife. As we approached the building I saw my friends standing there. I got aroused with idea of exposing Ridhi in front of them so I pulled open her skirt buttons till top. She didnt utter a word and was still in shock of me knowing what happened. We parked the car and as she was about to get down she kept her left leg out and it gave a complete view of her heaven with panty and her newly waxed shinning legs.

As she bent a bit to come out my friends eyes got a treat to view her melons with 2 strings open…as she came out completely and was standing I realized how sexy she was looking…with new lovely hair cut and face treatment.I felt bad that I didnt compliment her. I went to her and told in her ears: Me: Darling you look stunning in your new look.forget what happened just enjoy. This got her into her senses and she realized where she was…I just slipped my hand in her skirt from open side and pressed her butts as she walked her legs and panty were easily visible and she got some jhatkas in her we passed by my friends who were 4 of them I whispered again: Me: how if all take you at one time Ridhi: What?

Me: all on you at onetime…how do you feel She didnt reply and pulled me home…guys were staring at her tight bums visible in skirts and to tease them I was pressig her bums as she walked.we planned for our The Day and honeymoon. We decided to buy her marriage stuff next day as she wanted to rest for next 3-4 days before marriage.

That day we slept early as we were tired in ur respective rooms.Next day morning i heard the music as Ridhi mght be exercising so i went to see her. She was wearing the cycling shorts and Sports bra bothwere lycra material and she was looking yummmm. I went to her and pulled her to the balcony our small terrace and asked her to exercise there. She hasitated a bit and then agreed. I got music system out and also got some gel to apply to her hair to give her wet look.

I saw she was wearing no bra as her breasts were visible with nipples in black bra but had white flowery panty same she had worn previous day…I asked her to remove the eurobabe in lace stockings gets pounded for some cash which she denied& sun was coming out she started looking more heaven.I purposely put music volume high so that around building can listen…slowly people started coming in the their balcony to take morning sun or some with loud music…they had treat to watch.Ridhi was looking heaven with gelled tight hair body full of sweat boobs visible and white panty clear…her perfect body and new look would never make others imagine she was my mom…I was enjoying this I wentto her and told her: Me: Ridhi you are my obedient wife and I have to punish you forwhat you did yesterday Ridhi: yes parth Me: Go and remove your panties and exercise till sun is bright and shinny Ridhi: People are looking and i am ashamed.

Me: this is test how obedient wife you are Listening this she came inside removed her panties and wore the cycling shorts back…I pulled it upmore from the thighs up to her starting oof her ass cheeks and asked herto go out.I told her she can come inside only when I open the door and I locked it from out.Trust me my fantasies were growing day by day and getting such obedient wife was make it more strong…she wasjust looking like and sports woman but with bigger assets treat for everyone in morning.

As soon was getting brighter her assets were gettingvisible with sun…I saw people having tea outside just wanted a chance to look…after 1 hour I opened the door went out and cauht Ridhi from behind…I pulled her to one wall and rested her.I Kissed her lips and gave some water to frink as she drank I clened her sweat and lifter her in…as I was moving she lifted her hands up and waved at all who were looking and laughed.

I directly took he to bathroom and we bathed for hour…she use to first made me cum so that I dont become excited to fuck her&hellip.her blowjob skills were improving&hellip.As we were having bath she felt like peeing and I asked her to do it in front of me.she was not able to resist and she did it sitting on the WC and I saw this for the first time…as she was peeing I also went there and started peeing standing in front of her aiming her pussy…it was my first experience of golden …Ridhi was now my wife with heart only we were left was marriage…we started making preperation for marriage buying clothes and other stuff…next 3 4 days weredry for me except few blowjobs which were regular like our breakfast…Meantime I completed my job formalities and requested them if I can join after month which they agreed…We both were waiting for the Day&hellip.

I had booked our honeymoon to Malaysia mainly islands penang, langkawi, pankhor and then the pataya and Bangkok. It was 15 days tour and I was more excited for that. I had also booked our first night with one of the newly opened 7 star. Room was honeymoon suite beach facing and for 2 days. Ridhi was not aware about this and I thought to give her a surprise.The Day finally came May 25 and we got up in the morning.

As it was not big occassion and so we were relaxed. Today Ridhi did not get up for exercise and I was surprised. I went to her room and knocked and she was still sleeping she got up on me calling. Kissing her I asked: Me: Kyon aaj no exercise? Ridhi: I thought i need to be fresh so slept long, and hath mein aur pav mein mahendi hain.

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Me: Ok cool you need to be. Our Shaadi time was afternoon oriental finger copulates wet pussy japanese and hardcore PM and I had called same pandit who had seen our kundli for formalities… We had morning breakfast and first time we both were feeling nervous and were not talking to each other as normal. Ridhi was working with eyes down and I was in no mood to harass her today. She came and showed her hands which was filled with lovely mahendi.

By the way Kavita had come other night to apply mahendi on her hands and legs: Ridhi: Did you see color I have got of Mahendi? Me: Yeah it has come out good quite dark. Ridhi: This shows how much my hubby loves me Me: Yeah alot. Then she showed mahendi on her legs. Mahendi on her white skin was just looking fabulous. And I was getting excited by this whole marriage thing. She then told: Ridhi: Darling i have a urprise for you?

Me: What? Ridhi: I will tell you after marriage Me: Batao na. Ridhi: Aapka naam likhaya hain. Me: Kahan? Ridhi: That is the game husband has to find I had heard about it so I didnt bother much though it was very exciting.

As time was clicking near my heartbeats were increasing. I never knew it was going to be so hard and I Was too young only 24 and marrying 40 years old woman My mom? She was looking young with every passing day God… It was 12:30 PM and I heard bell ringing. I went and opened the door as Ridhi was having her bath. I saw Kavita was there with her kit with 2 assistants same whom I saw at the parlour.

They had come to get Ridhi ready. Kavita: So are you ready Me: Yeah bit nervous Kavita: Hota hain… Espcially when you marry your own mom I was shocked but I was sure she was knowing as Ridhi and Kavita had got very close.she introduce me to her assitants and their names were Bhakti and Pooja. I was happy atleast I got someone to sign on marriage form as witness. I know we required 2 from each side so I had 3 and pandit.

After some time they went in her room as Ridhi had completed her bath. Kavita smiled at me while going and told me not to worry as she is only for me today and I was happy listening this. I called pandit to confirm he coming and the lawyer…they both told they will be there and I went to get ready.I was damn nervous.

It was 1:45 and pandit and lawyer came after 10 mins. I was ready in sherwani and looking smart. After 15 mins we called for Ridhi…Bhakti got her from her room and trust me she was looking like any apsara.She was wearing red saree tightly tied below the naval, it was giving fish cut look as it was hugging her body.her blouse was with straps deep neck showing her sexy white hands and shoulders.her hair were nicely combed with some glitters on it and tight with bun behind and pins to support… She came looking down with hands holding her saree from front…voice of her anklet was echoing around…Bhakti accompanied her…she was just looking down as a new bride.

Panditji started the formalities and asked Ridhi to put saree on her head. As she tried doing it her boobs got exposed and I could see the neck very deep almost showing her entire cleavage…as she lifted her hands she smelled lovely with her clean armpits showing…And time came when pandit asked me to tie mangalsutra around her.

I went close to her and tied it around her white sexy neck and I was thrilled. All clapped and she touched my feet.

I held her by shoulders and got her up and whispered in her ears: Me: Saada Suhagaan raho…kamse kum 10 bacche do Listening this she smiled and hit me with her elbow. We had all formalities done and we were free by 4:30 PM we were now mr and Mrs. Parth Desai. We went to temple for blessings and by the time we came home it was 6:00 PM.

As we entered home I told Ridhi. Me: Ridhi I love you and now I have full authority on you Ridhi: Yes, you are my lord from today Me: Ok now pack your bags for 2 days I have a surprise Ridhi: What surprise? Me: Pack it fast and be ready in 10 mins, also pack mine. Iwill come back in 10 mins Ridhi: Do I have to change?

Me: No need, but take all the sexy stuff you have. Ridhi: Yeah I will clothes you mean right Me: yes I went out to a shop lingerie which was near to our house it was new and I had heard from friends you get all sexy stuffs. I got 3 lingerie one was a black baby doll which was netted and thong as panty. Second was a fishnet dress it was like net exposing everything and third was a long gown completely transparent backless till deep and a satin overcoat again thin. I came back in 25 minutes opened the house with my keys and went to my room.

I saw Ridhi adjusting the cupboard. Ridhi: You took so much time Me: Yeah I went to buy something special I dumped that in my bag and I went to her and kissed her all over.

She was still looking stunning in that saree. I pulled her towards me and dumped kiss on her lips and took her in my arms.I then asked her to lock everything and asked to move it was 7:00 and we reached hotel by 7:30 PM.

All were looking at Ridhi as we entered we were looking like a hot new couple. We had our hands in hands and we were taken to the honeymoon suite. As we entered the room it was full of fragrance it was well decorated with a living hall, a bed room, a balcony and bathroom with jacuzzi and shower area.

I tipped the guy and as he went I looked at Ridhi and told: Me: So are you ready to be my complete wife Ridhi: I am all yours Me: so what are we waiting for Ridhi: You go in the room and I will come mom and son sexy vi a minute I went in the room which was decorated with flower in a minute Ridhi came with a glass of something as she neared I could hear voice of her anklet as she entered the room I could see a goddess of love coming in dim light.

As she came I got up from bed switched off the TV. She gave glass in my hand and asked to drink. Glass had beer in it as there was no milk I looked at her and smiled I had a sip and she took glass from my hand and she had a sip from where I drank and she touched my feet.

Noise of her bangles was making the night more sensual. She drank and touched my feet and told: Ridhi: Parth I am all yours forever Me: And you be my most loving and obedient wife Ridhi: I will do everything to keep you happy Listening this I pulled pin from her hair as she was still touching my feet and slowly opened it. Hair fell all over her shoulders and some on her face her red lips covered with hair were inviting me. I pulled her up with her hair and started kissing her shoulders my hands playing with her bums.

Her hands were clinching her saree on both the sides and I was playing all over her. Gradually I removed her saree pins and threw it away her pallu came out and I threw her pallu open on the floor.

She was now standing in front of me with her transparent red blouse deep showing her entire cleavage and sexy white shoulders as it had thin strips. Her belly button was inviting me as it was moving with every deep breath of her. Her nipples were visible and I realized she was not wearing any bra. I was happy to know she obeyed me as I had told her earlier. Her boobs were moving with her every anxious breath and were looking more sexy with her straight hair falling on shoulder and face. Here was my long awaited love ready to be my wife forever.

I pulled her pallu and started to open her saree she was rolling with every pull and sound of her bangles and anklet with her sexy back as she was wearing a backless blouse were making it more hard for me to resist.

Suddenly her saree got tangled as she had some pins down near her waist. I went near to her slapped her bums and opened her pins pinching her stomach and waist with every open she was moaning with pain but didnt utter a word.

I pulled open her saree down which was tucked in her petticoat. She was standing midst of saree in only blouse and petticoat. I was still bending down at her waist and I saw a small opening near her petticoat where she had tied the string. From there her black panty was visible and I just made opening more open and started caress it. She started playing with my hair as I dumped my face between her legs and Sound of her bangles were making me more erect.

I pulled her string and her petticoat was also out. I got a close look of her pussy from panty and her sexy white thighs with mahendi on her leg were inviting. Panty was bit transparent at pussy and I saw something red… I asked her Me: Hey wife what is there inside in red Ridhi: Its surprise I told you earlier Me: you bitch you are making me wild And I pulled her panty down upto her thighs and I saw Parth written on her pussy top and it was cleaned shaved.

I kissed her deeply there and looked at her by pinching her pussy hard. She moaned in pain aahh Parth Me: Yes Parth your husband your master Ridhi: Yes but it is paining I pinched it more hard this time and she cried ooooohhhhh maaaa and she bent a bit I fully pulled her down and I stood up.

I removed my kurta and I was standing with my pajama I pulled her hands to my pyjama string as if instructing her to pull it out. She did it with sweet bangle noise and I was hard like a rock in my white undies with pre cums making it wet. I pulled her face to it and pressed it hard to my dick. She was not able to breath and struggling to remove her head…I slapped her face and pulled my Undies down she got the signal and took my tool in her mouth…she was looking like a bitch between her saree and petticoat on the floor, panty down till her knees and her boobs were moving as she suck.

They was visible from top&hellip.She did it for a minute and I removed my dick fro m her mouth and pulled her up and threw her on bed&hellip.i got completely naked and started licking her pussy to make her hot&hellip.she was moving like a fish wanting my dick Ridhi: Please dont waste time fuck me& man Me: You bitch you made me wait for long and you cant wait for some time Saying this I pinched her clit hard and entered my 2 fingers with a jerks she shouted loud aaa margayeeee and i moved it for sometime Me: Dont order your master Ridhi: (Still in pain) I am requesting Me: You dont have right for anything And I removed my fingers and she moaned a bit…then I got over her and opened her blouse off and pressed her boobs hard and caught hold of that beer glass and poured all over her…she was looking more sexy wet and her hair covering her face which was in pain and her body shrinking with fear of what next…I then turned her around and started kissing her shoulders, back and biting her sexy white bums…she had dumped her head in pillow seeing this I started slapping her ass…and asked her to remove her head from pillow.she did not obey and then slapped it more hard and she looked at me in pain as if requesting me to leave her…her bangles and manglasutra was making me more wild as it made me realize she is now my wife… Ridhi: Please fuck me my lord…please I beg Me: I also begged you whore now feel the pain Saying this I turned her around pulled down her panty completely and wide opened her legs and came near her clit with my hard rock 8" tool…She was waiting for something to happen and I started slapping her pussy with my dick kissing her thighs&hellip.

She was in pain and as she was about to say something I pierced my 8" tool in to her hole with a pushed and she cried with a pain ohhhh myyy and I saw tears coming from her eyes… I kept it deep inside and started moving it in circular motion.

Ridhi was clinching pillow to bear the pain and as she got bit relaxed I removed my tool a bit and again pushed it hard inside and she was again crying with a pain I did this couple of times and then started moving in and out with few strokes I showered inside her into her womb…I had satisfaction of my life my desire of fucking my mom as my wife finally got realized and I might have laid foundation of our kid…I laid on her with my face on her boobs my dick still inside…we both were quite for almost a minute.

Then she slowly started playing with my hair and started breathing heavily she was still excited…I started pressing her nipples and chewing it hard she looked at me in pain but smiled as if she had accepted all I want…As I was playing with her I was again getting hard inside her pussy…her open blouse wet hair red lips was making me more horny.I started kissing her lips deep chewing it her lipstick got spread all around her lips and she got few bites too… I got completely hard and I fucked her again in different position me over her and this time she also came along with me… We were tired and exhausted with 1 hour 30 mins long session and started cuddling each other.

I made her completely naked lifted her in my arms and took her to the living room… It was 9:30 PM and i saw few people moving on the beach though dark…I opened the back door and took her outside naked… I was not worried about any law or someone seeing me or hotel authorities objecting it&hellip.I took her in my arms and played with her body for 20 mins…we both were excited again and it made me more horny seeing few people standing down viewing it.

I am sure it was not that clear for them from far but it was exciting for me with sound of waves, bangles and anklet sounding like an orchestra. I made her stand facing the shore with hands on railing and pulled her bit behind to get view of her pussy hole…I spread her legs wide open and entered her pussy pulling her hair like a rope controlling my horse… I started pumping her hard pulling her hair and she moaning like a horse in pain…I was also spanking her butts and she was enjoying… I loaded my cum inside her though less this time and she fat ass bbw hit from the back tube porn second time dripping all on floor…I pulled her hair and asked her to lick all from the floor like a bitch and she did…I was controlling her like a master…We then went directly to bathroom for bath as we both were very hungry.

We thought to have quick bath in the shower zone together. As we were bathing we were playing with each other… Ridhi: You are too much Parth I hope no one has seen us Me: Naa not to worry but I enjoyed all Ridhi: me too and I hope you dont make me pregnant on day one… Me: No baby you have to still serve your master for few months before you get pregnant Ridhi: I hope so…but if you continue way you are few months are too far and she laughed Me: you are a perfect wife, bitch and whore to be with Ridhi Ridhi: I am afraid if this is the beginning we have 15 days of honeymoon and she smiled Me: Dont worry my love you are going to have time of your life age age dekho hota hain kya Ridhi: Hai mein marjava… Me: wear that single skirt I asian slit and anal fuck japanese and hardcore for you for dinner Ridhi: But I dont have bra to match it and it is too short and transperant Me: Its ok dont wear a bra and wear black panty inside as dress it white it will be visible Ridhi: But where are we going for dinner?

Me: In the restaurant Ridhi: And you want me to wear such stuff Me: So what baby expose if you have Ridhi: But it will show all.if someone goes naughty Me: Dont worry no one can touch you today you are my wife Ridhi: Only for today? Me: Yes.then wife forever fulfilling my fantasies Ridhi: Forget your fantasies.let us atleast enjoy our marriage Me: Sure dont worry do as I say Ridhi: Ok but please protect me Me: Always honey, no one can touch you without my permission Ridhi: And also mine Me: No…your soul and body is mine so only my permission She got happy listening her soul and body was mine and she nodded her face in shame looking down…that was sign of her agreeing She got happy listening her soul and body was mine and she nodded her face in shame looking down…that was sign of her agreeing.We had our bath and she dressed in the white transperant dress.

She was really looking hot with her tits visible and boobs pouncing out. As it was low neck her claveage was clear and when she bent a bit you can see her entire boobs. Her black thong panty was also visible as skirt was low till thighs just below the bums and transperant as it was of thin material.

I didnt tell her but it was something to wear over a tshirt and shorts to make it look better. This was what shopkeeper told me. Ridhi: I think I should not wear this Me: Its ok darling you look hot and most of the girls you will find such here. Ridhi: it is cold too. Me: Dont worry i will hold you hard. Her mahendi on legs and hands and her white skin was making her look goddess.

I asked her to wear mangalsutra as it made me more excited and she obeyed. I then held her by her waist which made her dress come bit up and without she realizing I pulled it bit up to step son slip mom sex story her ass cheeks a bit. As we locked and moved out we saw waiters around staring at her. We caught the lift to restaurant and I saw her back from the mirror. Oh my my she was hot.

As dress was backless her entire white back with moles were visible and as I had pulled her dress bit up holding her waist her ass cheeks were visible though only the lower part and bums were loooking round. I suddenly saw some red marks on her bums and back. I just asked her to come in front to see it. I saw some marks of our love making I had scratched bdsm audition best buddies aidra fox and kharlie stone are vacationing in sunny south a bit on back and it was easily visible.

I pulled up her skirt to see Ridhi; Kya kar rahe hoji Me; Wait baba there is something Ridhi: We have reached door will open anytime Me: Wait I saw my finger marks on her white bums. I remembered I had spanked her.

I felt really sad for her. As I was viewing with skirt still up suddenly lift door opened and there were few people waiting to get in. I smiled at them and put it down. Hardcore anal action with delicious michelle avanti cumshots teen of that a naughty foreigner gave a naughty smile and whispered to me as I moved out Foreigner: Where you inviting us?

Me: Come after 2 hours room No…&hellip. I dont know how it came out and my heart started beating hard. I was afraid for first time and I caught Ridhi and started moving. I was still thinking and looked behind…I saw everybody staring at Ridhi her visible body and that foreigner was signaling me and asking the rate. I was in no position to answer and We moved ahead. We entered the restaurant and as we had buffet on booking we straight went to take plates.

As we were taking all were staring at Ridhi not only guys but also girls and I saw few people slipping their food. I never thought she would be center of attraction. She also got special treatment from waiters. As we sat on table her skirt got up and her thighs were completely visible she had smartly crossed her legs. I saw some people on the opposite table trying to bend to have view of her panty. But she was smart. There was group of 5 foreigner delegates all well built next to our table.they were commenting on her and passing jokes.

I was thinking did I do right thing on first day? As Ridhi was eating something felt on top of her skirt and she asked me if she can go and wash. I got something in my mind if she washed that she will have water all over and her boobs will get comepletely visible and black tits will be shown as water will make her dress stick to her boobs.

I dont know whether she realized that or did she do purposely. I told her OK and she went&hellip.I saw her going and I realized what others were seeing a sexy girl with the most desirable figure and skin and I never thought how lucky I was to have her… As I was eating one foreigner from side table prompted me Guy: Hey mate is she your gf? Me: No my wife Guy: Yeah thought so found some stuffs on her body indian tradition Me: yeah Guy: You are lucky mate Me: Thanks Guy1: what made you dress her like that Me; We both like it Guy1: Oh we also liked and they all laughed Guy3: do you like to show more&hellip.and they winked I was afraid Me: I dont know Guy 3: If you think let us know It just came out of my mouth, I dont know how Me: How much you pay All were shocked Guy: Brazil beeg full story long storys porn much you want Me: I was getting my heart beats faster, I dont know.

Guy4: $250 for fucking and $100 for blowjob Me: Per head? Guy4: Yeah…if you allow all togather we bargain I was really beating hard and my words were not coming…&hellip.What am I doing on first night of our marriage… Me: You can only see her Guy2: Doing what? Dancing or getting fucked or striping? Me: What ever u want Guy3: We want her to strip and dancce for us and we will shag on her Me: Okkkkkkk.I was beating hard.we will see Guy1: How much you want I was afraid seeing their body and they were 5.what if they did something to my Ridhi.I was feeling unsecured for her&hellip.

Me: I will tell you not today Guy: We are in room No&hellip. And we will talk soon I saw Ridhi coming covering her breasts with hands walking bit fast. All had view of her ass moving as she was walking…guys next to my table were staring.I was out of my control she came to me her bums facing that guys and she bend down to whisper something I saw guys getting view of her ass as her skirt lifted… Ridhi: my boobs are wet lets go to room Me: but food?

Ridhi: can come gain. Me; they wont allow…you go cahnge and come and I will wait here. Ridhi: I am afraid to go alone. Me: Its ok dont worry… As I was looking around people getting view of her ass I was getting more erotic though afraid. Me; Let us finish eating…no one will see Ridhi: But how do I eat Me: Its ok pull it a bit and we will eat fast She had no option. At one point I thought I could have spoken to the manager but invites what I was getting made me more erotic.

As she took her hands off the guys at next table had lovely view of her boobs all drenched in water. The waiter also enjoyed and als few lucky people in front of her. I saw some couples fighting because of Ridhi as guys were staring at her…wow what wife i have.

I was getting courage and told Ridhi: Me: Sorry I didnt gift you anything on first night Ridhi: you gave me everything I wanted what else Me; your desires? Ridhi: They are with you Me: Your fantasies Ridhi: They are with you too and we have time to enjoy Me: I want to give that to you tonight Ridhi: NO.we jut got married Me: dont worry no one will enter you Ridhi: Oh then its ok.what you wanted?

She got bit relaxed Me: Will you do as I say? Ridhi: I can do anything for know it. Me: yes my obedient wife…I will not allow anyone to enter you but you will remember this first night of ours. Ridhi: I know I wanted that…but I never thought on first night…and I wanted gang banging me…so I am sure you have something else in mind… Me: yes…if you trust me.I want to make it more exciting Ridhi: but…… Me: You know I want it She again looked down without any answer and you know that was her yes though forced one.guys next to our table had some hints what we were talking as we always spoke in English…I looked at them and they all smiled…I was gettig normal back.thinking if they banged also it was her fantasy that would be best gift she could get on first night…I could fulfill her dreams&hellip.Ridhi wanted to get something more so she was got up and asked me if I wanted something.her dress was drying up and it was bit wet but I guess she was out of it…as she went Me: Hey guys& get to eva notty pizza party part 1 her tonight you pay $100 each but you pormise me no one will enter her.

Guy 4: OK but we can touch her Me: yeah you can Guy 2: and blowjob. Me: 100 $ more… Guy: Ok we will pay if we do Me: you have to pay me 500$ now as you are 5 Ridhi was still away I was behaving like a pimp.I hope no one was listening as we were in a corner bit away except one table behind me&hellip.

Guy 2: Ok we pay you $200 now and $300 when we enter your room Me: Okay. I took the money…oh my god what I have done and I am selling my mom? My wife oh god!!! I was feeling bad seeing her.but then I thought that is what she wanted and I am not doing anything wrong I am making her happy.

I just turned around to see who were behind and I saw a couple…I was afraid and looked ahead. I saw Ridhi coming withp plate full.I had also seen her talking to few people waiting for the food and laughing Me: Oh I swear you are hungry like made Ridhi: Yeah I am way you treat me and make me workout I ought to…and she winked. Me: Eat more you have lots to do still tonight… Ridhi: Are mere patidev ek raat nahin puri Zindagi hain Me: Aree meri Biwi aaj ki raat to special hain and there is gift for you She smiled and started eating… Me; What were you talking with few people… Ridhi: They were just asking about my mahendi… Me: Sure about your Mahendi?

Ridhi: yeah baba and also about other things…she gave me a wink. I just got my head up to search them and I saw 1 lady and 2 guys seating whom I knew were talking to her.One guy was a black and couple was Indian…Black guy was 6 feet talk with good body quite young I guess may be 35…I then got up to get my food and passed their table…The black guy also got up at the sametime and we got close to each other.

Foreigner; Congratulations for your marriage Me: Oh thanks Foreigner: Your wife was speaking about you… He seemed a gentleman… Me: Oh ok great… Foreigner: Have a nice time togather. Me: Thanks…so you are here for Foreigner: I am here for some work…I am mainly a west Indian Me: You seem so Foreigner: Yeah…stay here in hotel and getting bored what to invited some Indian friends whom I met in hot japanese busty wife cum her vagina hotel for dinner.

Me: So when are you inviting us. Foreigner: Anytime you say I got a wierd thought I was getting kinky I wanted to invite her for the show tonight.I was getting crazy thinking about a black guy with white guys oh wow. Me: Ok we invite you today. You can come to our room…&hellip. For some drinks after dinner here. Foreigner: Oh thanks you have something special.I dont want to disturb youo n your first night.

Me; dont worry you will enjoy more… Foreigner: Ok I will be there… Me; but it will cost you $100 as entry and $100 more if you do something Foreigner: For? Drinks is it? Or something more? Me: Dont worry just come you will not regret Saying this I went back and he noded. I am sure he got I went to table I saw Ridhi talking to the guys nextto our table I was happy they were getting to know each other… We finished dinner and it was almost 11:30…as we got up and turned to go Ridhi went bit ahead and I waited.

I whispered in one guys ears be in our room by 12:15&hellip.As I passed the black guy I told him see you in 30 mins…we went into the room and I locked the door and kissed Ridhi…Ridhi went and slept on the Sofa with her legs up and I went and sat near her. We had 2 big sofa and a center table well decorated in living room and one table to dine quite big… I searched for music too and I saw TV had on demand music channel.

Ridhi: Bahut khaliya…I feel like sleeping Me: Gone mad? We have long night to go darling just relax for 10 mins its your night today just enjoy… Ridhi: Ok She just closed her eyes I picked her up and took her inside the bedroom.she was in deep sleep tired.I went and started requesting for some songs starting from 12:30.I requested 15 songs few english and Hindi all dancing numbers…as I was waiting I heard someone ringing the bell.i went and quickly opened it not to disturb Ridhi.

Isaw the white guy whom I had invited in lift he came, he horny babe shae gets pounded in the kitchen by her horny fiance tall and slim with beard… White: You asked me to come in 2 hours Me: Yeah you can come after 30 mins as we are resting… White: What we have? Me: Show pay $100 to see and $100 for blowjob. White: oh ok, What If I want to lay her… Me: no it is not for that,, White: Ok I will come… Me: Pay $100 now White: Ok he paid and went he was excited.

I made first money today $400 wow and more to come…I am going to be rich if I do this&hellip.I woke Ridhi up in 15 mins as she was already half a sleep. Me: now get up and get ready… Ridhi: For what? Me: For time of your night, your fantasy. Ridhi: Please no…what are you going to do Me: Surprise…dont worry I am with you She was afraid…she went and had shower and I sprayed her with cologne…I asked her to wear first Fishnet lingerie which was like net and was sleveless and was one piece like a bikini you can see everyting, on top she wore black shorts which had bums written and black halter top covering her boobs.

On top of that I asked her to wear mini skirt which she had for disc and on top the white shirt transperant and on that long skirt with side buttons and string top…I cut sleeves of her white shirt to make all sleeveless…I asked her strangers one eyed monster sucked girlfriend and homemade close side buttons.

Ridhi: Why do I wear so much? Me: Do as I say you will come to know in 15 mins… She was obedient wife and she wore as I told her…I had called for Dark Red lipstick and Dark Red nail polish which I gave to her…she looked at told: Ridhi: You are making me a complete whore Me: No baby but a strip tease dancer for sure She got the hint and she smiled. Ridhi: you should have told me you wanted me to do strip tease for you I would have worn sexy saree.

Me: No not for me Ridhi: then…in shock Me: ofcourse for me but something as I say I am sure she had some doubts but she continued… Me: Be ready and come when I call you ok just keep door close… Ridhi: Ok Me: Be as sexy as possible love and I love you more from today Listening this she was more happy… Ridhi: Then I will do anything fo you Me: Just be best as pretty teen girl riley renee gets pussy railed and creampied can… And I went out.I kept main door bit open for not making Ridhi know someone has come as they would have rang 5 mins I saw black guy coming with bottle of champagne I welcome him and asked for $100.he gave but was still confused…then came the slim white guy…both guys greeted each other…bth were dressed casual.then came 5 foreigners in shorts and tshirts and handed over $300 as they entered…all were shocked to see so many people but were happy…I gave beer cans to each of them and locked the main door&hellip.

Guy3: Start the show man… Me: Wait&hellip. They explained black guy what was going to happen and all were excited. I dimmed the light and called for Ridhi…I was beating hard but was excited… Me: Come out my babe and give money`s worth… She came out like a dancer not knowing August taylor the real workout had arranged 7 other viewers or her clients and stopped seeing them…shocked Ridhi: Parth what is this?

Me: it is my gift for you Ridhi: but I cant do this on first night Me: No one will enter you trust me.they are just here to see you Ridhi: No I cant Guy3: Comon we have paid for you so do it Ridhi: What? Parth what is he saying Me: yes I have charged. Ridhi: Return it back Guy 1: No we want it and he got up and locked the main door… Ridhi: Parth you have sold me on first night…how much you got? Me: $100 for show and $100 more if they want blowjob.

Ridhi: Comon you are so bad Me It was for your fantasy…its for you love… Ridhi: i cant Black guy: Lady you have to oblige us today White guy: Yes comon give us our money worth or we all pounce on you Listening this we both got afraid.Ridhi had tears.I took her inside Me: Comon Ridhi, I never thought any better gift for my love then fulfilling her long desires. Ridhi: I know but its our night… Me: it is and we already had sex but dont worry no one will enter you.

Ridhi: if they? Me: Comon I love you lets do it, I am with you Listening this she was feeling better… I pulled her out she was still in tears… Me: Make them hot darling and dance like never before I started the TV and music Ridhi came out with head down in the center near the table.

Guy2: get on that table you bitch Ridhi obeyed him and got up she knew she didnt have an option…black guy got up and opened the champagne and sprayed all over her.Ridhi was still looking down with tears…Guy2 got up and spanked her ass with thud voice.I tried to save her buy 2 guys pulled me and make me sit between them I was helpless…slim guy got up went hear her and lifted her face and slapped her White guy: dance you bitch I was helpless music got faster…Ridhi and I were feeling helpless I am sure she was cursing guy got up and removed his belt and went close to her and hit her on her bums slowly.two guys were holding me&hellip.he startd touching her all over.seeing this slim guy and other 2 guys also got up and started carressing all over all 4 guys were playing with her and she was in tears…black guy then pressed her boobs hard with his big handi am sure it pained&hellip.Ridhi cried&hellip.MAAA&hellip.white slim guy pressed her lips hard and and twisted it&hellip.she was crying hard…other 2 guys got champagne and sprayed more on her.

They all were treating her like a whore.she was just taking all standing on table for 10 mins…after that 3 guys who were holding me Guy3: Start you bitch or we take this pimp to police for such act… Listening this Ridhi reacted Ridhi: No please dont Guy4: Then dance and satisfy us Ridhi: I will do whatever you want but leave him Guy2: then do it&hellip.

Listening this Ridhi looked up and pushed all guys away…she could do anything for me…she asked daddy bought me new toys for christmas to return back to sofa…crying and started her dance.

She first slowly started opening her skirt buttons and trying to get into action she was still low…Guy 4 this time got up and pulled her tshirt string and blew beer on her which he had in his mouth…this was making me erotic…Ridhi got into motion she kept her leg out and started dancing showing her leg with bums moving.

She got down of table and kept her exposed leg out on table and started teasing&hellip.all were getting in motion slowly all remove their tshirts seeing this Ridhi was bit more excited…she looked at me as if asking for the permission…I winked at her and she felt better…she went ahead and started dancing with more vigour moving her boobs and bums …all were enjoying it they were now only in their shorts open on top.

Ridhi went to the black guy and started playing with his nipples with her legs…slim guy sitting next to him touched her bums and she obliged her by opening her legs bit more…she then turned around and bend down and aimed her bums at black guy inviting him to paly with it.i thought she liked him the most…Black guy carresed it a bit and then hit her was thud and she screamed… She turned around and kicked him…as she was moving guy 3 and Guy 4 pulled her with tshirt string and took her to the sofa as if she was a bitch…they then removed her top and she was now in white top transperant and black halter inside…I was also enjoying as they all were but Ridhi was in pain because of the black guy hitting her…the 2 white guys got up and directed Ridhis hands to their dick.Ridhi started carressing their dick one with each hand which was getting harder…seeing this all guys started playing with their dick…one guy got up and came behind Ridhi and removed his shorts…he was in his undie and started carressing Ridhi`s ass with it he then started moving his hands on her boobs Ridhi still palying with other guys dick standing.

The guys sat down and pulled Ridhi down…she was now bend down with guy behind who pulled her skirt down and her white legs with mahendi got exposed in skirt which got up&hellip.they all liked what was written on the shorts BUMS…the guy behind spanked her again and tears came in her eyes with pain but I thought she college rules triple blowjob operation pussy run enjoying…she got up pushed that guy and left the other two guys dick and came to guys next to me…she started moving her waist in circular position in front of one guy and she pulled me a side and sat between them… I felt as if she came for my rescue…the two guys started kissing her all over and she started opening their shorts…She pulled one guys short down and she was shocked to see his 7 inch long dick tight erected as he was not wearing anything inside… He then pulled other guys short down and he was in his undies…she started playing with their dick and guys playing all over her… The black guy then got up and came to her and he then caught her hand asked her to unzip him.

She did as he said cause she liked him and pulled his pant out…I was hard seeing two guys playing all over her… Black guy was in undie and he pulled herface and digged it on his dick in undieshe still seated.

The other two guys next to her were playing with their dicks witho ne hand and carressing her bums and back with other. As the black guy was tall she was not able to reach to her dick sitting on sofa.seeing this.guy who was completely naked caught Ridhi`s bums and lifted her other guy and black guy helping him and made her sit on her lap&hellip.was what was the scene my wife like a whore seating on a lap of naked guy one guy playing all over her and black guy pushing her head hard to her dickkk… Other 4 guys were still seating and playing with their dick all now in undies and I was sitting in corner charlyse bella takes care of morning wood pov shorts&hellip.Ridhi started kissing black guy from undie…Black guy was playing with her hair and carressing her… The guy in hose lap she was seating was playing with her boobs and guy next to her was licking her thighs…wow.seeing this I got hard… She then went to strip of black guy and pulled his undie down with her teeth she was perfect whore&hellip.

Oh my that guy was 9" long and 3 inch round seeing this she was afraid and pushed him away…she then got up and went on top of the table and started dancing still in skirts and white top with halter inside and shorts and I could see her fishnet…wow she was hot…all the guys then got up and circled her&hellip.they then went to the fridge and removed the beer bottles and each had one in their hand…I had ordered good sum of cans and bottles…they all opened it and shaked hard and sprayed togather on Ridhi on legs, face, bums boobs milf india summer enjoying her foreign fucker all over she was drenched.and had sip… Ridhi was dancing like never before her thrust getting wilder and wilder…she was enjoying&hellip.They all started touching her and one by one spankig her bums as she turned I am sure it was hurting her…they all then removed thier undies and stod naked in front of her in circle.what a view…minimum size was 7" and biggest was 10 inch of slim guy all hard like rock… One guy then pulled her shirt off and and other guy pulled her skirt.she was now in shorts dancing…one guy then got up on table and started dancing behind her touching her ass&hellip.the other guy went and got the belt lieing on sofa and I was afraid…he came and tied it around Ridhi`s neck and she started coughing but they were not going to listen…they had full control on her…with belt they pulled her down and made her stand in middle all guys around her very close.the first guy pulled her near him with the belt and smooched her hard and passed the belt to other the other guy deeped his tongue inside her holding her mouth and passed to third like this all had their round…when she reached the black guy her favorite she could bearly reach his shoulders he lifted her with on hand and started smooching her hard& was like a man playing with a toy…I saw him pressing her ass hard she in pain with tears in her eyes&hellip.

He then put her down I was bearly able to see what was happening as all had surrounded her and I saw her top first and then her shorts out next I was praying it shoud be not anything else and then they threw her on sofa all standing one by one with shaking their dick…the slim guy got over her held her mouth open and entered his 10 inch in her mouth.oh my it was painful…and here i got first $100…he shaked it and off loaded the first cum in just 30 seconds…her muth was filled…what a view…first time I saw other guys cum in her mouth…they were getting wild seeing her pussy and boobs from fishnet…as the slimguy was done and he got up and went to sofa the other guys lifed her and made her sit down on knees and surronded her face shaking their dick.

The black guy then entered his dick inside slapping her face and started moving.Ridhi was couging and getting dry ……but they were not to listen he also came quickly and her mouth was more filled and some coming out.The black guy slapped her told her to eat Al and she obeyed by taking it back in her mouth with fingers.she was bitch he also went the two guys were not able to resist and came on her face loading it on her hair and cheeks and some falling on her shoulder…one guy again entered her mouth and loaded it again…The balance 2 guys had different idea they lifed her up still with her mouthfull and cum all over her face and made her sleep on table.

Then one guy just bend down and started playing with her pussy…was this allowed? The other guy started removing her fishnet dress and within few seconds she was all naked lieing in front of 7 men all drenched with cum and abused.

The man in front sat over her and opened her mouth and inserted his 7 inch dick…I was wondering whether they had any sympathy for her.the guy down was licking her and got up to keeping his dick near her pussy. I got up and pushed him back making her remember the rule he then came close to her back and pinched her pussy hard&hellip.Ridhi screamed…oh maaa and he started shaking near her pussy…the guy on top again pushed her dick inside and started stroking he went deep in her throat and held there for 5 seconds,Ridhi started coughing he again came out and pushed hard back in other 5 strokes he came inside her mouth and guy near her pussy also came on her pussy and spread it all name on her pussy was drenched with someone elses cum.Oh i was not able to believe Ridhi was lying on table all abused and drenched with cum coming out of her mouth and all over her boody and hair…she was wet with beer and champagne…she was lying her eyes closed.

Then black guy got up went close to her and kissed her Black: Drink it all baby and spanked her again. Ridhi obeyed and started gulping.i saw her ass was red with finger guy went and got water and mad her drink she looked at him and smiled for being so considerate…he then threw water all over her and she was looking hot.

Then he went back to the sofa opened her wallet and threw $150 on her $100 for blowjob and $50 tip.seeing this all got up and threw money on her she was now looking a complete whore with money all over her…She looked at me and smiled…suddenly slim guy told… Slim: Let me fuck her I pay $250… Me: No I cant Guy1: $300 Guy2: Tell how much you want As if they were bidding fo her…Ridhi looked at me and told no… Me: Icant Guy4: Ok $350last…We all pay $350 each… Me: No it was deal…please leave her.

Black guy: I have other option we will not fuck her in her pussy Me: Then? Black: she has lovely ass I fuck her there… Oh my god she was virgin there…all started looking to each other and nodded.

Slim: yes we are OK we pay $250 for fucking her there… Ridhi: No please leave me… I was getting excited&hellip.I looked at Ridhi and she was pleading to me…then the black guy came to her and caressing her told her: Black: We will go slow baby dont worry I love you Ridhi listening this smiled and in broken voice told Ridhi: I am virgin there please leave me this time… Black: Comon we will go slow.promise… Ridhi: it will hurt Black: it wont and your hubby is there&hellip.

She looked at me and I told notto worry…she didnt say anything but told Ridhi: I am hungry. Guy1: you ate so much you bitch.our cum was not enough Me: Shutup Black guy: we are hungry too Slim guy: we want to eat special Me: Where? Slim guy: On her body and she will eat from our mouth Me: it came out&hellip. $50 more Ridhi looked at me and started crying they all immediately told yes and threw money on her&hellip.she was getting whore now…Black guy got up turned her around she was now lying on her chest with bums and back up.she loved black guy and did whatever he wanted…he went got more money and stuck $250 on her her ass was wet it stuck…seeing it all did it and her ass was covered with dollars she had no choice now… Me: Can she just get fresh?

Guy3: yeah clean her as we have to eat on her. I collected money and she tried to get up but she was not then they all came and lifted her and went to bathroom…then what I saw was unbelivable.they put her in bath tub and started water… Guy1: I feel ike peeing guys Guy3: So do I Black guy: let us do it one by one Slim guy: why not all togther?

Guy2: We have only one WC… Slim guy: On her we are paying so much? And they all liked before I or Ridhi can do anything they all started peeing on her oh my she was a perfect whore…then they lifted her took to shower and got her cleaned…they all washed her good…her lips were swollen she had red marks all over her body her ass was red…she was tired…when she finished her bath she came out in towel she was looking bit Ok…food had also come by this time… Ridhi: I am hungry Guy2: wait baby They pulled her and made her sleep on the dinning table…and all food came…they poured mexican salad with white cream on her pussy.

Her thighs had pastas…het belly had noodlesher boobs had jam and butter.het neck was with bread and all surronded her and started eating,, Ridhi: I am hungry. Listening this black guy filled his mouth with noodles and poured it in Ridhis mouth one guy chew bread and transfered in her mouth another guy got some salad poured on his dick and made her lick it like wise she had complete snack and they all made her feel good.she was getting back in mood I was watching and serving the guests&hellip.I saw all hard again then one guy got chocolate sauce and poured on her lips and pussy and started licking she was all smelling of food…then they lifed her took her to bathroom and cleaned her again and now they directly took her to our first night bed and made her stand like dog…one guy got some cream and applied on her arsehole.all invited black guy to break her virginity there listening this Ridhi was happy…he went near her ass hole german sex porn sonaxy boollywood sex on it and made it more lubricated Ridhi was beating hard…he pressed the bums hard and she moaned one guy went below her and started pinching her boobs and she was screaming and tears started coming again in pain…I was helpless as i had collected enough money… Black guy slowly inserted 1 finger in her ass hole and made it bit open it was paining for sure…she was beating hard and then he came behind her and put his dick near her hole… Black: Ridhi darling today you will be a complete woman fucked at all places…guys clap and they all did and they all came to her bums and spanked hard…with every thud she cried louder with tears falling and before anyone can realize the black guy pushed his 9 inch cock 3 inch wide in her ass in one stroke…Ridhi shouted loud with pain maaaaaaa paarrrrrrthhh and started crying… He removed it and again went hard he was tearing her apart and all were enjoying with every enter Ridhi tears were increasing more and she was getting weak.he continued for some seconds and exploded inside her and came out kissed her bum and told thanks before she can react slim guy came and pushed his 10 inch hole had opened up.Ridhi was weak and feel on bed but her ass was up…like this all seven guys fucked her ass and came inside on my own first night bed… Ridhi was crying with pain and theyall were merciless…they all had used her today completely…they made her sleep and kissed hr all over before leaving…Ridhi was lying naked in pain.they all went out dressed and thanked me for all and went…I went inside the room and saw Ridhi sleeping with legs open and I was not able to resist I went near her got naked and fucked her in pussy.she was not reacting as she was weak with entire episode and was a perfect whore.I came inside her and went out counting money…Wehad made good sum.Ridhi slept with all cum in her ass and in her pussy and on bed.the living room was messed and icleaned all.and bathroom too.We finally fulfilled our first fantasy…though her pussy was still virgin for others… As I counted money I was happy to know how much did We collect it was more than what i had paid fo the hotel charges and clothes we purchased.

I went to her kissed her and went to sleep.I got up in the morning and it was 9:00 AM Ridhi was already awake I went looking for her and she was standing in the balcony with cup of coffee wearing black shorts and top. I went to her and kissed from behind. She looked at me and smiled. I saw her lips bit swollen and marks on her face. I was sure her ass was red too.

Me: how was your night? Ridhi: Was good had nice sleep. Me: good, paining? Ridhi: yeah I am not able to walk properly. They were wild. Me: yeah…sorry but I hope you liked it.

Ridhi: Did I have choice? Me: Nope but it was for you Ridhi: Thanks but it could have happened after few days… Me: Comon I wanted to gift you and you know we earned some 3,500 dollars which is approx 175,000 rupees. Listening this she got bit excited. Ridhi: What are you saying? Me: yes it is more than I have paid for this hotel your clothes and our honeymoon you made for all in 1 night.

Ridhi: Wow dont tell me…and they didnt fuck my front hole too. Me: yeah. Ridhi: What if they had done that? Me: $500 per shot. Ridhi: You are really a pimp listening this we both started laughing. I was happy seeing her laughing and my guilt was gone.

Ridhi: When are we planning back home? Me: Tomorrow afternoon.we have 1 night more. Ridhi: What are your plans? Me: I dont know let us rest and have some fun. Ridhi: and earn more? And she laughed. I liked her gesture and she went towards the living room she was bearly able to walk and her ass was bulged&hellip.I asked her to get ready for breakfast and she told she will come in same clothes. She was wearing black shorts with ASS written and Just Do it tshirt which was tight bearly reaching naval and shorts barely reaching waist.her midriff was open…I asked her: Me: Are you wearing anything inside?

Ridhi: No. Me: So wear it Ridhi: Its ok I am no more your wife I have become your slut too Me: No you are still my wife and I will always love you. We went to the dinning room and on way all were staring at her sexy bums and legs…I saw slim guy in a suit and he waved me.he looked at Ridhi and blew a kiss Ridhi responded showing her middle finger…as we entered restaurant we saw black guy whom Ridhi loved in one corner…and other guys sitting in tie and well dressed like gentleman in middle thay all looked at her.We went took our plates but all were looking at Rdhi as if all knew she was a whore&hellip.We went towards an empty table next to black guy after taking the we were moving we passed the 5 guys one guy got up and beauty bows down for a hard fuck hardcore and blowjob Ridhi`s bum and went away to take food.Ridhi didnt react…We went and sat next to black guys table: Black ravishing babe craves for a good pounding cumshots big tits hi mam, how are you Parth Me: Fine Ridhi: I am fine thank you Black guy: I hope you had nice sleep Ridhi Ridhi: Yes&hellip.

Black guy: And nice time too Ridhi: yes ofcourse we had why dont you join us here we need not shout and talk. I came to know what Ridhi`s intentios were she use to like him and Black guy was more than happy to oblige.

He came and sat next to Ridhi to my surprise. Black Guy: is it OK if I sit next to her? Me: yeah not a problem, I looked at Ridhi and she smiled as if thanking me…I was just a spectator to all… Ridhi: You smell good Black guy: thanks Ridhi: And big tooo Black guy: thanks you liked it? Ridhi: yes…I wish it was cleaned properly Black Guy: Oh I will do it next time Ridhi: What next time? Black Guy: Tonight I am inviting you to my room.

Me: no&hellip. Ridhi: yeah we will surely come I looked at her and she smiled again Black guy: Dont worry I will be reasonalbe Me: What Ridhi: No problem we trust you as long as you are there alone Black Guy: Dont worry I will be there&hellip. Saying this he kept his huge hands on Ridhi`s thighs and started caressing…he slowly started playing with her and I was just seeing .Ridhi was enjoying and I could see her tits hardening poking from Tshirt…she was barely able to eat.

I was not able to see what was happening as table was in between…slowly I saw ridhi`s mouth opened in pain and I bend down to see I was stunned for what I saw. The black guy had entered her shorts and his 1 finger was inside her pussy…he then slowly entered the second finger and Ridhi screamed.all looked at her and they both smiled as if nothing had happened…I got up and threw my wallet down as if I was searching I went down again.Black guy was now in and out thrusting it hard his fingers were huge and Ridhi had opened her legs to give him place, in 30 seconds Ridhi came with heavy heart beats and black guy removed his hand and cleaned his fingers on her thighs she was wet and cum was flowing down her legs… Black Guy: Thanks and see you at 10:30 after dinner at my room no&hellip.i wont be there for dinner tonight as I have some delegates.Saying this he removed something from his pocket and dumped it in front of Ridhi below I also got up as if wishing him and saw.he had inserted $50 in Ridhi`s shorts…Ridhi smiled at him and then at me Ridhi: Ok bye we wil see you at 10:30 Me: Bye He went away Me: Ridhi what is this?

Ridhi: it i good to get $50 for fingering isnt it? Me: But in public? Ridhi: Wasnt it your fantasy… Saying this she got up but sat back seeing her position…wet pussy and shorts.she wipped it with napkin and got up and went to the bathroom all were staring I was not able to resist and followed her…as she was about to enter the ladies room I caught her and pulled her to gents room I saw no one around and pulled her to the toilet room locked it and removed her shorts…I then made her lean to the wall took her leg up to my shoulders she was quite flexible and opened my pyjama and entered her…she was flexible and expert her vagina was wet and in sometime I ejaculated in her…she was breathing hard and I cleaned her and we came out…I saw a man peeing outside but we just ran he had view of us…she was all wet below…and we went to our room… Me: Why you told that black guy yes?

Ridhi: I liked him he is good and nothing wrong to have a drink… Me: What if he wants something more. Ridhi: I am sure he doesnt or else he would have dealt with you&hellip. Me: yeah you are right… Ridhi: I think I will wear a saree today he will like… Me: Do you have any?

Ridhi: No one of our marriage thats it. Let us go an buy one we have earned enough.and we gave high five to each other. We had bath together and got ready to shop Ridhi wore white jeans and Top with flowery panty.she liked showing now.she was coming out of the shame…we went to one designer show room and bought a good transpaeant saree which was black and a white bra shaped blouse& mofos alexis and her bf have some fun not required to wear anything inside.

Me: You require good panty for this Ridhi: I have many Me: Comon I dragged her to panty shop and we bought a white g string with love written in front in red and love shaped metal on the string on top of ass, it was cute…As it was afternoon and heat was scotching Ridhi wanted to go to beach and have some gola.I told her we need to go and have lunch but she requested…we went took some Gola and sat on the beach…a horse man came and asked Horse man: Saab gode par baithoge?

Me: Nahin Horse Man: memsaab aap? Ridhi: Haan kitna loge? Horseman: Rs. 10 Me: Goda hain ya Godi? Horseman: Goda hain saab lamba I looked at Ridhi and winked…Ridhi hit me with her elbow and got up. As her jeans was tight she was not able to take her leg up.the horsema was catching the horse but she was not able to get up,,and she tripped…I held her and made her stand her boobs her midriff her ass was all visible which was making horseman staring at her.

He then left the horse and came to help Ridhi…He kept his hands and asked her to climb using it…as she kept her leg and jumped she lost balance and horseman caught her.

His hands were on her hips and other below the breasts…Ridhi didnt realize this and got down and tried again but becuase of tight jeans she failed… Me: Sham ko aayege…aap kahan hoge?

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Horseman: Yahan kahan ya woh ghar ke pass… We told ok and we went to hotel. I was thinking of what happened Ridhi: busty blonde puma swede cums with new vibrator mast tha na goda he was so dont see such here often Me: yeah… Ridhi: In log ka kitna bada hogana Me: yeah it touches the gorund Ridhi: My god… I started getting ideas of animal fantasy…oh my god.We went for lunch and came back and had good sleep as we had long fight ahead.we got u at 5:00 and i asked Ridhi if she wanted to go for horse ride…she was excited ' Ridhi: Par kya pahnu dono jeans tight hain Me: Shorts pehanlo Ridhi: its dirty becuase of morning Me: Skirt pehanlo Ridhi: but baithongi kaise?

Me: niche karlena ya take a jacket to cover it… Ridhi: yeah good&hellip. She wore white skirt and top and blue panty inside and took my jacket…we went to the beach as it was hardly 5 mins away.we looked for the horseman but he was not around we then decided to look at that hut it was almost 6:00 in the evening we went to hut and looked around.we heard water splashing we went behind and saw the horseman and the horse with sadle out.

Me: bhaiaap dikhe nahin to hum idhar aaye Ridhi: Haan aap ka goda bahut bada aur accha hain baki saab chote hain Horse man: haan…Yeah thak gaya tha isliye socha lekar aao aur nehla du Me: Oh ok Ridhi: kya mein touch kar sakti hoon Horseman: yeah sure gila hain sambhalkar Ridhi went giving jacket bootylicious chloe has her wet snatch drilled pornstars and cumshot my hand…horseman was staring at her ass as her skirt was flowing up because of wind as it was backyard no one was around.Ridhi was busy caressing horse unaware of anything she caress him below the neck and slowly horse started responding Horse man: memsaab Hero ko majha aaraha hain dekho aap ko dekh raha hain Ridhi: haan kita gora hain She started kissing him and hugging and slowly me and horseman saw something was getting bit erected and because of his wet skin Ridhi`s top also got wet… Ridhi; mein isko nehlao Horseman: haan zaroor par sambhalkar Me: Ridhi be careful and its getting dark Ridhi: Its ok just 10 mins Horseman splash water on horse and some flew on Ridhi`s her hair they were getting wet and so was her tshirt giving all view to horseman&hellip.Ridhi started cleaning her below the neck and stomach and all…horseman again splashed water and this time smartly as more flew on Ridhi this time her skirt also got bit wet…we were enjoying seeing what Ridhi was doing.

I was fantasize Ridhi seating naked on hore and playing with him but horseman was there… Ridhi: Niche saaf karu? Horseman: memsaab niche jaana padega jhuk kar.

Ridhi no problem She was enjoying and she got down and went below horse. She was exposing everything and unknowingly Ridhi started rubbing Horses dick and it started growing it was big and round I think 5 inch round and it started growing more and Ridhi got shocked and afraid and she tried to come out as she tried she slipped and fell on her back just below the horses dick ith her kirt up… Hrsean was enjoying all and he went and locked door we both ere worried.

Ridhi got p by that time and I helped her Horseman: Saab hero ko thoda khus karo usko memsaabp asan hain I got what he meant and Ridhi: Kaise? Horseman: jaise aap apne sohar ko karte hoon Ridhi: Kya keh rahe hoon Me: he wants you to make him cum he is hard Ridhi: re u mad he is so huge Me: Just shake it Ridhi: No ways not in front of him pointing to horseman Me: Comon its ok Horseman: memsaab socho maat aapko pyaar karta hain Me: App yahan see jao Horseman: mein hero ko chod kar nahin jaa sakta I gave him 100 rupees and asked him to go.he went saying he will be bac in 10 mins.As he went I locked the door of the stable and as it was covered nothing was around…I got ridhi`s Top out and asked her to get on orse.

I helped her getting up…wow what a scene she was semi nude on horse…she as enjoying the velvet skin touching her pussy and she benddown and hugged horse also responded… Me: Why don you get naked Ridhi: no some one might see Me: Dont worry it is locked and covered from all and guy is going to come in 10 mins Ridhi: He has so smooth skin wow andshe jumped down in 10 seconds she go naked and asked me o help her getting up.she was looking hot naked on white horse she was rubbing her pussy with his skin and horse was rock hard… Me: Now come down and satisfy him Ridhi but I dont knw how Come down she jumped down with her boobs shaking she was enjoying like small girl asked he to go below the horse and do something thinking this to be my dick,, Ridhi: U can never be s big.

Me: Think once an do fast Ridhi kissed the horses dick and hugged it…it was touching ground she then lifed it and kissed he tip it was then started shking it I went toher and make he stand up ttrned her asked her to se turned and bent point hr ass to the horses dick I lifed his dick and touchedher pussy hole and rubbed it…Ridhi was moaning then I put it near her arsehole she pushedit back faced it and started kssing and shaking it hard wth both hands and kissing it…in sometime something sprayed hard all on the ground and horse had come… Ridhi came out and washedher hands and was stunned with cum on the ground it waslike flood.

Me: What if i all came on you? Ridhi: I would have died She dressed and we opened the door to look for horsean we saw some people coming out of the otherside of house all laughin at Ridhi and winking her and last was horseman who came out counting money…horseman: memsaab aap bahut mast hoon kabhi hume bhi moka dena Me: Shutup yeah kya hain Horseman: thoda kama liya Me: saale. Ridhi: Forget him Lets go from here lets not fight Horseman: Memsaab thik bolrahi hain varna yahan hi sula donga We just went from there and to the room Me; Saala Ridhi: Forget it it was our fault too Me: Yeah Ridhi let us forget what happened I am just getting exposedeverywhere Me: Yeah I am sorry.

Ridhi: ts ok as long as we are safe…atleast one moreof your fantasy got fulfilled Me: Thanks Ridhi: Let us rest go for dinner and get ready for night party… We went and rested for a while and got up by 8:00 PM. I woke up Ridhi and asked to get ready for Dinner. Ridhi: I am feeling tired and dont feel like going Me: What you want then? Should I order in room.

Ridhi: Please, if u can. I will have a jacuzzi for an hour. She got up and went inside for bath and I ordered for the food. I also went inside the bathroom and I saw Ridhi resting in the jacuzzi and having good time. Me: Enjoying? Ridhi: Yeah Feeling too tired today Me: I know. Shall I join you? Ridhi: Sure, only if you allow me to rest…and we both laughed.

I got naked and entered into Jacuzzi next to her. She was sitting keeping her eyes closed. The water bubbles coming from mariarsquos big tits need a big bra bottom was moving her ass and boobs to the fullest.

I slided my hand down to her ass to feel the movement and it was pleasure of the world. I was sure her ass was paining after the long session she had yesterday.

I pressed her cheeks and lifted her. She opened her eyes Ridhi: Please let me relax Me: How can I resist baby you are so hot Ridhi: But I am too tired Me: Ok come on my lap I will tight young blonde with glasses wants hard cock u feel good Listening this Ridhi got up and sat on my Lap and my hard dick was finding way out. I slowly started caress her neck and then her back and moved my hands on her thighs.

It was sooooo smooth I slowly started moving my hands up and down and then touched her hole. She looked at me and closed her eyes. I slowly started circling it she slowly started moaning and her nipples started erecting. I kissed her back and turned her slowly towards me. She now faced me with her eyes closed her hair all wet and lips waiting for me to touch it.

My dick was tight to enter her pussy. I caught hold of her mouth opened it a bit and entered my tongue inside it. I started licking her. She slowly got her tongue out and and I started playing with it. I then lifted her a bit and put her on the floor above jacuzzi and opened her legs. She fell on the floor on her back and I startd licking her pussy. I got deep in. She moaned louder. I then lifted her leg and got up and waited near her pussy entrance waiting and teasing her… Me; Dalu kya She didnt reply Me: Bolna saali… Ridhi: Bhav kya khata hain terse to woh kale aadmin aur gode ka bada tha.

Me: To kya unse chudvayegi Ridhi: Tu to jiiibharle&hellip. Listening this I got angry and also realized she is getting for others and becoming a whore…I was so angry that I left her on the floor went out and got a big cucumber from fridge. I had orderd few previous night for salad. This was not cut as I wanted few fantasies. I came and pushed it with full anger in her pussy…she screamed loud as it was kat monroe got her tight pussy screwed by the lp officer 10 inches and round 3 inches…she was shocked.

I again moved it out and pushed it more&hellip. Ridhi: Saale apna daal na… Listening this I removed the cucumber and turned her and made her stand like a horse and opened her ass cheeks and entered iti n her ass hole. She was moaning and shouting…her ass was red with previous night marks… Me: Aab Bol saaliii Ridhi: Kya bolu apna daal. Listening this I opened her pussy and entered with full force in her.I was big too 8" and I pushed deep in.

She screamed and I started moving in and out moving cucumber too in few strokes I came inside her…I slapped her ass removed the cucumber and thre her in the jacuzzi back… Me: Aab nah jitna nahana hain.raat baki hain aab… Ridhi: Raat ko kya hain aab…you enjoyed that was enough/ Me: Lets see what your love Black guy has for you… Ridhi: Listening thi she smiled. Suddenly bell rang I realized our food might have come…I wore my bath gown and opened the door.

I saw a letter along in an enveloped marked to me and Ridhi.It was from black read that my invitation is shifted from his room to a small banquet of another 5 star hotel. A car will come to pick us up at 10.00. PM It was 8:30. I went and told this to Ridhi. Ridhi: It seems he has big bash inviting all friends. Me: yeah I think so, we should get ready soon… I was praying all to be fine…we had our bath and Ridhi had her dinner wrapped in bath gown…with wet hair was looking hot.I asked her to get ready.She first put on her white panty love written on top with love metal behind…then she wore her petticoat… Me: You need to wear that petticoat?

Ridhi: Ofcourse saree is transperant…sab dikhega warna. Me: How about a skirt inside? Ridhi: That sounds good…but I dont have any black…you just wait and I will manage… Listening this I went down to the hotel boutique and bought a black silky free flowing skirt which went up to the thighs.

I loved free flowing stuff more you know why…then I saw something heart shaped pair in red and asked the shop keeper what was it.He told they are known as pasties and are worn by woman on their nipples…I loved it and bought that and went to room…Ridhi was waiting and has nail painted and make up done.I showed her the skirt and she appreciated my choice.then I showed her pasties.

Me: This are worn on nipples… Ridhi: they are so I wear them Me: Yes it will hide your nipples too from the bra shaped white blouse. I am sure u cant wear bra inside. Ridhi: You are smarter then what I thought… She opened it and stick it to her nipples wow her white breasts with 2 red heart shaped pasties was looking awesome…she then wore blouse on it which was like bra cups covering her breasts and open from back with string tied and strings on shoulder.her breasts were bulging from side…then she wore the skirt…she was looking hot with wet hair.

Me: Itna hi pehno Ridhi: U can make me wear less then this…shut up… I lifted her skirt and kissed her ass cheeks which were looking awesome.

Then she tied a saree around it bit tight like fish cut shaped low on naval.she was looking too hot…then she sprayed her hair and left it open&hellip.her white sexy legs with mahndi were visible as skirt was mini.her ass shape was perfect to kill anyone…At 10.00 sharp the phone rang and we were told someone was waiting for us in the waiting hall.I dressed in blazer and we both went down hand in hand…Needless to say all were looking at Ridhi and few complimented her too&hellip.I was praying we dont see previous night customers and thankfully no…as we went in the balcony there was a guy waiting for us who greeted us and we went out…then came a white car and we went into it.we asked him how far was it and he told just 2 mins in the corner.

I started guessing there is no good 5 star hotel in the corner and I was worried.He told that they didnt get booking till end and so it got shifted there&hellip.In 2 mins we reached so called 3 star hotel and people around were mainly for one night stand looking for call girls.we both looked at each other worried and Ridhi caught my hand as all were looking and near her…the guy who had come to pick us was quite well build and told us not to worry…we were happy…He took us to last floor 9th and asked us to wait.he went and in 2 mins black guy came with him.seeing him we both were happy, more Ridhi.

Black Guy: Welcome mam you look gorgeous as aware dressed to kill and dressed for the occassion…and he kissed Ridhi Ridhi: Blushed…thank you anything for you thanks for inviting. Black Guy: Sure anything for me? And he winked at me… Ridhi: Yeah…I love gentleman like you Black Guy: Dont have that misconception… I was just a spectator…Black Guy then gave his hand to Ridhi and took her towards the hall and I followed and he waited at the door and looked at Ridhi.

Black Guy: My life is in your hand…please pardon me and help me. Ridhi: I didnt get you Black Guy: You will come to know as we enter…dont get shocked. He turned to me Black Guy: I will give u all you want but just help me… And he opened the door…and what we saw…there were not less than perverted juvenile lovely gal enjoys old boner 22 people all dressed in blazers and formal shirts and having glass of drink.I looked for a girl and no one was around&hellip.Black Guy took Ridhi and me inside and all stood up…He then introduced us to all few were forein delegates, few indians and few political…we realized they had gathered for some deal which black guy had come…we were offered seat and glass to drink&hellip.we sat on the chair placed in one perfect arab and orgasm xxx mia khalifa tries a big black dick t was very tight blonde woman dped by black dudes on the bed table with chairs surrounding.I looked around and there was balcony which opened to the beach…bar loaded with drinks a stage in the corner with a rod and lights and music.I smeeled something… They all started drining and staring at Ridhi&hellip.Ridhi had a sip and we all were talking…We understood black guy had told all to them about yesterday night…and All were looking at Ridhi like a of the guy told…when do we start the show Thomas?

I was shocked but we came to know black guys name was thomas. Ridhi: What show Thomas you never told us. Thomas: Its all by you and you are one who is going to give show Ridhi: What show Thomas: Same what you did yesterday Me: Are you mad. Thomas: Ridhi has to decide and you will get what you want. He then took Ridhi on side in balcony and I followed… Thomas: its question of my contract which is almost 50 crores.all concerned people are here and if you impress them and do what they want I get it.

Ridhi: Are you cuckold captures his wife fucking a stranger they are 22 guys.and I am not yours that you can use me way you want.

Thomas: I know but I really love you and trust me deal is same as yesterday no fuck in your pussy Me: So what my wife is not a whore. Thomas: You keep quite we saw yesterday…Ridhi please for me.I give you 5% of deal you know how much u get? Horny babe with small tits gets hardfucked in a casting scene but…I will only dance… Thomas: It all dance, strip, blowjob and&hellip.

Ridhi: And what? Me: then we want 8%. Ridhi: Parth are you mad…… Thomas: Trust me I will give and they can bid for your ass, you take all that if u want&hellip. Ridhi: No&hellip. Me: If she is not ok we dont do it… Thomas: Please Ridhi I owe my career to you&hellip.I will sponsor your trip to West indies tooo.

Ridhi: What if they enter me Thomas: Trust me they wont I have got bouncers…and he pointed them.they were 6 foot with 45 inch chest and 15 biceps.Then one guy shouted.we are not here to wait be fast…they were getting high.Thomas pleaded again and Ridhi looked at me Me: Dont wory there are bouncers and if u are ok you can, your thomas will be happy… I was getting high seeing all this… Ridhi: No blowjobs please Thomas: ok $100 for every blowjob if anyone gives it and take if u want to… Ridhi: you are treating me like a whore comon.

Thomas: No its value of your beauty… Ridhi: I am just married yesterday… Thomas: So what if nerd babe kali dates a guy with big cock hubby doesnt mind then&hellip. Listening this he pulled me inside and closed the main door and started the music…all started banging the table and clapping.Ridhi was helpless so was I&hellip.Ridhi looked at thomas and tried to get free from Him as he was holding her tight but was helpless…Thomas kissed her on chick and told something in her ears which she liked and smiled a bit…thomas left her hand caught her by her waist and dragged her near to the brutal teen ass fucking and anal bondage analmal training, then lifted her and threw her on table and announced:Thomas: She is Ridhi the most beautiful lady I have met, her body moves like waves and her mouth can take anything…her breasts her like milk tank and ass like pillow of love.she is all yours guys you can see her dancing, you can play with her, you can see her striptease.listening this all shouted but you she is costly so be careful&hellip.common my love…dance for your lover… Listening this Ridhi looked around to people and git afraid she got up and walked to the middle… Guy: Walk like a model from one corner to your curves baby She started walking suddenly a man got up went behind her and opened her bra shaped blouse and put some ice cubes from behind…getting the cold feel Ridhi removed the saree from top to remove cubes and all started laughing…she realized and covered it back.she started walking towards another corner…another man got up a bit and caught hold of Ridhi and bit her thighs she screamed with pain.

Man: She tastes awesome… Listening this all man shouted we also want to taste…music went fast and all clapped more.some vigour was coming to Ridhi…slowly she started moving her body all started banging the table&hellip.Ridhi then went to the first guy and moved her hand on his wise she did it to every guy by passing each of them.she didnt allow any guy to touch her teasing them&hellip.then she pulled first two guys up and started dancing in middle of them she slowly started removing their ties and shirt buttons and pushed them back and pulled other two…guys were with glass and made Ridhi drink one sip from each and she obliged…then she opened their belts and unhooked their trousers and pushed them like wise she did same thing with all 22 guys and made them semi naked…Then Ridhi came and stood in middle and started moving her butts and breasts…all the guys were getting out of control…One guy got up and poured jug full of cold water from top and she was fully drenched…other guy also came with the jug and started pouring.another guy got near to Ridhi`s breasts and started drinking it…Ridhi was now all wet…then one guy caught corner of her saree and pulled it down…ridhi`s pallu slipped exposing her breasts from top and her white blouse all nice chick is gaping slim honey pot in close up and having orgasm with red pasties inside was looking awesome and her white flat stomach with naval was soooo inviting…then one guy drageed her with her pallu to end of table and gave it to last guy in the corner…he pulled Ridhi down and as saree was pinned it was not opening…he made her sleep flat on table with her face facing upwards…The first guy started caressing her lips and guy next to him started pressing her breasts.guy next to him her stomach…then the first guy kissed her hard for few seconds…seeing this the second guy pulled her by her legs and and he was next to kiss and the guy next to him was playing with her breasts and next with her stomach like this she moved to every 22 guys…once she was finished…the last guy rolled her to the middle…her saree was all messed and so was her hair&hellip.her legs were exposed and saree got up till thighs…then one guy got up on table and made her sleep facing him he poured his entire glass of drink on her face, breasts and stomach and started licking it…same way other guy came and put some in her mouth and her neck and licked it…she was now getting high with every sip…she pushed both of them and got up and started removing her saree&hellip.

She opened it completely and threw it out dancing on the table…she was bit high&hellip.her flowing skirt and white blouse was enough to invite anyone& she moved her skirt flew and her ass got visible…seeing this all guys removed their shirt.Ridhi started playing with few bodies which were hairy moving her hand on them and kissing nipples of other guys&hellip.

As she bent down like a dog to kiss one guys nipple other guy from opposite side got up and opened her skirt and spanked Ridhi hard.she screamed…seeing this all liked it…2 guys came lifted her in their hands made her sleep on their hands facing down and took her to every guy…each guy lifted her skirt and spanked as much as they wanted…Ridhi had eyes full of tears&hellip.with guy even spitted on her ass and pulled her love metal&hellip.then the two guys threw her back on table…Ridhi was lying dead on table with pain her skirt up to her guy then lifted her skirt up and kissed on her pussy where love was written& was so inviting…another guy got up and opened her mouth and poured more drinks…drinking that she opened her eyes and pushed the guy near the skirt and got down the table…she was shaky as she was high…she was enjoying.she went to the two bouncers who were 6 feet 45 chest and well build and started playing with one bouncers body…he was standing still.

I came to know Ridhi had fascination for body builders like black guy. She started unhooking his shirt and dancing and moving her ass with every music beat. He removed his shirt completely and threw it. Bouncer was on his job otherwise he would have taken Ridhi for sure. He started kissing his strong chest and it was scene to see. He then started removing his belt teasing him…Bouncer was continously looking at black guy who had hired him as if he was requesting to do what he wanted.

Ridhi removed his belt and threw it and then he dropped his trouser. All were stunned to see his hard dick trying to tear his undie and come out. Ridhi bent down and kissed it as if he was teasing other guys. Suddenly bouncer lifted her with one hand and put her on the small dancing stage which had a rod.

Ridhi started dancing holding the the rode like a striptease dancer putting her leg up and moving her ass&hellip.suddenly one guy started shower on the stage and Ridhi was dancing on the floor as if she was having her bath all drenched&hellip.her clothes stuck to her body which was more inviting.her white body could have made anyone pay lakhs&hellip.she lifted her leg and placed on the rod.

Suddenly air fan from below started and her skirt was pushed up exposing everything it was a sight.People were now out of control and so was Ridhi…they were talking all bad words on her be it in hindi or english…"Hey open it& B " Saali R***, Teri To Khol kar maroonga maal hain saali" It was on Ridhi then removed her skirt to everybodies delight and threw it on the bouncer.

I was sure she liked him the most. Wow what a sight.I was also hard by that time…her ass cheeks were all visible the thong strip was inside her ass crack and the love shaped matel was glowing to the fullest…oh my xxx when black guy fuke the girl she turned the love sign was making her more attractive zoe clark do you want to be a voyeur white panty sticking due to water was showing her entire pussy&hellip.her loved shaped red pasties were visible from her wet bra shape blouse and every time she danced her breasts were moving up and down…as she went sideways breasts were trying to pop out from side opening…Looking at this every body opened their pants and threw it off all were in their undies…very hard and pre-cums all visible& one was in a position to resist…they then ordered the bouncer to get her and put her on the table…Ridhi looked at naked bouncer in undie and asked him to come showing her middle finger.she then put the finger in her mouth and licked…bouncer came to her spanked her ass and lifted her like a doll…and put her on one shoulder holder her ass…Ridhi was Bending down on other side and kissed the bouncers back.Bouncer threw her on the table for all to eat.

One guy then pulled Ridhi by her leg and other by hand all were wanting her…then it was decided that they will make group of 11 and take her way they want…the first group shouted as they won the toss and pulled her as if they had won her…one guy came near to her pussy other to the breast third to her stomach forth to her mouth and other guys got on the table and surrounded her…They guys started molesting her biting her lips, stomach, pussy she was screaming, we were not able to see but there was mirror on the roof which Black guy pointed me to and I could see from top what was happening and so were all.Leave me for god sake, it is paining, maaaaaaa, paaarthhhhh, thomasssss please help I tried to go I was hold back by thomas and he told 8%&hellip.I was helpless…One guy then pulled her blouse off and threw it in air&hellip.she was now in her red pasties…they lifted her and made her stand and all started kissing her from all sides and beating and throwing her to one another&hellip.then one guy went from below and pulled her panty down…oh my her pussy where parth was written was visible…&hellip.they didnt like it and ordered for a black marker, the bouncer obliged and they all started written their names on her pussy legs stomach where every the wanted as if she was their property…then they all opened their undie and surrounder Ridhi by getting on the table.they made Ridhi sit like a dog&hellip.I was looking at all this from top mirror glass…Ridhi was shit scared looking at 11 dicks surrounding her all of different sizes ad shapes god knows what was going to happen&hellip.they order ridhi to play with them and Ridhi had no option and she started shaking it one by one…guys were patting her ass for good jon and few spanked who were not happy& guy then came near to her lip and but Ridhi didnt open it…Thomas announced you have a charge and he started shaking it there, all started shaking their dick keeping it hear to Ridhi`s bdy in group of 5, one near face, one near pussy, one near ass one near shoulders and face and in some time they came all over her…she was drenched, then came other 6 and they made her sleep down flat facing up and three guys came on her face 2 on her pussy and one on her stomach…she was all covered with cum like a whore…the other 11 guys pushed and they came on table, they all marked their name but this time on her bums and back she was all covered with names…5 guys came forward lifed her and made her sleep on one guys lap…and started shking their dick around her…the guy in whose lap she was was pointing directly to ger pussy and they all funny comic mom son icest and threw her away and the balance 6 guys also came on her.she was completely drenched with cum all over face more and body&hellip.Ridhi was sleeping unmoved and all guys took the chairs tired.and what happened next was surprise, the bouncer who was only in his undies was not able to resist he opened his undie and his 10" large dick came out he came on the table threw some money on Ridhi and opened her mouth holding her nouse and entered his dick all were stunned and so was Ridhi, she opened her eyes but I think was happy to see him, he started moving his dick and came all in her mouth.and came down and annouced "I have paid and done she is bloody hot bitch".

Ridhi was mouth full with face full, all ordered her to lick and she obliged&hellip.Game was not over as yet&hellip. All started shouting aloud seeing the bouncer enjoying with Ridhi and all wanted to enjoy that. But then I looked at Thomas: Me: This is enough Ridhi is exhausted please leave her Thomas: I know but my contract??? Me: You will get it for sure she did enough for you, she would have never done this even if I had requested.She did because I think she likes you.

Thomas: I know that and so do I. Me: So please rescue her&hellip. Listening this Thomas intervened and told to everyone: Thomas: Friends this is enough she need to go now&hellip.I think you had good fun… One guy: but we want her more&hellip.tell me how much you want. Thomas: She is not for sale she girl in a cage gets her ass drilled all this for me listening this Ridhi opened her eyes and looked at Thomas and smiled… Thomas; Let her go now.

And he went to Ridhi and lifted her in the arms like a doll…Ridhi was naked she looked at Thomas and smiled as if she was thanking her…He then took her to the bathroom and put her in the tub and started the water…He then came out… Thomas: Thank you all and I hope you all had good time&hellip.I hope contract is ours Contractor: Yes it is you deserve it but more because of good time Ridhi gave us.

Come tomorrow to office and collect it… Listening this Thomas looked at me and smiled as he wanted to thank me…They all left and we both were alone sitting on the table. Thomas: Thanks for allowing Ridhi&hellip. Me: Welcome but I didnt like way it went Thomas: So did I… Me: Fact is she is not only my wife but also my mom… Listening this Thomas was taken aback and looked at me with surprise Thomas: Have you married your mom?

She looks young though she looks bit older then you but I thought it was marriage of different ages. Me: Yes I did marry her as I loved her and wanted to protect her… Thomas: And trust me she looks young…what if someone else was in his life before you? Me: I would have got married her to him… Thomas: Shit I was bit late.and she smiled Me: What? Thomas: Yes I liked her rather love her for what she did for me and you…she is true woman Me: yes she is…and I love her for that.

Thomas: Wish I got her early… Me: Sorry we have just started our marriage life&hellip. Thomas: And see what she did? Me: Yeah now I sexy babe marci matty straddles driving examiner not going to share her with anyone&hellip.

Thomas: Not even with me???? Me: Nope. Thomas: What if Ridhi wants? Me: I will think… Listening this I got up to go to Ridhi and Thomas followed. Ridhi was lying Naked in the Tub eyes closed…I went to her and sat next to her and moved my hand on her forehead and kissed her. She opened her eyes and smiled at me…she then looked around and saw Thomas and smiled at him…Thomas came near to the Tub and kissed her on sex vediof hot step mom in naughty america cheek and Thanked her.Ridhi is shaky voice told Ridhi: Thanks for what?

Thomas: you got me the contract. Ridhi: Wow&hellip.I am heppy for you. Thomas: I owe you all&hellip. Ridhi: Comon&hellip. Thomas: thank you and I Love you… Ridhi: I like you too.but I am married now…I was shocked listening this and saw glitter in Thomas eyes…Ridhi looked at me looking afriad and I just kept mum…Thomas kissed her again and got up… Thomas: you will get you money tomorrow please meet on lunch… Me: thanks Ridhi: And what about trip to Westindies?

Thomas: Smiled…so u want to meet me again and again Ridhi just smiled.I was getting hints… Thomas: I will send you tickets whenever you want.this is my card and he gave it to mom and son cum deep inside ass me anytime&hellip.

Me: Thanks. Saying this he went&hellip.I looked at Ridhi and she looked at me as if she had done something wrong…Thomas came back and told: Thomas: You can use this room tonight and I have paid for it. Me: thanks. Thomas: Enjoy and bye see you on lunch tomorrow. The Room was next to conference hall with was a big suite… Me: Mom I never knew you can fall in love iwth someone Ridhi: I am your wife not mom anymore.

Me: Today I realized and felt like telling soo. Ridhi: Please take me as your wife.I like Thomas that doesnt mean I love him.I am now dedicated to you… Me: I know Ridhi.No one will do so much for an alien.

Ridhi: I did cause you like it and all money you know right… Me: iam repenting and I will never share you Ridhi: Are you sure? Me: yeah… Ridhi; What if I want? Me: I will do anything for you as you want as you did for me. Ridhi; promise. Me; Yes mother promise and I smiled… Ridhi: Se I love you parth today you are my true husband&hellip.

Me; But that doesnt mean I spare you from wearing sexy clothes wat I like…I smiled. Ridhi: Anything for you as long as you are not going to share me…and she smiled… We both hugged each other and kissed for long I was feeling in love&hellip. Ridhi: Parth I am hungry.can you order something? Me: Sure what you want? Ridhi: Something I can eat different way. Me: how? Ridhi; On your body…you had enough on me now its your turn.

Me: Ok Mam at your service… On request of Ridhi.I ordered for Onion Rings&hellip.noodles… cream and chocolate sauce&hellip.I had waxed chest so Ridhi had this Idea…She had long bath and I got all her clothes from conference room and gave it to her&hellip.she smiled and I sat chatting with her…after sometime the bell rang for food and I went out…Ridhi told me that I will come in 5 mins.

I went out and was wondering around the suite…It was presidential with huge king size bed covered with lovely bed sheets…there was balcony outside which faced the beach and was quite excluded…there was full moon shinning.there was a swing for 2 people convertible into a sofa…I went inside and I saw Ridhi`s bathrom doors opening…She fist removed her white sexy legs out and moved it a bit&hellip.then she got her bums out and I was shocked to see some silky gown covering her bums half was short and black…she then got her hands out and she came out laughing& she was looking hot in black transparent gown and love panty inside it…she was not wearing a bra&hellip.she came out teasing me and started unhooking my clothes&hellip.she got me naked except undie and pushed me on the dining table& undie was white shinning with precums and my bulge was making it like a mountain&hellip.

She kissed me all over and got her saree and tied my hands she then tied other end of saree to table leg… I was shocked at what she was doing…then she got her bra shaped blouse and tied it around my eyes…oh my I was not knowing what was going to come next…I was hard like rock with precum coming out&hellip.she was to use me like a slave today and I agreed… Ridhi: Are you ready for all pain?

My slave? Me: yeah madam&hellip. Ridhi: if you oppose you will have it OK? Me: You can treat me way you want…I am all yours Ridhi: You arsehole…mother fucker you made me a whore…Now its your turn to be my slave.She was getting bad&hellip.I saw something bibi noel inserts his erect dick inside her tight hole poured on my nipples…I saw from the small opening it was chocolate sauce she had called for……she then started licking it getting her lips and tongue dark.she then got near to my dick.I was afraid if she poured that hot stuff on mine dick with undie on…but she got a spoon of ice cream and kept it over my dick…It was chilled and I shivered abit…and then she started licking it…she enjoyed mixture of hot chocolate sauce with ice cream and my precum.

Ridhi; Bastard you taste good…and she pinched my thighs and I moaned. I was not sure what was going to come next…she slowly poured some noodles on my stomach and and started eating stomach was getting inside with every suck of hers and with other hand she was caressing my dick making it hard&hellip.she then entered her hand inside my undie and started carassing it as if it was her dog…I was rock tight desperate to cum…my tied hands was making it worst.

After sucking all what was there on my stomach she came near to my legs pulled opened it wide and got between my legs and started playing with my balls down kissing it she then in one shot xxx storys old man sex girl my undie off and threw it&hellip.she then kissed my hard rocked hot dick. She then got some onion rings and mounted them around my dick ad started eating it one by one&hellip.

Me: Ridhi feed me few I am hungry… Ridhi: Come on slave you can order your master saying this she hit hard on my thigh… Me: But… Ridhi: She again gave second slap and told dont open your mouth… I was helpless.

She completed all rings around and then was time for my mouth…she opened my mouth pressing my nose and poured more no one les in it… I was choked…she started eating from it licking my lips and some she ordered me to eat&hellip.I got something to eat I was happy&hellip. Then she went for desert she got a cake and placed it on my mouth, niples, stomach and last on my dick…she then got chocolate sauce and poured it over my body and some icecream which was mostly melted over it… I was all over with desert…she slowly started licking starting from nipples to stomach.her every lick would arouse me harder& tease me more she removed her blouse from my eyes and I was seeing what she was doing&hellip.she slowly started going down and reached my dick…she licked all around and started eating cake on my dick…She got all cleaned and burped and looked at me… Ridhi: Now I will eat my final desert… Me: What Ridhi: Your cum&hellip.and licked her lips and within no seconds she got my entire dick in her mouth till her throat…I was help less&hellip.She started moving her mouth up and down and in no time I came i her mouth…she ate all and looked at me some dripping down her mouth&hellip.

Ridhi; I was tasty…umm She then went and had glass full of water&hellip.I was not able to resist my sight of seeing her in transperant black babydoll gown and panty under it…I wanted to touch her desperately…she then came near to me and untied the other end of the saree and I thought I will get chance now…but she made me stand like a horse and pulled me towards bathroom… I tried coming close to her but she slapped me twice…she was controling me… It was my turn now…she took me under shower and tied me to one side of the shower rode…I was obeying her cause I was enjoying way she was dominating…she tuned shower on to clean me…she started applying soap and in process she also got wet…now her gown was hugging her making her boobs completely visible teasing me more&hellip.her hair was wet down to shoulder…she applied soap and left me alone to get soap out…as she turned and started walking towards bathroom door,her ass moving like drums made me get erection again&hellip.I wanted to touch it now…She went and came back in 2 mins with my leather belt in her hand…she was looking like real master&hellip.she then pulled me out of the shower and took me to the terrace.oh got I was naked and full wet…the breeze blowing was making me shiver and on top of that Ridhi`s sexy body&hellip.she then tied me to the swing rod and slapped my butts hard with the belt.I screamed… Ridhi: You dog now you feel how I would have felt when so many people spanked me…and she hit me again…I understood her pain.It was my turn today&hellip.then she slowly started teasing me…first she removed het robes knot and opened it a bit.she then slowly started dancing around me touching me all over…she then pushed me on the swing and came near to face was touching her naval…I kissed her naval and she came and sat on me& cold wet body and her cold sexy buttocks got me hard again&hellip.she rolled my dick bit more with her ass and got up…she then put her legs up on the swing and pulled me with my hair and dumped my face on her thighs I started licking her tie and she pating me on my head&hellip.after a while she removed her robe and went far away…she started posing like a model turning around only in panty&hellip.she then came close to me and slowly untied my hands and started running…I got free and I ran behind her… I was a free wild horse and wanted her&hellip.I caught hold of her and lifted her and made her lean towards the wall… I started biting her all over I then took her to the Swing tied her with the saree it was my turn now and removed the swing down…I pushed on the swing bed and started kissing her all over&hellip.

Ridhi: Parth enter me I am so wet with so many people playing I want it inside&hellip. Listening this I lifted her leg came between it pushed panty bit on side and pushed my dick deep inside…Ridhi screamed aaaaahhhh& what a relief Ridhi: Pump me hard& mother fucker… I started pumping her after sometime I untieed her made her and pulled her to terrace railing…I made her stand like a dog and pulled the panty down&hellip.I kissed her bums and opened it a bit&hellip.pointed my dick to her arsehole… Ridhi: Please dont do there it pains&hellip.

Me; I want it once baby, Ridhi: Please slowly Listening this I entered her but was not able to push as it was I turned her around and started chewing her nipples…I then lifed her and took her inside the bedroom threw her on the bed&hellip.I got over her and kissed her all over…I then slowly inserted my 2 fingers in her pussy making it wet and big booty secretary lola foxx fucked and facialed at office pornstars hardcore for more… Ridhi: Saale ungli kya daal raha hain mard hain to apna Lund dal.

Listening this I got wild and inserted third finger she was scratching my back with pain and with other hand holding pillow tight…I then removed all pulled both her legs up and inserted my dick inside her pussy in different position.I made her pussy more tight and she maoned with pain…as I pumped her she was screaming with every pump&hellip.harder .harder…aaah…saaleee dal&hellip.and I finally came inside…I left her fell on bed and she on other side&hellip.we looked at each other and smiled and started kissing…we went to sleep in no time…&hellip.Next day Morning&hellip.

I got up next day morning bit late as I was tired al ot it was 10.00 am I looked around and there was no one there I looked everywhere for Ridhi but she was not to be seen.I also went to the Balcony thinking she might be there but was not around. I got worried. Her clothes were also not there. I just got dressed up and rushed to our room and went around looking for her. I went on to the balcony and looked around but she was not there.

I called the reception to know if she had gone somewhere or left message, they told they had seen her down for breakfast in the morning 8:30. I was relieved and Ridhi had become very famous in the hotel so everybody knew her. I got fresh and went down to breakfast hall.

I just looked around for her and went to swimming pool and from there, there was a way towards hotels pvt beach I saw someone from far and it was the black guy Thomas and there was a very sexy girl with her in a slinky black Thong bikini, her ass was protruding like a bombshell and her back was shining midst the black string oh my Thomas and she were looking awesome togather one black and other white.

Suddenly i saw something in red on her legs and oh my god I started doubting if she was Ridhi??? but where did Bikini came from? I was not sure as they were bit far but quite visible what they were doing? Slowly I started walking towards them and they were facing the beach talking so they were not able to realize who was behind.

As i moved more forward I was sure she was Ridhi and suddenly she turned laughing, I just sneaked behind a shade waiting to see what they were doing. As she turned and started walking Thomas caught her hand and pulled her towards her, he was quite strong for her and just hugged her tight&hellip.Ridhi`s back was facing me and I was able to see Thomas…I saw around and there were only few couples around mainly foreigners enjoying…Thomas then started caressing her back and Ridhi bit his ears and they both laughed&hellip.Thomas then kissed her on her cheek and then forehead and on to her lips…Ridhi hesitated a bit but then pulled down trying to say something to Thomas pushing him away.

Oh I thought she was telling him no for me&hellip.Thomas just went close to her bend down on her knees kissed her hand and told something listening it Ridhi just shyed and looked down. Oh this was the sign she agreed on something as she use to always do that to me…Then Thomas lifted her like a doll in brunette cutie loves being pounded captain willy arms and Ridhi clinched her shoulders tightly and took her inside water and threw her in they both started playing&hellip.thomas removed his shorts and now he was in his trunks looking like a huge black man he started playing with Ridhi in the water by lifting her and throwing her…suddenly he caught hold of her by head and start smooching her deep inside…Ridhi also didnt object, he slowly started pushing his hand down and clinched her butts…his hands were big enough to hold her butt and started pressing it…Ridhi moaned a bit then he pulled her thong string and inserted his hand inside her thong…he lifted Ridhi a bit in his strong arms and made a position to push his first finger in her pussy…Ridhi cried and tried to free but Thomas was strong…he played for a while and pulled her down in the water upto her neck&hellip.and he was doing something beneath it…he suddenly pulled our Ridhis Bikini Top and started teasing her…Ridhi crossed her hands trying to hide her breasts&hellip.At one I wanted to go and beat Thomas but he was too strong…I also saw Ridhi laughing which meant she was enjoying HE ran out and Ridhi waited inside waiting for him.

But he was not ready to listen he kept her bra down and ran inside again. Oh my god what was he up to? He lifted Ridhi up a bit and she was crossing her hands to hide her breasts. Thomas then opened her gstring from onside…oh my god Ridhi was shocked she took one hand off trying to vocer her pussy as she was above water in thomas`s strong hands. Now she was covering her boobs with one hand and pussy with other.

Her hair were wet falling on her wet shoulders…she was looking angel in sunlight&hellip.Thomas then pushed down and got her naked completely he came out of water with panty in his hand and Ridhi was pleading… I felt like going and helping her but I was held back seeing love Ridhi had for Thomas. I saw Ridhi enjoying every bit of it…I was waiting Thomas Shouted: Come out baby show me your love to me… I could hear that…Ridhi was pleading&hellip.she had no courage to comeout of the sea as she was completely naked.

Her shoulders were shining with the morning sun and she was looking as pretty as any angel. she continued pleading but Thomas was not ready to listen. after sometime he went to a shop on a beach and got a white wrap on which worn over bikini.

It is enough to cover the lower part. It was white. I understood what he was upto…he went and threw it to Ridhi and asked her to come out. Ridhi was still ashamed as it was wet and white in color she would be exposing everything if she came out. Thomas was not there to listen and it become love test for Ridhi&hellip.Thomas told something to Ridhi which made her look down…oh my god I got what she was thinking she agreed to what Thomas said.

She held the cloth got up a bit her boobs got exposed and she quickly wrapped the cloth around&hellip.and started coming out of water keeping her one hand covering her boobs and second covering her pussy with palm and started walking towards Thomas. Thomas was enjoying so were few people around and me& she came out the cloth was hugging the body showing her entire curve.

the cloth was stuck just below the pussy as it was wet…she used her hand which was at the pussy to adjust it exposing her pussy for a while…wow it was one of the best view ever…she started running towards Thomas to avoid embarrassment moving her entire body and thighs wow&hellip.she came and hugged thomas…thomas patted her back and kissed hero n shoulders… Then she took her n her arms removing her hands from the breasts and pussy and asked her to walk with her without any worry…he then started running pulling Ridhi who was holding cloth from top worrying it might fall…her 36 size breasts where jumping and so were her things and flat tummy…I wished I could see her bums…as they were about to pass me I came in front and waited…Ridhi was shocked seeing me and covered herself.Thomas was smiling.

Me: Ridhi come to me… She came looking down afraid… Me: What is this Thomas how did u dare to take her without me knowing.and playing with her. Thomas: i did what Ridhi wanted…I came in the morning to see uboth but u were deep in sleep and Ridhi desired to go for swim…so I asked her to come with me. Ridhi: i didnt wake you as you were sleeping… Me; And this Bikini? Thomas: i bought her from shop in the hotel… Me: And what was the game you were playing?

Thomas; Well I proposed her and I think she liked it. Me: Ridhi what is he saying? Ridhi: Well I like him Me: Like or love be sure. Ridhi: I dont know Thomas: Dont be afraid. Ridhi: No I cant say Me: Comon tell its ur life… Ridhi: I do love him but not more than you. Me; What&hellip. Ridhi: You are my son and my husband…and Thomas came to me after you. Me: What if he had come before Ridhi didnt reply and just looked down&hellip.people were seeing her naked from everywhere& she lost sense she was not covering anything.

Thomas: Come on Parth understand her feelings. Me: I do and I am feeling bad I married her just 2 days back. Ridhi: No please dont say that… Thomas: She can be wife of 2 husbands… Me; but how that can be possible. Thomas: Let us discuss in my room let us go from here… Thomas handed over Ridhi her bikini which she went behind a tree and wore it…though all was visible.people were standing in the hotel balcony and looking it&hellip.she came out from behind the tree and was looking like a diva…It was not Thomas`s fault anyone can fall in love with her.

she came and hold me smiling at Thomas. I caught her hand and started moving towards our room and Thomas was holding her from her waist which she did not object so nor did I.

I am sure people who saw it might have thought all bad things about Ridhi but she was caught between Son Love and New found Love. Thomas was playing with her butts way up and I was realizing that…As we entered hotel from the swimming pool we saw the night bouncer standing and smiled at us.

We all smiled at him… Ridhi: He is so well built, you both should be ashamed… We looked at each other and smiled… Thomas: So now u want him…and he smiled.

Me: Please mom not third… And we all laughed.As we moved ahead the bouncer followed us and as we entered the lift he too entered behind us…Ridhi was still in the Beauteous girl and chap in oral sex with wet cloth covered around her waist she was looking awesome… Bouncer: I missed u last night Thomas: From what? Bouncer: from getting blow job Me: thats over Bouncer: I want from her she is hot Me: Please go Bouncer: If you dont do as I say I will make everybody know what happened yesterday.

Me: Comon Bouncer; You do not trust me&hellip. By the time our floor came and we all came out…Bouncer called someone the mobiles were just new and gave to me…I realized someone speaking on othersaid telling me to do what he says or we will be behind bars for doing illegal things… Me; Please leave us Bouncer: Now she does what I want or she you three are gone… Ridhi: Please leave us Bouncer: then do for your lovers Ridhi: What?

Bouncer; Spend 1 hour with me… Thomas: doing what? bouncer: Whatever I want Thomas: Get away I know big people here you saw last night Bouncer: They are nothing so dont worry he was the same corporate Parth spoke to eho was there yesterday… Listening this all were afraid…and we didnt have anything to say&hellip.

Bouncer: So sexy babe what do u say Ridhi; If its question fo my love I will do what ever u say… We both were mum fastb time xxx in blad in posy know what u say… Me: please dont fuck her, she is just married to me… Bouncer: Haan how can I leave her?

Ridhi: Please I beg of you Bouncer: Ok on one condition I can take her anywhere Ridhi: Ok but where? Bouncer: My wish I will leave her in the room in 1.30 hour… We didnt have choice but to say Ok…Bouncer whose name was Carl we came to know later called someone and he told we need to sit for 5 mins. Ridhi: Can I change and come?

Me: Yes go Carl; No she is mine from now for next 1.30 hours wait till I allow u&hellip. She was helpless…and so were we immediately things changed… Carl: Ridhi get water for me Me and Thomas were angry but helpless…Ridhi got up and got water for Carl in glass and went to him…carl took the glass and pulled Ridhi and made her sit on his lap…she was looking like a toy in 6 foot well build guys arms and started kissing her neck&hellip.suddenly bell rang and someone came… Carl; Ridhi open it and get what he gives you Ridhi got up and carl pulled her cloth wrapped around her Ridhi was in bikini…her thong was making her butts look awesome Ridhi went try to cover something and she opened someone handed over a bag to her and she took it and closed.

Carl; Get it to me,,Ridhi walked to him and handed over He removed first a school girl dress which was very tiny&hellip.then he removed a panty which was crotchless a whole at the entry and had ducks all over like a baby all netted…he threw it to Ridhi and told wear it&hellip.

Ridhi: I will not fit in it… Carl: You try my doll you will and threw it on her face… As Ridhi turned he spanked his butt and laughed…we were helpless As Ridhi went inside He removed a rope from the bag and a scale&hellip.Ridhi cameout in 2 mins she was looking like a doll The skirt was hardly going upto her ass cheeks and shirt was too tight to even close the buttons she came keeping her hairs open and she was looking cute like a girl…as she came out Carl; Come my baby come to your master Ridhi walked to him looking down and stood in front of him…Carl just lifed her skirt which Ridhi tried to push down…carl slapped his thigh and it pained Ridhi…she leaned down and giving view of her ass to us from behind trust me it was looking cute with ducks…Carl then lifted him and took her to the balcony where strong breeze was blowing and her skirt was tiny to even flow.

I think she just got into it. Carl then tied her to the balcony railing with the rope and kept some rope length for Ridhi to move&hellip.then he made her bend down a bit and opened the skirt up…her white bums with ducks were making us wild too…then he started talking to her: Carl: My doll what u want your master to do? Ridhi: Leave me pls Carl: Comon speak baby Ridhi: Whatever u want Carl: tell me my slave…and spanked her butt&hellip.

Ridhi cried out in pain&hellip. Ridhi: I am all urs but dont hit me Carl: Good girl will u do as I say? Ridhi: Yes I will Carl: good my slave and he beat her again&hellip.

Ridhi was helpless… and stayed as she was…Carl then came inside the room got jug full of cold water and poured on Ridhi. Her dress got stuck to her body making her more hot. Her wet her with water pouring down of her leg was making us wild. carl then got down to his knees and started sucking water from her thighs slowly moving to Ridhi`s inner thigh, ridhi started moaning in ecstasy&hellip.he slowly widened her leg and started fingering Ridhi`s rebecca rainbow in suck lick fuck cum was just touching her pussy lips which was getting Ridhi wild.

he then made her stand straight and made her face towards him&hellip.his big body was blocking our vision of Ridhi but we could see Carl lifting her in his one hand and sucking Ridhi`s boobs from shirt…he was sucking like a wild dog and Ridhi was moaning in pain&hellip.

He then untied her and lifted her on the one side of his shoulder, me and Thomas were helpless then he took her outside the room and we followed him…he had something bad in his mind&hellip.he took him to the swimming pool area put her down…he then tore opened her shirt with no bra inside she got totally exposed…but Ridhi had worn the pasties to cover her nipple…all people looking around were shocked to see what was happening&hellip.but no body dared speaking as Carl was huge in structure and people knew his back ground… He then asked Ridhi to run around the swimming pool for all people sitting to see…there were many foreigners and beind morning all were enjoying their bath…Ridhi didnt have an option but to run covering her boobs&hellip.but carl didnt like it…as soon as she arrived to him he slapped ridhi and tied her hands from behind.Ridhi`s boobs were completely visible with pasties, she was asked to run again all the guys at the swimming pool were thick shaft hammers moist wet crack hardcore massage this and laughing…Ridhi was crying and we were helpless&hellip.we tried stopping carl but his one view was enough for us to be silent…Ridhi`s boobs were jumping like a melon and hair flowing in air was giving a perfect view…her bums were visible with every step as skirt was small and tight and thighs were moving like milk flow… When ridhi again came to carl he this time opened her skirt out and all were shocked to see her body what was she looking with flat stomach and a crotchless panty&hellip.he then took her by rope and mover her around the pool giving view to everyone…Ridhi was used completely no body could speak a word in front of carl&hellip.he then tied her with one rest chair at swimming pool and made her sleep with arms up…Ridhi just closed her eyes to avoid sun coming and looked side ways trying to hide her pussy twisting her leg…wet hair on her face was making her look raunch and all got up from their seat to have her view…we aw many guys dick tight in their swimming costumes and ladies mouth open with desire&hellip.

Carl then announced something which we all were shocked: Kiss her on lips: Rs. 100 Smooch: Rs. 150 Suck her Nipples: Rs. 200 Suck her pussy: Rs. 500 All got up and came near&hellip.Carl opened Ridhi`s leg to show everone her pussy and all were happy to see her pink lips…people started paying…way they wanted first guy came and kissed her lips and pressed her boobs hard& guy came and pulled opened her bra to see her erected nipple and started sucking it other guy then started sucking her pussy…even girls didnt miss the opportunity to tongue her pussy…it lasted for 30 mins…as Carls time was nearing to get over…he came opened Ridhi.lifted her and took her away from crowd on shoulder…many guys spanked her butts as she was going… Carl took her to our room back and got into the bedroom he tied her with the bed and made her sit on the ground on kneew.

He then opened his pant removed his 9 inch strong tool and entered her mouth in a shot&hellip.Ridhi`s mouth was gaged and she started coughing&hellip.Carl slapped her and started moving it in and out with a force…Ridhi dint have an option but to take it way it was…I am sure it went deep inside her throat.

after 1 min of mouth fuck he got up from the bed made Ridhi stand up untied her and hept her hands on the bed making her stand like a bitch pushed down her panty and opened her arsehole… Seeing it Ridhi pleaded again but carl was not to listen he then entered her ass hole with a thrust and Ridhi cried in pain…she was looking a perfect bitch…as Carl was stroking her ass her boobs were moving with every thrust.her hair were coming on her face and her mouth was open with pain of taking 9 inch big.

Carl entered in out with full force spanking her butts treating her like a perfect bitch&hellip.But he kept his promise of not entering Ridhi`s pussy&hellip.He suddenly lifted Ridhi threw her on the bed, climbed on her sitting on her breasts opened her mouth and entered her mouth again in no time Carl started coming in Ridhi`s mouth filling it completely with loads coming… Cum was dripping from her mouth,carl got up pinched Ridhi`s pussy adnd threw money on her which he had collected from the people at swimming pool.

He then thanked me and Thomas and went off&hellip.It was all over Ridhi was abused again but this time not out of our choice&hellip. We went to her as she was gulpping the cum she got up went into the bathroom barely could walk because of hot harsh fuck she had.I am sure her ass was paining…she came after 10 mins cleaning her self sitting on the sofa nude and looked at me wondering what more adventures will be fulfilled.