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Ravishing model is displaying her gaped narrow vagina in close up
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If you can remember from my first story my name is Matt and I have a really good friend name Cody who recently I didn't really hang out a lot with. From the night where we first messed around with each other we really didn't see the other person. I don't know why maybe that night caused a little weirdness and tension between us, I didn't really know.

We really didn't hang out that much before but every weekend we would see each other, but it has been about month and half since I last saw him. I still considered myself straight at the time, I never thought about guys ever. I still had a girlfriend from a while back, and I hadn't even fantasized about Cody since it happened, it felt like nothing ever took place between us.

Anyway, it was a Thursday at school and I heard a couple of my friends talking about a party that Cody was going to throw and soon after I got a text from Cody saying he was having a party tomorrow night around nine. The normal thoughts went through my head when I got it, sweet another excuse to get drunk. Friday night rolled around it was about nine and I was gonna show up fashionably late, I threw on some jeans that looks really good in and a low cut black v-neck, I grabbed my wallet, phone, and keys and walked out the door.

I showed up and I saw all my friends there and others I didn't care to much for. I walked in and was still waiting on my girlfriend Sarah to get there after she got out of work. She got their and the party when on like it normally would a bunch big fine ass spreads in your face shove plushcam sex toy in her holes now beer pong and flippy cup, the two most popular games at our parties.

I hardly drank because I was planning on driving home later, I would say I had maybe half a beer. The party was getting over and everyone started leaving, everyone had designated drivers so nobody tried driving when they were drunk. I was gonna drive Sarah home but she decided to go with here friends so I gave her a kiss and told her I would call her later. I decided to stay and help Cody clean up.

I could tell Cody didn't drink anything probably because he was afraid something was gonna happen to his house. I probably took us an hour to gather up all the empty cups and cans, and wipe up the mess everywhere. It was probably around two now, and Cody said he could finally have a beer. "Thanks for helping me clean up man, I appreciate it, drink a beer with me" he said while handing me a beer.

"Naw man I can't I got to drive home tonight" I said in return. "Nonsense man have a beer you can stay here tonight" After a little hesitation I agreed.

I mean why not mise well. We drank a couple of beers each and had a little buzz going, but still completely aware of what was happening. We talked for a while than he asked If I could help him take all the trash bags out. It just started raining pretty dam hard but I was just like what the hell. We each grabbed two trash bags and walked out the front door to the side of the curb. I was getting pretty wet and when I got down to the end of the driveway I slipped and fell right into a mud puddle.

I great I thought pissed off about what I just did. Cody of course being the asshole he is started laughing at sunny lione hot sex red sofa. He helped me up but not before the complete back of body had a solid covering of mud.

"hahaha, you alright man," he said with a smirk on his face. "Yup laugh it up, you got some clothes I can wear" "Ya but you still got mud allover your arms, you better just hop in the shower first" "That's not to bad of an idea" I said still pissed at what had happened. He gave me a towel and showed me the way to the up juicy slut endures sexy sex smalltits and homemade bathroom, I got in and started showering trying to scrub the mud of the back of arms, but their is just some places that you can not reach.

The shower was pretty loud but I still could faintly make a noise that sounded like the door opening. All of a sudden I looked over and saw the curtain shade fly open and Cody completely naked step in the shower. What the hell I though to myself this is a little crazy.

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"Looks like you could use a little help getting clean," he said. "Ummm.sure, I guess," I said as my heartbeat raced, I didn't expect this at all I pretty much thought that one night we had was it. But there he was standing completely naked in front of me. I still think of guys as good looking, I never really judged their appearance but still I would have to say the Cody looked totally sexy.

He stepped closer to me and grabbed my shoulders and turned my around so my back was facing his. I was starting to get a little horny and I could feel my dick starting to swell a little. He began to wash the back of my arms, he was rubbing very slowly and intoxicatingly in towards my shoulders than down to my back.

He grabbed the soap and put a little more on his hands and started rubbing my back. "Is this where you are dirty," he said. "Yeah, right there" I said, and then my horniness started to take over, "lower" he moved his hands down to the bottom of my back, "Lower," I demanded as he lowered his hands and started to caress my ass. "Yeah right there, you like it when I rub your ass" "Yeah," all I could seem to conjure up I was about to explode I was getting so turned on.

He continued to soap up my ass and started to rub his fingers up and down the crack of my ass, it felt amazing, I loved the way he was making me feel. He then found his way to by hole where I could tell he really wanted to be in. Out of nowhere he took his index finger and put singapore janella ooi bunnyjanjan sex tape with joal ong in it felt so good, I had to let out a pretty loud moan.

He kept going in and out, in and out and finger fucked me for about thirty seconds before inserting another finger. I felt really good at the same time that it started to hurt, but I didn't care the situation was to perfect. He pulled his fingers out of my ass and got down on both of his knees behind me.

I then felt him put his tongue in the middle of the crack of my ass and moved right to my wanting boy hole. It was to much and I had to lean forward and brace myself on the side of the shower.

"Fuck yeah," I moaned "You like it when I eat that fucking ass" "God yes" "Yeah I bet you do, I am gonna stick my cock in that before to long, you want my dick in this pink hole," he said as he stuck his tongue up my ass again. "Yeah, I want that dick" He continued to rim my ass for about another minute.

After he grabbed my hips turning me around so my completely erect 7" dick was staring him right in the face. Without warning he grabbed my dick with his hand and started to stroke it. At the same time he put his face towards my balls and starting licking them, from there he licked up my shift. He got to the head and just put his whole mouth right down on my dick almost fitting the whole thing in.

"Fuck yeah, suck that fucking dick, you mouth is so fucking hot, ahhhhhhhh" Cody was good at sucking dick the first time we gave each other blow jobs, but dam it felt ten times better this time. I couldn't believe after almost two months of not even talking that he was sucking my dick again like he owned my cock. "Aw I'm about to cum," I said moaning really loud. "Not just yet," He said as he backed his head away from my dick and stood up.

With that he grabbed me and pulled me closer to him and he gave me the most romantic kiss I had probably ever head. He hopped out of the shower dried himself off and walked out the bathroom door telling wild anal dance for cute asian schoolgirl japanese hardcore to follow him. I basically sprinted out of the shower got my towel and wiped myself dry as fast as possible. I walked down the hallway where his bedroom was and I saw him lying naked with his legs raised straight in the air.

"I want you to put that big dick in this tight ass Matt" I was able to recover a little, and I was more than willing to give him the fuck of his life. "You want this big cock in your ass, hunh?" "You know I do, I want you to give it to me now. COME ON," he sounded almost angry because I was making him wait for my dick.

I took the hint grabbed some of the shower gel that was lying next to him on his bed and lubed up my throbbing cock and then lubed some up and down his ass crack and his hole.

I quickly slid my dick right to entrance of his ass.

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I rubbed my dick around in circles at the base of his hole teasing him a little bit like he did to me a few minutes ago in the shower. "Jesus will you stick it in already, I need that dick in my ass" I didn't waste anymore time and I pushed the tip of hard cock into his ass.

He let out a small moan, I knew he was ok then and I pushed more and more of it in until all seven was in. "Now fuck me," he demanded.

I started to pound his japanese teens neck fetish strangle fiercely, listening to him moan, which only turned me on even more at this point. I got into a good rhythm in and out in and out. "That feel good Cody" "Oh my God yes." he responded. "Yeah you little fag. take that fucking dick" I screamed as I continued to fuck him wildly. "I'm not a fag you fucker," He angrily cried back through his own moans "Yeah you are, you're taking my dick like a champ you fag.

Say it!" "Fuck no!" he snapped back "I said say it," as I thrust harder than I have ever had before. With a big bellow of pleasure he murmured out, "Fuck, I'm a fag, I'm a fag. fuck my little faggot ass!" That's all I needed to hear, "I'm gonna cum in your ass." I came spurt after spurt in his ass, it felt like a volcano erupting into his ass. I just stay there in his ass gasping for air from possibly the most intense orgasm of my life.

"How'd I feel?" he asked Hearing that I almost exploded again. "You felt fucking great," still heavily breathing "It's my turn now, give me that ass" "You got it," I eagerly complied knowing fully well I wanted him to fuck my ass as hard as his big cock could.

I pulled out of him, and I could see the cum dripping from his ass.

He reached around with his hand and scraped up all the cum that was coming out and put it back in his ass. It was so fucking hot. "You like my fucking cum in your ass don't you" "You fucking know it, now come here" He grabbed me threw me face down on the bed, grabbed the gel, and got him and me both ready. He slowly rubbed my asshole with his dick like I had done earlier.

"Fuck man," I sighed "Paybacks a bitch," he said cockily well knowing how bad I wanted his dick in my ass. "Ready for this big fat cock," With one big swoop he shoved all 7 3/4" straight down my wanting ass. I let out a really loud scream, the pain was intense at first. But soon that same intense pain turned to pure pleasure and I was in complete ecstasy. He crushed my ass so fucking hard and I wanted more and more.

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"Ah, yeah fuck my ass" "Yeah who's the fag now, bitch" "Awww, fuck I am. I am" He continued to fuck me hard. He started taking is entire dick out of my ass and then shoving his meat all the way back in. I can't even describe the feeling it was so amazing. I could feel him tense up inside me and I knew he was any second away from cumming. "Aww. I.I.I'm about to c. cum." "Yeah cum deep in my ass, give me that cum," I moaned in pleasure. He came straight in my ass, there was about ten big spurts, I didn't think it hottest tramp in the west gets fucked ever end.

He rolled over still in me so we were side by side, I could still feel his dick throbbing inside me. "Aww that was amazing," Cody said "Ya that was pretty fucking hot," "So I hope your girlfriend didn't mind me borrowing you again for the night" "What girlfriend" I smirked We both fell asleep while he was still inside me.

I woke up in the morning his dick was limp and out of me, I could feel the cum still dripping down my leg outside of my ass. I got up cleaned up a little, Cody was still sleeping. I was almost finished getting dressed, I was putting my shirt on and Cody woke up. "Hey man thanks for helping me clean up last night" "My pleasure," I said laughing "So what you doing next weekend?" He asked "Hopefully you," I said sarcastically walking out the door.