Shilpa setty real sex story

Shilpa setty real sex story
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The single-story house sat on a cul-de-sac, far away from the traffic on Blackstock Road. Inside, in front of a mirror shaped like a giant teardrop, a woman examined herself. She was almost naked as she studied her slender yet athletic build.

Kylie didn't know whether to be excited…or terrified. He was coming. In less than 30 minutes he would be here. Would Brayden really do this for her? She had her share of doubts. 'He'll hate me after this for sure,' she amateur guys fucking dutch hookers in reality movies. 'He'll think I'm disgusting.' Of course right now the 23-year-old looked anything but disgusting.

Kylie's alluring beauty practically taunted her in the mirror. She wore only a deep magenta bra and matching panties. The deep purplish-pink set off her dusky skin tone perfectly. The push-up bra barely contained the swell of her breasts. She twisted side to side, gazing at herself. A smooth, firm belly and abs guided the eye down to lean hips and long, sexy legs.

Her perfectly sculpted face had high cheekbones and chocolate-brown eyes filled with turmoil. This was the night. This was it. She'd told her boyfriend her awful, deep, dark secret fantasy, and he'd promised to fulfill it. Kylie's cell buzzed. The girl grabbed it from the nightstand. "Shauna, you know this isn't a good time." "Hey, girl!" Her best friend wasn't someone to be deterred.

"Just wanted to call and wish you good luck. I hope your handsome hunk leaves you exhausted." Gorgeous casting model finger fucked by lesbian agent delightful laugh drifted through the phone, making it nearly impossible to stay mad at her. Kylie smiled. "Shut up. He's going to be here in 26 minutes. I don't have time to run my mouth, or listen to you running YOURS." But Shauna must have heard the affection in Kylie's voice overcoming her irritation, because the girlfriend just laughed again.

"All lana tailor get out unrated episodes, whatevs. Listen though, I'm your best friend forever, girl, which is shorthand for 'I've got your back no matter what, no matter who, no matter if the house is falling down on you.'" Kylie rolled her eyes.

Why did her best friend have this stupid obsession with rhyming? Kylie groaned, smiled at the same time. Sometimes she didn't know whether to strangle her best friend or hug the life out of her. "All I'm saying, Ky, is if things don't go as you planned it or if Brayden wigs out on you, I'll be there faster than the speed of light, aight? And you can bet I'll be bringing a gallon of your favorite ice cream, if it all goes to shit. OK?" Kylie couldn't help from smiling yet again.

"OK, OK. Now will you please let me go? I only have 24 minutes left." "Oh, shush girl. You probably all set and ready. I bet you look gorgeous. Ah, fine, this is me saying goodbye.

Love you babe." "Love you too," Kylie sighed before her best friend hung up. There were just two steps left to take. Kylie lit the candles placed all along the dresser, the desk, and the cherry wood nightstands. Then she switched off the lights and took out two pairs of handcuffs. She laid back on the bed face-up. Kylie cuffed one of her wrists to the headboard with the first pair of handcuffs. Then, although pepper is a sexy amateur deepthroat star who shows up nervous but wind was awkward, she managed to cuff her other wrist to the headboard using the second pair of handcuffs.

Now she sighed, closed her eyes. Took a deep breath. Waited. Minutes ticked by. She felt her body getting hot - and not from the candles all around the bedroom or the heat of a South Carolina summer night. Anticipation sparked into a slow, insistent burn. She was nervous too.

She tried to reassure herself, but it was hard. Not because she didn't love Brayden. Not because she didn't trust him - or want to, at least.

It was just…she had been disappointed too many times in the past. 'Is he going to be like all the others?' she wondered. 'Why couldn't I just be a vanilla girly-girl?

Why do I have to be so weird?' It wasn't easy, being a talented pitcher in minor league baseball. The pay was mediocre but what she hated the most was the assumptions guys made about her.

They fell into one of two categories. They either assumed, because she was this tough athlete, that it meant certain things in the bedroom. That she liked to be dominant and take charge. Or, they demanded the exact opposite; that she would be totally traditional, the girlfriend who wanted vanilla sex, pliantly and often. The truth was complicated - because women were complicated. Kylie had a healthy libido, but it didn't run her life.

And, most importantly of all, her tastes in the bedroom were…unusual. Downright rare. Because Kylie had the darkest fantasy of all. She liked to be dominated by her man, but it went far beyond that. She had this forbidden fantasy of being captured by a serial killer.

Of him saying all of the awful things he would do to her as he tied her up helpless and had his way with her. Threats and dark promises turned her on during sex - even if those threats were obviously NOT things she would ever want a man to actually carry out.

The human brain was filled with contradictions. 'I'm filled with contradictions,' Kylie thought ruefully. The question was, would Brayden be okay with it?

Would he love her for who she was? Could he play the role she'd asked him to? Or would he realize that she was broken, that maybe she didn't deserve his love? Those were the questions that nagged the beautiful girl as she heard a key rustle in the lock to her front door. Kylie listened as the door opened.

She heard footsteps and suddenly her bedroom door swung wide. Brayden was there, the 6'4 football player with biceps as thick as tree trunks and a chest sculpted with washboard abs you could chop bricks on. His rugged face and eyes shone with primal hunger. Apparently he had stripped out of his tee already, revealing glorious muscles like all the eye candy Kylie could ever hope for.

"Well, well. If it isn't a poor, helpless, captured bitch," he said, his voice soft yet hard at the same time.

He had a small duffel bag. He was in the role now - the role of the sexualized serial killer. He put the duffel to the side, unzipped it, drew something out which flashed in the candlelight. A long, wickedly sharp knife. He laid it near the foot of the bed. Kylie felt a thrill of fear - and lust - as her body suddenly sparked to life from her toes to her fingertips to the tips of her breasts, and everywhere else besides.

"Please…let me go," she begged. Her pussy twitched when she watched him unbuckle his belt, take off his pants, shoes, and socks, as his long, thick cock bobbed into view. It had to be a good 10 inches long when erect. And right now? Now it stood out like a slab of silken steel, hard for her. Yearning to be buried deep inside her heat.

"Let you go? Why would I do that?" Brayden purred. He picked up the knife. He pressed the flat of the blade to the bare skin of her thigh and slid the edge underneath the side of her panties before slicing through the wispy fabric. She gasped. He ignored her, just folding the ruined panties out of the way, revealing her lush, exposed sex. "Mmm. And what's this?

This pussy is screaming to be fucked and tortured, isn't it little girl?" He lightly petted Kylie's shaved snatch. The girl was suddenly panting a mile a minute. She felt fresh heat coil through her loins. She felt the first promise of her fluids start to trickle between her thighs. "Please…don't do this," Kylie sighed.

The fantasy deepened. Her libido soared.

She watched, biting her lip as Brayden leaned over her. His hand left her pussy and she nearly cried out. Her clit already missed the tantalizing touch of his fingertips. As if her body was no longer her own, she felt a tiny voice inside her crying out, 'No.

Don't stop.' The dusky-skinned girl gazed at the point of the knife as it slowly came down toward her breasts. Brayden cut away the straps of the bra. He revealed her supple cones in all their glory as he folded the cups away on either side. His gray eyes flared with want and a hard edge of something that scared Kylie in all the right ways.

"Wh-what are you going to do?" she said. "Hmm. What should I do with you, little slut? Do you know how many women I've captured and killed? How many girls I've fucked senseless? Hmm?" Even though Brayden's words were part of the act, he played his part so convincingly that Kylie's heart hammered in her chest.

She looked down and saw her nipples pebbled up into hard little pink buds. Her pussy throbbed as Brayden's hand went back to her quim, gently stroking. Keisha gray and mishcha brooks bbc. Playing lightly with her clit. "Shall we start with pleasure…or pain?" Saying this, the boyfriend leaned over his helpless girlfriend and bit the nipples on each of her supple cones.

Kylie groaned. She arched her back, which only thrust her exposed tits into Brayden's mouth as he sucked on each of them in turn.

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He drew back reluctantly. He then pulled a cock-shaped rubber ball gag from the duffel bag. Brayden leaned over her, inserting it into her mouth, fastening it to her jaw and clicking the strap into place as she groaned.

"That should shut you up and keep you from asking anymore stupid questions," he said. Then he kissed the side rachita ram and amulya kannada heroins xxx her face with surprising tenderness.

His hand stroked her other cheek as his kisses traveled lower, traversing her body like a controlled whirlwind. Everywhere his lips touched, Kylie felt her skin ignite. When he kissed the upper part of her shaved pubic muff, she moaned through her gag and felt her cunt clench up with desperation. "UHHH!!!" "What's that, bitch? You'll have to speak more clearly." He nipped at her clitoris as his hands lazily circled her opening, gliding across her moistening labia.

Kylie closed her eyes and just focused on his touches. She breathed heavily through her nose as his tongue flicked across her clit for the first time. "Mmmm. You're enjoying this way too much, you nasty cunt. Maybe I should slice off your clit? That would be a good punishment. That's what I do to all my captured sluts, sooner or later…" Brayden let the awful statement hang like a knife over her head.

This fantasy was so dark, it would be easy to forget that Brayden loved Kylie so much and that she loved him. The things Brayden was willing to do, the role he was willing to play - it made Kylie marvel that she'd finally found another soul willing to at least indulge her twisted, secret wants.

Could Brayden be the one for her? That was the thought tumbling about in her mind, nearly drowned out in the haze of need that filled her veins as her pussy began to cream up quietly on Brayden's tongue.

He had his face buried between her thighs now. He was licking, lapping at her sex like her opening offered the finest feast. He groaned appreciatively as her fluids began to flow onto his tongue. Brayden's hands reached up, cupping Kylie's breasts. Her hands clenched. Her chest rose and fell faster and faster as her boyfriend's tongue dove deeply into her soft folds. "AAAAHHH!!!" she moaned through her gag. The cock-shaped gag filled not just her mouth, but also the back of her throat.

She yearned to moan his name, but she couldn't. She was so helpless. She was naked, completely bare to his every whim. This awful serial killer had her at his complete mercy and she could do nothing to save herself. She could only widen her thighs and offer her exposed pussy more readily to his attentive mouth. She could only moan as her nipples hardened like pink diamonds, as she felt herself building toward the most forbidden climax.

What happened moments later nearly undid Kylie. Between sucks and slurping on Kylie's pussy, Brayden growled at her, "I want you to close your eyes." She did, her veins thrumming with lust as he nibbled on her clit and began to thrust two fingers into her wetness.

He was pumping them hard into her soft sex, ramming them harder and harder, upping the tempo, battering her joy nub with his tongue until she was arching her back off the bed and moaning a constant 'Ooooohh!' through her gag.

And then he did the unexpected. Suddenly he took it all away. He withdrew and left Kylie poised on the precipice of orgasm. A wave of disappointment threatened to crest over her and crush her like a tsunami. Her eyes still squeezed shut, Kylie almost gasped as her body protested in a million places.

Yet before she could, there was a loud smack. The end of the riding crop Brayden had grabbed suddenly slammed into Kylie's exposed pussy. The unexpected slap release her pent-up libido like a violent flood. She came so hard. Her snatch convulsed as her legs writhed. Her breasts wiggled side to side as she moaned loudly through her gag, twisting in her handcuffs.

The delirious joy of coming threw Kylie into an oblivion from which she never wanted to return. When it was all over - it could have been seconds, minutes, hours for all Kylie knew or cared - the beautiful girl just felt happily sated warmth between her legs. Brayden's head abruptly loomed in front of her face. His index finger traced a line down her chin, where she'd begun to drool thanks to the ball-gag affixed in her mouth.

"Did you like that, you nasty little bitch? You enjoyed yourself at my expense, didn't you? And you know what? That deserves a punishment." Brayden unfastened the ball gag and let the rubber-shaped cock dangle onto her neck. He little girl and grandpa sex her chest until his elongated shaft nestled in the valley of her breasts.

He then reached back, slapping the end of the riding crop against her defenseless young pussy. "OW!" she cried out. "Say something, bitch. Did you enjoy herself? Hmm? Did you CUM?" "Y-yes," she whispered. He brought the riding crop to her mouth. It glistened with her juices in the candlelight. "Lick your nasty fluids off of my crop, you dirty cunt." Kylie obeyed, jahre alte oma uschi fickt jungen typen german granny tongue sliding along the end of the crop until it glistened with just her saliva.

Then she looked up at him fearfully as he took up the knife in his other hand and pressed the flat of his blade against one of her breasts. The cold steel felt like ice against her horribly sensitive nipple. "Should I cut off your nipples for enjoying that cuckolder gets bbcs cum interracial and pornstars little too much? I think I should." Kylie yelped as Brayden pressed the point of the knife into her nipple, just enough to nick the skin, not even to draw blood.

Fear seized up her chest, catapulting the girl's arousal to new heights. 'Oh fuck. I'm so broken. This is turning me on.

What's wrong with me?' Kylie thought. She was trembling as Brayden leaned over, capturing her mouth with a long, impassioned kiss. When he finally drew back so that they could both come up for air, he stared at her so intently. "I think you're ready to take a hard cock right up your slut pussy. Beg for my cock, little girl. Beg for it or I'll cut your nipples off right NOW." Brayden slapped the end of the riding crop against Kylie's sex.

She groaned as the constant cadence of his crop swatting her helpless pussy echoed in the bedroom. "Tell me how much you want my cock, bitch. Tell me," he shouted.

"Please stop! I want your cock. Please fuck me, Sir!" "Call me 'Master' you ungrateful bitch." "Yes Master," Kylie chirped. "Please fuck my pussy with your big, hard cock." He kept smacking her sensitive, shaved pussy with the riding crop. "Not convincing enough, slut. You can do better." Kylie whimpered. "OK. Ahhh! Please fuck my pussy, stretch my pussy. Fuck me hard until I scream and then fuck me harder, Master.

Rape my love-hole with your cruel cock and make me squeal. Please, I beg you. FUCK ME," Kylie crooned. Finally, satisfied with the girl's submission, Brayden let the crop slip from his fingers.

He put the knife aside too. He leaned down over his gorgeous girlfriend and kissed her softly on the lips. "Mmmm. Are you ready, bitch? I'm going to give you the best fuck of your young life. Maybe when I'm torturing you, twisting your nipples off and shoving a steel rod up your ass, maybe you'll be able to pine for better times when only my hard, pumping shaft was raping your tight pussy. So enjoy what's about to happen to you, little girl.

Enjoy my cock while you can." The 'serial killer's' awful promises, like bitter dark chocolate, swirled in Kylie's mind as she watched him line up his cockhead between her cunt lips. He slowly nudged the head into her soft warmth. She stiffened in anticipation, her quim wet with arousal.

Then he suddenly slammed his hips double anal penetration for redheaded transsexual fernanda cristine, leaving her breathless as she felt all 10 inches of his manhood ramming towards her cervix. "Ahhh! Oh god!" Kylie cried out as Brayden's hands clamped onto her shoulders. He held her in place as his shaft slammed into her young pussy with hard, brutal fucks.

The bed creaked and shook as his cock pierced her snatch until only his jostling testicles were visible. He stroked her tight channel as if his cock was a battering ram.

His violent thrusts were joined by the loud smacks each time their bodies slammed together as one. "Uhh! Uhh! UHH!! This tight pussy's getting raped, bitch. I'm going to fuck you raw," Brayden growled. Kylie bit her lip before moaning. "Yes, Sir. Please fuck me. Fuck my pussy raw." The arousal in her loins was now a wildfire that couldn't be extinguished.

She felt rivers of lust flowing through her veins. The naked girl couldn't help herself. Her pussy squeezed lovingly around Brayden's cock as she met his thrusts with the movement of her hips.

She pushed her pussy forward to eagerly meet his pulverizing fucks. Soon her grunts and moans, his grunts and the loud smacks of their bodies joining as he fucked her without mercy, these sounds combined and echoed throughout the entire house.

Kylie's brown eyes looked up at Brayden's hungry stare as he made love to her. Fucked her. The hard glint in his eyes told her how seriously he was taking his role as the twisted 'serial killer,' but there was this underlying softness he couldn't hide.

There was a love behind his hard gaze which she could see, plain as a full moon. "Master, please fuck me. Fill me with your cum." "Uh! Uhh!" Brayden groaned. "You think you deserve my cum, worthless slut? Beg for it. Let me hear your desperation, bitch." Brayden leaned down, kissing the side of Kylie's face as his hands caressed her hair, as his cock lanced through her young sex with full, jarring strokes.

"Please come inside me. Empty your seed in my pussy, Master. I want to feel your sticky, warm cum filling me up. PLEASE. Fuck me and come inside me. Make me yours," Kylie murmured. "Sing for me, bitch. I want you to moan like a bitch in heat. Moan for all you're worth or I'll do to you next what I eventually do to all my captured girls. I'll cut your throat." The boyfriend said those awful words as he drew his penis out of her warmth, only to bring his cock slamming into her sex like a spear.

Kylie's moan rose an octave, her nipples pebbling up as lust surged through her loins. Her feminine need to be dominated rose to a pinnacle as her pussy writhed around his dick.

She was coming…even harder than before, if that was even impossible. "Oh fuck! Ahhhh!!!! Master, I'm gushing two giant toys for a lusty blonde solo and anal your dick," she moaned, her mouth wide open as she cried out and screamed "YES!

AHHH!!!" Brayden looked down at his cock vanishing inside her wetness, gripped by her cunt muscles in a loving, delirious embrace, and he ground out a guttural cry as he threw his hips forward and felt his cock explode. "AHHH! Coming inside you, bitch. Filling you up, you nasty whore!" Brayden shouted. "Yes! Uhhh!" Kylie squealed as she felt his cock twitch inside her slick depths.

Her wrists chafed against the handcuffs to the point of pain, but she didn't care. There would be red marks along her slender wrists later on, but she didn't care. Kylie felt her young body floating on pleasure, lust, love, tenderness, too many emotions and sensations to decipher reality as her boyfriend pumped what seemed a gallon of cum between her legs.

At last, panting almost as heavily as she was, Brayden pulled out his softening prick and looked down. They both looked down. From Teen candy alexa gets juicy pussy banged in hardcore milehighvidscom pornstars big dick ruined snatch, from between her swollen cunt lips, a huge dollop of cum oozed out onto the bedsheets. It was followed by several large swaths of cum trickling out until they slipped into her anus, hd pornpros tiny teen sammie daniels fucked by older man her even stickier than before.

Kylie laid back, her heart-rate galloping as her breasts rose and fell in a frantic rhythm. All ebony dubbed sex storys Brayden's rugged face, the gray eyes flecked with bits of blue, blocked out Kylie's view.

He brought the knife to her neck. She felt the cold flat of the blade against her bare skin even as his other hand cupped her pussy. "Now that I've fucked you and emptied my seed inside you, I bet you're worried you might get pregnant. Well don't worry, bitch. I don't think you'll live that long." He slid the knife across her throat as Kylie gasped.

What the beautiful girl didn't realize was that her boyfriend had replaced the real knife with a fake knife moments ago. Even as the blade slid across her throat, the blade retracted, and she realized that this knife was made not out of steel, but a hard plastic resin.

Still, it had the desired effect. The poor girl nearly had a heart attack. Twisted as it was, the jolt of fear combined with Brayden's hand cupping her sex sent her over the edge.

She gushed on Brayden's hand in a final orgasm as her eyes rolled up in her head. "Ooohhh…" she groaned, fighting for air, telling her heart to stop slamming through her ribcage.

"Oh god…that was insane." The serial killer was gone. Now there was only Brayden. Her boyfriend. He was already unlocking her handcuffs, freeing her wrists. She curled up against him, her nakedness nestled against his muscular warmth as he wrapped his arms around her.

He kissed the top of her head. "Are you all right, baby?" He tipped her head upward, forcing her to look at him. Kylie's smile lit up the room like the biggest candle of all. "Are you kidding, Bray?

That was amazing. You…" She couldn't find the words. She had to settle for simplicity and just hope he could hear the wonder in her voice. "Thank you." Brayden smiled down at her, swooping down to kiss her softly, then more and more hungrily as their tongues wrestled, their lips pressed together. He broke off the kiss, cupping her face as he stared with such intensity it made her heart stop.

"I would do it all again, Kylie, for you. I love you." Kylie felt her heart lurch. "Even if…I'm messed up?" she said, hating the way her voice cracked. But Brayden just gave her the most solemn nod. "Even then, baby. I love YOU. Not the perfect, idealized woman out there. She doesn't exist. I love YOU. Always will, baby. Always will. And do you know why else?" Kylie shook her head sideways, biting her lip as he reached down to gently stroke her sex.

"Because you're not 'messed up.' Or, to put it more bluntly, we're all 'messed up,' just in different ways. If this is the worst secret you'll ever have, Kylie, then I'll consider myself a lucky man.

Besides," and now he winked at her as she tried to ignore the distracting sensations of his fingers slipping inside her cum-soaked cunt, "maybe you're not the only one with dark secret fantasies, hmm?" The thought sent a thrill of anticipation that melted Kylie's heart and sent her mind spinning. She reached down, grasping the base of his cock as it sprang to renewed life between her fingers. "Oh yeah?" she said seductively. "Well, then, Mister, you better start talking." She shimmied down the bed with a wicked smile until her mouth smothered his cock.

Her hands fondled his testicles as she began to pump her mouth up and down his manhood, moaning as she planned to give him a very real 'Thank You' for what he'd just done for her. All Kylie could think as peculiar lesbians fill up their huge butts with milk and squirt it out threesome creampies boyfriend lovingly caressed her hair, holding her dark tresses away from her face as she sucked his cock, was this: 'He thinks he's a lucky man, but I'm the lucky one.

I've found someone who loves me, who accepts me.' The realization swirled in the girl's head like a priceless song Kylie would never forget. ******************** THE NEXT WEEK… ******************** A 23-year-old woman strode into the Tiger's Eye café. She was striking, tall, her athletic body setting her apart from the average girl.

Her beautiful face looked noble with its high cheekbones and finely chiseled nose. Underlying all if it Kylie's smooth, dark skin and self-assured bearing almost gave her the aura of an African princess. And right now, strangely enough, she felt like one.

"Hey, girl. Oh. My. Gawd." Shauna gasped as Kylie slid into the booth opposite her. Kylie's younger friend made big eyes at her. Kylie was wearing an ultra low-cut party dress of bright pink.

The dress revealed the girl's slim shoulders plus a generous amount of cleavage. 'Cleavage' didn't even begin to cover it. Shauna marveled at the V-shaped dip down the front of Kylie's dress, which basically showed off the curves of Kylie's breasts except for her nipples, not to mention the girl's smooth chest above her belly button. They were getting more than a few looks - mostly from men, but a few women too.

"You know you like it," Kylie said with a playful wink. "Bray's taking me out for dinner and dancing later." "Like it?" Shauna said. "Who kidnapped my best friend and replaced her with a fashionable doppelganger?

Because WHOEVER it was, I definitely need to thank them." Shauna's musical laugh made Kylie blush as she stole a sip of her arab school sex no money no problem mocha.

The two best friends could practically finish one another's sentences, but right now taan xxx story full full sex stories comfortable silence intervened.

Kylie just stared happily into her best friend's eyes and finally Shauna couldn't take it anymore. The girl squealed and rubbed her hands together. "Spill. I want EVERYTHING. Every last detail, no matter how insignificant, girl. You owe me." Kylie nearly snorted out the second sip of coffee she'd been stealing - and pursed her lips.

"Owe you? For what?" "For encouraging you to be real with Brayden. Telling him about your forbidden desires." Shauna's voice dipped low and dramatically as she said those last two words. Then she added, with a bright smile as her voice rose back to its usual chirpiness, "And for being the moral support you needed." The girl folded her arms on the tabletop and looked at Kylie expectantly, like a judge waiting for a lawyer to explain why they'd just arrived late to court.

"Ky, no more stalling. You look like someone just fucked your brains out, girl. Spill!" Kylie did just that. She told her friend about her night with Brayden, about the barriers they'd crossed.

About how he'd played the role of harsh 'serial killer' to turn her on, to make her helpless, and to make her come like she'd never come before. What might have seemed like the ultimate night of sexual debauchery was actually something much simpler, more beautiful; just the act of making love.

Despite the darkness of it, the grit and forbidden element to Kylie's fantasy of being kidnapped and raped by a serial killer, she knew Brayden cared for her. There was a vast, vast difference between fulfilling a fantasy for the sake of loving another person and embracing a reality that Kylie wouldn't want visited on any woman. This was her fantasy, her individual need - nothing more, nothing less. "Wow. Just…wow," Shauna sighed after Kylie had told her all the tempting details.

She'd even told Shauna about the fake retractable knife which Brayden had used to 'slit' her throat before making her orgasm one more time. Shauna placed her hand on Kylie's.

"You really went all the way with it, huh? I mean, and Brayden…he stepped up like a champ. I mean…holy shit, he's such a stud." Suddenly Shauna got quiet. "You really love him, don't you?" Kylie shrugged, trying not to let her best friend see her blush again. "I'm in the process of falling in love with him. It's not the same thing." "Uh-huh. Sure it isn't." Shauna narrowed her gaze. "You two have been dating how long?

Nine months?" The athletic girl nodded, bit her lip. "Something like that." "You're in a good place. You've finally found someone who gets you, who'll love you for YOU, babe. I'm so fucking jealous," Shauna sighed. Her voice contained a yearning that somehow pulled at Kylie's heartstrings. It had been almost half a year since Shauna had gotten dumped. Her 22-year-old friend hadn't found a guy to intrigue her in a long time.

Sure, she'd made the occasional hook-up with a cute guy from a bar or a club, but that wasn't the same. It 'scratched the itch,' you might say, but sometimes itch-scratching was highly overrated. Just then a crazy idea popped into Kylie's head. She was basing it on the tone in her best friend's voice, but before she full-out verbalized it she had to be sure.

"Do you ever think…" Kylie stole Shauna's coffee cup and stared into the liquid because she didn't trust herself to look up. "Do I ever think what?" "My rape fantasy. Does it…ever seem like something that would, you know…turn you on?

I mean, I know I can tell you anything and you'll always support me and won't judge me. But I'm just curious…" A thoughtful look crept over Shauna's face as Kylie risked a glance up at her friend. "What if it does?" She shrugged. "Maybe that's part of why I'm jealous." Kylie took a deep breath and thought 'Here goes nothing'. "The reason I ask, Shauna, is because…I thought just now, what if we did one together." Shauna's forehead scrunched up in total confusion.

"Did one what?" Kylie swallowed, tried again. "If we experienced the same fantasy. I could ask Brayden if he'd be willing to do it for both of us." "Are you offering to let me have sex with your boyfriend?" Shauna all but blurted out, a little louder than she'd intended.

A look from a businesswoman at the nearest table had both girls blushing. "Want to keep it down?" Kylie hissed. "Sorry." Shauna tried to recover. "The idea makes me a little hot. Okay, more than a little," she admitted. "But I don't want to make things weird between you and Brayden." Now it was Kylie's turn to put a comforting hand on top of Shauna's. "It won't. I'll feel him out about the idea tonight. Bray's always honest with me. If it bothers him, he'll say so. If not…" Kylie's eyes glinted with mischief, "…then let me do this for you, honey.

Let me help show you a night you'll never forget." *********************** END OF PART ONE.

Upcoming: PART TWO with the complete ending. *********************** Author's Note: I hope you enjoyed the story.

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Please leave a comment if you'd like. This story has been one of my favorites to write b/c it's based on some personal experiences. Disclaimer: all characters in the story are 18 or older, and all events depicted are fictitious. Remember, this is a fantasy. Always follow your dreams, the darker and kinkier the better :) ~Gaggedkitty