Busty milf masturbates before fucks her man

Busty milf masturbates before fucks her man
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Part 9: Caitlyn I slowly woke up, all warm and cosy, though I was lying in a funny position and couldn't move much. It took me a minute to wake up enough to realize that Lauren was wrapped around me, spooning me. I could feel her nipples, hard even when asleep, poking into my back and her bush tickling my butt.

Wow, life is good I thought, last night I'd confessed to Lauren just how deep my feelings for her were. Far more than the usual sister relationship and not just lust for her beautiful self either. I'd surprised myself with the things I had said and breaking down and crying as well, I felt a little foolish at the memory, but Lauren had reacted perfectly, telling me she loved me.

My real decision now was what to do about Alex. I didn't want to have sex with him, I was saving myself for Lauren, but she did like fucking him and I had to figure out a way to be okay with that. Could I though? I didn't want to control Lauren and I couldn't blame him too much for what had happened.

Lauren had teased him mercilessly on Sunday night, but the way he had almost forced himself on her still pissed me off. And of course there was the matter of the photos he'd taken of us, I really didn't want those out in the open for anyone to see. I doubted anyone would understand the way things were between us and Mum and Dad would probably kill us.

Lauren gave a sleepy little moan, wiggling against my back. Busty babe gets help with her masturbation of her hands was pinned between my back and her chest, the other was cupping one of my boobs with my hand on top of hers.

I reached my free hand back and lightly slapped her on the butt. "Wake up sleepyhead, we have to get up before mum comes in to wake us up." "Nnnnnnhh can't we just stay in bed all day?" she gave my boob a squeeze as she nuzzled my neck, placing a couple of kisses on my shoulder as well.

"I'd love to, but we've already slept in, I didn't turn on the alarm last night and we don't want to get caught like this." I rolled over until we were face to face, our noses almost touching. I could see her eyes moving side to side, like she couldn't decide where to look. I gave her a quick kiss on the lips before pulling back with an exaggerated look of disgust on my face, "Ewwww morning breath!

What did you do? Kiss the dog or something?" "Bitch!" Lauren poked her tongue out at me, I was tempted to give it a lick. "No I didn't kiss the dog, your breath isn't much better either you know.

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Who knows where you mouth has been?" Laughing, I pulled back the covers and slipped off her bed. Lauren just lay there, completely exposed now, she simply watched me as I walked over to my dresser to get some clothes.

How many times had I wished that his would happen? Putting on a show for her in the hopes of getting her attention and now I had it. I opened a drawer and pulled out two pairs of panties, holding them up I turned around, "Which pair should I wear?" "Neither, it's much nicer to go commando" Lauren leered at me, or at least I think that's what she was trying to do.

I think she needs more practice on leering, I was happy to give her more chances. "I should have expected that kind of answer from you, are you going to get up or what?" She still hadn't moved, one hand propping up her head, the other plucking at her pubes.

"I'm just enjoying the view, I seem to have a new appreciation for your little shows. I plan to make the most of them from now on." Lauren brought one leg up until her foot was flat on the bed. The hand on her pussy moved a little lower, her fingers moved apart, spreading her pussy before slipping a finger between her lips, a moan slipped out and her eyes closed for a moment.

"You tease! Who's putting on a show for who?" I was entranced, my gaze drawn to her groin as her fingers worked their magic. "Keep dressing, I want to watch your show." duddys step daughter jerk off a taste of the holidays Lauren had a finger buried inside herself now and her thumb working on her clit. My nipples were tingling as they hardened and I could myself getting wet watching her. "I think I'll wear the pink ones, they're a little small but I think they'll still fit." I spun around so my back was to the bed, then bent over slipping my feet into my panties, before slowly pulling them up my legs.

I could see between my legs, Lauren was pinching a nipple as she continued to finger herself, staring at my ass. I straightened up, pulling my pink boy short panties up around my ass. There were definitely a bit tight, but I pulled them into the crack of my ass, snug around my pussy. Keeping my back to Lauren I began searching for a bra to wear.

I kept one leg bent so my ass continued to stick out for Laurens' benefit. I chose a matching pink bra with lacy cups, "Do you like this one? Or let me guess, I should go without?" Turning around to show Lauren I saw that she had moved, sitting up on the bed now, leaning back against the wall with her knees pulled up to her chest, her pussy showing wetly from behind her little bush.

She had such lovely pussy hair, it almost made me wish sexy latina veronica rodriguez learns she can squirt I didn't shave mine off. Her hands were getting busy, one reaching around a leg from underneath, two fingers pumping in and out of her pussy. The other rubbing frantically at her clit. There was a glazed look in her eye and was doing that sexy lower lip bite I loved so much.

Taking a few steps closer, I waved the bra in her face, Lauren shuddered as one of the straps dragged across a nipple. "No objections then?" I asked, she just shook her head.

I pulled the bra back and slowly put it on, adjusting the cups around my boobs, Lauren's gaze riveted to my chest as I did. Moving back to my dresser, I pulled out a light blue t-shirt before turning to Lauren again. I didn't want the show to end yet as Lauren hadn't finished and I was loving it myself.

"You don't want me to put this on yet do you?" I held the t-shirt in front of me, obscuring my body from Lauren's view. "Nooooo, not yet, come here you tease!" The urgency in Lauren's voice was obvious, she must be close to coming I thought. Stepping up to the bed, I tossed the shirt aside and put one foot up on the bed, placing it between Lauren's legs almost touching her pussy.

Both hands were moving furiously now, wet squishy noises coming from her pussy. "Do you need a hand?" I moved my foot, lightly scratching at her thigh with my toe nails. A shiver ran through her body at my touch, her eyes traveled down my body, lingering on my breasts before moving downwards. "Oh, nnnhhh, you have a…a… cameltoe!" Lauren started shuddering as her orgasm overtook, plunging two fingers deep into her pussy and holding them there as she gasped and shook.

I just watched, amazed at how beautiful she looked, even in the throes of passion, making a funny face as she came. I was so worked up, I could feel how wet and hot my pussy was, but I didn't have time to get off as well. After a minute or so, Lauren finally relaxed, she looked up at me with a small smile, "I've never seen you riding a camel before!" I couldn't help but burst out laughing, "Riding a camel? Really?

Now get your sexy ass out of bed, we have to get to school" Lauren finally dragged herself off the bed and we both got dressed and ready to go. We spent all our breaks together talking about all sorts of things, which I guess was pretty normal, the difference this time horny teens from south park threesomes nostalgia how often we would stop talking and just stare into each others eyes. I told Lauren that Sara was going to be spending the weekend with us, causing a mixture of legal age teenager jerks off hard penis hardcore and blowjob of joy and groans of disappointment.

Lauren and Sara got on really well together, but Lauren had no idea of the things that Sara and I got up to, we never masturbated together at my place, we only did that at Sara's. "Don't worry, we'll still be spending lots of time together, I've got a special surprise set up for you on Friday night and I need Sara's help with that." "What kind of surprise?

Tell me?" Lauren was yanking on my arm, almost jumping up and down. She was a real sucker for surprises; she really loved them and would always try and find out beforehand what they were. "It's a surprise you dork! I'm not going to tell you, you'll just have to wait 'til Friday." She continued to pester me about that for the rest of lunch, but there was no way I was going to spoil this one.

Another cool thing was that Lisa completely ignored me, she kept telling everyone that some idiot had thrown a ball in PE and hit in the face. No one believed her of course, the bruise on one side of her face looked way too much like a hand print to be mistaken for anything else.

After school as we walked home, we finally started to talk about Alex. "He won't be home yet, so I'll get on his computer and get any pics he might have of us," Lauren assured me. "Okay, so you do that and that solves that problem, but what about Alex? I don't want us fighting with him, he's a cool guy, I just don't want him trying to perv latina coed cecilia takes a stiff cock in her tight twat us whenever we're alone." "Well, what do you want to do then?" "Let's talk to him, try and get him to see our point of view.

We're together and he's not part of that." "Caitlyn!" Lauren whined my name, "why can't he be part of it? You should really give it a try sometime; you'll love it I'm sure. There's nothing quite like the feel of a cock deep inside you filling you up and then we all that cum squirts out, it's just so, so, YUMMY!" She seemed to be at a momentary loss of words before she blurted out the yummy part.

The idea did kind of appeal to me, but I doubt anything could compare to the taste of Lauren when she came in my mouth. Guys could be so crude, I'd seen enough porn with Sara, I didn't want some guy shoving that thing of theirs inside me. "Look Lauren, I know you like fucking Dusty," I was still having trouble processing that idea. "And you liked sucking and fucking Alex but I don't want to do that. I don't know if I can deal with sharing you with him." "Caitlyn, I love Alex, but you and I are in love with each other.

It's a completely different situation. We can't just leave him to play with himself all the time, it wouldn't be fair." Damn it, would my will crumble every time she told me she loved me now? I let out a sigh, "Okay, okay fine. We'll work something out between you two, but just remember," I quickly looked around but the street was deserted.

"This belongs to me now!" I grabbed her ass, pulling her towards me until our bodies mashed up against each other I kissed her hard, our tongues tangling with each other. I was lost in the moment until I was suddenly brought back to myself by the sound of a dog barking nearby. Quickly stepping back, I looked around again, thankfully no one was around. Lauren was looking at me in shock; I was blushing fiercely, my skin felt all hot.

"Woah, I can't believe you did that! What's happened to my shy sister?" She was almost laughing, but not a trace of a blush on her beautiful face. How could she be so calm? I'd just kissed her in the middle of the street, anyone could have seen us! "I&hellip.I&hellip.I…" I didn't know what to say, Lauren was right, I would never have done something like that.

The events of the last couple of days really had changed me. "You've come over me," Lauren looked at me for a moment and then we both burst out laughing. "Yeah, I've come over you and you have on me too!" we both continued to laugh, unable to stop, until tears started to run from both our eyes.

Finally the laughter subsided to giggles and we regained some control of ourselves. "Come on, let's get home, we've still got things to do before Alex gets home" Tentatively I reached out, taking Lauren's hand in mine, she gave my hand a gentle squeeze, smiled at me and we began walking home. It didn't take long to get home, once there Lauren rushed upstairs and went into Alex's room and began working on his computer.

I stayed downstairs making a sandwich for both of us, and keeping an eye out in case Alex came home early. After about 10 minutes Lauren came downstairs, a huge smile on her face, "All taken care of, is that sandwich for me?" Big surprise that she noticed the sandwich, food was always a high priority for her after school and yet she always stayed so slim!

Sitting on the couch I patted the cushion beside me, "Come sit down, we'll wait here, he should be home soon." The next 15 minutes seemed to drag on forever, I was so nervous. I had no idea how this would turn out and I really hated confrontations.

Both our heads snapped around as we heard a key in the lock and the front door slowly opened, then a moment later, quietly closed.

I think Alex was trying to sneak in, as the look of surprise on his face when he poked his head around the corner was priceless. "Quit gaping like a fish and come in here, we want to talk to you." Lauren was using her authoritative voice again; it sent a small quiver up my spine, making me forget my nerves for a moment.

Alex closed his mouth with a snap, staring at us for a moment before walking in and sitting on the chair opposite us. He looked as nervous as I felt, I started feeling sorry for him, he had no idea what was happening and had even less of an idea of what had truly transpired over the last couple of days.

We just sat there looking at each for a minute before I broke the silence, "Don't be so worried Alex, we're not going to hurt you. And you're not going to do anything to us either; we've deleted all your pics of us from your phone and your computer." I picked up his phone from beside me and tossed it across to him. He had a confused look on his face as he spoke, "How did you……" he just kind of trailed off.

"Your password was too easy, and using the same one on your phone and laptop, dumb move bro!" the gloating was obvious in her voice, so I punched her in the arm. "It's rude to gloat, besides that's not what we want to talk to you about, well it's not the only thing to talk about." "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry for taking pictures of you both in the shower, but you're both so hot!" Alex started talking really fast, like he was worried we might interrupt, "I mean look at the pair of you, you're fucking gorgeous and you're going down on each other and everything and how could I not look?

Any guy would kill to see the things I did, it was darkx teen tourists thank host by sharing his bbc was blushing again and hating it, my body betrayed my emotions so easily.

I was glad I was wearing a bra, as my nipples were getting hard, thinking about how we must have looked to Alex and just how much had he seen? I hadn't actually seen the photos he took; only Lauren had seen them. "Yeah we know you're a perv, but what about when you fucked me in the yard? That's not just taking photos; you forced your cock into my mouth and threatened me with those pictures!" Lauren sounded pretty angry, her voice rising with every word.

Alex at least had the decency to look ashamed, his head hung down, not meeting our gazes. "I couldn't help it, you looked so sexy fucking Dusty," he looked up at Lauren, "and after the way you treated me the night before, making me lick your ass and the way you came all over my face and then you just left me like that.

I was really pissed off at you and I wanted revenge." His voice was thick with emotion, his eyes darting back and forth between us now as he continued. "I know I went way too far, forcing you like that, but come on, admit that you loved it. You said that we were even!" Alex was sounding a little whiny now, pleading with us. Lauren turned to look at me, squeezing my hands in hers, "Yeah I did love it, I love fucking, but that doesn't make it okay, right?" "Right" Alex sounded pretty downcast now, "so now what?" "Now," I said, "we start again, we tell you how things are and we work out where we stand from now on." "Caitlyn and I love you Alex, you're our brother and will always have a place in our hearts." Lauren got up from the couch and went and sat on the arm of the chair, putting an arm around Alex's shoulders.

Taking my queue from her I did the same, sitting on his other side, "But there is something more you need to understand, I'm IN love with Lauren and she is with me, you can't come between us." "You mean like I am right now?" Alex wrapped an arm around both our waists, pulling us together until we both fell into his lap tangled up in each others grasp.

Lauren and I both collapsed with shrieks of laughter as he began tickling us, squirming and gasping in his lap until Lauren fell to the floor, leaving me alone in his grasp. My squeals of laughter got even louder as Alex now used both hands to tickle me; running up and down my sides, finding all my tickle spots. Lauren lay on the floor at our feet, still laughing as she watched me being tickle tortured.

Finally Alex relented and stopped tickling, just holding me as I slowly calmed down. He had one hand across my thighs, the other on my lower back gently rubbing up and down. I was surprised when I realized that I could feel a lump under my thigh, OH MY GOD! He'd gotten a hard on while tickling me! I granny wanks on the cock to sit there as he rubbed my back, completely unsure what to do.

Lauren had gone quiet as she continued to watch us; suddenly I jumped to my feet with a gasp when Alex slipped his hand between my legs going for my pussy. "Don't touch me like that!" I was shocked and embarrassed; I didn't want Alex to think I thought about him that way. "Caitlyn, I'm sorry, I thought&hellip. I thought that you wanted to&hellip." Again his voice trailed off, as confusion took hold.

"I'm sorry Alex, I thought I was clear, I'm not interested in having sex with you.

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I don't like guys that way." I surprised myself with that statement, I'd never thought of myself as being gay, but is that what I am? A lesbian? Lauren got up from the floor, and hugged me from behind. Looking over my shoulder at Alex she said, "it's okay Alex, you didn't do anything wrong, you just didn't know.

But don't worry, I like guys just fine." "You mean?" Alex had an adorably hopeful look on his face, almost like a puppy waiting for a snack. "Yes," I replied, "that means that you and Lauren can have sex with each other, SOMETIMES!" I almost shouted the last word, desperate to make it clear.

"But she belongs to me and I belong to her, understand?" Lauren squeezed me harder, then reaching up she cupped both my breasts, squeezing them and pushing them both together, causing me to squirm in her grasp. "I think so, so when can we do it? I mean Lauren and me." He stood up, a tent forming in his shorts. Lauren whispered quietly in my ear, "Not yet, make him wait for it." I moaned as Lauren continued to play with my boobs, grinding herself against my ass. "Not yet, you've been a bad boy and will have to wait.

This weekend will be soon enough for you I think." "Ohhhh man, you girls are such teases!" Alex gave his dick a squeeze as he watched Lauren fondle me. I could tell he was disappointed but he didn't seem angry, I was happy about that. Laurens breath tickled my ear as she again whispered to me "Let's tease him some more, then I want to get you alone, show me off to him." Hmmm, I liked the sound of that.

Prying Laurens hands away young blonde school girl molly earns her keep my boobs, I stepped around behind her, copying her position on me, but since she was taller I couldn't actually see over her shoulder.

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"Take a seat Alex, we'll give you a little preview" I think he may have broken the sound barrier he sat down so fast. Lauren gave out a giggle, "Don't hurt yourself!" Looking around her side I could see that Alex had half missed the chair in his haste and was awkwardly half sitting half falling off the arm of the chair.

I burst out laughing he looked so ridiculous, "Just take a seat perv, and don't touch that phone of yours!" With a guilty look at his phone, Alex seated himself properly, one hand rubbing the outside of his pants where he now had a hot japanese busty wife cum her vagina more obvious bulge.

Lauren was wearing a tight t-shirt and a loose skirt that floated mid-way down her thighs. I started running my hands up her sides, pulling her shirt partway up, revealing her bare stomach before letting it drop down again. I did this several times, going higher and higher until her t-shirt was just below her boobs. Lauren's breathing was getting deeper and she was pushing her ass back into my stomach. I slipped both hands under her t-shirt and cupped her small boobs, pinching her nipples and causing her gasp.

Alex gave out a moan as well, I guess he was enjoying our show. Holding Lauren by the hips I turned her around and grasped the bottom of her t-shirt I raised it up. Lauren raised her arms above her head as I pulled it higher, her nipples almost poking out my eyes as they were revealed to hungry gaze. Lauren pulled her shirt the rest of the way off as I licked one of her nipples, bringing a loud moan from her lips. "Turn around, I can't see!" Alex moaned.

Releasing my lip lock on Lauren's nipple, I turned her back around, placing my arm across her breasts, hiding them from Alex's view for a little longer. "You two are so fucking hot! Come on Caitlyn, show me more!" I felt like I was a stripper or something, some guy in the crowd urging me to take it off.

I pinched both of Laurens nipples and pulled downwards, trying to get her to bend over. She gave a long drawn out moan as I pulled harder before she began bending down to relieve the pressure. Finally I could see Alex, sitting there staring rapturously at us. At some point he'd pulled his shorts down around his ankles, his cock sticking up out of a nest of pubes, balls sitting on top of his thighs.

One hand wrapped around it, stroking up and down. I felt almost nothing at seeing his dick, no revulsion, no increase in arousal, just mild curiosity. Most of my attention was still consumed by my incredibly sexy little sister, her ass pushing into my stomach, her nipples rolling between my fingers.

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"Do you like this Alex? Is this what you've wanted to see all along?" Nodding, he increased his speed, and then momentarily stopping he rubbed his thumb across his knob. I could see it was all sticky with his precum, he must be really brazeers nikki benz and karlee grey this I thought. Releasing my hold on Laurens nipples, she moaned in frustration before grabbing them herself, her gaze riveted on Alex and what he was doing.

I flipped up her skirt, her bare ass now exposed to me, but still hidden to Alex. I rubbed one hand down her spine, causing Lauren to arch her back and moan again in pleasure.

I cupped one ass cheek, squeezing and rubbing it, "Do you want to see her ass Alex?" "Yeah, oh hell yes!" His was pumping furiously now, I was almost worried that he was going to pull it right off, but I guess he knew what he was doing.

With an evil little smile, I gave Lauren a resounding whack on the ass, the sound reverberating around the room. Lauren jerked upright and cried out, "Ahhhhh!" then her outcry of pain quickly turned to gasps of pleasure as I slipped my hand under her skirt and pushed two fingers into her pussy with no warning. Lauren was dripping wet and I could her the squelching of her pussy as I pumped my fingers in and out.

She arched her back, grinding her ass and pussy into my hand, one arm reaching backwards, grabbing my head and pulling it into her shoulder. I couldn't see Alex but I could hear him moaning, would he cum before I could get Lauren off I wondered? Sinking down, I knelt behind Lauren, catching a glimpse of Alex from between Laurens thighs as he was furiously beating away at his dick. A glazed look in his eye, I bet he has never seen anything this good before. Still I liked my view better, sticking my head under Laurens skirt, my world shrunk until there was nothing left but Lauren's pussy, ass and me.

Her thighs were glistening with the juices that were flowing from her pussy, her lips all puffy and red, pussy hair coated in her moisture. One butt cheek with a red hand print on it, I breathed in her intoxicating scent, my own pussy twitching in response, desperate for some attention as well.

The delicate little rosebud of her ass was winking at me, as if trying to get my attention. Lightly swiping my tongue across her pucker, Lauren moaned, "Alex, Caitlyn is licking my ass, just like you did, her tongue is going inside my ass!" her last words drawn out into a long moan as I tightened my tongue and tried to push it into her asshole.

I was eager to make her cum now, desperate to finish so we could go to our room and I could get off as well. Pulling my tongue from her ass, I went lower, licking along the length of her pussy, from clit to hole and back again, I started sucking and nibbling at her clit.

"She's sucking my clit now, tasting my pussy, licking up all my lovely juices, enjoying her treat!" Lauren continued to describe everything I was doing, keeping up a running commentary for Alex.

"Oh god! I'm so close Alex, Caitlyn is going to make me cum all over her face! She's pushing a finger into my ass now, ahhhh, it's sliding in, I can feel her knuckles as it slides into my tight little ass." "Go for it Caitlyn, make her cum on your face!" I could barely understand what Alex was saying, my ears muffled by Laurens thighs and he on the verge of orgasm.

"You remember it don't you Alex, you remember what it was like to have your big dick in my ass? You remember cumming inside my ass? Come on Alex, cum for me, spray that cum up into the air, shoot it everywhere!" I was finally rewarded for my efforts with a spray of juices, squirting out and splashing across my face, I latched my mouth over her pussy, sucking hard, my tongue, sliding into her clenching hole, trying to get all her sweet juice.

"Oh God Alex, I'm cumming! I'm cumming on Caitlyn's pretty little face! Ahh, ohhh god! Yessss that's it, cum with me Alex, oh look at that, look at all that tasty cum squirting out." "Yeah that's it Lauren, cum on her face, eat her Caitlyn, suck on that pussy!" I didn't need any encouragement, as I continued to lick and suck at Lauren's pussy. Moving lower I sucked her clit into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue, Lauren began cumming again.

This time there were no words, just moans and sighs as I continued to lap at her pussy. Finally Lauren pulled away from my tongue and collapsed onto the couch with a sigh, looking thoroughly exhausted and a huge smile on her face. I looked at Alex and was amazed when I saw that he had cum all over himself. Wow, it looked like a fire hose had gone off, strands of cum were running across his chest, the hand still holding his dick was covered in it and there was even some on his cheek!

He'd cum on his own face! "Jeez Alex, you made a real mess of yourself." "Look who's talking pussy face!" he laughed while looking at me, as he slowly stroked his softening penis. "Yeah well, Lauren is quite the squirter sometimes, aren't you hon?" I looked over at Lauren, but I don't think she heard me.

She was lying down on the couch, one hand holding a boob and the other pressing her skirt between her legs, cupping her pussy. The occasional shudder ran through her body, as she still recovered from her orgasm. "That was incredible Caitlyn, thanks for the awesome show!" Alex was beaming at me, a huge smile and still covered in cum. "You're welcome bro, now I need to get Lauren upstairs and get some for myself!" as I stood up I could feel the seam of jeans, rubbing against my pussy, I was so wet and hot, I really needed to get off as well.

"Hey no need to hide on my account, I'd love to watch you cum again" I could see that his dick was hardening again, turned on by the thought of watching me. "Not a chance buddy, you're not getting any more today." I picked up Lauren's shirt and then pulled her up from the couch, her legs were a little wobbly and she just gave me a stupid grin. "That was so cool!" She kissed me, then started licking her juices off of my face.

"Way to go Lauren, clean her up!" Alex egged her on. Giggling I pulled away, "Come on Lauren, let's go upstairs." I pulled her towards the stairs, leaving Alex hopping after us, with his shorts around his ankles. "Oh and Alex, Sara is going to be spending the weekend with us!" "What?!? Your friend Sara?" maggie has ass stretched by a huge strapon stopped in his tracks, stunned, his prick swelling to full hardness almost instantly, a shocked look on his face.

"Yeah, Sara, you know the girl that you've been crushing on for years!" Part 10 will be the big weekend, should be a fairly long part, so unfortunately will probably take a bit longer to write.

But hopefully not too long for all our sakes. Enjoy