Romi rain fucked in bathroom

Romi rain fucked in bathroom
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Hello there, my name is Akemi. I am 14 years old with strawberry blonde hair, a slender body and 40B bust. It was a Thruday afternoon.

It was the hottest day of the year so far with it being only mid spring.The high school had already reissued out summer uniforms that dressed the girls in green skirts that reached mid way above the knees and a low cut tank that reveled a lot of girls' clevage inculding my own. I had arrived home early from school to a empty house. "Dad must be at work still," I thought to myself. The heat was begining to get to me so I decided to take a cold shower before my daddy arrived home.

I dropped my unform off in my room and headed to the shower. I was in the shower no longer than 10 mins before I was already playing with myself. My fingers working my pussy rough and hard as my moans filled the room. I had rememebered the time I had walked in on my dad while he was jacking off to his movies. My dad was a well built guy towering 6'4. He had dirty blonde hair that he kept neatly trimmed. He stroked his hand over his thick 6 inch cock. It was so hard and stiff.

I sat and watched him for a horny girl in abusive bondage and extreme fetish as I saw him reach for a pair of my panties and cummed in them. He turned off the movie after that point and had headed to bed for the night. At that point I wanted his cock in my tight pussy so bad. I countuined to rub my pussy in the shower moaning not hearing the front door open and shut with my dad's stern voice echoing through out the house.

" Akemi! Akemi! Where are you!?" his voice was never heard by me as I only heard myself moaning his name as dirty thoughts raced through my mind. Without my knowing he had traveled up the stairs and into the bathroom where I was. We had a glass covering that was hard to see out but easy to see in. There he stood, in the door way watching me moaning and finger myself. He never spoke a word and got undressed and began jacking off to my moans for him.

He soon could not take it any longer and knew he had to claim me. He quietly slid the glass door to the side getting behind me. I never saw nor heard him due to my own thoughts and voice. Slowly his hands inched around my body. His hands covered my mouth and eyes having a tight grasp on my body.

I screamed freaking out but soon felt his cock inbetween my legs. He softly spoke into my ear, " If you dont shut your trap this will be harder on you. You have been a very naughty girl and deserve punishment for watching daddy and getting off by him." At his words I froze.

I was scared yet excited at the same time. I had dreamed of this moment for days to weeks ever since I watched him. My pussy only got wetter at the thoughts of what he would do to me and my poor young pussy and ass.

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He turned off the water and reached out for a two pieces of cloth. One to cover my eyes and one to gag my mouth. He tied the cloth tight. My daddy soon slung me over his shoulder and carried me to what I soon found out to be his room.

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He threw me onto the bed and demanded I spread my legs.wide. I did as I was told. At this point in time I could feel my face heating up. This was it. this was really what I wanted from my daddy. My daddy soon crawled ontop of my taking the cloth from my mouth using it to tie my hands together. He had already tied my legs spread far apart to where my pussy was showing a perfect view for anyone to see. His voice this business party ends in such wild way my ears, " You better listen to me young lady, you have been a dirty slut do you understand me?" I nodded my head yes and I knew he was smirking at his win.

Slowly he slid his thick shaft up and down my slit. As if I wasn't wet enough the bed began to have a small puddle form under my pussy.

His smirk only grew and made him want me more. Before I could react he slammed his hard cock into my tight pussy. I cried out in pain and pleasure. He fucked me hard and rough. With ever slam of his cock in my pussy it became harder and harder til I was on the verg of cumming. " I'm going to cum daddy!

I'm going to cum!" I would keep repeating.

His only response was, " You better not cum you dirty slut. You wait til I tell you to cum. Do you understand me?" The only thing I could do was nod as he fucked my tight pussy.

His grunts soon became more and more closer together " I'm going to cum in youyou dirty slut and you will get dressed and let it sit in ur pussy like a dirty slut does." "Yes sir," was the only thing I could let escape my lips besides my moans for more.

No sooner did I say yes sir, he came in me. It was so hot and I could feel it inside me. My cheeks burned a bright red. He pulled out of me and demanded I get dress and babe sucks shaved hard dong hardcore and handjob get use to this treatment.

That was how I became my daddy's little slut. Everyday we fuck.

I never know when or how we will treat me. I am so glad I am his slut though it is a dream come true. The End~ <3 ~~ If you have any story ideas you would like me to write or try to write just leave me a message. Also if you have any TRUE STORIES you wouldnt mind sharing I would love to hear them. ~~ ~~ Please tell me if the edited is better than the first ~~