Wild threesome with a horny floozy hardcore groupsex

Wild threesome with a horny floozy hardcore groupsex
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I was in a relationship with a woman after my second marriage and she let me fuck her ass often. She even wanted me to fuck myself with her vibrator while I was fucking her in her ass. One time I got her to fuck me in my ass with a strap-on and I LOVED it! I moaned like a bitch in heat. She finally left me and told me that she thought I was gay and she couldn't stay with a "man" like that.

This caused something to snap in my mind. That has been 11 years ago now. I have never gotten into another relationship with a woman since. I have done a lot of jacking off, (almost every night), over the last 11 years and I have fucked my ass with a dildo a few times since then, after getting so fucking horny watching free porn on xnxx.com. I never thought that I would ever long to suck cock and have a cock fucking me in my ass but I will admit I have fucked my ass with a dildo a few times.

Once when I fucked myself with a dildo, I never touched my sissy clitty, I just continually rammed the 8in 1.5 in diameter black dildo in my ass as hard and as fast as I could. My god how good it felt.

Then something happened that I never thought would. I came! That is when I started thinking that there was something different about me. For about 2 years now, I have only watched sissy hypno porn on xnxx.com. I search for sissy training every time I go to xnxx.com. I have bought myself several dildos and butt plugs. And I have been training my sissy throat and asshole over the last year. It started out with small dildos, vibrators and ass plugs. But these have steadily been getting bigger and bigger over the last few months.

I have trained my throat to deep throat. I bought myself an Initiation Kit. It came with 3 dildos. The smallest dong is 4.25 inches insert able and is 1.5 inches in diameter. The medium size dong is 6 inches insert able and is 1.75 inches in diameter. The largest of the 3 dongs is 7.25 insert able and 2 inches in diameter. I can now take the largest dido down my throat with some difficulty but the throat numbing spray and gel helps. I will coat the back of my throat with and after it takes effect t, I will use my fingers and force them as far down my throat to coat it with the dumbing gel.

This works for a while and I have found that I can take the largest dong down my throat as far as it will go. I haven't tried anything larger but this playing isn't enough any longer. I cannot stop the insatiable craving to suck a hard cock and have someone pound my sissy cunt as hard as they can. All those sissy training videos on xnxx.com must have taken their toll on me because now I need a man to dominate me with his cock, to force me to do things that I will not do on my own, to force me to give him what his girlfriend/wife refuses to give him.

I have come to realize that not only do I desire this abuse, I NEED IT! I need to become my Master's cum dump, his sissy slut that I know I am deep down. I guess it was this realization that caused me to post the following ad on two different websites, (craigslist and backpage): I am a white MALE and I am looking for a master. Race doesn't matter but a nice sized cock does! I need someone that can force me.

To teach me how to be their slut. I want your cock to be at least 7 inches hard and at least 1 inch diameter, but the bigger your cock is, the more I want and need it. You know all those things that you want your wife/girlfriend to do for you? All those things they refuse to do.

I WILL DO THEM FOR YOU! Or rather, I will let you FORCE ME TO DO THEM FOR YOU! I do NOT want you to kiss me. In fact, I refuse to kiss you! But I will let you do ANYTHING ELSE that you want to do to me!

I need you to abuse my two sissy slut holes. I need you to teach me, (FORCE ME), to deep throat your cock. I need you to fuck my sissy ass deep and hard. I promise my sissy fuck hole will be clean for you. All I ask is that when you are ready to cum, you pull it out of my sissy ass and feed your cum to me.

I want all of your cum down my throat. I want to be taught how to love cum. You can go from my sissy ass to my sissy throat as often as you like. And I will clean the ass juices off your cock. You just have to cum in my mouth so I can swallow your cum. You can even choke me if you like. I just WANT/NEED you to FUCK ME ROUGHLY!! Teach me how to be your submissive sissy slut! If you treat me the way I want/need you to treat me.

I will pay you for giving me what I need. And once I know that you will be my master, you can share me with your friends or pimp me out and you can keep all the money.

For three days, I got no answer to my ads, but on the fourth day, I received one email response. It read: I am available tonight after 8pm. I am 6ft-2, weigh 210lbs and muscular. I have a large cock and want a submissive slut that will service me whenever I demand. You will get a motel room at the xxx motel on xxxx. Sexy chick knows how to ride a dick 8pm tonight when you are in the room, you will text me the room number at 123-456-7890.

You will leave the motel door open with the door security guard and then get naked. You will get your sissy cunt lubed up and fill your faggot ass with the largest, longest dildo you own. You will then place a blindfold over your eyes because I do not want you knowing who I am. And then you will handcuff your hands behind your back. You will then sit on the bed and wait for me to arrive. I want $500 to begin your sissy slave training. Don't disappoint me or you will suffer serious consequences.

BE THERE SLUT! I couldn't believe I even got a response, especially one so dominant and demanding. I started shaking with excitement from what was said in the email and for what was about to come.

I was afraid also. Should I really respond to this guy? This guy is like twice my size. He can easily make me do whatever he wants, especially if I am handcuffed! And what does "I have a large cock" mean? Will I even be able to take it? Especially down my throat??? In a trance, I respond to the email with a simple, "Yes Master." I had just gotten home from work, it was 6:15.

OMG, I have less than 2 hours, and I have to clean my sissy cunt, stop by the bank for the $500 and get the motel room. I can't think about this, I have to move! I went to my bathroom and gave myself an enema. I filled my ass with warm water. I filled it so much fuller than I ever had before. After releasing the water I did it again and then once more. After lubing my fingers, I ensured that I was clean. Was I clean enough? I looked at the alarm clock, FUCK, it's already 6:45!

No time left, and I still need to shower! I jumped in the shower and made sure my sissy cunt was cleaned very well. I jumped out of the shower, dried off, DAMN IT, now its 7:15! I lubed up my ass busty asian slut tigerr benson intense domination with anal good, grabbed my biggest dildo, (8 inches and 1.5 inches in diameter), and shoved it up my ass. God, that hurt but I did not have the time to insert it slowly.

I got dressed, got in my black Camaro and headed to my bank's ATM! I withdrew the $500 but I had forgotten an envelope for it. SHIT, well, I will just have to put it in the end table drawer. I pulled into the motel parking lot that Master specified and looked at my watch, 7:55. I went inside to check in. The clerk was taking forever but finally he gives me the electronic door key and said your room number is 232 on the second floor. He said something about the elevator, but I just rushed to the room.

I was LATE! I opened the motel room after 3 attempts, damn, I am so nervous. I get undressed, the dildo in my ass starts to come out and I shove it back in. Oh god, that felt good. I get my cell phone out of my jeans and lay it on the bed. FUCK, where is the blindfold, where are the handcuffs. I start searching my jeans.

Thank God! There they are! I take the $500 out of my jeans pocket and open the end table's drawer. There just like all motels, is the bible, perfect place to put the money.

I am so going to hell for this! Ok, what did Master say to do? Think slut, THINK! - Yes, get undressed, check. - Put my largest dildo up my ass, check.

- Put a blindfold on and handcuff my hands behind my back. - Text my master when I am ready. Well, I have to new porn game b preggo sucked hmv play free him before I put on my blindfold and my handcuffs. I text Master, "I am ready Master". The text message has a time of 8:15. OH FUCK, I AM LATE!! Two minutes later, I receive Master's response, "You are late fuck boi!

YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT! On my way, slut." I put the blindfold over my eyes, put one handcuff on my left wrist, put my hands behind my back and have a hell of time busty hentai slut gets ass fucked lesbians hardcore the other one on. Oh fuck, I forgot the motel door!!!

Thank god, I never got the second handcuff on yet! I push the blindfold off my eyes, get up and walk to the motel door. Walking is causing the dildo to work its way out and making it hard to walk. Fuck!!! I yang the dildo out of my ass, I feel so empty now. I hurry to the motel door, open it, and set the door security guard so the door stays open. I walk back to the bed, checking the dildo, it's clean.

Thank God! I put the dildo in my mouth, just so I can taste my own sissy cunt juices, and then force it to the back of my throat. I gag a little. No time to fuck around slut, get it back in your ass and get ready for Master! I jam the dildo back up my ass, no time to be gentle. I sit down on the bed, facing the motel door and place the blindfold over my eyes.

I put my hands behind my back again and fumble to get my second hand cuffed. Just as I click my right hand with the handcuffs, I heard someone enter the motel room.

I can hear Master walk up to me. I am so excited, so scared. I shiver from the excitement. I hope Brunette cutie angela is ready for wet action doesn't see. Master speaks in a very deep, masculine voice. "Well, at least you got the rest right, fuck boi.

But being late is not good for you. I will punish you for that but first I have to piss. Did you bring the beer, slut?" "I, I…was supposed to bring beer, Master?

I am sorry, Master.", I say in a very low, meek voice. Thinking to myself, I don't remember Master asking for beer. "No, I didn't ask for you to bring beer but a good slut would have thought of it, another reason for your punishment.

You are not doing too well, are you fuck pig? Good thing I thought of it." I hear Master pop the top of his first beer. "Well, let's see, my new fuck toy is sitting naked on the bed, blindfolded, with his hands cuffed behind gros gode pour grosse chienne hardcore blowjob back.

That's a good slut. You're pathetic, little sissy clit can be barely seen. You haven't touched it, have you cunt?" "No Master", I say softly, holding my head down. I already know I am going to submit myself totally oriental finger copulates wet pussy japanese and hardcore this man that I have never seen. I will be this man's submissive sissy slut before this night is done. I know that before this night is over this man will own me.

I softly speak again, "Master, if it pleases you, you may use my mouth as your toilet. I am your filthy slut, Master, and my only purpose in life is to serve you and please you.

I will drink your piss, Master. But please let me drink it all, so when my mouth is full and I need to swallow, please hold your piss, in order to allow me to swallow your piss, and then please fill my mouth again. I will drink it all, Master but I do not want to waste a drop." I imagine a smile coming across Master's face because he likes this idea. I hear Master walk up to his new sub-slut and say, "First Bitch, you don't understand, I don't need your permission to do whatever I want to you.

Now get on your knees you fucking slut, open your mouth, and lean your head back. You really are a sick little fuck, aren't you?" I get on my knees like Master told me, I open my mouth, lean my head back, and wait for Master to relieve himself. I know my only purpose is to please Master.

Master starts pissing and fills his sissy slut's mouth with his piss. My mouth is so full of Master's piss I can barely hold it all. Master's urine stops, as he holds his piss back, and tells me, "Swallow it fuck pig!" I close my mouth as ordered, and have a difficult time swallowing my Master's first gift. It takes me two swallows before I have it completely gone.

And then I open my mouth again so Master can fill my mouth again. Master releases his cock and starts to piss in my mouth again. Again, my mouth fills up quickly with Master's piss just as full as the first time.

I feel Master's piss stop again but this time I close my mouth right away and swallowed his piss because his piss is about to fall out of my mouth but Master did not give me permission. That cost me. Master slaps me HARD across the face, hard enough that my head jerks to the right. Damn that hurt! "Slut, you do NOT do anything without me telling you.

Don't ever do that again! Now, lean your head back again and open your mouth. I'm not done yet!" Master releases his cock again and piss starts filling my mouth again. His piss has filled my mouth for a third time now and Master's piss flow stops again. I remain there on my slut knees with my mouth open and full of Master's piss, waiting for Master to command me to swallow his piss but Master says nothing. For a couple of minutes that seemed like forever, Master says nothing.

Finally, Master speaks, "That's a good fuck hole. You are doing better. You can swallow it now, cunt!" I close my mouth and swallow Master's piss for the third time. Master speaks, "You are learning whore. Now this last time, we are going to try something different.

I am going to put my cock into your mouth, busty blonde puma swede cums with new vibrator will close your lips around my cock, and I will finish pissing in your mouth this way. You will keep your lips tightly closed around my cock head so that you do not lose a drop of my piss and you will just swallow as you need to until I am done.

Do you understand you sick little fuck?" I nod by head yes, whispering, "Yes, Master". Master places his cock into my mouth so just the head is in my mouth and releases his final stream of piss for his fuck pig. I clamp my lips around the head of his cock and start swallowing as my mouth fills with piss. I end up swallowing two more mouthfuls of Master's piss before he is done. When Master has finished pissing, he speaks again. "Don't take my cock out of your mouth, slut. You need to start sucking me to get me hard so I can fuck your sissy cunt.

Now show me how good of a cock sucker you are fuck hole!" I start sucking Master's cock slowly. Sucking only the head of Master's cock and twirling my tongue around the head of Master's cock. Barely sucking Master's cock at all and not giving Master's cock the sucking it deserves.

Master pulls his semi-hard cock from my lips, grabs my hair, pulls my head back and slaps his slut's face hard! There is nothing I can do; my hands are handcuffed behind my back. I can't use them to block the blow and blindfolded. I didn't even see the slap coming. Tears start filling my eyes because of the sting of Master's hard manly slap to my face. And I learn the hard way that I have pissed my new Master off.

I deserve this. I am Master's submissive slut I need to learn how to please my Master. Master yells, "THAT'S NOT HOW YOU SUCK A FUCKING COCK YOU STUPID, FUCKING CUNT!" I want to feel your throat on my cock!

I can see I have a lot to teach you fuck hole. But you WILL become the fuck pig you were meant to be! Now suck my cock again, and this time, I want to feel your throat BITCH!" Master slaps his new fuck toy hard across the face again, harder and then puts his cock back into my mouth. I start sucking Master's cock again tears are streaming down my face because of Master's punishment.

This time, Master's dumb fucking sissy cunt tries to take as much of Master's cock as he can. (My mind is calling myself Master's dumb fucking sissy cunt, using my Master's words to know how to describe myself.) Master's sissy slut feels Master's cock hit the back of his throat, causing him to gag. This surprises the dumb whore so much that he pulls his head back too far and Master's cock drops out of its mouth.

This pisses Master off again! This time to no end!!! Master grabs his sissy fuck pig by the hair again, yanks its head back again, and slaps the dumb sissy slut's face again. This time much harder than ever! Master is really pissed off now and screams at his sissy slut, "YOU STUPID, FUCKING WHORE! MY COCK NEVER LEAVES YOUR MOUTH UNLESS I TELL YOU IT CAN!" Master slams his cock back into his sissy whore's mouth, hitting the back of his throat and says, "GET IT RIGHT, SLUT!" I start sucking his Master's cock again.

I take Master's cock in until it hits the back mother seduces her daughter squirt intlesbian sex for first time my throat and I gag. I now understand that I am nothing. I am no longer a person, I am now an IT. I know that I am only an object for my Master that only has holes for Master to fuck. I understand that my only purpose now is to please my Master. Master owns me now. I must learn to please him.

Master knows his training of his new fuck toy is starting to work. The cunt is beginning to understand its place because the sissy slut begins to jam auntey xxx sex cudai storys daunload mouth over Master's cock, making sure Master's cock hits the back of his throat then slowly moving his head back over Master's cock being sure that Master's cock does NOT leave its mouth!

Master's filthy slut has learned to do this on his own. Master's fuck pig has learned its place. Master's sissy slave moves its head back slowly until only Master's head in its mouth, then slams its head forward until Master's cock hits the back of his throat again. The worthless cunt is learning fast how to please its Master. Master's submissive sissy slut continues to suck Master's cock like this. Slamming his mouth forward quickly until Master's cock jabs the back of his throat, then slowly pulling back until only Master's cock head is in its mouth, twirling its tongue around Master's cock then slamming Master's cock to the back of its throat again, time after time.

Master's fuck hole is starting to get a nice rhythm going. This pleases Master and he starts moaning a little; "That's much better slut. You are learning." Master's sissy slut keeps sucking him in this manner. The submissive slut can feel Master's cock growing in its mouth. Master's cock is getting thicker and longer as his fuck toy continues to worship his cock. Master places both of his hands on the back of his slut's head, guiding his fuck toy's mouth on his cock and moaning more and more as his submissive whore continues its slow deep sucking of Master's cock.

Master grabs his fuck hole's hair with both hands and yells, "I'M GOING TO FUCK YOUR THROAT NOW! YOU FUCKING WORTHLESS PIECE OF FUCK MEAT!" Master starts jamming his rock hard cock down his fuck meat's throat has rough as he can, forcing his man meat further into his sissy's throat with each thrust forward.

His new fuck hole is struggling to take his Master's cock, gagging over and over again. Master shoves his long cock down his slut's throat, hold's it there for a few seconds, and then pulls the slut's head back. He continues to fuck this fucking bitch's throat as fast as he can. Master holds his cock down his fuck toy's throat longer and longer each time, he shoves it down this worthless cunt's throat.

Master's new sissy slut can't handle what Master is doing to him. The sissy slut can barely breathe. Master's fuck hole cannot ask Master to slow down, to not go so hard. The submissive, worthless sissy cunt knows that he deserves this and that he wants this so bad, but he cannot handle the assault and starts turning his head so Master's cock doesn't enter his throat.

After two thrusts Master realizes his cock isn't entering his slut's throat any more, he pulls his cock out of the whore's mouth and jerks the cock slut's head back hard. The sissy whore thought Master was going to break its neck. Master slaps his sissy slut's face extremely hard twice.


SLAP! SLAP! Master slaps this fuck pig three times across the face just as hard as he can! "DO YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR PLACE, CUNT!" Tears are streaming down my face, I try to shake my head yes even though Master is holding my head with his hand in my hair. "SAY IT SLUT! SO I KNOW YOU UNDERSTAND!" Master screams at his fuck toy. I whisper, "Yes Master, I understand.

My only purpose in life is to please you. I am sorry I will try harder to meet your needs, Master. I will try harder to please my Master." Master says, "We will see. You are a fucking worthless spicy honey gets cumshot on her face sucking all the cum cunt!

I will fucking teach you how to be the fuck pig I expect you to be!" Master slams his rock hard cock, the whole 9 inches into my mouth and down my throat! At least I think it is 9 inches, all I really know is Master's cock is longer than the dildo that is currently in my ass and thicker too!

Master continues to fuck my throat hard! He slams his cock down my throat as fast and as hard as he can. I can barely breathe. Master's cock leaves my throat for a split second before he slams it back into my throat. Master is really getting rough now. Master removes one of his hands from my hair and grabs me around the throat. Master starts squeezing my throat! Trying to cut off the little air I was getting. "You are doing much better slut!

Your throat is making my cock feel so good! Auggghhh, I can feel my cock going down your throat with my hand. Ooooohhhhh, what an amazing fucking throat whore!" Master continues to squeeze my whore throat, choking the hell out of me.

Oh my god, I think he is going to kill me! Master just keeps slamming his cock down my throat, time after time. It feels like he has been fucking my throat for hours but I know it can only be 5 minutes, 10 minutes tops.

I know he is not going to kill me because he gives me moments to gasp for air before, slamming his massive cock back down my throat. Master knows what I need! Master knows that a useless fuck pig like me needs a brutal, rough throat fucking! Master knows I crave his cruel treatment. I'm not a man. I'm not a woman. I am just an inhuman machine whose only purpose is to get FUCKED! I am just Master's fuck doll. I am just a living blowup fuck doll for Master's cock to exploit! Master is really getting excited.

He cannot last much longer before he cums. He refuses to have any mercy on my throat. Master continues to force his cock down my throat. Master buries his massive cock so far down my throat that my nose is forced into his belly and his balls are resting on my chin. Master holds me there. Not letting me go. Not letting me breathe. When I am about to pass out, he pulls his cock out and lets me gasp for a couple of breaths, then slams his cock back into my throat! Master finally let's go of my throat and then punches me hard on the back of my head with his fist!

He throws me back into the bed and my head hits the mattress of the bed. "You are learning how to take a good throat fucking, cunt! So good I am about to cum. I guess you have finally earned a good fucking of your sissy cunt now, fuck boi. Get up off your knees and crawl up on the bed. Face down, ass up and come attractive hottie doesnt want to stop cock riding homemade hardcore the side of the bed so I can stand behind you and fuck your ass!

Make sure your ass is at the right height so my cock can slide in and out of your ass without me having to bend my knees or get on my toes.

Now move you useless fucking fuck hole!" As I try to get up off my knees, I wish I could see Master, but I am still blindfolded. Master has treated me just like I have wanted and needed for so long I wish I could see Master. I am falling in love with this man. I have come to recognize that I will always let this man have his way with me. As if I really had any choice in the matter. "Tell me what your purpose is slut", Master says. I respond to my new owner with, "Master, I am only a worthless fuck hole.

My only purpose in life is to please you and your wonderful, manly bossy latin bitch delilah 2019. I belong to you, Master. You own me, Master. Whatever you want from me, I must give you. I am your fuck toy." "Well, you almost have it right cunt. You are a fuck toy but for any man that wants to abuse you.

All men want a submissive whore like you. And there will be a lot of men fucking you before this night is over." I whisper (because my throat is so damaged), "What do you mean, Master?" "Never mind, fuck slut, you will find out. Just get up on the bed you know your sissy cunt needs to get destroyed like I just destroyed your fucking whore throat." "Yes, Master." I crawl up on the bed, get on my knees, place my face onto the mattress and scoot my sissy ass back to the edge of the bed, hoping my cunt is the right position for Master's cock to enter my sissy gurl cunt properly.

I hear Master pop another can of beer. "Well, slut I see you can get some things right. I see you have the dildo in your boi cunt like I told you to. That's good. I need to loosen you up before I start fucking that sissy cunt of yours and that dildo will work just fine." "While I drink this beer, I am going to fuck your hole with that dildo.

You will need to be prepared to handle my 10 inch cock. Would you like that sissy?" "I like whatever you are willing to give me, Master. If it pleases you, it pleases me. I am only here to serve you." Master walks up to the bed and slaps my ass as hard as he can.

It is so painful it causes me to jerk forward. I put ass back where it was. "No slut, you are not listening again. You are not here to serve me. You are here to serve cock. Any cock. Cunt, you know you worship cock and you will do whatever a man tells you to do. Isn't that right, Fuck Boi?" And Master slaps the other ass cheek harder than the one before and I jerk forward again. "Yes, Master. I serve cock just like you say." "That's right, fuck hole. Now, let's loosen up that hole of yours, while I drink my beer." Master gets behind me and completely pulls the dildo out of my sissy ass.

I quietly moan as I lose the fullness that I have had for the last hour or more. "You miss that fake cock in your ass, fuck hole?" "Yes, Master." "Want me to fuck your sissy cunt with it for a while?" "Yes, Master." "Then turn around here slut and clean this fake cock off before I fuck you with it." "Yes, Master." I turn around as quickly as I can. It is difficult with my hands handcuffed behind my back and on my knees on the bed.

But I finally accomplish it and Master puts the dildo into my mouth. I start sucking my ass juices off the fake cock slowly and not very deep as Master holds the dildo.

"You are such a stupid fucking whore. You know better. Put your lips around the head of the cock and do what you did earlier to my cock when I was pissing in your mouth.

And hold your mouth over it like that." I do as Master commands. I am on my knees at the edge of the bed, still blindfolded, still with my hands cuffed behind my back, with my lips around the fake cock that has been in my ass for over an hour, while Master holds it. Master suddenly and quickly forces the fake cock down my throat and holds it there. "Don't come off that cock, whore! Hold that fake cock down your throat!" Master holds the forced fake cock firmly in place as it is lodged deep in my throat.

I can't breathe. I can feel the tears starting to form in the corner of my eyes again, but Master doesn't see them because of the blindfold I am wearing.

But Master can tell I am having a difficult time with the forced cock down my throat. Master laughs and says, "You are such a stupid fuck pig. But this is what you deserve, isn't it pig?" As he pulls the fake cock out of my throat but not out of my mouth.

Master then immediately slams the fake cock back into my throat and holds it there again! As the fake cock is lodged into my throat, Master laughs again and says, "I know I told you I was going to fuck your boi cunt with this fake cock, I still will, but I am having fun fucking your whore throat.

I think I will continue for a while." I can hear Master take a big drink if his beer. I must have made Master angry again, because now he just keeps thrusting the fake cock in and out of my throat, trying to get it in deeper with each inward thrust. I can hear Master laughing and drinking his beer. Master continues to fuck my throat. He must have forced the fake cock down my throat a dozen times and then pulls the fake cock completely out of my mouth.

"I guess that's enough for now. Maybe I will fuck your throat with this fake cock some more before I leave. Turn around fuck slave it's time to loosen up your sissy cunt. I want your ass ready for my cock so I can just pound it until I am ready to cum in your mouth." I struggle to turn around so Master can fuck my sissy cunt with the fake cock and apparently to slow because Master slaps both ass cheeks with the dido as soon as I was turned around.

Master places the dildo to my sissy ass and forces the tip into my ass. It hurts because my ass had closed up a little during the time Master was fucking my throat with the fake cock. I moan with pain as Master works the dildo into my ass. I feel the dildo pass the entrance to my ass and then it stops. Master is just holding it there.

Just inside my asshole. I am wondering what Master is doing, why isn't he pushing it in further? Why won't Master fuck me nice and slow with the fake cock? Master knows I want it and need it. "Are you ready to be fucked by this fake cock, slut?

Do you want me to loosen up your ass so that your Master can give you the ass pounding that you have been aching for and desperately needing?" "Yes, Master. Please fuck me slowly with the fake cock to prepare me for taking your huge cock.

Please Master, I need a slow fucking. You have been so rough with me so far, I am exhausted. I beg you Master, please fuck me slowly with the fake cock as you finish your beer." "You are never going to learn, fuck pig. I told you, you don't tell me what to do to you. I WILL ALWAYS do to you whatever I fucking please! You are dirty cop fucks latina beauty hardcore and reality, you are no one, you are just a fuck doll.

Get that through your stupid fucking head!" Master then immediately slams the fake cock into my ass to full length! I jump, my back arches! I feel the fake balls hit my own balls. The fake cock feels like it was shoved in so hard and so far that it ended up in my stomach! OMG, it hurt so bad! "DON'T FUCKING MOVE, YOU STUPID FUCKING CUNT!

You are going to take this hard fucking by this fake cock. You don't say a word. You just TAKE what I am generous enough to give you fuck pig!" "Master, PLEASE that hurt so badly! The cock feels like it went all the way into my stomach! Please Master, be gentle with me.

I can't stand much more. I need you to treat me gently. Please Master, I beg you." "You just don't learn. You are one dumb fuck pig! Don't worry you will be begging me to fuck you harder with it soon." Master pulls the fake cock completely out of my ass.

I feel so empty when the fake cock exits my asshole wanting it back in so much. But I didn't have to wait long. Master slammed the fake cock right back into my sissy cunt before my ass could collapse back to normal. I bury my face into the mattress and scream from the pain of what Master is doing to my sissy cunt. Master pulls the fake cock out again and then slams it back into my asshole as far as it will go! Again, I scream into the mattress.

"That's right fuck hole, scream. You will learn, you will soon be begging for me to fuck you harder!" I hear Master take a drink of beer. "I am not going to wait much longer, slut. If you want my cock in your boi pussy before I go meet my buddies, bitch, you better start enjoying this pretty quick. My beer is half dominated wife blowjob border jumper puts out big time. It will be gone in 4 swallows.

And then I am either fucking your boi pussy when it is done or I am leaving to go have a few drinks with my buddies. What's it going to be, slut?" "No, please Master, don't leave me this way. My boi pussy needs to be fucked so badly. Please continue Master. Prepare my boi cunt for your wonderful cock. I will take what pleases you to give me." "Good.

Now we understand each other." Master takes another drink of his beer and slams the fake cock back in my ass as far as it will go. "Arrgghh. Yes, Master" Master pulls the cock almost out and back in three times in a row, hard and quick.

"Arrgghh, Arrgghh, Arrgghh", I moan. Master swallows another drink of his beer. Master does it again, this time four times in a row. "Arrgghh, Arrgghh, Arrgghh, Arrghh. Yes, please Master fuck me harder with the fake cock.

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Harder Master. Faster Master. Please!" "I told you that you would be begging for it, bitch." Master takes the third drink of his beer and then slams the fake cock back into my asshole, five times. I am beginning to love Master's abuse of my asshole. "Master, the fake cock is beginning to feel so good.

Please stop and fuck your willing ass slut with your massive hard cock." "Almost done, whore. I got one swallow left." Master takes his last swallow and then slams the fake cock back into my asshole six times.

The last time, Master leaves the fake cock all the way in my asshole and starts turning it and moving it side to side. "Please Master, I am about to cum. Please don't embarrass me like this. Please let me cum with your magnificent cock in my ass. Please Master." "Don't you dare cum you fucking slut. You are never allowed to cum unless I tell you that you can." Master continues to turn and move the fake cock side to side, driving me insane with the pleasure.

All I can do is moan and moan. The fake cock feels so fucking good. Oh God, I hope Master stops soon, I can't stop from cumming. I get my wish Master finally pulls the fake cock out of my sissy cunt. "Oh look at this, this fake cock is so dirty from your fucking ass.

Since this fake cock oep nasty blond buttfucking a big cock given you so much pleasure, I think the cock that has given you so college girl creams on monster black cock pleasure deserves to be cleaned, don't you think so fuck pig?" "Yes, Master. It does deserve to be cleaned." "Then turn around here and clean this cock, you fucking cum whore.

Suck it clean bitch." "Yes Master." I struggle again to get turned around on the bed, when I get turned around, Master puts the fake cock into my mouth and I start sucking it, cleaning it, while Master holds it for me. I take in half of the fake cock and twirl my tongue around and around on the fake cock, cleaning it as quickly as I can.

Master wants to leave I know he will not wait much longer. Master doesn't like the way I am cleaning the fake cock. I am taking too long so Master starts ramming the fake cock down my throat. Again and again, Master rams the fake cock down my throat. "You have learned so well in such a short time.

You really have become a real throat fucking whore. It pleases me cunt." Master continues to fuck my throat with the fake cock. Until Master starts getting bored and removes the fake cock from my mouth. "Not bad fuck pig. Not too bad at all. I suppose you want me to fuck your sissy cunt now, don't you fuck hole?" "Yes Master, Please. I need it so bad." "Well, sissy boi, you have bored me so much, I have gone limp. I am going to need help to get hard again, or I can just leave and go drinking with my buddies.

What do you think whore?" "NOOOO&hellip.Please Master Please don't leave me this way. My sissy cunt needs a fucking so bad.

I need your cock Master, please give it to me before you leave. PLEEESSSEEEE!" "Ok slut, we will see if you can accomplish this. I am leaving in 10 minutes. You have that long to get me hard enough to fuck your boi pussy.

You better get busy." "Yes, sir." I lay down on my belly on the bed and open my mouth. "Master, would you please let me suck your cock to get you hard again so you can fuck my sissy pussy. Please Master." "I will let you have it your way this one time and this one time only fuck pig." "Thank you, Master." Master moves forward and puts his beautiful cock in my mouth.

I begin to suck on this cock with everything that I have. Sucking it, twirling my tongue around the head, sucking harder and harder, teasing Master's cock head. I feel Master's cock growing and getting thicker. Master's cock is growing celeste star and lux kassidy eating muff and more the faster and harder I suck him.

Master's cock is almost back to full size when he commands me, "Roll over onto your back and put your head over the side of the bed." I do as Master commands and Master puts his cock back into my mouth. "Now get back to work, move your head, I know you can move it better now. Face fuck yourself with my cock. I am not going to help you and you are fast losing time. You only have 6 minutes left." I know I only have 6 short minutes and I have a ways to go to get Master hard enough to fuck my asshole.

I have a lot of work to do in a very short amount of time. So I start bobbing my head as fast as I can, taking Master's cock deep into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat with force. I am trying my best to get Master's cock to full length, to get it rock hard. I can feel it getting there, but I know I am running out of time. "Slut, you only have 3 minutes left.

You better hurry." I start sucking faster. I take Master's cock down my throat. I bob my head back and forth over Master's cock, taking it further and further down into my throat. Sucking Master's cock as quickly and as deep as I possibly can, Master's cock is almost there. Master's cock is starting to throb in my mouth and throat. Master's cock is almost at full length and thickness.

I'm running out of time, I have to hurry, deeper I force Master's cock into my throat, I hold it there. All of a sudden Master pulls his cock out of my throat and mouth and says, "Time's up slut. You didn't make two teen giving the best blowjob on webcam, fuck hole." "No, please Master, PLEEESSEEEE, I need your cum.

I need my boi pussy fucked. PLEESE don't leave me this way, Master!" "You knew the horny milf seduces her stepson and fucks him, whore. You failed but I am feeling generous so here's the new deal. Since I am hard now and I haven't busted a nut yet. I will fuck your throat until I nut and then I will leave. What do say cunt? You willing to do that or shall I just leave now?" "But Master I haven't been allowed to cum, please don't do this to me.

Please fuck my asshole, please. I need it so badly." "Looks like you don't understand. It is either I bust a nut down your throat or I leave. That's it. Take it or leave chubby wife car breaksdown and she gets ass fucked fuck pig. "Yes Master. I will obey. Your desires and needs are more important than mine. I am just holes for you to fuck. I know this. Please fuck my throat until you nut." "You are still not listening fuck pig.

Your holes are for any mom makes him blow his load after a hard fuck kirsten cumshot that is willing to fuck you. But now you are going to finish me off with your throat." "Yes Master." I am still lying on the bed on my back with my head hanging over the side.

Master puts his rock hard cock back into my mouth and immediately forces his cock down my throat as far as he can get it, holding his cock there, until I start squirming on the bed because I can't breathe.

Master pulls his cock out of my throat, which allows me to breathe. I gasp in as much air as I can. Master grabs two hands full of hair at the back of my head and starts literally pounding my throat. Master is pounding my throat the way he promised to pound my ass. I am barely able to gasp in enough air to keep from passing out when Master pulls his cock out of my throat, but I am staying conscience, barely.

Master doesn't let up he keeps pounding his wonderful cock into my throat. Master doesn't care how much pain he is inflecting on me. Master doesn't care if I pass out. Master doesn't even care if I die! Master will get his nut, he is determined to get his nut.

I can feel Master's cock getting bigger. Master is moaning loudly. I can tell he is getting ready to cum. Master is almost there but he keeps pounding my throat. Suddenly Master forces his cock as far down my throat as far as he possibly can and holds it there! "I'M CUMMMING YOU FUCK SLUT!!! I'M GOING TO CUM RIGHT INTO YOUR FUCKING THROAT!!! OH FUCKING GOD, YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD FUCK PIG!!!

TAKE MY CUM BITCH! TAKE MY CUM!!! I can feel Master's cum spurting directly into my throat. I am not allowed to taste Master's cum all I can do is try to stay alive.

I start squirming on the bed, kicking my feet, trying to get Master's cock out of my throat but Master holds my head tightly and continues to cum again and again down my throat. I can't use my hands to push Master away from me, my hands are cuffed behind my back! OMG, Master is going to fucking kill me right now! I'm going to fucking die with a man's cock cumming down my throat! I finally feel Master's cum stop squirting down my throat but he is not letting me free.

I am kicking my feet harder, squirming faster on the bed. Finally, Master pulls his cock out of my throat and I start coughing and gasping for air. I can't speak. All I can do is try to get the air I desperately need!!! My own salvia covers my face from the brutal throat fucking that Master just gave me.

Master finally speaks, "You are such a good fucking cunt! You will take anything a man forces you to take. You really are nothing but a fucking cum dump aren't you sissy boi?" I am unable to answer Master.

I am still gasping for air. Master speaks again, "I need to piss again and I am not going to wait until I get to the bar. It's just too far. I could use the bathroom but I am not going to. I am going to use my new toilet slut. Get over here cunt and get on your knees." I crawl off the bed and onto the floor. I crawl over to Master and kneel before him, waiting for Master, I say, "I am here for you Master.

How may I service you?" "Slut, do you remember when I just placed my cock just inside your mouth and then pissed while you swallowed my piss? Remember?" "Yes Master, I remember." "Well we are going to do that again. But this time I am NOT going to hold my piss for you. You WILL drink my piss as fast as you can all the time I am pissing in your mouth.

You will NOT allow one drop of piss to escape your mouth you fucking piss whore or I will slap the fuck out of you. Are you ready fuck pig?" "Yes Master, I am ready." Master walks up to me and puts his cock just inside my mouth. I clamp my lips around Master's cock so no piss can escape my mouth and Master begins to piss in my mouth. Master's piss stream is coming so hard and so fact, I am barely keeping up with swallowing it all.

As fast as I can, I am swallowing mouthful after mouthful of Master's piss. Master's piss doesn't seem petite slut alice pleasures numerous big boners stop.

I can feel my stomach getting full with Master's piss. Finally, I feel Master's piss slow down but I keep my mouth firmly clamped around the head of Master's cock. Master finally finishes pissing in my mouth and I take the final swallow. I take my mouth off of Master's cock and I see one lone drop of piss come out of Master's cock and head for the floor. I try my best to catch it before it hits the floor but I miss. Master immediately slaps me across the face with the hardest slap all night.

"I'm so sorry Master." "Yes, you are a sorry fuck pig. I am going to the bar and drink with my buddies. We will be back after the bars close. You will stay here with your blindfold on and your hands cuffed behind your back." Master picks up the fake cock and says, "And you will keep this dildo in your ass until we get back.

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So bend over so I can fill your sissy cunt!" "Yes Master" I say as I stand, turn away of Master and bend over. Master rams the fake cock into my asshole has hard and as fast as he can. "Now get as you were when I first got here." I sit down on the bed and then meekly say to Master, "What time is it Master?" "It's midnight.

I have been fucking you for almost 4 hours now. Did you enjoy it fuck hole? Did your new Master give you want you needed?" "Yes Master. You gave me everything I needed and wanted. You treated me just like the cum dump I know I am.

Thank you Master." "Then where is my fucking $500, bitch!" I didn't answer Master. Master walks up to me and slaps my face hard. "Tell me where the fucking money is that you owe me you fucking cunt or I am going to take that dildo out of your ass and shove it down your throat and leave you to die!" I whisper, "It is in the top drawer of the end table, inside the cover of the bible." I hear Master open the dude staffs his rod in wet pussy table drawer and count the money.

"Good thing it is all here bitch or you would pay for disappointing me." I ask, "Master what did you mean by "WE" will be back after the bars close?" "What you didn't think you were done did you, you fucking slut? I am going to be telling my buddies about the sex we just had.

I am going to tell them about all of it. I am going to tell them about you drinking my piss and me cumming down your throat. They are going to want the same thing. Your night has just begun you fuck pig." I hear Master leave and can tell he moved the door security latch so the door remained unlocked.

I fall over on the bed, exhausted and aching. In no time at all, I am asleep. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please let me know if you liked my story.

I would appreciate any suggestions on how to approve my writing skills. Would you like me to post what happens when he returns from the bar?