Adorable hentai girl getting humped lesbians and hardcore

Adorable hentai girl getting humped lesbians and hardcore
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This story is written for and about Lust Pet! She is an incredibly attractive French Canadian bisexual slut at 31 and is Maitre_Renards personal pet slave. You have all heard about tails and the exploits of kinky oversexed French maids, but she beats them all!

When in her 20s she had been obsessed fellow having pleasure with gorgeous gal pornstar and hardcore the internet, and all the possibilities of kinky sexual encounters that this new wonderful medium presented. Lust Pet is a dark brown red headed woman. She has 36" breasts, a 23" waist and very ripe round ass, the kind that is just perfect to abuse.

But her real asset though, has always been her pussy, now this was something most men after getting to see and play with would die for! But, she did know exactly how to use this particular piece of her female anatomy and was quite good at doing so! Her sexual fantasy's as a young woman along with the fact that she had started masturbating at an early age only added to her interest in sex.

She, has had quite chubby boy with bear gay number of fantasy's, many of them are about black men, and all of their perceived stereotypes that this perception implies.

She also had number hot chick kylie gives handjob and blowjob chances to enjoy numerous men as a young classy lady, but this had only whetted her zeal for more kinky and abusive sex!

While surfing the net, to sites that cater to Submissive White Women, and Dominant Black men, she came across the "White Slut Training Academy" web site. It was an all girls college in the Scarsdale area of New York City, expressly for the training of white women in all the arts of submission humiliation, and sexual abuse, along with teaching them to give incredible sexual pleasure to black men.

This training was intended solely for the satisfaction of black dominant males, the white submissive slutty whores like Pet, and the well endowed instructors who trained them. The more she read about the curriculum they offered, the more she became fascinated and obsessed with attending. The requirements for attendance were one of the main reasons that really interested her.

This college was predominantly for white Caucasian women although women of color were also excepted. To qualify for enrollment the woman had to submit a detailed application, a resume and attend preadmission orientation, this also required having a complete, physical.

These requirements in itself were quite intriguing, But she also read that the more sexually outrageous and creative a girl could be, when arriving for her first day at school, which was encouraged, but not required! This along with submitting to the required orientation process, the better it would be for the girl! If a girl could pull a memorable grand entrance it would almost certainly insure the applicant an elevated place in the schools perverse academic curriculum?.

and training program!. One of Lust Pets favorite fantasy's has always been to wear the skimpiest possible dress with absolutely nothing underneath, like a high class call girl on New Years, and to be taken somewhere in the back of an expensive limousine.

You know, the ones with tinted windows in the back, the ones that no one can see inside. Her slutty perverse little mind had always wondered where they were going and what was going on in the back of them? Fantasizing about the worst or best things that could happen to a girl who like her was dressed to the nines. For her, this limo would be driven by a black chauffeur and have two big black burly and very intimidating looking male escorts.

They would make sure that she had no choice but to attend whatever sort of perverted sex orgy that was in store, and that they and the chauffeur could enjoy themselves at her helpless and submissive expense along with making sure she was the center of attention! With this in mind Maitre Renard had made reservations for a flight from Montreal, Quebec, Canada to New York City. He had also made arrangements with the owner of a questionable Limousine Company to do exactly what she had fantasized about, and to be delivered to the academy by this limo on her first day.

Lust Pet has planned a spectacular entrance, little does she know that her arrival will become one of legend! She has picked out the most incredible sheer lime green form fitting dress and matching heels from a Victoria Secrets catalog, Maitre knew she was an over sexed young woman that always seemed to be horny.

Anything he suggested when it came to sex never seemed to bother her, she was more than willing and ready to try just about anything! Pet was the kind of young woman that most men dreamed about, at least when it came to sex! He use to take her parking in the woods or local park during the summer.

She, almost immediately wanted to be blindfolded and have all of her clothes removed, and insisted they be left in the car! This would be followed by binding her hands behind her back and marching her out deep into the woods or little used paths in the park and tying her up to a tree or any other handy thing! This left her with no idea where she was or where her clothes were. If there was a chance that she might be able to get loose she always wanted him to make sure she could not!

This led to using rope and duct tape to insure her wishes were met. From this point on all she wanted harsh sex! The rougher and harder she was fucked and abused the better she liked it! In retrospect Maitre thought she had secretly hoped that a bunch of men would come along take her and really rape her!

He threatened her with this or something worse, always using the threat of big black men to do so as this threat really made her wet!. He played all sorts of mind games with her and scared the shit out of her on numerous occasions, making her think that any number of her fantasy's might come true. Many times he would leave her in the woods or park like this telling her men lots of them would be by shortly to do her!

But then, this is exactly what she wanted, to be naked helpless and scared! He did tila flame ebony babe riding on cock sure on several occasions that several men sometimes as many as six would be waiting in the bushes!

All of these sexual forays ended in some incredible sex. Taming some gorgeous cunts striptease and hardcore of what they did and the things she wanted him to do to, and with her were things that a young white slut like her continually fantasized about.

No one ever even a bunch of men ever seemed to be able to completely satisfy her! One of the things Matrie loved about her, was the fact that she had the most incredible pussy, cunt lips and clitoris!

It was the most wonderful thing to play with and suck on, the reaction he would get. The noise she would make, now. this was a woman that took little genital attention to get her hot and little more to get her off!

Many times they could be almost anywhere, also the sign of a true slut, and all he had to do was whisper in her ear or stick his hand down the back of her skirt or under her dress and when he would get anywhere near her slit she would be ready. He was always amazed at how wet she seemed to be as if in a perpetual state of arousal. He helped get her ready for her first day at the Academy before she left on the plane.

She wanted to have her pubes shaved, and he loved doing so. He was also very good at it and was able to get all of the hair especially around her clit. It was difficult to do, as she squirmed around so, and her clit would become quite sensitive and easily swell with little attention. The lime green dress she picked out was amazing and complimented her dark reddish brown hair and pouting red lips, it had a thin strap around her neck and the fabric at the top just barely covered her breasts, as a lot could seen from either side!

She had to continually re arrange it in order to keep them covered as it took little movement for one or both of her tits to pop out and easily be sinfully exposed. The dress was really short right at the very bottom of her ass cheeks at the back and barely below her "V" at the front!

It left little in the way of modesty while standing and nothing when she moved or bent over.

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The short revealing little thing really clung to her shapely breasts and bottom. Clearly showing the outline of her nipples and shapely bottom, it looked more like a Victoria Secrets nightie than a dress for venturing out in public! The black owner of the limousine company after hearing this rather unusual request for her arrival at the academy decided to make her little ordeal even more kinky, and wondered just how far and what she would actually do to pull off this exposing and memorable entrance.

He kept asking Lust Pet to do more and more brazen and kinky things at first she would say no and finally agree! She was to be picked up at an all black bar and grill by his limousine in the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn late Sunday Evening.

The idea for the limousine owner was to give her a head start and a real world feel as to what it would be like for a young hot blonde beauties enjoy a big stick woman like her to be in the company of a bunch of horny black men. Her thoughts and fantasy's were not a lot different from what was about to happen. Orientation would not start until 1:00 pm the following Monday afternoon.

The owner of the Limousine Co frequented this bar asian gets tits squeezed and muff licked japanese hardcore thought this would be the perfect place for his black male friends to have some fun with her, and at her expense.

There were over two dozen limousine operators in the New York City area but only about six that were black owned and he planned on taking Pet to each of these black limo owners. Many of which had never enjoyed the company much less the sexual pleasure of a helpless young white submissive, who had sexual fantasy's about abusive sex with black men.

After she was dressed, and got together the few things the school requested. She had placed them in a small overnight bag with her wallet some make up, a cell phone and a few personal items, among them were a green leather collar and leash that matched her 3" heels! This was the only thing the Academy required her to bring.

On the plane she wore a cheap clear plastic full length raincoat that covered her skimpy dress and her incredible goodies She was told that after the plane landed to take a cab to the addressto set at the bar, order a drink and wait for the limo to pick her up. When the driver a young Puerto Rican arrived at the airport she got into his cab and in doing so unbuttoned her coat, and told him the address name of night spot.

He asked her are you sure lady? She said yes, why not? He went on to explain I know this area and its a pretty rough place where few white women would venture in broad daylight let alone after dark and it was now after dark! Then said especially an attractive one that is dressed like you as he looked her over lustfully, she did look just like a slutty whore ! On the drive over her thoughts were mixed, but as a true slut to be, her urges for kinky submissive sex with black men and the thought of being in an all black bar with lots of black men wearing almost nothing had left her quite moist almost giddy and squirming with excitement and anticipation as the fantasy's of what might happen kept flipping through her slutty little mind!

This bar was down at the end of a poorly lighted alleyway and the driver knowing the area was concerned for his safety, let her out on the street choosing not to drive his cab into the dark one way alley. She hesitantly got out, as he pointed to where the bar entrance was located closing the door from inside, and quickly driving off! At first in the dim light there seemed to be no one around, but as her eyes got accustom to the half light she noticed several young men along each side of the alley way.

She gathered her thin plastic raincoat around her with one hand and tightly gripped the bag with the other, lowered her head and hoped that they would not notice her. Just as she got close to them, a car turned into the alley and when it did the driver hit the bright lights which instantly outlined her almost naked body even through the plastic rain coat.

The men's attention was now instantly directed to her as she passed by them. Then the car backed out turned around and drove away. She could see that there were at least four young men, they had been ignoring her, but now were following her. One said hey baby you want some black dick! As she walked a little faster, so did they. She was not far from the entrance and her steps were faster. just as she reached the entrance a hand reached out and grabbed her!

She hollered out with a scared nooo!. Trying to twist and pull away at the same time, as she did her rain coat was pulled off, along with dropping her small bag! She was just barely able to pull away and enter the entrance to the bar. Her heart was pounding as she stood in truly tiny teens porn tube porn lighted entry way, trying to see into the darkened area of the bar.

In the excitement she had not noticed that one of her breasts had flopped out and was fully exposed! A voice said can, I help you miss? This was the bartender who had already been notified of her pending arrival. A hand, older wife masturbates husband jerk off of the patrons reached out of the dark, and at man bonks his oriental adorable gf hardcore and blowjob steadied her then helped lead her through the dimly lit bar and in between several bar stools at the back.

As she stood the bartender said with a knowing smile, what would you like miss? She said hesitantly, a "Shirley Temple", the words brought instant laughter!.This had come from more than a half dozen black men, that she could see as her eyes finally became more accustom to the dimly lit bar.

The bartender then said in a friendly and pleasant voice don't mind the guys, going on to say, be gentlemen and treat the lady nice. We don't get very many classy white women in here, usually just hookers!

Your not a hooker are you?.No of course your not! You sure look like one, but you don't act like one. knowing full well why she was there. He sets a drink down as her breathing finally returns to normal. She took a big gulp, saying wow. this is good, those young men in the alley really scared me?

Oh, the bartender said, they are usually harmless they are just a bunch of punks having a little fun and not yet old enough to drink. They try to make a few bucks selling pot to my customers, I usually run em off, they didn't hurt you did they?

No she said but they have my coat and bag. It has my money and cell phone. The bar tender said to one of the men, go see if you can round up her stuff. She went on to say, now realizing that she has no money, and quickly puts the drink down saying I can't pay for this! The bar tender then says don't worry miss the drink is on the house, as several big black men are now standing on either side of her, at the bar commenting at the same time, that they would be more than happy to buy her not only drinks, but also a late dinner.

She, trying not to hurt anyone's feelings says no, defiantly! Stating my limousine should be here to pick me up any minute. She had been wondering why the bartender and these men had been staring at her so intently, when she finally turns around and realized as she face's the bar.

She can see the mirror one of her breasts is uncovered and totally exposed! She quickly grabs the top of the thin dress and pulls the material around covering herself! This has left her standing there flush with embarrassment as the bartender is all smiles at how uncomfortable she is, don't worry miss you have a really nice pair of breasts, and should show them off! Now knowing that her bare boob had been showing, for all to see.

This feeling has turned from being embarrassed busty babe needs a big black cock a rather hesitant case of exhibitionism, and in front of all these black men, this has perked the feelings in her genitals, and her pussy is nowalmost dripping.

Again the mark of a true slut. Her drink is now gone and she is starting to feel pretty good, apparently the drink is a bit more than just a Shirley Temple.

One of the men says to the bartender give her another, and then says to Pet you don't mind if I buy you a drink, as he lifts her short skirt and gives her a loving pat on her bare bottom! She is loving the attention from all these men, and barley notice's that the time now, is almost 11:00 pm and still no limo.

The jukebox has started to play one of her favorite songs and several of the men are still at the bar next to her. Another has reached down and is cupping both buttocks of her bare white ass cheeks. The touch to her bottom by a complete stranger has left her quivering with uncertain anticipation! They watch her sway to the music, one of the men is older forceful and intimidating and has asked her to dance. She hesitantly says no.

But the laced drinks and the music are quite inviting especially with this big man as Pet really loves to dance. He can sense her indecision and before she can say no again., grabs one her hands and easily pulls her over to the small dance floor. The lights in the floor instantly come on silhouetting and illuminate her shapely figure making her look as though she is wearing nothing!

Playing with her, he grabs her other hand and quickly twists her back and forth to the fast Rock & Roll music trying to get her to dance, both of her boobs instantly fly out from under the thin fabric! She at first does not realize that both of her breasts are sinfully exposed!

The music and the drinks, that were apparently not all. Shirley Temple's has taken its toll along with most all of her inhibitions as she hardly notices that her breasts are again bare. The music changes to a slow love song. Now with little resistance left, she easily lets this older, big hansom black stranger expertly guide her around the dance floor as she fantasizes she is dancing with one of the black celebrity's on the television program "Dancing with the Stars".

On the first pass he is every bit a gentleman, but on the second pass around the small dance floor his hands have descended and has easily raised the very short little lime dress at her girl xxxx story with the black guy Then his big hands, now have a firm hold on both of her bare white ass cheeks! Pet might as well be wearing nothing as there is nice ass teen with curly hair masturbating that between her bare bottom and his black hands!

She hardly notice's as he pulls her up tight crushing her bare breasts against his chest! The feeling of being against this strong forceful man and having her bare bottom squeezed is wonderful, and has taken her breath away! Her eyes have gotten even bigger all of a sudden as he pulls her up even tighter. Her mind races as she can feel his incredibly huge manly package that is now quite firm, directly against her bare pubes, and from this her pussy is getting even wetter by the second!

At the end of this first dance he twirls her around, and again in doing so both of her unrestrained shapely 36" breasts easily sling out to either side of the thin lime green nightie looking dress?. She makes no attempt what so ever to cover them as the drinks have taken what little is left of her inhibitions.

Another man has cut in before she realizes it, and the music has gone from slow and sensual, to hot and fast. This is the kind of dancing she likes and black guys are really good at it. Her breasts are fully exposed and are wantonly swinging around with reckless abandon!. The man is having fun at her expense, as she is being enthusiastically pulled and twisted roughly back and forth! The other men that have been watching are clapping and whistling as she unknowingly gives them not only a bare breasted show, but her short little dress has also left her bare bottom and hairless wet glistening little pussy vividly exposed do to the bright lights, for all to see.

As the music comes to a stop he twists and pulls Lust Pet back into one of his arms. as she comes up next to him his other hand has easily found her sopping wet little snatch as he bends her over he passionately kisses her with lust she could never have imagined, as his black fingers easily enter her wet stimulated cunt and his thumb forcefully grinds her swollen clitoris harshly against her pelvic bone! Pet helplessly squeals out loudly that leaves the crowd quiet and watching.

The results have left her quivering as an incredible orgasm rushes out from deep within her trembling body! There are lots of men and about five women. Most of the black women in the bar are not happy with the attention Lust Pet is getting, especially from their men and the three, who's men have been giving pet most of their lezzies anal toying and licking vaginas lesbians erotica are really pissed!

This older man has ordered enough food for two with plenty of extra trimmings and after the last dance has invited her to set with him. She is still visibly shaken, and more than perked from the last dance, But is famished not having eaten in her haste to get ready or having anything on the plane, and finally realizes just how hungry she is. He trying to be nice, has offered her food, saying there is plenty.

ignoring his black girlfriend altogether in the process. The results are predictable as this older black woman is now fuming., when he, like most men finally realizes there is a problem, that he and his friends have caused, callously tells his girlfriend to butt out! The black woman stomps off from the table with little attention from her man, but is obviously mad as hell, and has two hot lesbians lick each other outdoors with the other two black babes.

Pet has enjoyed the food and is refreshed. still not fully realizing that both of her milky white tits are still very much exposed! She needs to use the ladies room and one of the men points the way. Lust Pet gets up still oblivious to the fact her breasts are fully exposed.and threads her way through this crowd of black men who make it difficult for her to pass ! As she heads towards the rest room numerous black hands grope her leaving no place untouched!

Finally after the groping she realizes her breasts are bare and tries to covers them. The fabric of the dress has been totally compromised, do to her wild dancing and she is unable to cover them both. The women's rest room is not nearly as dirty or vile as she has first imagined, and in her urgent need, has given little thought to it. But of the two stalls, neither have doors. She easily lifts the short lime green dress as very little of it is covering much of her, and squats on the throne.

Relief is quick, as like most, it is a wonderful event after to much drinking followed by holding it longer than she should! She is still setting there peeing when the three black women barge in. At first, her still with a touch of alcohol has no idea what they want or that she has caused a problem!.

It is 1:00 am in the morning and still no limo. These women are understandably mad as hell, and black women can be mean and nasty especially when white women tempt their men! Not just from Pet for openly showing off her white tits and ass, but from the callous povlife brunette carwash hottie alice white pov sex their men friends have shown towards them.

Lust Pet would have been better off if she had used the men's room! As it would have been a much safer place, she can now see the look of fury in the older woman's eyes! She is apparently the significant other of the big hansom man she has danced with and shared an intimate meal. This gal is a very attractive black woman but is also big an strong!

Walking up to the open stall with one hand, she grabs Lust Pet by the throat and pulls her up off the stool. this has left pee still trailing out of her all over the place and onto the floor!

Lust Pet is right in the middle of doing her personal business and cannot stop! The woman with her other hand slaps Pet so hard in the face that she sees only stars and lighting bolts, and then easily rips what little there is of the lime green nightie looking dress.

clear off! Pet is terrified and can hardly breath as the woman continues to slap and choke her! This older gal has had plenty of time for some nasty thoughts, about what she, and her girlfriends are going to do to Pet. this slutty little white bitch. who they think has been trying to take their men away! Lust Pet gasps out loud as she is forced over. her back hits the wall hard, and this woman has easily grabbed both of Lust Pets hands and raises them up high and holds them tight against the wall with one hand!

Pets soft heaving white titties are perversely up lifted and are now pointing helplessly straight out almost as if perversely inviting some of this nasty woman's sadistic abuse! The other two black women are crowding around and have taken advantage of her bare helplessness, by reaching around and brutally pinching the very ends of her pink nipples!

Pet is totally nude wearing only her lime green heels. The woman gets right in her face pushing her nose almost against Pets and says how do you feel now bitch!.

A sadistic grin is slowly creeping across her face. Lust Pet tearfully and hesitantly pleads. softly as she gasps, Please. Please don't hurt me. but the older woman's grip only tightens as she say's. Oh Really. you little whore wat the fuk yu think yo doin, tryin to take my man.

he's my man, no slutty little white tramp of a Ho!. like you is gonna take my man. You got that!.bitch!. Pet is still terrified and her breathing has almost stopped as the woman's grasp tightens! She can hardly breath and is helplessly wondering what these women are going to do next? The woman gives her several more very hard stinging slaps across the face, that leave her unable to see for a moment.

What you doin round heir anyway, you ain't no Ho! You eather a really dumb cunt.or just plain stupid!. Which is it?.as her strong black hand has left her throat and found Pets already wet little slit that is now even more sopping wet with stimulated fright and resigned helpless submission. Another trait of a white slut to be!

The look on this older woman's face changes almost instantly. to a knowing smile. As she says with delight. I one of them horny white nypho bitches that is always looking for cock and will fucks anything that walks, you live on the white side of town and are one of those well to do upity white bitches that crave black men and big black cock!

Ain't yu bitch? Ain't you.her strong fingers and sharp finger nails have found Lust Pets over stimulated swollen clitoris and are really starting to savagely dig in twisting, harder and harder all at the same time!

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The pain has quickly overcome the subdued terrifying pleasure from only moments she screams out in the most painful blood curdling scream! That can easily be easily heard clear out in the bar! Come on! … Bitch say it? Ignoring her scream altogether, Pet again hesitantly says now in tears the words. yes. .yes im a slutty nympho whore that loves cock, any cock.especially. black.cock!.As she realizes what she has just said the thought has brought her to the very edge of blissful orgasm!

These words are true. as detached perverse thoughts of sex with large black cocks flash across her slutty little mind! The woman goes on to say, well you ain't gettn my man, and I better not see you or those white titties of yours round here no more. or ill cut them pretty little pink "nipples of yours" clean off. you got that bitch! You unda stand me, as she turns pet around and lets go of her hands, this older woman is still holding on to Lust Pets mound tightly with her sharp fingernails that are digging into Pets clit, as she gives her a shove!

Now her stimulated over abused clitoris grudgingly slips out of this older woman's strong black finger nails leaving deep red painful gouges. Lust Pet screams out again from this very unpleasant painful sensation as she hits the floor hard, it knocks the breath out of her! The woman then kicks her hard several times which rolls her over onto her stomach! Pet just lays there hardly able to move for a moment, still scared to death as the other two women kneel down and hold her, then they all take turns savagely beating her bare white 36" round bottom with their bare hands!

The viscous slaps can easily be heard out in the bar as bare wet flesh and hard open hands come together most perversely! Pets bottom changes from white to pink to bright red as she sobs, and pleads for them to stop! When they finally do, and are about to leave the older woman hesitates for a moment, reaches down and pulls both of Lust Pets ankles up and unceremoniously pulls off her lime green 3'' heels, saying I like these!

Then says, yu don't mind do you nympho bitch, I din't think so? Lust Pets very sore bottom and the searing pain from the scratches on her cunt and clit along with the sadistic bottom spanking has instantly changed from pain to abused pleasure as the blood rushes into these misused places! Another mark of a true slut to be, and one that has been painfully used abused, and spanked! OMG! She could not help it as she experiences and shudders with this unexpected abusive and a very long orgasmic climax, ugh, oh, oooh.!

.As she lays there helplessly on the rest room floor spent trembling, naked whimpering, and climaxing uncontrollably. The incredible shrieking noise and bare flesh being slapped hard coming from the women's rest room, the screams and begging has finally stopped!

The men in the bar are looking at one another, and all they can hear now is soft pleasurable moans and sobs? Oh my, … she thinks to herself still quite shaken! As she slowly sits up. no clothes. no shoes and no money, how am I ever going to make my first day at the academy a memorable one? Still worrying only about this, even after all that she has endured?.But it is not quite over as this big black woman in a parting shotgrabs one of her wrists pulls her up onto her knees and snaps one end of a pair of hand cuffs onto her wrist, then drags her out through the crowd helplessly and into the mens room!

OMG! The place is filthy and smells even worse, as she is drug over to the nearest urinal the other cuff is locked onto one of the lower pipes! The woman then says with a smile have fun sweety servicing all hot girl and two guys please each other the black men that want a blow job! As she tosses the key into one of the filthy commodes and flushes it! Then as she walks through the door in a loud deep voice hollers out, this white bitch wants to suck black cock, and shes is ready!

Just, as Pet thinks everything is lost two of the biggest black evil looking men she has ever seen in her entire life, enter the men's rest room.and pick her up. With her under each of their arms they literally carry her out into the bar! No one tries to stop them. She is naked totally helpless and spent, unable to resist, her feet barely touch the floor, her well stimulated pussy, still wet from the incredible orgasm was glistening in the lighted doorway as they half carry and drag her from the bar!

The limousine is a brand new six door shiny white Lincoln town car that has been backed up in the alley waiting. The time was 2:00 am in the morning, they easily lift her into the posh leather surroundings and the deep carpet of this expensive automobile.

She was told to kneel and face both of these big men. The limo was moving before the doors closed as it drove out into what little traffic there was early that morning. She could easily see out, but no one could see in, wondering and trembling with uncertain anticipation as to what these big black men were going to do or had in mind for her? Now naked and on her knees it took only moments for her to understand what was expected, as she now knew what was going on in the back of this.particular limousine.

Both of these men wearing expensive suites had unzipped their trousers and had produced two of the biggest blackest half hard foot tube8 massage and redtube anal apology emily thorne xvideos teen-porn of male meat she had ever seen.

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The fact that both of these men were some of the blackest of the black Negro's made her slutty lust for oral sex with them strangely overpowering. Her white, almost anemic fair skin from never being out in the sun of the north country of Montreal was in vivid contrast and even more perversely stimulating than she could ever have imagined. One of the big men had moved from his seat down next to Julie, she could feel his hands at first touch one of her breasts and then squeeze them really hard followed by pinching her nipples.

His big hands easily encompassed her entire breasts, his thumbs and fore fingers began squeezing the delia gets fucked by a black guy little nipples, harder and harder! He was good, knowing just where and how to abuse the most sensitive part of the tip.

This treatment was leaving her more and more sexually frustrated! When he pulled both of them as far apart as he could and held the there for several minutes! Leaving her with excruciating pain as his big fingers finally pulled free her abused breasts sprang back and jiggled wildly!

The other in a booming voice suddenly, with out warning grabbed her dark reddish brown hair and at the same time tells her to hold her hands behind her back as he pulls her up between his open legs. Pet was a bit slow in getting her hands behind her back, and was rewarded with several more hard stinging slaps to the face! The feeling of expensive fabric and the cut of his suit along with the slaps was intoxicating as the deviant sexual thrill of two fully dressed big black men, and the realization that she a naked helpless white woman, was wearing nothing, has left urges in her loins for some incredible sexual abuse that she never knew existed?

This is another mark of a true white slut! This painful slapping caused her to immediately do exactly what she was told. He, holding his cock up out of the way so that his big black balls were exposed, said suck them balls bitch. and make it good. Pet sucked the big black balls into her mouth one at a time until she looked more like a chipmunk with some really big nuts in her mouth.

The results of which left both of her cheeks grotesquely puffed out! As she sucked several flashes of digital cameras took pictures as she sucked and rolled the black kinky haired balls around.

she could feel them swell with anticipation and the possibility of pleasurable release. She had sucked on a mans balls before but never such big black ones! The big ball mans cock was really getting hard now as he pushed her head back, this stretched her lips over and off of his balls with several sucking pops! She she loves big cock in her ass to recover, but once off he held his 10" long by almost 3" thick shafted cock down at the perfect angle and slapped her face again really hard, this brought stars to her already tear filled eyes then told her to open wide!

Her mouth tiny teen mouthful of cum proving papa wrong now open and with the gaudy smeared red lips he quickly pulled her onto his throbbing meat!

She had no time or choice, as he grabbed fists full of her reddish brown hair and continued to pull her helplessly down. farther and farther onto his hard swollen blue veined gigantic black cock! Lust Pets eyes were getting bigger and bigger!. She had given blow jobs before but with little enthusiasm. apparently a white dick was not nearly so appealing as a big black one?.

at least in her warped idea of black sexual fantasy! These two big black men were a team and had worked together before in forcefully abusing white women. With one, aggressively holding on to Pets hair and the other., had put his big hand on the back of her neck pushing her down farther, and farther until her nose was almost helplessly touching his kinky pubic hair, and was starting to tickle her nose! She had never deep throated anyone like this and had no idea that she could even do it?

Especially to such an incredibly large piece of hard black meat that was now tight in her throat! But for Lust Pet as an aspiring white slut to black men, she relaxed as best she could opened her mouth as wide as possible and let him impale her onto this pulsing hard meat another mark of a true slut. With her nose being tickled and almost ready to sneeze she was barely able to keep from doing so as she tried to breath!.

She had no idea how far a big black cock like this, could go down into a woman's throat! Even so she, was amazed at this new found gift coupled with her perverse fantasy about black men. Just as she thinks she can miraculously handle this new form of deep throat oral abuse, and that everything is going to be okay his partner with sadistic pleasure reaches over pinches her nose closed!!.

OMG! It only takes several moments before her eyes get bigger than they have ever been.

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she starts to panic and gag, her head feels like it is going to explode!. and her lungs are burning. Just when she thinks she is going to pass out from lack of oxygen the black meat she is impaled on explodes into her throat further complicating her plight!

She is now gagging and choking, trying to swallow with her nose pinched tight as the most incredible amount of cum shoots almost directly down her throat and into her stomach. She has sucked little cum in the past, mostly precum, and from white dicks, and is totally unprepared for this, and this is something that has never happened to her even in fantasy!

They "The Black Men" are both taking turns yelling sisters with glasses bbc threesome amazing cumshot ending her, as her head is rapidly pulled and then pushed back and forth on this gigantic chunk of black meat!

She is helplessly forced to face fuck this big cock, and is trying to suck down and swallow all of the incredible amount of a black mans cum! Her hands have come up from behind her back and she is trying to push him away, this is in order to get some air and relief, but she is unable to move him bigtit redhead eating out skinny girls pussy all.

and is rewarded with another stinging slap to the face .as she is admonished to again keep her hands behind her back! Unknowingly her training has just begun and will be one of many requirements a "White Slut" will learn!.

OMG she thinks, as the world starts to turn gray before her eyes! When she wakes up she is laying on the floor of the limo, with her face in a pool of cum coughing and choking and trying to recover with an enormous amount of cum running out of her nose and mouth! His evil twin has picked her up off of the floor and lifted her, telling her to put her hands up behind her head. Her back is towards him and his big black hands have a hold of her thighs, just under her ass cheeks and well above her knees as he lifts her higher.

Now with her head almost bumping the ceiling of the limo, and her bare back against him, his partner is returning the favor. . and with one hand spreads and pulls Lust Pets labia lips that are still dripping apart, and over the gigantic head of his rock hard cock positioning it in the perfect place! With the other he holds her steady and upright!

Lust Pet weighs about 130 # lbs and he uses all of her weight to help him, in.this helpless sadistic impaling of her, only having to hold her legs helplessly apart as the entire weight of her easily helps! She slowly descends all the way onto this 10" by 3" thick black cock! Pet is groaning, moaning and holding her breath! She is trying to tightening her pubic muscles and slow down this descent and is certain that her pink little slit is going to be ripped open and stretched far beyond anything she has ever felt or experienced!

Just as she thinks she might be able to endure. the limo hits several big bumps that jam this enormous cock of his well up into her love tunnel even harder! This where no other cock black or white has ever been!

These bumps they are hitting are followed by several more. The Chauffeur has timed the entry onto this particular stretch of road work.perfectly and speeds up slightly, they are setting directly over the rear axle of the limo and the Chauffeur has switched the normal soft ride of a luxury limousine to a more rigid cornering suspension.

Each of the hard bumps aggravate the next as her weight and pussy is jammed down hard again and again and he is forcefully thrusted up harder and harder!

OMG! She shrieks! &hellip. Tears of painful penetration well up in her eyes as each bump keeps slamming them together, She is beside herself but not daring to remove her hands from behind her head! Just as she is painfully abused and wondering how much more she can take the limo drives onto some smooth road!

Relief is almost instant and the feeling of painful stretching and tearing has become one of incredible fulfilled sexual bliss as this big cock is deeper than any before, an has now found its way up to a spot an place where no other cock has ever been! Now, it is her turn to explode!

The incredible fucking of being painfully impaled has given away to the wonderful pleasure of incredible sexual intercourse orgasm and relief! She is limp barely able to hold her hands behind her head, and her legs are still being held out helplessly apart as the limo turns around and reenters the road construction area. OMG! The painful humping bumping and thrusting starts all over again !.Wam.

wam, wam wam, as they are slammed together once again this time to the absolute hilt and depth of her sexual being!. As she starts to recover from this last perverse hammering, the limo comes to a stop at the Limousine Company's dispatch center.

The back door opens and hands reach in and help her up and off of this enormous piece of black meat! Her pussy never having been used by something so big before makes a slow sucking sound as it is grudgingly resists being pulled from his meat and is gaping open with warm cum running out!

Once out, she leaves a trail of cum hers and his, there are five black men some have their cocks out and have been milking them in anticipation of her arrival.

They are all bigbut two are every bit as large as the two big black escorts there are now seven men altogether! The escorts have gotten out not only assist, but also to continue Lust Pets incredible sexual abuse. The other evil twin has his hard meat out as she is bent over still wearing nothing, Pet is given little respite as it is his turn to force his black piece of meat up into her throat in the same manner that his partner did!

She can feel the folds of her white, well stretched and fucked, gaping holed pussy being spread wide again at her mound, as another gigantic black dick is forced hard into her cum filled cunt!

In only moments he too, has shot his cum into her. As he pulls out, another is targeting her hardly used anal cavity! The same thing will play over and over, only this time one of the five others is fucking her in the ass! Never being fucked in her butt hole pepper is a sexy amateur deepthroat star who shows up nervous but wind she is surprised, as this is virgin ground.

But is helpless to resist as the searing pain of an enormous cock at first enters this never before used tender place. OMG the pain in her rectum is even more terrifying as her sphincter muscle is stretched farther and farther open, over his enormous black cock head and the full penetration is slowly accomplished!

This is followed by some really aggressive and brutal hard fucking! The next hard black cock, replaces the last, and then another and another, as the two evil escorts also take their turn.again! The only difference is that her ass is not the only target as several prefer her no longer, so tight white little pussy, or her face, lips, and throat.

Several of the men use their big hard cocks to face slap her really hard! OMG! Fantasy and reality flashes before lust Pets eyes, she could never have imagined such an explosive dong sucking session hardcore blowjob by so many black cocks all at one time even in fantasy!

This harsh treatment has led her into a sexual frenzy and she is almost begging for more black cock, and is now with her hips bucking back trying to get more, and seems unable to do so! Again this is exactly what a true white slut would want! Some really hard face fucking is going on at one end, and two others are at Pets other sexual openings that are alternately being used at the other! All she can remember is breathing hard, holding her breath and gulping cum one load after another, her soft white breasts with her nipples stinging, are sore and bruised from flying wildly around earlier with little restraint, along with the brutal squeezing and pulling by so many black strangers.

The gigantic cocks and her fantasy's about them are seemingly a endless blur, all she can remember are sucking on hard cocks with them squirting trails of cum!.

But this sexual abuse has not been limited to just oral anal or vaginal, her face and breasts continue to be slapped and beaten, along with her bare and unprotected bottom. This to has been sadistically paddled and by only bare hands! The bruises on it are nasty looking splotches of purple, red, and gray, that are all over both of her breasts, and are even more prominent on her bottom! From this, humiliating and forceful gang banging she is dumped into the back of this luxury car and taken to the next limo garage, where another group of black men use her!

This is a concupiscent anal toying for sweet attractive babe smalltits and homemade feeling for a sexually willing rape victim, her white helpless cum filled female body continues to be brutally used and abused until late morning. Lust Pet has so much cum in her that after the last stop she is unable to take anymore and can only burp up loads of semen!

Once back in the limo her eyes first, and then her mouth still full of cum is taped shut with duct tape, her stomach is bloated and also full of cum! Her hands along with her breasts have had ropes and duct tape wrapped around them and tied tightly behind her back!

Her cunt has been stretched so wide open. from all of the big black cocks that it is easy to look down into the depths of her gaping and vulgarly stretched open vaginal cavity! The trip from the last stop on Long Island, and New York City along with the drive to the White Slut Training Academy in West Chester County places the shiny new limousine in the big circular drive of " The All Girls WSTA College"! Precisely 30 minutes before orientation is to begin and, just as many of the young white attractive scantly clad new prospective arrivals are unloading there few belongings.

This luxurious limousine with its distinguished chauffeured driver has driven up to the walk leading into the main entrance of the academy and stopped! Both back doors open and one of the big black evil looking escorts comes around to the passenger side and helps his friend lift Lust Pet out, they place her directly in the middle of the elegant gray marble walkway that divides the two exquisitely manicured green lawns. Her duct taped face is against the cold stone and she is left up on her knees with her legs apart and her welted bare bruised bottom sticking up shamelessly for all to see!

This blatant act of sexual perversion and humiliation in broad daylight has left the arriving girls speechless and in terrified awe!. Lust pet, is totally naked, she has nothing. "no clothes, no shoes, no money, and no cell phone" She is tightly and helplessly bound with rope and duct tape, she has been harshly used and abused and is unable to hardly move or see! One of the men has removed a cold can of beer from his suit pocket that is from the liquor cabinet in the limo, and they are going to perform the last ultimate act of sexual abuse humiliation and degradation!

One shakes it up while the other holds the almost blood red stretched sphincter ringed muscle of her anus open so that the ice cold can of Bud Lite can be forcefully inserted and pushed all of the way down into her warm well used and well stretched cum filled ass hole!.

Julie tries to let out a scream, but it is barely audible through the muffled choking cum in her throat and the duct tape covering her lips!

With the can barely sticking out between her abused red ass cheeks he expertly flicks it, just barely popping the top!.and walks off!. The results are a fine golden foamed rooster tail of spray that fizzes out for well over a minute!.

Those that are watching especially the young women, are now murmuring among themselves, and will remember this vivid perverse image for years to come! This, is Lust Pets grand entrance that will now become one of the Academy's most enduring legends!. This story was lovingly written for Lust Pet! MGS