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Hardcore rough sex fat chubby amateur rough crying cry hard fuck force
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"Hi me, it's Stuart but you know that because you can probably remember making this video. The man in the next room wants me to make this before I leave and head off to god knows where.

I'm pretty pathetic but at this point I have nothing more to lose, I hate my life, I hate myself and I don't even find anything remotely interesting anymore. Again you remember but he said I should talk about how I feel now before we leave since I won't be able to for a while. He said he's going to help change me, make me a better me than I could be on my own. Considering I hate the current me I figure a deal with the devil is probably the best route. Remember them Stuart; remember the girls who ignored you and remember that Richard isn't your friend despite what he keeps saying.

If he was a friend he wouldn't have kept doing what he did," I end the video recording. Junior year in college to current day Hi there, I'm Stuart Wolfric and I'm currently attending college at UCLA. At an average 5'10" inches and pushing closer to 300 pounds of overweight mass than I'd like, I'm not exactly what the world wanted me to be or even what I'd hoped I would be.

I started at UCLA after two years of community college and on my first day I made what I thought would be the first of many new friends, Richard Abernathy. If I'm not what I hoped to be Richard is exactly what every guy wanted to be standing at 6'1" and built like he was cast down from Olympus to live among mere mortals the first time we met was when I was bringing in my last box and he was ushering out an attractive Asian girl from his room.

"Hey you're my new roommate," He said happily shaking my hand. "Yeah I guess so," I answered and he kept smiling. "Well let me tell you right now I don't do the fraternity thing and I need a good wingman, I'll take you around to the best parties and if you ever need someone to make sure you get a good word in natasha nice and paulina james are a study in contrasts the ladies don't hesitate to ask man," Richard informed me before hopping into the shower.

Living with Richard was great for a while. He coasted through his classes because he had money, correction his family had money and he spent it on the good life. The benefit is that he took me along with him and made sure that as roommates we were living well.

I didn't eat cafeteria food since he usually had food in the fridge and when he partied I went with him. I didn't see how different we were until I realized that while I was drinking for free and while there was a lot of talking going on I wasn't talking at all.

I met some girls, slept with a few but the next morning is when the regret and the 'don't call me I'll call you' came out as they left. It sucked but Richard was always right there next morning telling me I was one of the guys. It was a month or two in that I discovered Richard's door needed to be revolving because women came and went.

Other guys didn't like Richard but you girl and black guy and mature xxxx storyfalse square off with the combination of money, good looks and the fact that Richard could fight. I learned that one after he was 'caught' with another guy's girlfriend and he beat the boyfriend's ass then took two girls home with him that night.

"Hey if she really wanted to be with him she wouldn't have been on her knees in front of me. And besides its college, this is where we're supposed to go have fun and after this we start going off to find the future Mrs.

Abernathy or Wolfric," Richard explained and while it made sense I wasn't so sure. Richard and I were cutting a path through the party scene, more like he was cutting a path through and I was in his wake and watching the fun. It was right after the holidays that I met the first of the trio of pain for my heart: Trinity Stigers. I've been told that black girls have attitude but when she pulled me aside and asked for help with her computer science class I decided to take a chance and we began spending our study hours together.

To describe Trinity is to think of a 5'9" black female with short cropped hair and a lean build thanks to her spot starting on the women's basketball team.

We learned quite a bit about each other over the weeks and she casually tried to get me to 'shape up' while I helped her with her class. We would laugh and smile and more than once we'd share a meal when I figured out I actually liked her and that's when mistake one occurred, I asked Richard for advice. He listened to everything I had to say and asked questions about her so he could figure out how I could approach her for a real date.

I took his advice to heart and waited till after we got her past a big test in her class. I had my plan and sure enough I waited till after classes were out so I could swing by her place and invite her out to dinner. I arrived at about six on foot and when I knocked on the door her roommate answered it. "Hey there Caitlin is Trinity here," I asked hopeful. "Yeah but she's quite a bit busy to be tutored right now," Caitlin informs me with a bit of an attitude.

That's when I heard it, the sound of a woman taking everything a man can give her and showing her appreciation for it. I knew Trinity's voice but the male voice I knew even better as he asked her if she liked it, Richard was having sex with Trinity.

Caitlin backed me up out of the doorway and closed it after herself as she was probably heading out. I didn't get a second look from Caitlin as she left but I did stand there wondering what to do and why Richard would have sex with Trinity when he knew I would be asking her out. When I heard the doors inside Trinity's place start closing and conversation of a non coitus nature I decided to leave and headed back to my room to sulk.

I was on beer number three when Richard came in and looked at me funny.

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"Dude I thought you were going to take that girl out," Richard asked confused. "I would but when I went to ask her she was busy being serviced by you," I informed him a little hot. "Wait that Trinity? Dude I had no clue it was her you were asking. We got to talking in the gym a couple days ago and it just happened.

I'm not going to date her but you should still ask her out," Richard said trying to be supportive. I didn't respond I was so pissed at the time I couldn't even think of how he was a complete asshole to me. He knew who she was because I gave him everything he needed to know before he made his move.

I didn't speak to him the whole weekend and when Trinity came around next Tuesday to thank me for helping her I shrugged her off. "Hey Stuart you're a nice guy and you're smart, maybe if you tried a little harder you'd be someone a girl would want to date you," was the last words Trinity left me with before heading back to her dorm room.

The tutoring stopped but more so because she didn't need it and I didn't care. Richard and I were on rocky ground as friends and when he started apologizing every time he saw me and it's hard to stay mad with someone when they're buying you the beer that you're drinking on your off time.

Richard and I got back into a groove and it was only a month later when and we're out at a party, yes another one, where the second in the trio of pain came into my life: Soledad Dominguez. "This music would be better if they lightened up on the bass and used a bit more treble," My first perfect tits blonde inter rides bosses thick long cock chanel preston to the 5'4" Latin girl with black hair and green highlights.

"No fucking shit right," She replied over the boom and smiled at me. We talked, mostly away from the music, and it was nice.

She is majoring in Music and I told her about some software I saw that allowed you to adjust the music without dials and toggles and the debate started about digitization ruining music. "If you take all the technology out then it becomes folk music," I argued and she was right on me. "I'm not saying take it my stepmom felt lonely and i have helped her out but there were real musicians that are famous to our generation but today they'd be out on their asses because they're art is doesn't have enough work done on it," Sol countered.

It was a spirited debate and when we both agreed that there needed to be more of a middle ground she surprised me with a kiss. We were outside on a bench in the park near the party kissing when we heard drunken revelers coming our way and she asked if we could go somewhere more private.

We almost made it back to my room when a drunk in the hall projectile vomited and the spray got me a bit. Soledad was sympathetic and I had to scramble to save the evening. "Listen let me shower quick and change out of the clothes and you can wait in my room before we try this again," I offered hopefully and she smiled letting me know that things would be good tonight.

Sadly they weren't, Richard had just wrapped up with his date by the fact that they had a clothing trail leading from the couch to his room and there was no loud moaning or screaming since the door was cracked open.

Soledad noticed it and when I let her into my room and grabbed a towel to dry off with before heading to the shower. Record shower it was but sadly not quick enough as I was out in ten minutes and as soon as I hit our 'living room' I noted a brunette picking up her clothing and muttering about an asshole.

I didn't pay much attention to it but as soon as I opened my door and saw that Sol wasn't there the sound of another conversation hit my ears.

"God your mouth is so little, take it deeper," I heard coming from Rich's room. I told myself don't look but I couldn't help it and went over to the door anyway. There was my date Sol on Richard's bed taking every inch of him in her mouth while he held a handful of her hair as her head bobbed up and down.

I step away from the door and start to head back into my room when the girl getting dressed is about to leave. "Hey, who is she anyway," the brunette asked quietly. "Nobody I want to know now," was my only reply and she frowns. "That sucks man, well good luck getting any while you room with that asshole," She tells me before stepping out of the apartment.

I closed the door to my bedroom hard and apparently that stopped them from having the louder sex that I had grown accustomed to from Richard. I slept pretty poorly and got ready to head out and hit the computer lab before anyone woke up. My luck however didn't pan out and I ended up face to face with the two assholes. Soledad stood there with a quiet and sad expression but Richard was quick to try to save face.

"Hey Stuart I didn't know she was with you last night, I thought Nikki brought her as back up for me," Richard said playing off his actions like an accident. "Whatever Richard, you said it yourself it's just college and why should I give a damn if every time I bring a girl home or show interest you make it a point to fuck her so I can get stuck with used goods," I stated back sarcastically. "Listen Stuart I'm really sorry about…," Soledad started in but I was out the door with a slam and that was it for us.

Months went by and while Richard was his happy go lucky self everywhere else I didn't party with him anymore. I also stopped drinking his beer and eating his food which made him feel bad for some reason.

We barely spoke as finals approached and part of that is because of pain number three: Stephanie Volence. Stephanie or Steph was my English literature student teacher; she was there to get her masters and was doing some actual teaching along with helping others on their studies.

We spoke often and one of the reasons I wasn't talking to Richard is because I was talking to Steph. Every day working up to finals I was welcomed to the sight of her 5'9" and ample curves in simple skirts and tops in class, her blonde hair normally done in a pony tail and reading glasses perched on her nose. She wasn't super big either but that nice middle ground where you can cuddle a woman and it was her sweet nature that kept drawing me in when I decided to take a chance.

"Hey Stephanie, I was wondering since you're not a teacher if I could ask you out on a dinner date sometime," I asked her as the class was cleared out of everyone save for us. "Well I don't date students in my classes," I felt heartbroken a little but she picked me back up again," However you pass your final and we'll go out after that." "Really, night after grades post and you'll go on a date me," I asked again feeling better than I have in a while.

"Absolutely, you pass the class and we'll go out to dinner," she told me and I was happier than I've been in a while. Back at my place even Richard was benefit of my new and better mood. I was getting everything ready for the date, decent clothes and had made plans for a nice place with my meager funds. Richard the whole time kept asking me for details and I wouldn't tell him anything, just that we had a class together. Finally we were actually talking about finals and I let it slip that I had a date if I passed my English Lit class.

"Dude going right for the summer of love, well I haven't done English Lit since second year so you have fun and get after it," Richard told me being his usual crass but happy self. Finals week passed and I waited patiently to see the scores posted and without surprise I passed my classes but for once English Lit was one of my highest scores. When I texted Steph to let her know she replied that she already knew and that and we started a text war of who should pick up whom later today.

I gave her my room and she gave me her address, I offered to walk there and she wanted to pick me up. We made all these plans but I said I would go get her from her place today and as I ready myself Richard is in his room blonde teen fucks daddy the olympic interchange nothing I care to know about as I head out. I'm on foot half way there and discover a twenty on the ground which gives me a great idea, flowers.

I stop at a local place and pick up a nice summer bouquet and resume my walk. I get to her place, it's the right address but nobody is home and no car in the parking spot for her apartment. I head back towards my room and while it was forty five minutes there it's only thirty back since I'm not buying flowers on the return trip.

I check my phone and see no messages from Stephanie as I get to my dorm and when I get inside I note that my door is closed but so is Richard's. I can hear something coming from his room and make the final mistake of checking to save myself some pain and face.

"Richard this has to be the last time, Stuart is a nice guy and I like him so one more time and then I have to scramble to get home so he can pick me up," I hear Stephanie's voice come through the door and my world stops. "I know and I didn't think it was you he was going to go out with but he wouldn't tell me shit. At least we get one final ride out of it before you settle down," I hear the words come out of Richard's mouth and I'm filled with a cold fire.

I heard everything standing a foot away from the door. All the moaning, bed creaking and dirty talk I'd come to expect from Richard and a bit that I didn't from Stephanie. They were going at it for forty minutes when finally the tell tale sound of Richard dumping his little Richard's in to Stephanie, not sure if he had protection or not but I wasn't going to touch her after that and the two of them go about picking up their mess. I turned and made my way out of the room waiting across the hall with my crappy flowers and stupid dress clothes waiting for the date that fucked around so that she wouldn't be disappointed with me if I was even close to being lucky that night.

I heard them talking a little bit and pull myself off the wall as the door to the dorm room opens and they both get a face full of me standing there waiting to enter the room. "Oh shit," Is the only thing that came out of Richard's mouth while Stephanie tried to pick up the pieces. "Listen Stuart, this isn't a bad thing. I needed to be done with Richard and now I am," Stephanie tried to explain hopefully," Let's go back to my apartment and I'll make you dinner and we can talk." I smiled at her, she was a little shocked but happy at first at that and more so when I held out the flowers for her.

I let her take a step forward before allowing the bouquet I bought to fall to the floor and my smile drop from my face. Richard standing there in his tank top and workout shorts and Stephanie in her nice blouse and skirt both have the awkward look of wanting to talk but there are no words that will make me feel like anything other than a fool. Stephanie reaches for me but I shrug her hand off my arm and push past Richard into my dorm room but not before grabbing a six pack of his beer.

A slam of my door and I start my private date night alone. I got a few messages from Stephanie over the next few days and Richard wanted to talk with me but I didn't care enough to even say goodbye to him as he was heading back home to visit Mummy and Daddy for the summer. I did get a note on the fridge with a cash card from him apologizing and offering me the card so I could eat over the summer.

After all the fucking around on me it's apparent now that the food and booze is the bribe for putting up with his traitorous ass and I still have another year with the asshole unless I can get a room change. Now did I use the card, yes. Did I max it out, no I need to eat so I bought the two most important things to me right then, bad food and beer. I spent three or four days constantly drunk and at one point I tried to break into Richard's room to fuck with his life in some small way but the locked door was too much for my xnxx bhai na ghar par xnxx story state and I had to settle for spending his money on a pizza.

I didn't try to go out or socialize at all and the one time I went to a store I almost ran into Stephanie. She looked good but then she always did, I however didn't have it in me to talk to her and when she finally noticed me the look of sadness on her face almost turned me to shoplifting to get away with my goods.

Back home and the time was O'Beer thirty and I had been looking at everything from porn to fucked up shit people do for fun on the internet when I figured I should look into apprenticeships so I can do something for the summer. All the computer ones were taken and then I decide to start sending in applications for Richard with some of the most ridiculous things I could come up with when I hit a site that shocked the hell out of me.

First thing I saw was my face in video on my own web cam when it started taking pictures. I almost pulled the plug when a voice started. "Look at this fat and lazy piece of shit, sitting in his college dorm room living on Hostess, pizza and piss water beer.

I swear if you get any bigger your penis is going to become an innie and then you'll have a pussy to fuck," the automated voice was good, better than I'd heard and I was dumb enough to talk back. "Fuck you asshole," I spat at my own computer. "And now you're swearing at your computer, are you normally this sad and pathetic or is this a new occurrence in your usually fat and lazy life," the computer voice sneered at me.

We argued, yes I was arguing with my own computer but considering it turned on me like everything else I might as well. After the belittling comments and insults with my swearing retorts it finally said something new. "So are you going to sit around your whole life and be this much of a waste or do you plan to do something with yourself," it asked me and I remember crying," Oh god stop that, listen I'm going to go because I can't stand to hear a grown man weep so have a good one kiddo." The voice stopped and crying myself to sleep that night didn't help how I felt the next morning.

I was having a beer in frosted flakes breakfast when I tried to find the site again but it was gone. I went through my history and there wasn't anything there. I took my computer apart and put it back together and still I couldn't figure out what happened. There were no pictures or messages and my history was completely missing everything that I had done yesterday from having 'Richard' apply for apprenticeships as a sheep herder in Scotland to the insulting page.

It was a great problem that I no clue where to begin to solve as I finished off my beers for the evening and when I tried to stand I fell into bed instead for a deeper sleep than I've had in a while. "My god this place is horrible, I thought I had it shitty in college," I hear a voice say a little quieter than normal for my head. "This is why we had you live with us in college honey, this is what happens when you binge on beer and junk food," a female voice says and I start to realize that I don't know roccosiffredi russian fucked in ass by rocco of these voices.

"Sir I think it's alive," the quiet voice says as the blanket is pulled off of me and I recoil from the light. I'm blinded by the sunlight coming through my windows and more than a little shocked at the three people in my room that opened the curtain so the sunlight could enter. I'm trying to recover and get my bearings when they start talking again.

"My god this is what you're working with boss," I hear the quiet one ask a he sizes me up. "Manners Isaac, he's had a rough patch and could use a little less light," the most firm voice in the room says as the curtains close," I apologize for the brightness but we needed to make sure you were who we thought you were." "What? Who you thought I was? How did you get in here," I ask as my vision focuses on the three. The quiet one they called Isaac is a black male about 5'11" and lean with a black tailored suit and red tie, he's even got sunglasses on and hair is cut short to his head.

I see the woman next and my god she's sexy, about 5'8" with heeled boots and a black suit that hugs her very full figure, her purple tie get's lost as her breasts are pushed up with the tie suffocating in the middle. With her short black hair and black gloves on her hands I turn my attention to the last person in the room.

His suit is black like the others and at 6' tall he's the one that is staring at me like he has plans, dirty blonde hair done in a fashionable mess but out of his eyes and his build is something I can't distinguish due to his suit. "Single pin push button lock after a three pin key lock and you want to know how we got in here," the one called Isaac asks as a joke.

"Okay why are you here," I ask rubbing sleep out of my eyes. "Because you called me, well you called someone who put me onto you and to be honest I've seen worse. Not many mind you but I've definitely seen worse than you," the leader of the two says leaning against my desk. "You don't know me, I've never even met you," I tell him and he smiles at me and that worries me.

"Stuart Wolfric, born in Fairbanks Alaska to David and Felicia Wolfric, parents died when you were twelve and you went to live with your only remaining relative Uncle Morgan who drove truck. You lived with him in the truck getting your education on the road and found you had a knack for computers and electronics.

Currently ending your first year with UCLA but spent two years in community college in Oregon. Finally got a scholarship which brought you to the land of fake blondes and real assholes, currently single your love life is almost nonexistent and when people talk about you they don't know which is worse your clothing or your weight," the man starts talking about my life like it's common knowledge to him," Now do you have a real question?" "Who the hell are you people," I damn near yell at them and he smiles.

"That is Isaac my inside man. The lady is Katy, she coordinates my business but as for me Stuart," the man says extending his hand and I take it cautiously," My name is Guy Donnelly and I'm here to change your life." Problems with drinking like I have been are that when you have no alcohol and you are stood up to fast you immediately need to vomit.

I don't know how long I was screaming my guts into the toilet but I know that when I was done the two men, Guy and Isaac deposited me in the shower and I was made to wash myself clean while they said they were doing an assessment.

I am clean and handed clothing that I haven't worn in years, denim jeans that are too big even for me and an oversized shirt with socks and shoes. I like to keep it casual but this is a bit tighter than loose shorts and my button up shirts. I find that they have gone through my entire room and everything in it.

"Alright so you really do live in a new level of suck," Guy tells me and I quietly nod still feeling like shit," Katy where is somewhere around here that we can eat and talk, I feel like waffles." "Baby I love waffles," Katy says with a happy smile before pulling out her phone," Got a Waffle House about twenty minutes drive from here." They start to leave and I move to sit down when Guy turns and takes me by the arm leading me out of my place.

I discover there is a fourth person in their group, a tall deep brown skinned man with black hair and sunglasses who opens the door russian teens steamy romance in the morning hardcore a limo and Guy thanks the man and calls him Ben.

We're heading down the road and everyone there is quiet as till we arrive and enter the restaurant. I've never been to this place but it looks like everything here comes covered in syrup or is breakfast. We all get food ordered and while Guy, Katy and I are at a booth Isaac and Ben take seats at the bar. Katy and Guy have some stella daniels in stockings gets a bbc of hot arabian webcam girl dildos her ass and it doesn't seem like boss/employee.

We eat and while it's good I'm not sure what is really going on. "Did Richard hire you to take care of me or something," I ask and both look at me with funny expressions. "Richard? Mr. 'I have money and looks so ladies please come and hop on seven inches of god's gift'," Katy says mocking Richard. "No this is my business being here and I already told you why I'm here," Guy tells me and pushes his empty plate away. "My life is what it is, I just need to get through college and then I'll try settling down and working on me," I tell them and Guy just stares at me like I just insulted him.

"Except that breeds an adult in a job with a life that sucks, you sat there crying at your computer two nights ago because you hate yourself. When my nice looking hot blonde chick i screwed this time was really awesome she gladly took my dong both in put me onto you I was told that you were worth looking into but you want details.

I run a business that makes a lot of money but I need managers, people who can go out and decide if I need to do the job OR if they can handle the situation themselves. I don't like hiring people I like bringing people in that I trust and while I have plenty of people I need new blood. That is where you come in Stuart," Guy explains in a calm tone. "But why me," I ask and Katy leans in. "Why not you? Ask yourself that, you suffered and then you took shit because of your Uncle who is a good man.

Now you're in college eating shit and living in shit while everyone around you laughs," I feel shame at her words but she grabs my hand on the table," Everyone here has been embarrassed, we were all mocked and we changed who and what we were." "But I don't understand why," I ask again and now Guy is staring at me. "Fuck why, we're here now. My business is looking at taking you in, we will train you, feed you, educate you in a manner. We will take you out of the shit and put your ass on a pedestal where the fuckers who didn't think enough of you to treat you with some goddamn respect and courtesy can look on and wonder at what they passed up," Guy tells me standing up and pulling out his wallet drops a hundred on a forty dollar tab," Or you can stay here and ask for the only change that you can find on your own." I watch the four of them leave the Waffle house and the waitress is staring at the money and at me wondering what I'm going to do.

I leave the cash and hurry after the car but its right where they left it and all of them are waiting inside as I hop in. "Hard to pass up," Ben asks speaking to me for the first time. "No it's just money, I can make money but it won't matter if I feel like crap tomorrow," I tell him and that's when I see all of them smiling. "Well let me explain things in a little more detail then, I won't be discussing business with you just yet but I will tell you right now you will hurt.

We have a lot of work to do but what has to happen is drastic change and that means I have about three months to do it in," Guy informs me as we head back to my dorm room. I listen as he tells me to make a video log of how I'm feeling which is where this journey started, I don't know what they are going to do to me but Guy and I are walking the college grounds and I have very few but very important questions.

"So what are you going to do to me," I ask as we walk in the sun. "I'm going to build you up, you're pretty broken down as it is but we need to get you into a more active mindset and less sedentary," Guy tells me watching me instead of where we're walking.

I move around people as we talk but Guy doesn't, he walks and they move around him. I barely notice and finally he grabs my arm and has me not move as a guy has to weave his bike past us and into the grass. I hear him shout assholes at us and when I look at Guy he's smiling. "Do you know what that was, that was him being more afraid of hitting me with a bike then I was of his bike hitting me. You walk around scared of everything so you don't do anything. I can do this to you," He says standing back and letting me look at him," But you have to want it and you need to never question what is going on.

If you can do that then we can begin but if you have any doubts I can leave right now and you can resume what you know for your life. Safety or all this blonde teen babe with a fine ass wanted was a dick hardcore facial watch him take an airplane ticket out of his pocket and show it to me for, business class travel one way. I take it and he leads me back to the car. I want to ask about my room or even pack a bag but once I'm in the car I notice that Ben and Isaac aren't there.

"Where are your employees," I ask noting the missing people. "They are taking care of your old life, probably burning your clothing and cleaning all the weakness out of your room," Katy tells me looking at her phone and smiling.

"Did you contact them and let them know we're coming," Guy asks and Katy smiles. "As soon as he took the ticket I was on the phone super hot outdoor erotica hardcore and amateur She almost purrs at him.

A trip to the airport and we're sitting in the terminal before hopping on a flight to Oklahoma, I want to ask but I've never been on a plane before and now I'm sitting in the better class seats and being offered a meal. I want to eat but I notice Guy and Katy are declining the meal as they sit and talk to each other.

I get a seat by myself and the stewardess is polite but looks at me a little disgusted, something about I had to take two seats. I don't know if its part of the new life but the embarrassment isn't fun but after a couple hours of flying we land and immediately get into a rental car as Katy drives us from the city and into the unknown. A couple hours of driving and we find ourselves at a farm, a very big farm and a workforce of many men staring at the Mercedes that we are in as it pulls up to a two story farm house.

It's almost evening and the working hands look like they're done for the day when a very fit and very pregnant blonde woman comes out the front door of the house in an orange cotton dress and starts yelling at us in Russian. Guy replies in Russian and the hug before I watch the woman turn and hug Katy.

"Masha it's so good to see you, and this nympho a gets cock in her asshole is going to be bigger than the last three," Katy says to the happy blonde woman.

"Yes but Devin and I want a big family so we wait in between but we agreed that we stop at five, maybe six," the woman Masha says and I pale at the thought of five or six children. I follow them into the house and see there are the three children that the ladies mentioned, two girls with one being older and one being younger and a boy in the middle. It looks like they were about to sit down to eat and now I'm starving.

"Illyena, Ivan, Viktoriya put down toys and wash your hands," Masha yells to her kids who stop their playing and the older girl helps the younger girl," Guy would you get my husband, he is in his office fussing over payroll." I watch Guy leave and the children return with Masha putting the little girl in to Katy's arms.

The food is served and I'm handed a plate of something brown and while I don't know what it is I start eating with everyone else as Guy returns with a man bigger than me tall and almost as wide but he's more muscle and I'm just fat. His flannel shirt is stuffed into a set of overalls that are dirtier than anything I've ever worn in my life. "This is him," the big man asks as Guy nods," You realize he'll probably be dead by the end of the first week." "Maybe, but I like to think that Jun and I are better judges of who someone can be over who they are now," Guy replies nudging the big man with his elbow.

I watch as Katy hands off the young girl to Pigtail blonde teens toy fuck hardcore and lesbian and Guy addresses me as I have a fork full of food in my face. "Devin and Masha are going to be putting you up here for the first part of your training, you work for them now and when they tell you to do something you don't get the option of saying anything other than Yes Sir or Yes Ma'am," Guy informs me with a cold tone," I will be back when you are ready, if you want to leave the door is that way but I have your wallet and your money, you can walk out of this if you want but you will be walking the whole way back to California." I nod my head slowly and realize he's right, my wallet and money is back in California with his people.

Katy and Guy leave after saying some goodbyes to their friends and the children and I'm suddenly not hungry when the Masha speaks to me. "You need to eat, you eat for strength that you will need tomorrow," She tells me with her thick accent and kind eyes.

I finish the plate and when I'm done Devin leads me outside and after walking for a couple minutes I can see the house in the not great distance and realize we're still on his property. "This is my farm, Guy and his family made sure I had money to buy it when my family didn't want it anymore and now I employ almost a hundred people and have the biggest plot of land in the state of Oklahoma and that doesn't count the Ranch with horses in the back," He says turning to me," The Ranch is not mine and it's off limits do you understand?" I nod and we continue when I see a shack standing out in one of the fields and we're heading right for it.

I know it's late by the low sun but it's still light enough for me to see as he opens up a door and points out everything. "Oil lamp needs refilling, you'll have to do that tomorrow. There is a couple soft bales of hay up the ladder and a horse blanket up the ladder so you aren't on the ground sleeping, if you need to shit or piss do it somewhere away from the shack or you'll smell it and remember to dig a shit hole first before you do because if I step in people shit I will make lives miserable," the big man tells me before heading back towards his house.

"Wait I'm supposed to sleep here," I ask and he turns and looks at me like I'm stupid. Yep I had a roof over my head less than twelve hours ago and now I'm living in elevated shed and trying to get comfortable on hay with a blanket that is too tough to put against my skin. I hate this and I cry again because now I'm trapped and I just want to go home. Crying myself to sleep probably helped me get some sleep as I'm woken up by yelling the next morning by a booming voice yelling at me to get my ass out the shack.

I exit right into the not yet risen day and see the big man, Devin, staring at me. "We start work in thirty minutes and you're assigned to the loading station," he tells me before walking away.

"Okay, wait where is that," I ask and he points off in a direction. I have no clue where I'm going but I move myself towards whatever the loading station is and find there is a crew of ten plus myself and several large trucks. Everyone there mostly ignores me as we stand around and they talk.

I see some white, some black and some Hispanic but they all intermingle as though nothing is odd about it but the biggest thing I notice is that I'm the biggest man here and not in a good way.

Finally I hear some machinery start up and we see people at a building about forty feet away from me open up and there is more bales of hay than I've ever thought could be in my life. I watch as the men rush over and start grabbing the bales and loading them when I hear a man in the building yell at me.

"College boy get your ass in here that last truck is yours and it needs to be loaded by sun up," the work foreman yells at me and I hustle as much as I'm able. The first bale is heavy and I barely get it to the truck when I realize everyone else has someone to take the bale from them but they're trucks are bigger than mine. I barely get one loaded when I'm being yelled at to move faster.

This lasts for well into the sun rising and when I finally have a full truck the foreman is shaking his head while the other workers stare at me. My whole body hurts and I wonder how bad this can get when a new set of trucks pulls up and again there is a smaller truck just for me. This process repeats five times and every time I am slower and slower while the rest of the workers don't seem to be even half as tired as I am.

I hear a whistle and we're told to break for lunch and that's when I watch the rest of the workers leave and now I don't know what to do or where I'm supposed to eat. I opt for waiting on dinner and try to rest but not thirty minutes later we're back to loading trucks only now I'm on a big truck with a team and I'm still slow and tired.

My whole day is a blur and when the sun finally starts to set I'm exhausted and watch as the workers head off to their bunks and I slowly make my way towards my shack. I hear someone calling for me and see the woman Masha waving me up to the house.

I have to set my plate on the table today because I can barely hold my fork let alone balance my plate. The children are happy and playful while Devin and Masha are watching me to see if I'm okay while they do the same to their children but all that pales in comparison to the fact that I'm so beat that when dinner is over and I'm dismissed to my bunk I almost don't make it.

Now that you know that much you can guess what my life was like for the next set of weeks, I can talk about the highlights. Middle of the second week I discovered there was a hole in my roof that was soaking me, when I asked Mr. Devin about the hole he handed me a tool box and pointed to where some spare wood was. When my shirt tore at the end of that week his english ful open sex in urdu movi gave me a new one.

My hands stopped hurting and I felt less achy during week four but week three was better because the workers took me with them to get lunch, apparently the ranch is also where the kitchen is and you're not supposed to go to the kitchen unless it's meal time.

I was able to eat but week five had me in a bit of a problem because my belt was too big for my pants and I couldn't work until Masha came to me with more fitting and rugged clothes. We went from loading bales to tossing them in teams and loading faster from there. When we got done early we would move over to feeding fields and would help with their work, when all of us got done there the two groups would move to another area.

I learned that nobody knew why I was there but they were told to work around me if they had to, no slack for the new guy. I showered maybe once a week and that was on Sunday when Masha and Devin would take me into town with them to attend church. I have no love of church but it was the one day off a week we had and if I didn't go then I didn't eat at the house, Devin's rules. Week six was good and normal and week seven started off great but now it's Saturday night and I'm heading back to my shack when I hear something come barreling down on me and am surprised to see a horse.

I hear someone yelling to get out the damn way and I go flying to the side and roll to see a couple men in different clothing than what the farm crews lasso a horse and start bringing it back when a female voice starts yelling over everyone in a slight country accent. "Y'all are bunch of jackasses not closing a fucking pen so that the barely broken horse can damn near run down one of the field workers," I hear the woman before I see her as I stand up," Did you break anything sweetie?" I brush myself off a bit and now I'm face to face with beautiful, now considering I've been around men for seven weeks and one pregnant woman she's is beautiful.

At about 5'10" and built with lean muscle and some average but firm breasts and clad in a flannel shirt, jeans and cowgirl boots this blonde woman is staring at me expectantly waiting for an answer. "I'm alright Mrs.," I ask and she chuckles.

"No Mrs. for me friend, and I don't usually talk with the hired hands much," She tells me with a very pretty smirk. "Well I'm here as more of volunteer labor so I'm not a hired hand," I reply and realize I'm flirting, why am I flirting. "Oh you're the volunteer&hellip. Never heard of you kid, sorry," She tells me and begins walking away before turning back to me," Where have you been eating dinners by the way?" "In the house with my guardians Devin and Masha," I tell her and she continues to smile.

"Well that explains a lot boy but you might want to get some sleep, tomorrow is gonna be here faster than you think," She says and I watch her ass as much as possible before heading back into my shack. I'm up Sunday morning and I'm ready to head into church with Devin, Masha and their brood. Service is what I expected from the past several weeks and once we're back I head to my shack to relax or find something to do.

I'm there maybe an hour and it's just past noon when I hear someone knocking on my door. I get it open and I'm face to face with the pretty lady from the night before. "Hey there you busy," She asks and I shake my head no," Good, get your work clothes I need a hand with a few things at the ranch." I change which basically means a dirty shirt and head up to the ranch on foot.

The farm looks nice but the Ranch looks like it cost money to keep it looking this good. Fresh paint, good fences and the house/country Inn that has the pretty lady waving to me as I head up. "Get to the vehicles and start unloading luggage, the guests will tell you where to put it and don't mix it up alright," She tells me with a light smile. Luggage, she has me moving luggage, almost two months ago I would have hated this and now it's an easy task.

Four vehicles, a mother daughter pairing in one room, a couple married pairs in separate rooms and one lone woman who seems like she doesn't know what to do when she sees me deliver her luggage. As soon as I'm done I find the 'boss lady' and she directs me to the kitchen for some lemonade. I'm relaxing for a couple minutes when I'm called by the title of 'boy' and there is the pretty boss lady with a smile.

"You need to get to the barn and ask Elmer to make sure we have six horses ready and to help him sexy thick babe masturabates ask for dick pt them up, when you're done Mrs. Burkehalter needs you to help move her room for her Feng Shui or something," She tells me and I'm off to help in the barn. Elmer is older than the barn by my estimation and probably older than every building on the ranch and farm.

As old as he is he's keeping up with me and telling me how to walk the horse, calm it down and saddle one up properly. We get them all saddled up when he tells me that the last one is only for Ms. Gwen, now she has a name. "So Ms. Gwen saddles her own horse," I ask and Elmer smiles.

"Only because nobody saddles Bandit the second other than Ms. Gwen because nobody can get close, you want to find out what a mad horse is go ahead and see if you can tame the horse. A lot of men tried to win her affections, luckiest one didn't get anything broken when Bandit almost stomped him into the ground," Elmer tells me and I remember old 'when animals attack' videos.

"So nobody touches Bandit the second but Ms. Brunette teen wildly masturbates with a dildo I ask as we lead horses out of the barn. "One man has, Ms. Gwen and one man only have ever saddled a Bandit," He tells me and I start looking around for the mythical figure and he laughs," Her brother boy, he's a city boy through and through but the Bandit lineage is clear when it comes to those two." I begin to wonder about her brother and how weird is it that an animal will pick people and never let anyone else touch them.

I watch as the riders get mounted up and after saying goodbye to Elmer head back to the house to help Mrs. Burkehalter. I find her room and discover she's not what I thought she was as the attractive Asian woman in her maybe late thirties to early forties is standing outside her door waiting. "Mrs. Burkehalter," I ask getting a light nod," I'm here to move your furniture." "Good because it's all wrong and where is your accent," She asks as we enter the room.

"I don't have one Madam but if you like I can fake it," I suggest with a smirk. "No you can keep sounding intelligent and thank you for not calling me Ma'am, it grates on my nerves," she tells me returning the smile. Move furniture, more like rearrange the room for twenty minutes as she tries to figure out where it should go. We don't talk except for her telling me where to put something when she decides to start up a conversation.

"So what is a well spoken young man like you doing on a farm laboring," Lin asks, her first name. "Honestly I came here as part of some intern program to make me a better me, I'm stronger now and a lot better built mind you but I honestly don't know what the man who brought me here has planned," I tell her and she muses on it. "Well you say your thinner and more fit which is good," Lin says with a smile," And you can speak intelligently which is a nice change of pace so I'm wondering if I can ask for your opinion on something." I nod and she moves me to sit down on the foot of the bed and has me sit while she grabs a bag and tells me to keep my eyes forward.

I think she has her own bathroom as she sounds like she's doing something but I wait patiently and finally hear the door open behind me but don't look. "Don't look around for a moment, I need lustful women cadence lux and brett rossi lesbian sex honest real opinion," Lin tells me and I do as she asks. I can hear her moving and finally she moves in front of me wearing a yellow cotton robe.

She's in a good shape for a woman of her hopefully not greatly advanced ages but with Asian women you never know. "Now Stuart I need an honest opinion," She asks and I nod as she opens the robe showing me her nude body," Would you cheat on this if you were married to it and risk losing a couple million dollars worth of your lively hood and business?" Okay I'm a bit too shocked to process her question, her breasts are very round and hanging a little but that shows me their weight, her woman parts are trimmed but covered in fine black hair and her hips are full and ready for bearing children.

I can find my words but my blood is in my pants feeding my raging hard on. Lin is smiling at me as I'm speechless and finally she moves to her knees and parts my legs. "If you're having trouble talking let me help your words out a little bit," She says undoing my jeans," say, Mrs. Lin you look very attractive." "Mrs. Lin you are beautiful," I squeak out and she smiles. "See you can speak, need me to repeat my question," Lin asks as she pulls down my jeans to the floor.

"There was a question," I ask as a joke. My underpants here are simple white cotton but with the hard on the head of me is sticking out of the waist band and Lin sees it. Unlike every other female I've been with she doesn't flinch at the opportunity and I discover something about myself now that I will be grateful for no matter what happens, I can look down and see my penis without sucking in my gut. I can't really say I let Lin take my only thinking brain out of my shorts and I always thought I was a bit average but Lin doesn't seem to care as I feel her mouth engulf the head.

It's warm and I feel her sucking lightly as her head bobs back and forth on me. I lean my head, the one that should be doing the thinking, back and enjoy the sensation as she's working hard at keeping me hard.

It's been months of nothing even before the sponsored exile but now Lin's ministrations are putting me over the top and I'm a little panicked when she starts stroking me with a hand and I look down to see her mouth open and tongue trailing a circle around my head.

She's looking right in my eyes and I bust a load right into her mouth, after the first shot I feel her lips again as she strokes and sucks the life and cum out of me. I feel wonderful and energized while slightly drained as Lin stands up and smiles. "Now that we have your first one taken care of please strip down," Lin tells me standing up.

I don't quite jump up off the bed and start stripping in a record setting time and I also don't nearly fall down trying to get boots off with pants around my ankles but once I'm naked I see that Lin is on all fours with her ass towards me and looking back. She's just to the edge of the bed and even though I just got a wonderful blowjob I'm starting to harden. "It's my turn so no fingers just your mouth and please be gentle," Lin says with a light smirk.

I get on my knees in about the same spot she was at the foot of the bed and lean my face towards her pussy, she smells musky and I can see she's a little wet before I gently tongue her second lips. She shudders a little and I continue as she tastes bitter sweet and I like it, not sure any straight man would but I really like it.

I tongue and probe her gently while holding her hips in my hands as she moans lightly. I feel good and I hope I'm doing the right job and start to worry pausing. "Why are you stopping," Lin asks a little stunned. "Ummm well I don't do this very often and I'm not sure," I start to stammer but she whips her head around to look at me.

"If I didn't like it I'd be instructing you as to how it should be done properly, I'm not a college girl who is experimenting with a new guy. I'm a grown woman and I need you to keep going unless you are hard enough to get that monster you got inside me," Lin tells me both reassuring me and frightening me a little with her firmness.

I stand up and taking my cock in hand and rub the head against her lips, Lin moans in response and backs up a little against me. I adjust and press forward getting myself inside her slowly, I can feel her gripping me tightly and it's wonderful. I get about halfway in and take hold of her hips with my hands and slowly back up and press forward.

I haven't had a woman in more months than I care to count and I'm pretty sure I won't get an opportunity like this while working the farm so I take my time with slow strokes pressing in and out of Lin's pussy as she moans and relaxes.

Warm wet and wonderful are my only words for this and thankfully Lin is a much nicer partner than some of my college one night stands as she moans and backs into me lightly but since I have her hips in my hands I get to control the situation. "Harder, please a little harder unless this is a first," Lin asks genuinely.

She wants harder so I speed up my hips, now with her wet enough we're slapping together and Lin is feeling more intense as she grips me with her pussy. I'm amazed at how tight she is, I figured she'd be looser than I realize what I'm complaining about and go from fast to hard and fast. Lin is grunting and moaning as I reach my hands up and take her by her shoulders letting me hammer her harder and deeper.

Her head is thrown back in ecstasy and I'm enjoying the hell out of it as an orgasm takes her over and she collapses on the bed face down with me falling out of her. She's breathing heavily when she rolls onto her back and looks at me. "Oh thank god you're still hard," Lin says spreading her legs for me," I want that young cock to ram my little pussy, think you can do that?" I don't crawl on the bed over Lin, I aggressively move between her legs and with one thrust slam my cock back into her more accommodating pussy.

Her legs wrap around my waist and I lock my arms under hers, with her arms around my back holding me I pull her into my thrusts hard and deep. Not wasting my fucking time it's time for fucking, I heard Richard say it once and now it makes sense and fuck Richard. Lin is moaning loudly and I'm grunting in her ear as I keep pushing myself to separate a hip or hammer use down a floor in the building, something monumental for her when the door opens and I stop.

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"Oh my god what are you doing to her," Gwen asks me shocked. "Don't fucking distract him I'm about to have my second orgasm in a year you bitch, watch or get the fuck out of my room," Lin yells at Gwen before looking at me," I'm so close keep fucking me Stuart." She has me by the cock and I go back into the hard fucking that we were doing as I hear the door close.

I just got told that I was not only making a woman cum but this was her second one, no faking and no bullshit. I lose control of myself and cum hard and deep into Lin's pussy, she must be getting off on it because she's kissing my face. "So good, that was so good for me Stuart. Keep it in I want to feel it a little longer," Lin tells me and I oblige her.

We're lying in her bed for I don't know how long and I've been out of Lin for a bit when she finally tells me to get dressed and kicks me out of her room.

Yeah I got a little used but she was grateful and kissed me goodbye. I must have the biggest grin on my face when I get out the front of the building but that pales when I see Gwen and Devin having a conversation that stops when they see me.

"Stuart go back to your shack and stay there," Devin tells me and now I know I fucked up. I nod lightly and head back, Masha is watching me with an odd expression as I head back to my room.

I sit and think about what happened, I did what I was told by Gwen, nobody said I couldn't have sex with Lin.

Hell Lin wanted me and asked for me to move her furniture so she could fuck me and we both liked it. Why should I answer or be scolded for that, I'm mad more now than I have been and grandpa hardcore teen blow job cum in mouth he seized me wherever he wanted keeps me up at night and when work call comes around I'm heading to the loading area but get stopped by the foreman.

"You're not over here today, go see Masha in the house," He tells me. I'm mad version 2.5 with fewer bugs like my bullshit meek attitude when I get to the door to Masha's kitchen and slam the door to the house behind me causing her to jump. "Do not slam my doors please," Masha tells me startled. "I'll slam a door when I feel like I'm being fucked with," I tell her and watch her face go from soft to stone.

"My husband is not in the house but my children are, you are angry for no reason and I will not allow you to have a childish display in front of them. I asked for you to be here today so that you could help me around the house," Masha tells me and I calm down considerably. "I thought people were pissed at me about yesterday," I state sitting down at the table. "With the older woman," She laughs," No you are not in trouble, Gwen is not one to judge but you will probably have to explain it to Guy when he arrives this afternoon." I freeze at her words; Guy's coming back for me.

I've been here seven weeks and now he's coming back to check on me. Not sure if I should be offended or happy, I do like it here, not the ball busting work but the simplicity of it all. I don't worry about things or feel nervous about what people think, I work and they work and we all work together for the same thing. Masha has me do simple things like play with her children and help with some of the light cleaning. Devin comes by to check on his wife and doesn't say anything to me before heading back out.

It's about two in the afternoon when the rental sedan pulls up and I watch as Guy exits from the driver side with Katy in tow and both have suits like when they dropped me off.

I wait for him on the porch but he passes the house entirely and starts heading off towards the ranch. Katy is heading my way and she pulls off her sunglasses and stares at me. "Stu you need to get after him, he doesn't like waiting," She tells me as she heads into the house. I climb off the porch and catch up to my would be and absent mentor as he walks quietly towards the ranch. I want to explain what happened, yell at him before he yells at me or just do something but instead I keep quiet as we approach the barn and I see him lock eyes with Gwen.

"I was working and you call me because he," Guy points to me while addressing Gwen," actually had a woman take him to her room and give him the full suck and fuck?" All the ranch hands are watching intently as Gwen takes her gloves off and marches in our direction causing me to back up a little, I watch as the two of them grab each other and hug?!

They start laughing a little and talking while I stare. "My god baby brother you need to get out of that suit and come riding with us sometime," Gwen tells Guy happily. "I would if I didn't have to work so damn much," He tells her and they both anal sex hardcore white outfit slut dominica smalltits and cumshots walking and talking leaving me to follow confused.

They both sit down on the porch of her house and I lean against the rail since there aren't enough seats. Gwen goes into what happened as to how she and I met and that she didn't realize that I was having sex with Mrs. Burkehalter till she opened the door and saw the two of us on the bed. Guy sits there, sunglasses in place covering his eyes, listening as she talks about it with humor and a little pride.

"So if you'll excuse me big sis I can't stay to visit I have to get him into phase two," Guy says standing up and getting a hug from her. "Next summer, the whole family comes here or I will deliver a semi of horse shit and dump it in your yard," Gwen threatens as they part. We're walking back and Guy is smiling when I finally have to ask some questions. "Okay what the fuck did you have me doing here for almost two months," I bark at him frustrated as we're halfway back to Devin's house. "I had you working, I pay Devin to put you to work, and I pay him to make it hard.

You were a fat, lazy and undisciplined now look at yourself. If I didn't recognize your face when we pulled up I would have asked you where you were," Guy informs me not breaking stride.

"So all of this was to make me thinner," I ask this time less angry and more confused. "You never worked a hard day busty client keisha grey sucks and rides masseur pornstars hardcore your life before this and it showed, you were a three hundred pound mess and now you're what? Two forty at the most and built like a small wall," He tells me and I did notice a bit of weight loss but that much is confusing to me.

"But why take me here, you could just put me in a gym," I get the words out and he stops before slapping me in the face. "Gyms are great when you have a work ethic, you had a whine ethic. Now you have a work ethic, I understand questions but you need to accept the results," Guy barks at me as I hold my face. We continue our walk with me holding my face a little, I haven't been slapped before. Well I have but not like that, it was almost fatherly how he got on me for whining and questioning him and I don't think he's even ten years older than I am.

We get back to the house with enough time for Guy to speak with Devin and hand him an envelope, Devin smiles and they shake before goodbyes are said and the three of us head back to the car. The drive out is sad for me; as much as I hated this place I'm going to miss it. I am looking gout the window in the back seat when I realize Katy is talking to me. "You thinned out nicely," Katy says looking back to me from the passenger seat.

"I guess so, apparently I have trouble accepting the results," I joke a little at what Guy said and she chuckles. We arrive at the airport and they already have tickets for us to Washington, what are doing now I can't even guess but we're seated in the business class again only this time I'm not being bitched at because I took up too many seats. I watch Guy and Katy a little and wonder what it'd be stepmom sarah vandella licks her stepteen cadence lux pussy to have a woman like her.

She's well built and curvy but confident and I don't melanie pees and fucks herself fetish teen, something else I can't place.

I'm thinking of all this when a form asks me if I want the window or the aisle and I look up to see more attractiveness. She's maybe 5'4" and wearing heeled boot with a shorter than legal red leather skirt and white blouse, her thin Asian features and firm build have my attention and I have to remember she asked me a question.

"Which ever you like Mrs.," I ask and she smiles.

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"Its Ms. thank you and I'll take the window," She tells me as I stand up to let her past. "For the view," I ask as she steps past me and I get a look at her ass. "No, I hitzefrei texas patti and aby action take turns on a big coc tube porn if I'm going to be stared at like a piece of meat I'd at least pick my audience," She says with a smirk. "I'm so sorry Ms.," I start and she laughs.

"No apology, I get a lot of looks because I don't look my age," She says and we sit waiting for takeoff. We talk, I learn that she is a personal assistant and when I try to introduce myself she tells me no names aunty saree strip boob suck I wonder as to why. I get to enjoy the conversation and at one point I realize she's not flirting with me just being nice. It's a little odd but since we're on a flight and parting after this I can't complain.

Plane lands with us in Washington State and I follow Guy and Katy off and towards whatever they have set up next when I see the Asian lady in the red skirt moving fast and catch up to Katy. "How was he on the flight," Katy asks the woman. "He's sweet and not overbearing, I think my brother helped you pick a good one sir," the lady says turning her attention to Guy.

"He made it this far, now comes the difficult part," Guy says and I catch up to them and keep pace. "You know her," I ask confused. "Yes, this is Natsuko my personal assistant," Guy says as we exit the building and head towards a parking garage. We get into a large black SUV with Guy and this Natsuko in the front while I'm in the back with Katy as we drive through what I'm told is Tacoma.

I don't pay attention to the ride but when we get off the freeway and onto residential roads I start wondering where I'm being deposited next.

"Guy, sir? If I may ask where are we going," I ask and see him smile while Katy answers. "We're going home," Katy says with a smirk and now I'm curious. "Whose home," I ask and she laughs. "Our home, Guy is taking you to his home for phase two of your reeducation," Katy says as I watch Natsuko is on the phone and interrupts speaking to Guy.

"They're home and they're expecting you," She tells Guy and he grips the steering wheel. "All of them," He asks and his Asian assistant holds up her hand with three fingers," how animated are they?" "Rachael was baking cookies," She says and I hear Katy giggle.

We hit what I can only guess is a private neighborhood and pass a gate before taking a long driveway up to a very modern and block shaped house. The yard is large and green, the house is white with reflective windows so people can't see in, the garage could fit a maybe a half dozen vehicles. Now I understand why Guy is so serious and grooming me, he's single and has no children to take over. Nobody has this much modern living and trains someone like me. As the car stops Guy turns to face me in the SUV.

"Whatever happens you must not try to help me, do not get involved. Do you understand," Guy states in a serious tone and I watch as he exits the vehicle and slowly walks out into the grass. The rest of us get out slowly and I watch as the door opens and two little boys come screaming out the front and try to tackle Guy, they must be seven or eight years old. They cover the distance between the front door and Guy as he scoops them up one in each arm and laughs with them as they welcome him home.

"Have my boys been good, I will not be happy amateur asian lily masturbates her sexy body you haven't been listening to your mothers," I hear him ask the boys. "Daddy we've been helpful and honest," One starts and the other finishes," we've also been sharing." "Okay but where are your sisters," he asks them and they point up towards the house.

I watch him put the boys down and this little girl, maybe six comes out quietly with ginger hair and a little sundress on. "Daddy, Connor and Murphy hit Zachery because he was playing with my toys," the little girl says in a quiet tone.

"And why was he playing with your toys," he asks her and she get really quiet and cute. "Because he took them from me," She says and I watch him smile. "And did you ask for them back," He asks and she nods," Did he say no?" "Dad he was bullying her," One boy says and the other chimes in," You said nobody bullies family." "Christy why are you telling on your brothers," Guy asks her and she smiles.

"Cause we want ice cream," She tells him and he laughs. I watch as he puts the little girl, Christy, on his shoulders before scooping up both boys and heads indoors. I follow with his two assistants and as soon as we're in the doors I can smell good cooking and I think roses. I follow Guy while Katy seems to head off towards a different room with Natsuko.

I find myself following him into a kitchen where two women are working on a meal; the first one is about 5'8" with long brown hair braided down her back to her shoulder blades while the other one is maybe 5'6" with ginger hair. The brunettes has a fuller more motherly figure while the ginger has a small and lightly better than petite figure. I watch as Guy sets down all three children and moves up behind the brunette and holds her from behind.

"We missed you," she says and I hear them kissing. "Yes we did miss you," the ginger one says and he moves over and scoops her up with a kiss. I must have a funny look because when they turn to look at me all three of them smile big at me, I see the two women are making dinner of some sort and when I hear footsteps behind me I turn and see Katy only not what I'm used to.

Gone is her very professional suit and instead I'm seeing black tank top and bra combo with sweat pants. "Mommy Katy," the boys burst towards her and she hugs them. "My little hellions how are you two," She says happy to see them. They all go about explaining their trip, Guy is telling them about his latest job and that they not only got paid but might have new work in the coming months.

The ladies talk about how the children were and explain the 'park incident' where the boys didn't hit another kid but they apparently beat his ass till he gave Christy her doll back.

There was no parental argument from the other kid's parent but now I'm confused. "Wait so whose kids are these," I ask and Guy answers.

"They're mine," He replies with a smile.

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"Okay but who is the mother," I ask again and the two cooks chime in. "We are their mothers," the brunette tells me. "Okay but who is the father," I ask and they start laughing. "Okay let me the outsider explain," I see Natsuko come into the room in a pair of shorts and t shirt.

"What are they his friends or something, do they work for him," I am really confused and the laughing is getting more out of lesbian beauteous babes know a lot about lechery dildo and toy. "Guy doesn't have a wife, he has wives. Note the plural.

Now since Guy has wives, continue to note the plural, that means that his wives would have his children. Are you with me so far," the sexy Asian woman asks and I nod," Good, now the two boys are Kori's children and the girl is Rachael's." I get a name now for the brunette and the ginger and just stare in amazement, life changing guru with two wives. Now I see why he's elas gostam e de pau grande kc confident and well put together, he's got a home life that rivals most communes.

"So you're Mommy Kori and you're Mommy Rachael. Why are you Mommy Katy and not Auntie Katy," I ask trying to get my bearings. "Because I'm his wife too," Katy says and I can feel my eyes widen," I just don't have any kids with Guy." "Not yet," Mrs.

Rachael says with a smirk as she starts setting the large table. "There is a break on children at the moment but I can't think of a woman here who doesn't want one with him," Natsuko says and now I'm confused in spades.

"Okay so you have how much sanity left," I ask Guy and now he smiles at me big. "Wasn't very sane to begin with, they keep me from losing my mind in truth," He tells me and we all pause as the front door slams shut. I hear Spanish, I know what it sound like living in California but don't speak it, as a woman comes into view and is glaring at Guy.

They start talking to each other and while she's fast he's not quite so fast and he comes around the table and they both start gesturing past her towards a little Mexican girl with black hair and overalls. The woman he's arguing with is 5'9 and lean muscle with coveralls and a white or formerly white now dirty t shirt.

Nobody dares speak when she latches onto him and now he's kissing another woman, what the hell! "Okay is she his wife too," I ask and get a nod from Natsuko," How many wives does he have?" "Five wives, four children, three years difference, two houses," the Asian assistant tells me with a smirk.

"And a partridge in a pear tree," everyone else blurts out loudly, even the kids and now they're all laughing. I watch Guy take up his Mexican daughter, I hear him call her Esme and start talking to her in Spanish. She smiles and hugs her daddy before being put down to play with the other children. Guy takes his seat at the table and I get the rundown from him in full.

He is married to them all in a one shot ceremony and somehow it's legal, all the children running around are his and of the five women present only four are wives. Now I ask the obvious question. "Okay so where number five," I ask and he smiles. "She's at an away game in South Carolina but will be back this week," Guy tells me as food is served. We pray, it's weird for me to have all this religion but at no point does anyone thank God or Jesus so I figure no hell burning here. The children chatter and eat while the parents each go through different subjects from daily life of who goes shopping tomorrow and who is watching the kids to how their investments going and the college funds.

I'm learning to keep quiet and listen when one of the boys asks a question. "Daddy is he a client," the boy asks curious. "No Murphy, this is Stuart. Stuart is here to learn from Daddy and Mommies," Guy explains to his son. "When do we get to learn from Daddy," Connor, the other son asks. "Ten, you get to learn at ten and not earlier. Right honey," Kori says and Guy nods smiling. "What am I going to be learning here," I have to ask now so I don't feel too stupid. "A lot of things but first clean your plate and I'll explain if I may baby," Katy asks Guy who nods.

Dinner is oven roasted chicken with green beans and potatoes; Masha's cooking was good but very Russian. This is hearty food and I feel good after finishing my plate and watch as the ladies clear the table while Guy takes the children off to play with them, not once has the man tried to change out of his suit. Katy leads me to a door and we go down a flight of stairs to a basement.

When she turns on the light I see mirrors all over and work out equipment along with a large floor mat. "When we found you Guy promised to change you, do you remember," Katy asks and I nod," I felt sad for you when I first saw you sleeping in that shitty little room." "I was three hundred pounds, pretty easy to feel sorry for me when I had trouble finding my penis," I tell her and she laughs.

"Not anymore, look at yourself. You are iron now, the working with Devin wasn't the whole plan, just phase one," She says walking around me," All of it is to get you ready for phase two." "Okay but what is phase two," I ask not sure if I should be worried.

"Phase two is where we make you into a man. You will learn to fight; you will learn to stand up when you are wronged. You will learn how good it feels to make people regret hurting you and you'll learn how to take that monster in your pants and use it on a woman properly," Katy says and I blush at the thought," No you don't get to have sex with us." "I'm sorry but I just thought… I mean you're all so curvy and soft… well not the Mexican lady but…," She stops me as I start rambling.

"You will learn how to talk to us women too, Guy needed you to stop feeling sorry for yourself and get in shape. Now we take the lump of iron and forge a sword, understand," Katy tells me and I nod.

We head back up stairs and I'm shown to a guest room that is a thousand times better than the shack I was sleeping in. I find they have stocked the closet with clothing that is my new size and regular sized bed is the step up I'm going to learn to love, hell I love it already.

Fighting, confidence training, sex training? How do you teach someone to have sex with any sort of real results? That question gets cut off as someone knocks on my door. I open it to see Natsuko on the other side. "Is everything alright for your room," She asks politely. "Yeah I've been sleeping in a shack for almost two months so this is a step towards easier things," I get the words out and she pushes me back.

I watch her come into 'my' room and close the door behind her; Natsuko's expression is one of real serious concern. "Things don't get easier from here Stuart, Guy wasn't there for seven weeks because if you quit then he could just write you off and that would be the end of it.

Now you are in and that means there is no out anymore. Working on a farm is one thing but all training here is hands on and that means when you go to the gym he will kick your ass," Natsuko says in a serious tone. "I've just spent seven weeks getting to this point and now it's supposed to get harder," I ask and she doesn't smile. "You've been tossing hay. Yes they are big and they are heavy but there is one thing that you need to remember, the hay didn't fight back," Natsuko tells me firmly before turning and exiting the room.

Full contact training, really how bad could he be. Yeah he's in shape but I'm pretty strong and his slap wasn't that hard to take. Guy God I love being home with my family. The boys are a nightmare most days but my girls are so sweet and innocent, I'm going to have to kill their boyfriends when they get older.

I get the boys tucked into bed and check on the girls who are almost asleep when I come in and give them both a kiss goodnight. Connor and Murphy, my twins and first two are good boys for defending their sister. They got a scolding from their mother in public but privately they are praised and they are beginning to understand the difference. Christina is a little sweetheart and was a surprise thanks to Rachael 'mistiming' her birth control, she can pretty much do what nobody has ever done and knock me down with a single push.

And Esmeralda my littlest is so quiet half the time I have to hold her so she can ask me a question, also she needs to speak more English.

The other children are feeling left out when she talks and they don't understand. Speaking of children I have a twenty one year old not so waste of space now that Devin put him to work.

Three hundred pounds and all my ladies have seen Jun's video of him arguing with his computer and crying. Jun may have found him but it was Kori and Rachael who said give him a chance and so far they are right on the money, problem is it's more difficult from here on out. I'm in our bedroom watching as my wives get ready for a good night's rest.

"Honey we need to talk," Kori starts in and last time I heard this there was a pair of boys about nine months later.

"Okay who is pregnant," I ask and they all give me a light smirk," All of you, damn I'm good." "No honey nobody is pregnant it's about Stuart, we think…," Kori starts but is cut off. "Some of us, not all of us," Katy chimes in stating her obvious side. "We think that you need to take it easy on Stuart to start, let him get his bearings.

He went from the most depressing person I've ever seen to a farm worker with no way home and now he's living in the castle on the hill with the conquering king," Kori always loved her flair for the dramatic. "Okay and no, he needs to learn and I only have five weeks to do it in," I explain and now I'm cut off.

"My love you are strong but not everyone is as strong as what we have and what we can do. If you push him too hard he may break and then we lose more time to help him before his college starts again," Imelda tells me as they climb into bed. "Which is why I'm mentoring him and not treating him like a drill instructor, yes I will be harsh at times but he needs to get something back when he goes back to college and once that's done I am hoping he'll come aboard to take a position on the Midwest to help reduce my traveling," I state and they all remember one of my reasons for finding a new recruit.

"Alright but we reserve rights to pull you back if you get too hard," Kori says and I am feeling a little inspired. "If I get too hard," I ask pulling her closer.

"Oh no no no no no, I know that look and some of us have an early morning tomorrow," Kori tries to argue as the rest of my wives giggle. "Are you telling me no? Are you saying that I should be choosing someone else," I ask pulling her close as I lie on my back and kiss down her neck.

"No I'm just saying… oh honey this is gonna leave me sore again&hellip. and I have to walk with the children tomorrow at the park&hellip. Oh take me," Kori protests then relents. A satin slip and panties are for naught with me and I know the other wives are watching like always as I take one of them, it's just how we do things at night.

Kori helps me out of my shorts and I have my full figured baby mama pressing herself against me as we kiss and remember all the little things we miss until we're locked into each other. I roll us over putting Kori on her back and kiss my way down her body taking time to appreciate the curves that nature, her mother and our two boys gave her. I cross her belly with my lips and she squirms a little. "Honey that tickles and you know it," Kori chuckles but moans as I go lower.

I get to Kori's womanhood and with earnest bury my face deep into her folds, finding her clit is easy but keeping hold of it as she writhes in pleasure. Years later and I still push all her buttons with no complaints. I lick Kori from hole to clit and take turns sucking on that little nub as she grabs my ears to hold me in place. "My god you with mom freinds n me the best spots," Kori moans and I smile as I finally pull my face away.

Kori pulls me back up so we're face to face and begins kissing me in earnest. I haven't needed assistance in years and now it's as good as the first time as I press inside my wife.

Warm and like velvet Kori's womanhood hugs me and slowly we begin rocking our bodies back and forth as she takes her time. I can hear my other wives breathing heavy, they always like a good show when I'm taking my time with one of them and this is no exception. There is no pounding or hard slamming, just slow rocking and enjoying the love I get when I'm home, Kori starts to giggle and I pause to look at her. "Thank god we sound proofed the room after the Katy incident," Kori two raunchy bimbos and one hard member pulling me back into her.

I smile and remember a couple years back when Katy and I were feeling playful and she got so loud the children could hear her down stairs. We all laughed about after we calmed the children down and explained that Momma Katy and Daddy were tickling each other. Back in the present Kori is kissing my neck and has pulled her legs up so I'm going into her deeper. I can feel her breathing quicken and I pick up the pace myself as she starts heading towards the orgasm we've been working on, the bed shakes a little bit and I hear more moaning as more than one of my wives is fooling around while watching us.

The light smacking noise in the room is punctuated by a small symphony of female moans as Kori's hands grab my hips and hold me in place while she cums. It's a steady gripping and milking of her walls that have me young beauty simone gets fucked from behind satisfied as my orgasm fills her up with my seed. We gently rock against each other and the bed shifts with someone moving before we're handed a couple wash cloths.

We clean and adjust bed clothing before crawling into the blankets. "Baby why is it when you make love to us it feels like we're the only women you ever have anymore," Kori asks seductively. "Because I don't want other women anymore, I play with Natsuko every now and then or one of our friends but looking for strange women isn't for me.

Besides its fun bailey jay 1 girl 3 loads I'm out on business and Katy is there that we can tear up a hotel room and have a cleaning service worry about what the stains are," I tell her and all my wives giggle. The door opens and Natsuko comes crawling into bed. She has a room just for her but most nights she wants to be where the warmth is. I watch Katy grab her and pull her in for cuddling as we settle down.

Day one of phase two, time to bring the pain.