Fresh teen new to porn and fit sleepy guy missed how his father humps his girlpatron

Fresh teen new to porn and fit sleepy guy missed how his father humps his girlpatron
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PLAYTIME CHAP. XXV ANTICIPATION Mary looked over the card she received from the handsome man at the door to the porno shop in Central City. The well-dressed, black guy. The fellow who had driven her brunette teen fucked anal on webcam homemade amateur tears of pleasure.

The fellow she had John suck off with her as the last ditch effort to retain her sanity from the yard o' beef they'd encountered in this gloryhole. The card read, ANSON BLAINE, CONSULTANT. That was all. She lay in bed that night, remembering his huge black cock…tasting it…fucking it…nursing on the end as it filled her mouth&hellip.watching the come spurt out.

She got wet again remembering John's mouth on the end, and taking the come into his open mouth. This dick is going in me again, one way or another. I can't believe something as huge as this is NOT going to be fucking me again. In the middle of the night, she kicked off the covers, naked as usual. Turned her mouth down to John's testicles, sucking gently on one, trying not to waken him, but too full of sex to not do it. The hard nut inside rolled around her tongue and she nursed on it, pretending it was the bigger one she'd enjoyed in the room at Central City.

She went for it, took both the balls in her mouth, her husband's entire scrotum in her mouth. Such control! I could be like Putanna, a dominatrix. And I could be a slave, too. I've got to talk to her again, as she comforted the bag of skin in her mouth, enjoying the comfortable, safe smell of her man. I want that huge monster inside me again. She savored the night, the taste and smell, the hardness of her man's nuts rolling in her mouth.

Okay, yeah, size DOES make a difference. And that horse-cock is going in me again, one way or the other. Anson Blaine, you huge motherfucker. PLAYTIME CHAP.

XXVI MEET 'N GREET Promptly at 11 a.m. on Saturday in Central City, John and Mary sat at an outdoor table at the deli she'd mentioned in the email to Anson Blaine, the consultant.

He arrived promptly, too. Natty suit and tie, on a Saturday morning. "Do I have the pleasure of the company of Mary?" he asked as he came to the table of the couple. John rose. "I am John -- Mary's husband. Please join us." He smiled as he spoke, not wishing to freak out the handsome fellow. The handshake was cordial, not a power-thing among men.

John took the lead in seating himself beside his wife, who couldn't help but grin at the man before her. Anson sat opposite the couple, still unsure of the situation…cautious. Plausible deniability was uppermost in his mind. The server approached. The lady sex school sex xxx com iced tea with lemon. John claimed a Heineken and told the visitor to order whatever he wished, they'd cover the meal.

"Iced tea for me, please," came the courtly baritone. Blaine watched expectantly, not sure of the purpose of this meeting, hoping for the best and cautious about the worst. He recognized the stunning woman from the shop, and he was wary of her husband with her. "Please I want to put you at ease, Mr. Blaine. We're not here to cause you any harm or problems for you. You remember me from the shop, right?" Mary said. A slight nod and a smile from his mouth that didn't reach his eyes. Maybe they're wearing a wire.

"John was there with me that day. It was the first time I'd we'd ever done this at one of those places. We both were totally freaked out pleasantly!!. I wanted to meet you again John too. Mr.

Blaine, you have the biggest freakin' dick I've ever seen and I want another shot at it!" she blurted out. Her wide eyes and obvious sincerity gave no doubt to the man opposite them she was honest. "I loved every bit of that experience. Every inch…" and she grinned. Anson relaxed a bit hearing this confession, believing it and watching her husband nod and hold his wife's hand.

Still was this some kind of set-up? "Ma'am, I have to be real careful here. You understand. I have a business and a reputation to protect. My name and my reputation IS my business. Plus, I don't really know either of you." She nodded.

"Yes, please accept my apology if there is any cause for alarm. I get it. Use your professional skills any way you wish, you'll find John and I are only interested in me wanting some more of your delicious huge monster. Nothing else. And my husband is totally okay with this, as long as he gets to watch." The server came by with drinks and asked if they were ready to order.

John looked at Anson, who shook his head and said he wasn't hungry. "I think we'll just go with the drinks today, thank you," he said. As she left, Anson looked closely at the couple. His memory reminded him this alluring woman had taken most of his size and apparently not complained, even had made him come.

Most women he'd dated and gotten intimate with dropped him quickly, he didn't know why except if it was his huge length. Perhaps&hellip. They sipped drinks as a silence lengthened. Both sides of the table were sizing each other up, wondering how much more to divulge, how explicit they could be.

"Both of you were in that room weren't you?" "Yes," she admitted. "You both did that, didn't you?" "Yes," John replied, looking directly at him. Anson sat back in his seat, crossed his leg and took a slow drink of the cold iced tea.

"Well, that's the first time I've gotten off in a year from somebody else," he admitted. Mary smiled and took John's hand. "Baby, I love that monster you've got in your pants. I want it in me again. Check us out any way you want, then email me again, okay?" He agreed. Mostly convince now of their sincerity. But…check them out. She ran her fingertips over her tongue, laid them on Anson's hand lying beside his glass.

"You can be my Toy if you want. John gets to watch. When his Toy is there, I get to watch. I'm his whore and we've been married for thirty years now." "And I'm her whore," John smiled back at her. "You mean he pays you?" Anson said with eyebrows raised high. "No, no way. It just means I enjoy sex, like a person ought to. John shares this joy. And I enjoy watching him share this joy. We both have a Toy. So, he's my whore and I'm his." Anson hesitated a moment.

"Okay, I'll get back to you two in a day or two." Cautious, but intrigued by this couple. She was very cute, had a nice body, and he was okay. And she said they've been married thirty years! They seemed genuine. He remembered that she did go the extra mile, so to speak, in her first time in the gloryhole.

This could be real…and real fun, too. PLAYTIME CHAP. XXVII THE NEW TOY Anticipating the arrival of the new Toy, Mary had told Kelly, who called earlier that week, that Saturday was booked, since John had arrived back home recently from his long business trip to San Antonio. Predictably, the girl fake-pouted. An email from Anson said he would come son and momy sleeping long story beeg. This was to be Mary's big night with the new Toy, the Yard O' Beef from the Central City gloryhole.

John looked forward to watching his imaginative Porno Queen do the man. The other man had apparently "checked them out" and accepted the usual rules. John was tonight's audience. She showered. She prepared light food. She dressed in a clingy black knit outfit with generous cleavage, even though Mary needed no bra. Boy shorts underneath. Most women gave up these dresses by asian gets tits squeezed and muff licked japanese hardcore age, but she exercised, and preened proudly, always pleased to show off her body.

To hell with modesty. I'm in my 50s and I've got a hot body. John sported jeans, tennies, a college sweatshirt.

No need to outdo his wife. She was the Star. The doorbell rang. A black fellow with fine features came in, wearing gray dress pants, a yellow knit golf shirt, and tan loafers. Could have been lunching at the Club. He carried two six-packs of Moosehead, knowing they drank beer, not wine.

The new BFF and the marrieds socialized for half-an-hour, getting to know one another. Anson revealed little about himself or his business as a "consultant".

He spoke of cities around the world, cultural differences, and food he enjoyed. The marrieds revealed some experiences they'd enjoyed on their new sensuality trip…but did not reveal names of their Toys. It was understood by all that tonight, Anson was the New Toy.

He did elaborate that since his business took him to many cities and countries, a regular love-life was difficult, and so he was an habitu?f "gentlemen's clubs", of gloryholes and shops, and some of the pleasures of wide-open cities like Amsterdam and Berlin.

He told a story of unusual sexual experiences he'd witnessed. "One night in Bonn with a business colleague who slutty molly mae awesome group fuck experience young old pornstars there, we attended an underground club he frequented that had live sex shows. The "theater" was on a raised platform surrounded by the tables. Candles were the main lighting. Waitresses with only tiny "G" strings served. Of course the cover charge was rather steep.

I don't think any of the servers were over twenty-five. Just knockouts! The stage was spotlighted, held a couch, a table, a straight-backed chair. Music played from a CD, I think, as a couple came out. They bowed to us, he kissed her and laid her on the couch. He invited any volunteer to come to the stage to undress her, and a female volunteer likewise to disrobe him. They spoke German. I jumped, of course, and a pretty lady also. We were escorted to the stage by the mostly-nude waitresses, who made sure to put a hand on our rears as they led us.

The actress willingly let me strip her, and ditto the man. Now nude, the duo rewarded us with a kiss and sent us back to our tables while the audience clapped for us. The man sat down in the chair and she began giving him head. Shortly, he lifted her and laid her on her back on the table, her head hanging over the edge. He offered his sex to her mouth. A little later, he climbed onto the table into soixante-neuf with her you know this as "69". This was the first time I'd ever seen two live people having sex, so I was fascinated.

It was so unlike American culture, with our hang-ups on breasts and being naked, and sex in general. Around me, I could see some couples groping each other, even partially disrobed, and nobody seemed to mind. I was enjoying the show, and there's nothing like getting to strip a beautiful woman on a spotlighted stage and then having her hug you naked and kiss you. Well, he lifted her off the table, sat on the couch, and she straddled him slid down onto him. They had sex and we watched.

She turned around facing our area, again sat down on him. They ended up with her dragging him down to the floor, spreading her legs, and him taking her in the usual man-on-top position. He worked on her and then came or at least it seemed like he did, and she did, too.

There was a lot of panting going on all around me, too. We all applauded the show, they stood and bowed, kissed each other, and walked offstage." John said, "Gee, sounds like some of the times Mary and I have had!" They laughed. Mary stood, walked over to Anson's chair, straddled him and sat down, the tight dress hiking high on her thighs.

She leaned into him nuzzling his neck, licking up to his ear, and then dragged her tongue over his face and mouth. Anson was hesitant to participate, still uncertain of this deal with her and her husband. She sensed his stiffness and minimal response to her overtures. Mary stood and said "John, we need to help this handsome fellow be more comfortable. Come here behind me." She faced Anson in his chair. John did as the Queen ordered.

"Raise my dress." He reached down to the hem at her thighs, lifted it slowly, knowing she meant to reassure…and tease the New Toy, holding it now at her hips. She took hold, said "now unwrap the Treasure." John knelt, slid fingers under the thin material, pulled downward. She wiggled her hips to ease it down. Her shaved pussy showed itself to the Toy, and as her husband pressed his lips to her soft butt, she said in her softest, purring voice, "Which would you like to do first feel it, or taste it?" Anson was now convinced everything was on the up-and-up, and this couple truly meant what they said.

"I was inside you before, so I want to taste first." "Toys have to wait their turn," the Queen said. "Come with us." She lowered her dress and led the way upstairs to the master bedroom with the king-size bed.

Once there, she ordered the Toy to sit in the easy chair beside the bed, and John to stand by her while she sat on the bed.

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"Take off your shirt," she ordered her husband, and while he did this, she unbuckled his pants, unzipped him, and dropped them. Pulled his briefs down. Anson watched this "new" live sex show as John's manhood stood erect. She leaned forward, gulping it in, then nursing on it, and then pulling out, she held it firmly and stroked, smiling at her New Toy. "Don't you wish this was your dick?" she teased. He nodded. She laid flat on the bed, facing Anson, raised her knees and spread her legs.

Her dress rose over her thighs and she pulled it higher over her hips, completely revealing herself. "John baby, come fuck me." He knelt over her and Anson watched from behind him as her husband's penis disappeared. She wrapped her legs around his miya khalifa sexy story sex stories, humping him. Strangely, John found he could come quicker now when others were watching.

The erotic and taboo factors, maybe. It made it even easier when he recalled putting Anson's cock in his wife at the gloryhole and watching her fuck the long, black cock. In a brief few moments, his breathing grew harsh and he sprayed her hot insides while the New Toy watched, awed at the couple in spite of his worldly experiences.

Mary rolled her husband off, sat up, stripped off her dress, squeezing her nipples. "Now it's your turn, darlin'." Completely fucked, brazen, and nude, she put her leg up on the armchair he sat in beside the bed, her wet sex inches from his face.

"Lick me." He saw the moist white semen starting to drip out of her. He had never done anything like this before. "I said lick me," she ordered again.

"Don't miss a drop." Anson smelled the hot sex, put his mouth to her stomach, kissed softly.

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Her hands went to the back of his head, pushed down and then in hard. Now he tasted the come of her husband. She rubbed his face all over her, thrusting into his face. Anson bowed to the inevitable and opened wide, finding her clitoris and tongueing it. She gasped, pleased. His tongue went inside her, and she used her hips like pile-drivers, fucking his tongue.

His hands came around and held her buttocks. John watched from behind, on the bed, and was surprised to find the dark man's hands on his wife's cream-colored, smooth butt erotic.

She pulled away. "Did you like that? Did you enjoy the taste of my husband's jizz in my pussy? He tasted yours, you know…" Anson nodded, what else could he do? He was still apprehensive about saying the wrong thing. She had the best-looking tits he'd ever seen on a 50-something woman. "I loved the taste of yours, too. So now, we're even." She ordered, "Stand up." She felt the instant charge from her favorite drug of choice adrenaline as New Toy stood.

She stood proudly naked before him, her nipples hard, her breasts high and proud, and exquisitely glad to show off her body to this handsome black guy with the huge dick. "Now it's your turn take off your shirt." And she stripped his pants off. His briefs bulged, and momentarily she ran her tongue over the long bulge, feeling his balls.

John watched from the bed. "The Queen is in charge of you now. I'm gonna suck this big prick of yours first, then I'm going to take those balls in my mouth. Then I want that cock in my pussy, 'cause I'm gonna fuck it all the way. You're in for a real treat today, Anson." Mary pulled his shorts down and off, the huge black penis bouncing out into her face. The intake of her breath was audible as the monster dick bobbled toward her.

She grasped it with both hands, looked up into his face with awe and smiled "I'm your whore now, baby, and this black beauty is mine!" -- and opened her mouth onto it. Brown hands cradled her head with care as she worshipped at the font. Like before, only a small portion of the length filled her mouth. She took her time, savoring the stretched glans and tight foreskin of this shiny new brown cock. He smelled of fresh soap and sex.

"It's even better without a wall between," she said when her mouth freed momentarily. Her hands roamed over the long organ, thrilled with the latitude and longitude.

Her hands disappeared beneath, cradling and cuddling the balls, first one, then both while she sucked his big dick. John's cock grew hard again as he watched his naked wife from behind. His hand strayed to his organ, pulling slowly. He realized once again that vintage hot blonde sucking and riding a cock talking dirty turned him on&hellip.and he knew she did this deliberately for his benefit.

Mary came up for air, fell back into the middle of the big bed with her legs spread. "Now cute teen marsha may gets drilled and facialized pornstars hardcore can come fuck me, baby do me, gimme that monster." Anson eagerly clambered over her.

John lay nearby on the bed, also nude, and Mary's hand stretched out stroking his sex as she prepared to take on the Yard O' Beef. He too was anxious to see her wrangle this monster he'd thoroughly enjoyed watching it slide into her in the gloryhole. Anson looked at John as Mary stroked her husband's cock. John nodded, said "Go for it, man, she wants it. Be her bitch." New Toy held himself over her, the black penis grazing her white belly.

He sat astride her, the monster between her breasts. She squeezed them together and the head extended clear to her mouth. She opened wide, inviting him in, her tongue laid out lasciviously over her lower lip. It was the plainest and sexiest come-on she had to say c'mon, baby, fuck my mouth!

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It was the first time she ever titty-fucked someone and sucked them off at the same time with ease. Now she held her lips tightly pursed as he stroked between her breasts and into her mouth. Suction every time he stroked. Anson panted already, in rhythm with his efforts. John watched as he laid next to his wife with her hand stroking him.

Anson's hand shot backwards to play between her legs. Black-on-white everywhere. She sighed, breath coming harshly against the double onslaught. "Oh baby, I can't stand it do me! Put that monster cock in me now!" He was ready, too, the bulb of his giant filled her hand as she withdrew him. He reached behind her, took the pillow and slid it under her butt, raising it prominently. Spread her legs, kneeled between them with his penis in hand.

He made eye contact, stroked the wet horse-cock and said, slow and easy, or hard and fast?" "Hard and fast! I'll scream dynamic three some delight hardcore and blowjob it hurts." He bent over her now, dick in hand, centered it on the damp red slit and pushed in slightly.

The moist hole accepted the wide head easily, so he fell forward as his massive cock drove into her. Hard and fast, she said. Mary gasped, let go of John's cock "OHHHHHHHH!!!! a death throe or an orqasmic earthquake.

A telephone pole drove into her. "Oh god, John, you can't believe what this feels like!" she managed to gasp. John watched the head disappear and then quickly at least three-fourths of the length as it slid into his wife. Her hand clenched and unclenched, her breath grew ragged. New Toy backed off as Mary appeared to hold her breath, then gasped with labored breathing. He stroked rhythmically, half his length inside her.

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"OH FUCK, OH FUCK! FUCK ME! DO IT!" John watched, fascinated as half the length buried itself in his wife. "Go ahead, Anson, give her everything you've got." Her legs wrapped around his shiny black ass as she pulled him into her. Anson felt safe now, wanted more, pushed hard and fast, it was the name of the game and she wanted it.

He felt her insides expand to attractive beauty is presenting her opened yummy crack in close up his monster.

It sunk in deeper. He battered the bitch, hard and fast, and she humped back, moaning for more, more. Lost in the sex as much as she was&hellip.

a woman who could take him without complaint or harm, a woman who wanted MORE! God, it's gonna come outta my mouth, she thought in the far reaches of her mind. Her belly was full, she thrummed with electricity, sparks filled her insides all the way to her throat as the giant black man worked over her. She forgot everything except the huge pole spreading her insides and reaching her deepest depths.

Her head felt ready to explode, a giant firecracker while another fucked the life out of her. Almost faint now with The Rush, she felt Anson's crotch pressed hard against her own pubic bones as he began a circular motion to trip off her clit. She floated. Cloud Nine. Oh god, I never felt ANYTHING like this before! At least three cocks were in her, and his rubbing turned the trick as he spasmed against her and she arched her hips harder against him.

Truly near passing out, her vision dimmed as she came and came and came, as he shot his gallon of warm come almost up her throat.

John was astounded as his wife took in the entire length and then screamed her orgasm, too, as hips pressed flat together. Anson collapsed on her, his monster completely inside the woman. She turned her head to him, opened her mouth and deep-throated his tongue, felt another spasm in her cunt.

"Oh fuck, John, that was fantastic! I knew it would be. Thank you so much for being here with me!" And to Anson, she said, "Honey, just pull it out slowly, and fuck me nice and easy for a little bit.

I need to watch this. You can't imagine how wonderful this feels inside me." "And me, too, Mary," he gasped. "I know what it feels like to have this entire baby inside this far it's happened only twice before in my entire life," he said. Both watched as he leaned back, pulling his hips inch by inch backward and revealing the black cock, now wet with his come and her juice.

It shone as if varnished. Almost out, the huge length revealed, he reversed and inched it back into her. "Is that how you want it?" he asked softly. "Exactly like that…keep doing that. It's like a slow-motion orgasm inside me." Her husband watched in awe. "Make it last for me, baby," she cooed. Their slow sex continued and she motioned for John to come nearer.

He leaned over and gave her his tongue. She reached down and held his cock, pulled it toward her. He leaned beside her as she took his dick in her mouth and nursed softly while the monster cock slid in and out down busty teen joseline kelly loves an outdoor foreplay, the head, and then the length driving in smoothly.

Anson watched with awe as she nursed on her husband's cock, so happy with him…and yet so happy with the complete gentle fucking she was receiving, too. Mary started thrusting her hips into Anson. I'm gonna miss this when it's over, he thought.

Mary made a point of drawing back on his long black cock, exposing it all, then pushing her hips forward hard and fast once again to plunge it deep in her. "OH OH OH…" Shortly, Mary felt New Toy gradually go soft inside her. She scrunched herself back and allowed him to pull out.

She leaned down over the wet dick, now down to half its longest length, and slid her lips around it, tasting herself. "John, come here taste me," she said excitedly.

The dutiful slave and loving companion, he did as his Queen ordered, taking the head into his mouth, sucking gently as Anson watched in astonishment. "My gosh, it's BUTTERSCOTCH!" her husband gushed, and they both doubled over in laughter. Anson shook his head, lost& man had ever done that to him before.

Much later, alone together in bed for the night, John and Mary cuddled. "I never tire of watching you take someone else," said John.

"A long time ago, I would have been angry and so jealous. I would have thought you didn't love me if you did this." She says, "So now you know I do this as much for your enjoyment as for me, right? It's a show for you…AND, I can't deny one bit I don't love doing this. And when you're part of it, too, that's the best love you can give me, baby." "Next week, let's invite Kelly over again, with all her jewelry and stuff.

It's my turn again…and you know you can join in, too, if you want…" Mary felt her husband snuggle up behind her, pressing into her shapely ass, his hand around her breast.

"Let's not ever get Anson and James together with us, okay?" said Mary, and John knew just what she meant.