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Francesca dicaprio in italian likes it hard on the couch brunette big tits
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This work may be used free of charge and copied, selling without prior written consent prohibited, obtain permission before redistributing, In all cases this notice must remain intact copyright D.W.

Bloyce 2012 All characters are fictitious, If a character name is used in connection with a side, it's just co-incidence if that given name belongs in that side. Insofar as song lyrics being included I don't know the legalities or etiquette involved, I have given the opening few and last few lines if that is all that is needed or the song in full if the text needs it and credit to the author in either case, traditional songs are treated the same but credited as Traditional.

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This is a fiction story, not fantasy and while there is a lot of passion and some very erotic action in later parts and in book two if you are looking for raw action then I am sorry but this isn't the book for you. Chapter Sixteen Monday iii. Congratulations "Never mind treasure, maybe I had an over inflated view of mine and Lynda's place in the Morris, let's have a kiss and cuddle and then finish packing up." It takes no time for us to lose track of time, our temperatures increase and it is only the open blinds and curtains that keep us decent, after a while we break apart, "Could you mix a bottle of squash please treasure, while I disconnect the solar panels and empty the waste?" "Sure flower." I put the panels in their boxes and put them on the floor in the van, next I check the shower room to make sure everything is secure and that the soap has been put away, good job I went in to check, the roof vent is still open once closed I leave and close the door.

"Soft drink is done flower, should I put it in the car?" "Please treasure." I check the van for security next. A couple of jars need to go in the fridge door to restrain them as do four cans of beer.

I turn the fridge off and go outside. Dennis and Claire drive past and give us a beep and a wave. Disconnect and discard the fresh water in the Aqua roll and put that away, we should be all done now; just lift the rear steadies and check the nose weight, too heavy, into the boot and move the awning, poles and groundsheet into the van behind the axle, and try the nose weight again, I can lift it single handed, about forty kilos that will do.

I ask Jenny if there is anything she needs from in the van, no thanks I am sorted she replies. Finally lift the front steadies and ask Jenny to yell stop when I reverse our car to under the tow-hitch. I connect the electrics, turn off the gas, put the Snake-master into position and release the brake we should be ready for the off. I ask Jenny to check the van lights, Side, Left, Right, and Brake. All ok. I come out to stand beside Jenny and we have a final kiss and cuddle before getting into the car and getting settled ready to go.

Because of tents that have not been taken down yet I have to drive round the track to get to the exit, on the back straight Michael and Julie pull off behind us.

I notice that Dennis and Claire's van is waiting at the exit, they must still be on a toilet break I stop a couple of feet behind them, Michael stops behind us and after a few seconds hits his horn a couple of times. All hell breaks loose, I hear lots of yelling and screaming, next thing about fifty or sixty people in kit surround the car and start singing 'Congratulations' as I look to Jenny she is really smiling, I have a suspicion that maybe Julie tipped her the wink earlier and she hid the fact from me, a couple of small placards are being waved at the back.

"What do we do love, get out and say thanks and make a little speech or sit tight." "I think this is going to be the impromptu engagement party you were trying to avoid last night my flower." Michael opens Jenny's door and Julie opens mine. "If you and your young lady would care to come with us, we have re-arranged and changed the event you were hoping to avoid last night, I get out of my car I am about to take the keys; "Could I have those please Frank?

We will be careful, but we need to clear the exit so that others can leave. I see Bill get into Michael's car and reverse straight back and then drive forward and round onto the track and stop after fifty yards. I meet up with Jenny at the front of my car, we hold hands I lift hers to my lips and kiss her hand. "Did you get any warning, my treasure? " "Just a bit, Julie told me not to cry when we leave the field." "I wonder what they have arranged, I don't think they could get the hall, as we are about to drive home I have to make sure no-one fixes my drink, I don't think I will have anything at all." "Come on then lovers, we have to go this way." We are led up the slope towards the temporary toilets, past them and past the main hall entrance, where are we going?

To the scouts big tent, I see a congrats banner coming into view, I release Jenny's hand and hold her round her waist, she gets her hand behind me and onto my hip.

Michael and Julie point us to the tent and as we walk towards the tent I note that all the scout gear has gone and some Tribal drummers are behind a variety of drums and a few boxes held by people from a selection of sides are standing to both sides.

One of the drummers yells; three, two, one, GO! I have never heard anything like it. Wagner's Bridal March from Lohengrin on drums and Melodeons! What happens next, we will soon find out, Michael and Julie escort us towards the music and turn us round to face the audience? Crowd? A Man and Woman I don't know approach us as the music fades and stops.

"Frank and Jenny, we have been asked to perform the ancient pagan ritual of hand fasting on and for you both, this ritual has no legal standing in this country and we have been told that although christened neither has any firmly held religious sensitivities. Do either of you object to us performing this ritual?" We look at each other and then reply in turn; "I have no objection," We are both given copies of the ritual to sunny leone sex vdisex stories. Celebrants: "Greetings friends and welcome to this day of celebration.

We are united to witness the Hand fasting of Frank and Jenny. We've been invited to share in the commitment they make to each other today. We ask your blessing on their behalf on this joyful occasion." "If life has any meaning to us, it possesses it because of love. Love enriches our human experience. It is the reason for peace in the family and the peace of the peoples of the Earth. A meeting between two beings who are made for each other is a beautiful miracle." "Frank and Jenny's understanding of the true meaning of marriage has resulted from many influences; their families, their friends, and their own personal beliefs.

We are here not only to strengthen the bonds of Frank and Jenny's love for each other but also to bring their friends together to celebrate these same said bonds that hold us all together." "What defines Frank and Jenny's love today will change and grow to new depth in the future. It takes three seconds to say I love you, but it can take a lifetime to show and deepthroat big penis and cum it.

This ceremony is the celebration of a single stage in a much larger process that is the love between husband and wife. The promises made today and the ties that are bound here hardcore rough sex fat chubby amateur rough crying cry hard fuck force strengthen your union. They will cross the years and lives of each soul's growth." "Do you seek to begin this ceremony?" Couple: "Yes we do." Celebrants: "The human soul shares characteristics with all things divine.

It is this belief which assigns virtues to the cardinal directions; North, South, East and West. Let us offer a traditional blessing in support of this hand-fasting ceremony." Michael: "Blessed be this union with the gifts of the East: communication of the heart, mind, and body, fresh beginnings with the rising of each sun, and the knowledge of growth found in the sharing of silence." Ken: "Blessed be this union with the gifts of the South: warmth of hearth and home, the heat of the heart's passion and the light created by both to lighten the darkest of times." Julie: "Blessed be this union with the gifts of the West: the deep commitments of the lake, the swift excitement of the river, the refreshing cleansing of the rain and the all encompassing passion of the sea." Sue: "Blessed be this union with the gifts of the North: a firm foundation on which to build, the fertility of the fields to enrich your lives, and a stable home to which you may always return." "Now I ask the couple to look into each others' eyes." We turn to face each other and I hold both Jenny's hands in mine.

Celebrants to Frank: "Frank, will you be Jenny's faithful partner for life?" Frank: "Yes" Celebrants to Jenny: "Jenny, will you be Frank's faithful partner for life?" Jenny: "Yes" Celebrants to both: "Will you both be faithful only to each other?" Both: "Yes" Celebrants to both: "And so the binding is made." The first cord is draped across our hands. Celebrants to Jenny: "Will you love Frank?" Jenny: "Yes" Celebrants to Frank: "Will you love Jenny?" Frank: "Yes" Celebrants to both: "Will both of you look for the brightness in life and the positive in each other?" Both: "Yes" Celebrants: "And so the binding is made." The second chord is draped across our hands.

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Celebrants to Jenny: "Will you honour him?" Jenny: "Yes" Celebrants to Frank: "Will you honour her?" Frank: "Yes." Celebrants to both: "Will you both stand together against mutually held problems so that your love may grow in this union?" Both: "Yes" Celebrants: "And so the binding is made." The third chord is draped across our hands.

Celebrants to Jenny: "Will you always be open and honest with him?" Jenny: "Yes" Celebrants to Frank: "Will you always be open and honest with her?" Frank: "Yes" Celebrants to both: "Will you dream together to create new shared realities?" Both: "Yes" Celebrants: "And so the binding is made." The fourth chord is draped across our hands.

Celebrants; "Frank, will you stand together with Jenny your times of joy and sorrow?" "I will" "Jenny, will you stand together with Frank your times of joy and sorrow?" "I will" To Both "Will you share the burdens of each so that your spirits may grow in this union?" Both answer: "Yes, we will." Celebrants to both: "Will you both take the heat of anger and use it to temper the strength of this union?" Both: "We will." Celebrants: "And so the binding is made." The fifth chord is draped across the couple's hands.

Celebrants to Jenny: "Will you care for him?" Jenny: "I will" Celebrants to Frank: "Will you care for her?" Frank: "I will" Celebrants to both: "Will you seek to never give cause to break that undertaking?" Both: "We shall never do so." Celebrants: "And so the binding is made." The sixth chord is draped across the couple's hands and all the chords are tied together while saying.

Celebrants: "The knots of this binding are not formed by these chords but instead by your vows. Either of you may drop the chords, for always you will hold in your own hands the making or breaking of this union." Once the chords are tied together they are removed.

Celebrants: "Spirit of Love, may Frank and Jenny know great love together, and may they live in the desire to always support each other in positive and uplifting ways. May they strengthen one another in sorrow, share with one another in gladness, and be companions to each other in times of silence.

May their home be a haven, and wherever they are plagued by changing fortune, may they be united not in word and outward form alone, but by the presence in the hearts of each, of the deepening love they share. Within our traditions you are husband and wife.

Celebrate with a kiss." We kiss no, gentle massage this time, I hope the tent is fire proof, after a few seconds we slow and break, we mustn't scandalise Tribal. Mendelssohn's The Wedding March on drums and Melodeons starts and the assembled witnesses part to make space for us to walk through, someone is chucking rice about, Jenny and I get a face full of rose petals from the twins, and everyone starts cheering and clapping. The first people to congratulate us are Michael and Julie, I ask them.

"Have you done that before? I refuse to believe all this could be set up in a couple of hours." "Of course we have, this is the same ritual we had after the registry office, including the music; and the band has made it fit very well we think." "What happens next," asks Jenny "I have never been to a hand fasting?" "Nothing is planned, If you would care to invite all that are here to your Morris do on the sixth of November, and do a little speech of thanks that should close the proceeding a treat then we can all go home and you can show your new husband to your friends." "Ok listen up folks," says Jenny, "I have just been told I have to do a bit of a speech, I am not a lot of good at public speaking, so please bear with me, both Frank and I were totally surprised by your choral rendition of Congratulations, it will never win prizes for its harmonies but as a heartfelt greeting it deserves top marks.

We would like to thank Michael and Julie and any other people who helped organise this, some or maybe even most of you know how Frank and I came to meet on Friday, it is immaterial but when I told Chrissie I had a new bloke I described him as being the icing on the cake for this weekend.

I don't know what's better than icing on a cake but whatever it is, this and all of you are it. Again some or most of you will know of the ale on the sixth of November, we would like to extend an invitation to all who are here gathered to join us there. That is all I have to say and this is the longest speech I have ever made. We thank you all." Jenny gets a resounding round of applause for her speech, a lot of people drift away but we are suddenly surrounded by the twins and Chrissie and Darren.

"Jenny, that was beautiful, for something that is legally meaningless do you feel bound by what you said?" asked Chrissie. "Of course I do, a vow is a lewd cookie needs some licking hardcore russian no matter where or when it is uttered. It's a case of being honest with yourself." "Why did I know you were going to say that? Darren and I are going for a walk, can you give me a call before you go?

I would like to have my clothes back." Chapter Seventeen Monday iv. Growing up Chrissie and Darren hadn't got very far before a young voice piped up and asked Jenny. extreme whore rough first time teen mia pearl was on her way to get some tacos takes a you live together now or still wait for the wedding?" asked Becky.

"We haven't had time to even think about that yet, if you were me what would you do?" "I'm only fourteen, why would you need my advice?" "I'm not asking for advice, I am interested in what you think you would do and why?" "I don't think I would, the hand fasting has no legal standing you would be giving a lot for no real gain." "What would you be giving and what gain do you get after a legal marriage?" "You are trying to embarrass me; you know what I am talking about." "Becky, I am not trying to embarrass you, if you want to talk adult themes with adults you have to be ready to justify the position you take; I don't believe I have talked down to you, you are a young adult and should be treated as such and I hope we both have treated you as such." "You have both been very kind to us but I don't know how to ask what Water strip with claudia bluebell would like to know without feeling embarrassed myself." "That means that in your own mind you don't feel adult enough to ask what you would like to know.

So you have the choice of asking and blushing or not knowing." "Flower, this is important for Becky, could you go walkabouts with Abby for ten minutes please?" "Come on Abby, we know where we aren't wanted, do you fancy doing a lap while Becky and Jenny have a bit of girl talk time?" In a very disappointed tone Abby answers as we walk away.

"I suppose so, I wanted to stay and join in." "I believe that Jenny wanted to talk with Becky alone because she asked an adult question and it requires an adult answer, if you long hair blonde teen seducing my stepfather asked the question then Becky would be with me." "It isn't fair, we are both the same age we should be treated the same." "Look, I'm sorry Abby but it just doesn't work like that, just suppose in a couple of years time your Mum and Dad promised you each something very special if you got five or more A's in your GCSE's what would you feel like if by a single mark or percentage point one of you were to miss out.

It isn't a question of fairness it is purely a question of development. I don't need answers to these college babe kelly klass take cock brunette and glasses, they are only asked to make you think. First, who got a bra first or were you both taken to get fitted out on the same day or month? Second, did you both start your periods on the same day or month? And finally did you both get your first proper boyfriend on the same day or month?" "No to all three Frank, Becky beat me on two out of the three.

I'm not saying which one I won." "It isn't a race Abby, all people develop at different rates and I definitely do not want to hear anything out of you over this, just think about it and keep the answer to yourself. Which of you do you think will be adult enough first to want to enter properly into a physical and emotional adult relationship with a male?" This gives Abby pause for thought and after a couple of seconds says.

"You know how to ask the tricky questions Frank, nubiles porn accidental creampie for teen schoolgirl I ask you one now? How much did you do before you got married? I know it was a generation ago, and standards were different then but were you naughty or nice?" "You asked that without blushing, but naughty or nice isn't really adult terminology, it is an adult question and deserves an answer but I need to protect the privacy of two people who aren't here.

I only had one sex partner before I married Lynda, and I really do wish I hadn't been with the other woman. So by your standards am I naughty or nice?" "Definitely nice, I wish I knew how to sort out the nice guy's, my boyfriend wants me to do more than I want to." "Tell him to take a long walk off a short pier! If he isn't able to accept that you own your body and the mind that's attached to it sexy lesbian teens playing with pussies on webcam is too thick to go out with an intelligent girl like you." "You make it sound so simple, if I keep dumping boys the others will start to talk about me, calling me a tease or a prude or lots of other things." "Abby, this is important; do you remember what Jenny said about the vows we made?" "Yes, she said they were not legally binding but she would keep them because she had to be honest with herself.

That's what you want me to remember, to be honest with myself." "That's right, I am going to tell you something if and only if you promise not to pass it on to anyone. I would hate to cause any embarrassment." "Would you trust me that much?" "I need to know if I can trust you to keep a confidence, remember the pack loyalty thing with Michael and Julie, I am still a member of Tribal will you comply with side rules" "Put like that yes Frank I will abide by side rules, but I won't tell anyone not even Becky." "Thank you Abby, eleven years ago Jenny was in exactly the same position as you, boyfriends demanding more than she was comfortable giving, sunny leon xnxx su with man her standards were different to the rest of the girls her age she was bullied purely because her standards were different.

Jenny at twenty five is still a virgin and is to a certain extent embarrassed about it. She is not ashamed or proud of it; it's just the way her life has worked out." "That's how I want my life to be. That is a beautiful story Frank." "It isn't a story Abby; that is the way it is." "Seriously Frank" "It's gospel Abby." "I am so glad we had this walk and talk, you have shown me a way to run my life as I want and not how everybody else says I should." Abby stretches up and pulling my head down gives me a soft kiss on the lips.

"Thank you flower." They are now at the steps up to the car park, in a minute or so they will be back with Jenny and Becky. While Frank and Abby were doing a lap back near the scout tent the conversation between Becky and Jenny had proceeded along remarkably similar lines.

"Ok Becky, what is the question that you needed to ask?" "Will you and Frank live together now or wait until your wedding?" "As I said earlier what would you do?" "I don't know, but I'm not old enough to be allowed to make that decision on my own behalf" "If you were in New York, New Hampshire, Maryland or Texas, you can legally marry at fourteen with parental consent. The same age applies in Syria and Sri Lanka if you were a Muslim.

You can't hide behind your age." "It would depend upon the man, if I loved him I might." "You would think of doing a hand fasting with a man you didn't love, why is that?" "It has no meaning in law, I could not be made to do as I said." "So are you really comfortable, lying about your relationship in public?" "That's not what I said Jenny." Jenny leafs through her copy of the hand fasting.

"I was asked, 'Jenny, will you stand together with Frank in your times of joy and sorrow?' Having answered yes in front of all our friends if something were to happen, maybe Frank's daughter were to lose a baby, I could walk away because Frank stopped making me laugh.

Do you really think that would be right? "Of course not." "So my promises have to be binding for me, while you can play fast and loose with other people's feelings." "You are so not playing fair, that is not what I meant." "Explain yourself then in a sincere way that is not so full of loopholes and opt outs that I will be unable to take you seriously." "Sorry Jenny, maybe I am not as grown up as I thought I was, do you want to stop talking to me?" "Of course not, you are young, you are growing up and you need to learn about the ways of the world and how you manage your way in it." "That sounds nice Jenny, how can I find my way?

There aren't any signposts to tell you the way to grow up." "The best people to ask are friends that you trust completely, these are very rarely people of your own age as they also are groping their way through life and they may give you bad advice either through malice or ignorance. Being involved in the Morris like any other social hobby gives you the opportunity to make new friends who are slightly older than you, ask them as you have tried to ask me and you won't go far wrong but always listen to that inner voice we all have, it knows you better than anyone and won't let you down.

So if you were me would you live together?" "You aren't letting go are you, I think you want a reasoned answer, yes?" "That would be nice." "I have never been in love, I have fancied boys and even had a bit of a crush on a young technician at school but without the knowledge or experience of being in love I honestly have to say I am not competent to give you a reasoned answer." "That is brilliant Becky, the proper adult answer, you have hit the nail on the head; if you haven't been there you can't offer advice.

If you can always remember that when talking with your school friends, you should be able to sort the wheat from the chaff." "Abby told me her boyfriend wanted-" "No more Becky, I think Abby might have told you that in confidence, she wouldn't have wanted that spread around, do you think she would have wanted you to tell Mum and Dad?" "She wouldn't want Mum and Dad to know, but she did need advice, I didn't know what to say." "You haven't been there yet have you?" "I'm not going there for a long time yet, that inner voice that you spoke of warned me it was wrong." "Well done, I think that maybe we should swap partners when Frank and Abby get back, could you talk to Frank as you have talked to me?" "Yes, but I would prefer to walk rather than stay here, it feels more private on the field." "Ok, speak of the devil here they come." Frank gets to Jenny and they embrace then kiss slow and warming until the giggles of Abby and Becky disturb them.

"Flower could you take Becky for a lap now, I think that Abby and I need to have a bit of girl time." "Come on then Becky, it's a good job I'm thick skinned, otherwise I might start to feel rejected." When they are clear of most of the people Frank starts the conversation. "Was Jenny tactfully getting you to talk to me or does she need some girl time with Abby?" "She does need girl time with Abby, but I need to talk to you as well but I worry about others knowing." "No need to worry there, invoke side rules that keeps all we say within the side or just tell me that what we talk about is confidential and I can't tell anyone." "You can tell Jenny, I trust her completely.

When Jenny and I were talking about how we develop as people she said something like 'I am young and growing up and I need to learn the ways of the world and how to manage my way in it. The best people to ask are friends that you trust completely, these aren't people of your own age as they are in the same position and they might give you bad advice either through malice or ignorance'.

Is Jenny right, I wouldn't like to ask older people how to run my life." "Jenny is right although you have taken what she said too far, you aren't asking them how to run your life, you just need the information they have gained through experience to allow muth marna xxx storys com to make you own decisions. If you can ask a lad or lass in the side you believe you can trust or even ask Julie herself if she knows of an older lad or lass you can trust.

Talk to him or her, being trusted is almost as big a buzz as being loved. He or she would be so chuffed to help. Can I tell you a little of my life when I was twenty?" "Yes please, I like History." "Cheeky, when I was twenty I shared a hobby with my younger brother and about half a dozen or so girls of your age among others, they were quite comfortable talking to me about boy girl things and as they thought of me as being too old to be interested in them as girlfriends but not an old fogey, they trusted me with a lot of stuff they daren't ask or tell their parents.

Some of the things they told me of weren't legal then and still aren't now, but I judged that keeping them safe was more important than getting their boyfriends in deep shit. I told each and every one of them the same thing.

'Tell him to 'take a long walk off a short pier! If you aren't able to accept that I own my body and the mind that's attached to it you are too thick to go out with a girl like me'." "There were a lot of glum faced lads about after that, the excuses and reasons they gave for needing sex were so stupid!

It didn't take long to tell the girls the truth about the lad's tales. I even gave them some sexual health booklets to share amongst themselves, ok the booklets were written for sixteen to twenty year old girls and it was illegal to supply such information to under sixteen's but the information was accurate.

I suppose you have already heard some tales from girl friends about their boyfriends." "Yes I have but I don't know what is factual and what is a load of old rubbish. What I am going to tell you next goes no further than us, right?" "Of course Becky.

Not even Jenny, right?" "No-one please, Rachael told me of this the day after she hit him. Rachael, Bills and Maggie's girl was talked into giving her cherry to her boyfriend of the time with the lines about how much he was suffering, how uncomfortable he was and how she couldn't get pregnant the first time anyway. It happened when her parents were at practice, Rachael was sneaking a mid-week date with her boyfriend, they had sex, no protection, and by the time she was a week late she was frantic, on the evening she had decided that she needed to tell her parents how stupid she had been, her period started.

The day after, she gave her boyfriend a black eye and broken nose, totally without warning and said she never ever wanted to hear his voice again. That happened in the school grounds at lunch break. The tongues were wagging step dad grounds associates daughter the suggestive swap term but as far as I know only me, you, Rachael and her ex know. She hasn't had a boyfriend since although she has been asked out lots of times." "Once bitten twice shy." I reply.

That sort of scare can really do a lot of damage to a person's self confidence and perception of self, having been there Rachael could be approached to act as mentor or advisor to you and Abby, admittedly Rachael had a really bad experience for her first time, most first times are not good anyway mainly because most are rushed and sneaked, there is no time to relax and enjoy it. I intend to make sure that Jenny's first is really great for her." "Is Jenny still a virgin then Frank?" "Oh Shit!

Sorry Becky, for swearing, I didn't mean to let Jenny's state slip, keep it to yourself please, yes Jenny is still a virgin, she had an elder sister she could talk to and ask things of, and her own little voice inside kept her straight as well.

She was bullied at senior school because of it but the bullying made her more determined to maintain her standards. I honestly think it is our similar moral standards that allowed us to become so close to each other so quickly, it gave us a level of trust that we could build on." "When I was talking with Jenny she kept asking me questions that made me question myself, it isn't a very nice feeling, seeing your own shortfalls, it devalues me in my own sight.

What can I do about it?" "That depends on what you feel your shortfalls to be." "From what I said to Jenny it seems I expect higher standards from others than I accept from myself" "Develop that thought; it will lead you to a greater knowledge of yourself." "If I expect others to be honest with me I have to be honest with them, and to be honest with them I have to be honest with myself." "Very nearly, do you want to try again?" "I think I have heard this somewhere, it isn't an original thought of mine.

Before you can be true to others you must be true to yourself. This is the first time that idea has made sense to me. It means you can't get back more than you put in." "Well done Becky, you have probably grown up and developed as an adult angie jibaja bbw anal sex love pussy more in the last hour than you have so far this year.

Talking to old fogeys will do that you know. Did Jenny lead you towards any other insights about your or others behaviour" "I started to tell Jenny about Abby's problem with her boyfriend but Jenny stopped me, saying that Abby probably didn't want what she had told me passing on." "That's right, Abby told me of her problem, not the details so I gave her the same advice I gave out thirty years ago, about the long walk on a short pier. I assume from what you said earlier Abby doesn't know of Rachael's close call." "I don't believe she does know; if she does she hasn't talked to me about it." "Maybe she is just respecting confidentiality." Back near the scout tent Abby and Jenny have also been talking, as soon as Frank and Becky were out of earshot, Abby goes in the deep end.

"Did Becky tell you about my boyfriend's requests?" "She got six words out before I stopped her, I reminded her that what you had told her was almost certainly confidential, if you wanted to talk about it you would." "Can I talk to you about it? I don't know what to do." "You don't know what to do, If you are hoping for a sex-ed lesson I am afraid you are going to be disappointed, you probably know as much or more than me." "I don't need a sex lesson; I need advice about how to cope with a demanding boyfriend." "If he wants you to do things that you know are wrong for you or seem wrong to you, don't do it, you just don't do it.

That isn't a sex-ed answer it is real life, I do have a freedom of choice answer, I am me and I will do what I want to do not what some sex crazed boy wants. Can I ask what he wants you to do? You don't have to answer if you don't want to." "He wants a blowie, I think it's disgusting there is no way I am doing that for anyone." "Ok Abby, If you don't want to do it then don't do it.

Tell him to take a running jump." "He tells me everyone does it, it's only kissing." "I have never been here so my advice is of very limited value. You have three main ways of dealing with him, straight refusal or the option routes; I'll kiss yours after you kiss mine this could be risky, some guys like going down on a girl and the feelings that can be generated can be very intense.

A girl in my class tried that and the boy ran a mile, it totally grossed him out, especially after she talked about how a vagina is a complete eco-system of beneficial bacteria, moulds and fungi; many bacteria make a very comfortable home in a hot dark and damp vagina, and especially as she followed it up with how bad it is health wise to try and clean out all the wild life. If he isn't the type who might use physical means to get his own way, you could wait till he gets it out and as you get nearer suddenly recoil with the words 'when did you last wash that, it stinks' then get up and walk away with the words 'you're dumped'.

"Jenny, can I ask if you have ever been asked or given a boy a blowie?" "I have never been asked and I have never given either." "Would you do it for Frank" "I might if we were living together and he had just come out of the bath or shower so I know he was clean but I don't think I would and there is no way I could let him come like that." "I know this is none of my business but can I ask you when you let boys into your clothes and after how many dates, there aren't any rules and I hear of girls being easy or teasers or sometimes even sluts; I need advice on what is right.

"I am sorry Abby, as I said to Becky earlier if you can get advice from someone who you trust completely, is older and has been there, that can be your best guide together with that little inner voice we all have. I can't advise you; I have never been there, at your age I held hands with a few boys, I even kissed some of them, a small number were too demanding and they just got dumped, 'go and buy it from the back of the railway station if it's that important to you' but until this week-end that is all I have done, could you ask Rachael, she is only two or three years older than you, Is she wiser in the ways of the world?" "No, I tried soon after Becky and I joined, she said she had a very bad experience with a boy it has so coloured her viewpoint that any advice she could give wouldn't help me.

I know she broke her boyfriend's nose in school grounds a few months ago; there was a lot of gossip and speculation about that. I don't think anyone apart from them know what really happened and why." "I think the nose and you asking might have been too close together; maybe she thought you were just being nosey, if you ask again, maybe you could drop my name, say I suggested you ask.

Her viewpoint may be jaundiced, but it will probably be more balanced than the class slut or tease. Do you compare notes with Becky, she may, like me, never have been there but her inner voice may be of use to you, you could help each other. "Thank you Jenny, can I have another chat next time we meet, you know how to think and to cut through the crap to the centre of the problem? "Of course we can, would you like my mobile number just in case you need me?

"Please Jenny that would be fantastic, can I pass it on to Becky?" "No problem at all but no further, ok? Can I have your phone please?" "Yes." Jenny dials her own number from Abby's phone, hangs up and then rings Abby's phone from her own and hangs up. "We both have each other's number as missed calls, we just have to move them to our phonebooks. How do you fancy us walking to find Frank and Becky then joining up with Tribal?" "Yes, that sounds good" "Ok when Chrissie and I walk round town together we link arms, as the younger of us your arm goes through mine like this." Once they are settled both start walking towards the field and from the top of the steps they can see Frank and Becky at the far end of the field heading towards the back straight.

As they walk down the steps Jenny asks. "Did Frank tell you of him and Janet on their cycle ride in Suffolk when you were on the lap with him" "No he didn't, is it important?" "If he hasn't told Becky I may ask him to tell of it, it gives an insight into male drives.

I also think he has a wealth of tales of when he was mentoring those teenage girls; if I can get him to write them up I may be able to get them to you." "Frank gorgeous teenie floozy swallows hardcore and reality done a lot in his life, he really cares about the young and I wonder if he has ever thought of being a foster parent but I suppose you will be having your own family".

Jenny hears this and it hurts, she would love to have a family it doesn't have to be hers her eyes fill and Abby notices the tears on Jenny's cheeks.

"I am sorry Jenny, did I say something wrong? "No Abby, you said nothing wrong, it just touched a very raw nerve, do the sums with me and you will understand, Frank is fifty, when we marry he may be fifty one, if I don't fall pregnant for three months, assuming we try for children straight away; I do after all have my business to run, Frank will be fifty two when the baby is born and on the pension before the child is your age.

We have to change the subject and dry my eyes; I mustn't let Frank see me like this. Ok Abby." 'Sweetness and light, no weeds, look for the flowers.' Jenny thinks to herself 'from the mouths of babes and infants'. Maybe fostering could be a way forward for us after Frank's reversal attempt if he will try that french bbw florence ganganged in all holes.

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That thought banishes the weeds and puts a spring in her step, Abby notices the change of pace. "You've had an idea haven't you Jenny?" "Yes Abby, You may well have really helped us, I hadn't thought of fostering, it could mean completely missing the first messy few years and getting straight to the fun bit." We meet Frank and Becky in the middle of the back straight and again we kiss, only a little one this time.

"Flower have you told Becky of your cycle ride with Janet and the brain migration thing?" "No treasure I haven't I didn't want to use the language" "That's ok flower, can you tell them please, it's in context and they hear it every day anyway. I have to go to the loo, can you say goodbye to Michael and Dad got firecrotche daughter pregnant for me when you drop the young ladies off?

Thanks flower, Bye Abby, Bye Becky." Jenny trots off, she looks great. It takes three or four minutes to tell a one minute story, both girls asking several questions and on the way back to Michael's car I get a kiss from both girls, only pecks, but I tell them to explain to Julie as she has seen us, and I don't want big booty girls suck dick by strangers on cam more suspicions lurking anywhere.

"You come with us" said Becky, "we will tell Julie why and ask her a couple of questions that Jenny suggested we ask." I don't get the chance to answer as, Becky hails Julie, "Julie can you spare us a minute before we go please?" "Certainly." "Frank and Jenny have both been talking to us, I talked to Jenny while Frank and Abby did a lap, then Jenny talked with Abby while Frank and me did a lap, it was all teen age growing up talk, Jenny suggested that we ask you if you could recommend a boy or girl who is a couple of years older than us that we can trust and talk boy girl teen stuff with.

She said we needed advice from people we could trust and who had been there. She said she was a virgin who had never had a serious relationship until this week-end and it was all too new to her for her to pass on any trustworthy advice, ask and listen to people you can trust and listen most importantly to that little voice inside that we all have, she said.

Abby and me both thought that Frank was too old to talk to but he isn't, he's a permanent teenager who has his head screwed on right. Please don't tell mum and dad we both kissed a fifty year old man to say thanks, they couldn't understand if we tried to explain to them." "You've certainly made an impression on our two young tearaways Frank," said Julie, and she continued "teenage girls soon get older than their bodies and their emotional age that's why they chase boys older than themselves and that can lead to trouble." "The trick is to lead them by example to standards that reflect the age they want to be, a thirteen year old girl with the attitudes and sensibilities of a sixteen year old would never succumb to pressure from other thirteen year olds to conform to the younger standards.

As I told Becky, thirty years ago I was being asked for advice by girls of her age, I tried to answer in as accurate and factual way as possible, I even got a selection of sex advice booklets that were aimed at sixteen to twenty year old girls, it was illegal for me to pass them on but they needed factual information about the risks and the tales boys tell.

I think I helped most of them to realise they did have a choice; saying no didn't cost you a boyfriend it got rid of a demanding nuisance. I think you might notice that your little tearaways are a lot more grown up now. Is that right ladies?" Abby replies. "Yes Frank, say thanks to Jenny for us please, we hope to see you both soon, could you gently ask Jenny why she cried at the steps?

You two have a lot to talk about and it might be my fault for planting the seed of an idea that made her cry, I am really sorry if it causes either of you pain." "I will, thank you ladies, again thanks Michael, Julie; you have my contact details let us know what's happening.

See you all soon, ok? Bye." I walk towards our car and caravan and I can see Jenny by the van door, I think Abby is right Jenny has something on her mind and needs a talk not a drive back to Suffolk. "Hello treasure, feel better after your trot to the loo, Abby said we might have to have a serious talk after your tears at the steps, should we do a couple of laps or talk in the car or van?" "In our van please my flower" I unlock the van and after taking the step out allow Jenny in first, she stumbles her way across the awning stuff and practically hurls herself at the bed as soon as she lands her arms are held open waiting for me, I move more cautiously, the blinds are down and the curtains are closed, with the door closed it is fairly dark I don't want to stand on a solar panel or trip and land on my Jenny.

"Flower, I think or maybe hope we may owe Abby a lot, we were talking when we were coming to meet you and she was full of praise for both of us, for treating them both as young adults, to everyone else they were just children, you were picked out for special praise, she thinks you have done a young slut enjoy banging her step dad brunette and mature for youngsters, and wondered if you had ever thought of becoming a foster parent, that made me cry, I never even thought of finishing off a job someone else started, I explained the age thing as the reason we probably wouldn't be having children of our own.

I know we can't make any decision now or even soon, but is it worth thinking about when we are wed. I think I could fancy fostering; we would have to do a lot of research first. Do you think you could foster flower, is it worth thinking about?" "My precious treasure, Abby deserves something very special; that is something I would never have thought of, could you really accept a cuckoo in our nest, I really do get a buzz helping kids find their way, it's been that way all through adulthood and the biggest buzz was bringing Sarah and Robert through puberty into adulthood unscathed." "Kiss me flower, we have a little while before we have to go, can we have a long cuddle please." We kiss, it starts warm and loving but the temperature rapidly increases, Jenny is happier and friskier, her hand soon drifts to my lap, I think she wants to play.

I reach behind her to find the zip at her back, as soon as it is down a foot or so she sits up and shimmies her dress down to her waist, when she lays back down we continue our kiss and I stroke her boobs and across her small erect nipples, as they become more aroused so does Jenny, her hand is groping around my zip, she is inexperienced, do I do it for her or allow her to learn in a no hassle environment?

Jenny lowered her dress for me I'll help her, I pop the button and lower my zip, Jenny has the space to explore, my hand goes back to her breast and as she holds and strokes me our passions are beginning to run wild Jenny comes but I don't stop stroking her breast and after a another minute and another come she starts to wriggle round on the bed heading towards my old man, she isn't going there; I haven't washed him since first thing.

"No love, he isn't clean, come up here again." Jenny returns and we start to kiss again, I don't want to get her too hot, so I go slow and gentle after a couple more minutes Jenny's phone rings, we break our kiss and she answers it, "Hi Chrissie, what can I do for you?" "I'm by the back of your van; I would like my clothes so Darren and I can go home." "Ok Chrissie give us two minutes and we will be out, Bye" Jenny hangs up and then pulls her dress up her arms and hides her breasts.

"Zip me up please flower." Once we are both dressed and respectable I clamber across the awning stuff and open the door, Jenny, now able to see clearly now the door is open walks out behind me.

"Hi Chrissie, I think your stuff is in the boot I'll get it for you, are you leaving soon?" Jenny collects the keys from me and heads to the car. "Five minutes or so, Darren has asked me out to dinner this evening then I'll come home tonight for work tomorrow." "Drive carefully coming home sis, I don't know where we're spending tonight, I'll ring you when I know; did you bring the keys to mine with you or are they in Stortford?" "Sorry, I didn't bring them with me, I will beat you home, ring or knock when you want them, if I haven't seen you by the time I leave for work I'll take them with me and maybe we can meet for lunch.

What are your plans for the rest of today?" "Apparently I am being taken to meet the family, while there drop off the caravan, and restock with Franks clothing, maybe a bit of shopping and then to mine to get clothes for a couple of days, finally find a hotel for a few days together. As you know I only have a single bed and that means we will have to hotel it until we can get a double sorted." "So I will have a couple next door to me, you will be the only couple in the block.

We will have to change its nickname." "I didn't know it had a nickname, pray tell sis?" " It's known as 'Bachelor Mews'," "Nice one sis, Hot redhead teen handjob big ass blonde college now that ive been tested by my own bet the owners don't know. I wonder what they would say if they knew" "I think she knows now, I wonder what you will do?" "What do you mean by that sis?" "I assume you aren't going deny that you or your company are my landlord" "How did you find out?" "I always know who my landlord is and I try to make sure they know me, when I moved into the mews five years ago I checked with companies house to find out who owned the company that owned my flat, when your dad died all the tenants were told of his death by letter and we were all told this would not affect us in any way, all our existing agreements were with the company not the owner and leases would be renewed automatically unless the tenant requests otherwise.

I needed to know who the new owner is and companies house gave me that information." "Why didn't you tell me you knew?" "Why should I tell you, I accepted you for who you, the person, are; why should your status be of any import to our friendship, I could see how it could make things uncomfortable between us, I didn't want that to happen, your position didn't matter." "Thanks Chrissie for not letting it affect us." I approach the girls as they are talking.

"Flower, Chrissie knows I own the block, we don't have to worry about it now." "Am I correct in assuming you haven't told anyone else sis?" I ask. "No, of course not, I'm no gossip!" "Thanks sis." I reply. "Drive safe going back, we will see you soon, is Darren about?

I would like to say 'bye to him. I think he is saying 'bye to the twins and Michael and Julie, yes there he is." Chrissie waves him over to us, and goodbyes are exchanged all ways and then Chrissie and Darren walk away towards the car park, as they reach the steps Michael, Julie and the twins all wave as they also leave on their way home. "Our turn to leave now treasure, I need to go to the toilet before we move raunchy holly rides on a massive boner straight and roleplay, do you want to accompany me there or are you ok?" "I never pass the opportunity; I don't know when the next one will occur." We both walk with arms around each other to the toilets, I wait for Jenny and we both walk back together.

We kiss long and slow before getting into our car for the drive back to Suffolk and the start of a new life together. This is the end of book one and at 93,000 words is 90k longer than anything I've written before, if this work manages above 75 percent then book two may follow in a few weeks or months this will tell their story at home and at a couple of festival weekends and probably ending after Cropredy or Faversham. They may or may not be married, will Frank try a reversal? Can Sarah and Robert accept Jenny?

Where will they live? Will they join a Morris side? These and more questions I haven't even thought of will be in book two if it appears.