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Shes more than ebony twitter missmaryjanexxx rawwstudio
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Chapter 1 - Leia And Luke: Siblings Secrets. At 32, Leia Organa Solo (Nee Skywalker) was still a beauty of the Galaxy, a perfection of beauty inherited from her mother, Padme. Her dark brown hair was in its signature two bun hairstyle and she walked around her house on Naboo with great grace, grace she no doubt inherited from her late mother as well.

She walked into her children's nursery, looking proudly at the two bundles of joy that slept peacefully in their separate cribs. A single thought then passed through her mind, making her look less fondly at the male of the little baby group.

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While Jaina was a calm, collected and sweet girl child, her brother was the exact opposite, always crying for attention and wanting it kept on him should she ever think of making it stray.

Just like his father. Truth be told, the two babies weren't twins. Hardly. Her girl was the eldest by a year with her brother coming second. The two weren't even full blooded siblings. Only half. It wasn't surprising, seeing as Han Solo had nothing to do with her little jaina's conception. It was Han's fault from the word go. Why she had married the damn smuggler was beyond her. Perhaps it was the youthful blood in her that just seemed to think marrying a bad boy smuggler with roguish good looks was what she wanted.

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She learned better two years into her marriage. Drunken nights, long trips and even perhaps (she highly suspected) a woman on the side were what her husband had to show and give her. One such "trip" had lasted two Sith cursed years, with few visits in between.

With some manipulating of birth lascivious hotties share huge cock of plumber and the use of the force on any medical droids present, Leia had managed to make it seem that the two were twins, born of a quick fuck they had had one night before he left back to his "trip".

Seeing as none were present at the two births but her brother and the droids, it was a simple thing to pull off. After all, what father wouldn't do the best for his daughter and her mother.

Yes, Luke Skywalker, her brother, was the father of her daughter Jaina. ############################# Speaking truthfully, she had felt more for Luke ever since she kissed him the first time just to spite Han that one time on Hoth. She had felt the connection then, than deep connection that spoke to her soul, beyond the feeling of sibling love. If he had felt it as well, he hadn't said anything.

Luke had been able to make time for her, even beyond his duties as grandmaster of the Jedi Order. It was no easy task, Relearning each and every skill of the Jedi without a teacher, then mastering it all to the point that he could be called the second coming of Yoda in his younger years, then putting all the info down to be used by later Jedi Knights, Masters and Padawans.

He would always have time to sit down with his sister near her home's balcony, her head leaning on his shoulder as they watched the sunset on Naboo.

Anyone who didn't know them saw them as a perfect, kind strangers always telling Luke and her what a great couple they made. This often caused Luke to sputter out denials as he revealed them as Siblings and not married lovers though Leia just smiled and let him say on, a deep pain in her soul as she gazed at her wedding ring and then at her brother.

She sometimes wondered why she just didn't remain single. Something had to give and soon. ############################# She had spent the whole day getting ready. 6:00 Am found her in a hot spring she owned outside her house, mixing the hot water with various perfumes and scents as she lazed inside, washing her long, brown silky hair and letting her tense muscles relax.

She left it an hour later and walked into her room, applying special oils onto her skin and massaging them onto her her firm breasts, the tips of her nipples getting hard at the thought of her brother. Wearing a beautiful white dress of the softest material and then doing her long hair in an intricate braid that wove around her head. She applied a red color to both her pouty lips and nails before deeming herself presentable and waiting on the seat near the balcony with a Holovid pad and beginning to read, waiting for the sunset and the appropriate time.

4:30p.m, and as usual, her dear Luke didn't disappoint. He let himself in and approached the sear and her. "Leia?" He called as she turned and gave him a beaming smile as his eyes widened at her enhanced beauty.

He gulped quietly and could only mentally acknowledge that Leia was one of the most beautiful women to grace the galaxy. They sat and watched the sun go down, Leia lazing her head on his comfortable shoulder as usual, allowing Luke to take in her beautiful scent. "I see Han hasn't come back yet." He said softly as Leia snorted softly. "He won't be back for a long time, mark my words. If it wasn't for many of my contacts telling of sightings of the millennium falcon on some planet or another, I would take him for dead." She said plainly, though Luke could hear the soft pain in her voice.

She suddenly turned her eyes and head to look at him. "What would you do if I was your wife, Luke?" She asked, her eyes looking deep into his own blue. He smiled sweetly at that. "I'm not your husband Leia. Your my sister." He said though Leia wasn't backing up. "But if I was?" She insisted softly. Luke could only say the truth and what he thought best."I would never leave your side." He said, conviction and honesty plain in his voice. It was all she needed. Her lips rose to meet his own, her kiss coming as a surprise to the young Jedi grandmaster as her tongue pushed through his lips to meet his own as her arms encircled his neck and pulled him more into the kiss which he began to return.

Two minutes and their kiss broke as they gazes met. "Leia…" Luke began, only to be stopped by a gentle kiss and and soft finger to his lips. "You want me, you've wanted me since the Death Star and I've wanted you since Hoth, maybe even before that. Han isn't here and no matter how much you owe him, he treats me, your sister, as if I was a mere toy. I want to be happy Luke. Damn the consequences. So please be mine, even if only for tonight.

Be mine." No more words were said as they moved to the bedroom. ############################# She remembered it clearly. The softness of the bed as she lay sexxi muvi janwar ka sath it, her legs spread wide and inviting as her dearest brother lay on top of her, his body naked as she was and firm from years of Jedi training.

His thick cock was hard and leaking his precum, eager to enter Leia's velvety core. He placed his eager cock tip at her entrance and drove in without even a moments hesitation. And Leia was in ecstasy. Luke pounded her warm pussy hard, feeling every inch of his hard manhood being invited into her eager and warm cunt as it had never invited Han, giving her twin everything her husband had never felt nor would ever feel from any coupling they would ever commit.

Luke pounded sunny leone first anal 2 on yousex fairy tales her with such strength that it almost took the strength from her legs away. "Yes Luke! More! More! Oh by the Force! Fuck me! Make me yours! Make me your Whore!" She screamed in pleasure. Her words drove him on, as did her body. His cock drove even harder into her, giving her pleasures she had never felt before.

Her whole body was alive with pleasure as he took her and webcam private sex show with horny camgirl masturbation and privateshow her pussy. She had never been so wet before in her whole life. So wet, so alive and so in love!

Her legs locked around Luke's back and drove him down, deeper into her soaking pussy as her hands locked around his neck and brought him down to kiss him fiercely as he continued to take her. Their tongues met, interlocking lovingly before continuing to explore each other's mouths.

Like a wild Nexu, he explored every inch of her, licking at her gums and perfect white teeth before retreating back to his mouth as they broke the kiss, though her red pouty lips attached themselves to his tongue to suck on it fiercely, drinking in his saliva like a parched Hutt whore. His cock mom and son desi adiesex stories so deep within her now, her pussy welcoming her brother's invader, happily accepting him in all the way as it had never done for Han, Finally reaching her most sacred entrance.

The very door to her womb, making her toes curl as he drove into it, his cock demanding entrance into her final chamber. His balls were straining with the fertile seed they held within, smacking against her ass with each plunge and Leia just instinctively knew of the thick load they held.

Luke began to lessen his assault, moving his lips and tongue from her own to polish and suck on her breasts, her nipples being sucked on like a newborn would suck on it's mother's. The thought sent a shiver of pleasure throughout her body and deep within her soul.

To have a child. To bear Luke's baby! It just felt so right. It would completely show her disdain and disgust for her marriage as she lovingly nurtured her brother's heir within her womb! Show how much she cared for her husband as she gave herself to Luke day after day as he defiled her and Han's marriage bed as his baby grew within her. From now on, she belonged to Luke!

She was his now. She would now due before she slept with another but her brother. They had been born together and were meant for each other. Sith Hells! She'd just learn to use force chokes to crush anybody who thought they could have her. But for now… "Luke…" His eyes were on her as she called to him, bringing his head closer as they kissed lovingly. " I want you to do it inside, Luke." She said huskily, his eyes widening at the implications.

"Leia…but you may get…" A soft finger was on his lips. "It's what I want. Mark me Luke! Make sure my body knows who it belongs to now! I want a physical embodiment of our love in the galaxy! One that only you and I will know about! So do it. Cum! Cum inside me!" Her words were enough once more.

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Her cervix opened up for him almost immediately as he rammed his cock into her once more. They kissed deeply as her cervix parted and locked onto his cockhead, growling into the kiss as he pasted her womb directly with his force strong seed, her toes curling as a huge orgasm ripped through her at her seeding, her legs locked hard around his waist as his thick cum surged into her to brew an heir to the Skywalker name in her happily cheating womb.

They stayed locked together for ten minutes, kissing like newlyweds drunk off their love before he moved out of her conquered and bred pussy, a thick trail of leaking out of her defeated cunt as he did so. ############################# Their affair continued in a busty secretary marie clarence takes it from behind heated manner after that, the two twins unable to be apart for long.

They were soon coupling fast and hard in every perceivable and safe place, Luke stuffing his beautiful sister with hard cock at every turn while Leia simply spread her and took every load of thick, healthy, virile sperm her womb could take. Most times they were no better than space animals in a heated, lust fueled rut.

And soon, they're feelings for each other increased, Luke protecting his sister's name from any small amount of slander he heard while Leia would grow quick to anger should anyone even dare to mention Han Solo as her husband (something she hated being reminded of) or speak of Luke in a negative light.

After all, she mused to herself as she lay a hand on her ripening and growing womb, he was the father of her child. Next Chapter: Rey