Charming jenna ivory richly deserves a perfect threesome hardcore and blowjob

Charming jenna ivory richly deserves a perfect threesome hardcore and blowjob
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***** Disclaimer: This story is one of my darker ones, with strong non-consent themes. It's also just a fantasy, and the acts in this story I do not condone or support in real life. That's why this is just a fantasy! Now that that's out of the way, I hope you enjoy… ***** Miranda fainted on the bed as Matthew shouted 'No!' and Jake pressed the gun sex kittens ariana marie chloe amour janice grifitt august ames keisha grey her pussy and pulled the trigger.

But after Jake pulled the trigger, nothing happened. Miranda's bodyguard nearly fainted with relief. Jake gave Matthew a vicious grin. "Fooled you, didn't I?" He held up the gun.

"It looks quite real, but it's just a toy." He walked over to a laptop case in the corner, and drew another gun from the outer pocket. He unloaded the clip and showed it to Matthew. "This one on the other hand is quite real." Five naked men stood huddled around the scene - Sven, Bean, Radic, Viktor, and Felipe. Jake had hired them to gang-rape his wife Miranda, after his wife had had an affair with Matthew, the bodyguard he'd hired to protect her.

Jake had kidnapped Matthew too, wanting to get revenge on both his beautiful, two-timing wife and her lover. Now Jake sat on the bed beside his unconscious wife as she lay sprawled naked face-up on the mattress, hands tied behind her back, legs splayed wide with her gaping sex glistening with Matthew's saliva.

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Jake had just forced Matthew to slurp up and swallow the cum of all five of his hired men after they had emptied their loads in Miranda's raw-fucked pussy. Now it was time for the final act of the evening. Matthew's eyes were wild as he looked at his former employer. "Look, do whatever you want with me, just…just let Miranda go." "Spoken with such self-sacrificing nobility," Jake sneered.

He fisted a hand in his wife's lush, midnight hair and raised her head up to stare at her softened features. Miranda's pretty, finely chiseled face, still flecked with Felipe's cum, xnxx com sex phimhotjav com oddly serene. "You love my wife, Matthew? Hmm? Answer me, you worthless piece of crap." Matthew looked at Jake so desperately. "Yes, all right? I lesbianwincom aiko nagais prison bukkake creampie facefuckfest uncensored jav her!

Please don't kill us." Jake rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "You want me to let you go?" Matthew shook his head up and down with desperate zeal. "Of course, I'll do anything, just please let us go." The hulking, black-bearded husband rubbed his hands together. "Very well. Here's the deal, Matt.

You're going to fuck my wife in the ass. She's never done anal before, and since you're so sweet on her, I think you'll be the perfect one to pop her little ass cherry. What do you think?" Matthew groaned inwardly. If it would save their lives, he would do anything. At the same time this tiny sliver of his primal self also loved the idea of fucking Miranda in the ass.

It had always been one of his fantasies. He tried to shove that forbidden thought deep, deep down into the darkest recesses of his mind. "OK, I'll do it," he said. "Good," Jake replied. He turned to Sven. "Wake the bitch up." The gorgeous girl started to wake up slowly as Sven leaned down, gently slapping her cheeks. He asked for someone to fetch him a cup of water. He then poured it on her face and kept gently smacking her cheeks until Miranda came fully to.

She blinked, disoriented. Then she looked up at Jake, still terrified. "Thought I'd killed you, eh slut? Not quite yet," Jake said. "Jake, please! This can't be you…you've gone completely crazy!" Jake shrugged, his eyes cold. "Your betrayal drove me to this, bitch. You have only yourself to blame." Jake motioned with the gun. "Get on the bed and lay down, Matt." Now he turned back to his wife.

"Listen up, bitch. You are going to mount your precious bodyguard's cock and bust your ass on it. That's right. I want to see him ass-fuck you.

That's the price of me letting you LIVE. Understand?" Miranda bit her lip, shivering at the prospect. But she slowly nodded. "Ok Jake, w-whatever you want." Her eyes were glued to the gun in his hand.

A gun which, unlike the realistic-looking replica he'd used earlier, was very, very real. "Untie her wrists." Sven did as Jake asked. Miranda rubbed at her sore wrists as Matthew lay down on the bed. To Matthew's eternal shame, his cock was harder than a slab of granite and pointed straight up at the ceiling of the shipping container where they were being held captive.

Miranda tried not to let her eyes linger on her bodyguard's naked, masculine form. He was a fine specimen, and she was deeply attracted to him. Even the awful prospect of having to let Matthew…do this to her…didn't seem quite as bad because, well…at least it was him and not some stranger. "Ok, hop on slut. Bust that tight ass," Jake ordered.

Miranda looked down at the thick, engorged cock of the man she'd had an affair with. How could something that huge fit in her ass?

She trembled at the thought. Seeing Miranda's hesitation, Jake pointed to one of the other men, Radic. "Help her out. She needs some lube for her ass. Right, sweetie?" She couldn't believe she was nodding. Miranda felt her cheeks redden as Radic bent her over. Spitting into her anal crevice, he helped lube up her ass.

Meanwhile, the sexy brunette leaned over Matthew, taking his shaft into her mouth. She sucked him lovingly, tenderly, with such care, fondling his testicles with her deft fingers all the while. Matthew's heart rate sped up.

His muscles tensed up as he felt her heavenly mouth slurping on his cock, her tongue cradling his manhood and laving it with such gentleness. Finally, she drew her mouth up off his cock. Radic had finished spitting in her ass. Radic came around, fondling her breasts as she straddled Matthew's figure and poised her ass over his elongated prick. "Let me help you there, bitch." Radic positioned Matthew's cock at her ass and she slowly tried to engulf it with her wrinkled hole, sitting down gingerly.

"UGHHH! AHH!" Miranda moaned. She bit her lip to keep from crying out as she felt Matthew's cock slide up her fragile anal opening. She slowly felt her ass accommodate his girth. It wasn't easy. Gradually, she started a rhythm. Gradually, she began humping that cock with her ass, gorgeous young senorita pleasures a thick shaft butt cheeks pumping back and forth as she did anal for the very first time.

The pain blossomed in her ass, a deep burning ache…but there was something else beginning to lick at her insides too. This sweet, fragile flick of pleasure snaked through her core. She realized that Matthew had reached a hand between her legs. He was gently rubbing her clit as she slammed her ass down again and again on his hard cock.

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"Oh, look at that? The bastard's fingering the slut's pussy while she busts her ass. Not a bad strategy," Jake said. He walked around and pressed his weapon to Miranda's head. "Now, I want you to make this really nasty, Miranda. I want you to tell Matthew how much you love having his cock in your ass.

Tell the world what a worthless young whore you are, how you love getting your ass fucked. How you love taking cock. How you're a worthless cum-dump whose only purpose is to have all her holes fucked hard. Got it? If you do ALL of that, if you say all those words, I'll let you get a divorce, bitch. You have my word." Feeling a faint surge of hope, Miranda obeyed with gusto.

The slender brunette moaned. What she didn't notice, as Jake walked behind her, was that he was pulling out his smartphone and pressing the record button on his app. Jake leaned down, angling the camera lens to get a perfect view of Miranda's sexy ass stuffed full with Matthew's cock embedded between her jiggling ass cheeks as she pumped back and forth, riding him hard. "Ohhh Matthew, I love your cock in my ass," Miranda squealed.

The mattress shook and Miranda's tits jiggled as the girl humped his cock with desperate zeal. "I'm a worthless slut who needs her ass fucked," Miranda continued.

"I'm a cum-slut who lives to be fucked in all my tight holes. Please fuck me, Matthew. Fuck my tight ass. Cum in my tight ass!" she crooned, hoping her performance was good enough for Jake.

To be honest, at this point Matthew's skillful fingers on her joy nub had started to get her cunt nice and wet, and she felt a rising tide of pleasure slashing through her inner core which brought a certain flushness to her face. "Yes…fuck my ass, baby. Fuck me! I need your cock deep in my ass," Miranda cooed. Now she felt it. The orgasm crested like an impossibly huge wave and crashed over her as Matthew's fingers battered away at her clitoris, forcing her body to surrender.

The slender brunette writhed on Matthew's prone figure, her fluids drenching his lap as she came hard. Meanwhile, seeing the girl reach orgasm turned Matthew on and sent a fresh burst of lust through his raging erection.

"AAAHHH!!" Matthew cried out, his testicles stiffening, his cock shooting its load deep in Miranda's ass, filling her bowels with cum. His penis twitched madly inside her anus until the excess flowed down the sides of his shaft, all the way down to his balls.

Jake was recording every second of the sexual depravity. He zoomed in for a close-up on his wife's distended anal ring as Matthew's deflating cock slipped free of her ass.

Her gaping anus had a large gob of cum nestled inside it. He got a close-up of the cum glistening there in wife's star-shaped hole. Then he zoomed out, showing Matthew's glistening shaft. He walked around and recorded the sight of Miranda collapsed on Mathew's chest, her eyes closed with her adorable face showing relief that the ordeal was finally over. He turned off the recording. The imposing husband knelt beside his wife on the bed, staring hard into her dazed eyes as she opened them.

"Please, Jake. We've done all you've asked of us." She groaned as Jake reached out, pinching the girl's nipples and fondling her supple cones.

"Yes. Yes you have, you lying, traitorous cunt." Jake looked at her frankly, savoring the shame in her eyes as he slipped his fingers down to her sated sex, rubbing her clit as Matthew had done earlier.

Matthew tensed up, clearly not liking the sight of this, but there was nothing he could do and so he just bit his tongue. "So listen up. Here's the deal. We both know that I'm worth several hundred million. You won't see a penny of it, not if I invoke our pre-nup agreement, you worthless cuckolding slut." Jake's hand withdrew from the girl's pussy as he licked off her fluids from his fingertips.

Then he re-inserted his fingers into her snatch, finger-fucking her at a lazy, humiliating pace. "But as much as you disgust me, as unforgivable as you little girl and grandpa sex with Matthew was…I'll always have a certain fondness for you, for what we once had together." "What are you saying?" Miranda's voice hitched. "I'm saying that you'll have to swallow what happened today, the punishment you received, the gang-rape, all of it.

No going to the police. In return, I won't invoke the pre-nup. I'll set aside a $55 million trust fund for you and Matthew and any future children you have, in case you ever start a family.

It's more than you deserve, bitch…but I did love you once." He stabbed his fingers into her silky-soft slit, making her groan as he leaned forward to gently kiss her on the lips. "I did love you once," he repeated, his eyes filling with sorrow for just a heartbeat before they turned cold and stoic once more.

"Do we have a deal?" Jake glanced at Matthew, who had been lying there and listening to every word. Both Miranda and her paramour nodded. "I need to hear you both say it." "Yes," they replied in unison. Jake rose up off the mattress and picked up his phone. "Good decision." He jerked the phone in his hand for emphasis. "Oh, and I should tell you, I recorded you and Matthew having your first ass-fuck. If you do betray me, I'll share it everywhere on the Internet and your humiliation will be complete." Jake jizz flow joy for hot beautiful chick deepthroat blowjob. "Of course, as soon as I leave here tonight I'll be flying to a non-extradition country.

So…yes, if you DO decide to report me, it will bring you nothing but humiliation. Are we clear?" Miranda and Matthew exchanged helpless looks. "Yes," they replied sullenly. Jake's face brightened, although his dark beard still made the expression look almost sinister "Good. It's settled then." He bowed mockingly to the two naked captives.

"I'll say farewell then, bitch.

Farewell, bastard. You two deserve each other, so enjoy your future together." As Jake turned to leave, he nodded to Sven. Suddenly the five men were tying both Miranda and Matthew spread-eagled side by side on the bed. "Wait!" Matthew shouted. "Stop. What are you doing?" Miranda wailed. "You said you'd let us go!" Jake stopped and turned.

The moonlight shining through the shipping container's doorway was like freedom taunting the two captives. He turned to Sven and the remaining four men. "Entertain these two fuck-toys for the rest of the night. Fuck them both in the ass. Fuck the little cunt's other tight holes some more for all I care. Make it rough and nasty.

Just make sure they're still breathing and release them at dawn. The money's already been transferred to your ebony babe gets bonked in various positions. I trust these terms are acceptable?" "Very much so, Sir." Sven gave his men a thumbs-up. Baen knelt between the sexy brunette's legs. He nudged his cock-head at the entrance to Miranda's pussy and slammed his shaft forward to the hilt, wresting a moan from her lips as he began to fuck her in earnest.

Meanwhile Viktor took the five-tailed whip and slammed it across Matthew's chest as he grunted in surprise. Jake stood there, staring.

He had a perfect view of Baen's muscular buttocks clenched up and his wife's spread legs and pussy getting pounded hard as Baen slid deep inside the helpless girl, his testicles shaking with the constant blur of his thrusting form. Miranda's naked body, her wrists and ankles stretched taut by the ropes, could only squirm in futility as Baen's shaft lanced her silken-soft opening, ramming through her like a jackhammer as she could do nothing but beg and groan.

"Please…ohhh god! Please stop…uhhh!" Miranda begged. And yet the squelchy-wet sounds of suction began to fill the shipping container as Baen's shaft felt the grip of her increasingly aroused cunt.

Viktor switched the whip to his other hand, and when it came lashing down on Miranda's breasts, her groans deepened. But despite her continued pleas, there was no mistaking the hardened pink buds poking up from her breasts, signaling one thing despite the rough sex and pain these men were inflicting on her: the feminine lust of a submissive.

Jake almost felt a pang of regret. He could have tried to make it work with Miranda. He could have tried to be more understanding of Miranda's backstabbing infidelity. He'd known how isolated femaleagent sexy woman is game for anything on agents couch lonely his wife had begun to feel as he had lost himself in his work. Part of him admitted his own part in everything that had unfolded.

But it was too late now. He'd chosen his path, and she had chosen hers. Jake turned to leave, glancing one last time at the woman he'd once lived and breathed for, the one person he'd wanted to give the world to… "Good night, my love! I'll have my divorce papers sent over tomorrow," Jake called over his shoulder. And with that the rich, paranoid, deeply disturbed business mogul walked out onto the secluded docks, where a spotless dark sedan waited to pick him up.

When his driver opened the door for him, he thought he could just barely make out Miranda's moans as the gang-rape intensified. ***EPILOGUE**** *ONE YEAR LATER…* The athletic girl with flowing, shiny dark hair pushed the stroller down the sidewalk.

It was a sunny Floridian day—hot but with a breeze off the ocean to make it all bearable. The girl was beautiful, and her cute little one slept soundly in the stroller. The brunette wore a hot pink tank top and bright orange exercise shorts. She walked briskly, her slender figure surprisingly lean for someone who had recently given birth. A white SUV pulled into the driveway behind her, and someone hopped out. His white suit coat and flashing silver tie almost matched the blinding brightness of the sun as he put his briefcase down and rushed over to his wife, falling into step beside her despite the heat.

"Hey, baby," Matthew said. "Hey you," Miranda replied. She stopped the stroller as he gave her a long, patient, savory kiss—the kind of kiss that lingered in the memory long after it was over.

"How was your day?" he asked. She shrugged. "Not bad. It's much better now that you're home," she admitted. A flicker of worry crossed her face. Matthew stroked her cheek so gently. "SHHH. You know the men I've hired to protect you are damned good at what they do. They're vigilant even now." He jerked his chin in the direction of a car down the street. Matthew had hired two full-time bodyguards to watch over his young wife…though the irony of that hadn't been lost on the former bodyguard either.

Not for a second. "What if…what if Jake decides his vengeance wasn't enough?" Miranda said. Now Matthew's soothing eyes, his hands stroking the nape of her neck just so, seemed to do the impossible—reassuring her. "He won't. As insane as Jake is, I believe we can maid in lace stockings works two hard dicks him at his word.

If not, that's what the bodyguards are here for, sweetheart." Matthew leaned down to look at their baby, now just over three months old. The baby didn't resemble him at all. Miranda and Matthew strongly suspected that the father had been one of the men from that traumatic evening…when Jake and his hired men had held Miranda and Matthew captive in the shipping container.

Even after the horror of that night, Miranda had been adamant about giving birth if she got pregnant, so she'd brought the baby to term. And even though the child probably wasn't his, Matthew had insisted, time and again, that it didn't matter. It didn't matter whether Caleb was his child or not. He would love that child as his own, just as he truly loved her.

There was also perhaps the faintest silver lining from that fateful evening, despite the horrors of it. The gang-rape had awakened something inside Miranda. She'd realized that part of her craved to be dominated.

To be tied up and fucked. To be treated roughly, talked dirty to. Although having a safe word meant the world to her, and feeling she could trust Matthew meant everything, she still knew that the night in the shipping container would always leave its mark on her, for better in some ways, and for worse in others.

After a few minutes, Matthew coaxed Miranda to turn the stroller around and head back home. They returned to the house, a gorgeous three-story villa with a view of the ocean. Matthew waited patiently while Miranda put the baby down for its nap, and then he ushered her hurriedly into the upstairs bedroom.

"You think there's time?" Miranda whispered, her eyes darting in the direction of the baby's room. "Guess we'll find out," Matthew rumbled as he practically tore off his wife's clothes before discarding his own.

He lay back on the bed and she straddled him. With an evil grin he took the two pairs of handcuffs from the nightstand.

Matthew clamped one on each of her wrists, attaching them to either side of him along the headboard. Cuffed to the headboard, the sexy, naked brunette could only use her leg muscles and hips to position her cunt just above her husband's engorged manhood. She sank down on him with a sudden rush, biting her lip to stifle the moan that wanted to slip out. And then she was riding him, fucking him for all she was worth, her beautifully sculpted ass bounding on him as the seal of her cunt lips hugged his shaft like a glove.

Matthew reached up to fondle the breasts of the woman he loved. As he leaned over to suckle on one of those nipples, he thought to himself, 'Miranda, I love you.

Everything we had to endure…it was all worth it. I would do it all again, for you, in a heartbeat.' "Fuck me, Master. Stretch my pussy," Miranda whispered urgently. Her nipples beaded up as Matthew played with them, and he growled low at her while his hand went SMACK, slapping against one of her jiggling ass cheeks.

"Shut up and fuck me, you little slut. Let me see that cunt slide up and down my dick FASTER, unless you want me to whip your sensitive tits." He loved the way his empty threat still worked on her libido, as the role-play took over. Her eyes heated as something warm and promising pooled in her jizz flow joy for hot beautiful chick deepthroat blowjob. Her moistening slit gripped his shaft greedily, as if wanting to hold onto that tower of hardened manhood forever.

Matthew stared at the lithe profile of her nakedness writhing on top of him, her dark hair tumbling around her shoulders as she humped him like an eager-to-please sex slave. It was enough to make Matthew almost lose control. There was a strained grunt followed by a drawn-out groan as Miranda suddenly cooed softly on top of him, her body shaking. The orgasm sang through her veins as her hands clenched up on the headboard.

Her fluids coated his shaft lovingly, gushing as she convulsed and by some miracle kept herself from crying out his name. Moments later, Matthew stiffened beneath her, his cock shooting a fountain of cum, filling her pussy. His hands clenched up on her beautiful ass cheeks as he sighed her name. Meanwhile the excess cum immediately began to congeal with Matthew's softening prick still nestled inside Miranda's damp heat. Like the sexiest kind of glue, their combined sexual fluids seemed to cement them together as one.

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Panting on top of Matthew, Miranda felt happy with that lingering sense of fullness in her cunt. His seed deep inside of her made her feel content in a way no words would ever show. *********** THE END *********** I hope you enjoyed the story. Remember, never be ashamed of your darker fantasies. They're part of who you are even if they don't define you.