Hot lovely teen tempted by old dude

Hot lovely teen tempted by old dude
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The fair was in town and it is usually a great place to check out some hot young ladies. I walked around trying to not drool at all the sexy girls, they were so many wearing tight daisy dukes, just love them shorts.

As I came up to the Himalaya ride, it goes fairly fast in a circle as you sit in the car. The person on the inside is pressed into the person on the outside, I saw this one young girl watching the ride.

I saw that see wanted to ride but she was alone and too small to ride by herself. She was sex fairy tales porn yong sister rape the shorty shorts and had to cutest little ass, small budding titties, and the face of an angel.

I asked if she wanted to ride, and she said that they would not let her on by herself. I asked if she would like to ride with me. Her face lit up and she jumped saying yes. I asked her how old was she and she told me she 18. I was glad because I would not want to perv on an underage girl.

I told her to come on as we got in line. I told her my name is Tom and she said she was Kelly. We boarded the ride, sat down and the bar came down and locked us in. She snuggled up to me and I laid my arm over her shoulder, and that is when my dick started to stir.

The ride started up and as it got faster, Kelly was pressed tighter into me. I can hear her laughing and giggling. I moved my hand to her waist and moved up slowly to her beautiful little breast. I almost died when I felt a hand on my thigh. My cock really started getting hard then. Her hand was just down from my forming hard on.

The ride only got faster pressing us even tighter. I look down at my little sexy riding partner, watching her laugh and scream with excitement.

She looked up at me with a huge smile. That is when I rubbed my thumb over her nipple and found it very firm. By the look in her face, she was surprised but did not object and then smiled even more. In the middle of the ride, it reverses direction. As it does it shifts our bodies a little it caused her hand to slide up my thigh, right onto my very hard and nubilefilms fuck revenge with boyfriends brother shaved pussy and romantic sex thick 8.5 inch cock.

If it was not for good self-control I would have cum right then. I look down at her again and she is looking up at me with a knowing smile. I only smile back, but moved my hand to her little tit, rolling her nipple between my fingers. I can tell she likes it as her eyes roll around a little as her mouth lets out a little moan. Soon after this the ride ends. We take out time getting out of the car and off the ride.

I do not want to get off this ride with a raging boner trailing this young girl. After we exit she turns to me and says thanks, she really enjoyed the ride. I ask if she wants to ride something else.

Again with the little girl excitement, she says "YES", as she jumped up and down again. We walk around some and find "the Bullet". This is a tight little cage shaped like a bullet that swings in a big circle vertically. We get in the cage and she has to sit in front of me. She backs up to me with my now hard cock again. I knew how you sit in this ride and knew that my cock would be right on her lower back and sexy ass. As we settle in she wiggles her ass against my cock. She looks back at me and says "hold on to me please.

This is a scary ride." I say ok and slide my arms around her. As I do I grind up against her so she feels my hard cock. She says "MMMM that is nice" I move my hands up and down her tummy, to her breast. The ride starts up, tossing us around some. At woman with glasses drilled by pawn dude at the pawnshop point my hand moves to her crotch and I can feel the heat from her young pussy.

I rub her young pussy and hear a moan from her. During the ride her little ass is bouncing up against my hard cock. It is begging to come out and play with my new young sex pot.

Far to soon the ride ends. Again we have to take our time getting out of the ride. I am guessing that most people are thinking this is my daughter but it still would not look good getting of a ride with my hard cock showing. We ride a few more rides with similar play but it was not until we came to the ferris wheel that I had a great idea.

The ride had almost no riders on it. I get to the attendant and slip him a few bills and said that my little girl wants a special ride. That she love being at the top and that we want to stop up there for several minutes. He said sure thing pal, and we load up, the ride to ourselves. I tell her I have something special for her on this ride and she hopes happily on the seat and says "goodie". She cuddles up next to me and I am already hard. She unknowingly lays her hand on my engorge member then looks down at it and them up at me.

She smiles and says "that has been doing that a lot tonight". I says "yes it has, because of you." She smiles again, I ask if she likes that and she says "I really like that".

The ride attendant takes us around several times during this time. I ask "have you seen a man's dick before?" She says yes, her bothers and her dads. She had sneaked a few peeks a few times. I ask did she like it and she says "yes, it made me feel funny inside." As the ride comes to a stop at the top, I ask if she japanese mom and monster black best to see mine. Her eyes open wide and say "YES PLEASE". I say ok but she has to unzip my pants and take it out herself.

She was unsure but I guided her to my zipper. She pulled my zipper down and told her to reach in and she will feel it, being that I was not wearing underwear. I can feel her wrap her fingers around my hard cock and with very little work by cock sprang free. Her eyes got wide and her mouth dropped. "WOW Tom, you are huge. Much bigger that my brother or dad." She reaches for my cock again feeling it.

I could have shot a gallon of cum right then but with much restrain I hold back. She says "I heard my sister talking with her friends about sucking her boyfriend's dick." I smile at her and ask if she would like to try that. She says yes but I will have to tell her what to do. "Ok" I reply, "open your mouth and slowing lick the tip, then slide it into your mouth and suck like you are sucking a lolly pop or a frozen popsicle. She can just get the head in her mouth and a few inches. She does this for a few minutes and it felt great.

She looks up and me with my cock her mouth and was so hot. I told her that I was about to cum and to just keep sucking. I hold her head and shoot hard hot loads of cum down her throat and mouth. She does not know what to do with most of it but does swallow a good peach melba fruity thai philippines asian woman. She was sitting on the floor of the car with a puddle of cum below her and cum dripping out of her mouth.

She looks up at me and says "O my God that was so hot and it taste funny but good." I tell her that I have never had a better blowjob. She beams with pride. I tell her to lick the rest of the cum from my cock, that was still semi-hard.

As she does I feel the ride start to move, she finishes and I put my tool away. She wipes cum from her mouth and smiles at me.

We go around a few times and then we exit the ride. It is now late and dark. I lead her behind some of the rides. We find a nice quiet place, as quiet as you can find at the fair. It was under one of the rides that had a curtain around it so we would not be seen. I tell her that I have something else that she will like. She says ok. I tell her "You have seen my dick, now I want to see your pussy." She blushes and says really? I get down on my knees and undo her shorts. She wiggles out of her shorts and revile a pair of sexy red panties.

I can tell that they are moist. I can smell her sex and my cock stirs again. I look up at her as I slide down her panties. I can tell she is scared but willing. I tell her "OOOO My! That is amazing." I reach in and rub her teen pussy with my fingers.

She moans and leans her head back. I spread her legs and begin to work her hairless pussy. There was some ply wood stored under the ride and was able to lay her back on it, it was just below waist height. I spread her legs and worked my tongue over her tasty vagina and was able to get the clit between my lips and sucked on it.

Her legs clamped around my head and shoulder. Her hands clawed at my head and she moaned "YES YES THAT IS IT YES!!!" I fingered her as I sucked her clit. Her hips bucked wanting more. I did not feel her hymen but I did not worry or care about that. I was going to fuck this little slut either way. After a few alexies breeze and johnny castle I can feel her spasm from an orgasm.

Her body bucked even harder as she lost control. I slowed my assault on her tender young pussy, allowing her to catch her breath. I stand and lower my pants. My cock is rock hard again, veins lining the sides, ready to invade this sexy young girl.

I can hear the rides around us. I can see the lights flashing through cracks in the sheeting on the rides. I know that no one can hear us. I come up to her, cock in hand.

She is still on her back and her legs are spread. I place myself between her legs and look down at her. I say "are you ready for some of this cock in your pussy?" She says scared "I don't know, I am not sure I should do." As she is saying this I am sliding the head of my cock to her pussy lips.

I rub it around, getting it wet from her lubricated sex hole. I slide the tip in and can already feel the tightness.

She moans loudly and says "NO,NO". I slide in more inches, I have her by the legs now and start to work my fat cock into her very tight pussy. After several strokes I bottom out. She is still begging me to stop but that is not happening.

I start to fuck her underage pussy, making her take it more and more. I have her legs pushed back with her knees by her sides, I love how flexible little girls are. I have full access to the tender pussy and I am fucking it. Now she is liking it and is moaning with pleasure. I slow and back out of her. I take her and turn her over, bending her over the boards. I get down and rim her ass and finger her more. I slide a finger in her ass slowly getting it ready for it to take my cock.

I stand and take my cock and rub her pussy from behind. I ask her "do you like that baby?" She says "yes sir I do". I reply "do you want more of it?" "Yes sir," she says looking at me over her shoulder. I tell her to beg for more cock. She looks at me and says "please Mr.

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Tom fuck me more, I want you cock in me, fuck me please." Now how can I say no to that? I bury my cock deep in her. As I do I thump her ass, spreading it. She is now rocking on my cock. She has turned into a little fuck machine. I nubilefilms teen best friends passionate threesome christy charming female friendly my cock out and rub her asshole with the tip.

I tell her I am going to fuck her ass now. She looks back at me with a scared look but says "ok". I press the tip in slowly. She tries to hold back the scream but when the head enters her she cannot hold back. It is good that the rides are so load and her screams are getting lost with that of the riders. I give a few minutes to get use to the invading monster in her ass, and a beautiful ass it is.

Firm round cheeks, the only kinds you can find on hot young girls. Xxxksi story palyfull he dwinlod desi start to slide in and out slowly, working my way in more and more. After a few minutes I am fucking her ass and she groans but it backing up on my cock.

I reach around her and lift her. I turn and sit down with Kelly still on my dick. She is now perched up on my cock spreading her ass open. She moves her legs up under her and I guide her into position so she can ride my cock. She is now riding my cock, getting her "no longer" tight ass fucked. After a few minutes she shudders and has a massive orgasm. I can feel her ass tighten on my cock as she is rocked by the pleasure.

When she has recovered she stands up and turns around. I start to get up but she pushes me back down and grabs my cock. She drops down and sucks my cock with vigor. My eyes almost roll back and out of my head. She gets up again and the straddles my dick, facing me, rubs the cock head around her pussy orissa desi sex story downlod slides down onto me.

She ride my dick for several minutes. Watching this sexy little girl work my cock is amazing. She is now riding like a pro. She must have loved the ass fucking because the rises up and grabs my cock again and guides it to her ass and rides all the way down in it. She rocks her hips and looks down at me. I am watching her and grab her hips trying to help her motion.

She says no, and moves my hands, "let me fuck your cock Mr Tom." How can I say no? Her ass is nice and loose now and can take my cock. She rides it harder and harder. I cannot take it anymore and I am ready to fill her with cum. I tell her "I am going to cum in your ass baby." She smiles and says ok. I reach up and hold and thrust hard into her.

Banging her ass harder and harder. She is screaming with pleasure.

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I explode inside her, shooting more cum that I have ever shot. She body is being ravaged by another orgasm. We collapse on the plywood, spent.

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We come around after a few minutes. She is still on top of me and my cock is still in her ass. It is slowly deflating. I move her off of me and get up. I bend her over havana ginger gangbang white guysyoung, spreading her cheeks. Her ass is gaping open and cum is oozing out. I finger her ass, getting my fingers covered with cum. I take it to her mouth and tell her to open up. She does and she licks my fingers clean.

I do this several more times, getting 4 fingers in this little sex pots ass. Each time she sucks my fingers clean. I can tell that the fair is winding down for the night. I tell her we better get pulled together. We get dressed and check ourselves over. We do not need to walk out with cum all over ourselves. I check to make sure the coast is clear and we ease back into the fairway.

We walk a little ways when she pulls me to the side. She give me a big wet kiss and a hug. She tells me "thanks for fucking me so good Mr Tom.

I have to go find my mom, I know she is waiting for me." I tell her "No, thank you. You are an amazing young lady." I watch her run away.

She is running a little funny, but she did just get her ass fucked hard.