Sax storys girls and black guys

Sax storys girls and black guys
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Chapter 11 Work was oral sex with a hot beauteous hottie so we were told we could go home early if we wanted, they didn't have to offer me twice. As I drove home thoughts and fantasies of having both of the girls in my house consumed my mind, would this be when I put my own daughter to the test or should I concentrate on them teasing the hell out of the horny old man they have came to love. By the time I got to the house I had a raging hardon and was looking forward to jacking it off to the collection of pictures I had of Amber.

After digging through her hamper for a dirty pair of panties to relieve myself in I realized due to our clothing optional habits we have started she hasn't been wearing many panties but I found the white pair that she had taken pictures of on the school steps a couple days earlier, as I picked them up the crotch was stiff from her juices and sweat from cheerleading. I made my way to my computer and started opening my picture collection and opened the forum to see if she had added anything new.

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No new pictures but she had been very busy on the site, seems people have been pm'ing her picture requests and she has been emailing them the pictures and judging by the responses they have been very good ones. After reading two or three of them I figured out she had been taking a lot more pictures than she has been sharing with me, responses like "theres no way you're a virgin, a virgin pussy wont stretch that big" and "I really loved the gaping pictures" had my curiosity at the max so I posted on her thread.

"Sound like you are taking mom and son sleeping fuck great picture, when are we going to get to see them" After posting in her thread I sent her a pm. "I would love to see that slick pussy of yours stretched to the max, but don't wear it out before your birthday!" With that done I logged out from my alias and logged back in under my regular account to see if I had any new mail. After reading a couple pms from people just saying hey I had two new comments on my album so I clicked on them.

The first one was on a one of me in my underwear with my dick stretching the material, I clicked the comment "Nice cock I can only hope whoever takes my cherry has a cock as nice as that". it was from Amber, she had found my regular account and was looking at my pictures.

The next one was of cum squirting from my hard dick in the air, "I wish I could help you clean that up" it was from her too. I was so caught up in the moment I had forgot all about the dirty panties I had wadded up in my hand stroking my ready to explode dick until I felt the faint feeling and I knew I was about to cum so I slid her panties over the head of my dick and blew my load into the white panties.

After squeezing the rest of my juice from my limping dick I walked to her room and placed the cum soaked panties back into her hamper. Knowing I had some time I started browsing the forum, checking out some new girls and catching up on some of my favorite stories.

After clicking on my favorite to see that someone was accusing the writer of copying it from another forum and how he said he writes when he has the motivation I had to wonder if he had a daughter like mine and if she was what motivated him.

As I sat naked in front of my computer slowly stroking my stiff dick I noticed it was almost time to pick up the girls.

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I reached stripper vyxen steel gets fucked in her ass and powered off the monitor as I thought to myself "Let the fun begin". Having mostly decided to keep the teasing going all weekend I thought I would do a little teasing myself, I went to my dresser drawer and got a pair or my cotton running shorts and slid then over my still hard dick knowing they did nothing to hide my dick at any stage of my erection.

When fully hard my dick would lay against my right leg and when limp it was long enough to barely hang out the leg when standing up and would easily roll out as they would rise as I sat. throwing on a t-shirt that I knew wasn't long enough to cover the show I was hoping to give the girls I slipped on my shoes and made my way to the truck. On my way there my hopes were confirmed as my dick began to limp, about half of it was visible against my leg when I was sitting.

My mind raced with the thoughts of teasing the girls and wondering what they had instore for me or the man behind the computer. By the time the girls came out I was back to hard again, my dick making a perfect outline across the top of my right leg.

I admired the sexy little girls both in their cheer shorts and sweaty white tank tops as they tossed their bags in back of the truck and jumped into the truck.

Amber jumped in first sliding over against me as Emily jumped in and fasten her belt. Amber turned and reached between us hunting for her buckle, as she dug around her hand brushed up against the head of my dick.

Her eyes immediately went to the buldge in my shorts, her digging stopped as she looked at me and smiled bouncing her eyes from my shorts to me eyes. I slid over helping her find her buckle and watched as she pulled the belt across her shorts. Occasionally glancing at the short shorts next to me did nothing to help my swelling, wanting to give them the show I had planned I started boring conversations with the two and kept my eyes from their open crotches.

The distraction was working I could feel my dick stating to limp and fall next to my leg to the point that I knew all I had to do was scoot up in the seat and my dick would be exposed for them to see, so I did. I looked down to see more than half of my dick was hanging from the shorts. After a while of it hanging out and not knowing if they had seen it I leaned forward and spoke to Emily and leaned back giving them both a reason to turn my way, while looking ahead I quickly glanced their way to see both of them staring at my exposed dick.

We pulled in the driveway just in time, another second of knowing they were watching my dick and it was going to fly hard right in front of them. I watched them slide out of the truck and make their way to the door, before I got there I was carrying a stiff dick in my shorts and they noticed it. I opened the door and they took off to her room as normal. It had only been about a half hour before the girls came out of her room dressed in short shorts and t-shirts wanting me to take them to the mall, they wanted to see a movie.

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After playing with their minds a little I gave in and told them I would but they had to come home when the movie was over.

After the handing over of my money I took them to the mall and headed back home to wait for her to call. I was playing on the computer when she called for me to come get them.

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After getting home they disappeared to her room again, this time shutting the door so I knew they were ready to start playing. Not yet sure what they were up to I went to the computer and opened my email and the forum. I decided to get it started so I sent her an email. "Hey sexy, just sitting here rubbing my big dick thinking about you and wondering if you were in the mood to give me something to cum to." I had not much more than signed in the forum when I got what I was hoping for.

"Hey stud I was hoping you were on here tonight I have a surprise for you. My friend is back and we are horny as hell!!! We just got back from the mall where we bought us some things to help pass the time. O yeah I got ur message and I think you will like what I am going to show you." "Im sure it will be good, I cant wait!" I knew it wouldn't be long until she would be sending me pictures of the mischief going on wwxnx com name kagil agarwal the other end of the house and I was already hard thinking about it.

Apparently my money went towards something besides a movie but what did they get. I sat clicking between my email and her thread on the forum until I had an email from her, it had no subject just four pictures. I couldn't open them fast enough, I was like a little boy getting ready to see his first boobs.

I clicked the download all and there they were.

They started with a full body one of them on her bed naked kissing each other, the next one was even better. Emily was stretched out on the bed while Amber was licking across her firm stomach, the next one Amber had made her way down to Emily's slick mound.

The last one showed only Emily's lips being spread by two of Amber's fingers, I knew this was going to be a night I would never forget. "Oh shit, those are great! Man you two girls are sexy. I bet you are going to have a lot of fun tonight, please keep sending them." With that sent I sat and waited for her to answer.

It didn't take long. "OMG!! This is so much fun she is going to owe me big time!! These are a little better keep playing with that big dick of sexy legal age teenager enjoys rear fuck hardcore and blowjob and I will keep taking pics." She was right, they did get better.

It was like she was taking step by step pictures on how to eat pussy, the first she was just barely licking across her wet lips but as the picture went on she worked her tongue deep into Emily's pussy. The emails kept coming, no subjects just pictures. The next set started with Amber eating around two of her fingers deep in Emily and ended with Emily's legs behind her head showing off her sloppy wet slit.

The next was more of Amber eating Emily's swollen young pussy, I couldn't get over how sexy Amber was with Emily's juices covering her soft face. She was across the house eating one of the most beautiful pussies I had ever seen, and judging by the pictures doing a damn good job.

I got my surprise in the next set. The first picture was off Amber holding a blue dildo as Emily took it in her mouth, the next gave me a perfect picture of the two girls smiling with Amber holding the dildo. The next two showed the toy sliding down Emily's stomach on it way to what the last one showed, the blue dildo slipping between Emily's swollen pussy lips. By now I was ready to explode so I kept the picture up and finished myself onto my shorts. She wasted no time sending me another email.